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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 13, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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three warning notices have been issued, and tonight occupy oakland is bracing for a police raid. good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. >> thank you for joining us. for the past three days, city officials have been taking the same steps that lead up to that first controversial raid. >> and tonight protesters camping out at the plaza believe another raid is inevitable. thomas roman is live there. >> some camps were raided and dismantled today, and occupy oakland has gotten wind that the police plan on raiding their camp either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. but there is an outside group trying to stop the raid from happening. >> this is a the third notice they have received to leave the plaza. what makes it different from the two earlier notices is this declares every other
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major park in oakland off limits to occupy campers. for many supporters it serves as a signal that it will be raided soon. >> there is no need to force an eviction. nothing will be resolved. the situation will only get worse. >> he is a member of the green party. he and the former oakland city councilman has proposed a public forum between all parties, the city, the occupy yes, sirs and the business and residents. >> there is a process that needs to be developed in order to avoid the debacle of the police coming -- in to move the camp away. >> with a raid he believes is imminent, he says people need to talk. >> these are in someways two groups of people who don't understand each other, don't respect each other, don't respect each other's process. so that is a recipe for
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disaster. >> reporter: while the proposal of a public forum is debated by the camp, some occupy yes, sirs have decided to leave before a raid takes place. they say campers have gotten word. >> there has been some sort of imminent feeling for some little while, and they are really expecting it tonight. >> this camper is storing some of his belongings. >> it will be one play, cops and roche. >> do you think they will come out tonight? >> yes jie. where are you moving your stop? >> i am not moving the stuff. it is always good to have back up supplies. >> occupy yes, sirs were told there will be shelters. one is the old oakland army base. >> it almost sounds like a concentration camp. >> tonight the camp is bracing for a raid. >> there is a lot of people trying to figure out what to do, what is the best thing? a lot of people have ideas, so i am hoping people don't get hurt. >> occupy oakland has been sending out tweets tonight asking for reinforcements.
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they want as many people here if possible, if in fact the police raid the camp. they are also planing a meeting tomorrow to try and take back the camp in case they ary evicted -- they #r* evicted. >> and scott olson, the iraq war veteran who suffered a serious head injury during the first clash with police is out of the hospital tonight. *9 24-year-old suffered a fractured skull after being hit with a projectile. he says he is feelings better with a long road ahead. he also gave thanks to everyone who has supported him. tonight the man killed near the oakland occupy camp 45s -- has been identified as one of the protesters. he has been living in the camp before he was shot to death in the crowded plaza. witnesses say the suspect was also a frequent resident at the camp. police are also looking for a second suspect.
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participants are addressing the problems at their camp as they continue to grow. they welcomed up to 40 new tents. this afternoon some of the camp regulars met to discuss how to handle the growing drug and alcohol use, but some see the problem as part life in general. >> the majority of people are in the camp and that's a point of the whole sthing. -- the whole thing. people are dealing with issues, but that's every one of us. >> some of the participants are also concerned about the party atmosphere the camp is taken on believing it might take the focus off occupy's message. occupy cal is being reviewed. a professor whose hair was pulled while being tossed to the ground has filed a complaint. this happened while police were trying to clear the lawn of protesters. the police chief is reviewing video and witnesses. he will reside and could take
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disciplinary measures . right now a chp officer is undergoing surgery after he was shot during a traffic stop. it happened around 5:30 on state highway 99 in elk grove. the suspect shot the officer twice and then took off in his car. officers tracked him down on the same highway, and then they shot and killed him after he crashed his car and refused to get out. >> >> we just heard the gunshot. it was a lot of clips too back and forth. >> highway 99 in elk grove will be shut down for most of the night while police investigate. the officer is expected to survive. witnesses say the paraflied glider killed today is an expert in harnessing the wind on the cliffs of santa clara county. >> it happened at 2:00. now authorities are trying to figure out how the pilot crashed. abc7's lilian kim has more from milpitas. >> para-gliding in milpitas,
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and they knew something was wrong when they saw a para-glider heading down at a relatively steep angle. he was watching from a few miles away. >> the para-gliders because of the way they are made they cannot climb very fast. it was headed down about 20 degrees. >> moments later the pilot slammed into the hillside. the pilot was one of the first people to come to his aide. >> i ran over to him and got to him. he was responsive when i first got there shortly after that he died. >> it has been a popular spot for hang gliding and para-gliding for decades. the fatalities are not common. the last known death was eight years ago. the coroner has yet to release the identity of the pilot, but based on what witnesses can tell, he most likely had an advanced rating based on the equipment he was using. his para-glider was a high performance quality. despite his expert expertise,
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the pilot was likely flying too close to the ground when he was caught up in turbulence. >> the rotor could have caused his wing to collapse and -- where he would have fallen to the ground at that point. >> he was in a place i never would have dreamed of being. i would have flown and elected not to fly close to the drain. the thought terrified me. >> they say the hang gliding and para-gliding community is a small one, so word will no doubt spread quickly. it is hoped that it hillary mind people to take proper safety precaution. lilian kim, abc news. a search is underway for a gunman in a drive by shooting that wounded a woman and a teenager. it happened this morning in menlo park. the 18-year-old victim was standing outside a home when he was hit. investigators say a tan older model sedan drove up to the house and a passenger started
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shooting. one of the bullets ricocheted and hit the 50-year-old woman who was standing in front of another home. >> both victims were transported to stanford medical center. one is currently still at the center, and he is listed in stable condition in icu. and the other female had minor injuries and was treated and released. >> the teen and the woman are both from menlo park. more details tonight about the fatal accident involving a san francisco pedestrian and a muni bus. the unidentified victim appears to have crossed in the street in front of the bus that rolled over him. the bus pulled away from the curb at fifth and mission. the man died from his injuries at the hospital. the driver of the bus has been placed on leave. two people suffered minor injuries during an apartment fire in san francisco. the fire started around 8:00 this morning at a building in the richmond district. two people in the third floor apartment were able to get out. they did suffer from some smoke inhalation.
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four other units were also evacuated. firecrews say the fire appears to be accidental. new changes coming to burning man after the first sellout in the event's 26-year history, organizers are now going to sell tickets under a lottery system instead of a first come, first serve basis. they hope it will eliminate a rush to buy tickets on-line. burning man drew a record 50 54,000 people, more than allowed under the permit. another quake rattles in dough knee shaw. >> and the impact of the italian prime minister's resignation on world stock markets. >> and it was a big gap, but it might not be such a bad thing for his political career. >> and at 11:30, the a you mazing -- amazing new pictures from the international spacestation. >> i'm leigh glaser, and we have a few high clouds drifting over the bay area right now. and it looked like we got two more warm to mild days, and
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after that a taste of winter will arrive. a look at the seven-day ih
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to another quake has struck indonesia. the 6.3 quake hit after 7:00 our time. the quake sent panicked residents running for higher ground. the u.s. geological survey said the quake was 30 miles deep, and there was no danger of a tsunami. and in italy, it is the end of an era. europe's most colorful and be league erred head of state silvio berlusconi has resigned. >> his resignation has calmed stock markets overseas and here at home.
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>> for a man who saw himself as a real crowd pleaser, it was an ugly goodbye. his people booed him, and then they danced all nightlong. this woman said it was the best thing that could have happened to italy. berlusconi was the tanned face of politics for 17 years, a lounge singer turned media tycoon who promised some of hisself made billionaire magic would rub off on the economy. what he did bring was scandal and lots of it. tales of lavish orgies and sex with underage call girls, pranks on world leaders, charges of bribery, corruption, tax fraud and embezzlement. berlusconi once said he was in court 2500 times in 20 years and claimed to be the most persecuted in the his history of the world. in the end it was the that the corruption charges or the
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public gasps or tails -- tales of sex parties, but it was his inability to convince the markets he was serious about economic rerm to. at the g-20 he was busy checking out fellow leaders' backside. what is next for him? lawyers. for years he held criminal trials and lawsuits at bay because he had immunity as president. now he is out of office and he is out of excuses. abc news, rome. >> a news conference following an economic summit in hawaii. president obama said all options are on the table with respect to containing iran's nuclear ambitions. he also took a shot at republican presidential candidate who said waterboarding was an acceptable tactic. >> waterboarding is torture. it is contrary to america's traditions, contrary to our ideals. that's not who we are.
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that's not how we operate. we don't need it to prosecute the war on terrorism. >> on the economic front, canada, japan and mix -- and mexico are expressing interest in the trade partnership hosted by the president. herman cain's wife says claims against sexual harassment against the presidential hopeful don't ring true. she says he totally respects women. in her first televised interview gloria cain said her husband would need a split personality to do the things alleged. four women accused the gop candidate of sexually harassing them during his tenure of the restaurant association in the 1990s. those allegations are reshaping the republican field of challengers for the 2012 election. a new poll has mitt romney in the lead. herman cain comes in 20% and third with 16% is former speaker of the house, newt gingrich and texas governor
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rick perry came in fourth with 12%. >> "twilight" fans are camping out for tomorrow's premiere and they got the thrill of a lifetime. they were served breakfast by the cast. a tent city formed outside the nokia theater. twi-hards said they can't wait to see breaking dawn part one. the l.a. red carpet opens nationwide on friday. leigh is here with a look at the weekend. >> yes, we get a couple days of this nice, sunny mild weather, and then things will get a little cold, chilly and wet. then the rain returns and you will not like it. a nice night. the high definition camera and you can see the low clouds and fog making its way -- there hes right there. it is moving in over san francisco. temperatures in the north bay in the 40s already. 48 in napa and 47 in santa rosa. 50s and we are holding a little of the warmer air mass in thanks to the clouds overhead.
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san francisco is 53. oakland 50 -- 53 and 52 right now in san jose. here is a look at that close up satellite. you can get a sense that it is not strong enough to keep the high and midlevel clouds to come up and over the arc. so we will go with high clouds here and there tonight. in the north bay communities, the dense fog is redeveloping overnight, and it could reduce some visibility definitely in the early morning hours. temperature wise, we will keep the temperatures a little warmer thanks to the clouds that are moving in. 40s, mid to upper 40s generally across much of the bay area as we head up toward the north bay, santa rosa and cloverdale and even around the napa valley area. some of the temperatures may dip into the upper 30s tonight. cold inland and overnight temperatures and sunny and mild conditions. they will extend right on in through tuesday and wednesday, and then after that a very
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cold air mass -- very cold this time of year in the gulf of alaska moving south and bringing us the return of a colder air mass and also the return of some rain. higher pressure will remain just off the coast. this is the system responsible for bringing the mild temperatures this weekend, and really keeping the storm track to the north. while this is in place through wednesday, expect little change in our forecast. it will be the low developing to the north of us that will bring the colder weather and the big changes into thursday, friday and saturday. here is a look at the highs for monday. little change. temperature wise, enjoy 66 san jose and we will look for lots of sunshine once the low clouds lift. 60 degrees there. palo alto 66 and san francisco tomorrow will warm to 62 degrees. and then the north bay, remember a little of the valley fog will be with you tomorrow morning and then the afternoon sun. 67 and mid60s for napa as
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well as oakland. oakland is 66 and interior east bay, very mild. antioch, brentwood as well as pittsburgh in the mid60s there. and we will even have some sunshine and low 60s in santa cruz tomorrow. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, a couple mild days ahead, and then by thursday that low gets closer. cold showers on friday and saturday. and we are talking temperatures, daytime highs in the 50s. we may have to bring in a chance ever lower snow levels into friday night and saturday jie. thank you, leigh. let's get to shu. the 9ers are getting closer. >> they are getting close, and i think you are talking playoffs, right? >> who said the niners haven't played anyone in just ask the giants. they win their seventh straight beating the g men in a total effort. even hunter got into the act. reacacacacacacacacacacacacacac
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well, the 49ers have not been to the post season since 2002. well, today they hosted the giants in a playoff-type atmosphere and guess what, the 49ers are for weal. eli manning completes his
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first 10 passes and g-men will get a field goal and lead it 6-3 in the second. then over to crabtree and niners open up the passing lane. no problem with acres. his fifth 50 yarder for the season. ensuing kickoff and harbough calls the surprise on sidekick walker recovers and leads to another field goal. frank gore came into the game with a bum ankle and he leaves after tweaking his knee. first career game with no rushing yards. niners lead it 9-6 at the end of the first half. manning to ham. great throw and better catch and 13 yards and giants up one. they hit in the fourth. davis with his high jump into the end zone. it is 20-13. and they get a ride back. manning picked off by carlos rogers. second int in the league. fifth in the league. for gore, 17 yards to the
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house and it puts the niners up and cut it to seven. inside the 20, but smith is rejected. the 9ers are now 8 and one after a seven-point victory. >> we talked about it all week. this was a big challenge for us. a quality opponent coming in here, and we were going to have to go after these guys, and we did that. >> last time i looked on the schedule, we played detroit. we played some teams and came in with this win. imagine how they feel about it now. >> enough said. college football and stanford state in the bcs rankings. the ducks move up to number four. stanford falls to number nine. i think if lsu and oklahoma state win out they should play for the national title. we will take our final timeout and hit the hardwood. they are a great start for the
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2011 season and taking down george washington. shooting some hoops
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the second half of the college hoops. cal is facing our first president, george washington. mike montgomery looking to go 2 and 0. he push itself up to florida alan crab for the finish. 16 points off the bench. five of seven from downtown and 21 points. it was part of a 21-0 run. cal rolls 81-54 your final. 34 points and 18 boards and stanford women went over gonzaga while cal falls. it is time for the plays of the day. we start off at the windy city. cutler has a few words for the big man. the fight is on.
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he fumbles this one and picked it up. he will go 82 yards! the bears win it. one of the best catches you will ever see in kansas city. look at baldwin. he went back and maintained possession. great catch, but denver wins. the only catch of the game, and it is a touchdown, and the steelers win. matt ryan dumps it off. can anybody tackle this guy? the saints beat the falcons in ot. mark sanchez threw two picks and it results in a linebacker's first td in the blowout victory: what a moment. watch nelson afterwards. he runs down and gives the ball to his girlfriend. a cowboy's cheerleader. this guy gets around. the boys win it 44-7. those are your plays of the day and your toyota sports
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reported. -- sports report. i thought he was going to propose and he gave her the ball. >> she is like, what is this? >> and from the wrong team. clinical trials can save lives, but what happens when two siblings need the medicine, but only one receives it? that story is next. >> and they taste good, but tonight there is a new warning for women about the dangers of sugar resoft drinks.
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>> in tonight's headlines, occupy oakland pretesters have been tweeting all nightlong. they are bracing for an expected raid early monday morning. police passed out a third notice declaring the camp illegal and warning of arrests if they don't leave immediately. >> and is a -- a sacramento police officer is recovering after being shot by a suspect who tried to drive away from a routine traffic stop. the suspect was later shot to death by police. a para-glider too close to the ground was killed in milpitas. the victim has not been identified. and a man died in san francisco after being run over by a muni bus. the man apparently stepped in front of the bus just as it was pulling away from the curb. powerful new drugs that save lives are developed through clinical trials in which some participants get the active medicine and some
11:36 pm
don't. >> they often get better while the others don't get better. he found one family that found themselves on both sides of the divide. >> two sisters with a rare form of cystic fibrosis. one gets better and the other doesn't. both part of a study that has the potential to dramatically change their lives. nas most studies, only half of the patients get the real drug. >> we didn't know if they were both getting a sugar pill or one in one. the pills looked the same. >> yn weeks the girls weren't acting the same. >> i wasn't coughing as much as laura was at that time. everybody said i got a lot more energy. >> she had a huge weight gain. her chest was clear. the thing that blew us away was her lung function test sky rocketed. >> they have damaged lungs and persistent coughing and they don't grow as well. because of a genetic defect they make an abnormal protein
11:37 pm
that prohibits salt and water from moving through cell walls. creating a sticky mucous that plugs their lungs. it repairs the broken protein. what does it mean for the girls? it means they can breathe. they are both on the drug. they can jump on trampolines, dance without breaks and playing soccer and being normal pre teens. >> i don't have math homework. >> for their mom, it means she can dream. >> what does the future look like for them now? >> my wish for my daughters are the same as any parent. i want them to go to college and get married and have healthy children. i think it completely changes their future. >> abc news, massachusetts. the diabetes foundation predicts one in 10 people could have diabetes by 2030. a new report estimates that 522 million people worldwide
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will have diabetes in the next two decades. the world health organization says the finding is possible, and they estimate the deaths will double by 2030, mostly due by an aging pop -- population. and a link between sugar drinks and heart disease. those who drank two sugar sweetened drinks daily were four times as lickly to develop the high try glis rides -- tri-glicerides. and it increased waist size and is at risk for a type 2 diabetes. a warning to be careful when buying concert tickets on-line. 7 on your side is getting complaints about ticket brokers. michael finney is investigating where you buy tickets matters. >> henry chang is a fan. he went on-line to buy tickets at the flint center. >> i went on the website called friend center
11:39 pm
performance ticket. i thought that was the official website for the center. >> here is the website, i flint center perform arts tickets .com. look around. the words flipt center are -- flint center are prominent at the top of the page. so this is where he buys his tickets. two tickets, $85 each. two service charges, $178 5 -- 17.85 each. it is a total of $2.20. he gets a receipt from i ticket center .com. here is consumer action. >> it is a company that has designed hundreds of specific websites that are designed to mislead consumers that they are buying from the venue when in fact they are buying at considerable markup. >> here are the company's websites.
11:40 pm
i ticket center .com tells me, "we are not trying to mislead anyone. it says "we out utilize the targeted websites in an attempt to present to the user exactly what they are looking for. 1k3 right there on the front page is a disclosure. it reads, "you are buying tickets from a third party. this site is not affiliated with any box office venue team." >> basically they are sending out an imposter website with the venue's name in the url. if that is the first thing the consumer sees or types in to tuck into the fine print, it has nothing to do with the venue whose name is in the url is not nearly enough. >> the company says we actually include on every web page the complete tirms and conditions which provide further details. these terms and conditions are also present on the checkout page and must be opted in by the user.
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>> and that brings us back to chang. believing he paid what was double, he called and requested a refund, buts was told that wasn't possible. >> he said if you want you can sell your -- resell your ticket on your website or whatever. >> so you can do it to someone else? >> well he said in the old days tickets had one price. that's no longer true. be sure to shop for price and quality. next, going back in time with jack kennedy. coming up, through the eyes of some of his best friend, chris matthews talks about his book. >> and an amazing view from outerspace. >> and hi, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. a few low clouds are starting to drift over the bay area. it will get colder as we head through the workweek. the accu-weather seven-day the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming upupupupupupupup
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or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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the most recognizable split will cal pundits on television. >> he stoped by to talk about his new book on the life of john f. kennedy. >> i think john f. kennedy will sell this book. an old pal of his phoned me about two or three weeks ago leaving a message. ited is, you -- it said, you brought him back alive. i wanted to know what he was like. i wasn't around with him. i went back to his 12 closest
11:45 pm
friends either through all history or personally. i found out what was he like to be with? they said reading history is not what the person is like. but i thought i could get him in the theater. 12 people would tell me what he was like and i could from all their memories figure out what it was like to hang out. what was the guy kidding around with? what was he like in the navy when you are in the south pacific? what was he was like when you were scared to death? what was he like in school causing trouble. >> you found some interesting stories. the first, ask not -- >> i wrote that story. it is called reporting. i went and found out whener it came from. it was not original. he had a headmaster in connecticut and he used to say, ask not what your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school. he said, i like that.
11:46 pm
ask not what your country can do -- that's still a good line. our president today could use that. don't tell us to go home and do our thing. get us involved. >> you know when president obama was runing in 2008 a lot of people were saying that he was closer to j.f.k. >> i think he still has the potential. >> potential 1234* is it the charisma? >> well, he speaks beautifully. he speaks about our country and he inspires me. i am thrilled about what he said. he is not as tough as kennedy. jack kennedy had one person that obama doesn't have, bobby kennedy. imagine if you had anybody that would do anything for you. bobbie would go into the room with governors giving him trouble and they would be on his side. he dealt with george wallace. he pushed the guy away at the door of the schoolhouse.
11:47 pm
he got things done because he was tough and believed in civil rights. he was the first president to stand up for it. >> you can watch 7 live weekdays. bill o'reilly's book "killing lincoln" the shocking assassination that changed america forever is the number two on the best seller list. but the park service is not thrilled. they don't want to stop the book because of a series of factual rores. -- errors. o'reilly gets a couple dates office and mentions the oval office which wasn't built until 1909. check this out. it is time lapse sequence of photographs taken from the interest international space spacestation and turned into a video. you can see city lights in the clouds. the foy toes were shot between -- the photos were shot between august and september of this year. let's get over to leigh who has a check on the seven-day forecast.
11:48 pm
>> outside rye now -- right now, a thin layer of clouds. probably dealing with a little valley fog, especially the north bay locations. otherwise it will be another delightful afternoon for your monday. plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. 67 santa rosa and san mateo 63 degrees in the east bay. oakland 66 with 66 for concord as well as antioch. san jose sunshine 66, 64 for watsonville. gilroy enjoying sunshine. even at the coast, santa cruz is warming to 63. we get two more days, maybe three. monday, tuesday, wednesday. temperatures close to 70 around the bay area and then thickening clouds on thursday. low pressure bringing the return of cold air and temperatures drop into the 50s by friday and saturday. we bring some showers as well.
11:49 pm
things will change into the latter part of our week. >> thanks, leigh. on to shu. the niners are really silencing the critics. >> they did just that. the new york giants are in town and they continue to prove they are one of if not the best team in the league. we'll show youououououououououou
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how about those niners? they have not been to the post season since 2002, almost a
11:52 pm
decade. it was a playoff-type game, and i think it is for real. eli manning comes out firing and completes his first 10 passes. g-men will get a field goal, and they lead it 6-3. michael crabtree, and they opened up the airway. no problem with david acres. his fifth 50 yarder for this season. four for four and the ensuing kickoff. a surprise on sidekick and leads to another field goal. he would leave after tweaking his knee. the niners lead it 9-6 at the half. manning in the third quarter. the giants go up 13-12. but alex and the 9ers are back in the fourth. 31-yard touchdown and tack on a two-point conversion, 20-13.
11:53 pm
manning picked off by rogers, his second int of the game. the next ply -- play and 17 yards examine puts the niners up 14. driving to tie it late. he rejected the pass. jim harbaugh jacked up. trust me. he will be coach of the year. 9ers are now 8 and 1 after a 7-point victory. >> it feels great. it is a total team effort. we believe in each other. we have a tight circle, and it is unbelievable. >> it was a really big game. we talked about it all week. a quality opponent, and we were going to have to go after these guys and we did that. >> last time i looked on the schedule, we play detroit when they were hot and cinncinati when they was hot.
11:54 pm
philly. we came in with this win against a hot team. >> he nails it on the head there. college football, and just as we thought stanford barely stayed in the top 10 after their heartbreaking loss to oregon. lsu is still on top. oklahoma stay and alabama remains second and third. their only loss was to lsu. oklahoma is number five. they get oklahoma state late in the season. stanford and boise state. they fall to 9 and 10 now. if lsu and oklahoma state win out, they will probably play for the national championship. to college hoops, and that's right. 24th ranked cal tech facing george washington university. mike montgomery's club looking for a great start. he pushes it up the floor and for the finish. cob with five assists and 16
11:55 pm
points off the bench. 21 points and part of a 21-0 run cal lead my 20 at the break. he is the leader of the game and has 15 points. cal rolls 81-54 the final. and women's hoop, stanford with 33 points and the win over gonzaga. cal loses a heartbreaker to rutgers 73-70 the final. let's hit the asphalt. nascar in phoenix. only two races left in the chase for the cup. it was honoring the veterans. kasey kahne ends a losing streak as he takes the flag. edward finished second and steb cash dash and stewart third. it is time for the people's favorite plays of the day and
11:56 pm
starting off in the windy city. rips jay cutler's helmet off. cutler has a few words for the big man and the fight is on. hester fumbles it and pick itself up going 82 yards. it was a touchdown in the -- and the bears win. now one of the best catches have i seen in kansas city, he pins the ball against his back and maintains possession and a great catch. but denver wins. only catch of the game for aj and it is a touchdown, but the steeler had win. can anybody tackle the big guy? 21 yards, and the saints beat the falcons in ot. two picks and it was the linebackers' first touchdown in the patriot blowout victory. what a moment in dallas. where is he going? he gives the ball to his
11:57 pm
girlfriend. she is a cowboys cheerleader. that's a smart man. the boys win it 44-7. that was your toyota sports report. what would you do if he came and gave you a football. >> i would need to know how long they were dating on whether or not it should be a ring. >> the ultimate
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