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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  November 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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morning, november 13th, two police officers got slashed during yesterday's occupy marchs. and occupy oakland is giving extra warnings as they are preparing for another police raid. >> plenty of clouds in the cities with numbers in the low 50s here. upper 40s liver more and san jose this morning. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. major developments this morning in the occupy movements. a tense standoff overnight in portland. preparations for a crackdown in oakland. and in san francisco police are searching for two suspects who slashed a couple of officers during this weekend's occupy san francisco march. that violence marr heed what was
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otherwise a peaceful demonstration. abc7 reports from the embark dare row. >> reporter: about 250 marchers chanted whose streets are our streets. there was a confrontation between police and marchers. >> as the officers was moving into position, one of my officers was cut. one of the demonstrators had a sharp object on the end of one their sign stick is reached across and cut his finger. >> a person had a blade on the end of a pen-like officer. and another officer's face was slashed when he attempt today recover his radio from a marcher at the location. both officers were treated at the scene and released. police officers gathered to make the reports at beach and hyde while watching them gather at the park. >> it kind of shows you it's not always as peaceful as you think. all in all, it was a good demonstration. >> after the marchers returned
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to the cam many, we asked about the violent incident. >> police did do a lot to try to force them off the streets and maybe someone had something sharp on them but that's just a conjecture. >> venders were gathering their wares and going home. we asked two how it affected business. >> i totally support them because we are part of the 99% also. i can complain about them because i'm part of them. >> a camp supporter tried to stop vender lindsey wahlberg from talking to us and she lost her temper. >> you realize by talking about this you are helping. >> impart of the 99%, okay? you guys have no respect for us. we are the smallest, smallest kind of business. >> as her husband helped gather merchandise, wahlberg vented. >> i think it's horrible. it's a squalor mess and as my husband said they have been stealing from us, they have been deaf indicating, urinating and
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vomiting all over the plaza. >> police see another problem. the camp filling up with dogs like the muzzled pit bull. the animals could pose a safety hazard. the injuries the police received are not life-threatening. police are asking anyone who witnessed the attacks to give them a call. abc7 news. >> in oakland a second warning has been issued as occupy protesters are preparing for a police raid. ♪ on friday city officials declared the camp unlawful. they were asking be protesters to pack up and leave immediately or face arrest. it was low-key this morning before the second notice was send out last night. demonstrators rallied and marched down broadway in defiance. police did not say when or even if they would take further action. so far we are seeing the city take the same steps that led up to last month's controversial raid. to date oakland police say they have gotten nearly 800
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complaints all over the world over the october 25th clash with protesters. only 12 of those complaints came from people who were actually there. 85 people were arrested. in portland tensions remain high this morning after a huge crowd of occupy demonstrators has been pushing back a line of police in riot gear and refuse to go abandon their encampment. at least one officer has been injured. you can see him down on the ground being helped by fellow officers. a reporter at the scene said that officer was on horseback when police got pelted with objects thrown from the crowd. portland mayor, sam adams, has ordered the camp shut down. he ordered that on friday due to unhealthy condition and overdoses, drug overdoses, and thefts. there's a lot of controversy at u.c. berkeley avidio surfaced showing law enforcement officers dragging two occupy cal demonstrators by their hair. a university professor was one of those seen on the tape.
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abc7's sergio reports. [chanting] >> reporter: these are the images that triggered outrage among fellow faculty at cal. they were forced to the ground and right here you can see an officer pull the professor by her hair and then get arrested. >> i'm distressed and it feels like one example of which there were many on that day of the police being the provocators and using force before there was reason to apply it. >> professor o'brian said his colleague is still sore from the arrest. later in the evening police moved in again to forcefully dismantle by tends that were set up and that's when he said he was injured. >> they said if you are going to hit somebody, hit a professor. the cop said you want some?
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it was a rhetorical question, and i was hit viciously in the ribs and went to the ground. >> o'brian said the officers were heavy handed and want answers from the university. the captain the u.c. berkeley police said they already launched an inquiry. anytime we have a major event we conduct an operational review. with 39 arrests this would trigger an operational review which is what our chief called for. o'brian said he was concerned with the use of force he said the alameda county deputies used. captain bennett said it's difficult to control people in this. when you put out a call for aid, communities come up and come with their own equipment and training. as for a review of policy, o'brien is especially critical of the university leadership response to a demonstration he said was very peaceful. >> and i would remind the chancellor that the current procedures would disallow any of the important movements of the past, especially the free speech movement that happened in exactly that same place. >> now captain bennett tells me the findings of the review will be given to the university
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police oversight board. professor o'brien said he would like the university to conduct an independent review and would like to be part of that inquiry. he's also still recovering from his injury and is weighing his options to file a formal complaint against the police. abc7 news. a construction crew this struck a gas line in richmond yesterday is blaming pg&e. workers dug into a gas line they said they weren't aware was there. an entire neighborhood had to be evacuated. it happened at south 47th street and wall avenue. it was in richmond. john alston has more. [dogs barking] >> reporter: people grabbed what they could after they got the knock at the door and were ordered to evacuate. not everyone had time to get their pets. >> they told us to get out and basically leave everything behind. i had dogs in the house i couldn't get out.
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>> about 10:30 workers were installing a new sewer line and they dug into a pg&e gas line with a backhoe by early afternoon the two-inch plastic pipe was replaced after about two dozen homes were evacuated. >> we got a knock on the door saying we are evacuating down the block and i was like why? they said there was a main gas line that broke. >> the contractor of san rafael told them the gas line was not properly marked. >> they said the plan that they had said there was no indication of a gas line at that depth so they didn't know it was there. >> a supervisor from the company at the scene told abc7 news that pg&e failed to mark the gas line at this spot. unlike other places they sprayed yellow paint indicating a gas line below. pg&e said they were investigating.
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after the puncture, a pungent odor filled the neighborhood. >> it was horrible. you don't want to smell gas in your life. never. not even me know more. if this happens again i'm out of here. >> at that point we were worried about making sure the gas didn't collect in someone's house and then find an ignition source. >> around noon, an hour and a half later or so, the residents were allowed back in their homes. >> i think they were fixing up the sewer lines but i think they found a different line than the sewer line. >> it took about 30 minutes for pg&e to get there and turn off the fell. they will be investigating whether the gas lines were properly marked. in richmond, john alston, abc7 news. this morning a much larger gas line that broke during high pressure testing is back in operation. it is the same line that caused the deadly san bruno explosion last year.
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line 132 passed a high pressure water test at 680 pounds per square inch. that's about twice the normal operating pressure. when the pipe segment failed one week ago today it blew mud and water down a hillside on to interstate 280, causing traffic delays. pg&e said there was evidence the 24-inch line was damaged by an outside contractor which caused the failure. coming up next, republican presidential candidates face-off. >> i would be willing to use waterboarding. i think it was very effective and it gained information. >> interrogation techniques, president obama and rick perry's gaffes among the issues last night. and president obama meets with asia pacific leaders at a summit meeting in hawaii. how he said they could overcome the fiscal problems in europe.
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>> you remembered it? >> i've had some time to think about it, sir. [laughter] >> me too. [laughter] >> the reference, of course, to perry's brain freeze during the previous debate. last night the candidates got serious. they talked about afghanistan, iran and the use of waterboarding. >> i would definitely allow the military to use enhanced interrogation techniques because they are terrorists. they are terrorists. >> and i am for using the techniques, not torture, but using those techniques that we know will extract the information to save young american lives. >> the gop race still up for grabs. the iowa presidential caucus less than two months away. the man whose policies were being debated in south carolina, president obama, is busy with world business leaders in his home state of hawaii. the president is hosting the
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asia pacific economic cooperation, a forum involving 21 nations. he sees the region as a machine of economic muscle. powerful enough to overcome the fiscal problems in europe. >> if we can at least contain the crisis, then one of the great opportunities we have is to see the asia pacific region as an extraordinary engine for growth. >> the president also says the united states, russia and china want iran to follow international rules with respect to its nuclear program. a program, an atomic energy watch dog agency says, could help tehran develop nuclear weapons. >> lowsa is here now. nice out there right now. >> but it's changing. we are looking at dropping temperatures and with that we get the fog in the north bay. we have clouds right now, a little bit of a base for our snowpack. it's melting, though, with the numbers climbing to the 50s today. i'll detail your forecast for
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the weekend and the week ahead all straight ahead. >> thank you, lisa. also next, a quake attack down on the farm. the oregon ducks dominate stanford, ending their hopes for a national title. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.ab
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>> lisa got the memo on the wardrobe but what about the memo on nice weather? >> it depends on what you define as nice. >> sunshine, mid-60s. >> i got you covered here. but for all the rest of you who may want to see snow in the sierra nevada, it's kind of early but we may get a little into the work week. right now we are waiting on the official sunrise. 6:48. it sets at 5:00 p.m. so you can see getting a little light out there. plenty of clouds. some of those clouds have helped to keep the temperatures up. where there are breaks the numbers are up. we are looking at dense fog, particularly in santa rosa this morning. 43 there. 48 in red wood city 52 in oakland. we are looking at temperatures running the gamut this morning and visibility, as well. so talked about santa rosa,and
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the numbers, they are cooler around redwood city and mountain view and san jose. in the city or oakland, it's feeling a little warmer. but in north bay with the longer nights, the numbers drop significantly closer to sunrise. we will be looking at the mild days not only today, into the middle of the week. so with high pressure building throughout the day today, things are going to turn around. we will see temperatures more seasonable. so it was a little chilly yesterday. some dense fog this morning. higher clouds from time to time but overall the sunshine will rule for the day today. tomorrow, tuesday, even wednesday and then bigger changes, much cooler weather coming our way. rainfall, yeah, we will have to sort of pinpoint how much we are going to see by the next couple of days. still a little too early to tell. but you can see the high and mid-level clouds here from our
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satellite and radar composite. we have high pressure building in. that will allow for some clear areas throughout the afternoon. but there is a weak trough that's going to pass to the north of us and that will allow for some higher clouds. we will look at numbers returning to the mid-and upper 60s. warmer than yesterday. we will look for a very mild couple of days ahead. look at the change from yesterday to today. we had the moisture in the central and southern part of the state. back to the sun and upper 60s for los angeles, san diego. vegas mid-60s. yosemite, they had some snow but with 60 degrees it will be a thing of the past. we will look for numbers today in the mid-60s. and as you head up the peninsula, 58 pacifica. redwood city coming in at 65. downtown 62. so if you are headed to candlestick we are talking about low 60s. in the north bay 64 pet aluminum aluminum -- and look at
6:22 am
berkeley. san leandro 65. you head inland we are talking mid-60s. down by the monterey bay cloudy to start and then 64. the 7 day forecast featuring little change day-to-day right on into wednesday. then increasing clouds and cooler weather and debatable on how much rain we will see but we will see some i think beginning thursday and again for the weekend. >> all right. we need it, i guess. >> yeah, we do. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00, right after this newscast, is good morning america. and we are joined live from new york to tell because is on tap. good morning. >> hey, good sunday morning to you, carolyn. good to see you. got a busy show coming up. rick perry returned to the stage three days after his epic brain freeze. did his performance last night take flub off the voters' mind.
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and the nitanny lions took the feel for the first time since the sex scandal erupted. we have a full report of what some are saying could be the first step toward closer. but the hollywood spotlight was shining bright on oprah last night where she was given a special award by the academy. we were therewithal of the stars and tells us about what made oprah break down in tears. and the ultimate tale of man's best friend. one st. bernard's incredible display of gratitude after an ohio couple saved him from the pound. it is an incredible story. you know what? that dog's name is americalys. he deserves that name after you marry this story coming up. >> we will look forward to that. thanks a lot. >> have a great day. >> you too. >> all right. let's look at sports. the niners are going to honor former players rc owens and roger craig before this afternoon's game against the new york giants. they weren duct into the team's hall of fame yesterday.
6:24 am
and in college football, oh, stanford had their national title hopes dashed by the visiting oregon ducks last night. here's schu with the highlights. >> good morning. well, stanford hosted oregon yesterday in the game of the week in college football, and the ducks were too fast. andrew luck, it was his worst game of the season. throwing a pick. darren capitalizes with the four-yard it were of touchdown strike. tack on a deuce. 8-0, ducks. stanford made it 8-6 on the td pass, but it took less than two minutes to respond. michael james, a monster game. 146 yards, 58 here. three tds. and now the ducks not going away. cardinals down 6 at the break. but the ducks explode right out of the gate in the third. 90 seconds in, thomas hits him and avoids two tackles. 59-yard touchdown. it was all but over. to the fourth. stanford down 16. the nail in the coffin, luck
6:25 am
picked off. he takes it about 40 yards. andrew throws two picks. stanford five turnovers. the cardinals' 17-game win streak is over. 53-30, the final. >> cal hosting oregon state. needing a win to become bowl eligible. the first quarter, the dart to calvin. fifth year senior with his first touchdown, a minute left. maynard. trotz in, great fake by zach, who threw for 148 yards. 13-3, bears. third quarter. and it's a great block up front by mitchell schwartz. 20 yards on the touchdown. a career high, 190 yards rushing, passing the mark. watch the celebration. and the four-game losing streak to the beavers and is now bowl eligible with the victory. >> san jose state and utah. a little snow there, about two feet in the mountains. aggie trail by twelve. they score twice. watch this catch. with 47 seconds left, one last chance for the spartans.
6:26 am
a 67-yard field goal. it's blocked. spartans lose another heartbreaker. 34-33, that final. sharks open with a win over phoenix last night and it was pay-back time. the former shark ray whitney shoots it wide, but it bounces off the new boards. he slides it in. sixth of the season. 1-0, phoenix. third period, adrian aucoin shoots it from the point. two coyotes all alone in front of the net. how about some defense. patrick o'sullivan puts it in. sharks shutout for the second time this season. 3-0, the final. niners hosting the giants. i'll have those highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> the east bay community that says police aren't doing enough so they are taking measures into their own hands. and some california kids could spend two years in kindergarten, whether they need it or not.
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>> welcome back, everyone. in the oakland hills some residents suspect the struggling economy is what's turning the area into the most burglarized neighborhood there. abc7's lisa tells us how they are fighting back. >> you don't know whose house has a camera, but you better make sure if you come in here, we are armed.
6:30 am
>> it was a clear warning to criminals casing the neighborhood. an area hit hard by burglars. now homeowners are the ones doing the watching. >> as of today you have over 100 people in this community with cameras. >> the mont clair surveillance camera pilot program launched. it's a response to the rash of break-ins. it's the most burglarized neighborhood in the oakland hills and residents are tired of it. >> people broke in, spent very little time in the house. took a laptop, jewelry, cash, camera, watch. >> they had kicked in our front door. >> each time they strike in the daytime when no one is home. residents are also worried about longer response times from police and department down-sizing. >> we have to do our own policing. that's what it amounts to. on burglaries, and we have to monitor our own neighborhood. >> oakland needs more police help.
6:31 am
officers would be great, but, you know, we have to work with what we've got. i think the camera systems are definitely going to help out with that. >> this is the master outdoor unit. >> one surveillance company offered neighborhood special discounts. >> how would you rate the solution? >> the questions are followed by concern because no one here wants to be the next victim. >> from a deterrent standpoint, do you think it makes sense? >> absolutely. no one wants to be on camera. >> officials insist the resources will be there when it comes time to prosecute those on tape. abc7 news. a pair of gunmen suspected in two robberies may have struck again last night in pleasant hill. police say two men wearing skeleton masks and black hoodies robbed the verizon wireless store on contra costa boulevard around 7:30. armed with semi-automatics, they emptied the cashier's drawer and took wallet's from two customers, holding them at gunpoint. the suspects ran away.
6:32 am
their description matches that of a man who robbed a drive-in and shop-and-go store last sunday. tuesday santa clara leaders are expected to approve the first major expenditure of public money for the new 49er stadium project. the council is expected to approve $10 million in tax funds to prepare the stadium site for construction. our media partner, the mercury news, reports the cash-strapped city will have to borrow $6 million of it from the team. the money will be spend over five months, starting in january, to do things like move utilities and put in sidewalks to prepare the site for construction. critics say the public funds are at risk because not all of the financing is in place to complete the project. california's youngest students may soon start kindergarten later and stay there longer. it's a way of saving the state
6:33 am
money. we have the story. >> karate-loving nathaniel green is doing well in kindergarten. his dad credits transitional kindergarten for his success. >> i'm learning to read words like here, down, stuff like that. >> they did a lot of arts and crafts that enabled him on making shapes that was precursors to letters. i think that was in particular was a great aspect to the curriculum. >> a new law will require kids to be five years old when entering kindergarten. the cutoff birthday will be september instead of december to make sure four year olds are not in kindergarten. >> california was one of the few states where kids four years old were going in kindergarten and often they didn't have the maturity and skills to succeed. >> while they wait they can
6:34 am
attend transitional kindergarten, known as t.k. it will be part of the public school system next fall. the first grade added since 1891. some schools have already tried it. >> it's proven to be valuable to school districts in leering retention and special ed placement. we predict dropout rates will also go down. >> some school districts are concerned about the costs. while the state gives them money for each child that attends, whether it's tk or regular kindergartennen, participation is voluntary and each school may not have enough students. >> getting several students, perhaps three from one location, four from another, maybe five from another and trying to come together and serve them in one location could be a real challenge. >> nathaniel knows he's performing much better in school because of tk. >> how well do you do in school now? >> very good. >> parents who believe their child was ready for kindergartennen but if they were born off the new cut-off date can ask their school district for early admissions. abc7 news. a watch dog group says
6:35 am
california is spending too much money trying to go green. california's 2006 landmark climate law has driven up demand for solar and win power. the law requires a reduction of greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by 2020. but the independent arm of the state's utility regulator is warning that dozens of renewable energy plants are so overpriced they will drive up energy bills for decades. the division of rate payor advocate said 69% of the contracts are above market rate. last week regulators approved a solar thermal plant in the desert. one commissioner said it's already $1.25 billion over market price. >> let'sa is here now to tell us if this week is going to be what? >> yeah, what? >> well, as we look outside it gives you an idea because we are mild, dry. quiet out there.
6:36 am
we are look at mt. diablo and the next couple of days will feature some clouds, some sun, seasonable temperatures, but with a caveat. i'll tell but that. >> i like that live picture there. also ahead bay area veterans make the transition from soldier to student. a challenge made easier by a vet-friendly university.
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this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? >> he think crab season starts this week so i hope it's not too rough in terms of water out there. >> it should be pretty calm. northwesterly flow and seasonal temperatures ahead, beginning with today. here's a look at mount tam. some locations are reporting cloud and cooler temperatures. some areas a little more mild. we have high pressure building into the bay area and that will set the stage not only for the latter part of the weekend but the first part of the week. it will be quiet the next several days. 53 in fremont. that's where we have the warmest location. 47 in liver more with 43 santa rosa and the fog. i want to show you some of the visibility in miles. if you are up in santa rosa, you
6:40 am
will notice you have some dense fog. some of this will in fact move around. napa could be reduced below nine miles. not a problem around much of the bay but along the coast 3 miles visibility. temperatures from this morning to yesterday morning in some of our valleys as much as 5 to 8 degrees cooler. a couple degrees cooler in red wood city. hayward and mountain view. we have some pockets of higher clouds and mid-level clouds. by this afternoon it will thin out and we will see more sunshine. a few high clouds from time too time. dry and mild throughout the middle of the week. looks like our first opportunity for rain will head our way perhaps on thursday. so a couple systems will be dropping out of the gulf of alaska by the mid-to later part of the week. but the cutoff low yesterday, moved out of the area. a weak system sending the high clouds but more importantly we have high pressure building in. as that does build in that will give us a light northwesterly
6:41 am
flow. the winds will be light and on the dryer side. then we will be look at the temperatures to respond to the sunshine with numbers in the mid, maybe a few upper 60s. yesterday was a cool day, lots of clouds around. this morning starting off with the clouds state-wide. by the afternoon mid-and upper 60s with los angeles rebounding from yesterday's rain. 71 in palm springs with lower 50s in the northern sierra. you have the clouds around this morning so 30s there. not quite as cold as it could be this time of year for the early morning in the mountain. 65 santa clara. sunyvale today in the mid-60s. you head up to peninsula you notice the cooler numbers at the coast. still pretty mice for mid-november. 60 half moon bay, downtown look for low 60s. if you are headed to candlestick should be a mild afternoon, sun and 60s. east bay, mild for 65 in
6:42 am
san leandro. and you will notice even berkeley into the mid-60s today. very little change as you head inland from our near east bay to the inland east bay but it will be warmer than yesterday with danville coming in at 65. about the same for pleasanton. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. very little change day-to-day with mild temperatures, sunny averages. a few clouds to start. then by the middle of the week the ridge breaks down and we will see a series of systems come our way. more importantly, one of them is going to be very, very cold. so we will see the temperatures drop. but that is kind of what you expect. >> yeah, i think it's a pretty good-looking forecast. thank you, lisa. >> well, on this veterans weekend, something to think about. there are approximately 2 million military veterans in california. and thousands more are expected to return as the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan wond down. many will want to use the g. i. bill to pay for a college
6:43 am
education. one university in the bay area is offering special services. >> from the battlefield to the classroom, shay is making the transition from soldier to student. he served with the army in afghanistan and completed two tours of duty in iraq. his latest mission, use money from the g.i. bill to earn a degree in international relations from san francisco state university. >> one of the hardest transitions that can take place in a human's life, to be perfectly honest. >> last year congresswoman nancy pelosi saluted the veteran students here and the university for its outreach. there are 430 military vets on this campus, and san francisco state, with a long-known history of anti-war sentiment, is welcoming the warriors with open arms. this university of 30,000 students has been named one of the nation's top
6:44 am
military-friendly schools by "g.i. jobs" magazine. vets and their dependents get priority in registration. there are mental health resources, career counseling and a key component, the veterans center, which is celebrating its one year anniversary with veteran's day. it's a one-stop shop run by a former marine. >> kind of a support team we created. with admissions office, financial said, other sources, and they can basically come to me when they have a problem and i already have my contacts that while they are setting here i usually can resolve most of the issues. >> if i had to go wait in line with 18-year-old kids and talk to somebody who might not know about veterans, can you just call v.a., if i had to deal with that i might not have enrolled. >> the 27-year-old former marine is pursuing a career in film.
6:45 am
this time last year he was in afghanistan using his cameras to record dangerous missions. college has been an adjustment. >> it's such a surreal existence when you are deployed in a combat zone and then you come home and everybody's biggest complaint is that darn assignment. >> their challenges are different. shay suffered a traumatic brain injury during combat and uses a special pin the v.a. bought to help him with his studies. >> it has a camera and is taking a picture. >> resources like that is invaluable. so is the veterans club on campus that organizations social events and offers emotional support. >> coming from a world where you are based in, you know, you have a team, a squad and a platoon, a company, you lose all that. so we are trying to gain, rebuild that community veteran feeling. >> even in these times of devastating budget cuts. the university's president said this school wants to make sure military vets are a priority. >> if we could get more money,
6:46 am
both private and public money to provide services, we would be delighted to receive it because the veterans are well worth the support that we can provide. >> well worth the support. in addition to the vets themselves, there are more than 300 of their dependents attending san francisco state. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> they are calling it a
6:47 am
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> it's one of irritants in life in need of a solution, those stubborn deodorant stains you can't get out. there's a new deodorant stain remover on the market, deo-go. does it work? here's michael finney with the latest installment of finney finds out. >> hopefully we can solve that today. >> daniel white has seen the problem up-close. >> your deodorant leaves a yellowish stain after a while that doesn't seem to come out. >> and kim has seen it too. >> its embarrassing. you don't want to walk around with deodorant stains. >> and archie sees it every day
6:50 am
at his cleaners. >> if there's a product that removed it completely, beautiful white like a white shirt out of a package, that would be a miracle. >> we wanted to find out if this was the miracle. we asked kenya and archie to give it a try and kim agreed to try a homemade remedy we found on the internet. we begin with tanya. >> if it does work, it will save me a lot of white shirts i won't have to buy again. >> she rubbed in the solution using a toothbrush. >> this one is my husband's. just kidding. archie tried the deo-go product on three shirts. he gave it an 80% chance to get the stain out of this white blouse. he thinks the stain on this men's shirt is unlikely to come out. he fears this shirt has reached the end of its life. >> it is like aging. aging is -- i age, you age, a shirt ages. >> back at kim's house we began mixing our homemade solution. a quarter cup of ammonia with four cups of water.
6:51 am
she hopes this works better than what she normally does. >> i normally just rub my shirt together and it's still there. >> it's almost time to see the results. kim gives her top a good scrub. archie puts his three shirts into the wash after applying deo-go. tanya rushes things along by putting a blow dryer to her garmant. >> i think it looks like it worked. i don't see it anymore. >> archie said deo-go worked as well as can be expected. the cleaner removed some of the stain on the blouse, but not all. the yellow stain on the men's shirt turned into what archie called a dingy white. the shirt he predicted needed to be tossed out didn't show any improvement at all. >> overall opinion, it is about like what we use already. i didn't see any increased improvement to say the product is something exceptional. >> what about our homemade remedy?
6:52 am
>> pretty much as soon as i get the solution on there, it's making a huge difference and as soon as i rub it over just lightly, it's pretty much making the stain disappear. >> deo-go sells for about ten bucks. both women testers said they would be reluctant to use any product that takes 20 minutes to dry. deo-go said the 20-minute wait time is better than having to throw a blouse or shirt away. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> coming up, one of the most anticipated hollywood movies. >> sometimes you need to bend the rules a little to keep your country safe. >> clint eastwood's "j. edgar" and "on the isle" is up next. edd
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> yes, we have the winning numbers from last night's $20 million super lotto plus. the meganumber is 12. one ticket purchased purchased in southern california hit the jackpot. >> opening in theaters this weekend is the highly-anticipated film "j. edgar" starring leonardo dicaprio, directed by clint eastwood. it's a look at his mysterious and personal life. what does don think? here's the "on the isle" report.
6:56 am
>> leonardo dicaprio is j. edgar hoover. you won't find him a warm or sympathetic character. he's tough and obsessed. >> look for justice and what you get is a political attack. you expect crimes to go unsolved? why are you fighting me? >> it wreaks of period details. as it meanders along time we see the j. edgar hoover that wants the publicity in big cases. and there's the strange relationship with his domineering mother, and maybe she's what drove him? >> i want you to be my number two man. do you understand? i need you. >> there's speculation about romance. hoover was clever and vicious. here he tells bobby kennedy he has tape of president kennedy with a prostitute. he speed on the civil rights mover meant. he's pictured as using questionable methods of getting
6:57 am
what he wanted. >> is it legal? >> sometimes you need to bend the rules a little in order to keep your country safe. >> dicaprio plays the role with one dimension and yet it's the kind of performance that gets award nominations. when we see him the first time as the old j. edgar hoover, there were a few laughs. and the makeup makes him look like the doctor from "beverly hills housewives" got carried away with everything in his satchel. he can't move. then there's the issue of sexuality. and yes, they hold hands and kiss. >> when they go into his mother's closet we could change the title of the film to "j. edna." it is a modest film clint eastwood has made but i'll give it three quarters of a bucket. see you on the isle. >> i'm going to see it, i hope. >> it got me interested. >> and here's lisa with the last look at the interesting forecast. >> it really is. not cloudy everywhere. some spots a beautiful sunrise. we are looking at mild temperatures for everyone.
6:58 am
650 -- 65 in oakland. maybe rain the end of the week. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. i'm carolyn tyler. along with lisa, keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter, abc7 news bay area. you can talk about it on good morning hey guys, what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you caadd some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today.
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