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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  November 11, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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service. >> we prayed for divine wisdom as the leader of the city and pray for the shooting of a victim, we pray for the person who shot him. >> the man killed thursday, identified only as alex was just steps from the tent where several young men had been fighting earlier in the day. the police officers association says last night's murder was directly related to that camp. >> i don't see too many broad daylight murders in downtown oakland. what happened in oakland is that this occupy oakland has created an environment conducive to crime. >> the shooting has anything to do with the camp? >> no. they were not occupiers. it happened, in an area where kids come and hang out after school anyways. >> i went down last night after the young man was killed. his relatives were down there. several of them are participating in the encampment as well. he had been there for a number of days. >> and as you heard the mayor
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say she's planning to give campers one more written notice to leave. that expected this afternoon. we have yet to see that notice. we did talk today off camera with a man who has been here at the plaza every day, who said he witnessed events leading up to yesterday's shooting. and that he says, the young man killed may have been an unintended target. we'll have more at 5:00. >> a couple questions here, is there a heightened police presence after the shooting last night? just for you, you've been out at occupy oakland encampment for like three weeks every night s there in your mind a heightened sense of fear? >> i don't know about a heightened sense of fear. i'd say there is a heightened sense something is about to happen in terms of something might be police might move in and move campers out.
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it's not only based maybe on rhetoric from city hall and police department but also just from the fact that a lot of the folks have -- some have left, quite a few after last night. they're kind of hunkered down and expecting something might happen in that regard n terms of fear or feeling safe we're not safe i have to tell you until the shots rang out, we didn't feel particularly unsafe. and here at encampment. in terms of police presence, today, we've noticed there are three uniformed police officers standing guard, if you will near 14th and broadway. >> as you heard laura mention, many say last night's shooting was a result of violence in the area and not the occupy oakland encampment. we decided to take a look at crimes in a three-block radius. according to city of oakland crime maps there is one other
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murder in that neighborhood in the last year, you can see on this map in the same area within 60 days there have been 26 assaults six aggravated and there have been eight robberies. >> a couple local law enforcement agencies say that they're not going to help oakland police deal with the problem there anymore. the alameda county sheriff's department wants charge the city of oakland $1,000 per deputy if asked to help clean up again. about 14 outside agencies helped the police when they removed protestors last month. but because city officials allowed occupy oakland campers to move back in, the sheriff's zeptz the city does not qualify for mutual aid anymore. >> people are getting up sailt set saying why are we continuing when the mayor can't make a decision on what to do once we get them out in the first place? >> this is designed for emergencies this, is no longer an emergency. you've allowed people to come in there and camp out.
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>> and this week, berkeley city officials voted to deny mutual aid. >> and the two protesters struck by a car during the strike nine days ago knew have lawyers. they want to know why police haven't arrested the driver of the car for aremt -- attempted murder. >> that is a serious charge. the injured pedestrians and lawyers believe this was a serious crime. the lawyers news conference ended just a little while ago. they say that cell phone videos prove the driver was angry, aggressive and tried to pick a fight after he stopped the car. >> do you know who this man is? this man committed a crime. >> the lawyer says he they want the dryer arrested. lance was hit by the car. >> we want this person arrested to attempted murder
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of myself and margaret. >> margaret is his friend, also injured. she said in her videotape she's waiting to talk to police. >> i haven't been contacted by anyone but i know they have all of my information. >> a cell phone video captured what happened. marchers walking down broadway. a mercedes-benz tried to cross the intersection. lance jumped in front of the car and began banging on the hood. the driver hit the gas, knocking him down. police responded and an angry crowd wanted an arrest. instead officers released the driver, furnler aggravating the crowd. they surrounded the car for a few tense moments. police say they took down the driver's name and information as well as witness accounts. then, passed their report on to oakland police. because they say it happened in their jurisdiction. but the lawyers for injured ped zreenss say otherwise.
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>> bart police aided and abetted his escape. >> they questioned why oakland police have been slow in investigating this case. a police spokesperson today us today major crimes yun jit investigating this case and said they'll be looking into a possible charge of assault with a deadly weapon and will forward results of our investigation to the district attorney next week. she said it's up to that office whether a complaint will be filed. >> and lawyers showed thus incident report this, police incident report which points to the fact under suspect's name it says unknown and say in this report there are no witnesses listed, though of course there are many in that crowd. i spoke to police spokesperson after the news conference by phone. she said that probably there is no sup memt -- supplemental
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attachments but couldn't comment because she'd not seen the report. the lawyers want the attorney general to investigate. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. and on the veteran's day two, groups linked to occupy movement are holding events for veterans. veterans are gathering for what they're calling a march against police brutality. this is a live look from sky 7. the event starting off with a reading of a statement from a 24-year-old scott olsen in the hospital after being injured last month by oakland police trying to clear out camp. now, earlier today a group calmed occupy streets held a march in a town hall in honor of olsen. a veteran says he knows olsen, responding to news olsen ran a web site called i hate the marine >> maybe he does hate the marine corps that. is his privilege. there is a lot to hate about outfits like that.
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>> reuters is reporting he was reese ree leased from the military in 2009. >> occupy demonstrators call themselves 99% saying the remaining 1% refers to the wealthyest people in the nation. but this veteran's day there is a focus on the nation's military. and there is a tribute to the few who do so much to protect many. >> november 11th is the date world war i ended. here in san francisco we've been celebrating for 92 years. there you go. the parade started on montgomery street and ended at city hall. groups paid special tribute to 70th anniversary of world war ii, and the 10th anniversary of the afghanistan war. there are a number of vets from iraq and afghanistan wars marching today. this is drawing a lot of
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attention to unemployment rate among these younger veterans. the jobless rate is higher for them, 12% compared to 9%. and an organization is helping find jobs for these men and women who served. >> there is less than 1% of the military serve right now. to get people jobs is very important that. is the work being done to make sure they're welcomed back and successful. >> the senate passed a bill yesterday allowing tax credits for company that's hire veterans. the house could pass the bill next week. now, the obama administration is expected to announce new online services and a job bank to help vets search for new jobs. now, also participating in the parade were veterans from the korean and vietnam wars and it was a nice one n the newsroom abc 7 news.
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>> and thank you, leanne. this afternoon, police investigating the death of a female driver whose car ran off the road. authorities got a call after 12:30 and found a car about 700 feet down a canyon and the body of a white female is above it. preliminary reports suggest the woman is approximately 58 years old from a 2006 land rover appearing to have rolled over several times. >> san francisco supervisor has now conceded defeat in the mayoral election. the latest numbers show he was 40% of the vote compared to 60% for incumbent ed lee, declaring victory wednesday. he's waiting for absentee ballots to be counted and today congratulated lee with the rest of the candidates. >> time for a check of the forecast. it's drizzley forecast. >> dreary and drizzley. we've been wet. here is a big picture, let's
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close in a little bit. there is light rainfalling in marin county from san rafael and down into san francisco. there is some heavy rain from right around san mateo down to woodside. santa cruz mountains, rainfall totals only a few hundredths of an inch in locations. heaviest rainfall between half moon bay. and we do expect more showers tonight. i'll give you a moment to look at when we can expect rainfall to end for the weekend. >> still ahead, concern about children and a health problem no one used to worry about until middle age. pediatricians saying every child needs to be tested. >> apple's 4 s 6 fails, latest live from bloomberg west. >> and michael finney is taking your consumer questions. we have links for you at abc 7
4:12 pm >> when it rains you know what happens. traffic is a mess thchl is our first check of the commute on a friday afternoon. downtown san francisco, skyway. you think on veteran's day, maybe traffic would be light. not the case today, it's gloomy and the weather and traffic is gloomy heading into, or out of, san francisco. stay with us. news at 4:00 continues.
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checking healthy living news, every child needs to be tested for high cholesterol by age 11 according to guidelines outlined this morning. previous guidelines recommended testing only for obese, diabetic or those with
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a family history. studies show many children with high cholesterol are being missed under those guidelines and doctors recommend test everything child between 9-11. expert panel is made up of doctors from american academy of pediatric autos when obese people lose weight, their family members may get slimmer as well. researchers looked at families of obese people who took part in the behavior yil therapy. six months later family members have cut more than 200 calories per day, eating better and weighing about two pounds less. the study is in the journal of american diatetic association. >> research suggests a life of crime can damage your health after age 40. researchers found repeat offenders were four times more likely to be in the hospital. the men were actually health year than normal in late teens through late 20s and experts aren't sure, but say leading
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the life style might increase chances of accidents and injury autos businesses now, zynga upset over revelations that the company was trying to take back employee stock shares. and two big music labels consolidating so what does that mean for you? >> hey there. larry. then, there are tlee. two four big music labels are consolidating. the universal music group is buying emi's recorded assets for $1.9 billion adding artists like beatles, cold play and katy perry. the music labels have been long fighting advent of technology but this proves someone is willing to make a bet on the music future and means universe jal now the heaviest hitter. the more top talent you represent, the more negotiating power you have. but what does this mean for
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artists? we asked the former president of universal music groups on bloomberg west. take a listen its a bad deal if that means fewer will get signed to combined labels and history tells us that is what will happen. labels consolidate. number of signings goes down. >> and and i want to mention an hour ago news broke sony agreed to buy emi publishing group so they're splitting the company in half. we reported on a story zynga demanded employees give back stock options for get fired that. news continues to make waves throughout the tech world. today, the ceoe mailed staff saying the "wall street journal" article was quote, based on here say and he added that it is to be expected as the company moves forward to be becoming a public company but didn't say what is wrong in that story z shifting gears,
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a bit now, stocks ending sharply higher after consumer confidence came in better than expected. and there is out of 13 apple was the interesting that was lower, some iphone users say the software fix for short battery life isn't working and issued an ios 5 update but messages are still getting complaints. apple says it's investigating remaining issues. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, back to you and have a great weekend. >> and looks like weekend, and today's rain, weekend looks good, right? >> well, yeah. >> and just looking and you can barely see the bridge there. >> that is right now. >> 24 hours from now. >> bring it on. bring it on. >> and things will be, i guess you can say improving. there is a live view right now
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looking over san francisco. looks dreary now and certainly it's a little wet in spots. and wetter in others. there is live doppler 7. not raining across the entire bay area now. i'll show were you we do have light rain. up into marin county from novato down to san rafael and almost golden gate. there is some heavy rain now on the peninsula from south san francisco to redwood city z out towards coast and farther south into santa cruz. there is another patch of rain south of the area and down towards santa cruz. and right now, temperatures mainly into 50s. warm spot is mountain view. and readings of 61 degrees and we'll see showers diminishing overnight approaching weekend. clearing mid day. and partly cloudy skies to mainly sunny skies on sunday. overnight, lows will be on the mild side. mainly into mid to upper 40s and about 50 in san francisco.
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and we'll take a look the at satellite radar image there. is a frontal system bringing us rainfall. it's moving towards the southeast. and there is when we can suspect showers to taper off. we'll start at 7:00 and there is still a chance of showers or scattered showers during late night showers z notice things clear out tomorrow morning, and by mid morning, 11 or so, we'll see partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies. and high temperatures tomorrow under partly cloudy conditions mainly into low to mid-60s, 59 in richmond. 57 in clear lake. 60s in other locations and to our south, we'll see highs into low to mid-60s as well. up to 65 in gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a pleasant weekend. and it's becoming milder next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, high temperatures climbing back into mid to upper 60s and
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cooling down near the end of the week. and we'll see another chance of showers wuchl but we're not expecting heavy rainfall. but will keep watching for you and show were you wet spots are this evening. >> thank you. >> okay this is a good weekend to catch a movie. new releases are now out. >> yes. rachel smith has that and celebrity salutes to veteran's day. >> and it's veterans day. many turning to twitter. there are some pictures righting in honor of my family who has served in the military i'd like to share this album as a tribute. actress alisa milano treat tweeted to men and women who served our country i love and appreciate you. and tyreese writes we need to change happy veteran's day into happy veterans year. puerto rican hip-hop group
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took the spotlight and won nine awards, most won in a single night. it's friday. meaning new movies are hitting the box office f you're look for a laugh adam sandler is previding plenty. >> the idea is neat. >> you can check out j edgar and i'm richel smith in los angeles. >> and and next at 4:00 this little girl never expected this scene to play out. we'll show what happened with her and her dade dad. >> later american woman has gone around the world to bring strangers memories back to life. >> and at 5:00 white house hands over solyndra records pointing fingers at a cabinet member. >> and now, it's slow going at bay bridge. and unless you have fast track, those cars are skpiping
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through there. for everyone else, roads are slick and traffic heavy today. stay with us. we'll be right back with more news at 4:00.
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this is terrific. a surprise for one little girl.
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that is great. a soldier surprised his daughter with a special home coming in her school. staff sargeant came home after serving nearly a year in afghanistan. >> i watched the show sometimes. and little kids see their dads and sometimes, i wished it was me, now, sit. >> that is awesome and she's hugging tight. and and knowing there is love that makes a huge difference for soldiers oversea autos and with a look on her face, just priceless. >> today is not just veteran's day but 11-11-11. a date guaranteeing a marriage will last a lifetime. many people took advantage of the date to tie the knot. city hall opened just to perform weddings. stephanie and dillan exchanged their vows at 11:00 for added luck. the number sequence represents one husband, one wife and one
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soul in chinese. >> still ahead in our 4:30 half hour an interview with a mother of an alleged penn state sex abuse victim. >> he said i didn't know what to do. >> her son trying to rebuild his life. penn state takes steps to rebuild its image. >> there is a new top three in the field of republican contenders. >> and from our east bay hills camera, you can almost see the bay bridge. i'll tell when you clouds will lift in the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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never again should anyone at penn state regardless of their position feel scared to do the right thing. my door will always be open. >> a promise tonight from penn state's new president. the university will do all kit to investigate the jerry sandusski child sex abuse allegations and make sure nothing like this ever happens again. >> and along with an exchoosive interview with the mother of one victim. >> this football glory suddenly a memory. the university reputation in pieces penn state is trying to put it back together. >> i asked for the support of the community to work together to reorient our culture. >> the school's new president
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and board of trustee as announced a special commission will look into allegation that's have torn through the campus but will be a long road back. every day bringing dark details like these known as victim one. >> he said i didn't know what to do. i just didn't know what to do. you can't tell jerry know. >> the former assistant football coach is charged with molesting eight boys he met through a chair te he started to help at risk children. last night, someone through pieces of a cinder block of a bedroom window of sandusski's home. one victim says it happened repeatedly. the boy's mom says once her son asked for help finding information about sex predator autos i asked him who he was looking up. he said he wanted to see if jerry was on there. and i said well, why would you
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look him up? and he said i don't know. he's a weirdo. >> the scandal brought down four top university officials. two charged with a cover up, the university president fired for not doing enough. and head coach joe paterno dismissed for the same reason. first time in almost 50 years when taking the field this weekend won't be his. mcmccleary says he saw jerry sanduskski ausing a boy in the showers and never called police. tonight he's been placed on administrative leave. >> and president obama is attending an event, a college basketball game being played on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier in san diego. this is time lapse video of the construction of the course, mr. obama is one of 7,000 people on hand for the game. it happens to be the carrier
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carrying osama bin laden to burial at sea. mr. obama marked veteran's day in a traditional way, laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. >> and yet another candidate is making his way to the top of the polls. new new polls show newt gingrich in a tie at the top of the g.o.p. field. abc poll has herman cain leading the poll. its worth noting 17% are still undecided and a poll puts romney in the lead and cain, 17%. both have a margin of error of three points. gingrich says polls show the race is still wide open. >> i think the american people are looking and asking questions. thinking about it. and i think it will stay wide open, you know until january. >> the poll seems to confirm that and shows only 30% of
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republicans and republica republican-leaning independents are firmly committed to a candidate. >> and a report by our media partner california watch showed seven of the 55 congressional members are among so-called 1%, with three of the top six from the bay area. a san diego congressman is the richest member of the delegation with a net worth estimated around $303 million. senator feinstein is second in california worth about $77 million. house minority leader nancy pelosi is $58 million and jackie speir is sixth. cutoff is $9 million according to data by a new york university economics professor. >> and italy could have a new government by this weekend after its senate approved reforms passed by the european union today. u.s. stocks surged and investors read the news as a sign of stable saigs paving
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the way for the resignation of the prime minister. perhaps as early as saturday. and the transition to a more neutral government. italian government has been deadlocked for weeks over deeply unpopular reforms needed to reduce the massive debt. >> cooperation is the theme in greece as well. the country's new prime minister assumed power today. greece has been in turmoil with the threat of collapse casting a long shadow over international markets. the hope is that a new government can find will to put the country back on track financially and retain a position in the eurozone. >> still ahead at 4:00 woman using her fashion industry expertise to restore family memory autos crews in turkey dealing with another natural disaster this afternoon. >> and michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them live in just minutes. we'll have links for you at abc 7
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>> taking a look at san francisco skyway. you can see it's slow going there today. of course, wet, both directions and traffic not moving quickly. let's see how travel forecast is shaping up. >> there is live doppler 7 showing light rainfall in spots. and we'll close into north bay. saying it seems to be winding down but we've got a batch of active weather into redwood city. moderate rain over santa cruz mountains now. rainfall totals almost half an inch right now. and almost a quarter inch in half moon bay. so we're getting wetter but wet weather is winding down. i'll give you a look at the weekend forecast in just a
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hey guys, what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please.
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you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you caadd some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today. some relief workers have become victims of the ernl quake in turkey. this is new video and the death toll has risen to 24 after rescuers pulled bodies from the wreckage. the victims include several construction and aide worker who's arrived after the deadly 7.2 quake. cnn ivan watson was outs side of the hotel where the victims were found. >> snow is starting to fall here, temperatures freezing. these workers still working
4:40 pm
around the clock trying to rescue people. >> teams working to find others including two reporters from a turkish news agency. it's unclear how many people are missing. >> a woman retouches photos for a living she says found her new life's calling. becky manson working in new york retouching fashion ads when disaster struck. she took what is supposed to be a short trip to japan to help people repair photos and eight months later she's there, helping clean, and repair half a million pictures and recruited 400 volunteers from around the world to pitch in. >> this is a shout out saying if i did this would any of you help me out? i sent it out to 25-30 people. 15 said yes. it's a great idea. >> and volunteers have cleaned 100,000 photos so far and retouched nearly 300. the cleaned photos displayed
4:41 pm
where survivors searched for familiar faces. >> and we continued this afternoon, cheryl jenning was a story of a young man making the world safer in a real way. >> post-crash problem had investigators taking a look at chevy'sxoxgxgxgxgxgxgxgxgxgxgxgx
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an israeli boy is in the bay area to talk about why his own wound of war is changing history he lost part of one leg to a land mine last year. and abc 7 is here now with the story. >> this is just such an amazing story. daniel is resilient and he's remarkable. just months after that terrible day in a minefield he helped convince the israeli government to pass a bill in support of removing land mines throughout the country. >> i do this, everything. >> and this 12-year-old is not shy about showing his prosthetic leg. >> it's not so good, like my own. but... it's good. >> he was fitted for the prosthetic after his leg was blown off by a land mine february 6, 2010. he had been playing with his
4:45 pm
brother and sisters in the snow on a family outing. they didn't know they were in an unmarked mine field. daniel was 11 at the time. his sister was 13. she was badly wounded by shrapnel. >> what happened to me is terrible experience. and it's not -- it's not a weapon for children or men or ladies. >> i remember every detail from the day. i lost my leg. and then, i heard my sister saying she's blind. >> i couldn't open my eyes. nothing. >> it must have been scary. >> yes. >> i remember she's always crying are you okay? >> the family learned there may be up to a million land mines in israel. daniel met a land mine survivor shortly after the
4:46 pm
mine explosion. and they formed a patch to raise awareness. they took a bus load of israeli legislateor tz see the mine field. roots of peace raises money to remove land mine autos i do not believe my mother should have to take off the limb of their child to tuck them into bed. >> daniel and his big sister talked with the prime minister and a bill was approved to begin to clear those land mines. >> our goal now for this is peace. and get money to do this work in israel. >> and in 2025 we'll see a free world. >> and daniel spoke at the veteran's home in yontville today. roots of peace will lead the mining and today announced u.s. state department agreed
4:47 pm
to match every dollar raised to remove land mines in war-torn countries. for more information you can log on and look under see it on tv. >> i think a 12-year-old can make amazing change autos he's so smart and he's going to go place autos what a story. >> thank you. >> and still ahead this afternoon... real tickets there is a lot of confusion in one community over these signs. >> and talking about your sticky situation. this calf stranded on a tall cactus for days. >> and i'm michael finney. does this dreary weather have you dreaming of a get way? my tips to help you get the best deal coming up next. >> and later on abc 7 news meet the lucky local babies born this 11-11-11. it's a big a deal as new year's babies.
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michael finney is here now to answer those questions. >> and details are sketchy on this. what i overheard is that you're taking us to hawaii? is that what i heard? >> kind of like that. >> and read the fine print. >> yeah. you'll need to. this first question, i'm planning a hawaii vacation for february. when is the best time to get a package deal? how far in advance would get me a good price? i'm glad you're asking this. i'm glad you're going in february. that is when it's easy to get a good deal. do you notice there is never a deal when everybody sells going? okay. let me give you three good tips. start looking at least four months out. that is going to work well for you. it's february. fly tuesday, wednesday, or saturday. always put that in. those are the best deals. and it's -- sorry.
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did i say saturday? it should say saturday as a matter of fact. tuesday, wednesday, saturday. thursday, scratch that. and check fares at 3:00 p.m. on tuesday. that is the big release of discount fares coming out about that time. so always check then. by the way in february you're going to be one of the people to get a great deal. few people travel then. also a good time to go to the uk. eric asks by way of face book is there a company you'd trust for a loan modification here in the bay area? not really? okay. here is the deal. it doesn't mean there aren't good companies out there and doesn't mean there are people that can help you. but good luck finding them, we've changed the law. i worked hard on this last year saying they're not allowed to charge you a dime until you safe money so. if anyone asks for money up front they're breaking the law, you want to stay away from them. they have to save you money. it's kind of like a realtor,
4:53 pm
they have to make -- have you to get the deal done before they get paid that. is how it works for them. the third question a twitter user wants to ask or has asked, i have gift cards from last year and i don't want to use them for stores they're intended for. can i get cash? not from the stores. they do not have to give you cash until the worth of the card is under $10 but there are some things you can do. you can go online, there is a bunch of web sites, plastic jungle is one of them. and gift card resource. and you know what? i'll post them on the web site go. to the web site. we'll give you sites where you can sell the card and get top dollar. shop around. and another thing you might want to do is a lot of people do is go to ebay and sell them there. >> that is good, good tips. >> and so you're not taking to
4:54 pm
us hawaii? >> it's not going to work out. >> thank you. >> and time for our last check of an unhawaiian like forecast. >> that is terrific. there is a look at live doppler 7 hd. light rain in parts of the north bay. there is napa county and some heavy rain from san francisco south ward and that is the batch of heavy rain at the moment z here is what we expect to happen tomorrow starting statewide. top two-thirds of the northern two-thirds will be mainly dry. wet weather going to slide down into southern part. from los angeles to palm springs to san diego. dry up north looking for highs of 66 in fresno z 57 in you're yeeka. 55 in yosemite z also, 60s down south, it will be raining. let's take a look at conditions tomorrow, closer to
4:55 pm
home here in the bay area starting in the south bay, partly cloudy skies to mainly sunny skies after early morning hours. high temperatures there mainly into low to mid-60s, 64 campbell z on the peninsula, partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies after morning hours because there may be more clouds. high temperatures tomorrow mainly into low 60s and only upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco, high of 61 tomorrow, 58 in the sunset district. north bay looking for highs into low to mid-60s up to about 64 in santa rosa. 63 napa. and near east bay highs will be into low 60s and up to about 63 in oakland and castro valuey and fremont. there is inland east bay up to 64 in pleasanton. and near monterey bay we'll look at highs 64 in santa cruz. and 65 inland at gilroy. weather looking good tomorrow.
4:56 pm
>> thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> there are new concerns about the safety of electric car batteries. officials are investigating after a chevy bolt's battery caught fire a few weeks ago after the car had been crash tested in an agency facility. >> officials say the crash damaged a battery and caused it to ignite. they don't believe the risk of fire is greater in electric cars than in gasoline engines. however, national transportation safety board is planning some further tests. >> and in malibu, parking is such a premium, some people are putting up fake in parking zone signs to take spots themselves. >> but they're so convincing people are getting real tickets when parking there. take a look. there are phony signs most lay long pacific coast highway where priceyest real estate meets the beach. officials say they're illegal but it doesn't stop people from buying signs online. and the mayor pro tem says residents are being warned.
4:57 pm
>> there is a small group taking it into their hands. the city is vigilant f someone makes a complaint we'll investigate it. >> officials also say drivers have gotten tickets for parking at a fake sign should get those tickets dismissed. >> a cat in arizona is out of a prickly situation. take a look at this, a cat stuck on top of a 30-foot tall cactus. >> ow. >> yes. how did he get up there? the stray stuck there several days. and managed to climb down care friday. and ran off there. and they're guessing he ran up to escape a predator and was hanging around until it left. >> cats aren't the only ones getting into trouble. this pup ate her owner's car payment. they left $1,000 on the counter there. he dug in. we're going to spare you gorey
4:58 pm
details on this but owners were able to retrieve the money the dog ate and piece it together, all but 100s skpdz sent the bill to the treasury department to get a replacement. >> that is -- had to be a messy job. >> no kidding. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> you can track on abc 7 news and talk about it as well. >> the news at 5:00 continues now with dan and cheryl. >> support from law enforcement agencies erodes and what some want before helping police clear out occupiers again. >> white hands hands over solyndra records pointing fingers at a cabinet member. >> ask a test doctors want kids to take now in hopes of preventing heart disease later in life. >> news we have for you,
4:59 pm
breaking news there is a rescue under way in contra costa county this, is a live picture just at the scene as rescue crew arrive. >> here is what happened. a car went off mount diablo scenic boulevard. we're told the driver survived and we understand is going to be okay. and there are crews trying to get to the car it happened just after 4:00 this afternoon. we're going to keep updating you throughout the newscast. >> and good evening, tonight oakland is in danger of losing mutual police aid when it needs it most. >> this is after a adeadly shooting near occupy oakland movement at this time last night. one man shot and killed when shun opened fire. a murder may have a big impact on the city and the occupy movement. abc 7 joins frus oakland tonight. >> that is right. the mayor spent much of the morning praying for


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