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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  November 14, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and after the raid, the mayor conceded it had become something separate and had become a dangerous place after a young man was shot and killed steps from the tent city on thursday. >> we came to the morning because occupy oakland, i think began toik a different path from the original movement. >> unlike the dual raid, police did not move on in an alternate camp where 30 tents had been. >> ports of fires, some intense as well, assault speedings made over two weeks. this was further your under scored by the homicide that occurred november 10th. >> the police chief said snow park would be left alone for now but there will be no camping at frank ogowa plaza. >> do you think this is the end of occupy oakland? >> no. not at all. we'll break this city's bank account before run occupy.
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>> and that was laura anthony reporting live. let's take a look. they're preparing to march back to oakland city hall z our mark matthews is on the ground there with more on this developing story. mark? >> now, the crowd spell sweled from maybe 15 minutes ago to a couple hundred, they're gathering quickly. unsure on what's happening then. and i've been talking about whether or not there will be a march over to frank ogowa plaza. some have said they're not sure and they know there is going to be a rally, but believe it will start here. john has been here and taking part in the movement. what is your expectation in terms of turnout? >> i expect it will keep on grow something. >> how many do you think?
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>> 700. 700, about. >> are you an miss tatin tating -- anticipating walking over and reoccupying the plaza? >> i believe that will happen, yes. >> the police cordoned off the area, we were just by there. there are barricades around the plaza and said they'll keep people out. speaking with organizers about whether or not they intended to try to retake the plaza, one of the fellows we've been talking to said he didn't believe this would be possible because of the presence that they are thinking maybe in a couple days if the police left then, protestors would retake it. that is what happened last time. we think that that will be the scenario today but are standing skbi will let you know. >> occupiers in justin herman
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plaza are waiting to see if they'll be the next to be evicted. the ep campment expanded to another block of market street. abc 7's vic lee is live for us. vic? >> well, there are now tents on this part behind me. take a look. that happened this weekend. police posted new notices telling protestors they can't block sidewalk but tents are still there. the question is will the city take action? >> protestors watched and officers began stacking barricades this afternoon. those at occupy sf know that what happened in oakland can occur here. on october 16th in the middle of the night, police raided the camp ask tore down tents arks resting dozens of people. they have been meeting to discuss strategy in the event that it happens again. >> we have a live stream?
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what kind of review? are we sitting down? chain link something. >> many counting on elected representatives to come to their aid. the supervisor co-auj yord a resolution calling for the city to support occupy. >> and we want to make sure we dislodge the occupation. >> so far, there have been two meetings with representatives of the movement. occupiers tell us dialogue has been crucial in avoiding confrontation. >> our tie was the community and police and the new mayor, ed lee. >> the major obstacle are the talks. the mayor says they must come down, making it worse this, weekend protestors occupied yet another block of market. one across the street from the federal reserve building where they've been camped out since the beginning. >> due to more people coming in to camp on a daily basis, we're forced to make an emergency move up market. and we did so the mayor is
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concerned about that. >> protestors say new arriveals are not apparently from across the bay. >> we had some people from oakland coming over but not a huge portion. >> and there is another meeting scheduled on wednesday, and that will be the third meeting since occupation. the big concern as i said is still the tents and what police say is rising crime in the encampment. just about an hour ago, we watched and police responded to a fight in the middle of the camp. they say about 30 people were involved and the protestors refused police help said they can take care of it them selfs and the police left. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. and of course we're going to keep following this story throughout the newscast. if protestors march from the main library to the plaza. you can also watch at abc 7 and there is lividdo from sky 7 hd.
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>> we're, let's see. we're, caltrans, receipt me move on to this story. apologize for my confusion tlchl the new bay bridge, caltrans maintains it's safe and despite the firing two of employees over problem was safety testing. and dwyane wild tested bridge foundations. his supervisor was brian leeb idge. caltrans says they lost their jobs related to other projects. the probe revealed three falsifications and numerous errors. wilds worked on a new bay bridge's main to you yes, caltrans maintains it was safe because it was quote, overbuilt and due to open in 2013. >> and now, strit we lost just a moment ago. some great news for family of formerly conjoined twins separated two weeks ago in surgery in stanford.
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the family is preparing to take the 2-year-olds home later this week to san jose. it took a lengthy surge troy separate them. the hospital is holding a news conference in the next half hour. >> we're expecting to hear from doctors at 4:30. and we do know how beautiful and healthy these girls looked following surgery. that is because this video of the family, including a statement and angelina is sitting on mom's lap, an jellica, on dad's lap, big brother, vincent is in the middle there. the 2-year-old sisters born as conjoined twins, then, november 1 a skilled team at lucille packyard amoved wha what -- aqheefd mom calls a
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dream come true. >> they're doing great. they're sleeping in separate beds. eating and taking their first steps. and we're so grateful to the team. >> and now, before the surgery, girls were joined at stomach and shared a liver and diaphragm. it was a risky surgery but they each had their own heart and lungs so surgeons didn't have to deal with those challenges which are certainly more difficult. we're helping to hear from the family themselves shortly. this ta timing works we'll bring some of the news conference to you live and doctors say the girls are progressing well. and may be able to go home later this week. >> that is remarkable. thank you. >> thank you developments in
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the sexual miscondugt allegations against herman cain. today a louisiana man refuted cain's denials he never met the woman accusing him of unwanted advances. dr. zuckerman says he introduced him to cain in a conference and he later encouraged her to travel to washington, d.c. to seek cain's help in getting a job. during that meetinging he says cain made unwanted advance. >> i can confirm when she returned she was upset. and said something had happened and mr. cain touched her in an inappropriate manager. she said she handled it and didn't want to talk about it any further. >> last week, cain denied meeting her or hearing her name and denied sexual harassment claims made against him by three other women. a new poll shows cain's popularity is vippin
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vipping -- slipping. a poll shows mitt romney remains the steady front runner, newt gingrich now in second. cain dropped to 14%, 11% lower than last month. >> and let's get a check on weather. >> what is it looking like? >> the week off to a mild start. mild afternoons and chilly overnights this, evening, we'll see clear skies and early on, will be mild to cool. temperatures between 54 and 62 degrees, later tonight will turn chilly into north bay valleys, temperatures can drop into 30s by morning and there could be patchy fog as well, mostly sunny skies tomorrow morning and temperatures ranging from 38 in chilliest spots up to about 50. another mild day, sunny skies and highs from about 62 on the coast to upper 60s inland. there is more mild weather
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coming our way and i'll tell but that in my accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> coming up next, ground breaking stem cell treatment mending broken hearts. >> and the deal groupon believes is worth $5,000. >> plus, michael finney is taking your consumer questions through his facebook and twitter pages. we have links for you on abc 7
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checking healthy living news, a stem cell development to report. scientists have taken cells from a patient's heart using them to repair damaged heart tissue.
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researchers shared results of a preliminary trial on patients and doctors took some heart tissue, then cultured about two million stem cells. the cells were then injected about 100 days late yes, they found a marked improvement in the funk of heart and ability to contract. >> and there are more babies being addicted to mother's prescription pain medications. a report shows addicted newborns in the state almost quadrupled. oxycontin and vicodin are commonly abused painkillers and the problem isn't limited to florida federal authorities say it's become an epidemic in this country ai. drug-free option could help people predisposed to migraines. it's exercise and shows regular exercise does no harm or may help modest benefits. the findings suggest people who want to reduce migraine was outside affects of drugs
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could be a good alternative. >> and warren buffet couldn't hold back, investing megabucks in ibm but kindel fire gets shipped out ahead of schedule. and that is today's after the bell report. >> it's an early delivery for the kindel fire today. amazon starting shipping ahead of schedule but not lighting under fire under the ipad yet. reviews are lackluster to lukewarm, one thing everyone does agree on is that price is unbeatable, just $200 less than half of the ipad. so price may be right for millions of customers but sit right for amazon? bloomberg west discovered today even sek zpiz exchange commission would like to know and wrote a letter to amazon telling them to please explain significance of the rev zmuz gross profits.
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amazon been put on notice to notify when the gross profits reach 5%. ama son does not release sales numbers for kindel. that is why there are many questions about it wech know is that amazon is betting big on this one. you may recall kindel fire is so cheap amazon is selling it at a loss. and big blue has a new big investor. warren above yai. cording to filings, purchased $10 kbrinl worth of ibm shark. and also bought about00 million worth of intel. for freers -- years warren buffet said he's not a tech investor but ora cell of om what has been known to invest in companies which have been around for a chill. and shares have been trading near record highs lately. and as for the broader market, stocks taking a turn down today.
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and again, it's relate back to problems in europe. your bloomberg index down lightly as well. google posting gains today. and shares of groupon were down today as well. continuing their slide since initial pop right after the ipo. the stock off about 8% since launching and many are getting antsy to bet against it. but they can't because there is deskmand fees so high. and groupon is unveiling deals tomorrow, just in time for the holiday season. these are larger scale deals on specific experiences. and is giving access to the ellen degenerous v.i.p. show for $5,000. that is scheduled to go life tomorrow night. >> and if you'd like this day
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there more of the nice mild weather. >> a downward turn but we can expect chilly weather coming our way. there is a live view right now coming from sutro camera looking northward. golden gate is in view. there are clear skies and mild conditions as we have had all day, all around the bay area, there has been a lovely day, more lovely days coming our way. let's take a look and you can see we had sunny skies and this afternoon, and we're looking at readings into 60s so it's mild around the bay area, cooling down just a little bit near the coast. san francisco, 59 degrees. and these are the highlights, some patchy valley fog overnight. and there is colder with showers by week's end. tonight looking for lows drping down to about 40 in napa.
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and upper 30s in some other locations in the north bay valleys, mainly 40s over remainder of the bay area z lows only 51 in san francisco. take a look. you can see what is coming our way. there is a high pressure going to hold to bring us two more sunny skies and mild days, then, a sharp change and it comes down into the area with clouds and rain so things going to be different from weather. tomorrow, sunny in the south bay. highs into mid-60s. and similar picture on the peninsula, mid-60s, upper 50s on the coast. and there is 60 degrees in the sunset district. and nice, mild and there is 68 in santa rosa. near east bay highs, mid-60s. there is highs into mid-60s as
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well up to about 67. and mid-60s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. start to see temperatures dropping off a couple degrees thursday but there is a sharp drop friday, highs only into upper 50s, and there is a chance of showers and ongoing rain and showers through the weekend. and temperatures into mid-50s. and it's going to be nippy out there and brisk. >> bundle up please do. >> and hollywood is buzzing with three big movie premiers in thee day autos and tonight is the biggest yet. >> get ready tonight. twilight saga breaking down part one. fans have been camped out nearly a week waiting for this
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day. and there is a two films hitting the carpet this weekend for premiers. kermit the frog, miss piggy and the rest of the crew rolled through the carpet. >> everyone is having an amazing time. that is what mup yis are about. walking away with a smile. >> they asked to do a fozzy imperson taigs. >> and there was a return of those cute little penguins in "happy feet 2". >> when they get hot, things get tough. >> i went to sea world a number of years ago and got to spend time with pengiuns. >> behind the scenes? >> yeah that. was very cool. >> it splashes into theaters friday. for more movie new goes to >> and next at 4:00 your old ipod could be worth a new one.
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the recall. >> and later at 4:30 nba players making a move making a possibility of a season more unlikely than ever. then at 5:00 wring bring your own bag shopper warning in one city considering an expansion of the bag program.
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anything else, hon? hon? do you call everyone hon? no. i'm sweetie. precious. sugar britches. whoever you are, get a whole dinner and a drink for just $8 with the $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu.
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only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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apple with another recall, you can get a new one for free. apple's web site states in rare cases battery may overheat and pose a risk. those they were sold independent 2005 and in 2006 saying it has praise traised the problem that worsens as batteries age. just find out if it's part of the recall just go to our web site. >> and right now we want to show you hilarious you tube video goesing viral this afternoon. first is from a canadian ad agency. >> everything moving towards it and agency that's don't realize that get left behind. >> the agency called john's street released this spoof of the video. the agency does specialize in out of the box approaches, this is a joke. >> i think sometimes you're going to run out of material
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with cats but you never do. you come in monday and go, oh, my god, trombone cat. >> video is so well done, a lot of people think it might be real. and we spoke with the producer of the video told us that is the point. >> and there is this. the baby comforted by gangster rap. her father realized listening to notorious b.i.g.stopped her from crying. >> her dad says he tried other music but nothing except biggie works. he says he's glad baby rachel can't understand the learics. >> that is how she's learning to talk, oh, boy. >> or at least stop crying. >> there is more head, still to come, another live update on the occupy wall street march happening in downtown oakland. >> sky 7 hd is above for us
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and just hours after police cleared out the encampment. >> and live at uc berkeley, cal students gegt ready for a walk out tomorrow. i'll tell you how the university is responding. >> from east bay hills, we have a continueation of the pattern. the accu-weather forecast is coming up.
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we begin live over oakland's main library. you can see hundreds of people gathered there preparing to march to city hall. some plan to reoccupy frank ogowa plaza. >> police made 32 arrests and it was peaceful, demonstrators knew police were coming and everything was committed to keeping things calm. >> and police say they are welcome to protest as long as they don't camp there. >> this looks like the crowd is between 300 and 500. and you can notice a better look at it. now, the debate is over what tactics should be used on the
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agenda for this afternoon. some people talking about occupying snow park. others saying they need to march back to frank ogowa plaza and that it was a base camp and they need to reoccupy that plaza. and with police have set up barricades around the plaza it seems unlikely they'd be able to crash those when we went by earlier. and police and barricades were in control of the plaza and that there is some debate. you can see the crowd behind me, we expect thil be here the next 30 minutes or so. and there is some talk about going to the plaza we'll let you know when they're on the move. >> mark, thank you very much. the mayor of portland oregon
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tweeted the movement needs to quote, refocus after police protested from three parks in the city and arrested more than 50 people and moved in yesterday afternoon. and the mayor sam adams ordered camps cleared citing unhealthy conditions and saying they'd become a hot bed of drug use. protestors burned an american flag in denver after police cleared an occupy camp from a downtown park. officer as rested four people after taking 17 people into custody saturday. and a denver police officer and a colorado state trooper suffered minor cuts during a shoving match. >> occupy demonstrators at uc berkeley getting ready for a major demonstration tomorrow, planning a general strike similar to one held this month in oakland. and that story for us is leanne. >> and we have this walk out following reaction from police
4:33 pm
and university after the occupy cal demonstration wednesday and thursday morning. now, some video we're going to show you here is of course, you tube and ours. after police asked the protestors to disperse, they went into this -- to dismantle the tents and began arresting students. at times, they used force smrks say, unnecessary and excessive force. a lawsuit will be filed on behalf of 14 people and this ors is asking others to join in the civil suit. >> they should never, ever have happened. well will not stand for brutality against student protestors fighting part of the occupy movement or right to public education and integration. >> now, today, in a leter to students uc berkeley chancellor responded by saying
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we believe we can best move forward by granting amnesty to all students who were arrested and cited for attempting to block police. the chancellor has asked a professor who happens to be the chairman of the police review board to look into the matter to see if there was unnecessary and excessive force z today, the uc regents decided to cancel their meeting supposed to happen on wednesday and thursday. after the authorities told them that there was a possibility of significant violence and perhaps vandalism. again, to talk a little bit more about walkouts of the university told me today that they will not speculate how many classes will be interrupted tomorrow. and i'm live at uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> and there is let's go live
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to stanford hospital where surgeons are up indicating us on progress of two conjoined twins. there, you can see the 2-year-old girls. they were separated just weeks ago, preparing to go home this week. >> and they're doing beautifully. the 2-year-olds are going home soon. >> it's hard to, you know, it's hard to see them like this. but, i -- for every day passed, i think that god is going keep this for me. if we will not do this so god has a purpose for everything. i thank god now because there are no many -- my twins are
4:36 pm
separated now. and i thank god. thank our medical team. thank you. >> and this has been a long, tough journey to have the girls joined and then seeing them separated and doing well. and there is a very emotional mom talking about how grateful she is to stanford. >> locked out. nba players move to disband their union after rejecting a contract offer making it more unlikely that they'll take to courts this season. kobe bryant and several other players met today. the players union says disbanding is the first step. the union plans to file an antitrust suit. the commissioner warned decertifying is not a winning strategy. the league has cancelled games through mid december. >> and supreme court is going to take up one of the
4:37 pm
president's biggest initial tiffs ahead. >> also, portugal's president comes to the bay area to get help dealing with a debt crisis. a solution is in silicon valley's best interests. >> and michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here later on. we'll have links for you on abc 7 news >> there is a quick look at air travel. flights arriving on time. and western states and mid west. and despite line of thunderstorms reaching from st. louis northeast ward, and only major airport reporting delays is la guardia airport. 15-30 minute delays. we'll take a look at the mild november weather here in just a moment. and abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... no exclusions.
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we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. the supreme court will decide if the president's health care overshaul constitutional announcing this morning they've agreed to hear argue numts in this case and could come in march with a possible decision in june. courts have been split on whether the plan violates the constitution. the white house says it's confident the law will be upheld. 27 countries are facing a growing economic crisis. the president of portugal is asking for help. and david louie explains why the u.s. economy depends on the way europe handles it's debt problems and he joins us
4:41 pm
now. david? >> economic storm clouds are are hovering over europe. portugal's president has been in the u.s. since last week trying to drum up trades. now, he accepted an invitation to speak at stanford's graduate school of business. it's a crisis led to cut backs and debt restructuring and now, political turmoil with resignation of it tall yes's prime minister. -- italy's prime minister on saturday. >> affecting negly, duel economic recovery because of the interdependencies among countries. economic rocks. the financial systems are no well integrated. >> there is an amount of force rendering european union apart over this issue of how to get out of the crisis. it's not one country or another. the fabric of the european
4:42 pm
union. >> portugal has received a $110 billion bailout. and besides cuts in spending it's seeking to boost exports to the u.s.. the portuguese president is keen on tie was stanford to foster entrepreneurship in his country. and portugal imports more than it exports, largest are machinery, tools and vehicles and related materials. now, european economic crisis is a major concern for the u.s. economy. and companies such as apple and large corporations do a sizeable amount of sales in the european union countries. a deepening recession there means it will be harder to recover from problems. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead this afternoon, san francisco city officials say it's time to stop use prog ducts like these to get rid of rodents.
4:43 pm
methods they're recommending, next. also on the way. >> how do you feel? >> good. >> is it pain snfl hard? >> difficult. >> and an abc news exclusive, interview with congress woman [ male announcer ] steak & lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh cut tri-tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail... just $15.99. sizzler.
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this is a live picture from sky 7 hd of many people at 14th and madison at main downtown library in oakland. these are protestors and they're both down at the movement talking about marching to city hall and frank ogowa plaza and cleared out by police this morning or whether marching to snow park at lake merit. and we're going to give you updates throughout the broadcast. >> and there is officials urging residents to stop using rat and mouse poison, owe worried about the pellets, officials say they don't just present a danger to kids and pets but also, to birds that eat poisoned rodents. epa has been trying to ban them three year autos these bait products require only a
4:47 pm
single bite to kill a rodent, older variety had a built in safety factor because they required multiple feedings. >> city officials urging businesses to stop selling rat poison. several have agreed including wall greens. vurnlists say mouse traps are the most eco friendly way to get rid of mice and rats. >> congress woman gabrielle giffords is sharing her story of survival and recovery. and this is her stirring a -- during long months of rehabilitation from her injuries. her husband was by her side as she learned to walk, and talk again, kelly says he never doubted his wife's determination. and she tells diane sawyer she feels the same way about him. >> the first word you think
4:48 pm
of? >> brave. brave. >> thank you. >> brave. >> what that is what i think of when you think of you, too. >> thank you. >> tough. >> tough. >> what a journey it's been. you can watch more of the interview on world news at 5:30 and in an abc news special airing tonight at 10:00. >> and coming up next at 4:00 a divorced judge orders a couple to swap internet pass words. >> looks like they never forget how to help out. putting muscle into flooding clean up in southeast asia. >> kindel is awaited and went on sale today but there are things you'll want to know before buying one. i'll have that and answers to your twitter and facebook questions, next. >> and later on abc 7 news at 5:00 illegal stash a man drove around with for more than a year before finding out why he
4:49 pm
couldn't roll down hoiz window. we'll explain.
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michael finney is here now and ready to answer questions he's been posting to facebook and twitter account. >> viewer has a parking issue. don't we all? >> pretty must have. yes. william asks by way of facebook can a city give you a parking ticket for street sweeping if you haven't seen evidence of street sweeping for a year? bad news for you. yes. they can. and if it is there, monday, wednesday, friday, you've got to be out of there by 58 a.m. to give them a chance to sweep. and by law that, time span go as way. if they sweep at 8:15 and you're behind them at 8:20, fine.
4:53 pm
they're not allowed to ticket you. if they do, you can fight it and win. and there is i thought i'd let you know about a hot item, tablets. and i've been able to verify a couple of them. toys are us will be selling a an droid tablet for $74.99, staples has a limited quantity of 16 giga bite black berry play book tablets for $199.99 that, is $300 off. and amazon's new tab blet computer goes on sale today. and korts take a looking to see what it has to offer and used the new kindel fire to
4:54 pm
down lead lood and stream movies and testers say the display look goods and does have more trouble with glare an thorj tablets. it's responsive, however did mistake a touch per move, which may take getting used to. >> this looks like a fine performer and at $200 costs less than $500 and up you'll pay for ipad. >> so it does have limitations and there is no camera and there is less storage. and just seven inches, and it does make it easy to carry around. >> yes. and for that price? great. >> good deal. >> let's get a last check of the forecast now. >> there is this is a time lapse view from south beach camera looking eastward across
4:55 pm
the bay. scattered clouds and lots of blue skies. sunny, mild, high temperatures into 60s, tochl, state wide we'll see a pattern similar to what we have here in the bay area. there is a remainder of the state, mainly sunny and dry. tahoe, yosemite, highs into mid to upper 50s under mainly sunny skies. south, milder in palm springs. san diego, 67. los angeles, 66. big sur, 66. back to the bay area, another day like today, perhaps milder in spots. there are highs into mid to upper 60s inland locations. santa rosa a high of 68. napa, 67. mid 60s in other locations. mid-60s inland east bay. 66 in livermore and concord. there is 65 at palo alto z in
4:56 pm
half moon bay, 60 degrees. the coast will be mild tomorrow. similar readings from monterey bay, we'll see low to mid-60s. inland mid to upper 60s, tomorrow looking lovely. sandhya will be here at 5:00 with an extended look at 9 forecast. >> thank you. >> and too thailand now. mighty elephant is lending muscle to clean up efforts there. and you can see they're clearing away fallen trees. it's been a big draw for visitors. elephants once helped build thailand. and seeing them clearing out flood debris offers promise of renewal. an unmanned space probe launch failed to launch and now is lost in space. it should be on a three-year mission to mars but they lost
4:57 pm
communication with the probe. it's on a collision course with earth. no one knows when and where it will crash back here. ut comes as a first american to launch into space lifted off today aboard a russian rocket. and before taking off, he said he wasn't worried. >> a lot of very, very difficult and diligent work was done to verify that the rocket is good. and i'm not nervous about it. >> the price tag for his seat and $56 million. >> and divorce proceedings can get messy but there is a unusual twist to a judge in connecticut. a judge ordered a cup dwrol swap their pass words and prohibited parties from visiting or posting on the he page of the other. one spouse wanted to use
4:58 pm
postings of the other as evidence. the couple is now limited to 140 characters on twitter. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it on slash apb -- abc 7 news. the news at 5:00 continues right now. >> coming up, it's too late to recover lost revenue from occupy oakland movement but tonight, small businesses have their own set of demands. >> two workers in charge of safety tests on a bay bridge span are fired for shoddy work that could put drivers at risk. >> a doctor backs up herman cain harassment claims of his former girlfriend. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. the encampment is no more, but how long? >> some are vowing to retake the plaza police moved in and
4:59 pm
tore down the tents with little resistance, all that is left at this point is some dead grass. sky 7 is live over the main library. some are already regrouping tonight ahead of a march to retake the plaza. and abc 7 is live with a look at where the movement and city goes from here. >> there is a gentleman here, but things are relatively calm as they been throughout most of the day. plaza is back open. and that is what the mayor, city administrator promised and they did it. >> it was no longer about abuses of the financial system or closures or unemployed. >> after weeks of defending campers the mayor has seen enough it became a place where we had repeated violence and this week, a murder. >> this


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