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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 15, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, the accused coach at the center of the penn state sex abuse scandal breaks his silence with a bombshell. a total denial of all the charges against him. >> i say that i am innocent of those charges. >> are you a pedophile? >> no. >> what he says did happen in the school showers, as we report of ten more alleged victims emerge. the abc news exclusive. gabby giffords' first interview. what she says about returning to congress. the emotional ups and downs of her recovery, all captured on tape. mark kelly joins us live with brand new revelations. new leads in the search for baby lisa. mysterious phone calls the night she vanished may be the key to finally finding her. as her parents get ready to move
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back home today. and corporal kelsey's big night. she was the belle of the ballroom with justin timberlake. what really happened after the night ended? she is here to dish about her dream date. boy, do we have a busy, busy morning. incredibly, unbelievable developments in the penn state sex abuse scandal. we will have those in just a moment. >> i cannot believe the coach spoke out. >> and what he -- not just what he spoke out. but what he said and how he said it. also breaking overnight, police are clearing out the occupy wall street protesters. the mayor gave the order overnight. the police have moved in. dozens have been arrested. it's been a running operation here in new york. and now, protesters are gathering for a march on wall street. you see them congregating in lower manhattan. we'll have a live report on that as well. also, we're going to lighten things up in the back end of the
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show and have the legendary regis philbin join us live in our studio. we'll look forward to that. and all of the dish on "dancing with the stars." the final four went head to head last night. let's get right to penn state. jerry sandusky, the former coach accused of abusing so many boys, surprised everyone by speaking out for the first time. he admits to horsing around with kids. but denies committing any crimes. abc's jim avila has all this from state college. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. law enforcement sources confirm this morning they're working fresh, new leads, with possible new victims. this, as jerry sandusky emerges on the telephone, telling national audience that he's no pedophile. he just likes to horse around with boys in the locker room. jerry sandusky, unmonitored with no restrictions on his travel, finally surfaced, as part of an interview offensive, designed to fight the serious molestation charges against him.
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first, sandusky himself, on "rock center," talking by phone to sports reporter, bob costas. >> i say that i'm innocent of those charges. >> innocent? completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> i have horsed around with kids. i -- i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them. and i have touched their leg. without intent of sexual contact. >> reporter: a firm denial that seemed to soften when asked a critical question. >> are you a pedophile? >> no. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys? to underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted? you know, no. i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. i -- but no. i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> what are you willing to concede that you've done that
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was wrong and you wish you had not done it? >> well, in retrospect, you know, i shouldn't have showered with those kids. >> reporter: all of this appears to be a legal strategy casting sandusky as just a fun-loving sportsman, who liked to play around in the locker room. a position repeated by his attorney on cnn. >> jerry sandusky is a big overgrown kid. he's a jock. for anybody who's ever played sports, you get showers after you work out. >> reporter: but the indictment charges are much more than horsing around. on march 1, 2002, this man, graduate assistant, mike mcqueary, walked into the locker room after hours, and allegedly saw a 10-year-old boy with his hands against the wall, being raped in the shower by sandusky. >> what did happen in the shower the night that mike mcqueary happened upon you and the young boy? >> okay. we were showering. and horsing around. and he actually turned all the
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showers on and was actually sliding across the floor. and -- and we were, as i recall, possibly like snapping a towel. and horse play. >> reporter: mcqueary's on administrative leave, amid outrage he did not intervene. but sources close to the investigation tell espn mcqueary did stop what he saw happening. writing to friends and players this e-mail. i did the right thing. i didn't just turn and run. i made sure it stopped. but coach sandusky says none of that happened. and admits he doesn't have all the answers. >> it seems that if all of these accusations are false, you are the unluckiest and most persecuted man that any of us has ever heard about. >> oh. i don't know what you want me to say. i don't think these have been the best days of my life. >> reporter: in the end, sandusky says he hopes the public will hold on and not
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judge him until he gets his day in court. robin? >> all right, jim. thank you. lots of developments in the story. let's bring in our legal analyst, dan abrams. i don't even know where to start. >> i don't know what he was doing doing this interview. i was torn thinking, how could it hurt him? and i listened to the interview, i had my answer. i watched the interview and i thought to myself, that's how it hurts him. he pauses on answers whether he's sexually attracted to young boys. i would hope that he insisted on doing this interview and that his lawyer didn't say to him, hey, i think this is a good idea. >> why would you insist on doing this interview and then not be outraged? if you didn't -- he pauses. he hesitates. he admits to showering with young boys? >> this is not helpful to him at all. the people probably most pleased about this are the penn state officials that finally get a reprieve or sorts of the attention being focused on them all the time about now
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reporting. now, from the public perception point of view, there's someone else to focus on. but i can't give an explanation why he would have done this. and certainly why his lawyer would have allowed him to do it. >> the lawyer was on, talking, as well. >> that's right. and look, that's a slightly different issue. his lawyer, though, is making the point that you need to evaluate each of the allegations separately. and once you do, you will see they are false. the problem is, when you look at them together, they are so consistent. the type of grooming. the type of activity. et cetera. so, while his lawyer would love for the public and this is what they'll do if this goes to trial. and say you need to evaluate each and every one of these individually. that's true. when you look at them together, it's very difficult to explain why, to a grand jury, in private, each and every one of the instances seems so consistent. >> and it's not just these young victims. and bless them for coming forward. you have an adult. you have an assistant coach who said he saw him in the shower. >> and you have the janitor and the wrestling coach. you have others who saw things that were, at the very least,
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inappropriate. he had a lot of problems here. i don't know how going public helped his case. >> all right, dan. thank you very much. we go to josh elliott for other stories that are developing right now. josh? >> all right, robin. we begin with the break news right here in new york city. police in riot gear, sweeping and raiding the occupy wall street camps. forcing the protesters from the park where they have been for two months now. city-wide, 18 on people have been arrested. a court order will allow them to return with their tents. the city will have to fight back in court. dan harris is in lower manhattan this morning. dan, good morning to you. >> reporter: josh, good morning to you. a wild night in lower manhattan. around 1:00 in the morning, riot police swooped in. started pushing out the protesters. some of them resisted. chaining themselves together. chaining themselves to trees. around 70 people were arrested. police have been under increasing pressure to crack down on this because of noise, health concerns as well. once the protesters were out, the sanitation crews moved in.
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hosing down the park, tearing down the tents. throwing away people's belongings. we are several blocks north where several hundred protesters have gathered. they're working on their next move. they're allowed back in the park. but they're not allowed to sleep there anymore. they insist they're not giving up. josh, back to you. >> dan harris, covering it all morning long. thank you, dan. meanwhile, some exciting medical news this morning. it's being called the biggest breakthrough in a generation. doctors have used the stem cells of heart attack patients to reverse the damage done to their hearts. the doctors extracted cardiac stem cells, grew them in a lab and then injected them back into the damages hearts where they then appeared to regenerate muscle. one year later, one man's heart could pump 60% more blood. and a potential risk for thousands of chevy, pontiac and saturn drivers. federal investigators are looking into a gear shift problem first found in the 2007 and 2008 saturn auras. they appeared to be in park when
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they were actually in drive. certain chevy malibus and pontiac g6s could also be affected. this morning, instead of taking the court, nba players and that man, kobe bryant, suing the league in hopes of getting a new labor deal and ending the lockout. this court battle may jeopardize the entire season. the commissioner, david stern, telling espn that the league could be entering a nuclear winter. >> is there any way to salvage the season? >> right now, david stern said yesterday, perhaps in the next 30 days. but these two sides are about as polarized as they've been. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. form you are -- former house speaker newt gingrich is coming in at the expense of herman cain in the polls, herman cain is
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plunging. john berman has more of an inpredictable turn in the gop race. >> reporter: just when you think you've seen the last epic videos of this campaign. herman cain is taking his turn on the highlight or lowlight reels. it could not come at a worse time for him. it's what some have called the dawn of the age of newt. herman cain is known for his way with words. >> hello. hello. >> reporter: but when faced with questions about libya, from "the milwaukee journal sentinel" -- >> okay, libya. >> reporter: he seems to have lost his way. was he tired? >> um -- no. that's -- that's a different one. >> reporter: overloaded? >> got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> reporter: cain later tried to downplay the libya word lag. >> it's really complimentary
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when people start documenting my pauses. >> reporter: his campaign says he was going on just four hours' sleep. one thing that might be keeping him awake, a man has now come forward corroborating the claims of one of the women who says she was sexually harassed by cain. >> she said that something had happened. and that mr. cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner. >> reporter: in a new abc news/"washington post" poll, more voters say they believe his accusers than believe cain by an 11-point margin. and in a different, new poll, cain has slipped to third place, behind a surging newt gingrich. >> this is a wild race. >> reporter: a block of republican voters seem to be involved in something like an -- anyone but mitt romney round of speed dating. bachelor number one, rick perry. who topped romney in the polls in september. next up, herman cain, mr. october. but now, november belongs to newt. >> newt gingrich, i think has the capacity to have a staying power unlike the others in this race because of his experience at the national level. >> reporter: now, the latest
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poll out of iowa shows a four-way tie there. with mitt romney, herman cain, newt gingrich and ron paul. so, robin, maybe this game of speed dating will go on for some time. >> stay tuned, right, john? >> absolutely. let's get to george. we're honored to have our next guest in the studio. >> that's right. space shuttle commander mark kelly, the husband of gabby giffords. last night, millions tuned into abc news to see the congresswoman talk to diane sawyer about the mountain she's climbed in ten months ago, a crazed gunman shot her point-plank in the brain. today, they are releasing their book, "gabby, a story of courage and hope." he's here live in the studio. but first, take a look at the story of a woman who refuses to give up and the man who loves her. >> do you think to yourself, i'll go back to congress if i get better? >> yes, yes, yes. >> and that's where you are right now? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: taking us inside gabby's struggle for recovery, commander kelly recorded dozens of hours of home video. sharing the rollercoaster of
7:14 am
such hard, exhausting work, rebooting her brain to think. >> spoon. >> watch me, gabby. >> spoon. >> reporter: to walk and talk again. ♪ good morning, gabby ♪ gabby, how do you do >> just like that. >> reporter: music has been a medical instrument, with astonishing results. words are returning. ♪ girls just wanna have fun fun, wanna have fun, girls ♪ >> reporter: there's been joy. but deep sadness, too. >> boo hoo. boo hoo. >> reporter: heartbreaking sadness. gabby's getting stronger every day and facing the future. even singing about it. ♪ tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow you're always a day away ♪ >> yes. >> great job.
7:15 am
and that proud husband, shuttle commander, mark kelly, joins us now. i loved watching you watch those tapes. what did gabby say last night after she saw them? >> she loved it. i was here in new york. but my 16-year-old daughter, claudia, was watching with her. and said she had a smile on her face the whole time. she really enjoyed it. i spoke to her afterwards. she was pretty excited. >> how is she doing now? >> really well. she is improving. every week. she got back from two weeks in north carolina. with nancy, who was shown last night in the interview. and she is doing really well. >> and you pointed out in the book, she's in the top 1% of all people recovering from injuries like this. so, what is the next milestone? >> well, for her, it's, you know, just stringing those sentences together. and that's starting to happen. being able to say, you know, complete sentence followed by another one. we didn't see that so much on the tape last night. but in the last month, that's starting to kick in some more. and she continues to improve.
7:16 am
>> so speaking paragraphs, sentences? paragraphs? >> small paragraphs. stringing a couple of sentences together all the time. we're seeing improvement all the time. it's great to see. >> that's great news. and we saw her tell diane she's focusing on getting better. and if she does, she may run next year? >> yes. absolutely. she would like to run. she hasn't made the decision yet. she has some time. she's got to do this on her own schedule and decide in her own way. >> and you told her, she'll know when it's right. >> she'll know. she'll know. she's getting there. you know, it all looks really positive. so, we're excited about that. >> meanwhile, her friends and supporters, raising money, laying the groundwork for when she makes the decision. >> she spends every day in rehab, eight hours a day. and so, we've got to proceed like she's going to take the step and run this next term. so, she's getting some help from some very generous members of congress and her staff.
7:17 am
it's all -- it's working really well. >> that's everyone's hope. but if she can't and she asks you to run in her place, would you do it? >> i don't think so. >> no? >> no. you know, i want her to get better. my job is to make sure that she can recover so she can go back to her career, serving her constituents in southern arizona. so, i'm working every day towards that goal. >> we saw that amazing moment in august, when the congresswoman came to the house floor to vote on that debt ceiling. there's a chance there's going to be another major vote like that coming up in december. do you imagine she can vote again? >> she pays attention to what's going on. she reads "the new york times" and the arizona papers every day. and if we got into that kind of a situation, you know, she'll make the decision. i wouldn't rule that out. >> one of the most affecting things you write and talk about, is that moment when you were reading to gabby, reading the paper about the incident. and you skipped over the paragraph of those that died.
7:18 am
and she caught you. >> yeah. i thought i was pretty slick about it. i saw it coming up. and i thought i could seamlessly skip over what was in the paper. and she immediately caught me. at the time, we had no idea how well she could read. she had vision issues. which are improving as well. and she basically busted me. >> and you had to do it. >> oh, yeah. i told her, if you have any question at all, i mean, we're not going to lie to you. we're not going to keep information from you that you're asking for. there was something to be said about not telling her everything, which is what her doctors recommended. >> and one thing you wondered about is whether you'll have to talk to her about feelings she might have about feeling responsible for all of this. >> i talked to her a little bit about it. not so much in depth yet. but i feel i need to start bringing that up a little bit more. and i'm going to do that. >> commander kelly, thank you very much. the book is called "gabby, a story of courage and hope."
7:19 am
thank you for coming. give our best to the congresswoman. >> thank you. sam, what do you have for the weather? >> that's the morning inspiration right there. let's get to the boards. 81 reports of severe weather yesterday. from corpus christi, to san antonio, houston, new orleans and jackson. they're likely to see some storms. one confirmed tornado yesterday. there could be another one during the day today. big warmth records from new orleans to montpelier, vermont.
7:20 am
>> really soupy fog this morning from south georgia all the way through to central florida. >> thank you. coming up, the new twist in the search for baby lisa. could a mysterious phone call finally cracks the case. and why her parents are finally ready to move back home. plus, why miley cyrus is under attack online. now, she is fighting back. she has a friend helping her, too. and she danced the night away with superstar justin timberlake. but what was her dream date really like? corporal kelsey will join us
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. good morning. limited amount of fog still hanging around san francisco half mile visibility in napa where temperature is 37 now same in santa rosa and novato rest of us 40s to near 50 san francisco total sunshine this afternoon mid to upper 60s these temperatures will hang on through at leasttttttttt
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♪ there they are, the corporal and the superstar. justin timberlake's date for the marine corps ball. she will join us live with the details on her big night out. cannot wait to talk to kelsey desantis just ahead. >> i love looking at the pictures. we're going to talk to her live. also, miley's fight. why she is getting criticized for putting on a little weight. and miley cyrus is now blasting back against her critics. her tough talk and what she wants her fans to know. live action this morning. including tv legend regis philbin. he's going to take over times square this morning. we're celebrating 28 unforgettable years with him. he's going to join us live. donny osmond will be here, too, to talk about "dancing with the stars." >> we can't wait for all of that. right now, we get to the twist on the search for baby irwin.
7:31 am
a major move for her parents this day. and details on a mysterious phone call on the night the baby disappeared. matt gutman is back in kansas city with the latest for us again. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we've learned exclusively that in the next few hours baby lisa's family, in virtual hiding for the last month, will move back into the house where the 11-month-old went hiding. this, as new details emerge of a mysterious person who may hold the secret to finding baby lisa. it lasted less than that minute. it could be one of the most promising leads the investigators have had in weeks. >> everybody wants to know about a 50-second phone call. >> reporter: a new witness, who asked now to be identified, with new information about a mysterious telephone call the night baby lisa went missing. it came in just before midnight the cell phone deborah bradley claims was stolen from her house that night. >> it hinges on who made the call and why. >> reporter: police don't know who placed the call.
7:32 am
but they know it came to this woman's phone. megan wright. they confiscated her cell and questioned her several times. in october, she told "gma," she never took that call. when she got her phone back the next morning, the call log had been deleted. >> i don't know who answered or what was said or who was on the other end of the phone. >> reporter: now, this man is claiming to know who did answer that call. a drifter named dane. >> every time i was up, i saw him on the phone, hunched in the corner. being very secretive. >> reporter: the man also seemed dane seemed agitated that night. and had a history of drug abuse and easy access to guns. >> i would say dane did not do anything to that baby. but as for him covering up something for a friend, that's a whole different story. >> reporter: the family's attorney says the new lead supports his client's innocence. a suspicious drifter. call placed after deborah bradley went to sleep. >> this is hopefully going to give them some answers and put to rest the notion that deborah had anything to do with lisa's disappearance. that phone number that was
7:33 am
dialed from deborah's cell phone that night was never dialed from deb's cell phone before. and we firmly believe that the person who had that cell phone also had lisa. >> reporter: but so far, police say this is just 1 of more than 1,000 tips they've been chasing, telling abc news, they want to talk to dane. but that he's not a suspect. and that so far, his significance in this case is minimal. now, robin, as the family prepares to move back in, hoping for some semblance of normalcy, police continue to insist that the person they want to talk to the most is baby lisa's mother. she hasn't spoken to police in other a month, in an unrestricted interview. >> going back and forth with that. matt, thank you. >> okay, robin, thank you. now, to miley cyrus, taking to twitter to take on critics of her new curves. now, she has another teen star, demi lovato, joining the fight, with a powerful message for their young fans. abc's andrea canning has the story. ♪ put my hands up >> reporter: miley cyrus has shown off her body in music videos.
7:34 am
♪ nodding my head like yeah >> reporter: and racy photos. but lately, she's been on a weight rollercoaster. this was her in february. then, august. and now. her fuller figure has some saying she's lost control of her body. miley fired back at her critics over the weekend, posting a photo of an emaciated woman, alongside a tweet to her 3.5 million followers. by calling girls like me fat, this is what you're doing to other people. adding, i love myself. and if you could say the same, you wouldn't be sitting on your computer trying to hurt others. miley is taking a stand against a barrage of weight jokes and videos like this one, posted on youtube, entitled miley cyrus' 213 pounds. she went on to tweet this photo of marilyn monroe, with the caption, proof you can be adored by thousands of men, even when your thighs touch. her bff, demi lovato, came to
7:35 am
her defense, saying, amen. after being released from rehab earlier this year, she opened up about her eating disorder to our robin roberts. >> i became very depressed. and my only way of really coping with it was through my eating disorder. so, i just stopped eating. >> reporter: miley responded to demi's tweet responding, i will destroy anyone who calls you the f-word. you have the sexiest, curvy body. one person not criticizing miley's eating habits, her boyfriend, liam hemsworth. star of the fittingly titled reques "hunger games." he said, when she's biting into a steak sandwich and there's some steak sauce dripping down her chin, there is nothing sexier than that. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> go, liam. >> that's right. that is -- you are supporting everything that miley is saying. >> number one, steak sauce is
7:36 am
se sexy. and number two, miley sounds perfectly healthy and great on the tweets. amen. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you. let's deal with a couple of fronts. it's showery towards the mid-atlantic and new england today. but the cold front with the much colder air and all of the rain waits another 24 hours. here's where the rain is today. it's tennessee, on into arkansas, as well. memphis, you're going to get drenched today if you look at the board. in comes the arctic blast. 60 today in new york. but 40s on thursday. so get ready for it. this is the coldest blast yet. the 30s in chicago by thursday. the 50s in dallas by thursday. atlanta, you're in the 50s, as well, by thursday. if you're warm today stepping >> and all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers. george? robin?
7:37 am
>> you have a little steak sauce. >> a little steak sauce. >> you've never looked sexier. coming up, what happened when corporal kelsey danced the night away with justin timberlake? she's going to be here live to tell us all about it. did she get a good night kiss? >> there she is. she's got a big smile. unpack th. ♪ it doesn't matter where we are. when i'm here... i'm home. [ male announcer ] surround her with the strength of your love. give her diamonds in a design that captures the comfort found in each other's arms. the love's embrace collection. one more reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. there's no place like home. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. we're back at 7:40. now, to more on that fairytale night out for a lucky marine. you know what? the superstar was lucky. corporal kelsey de santis danced the night away at the marine corps ball in richmond,
7:41 am
virginia, with justin timberlake. we're going to talk to her live in just a moment. but first, more on that magical evening out. ♪ don't be so quick to walk away ♪ ♪ come on, dance with me >> reporter: dancing the night away with justin timberlake. that's what corporal kelsey de santis hoped for when she invited justin to the ball in this youtube video last summer. >> justin, come to the marine corps ball with me. >> reporter: and to her delight, he accepted her invitation. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back >> reporter: released on corporal desantis' blog overnight, new pictures of her having fun with j.t. nervous at first, she said justin put her at ease, and she wrote, right off the bat, i was greeted with a huge smile. and while bringing a megastar to the dance certainly impressed her fellow marines, it was kelsey and her friends that left a huge impression on j.t. on his blog, he called them heroes. and wrote, quote, i laughed and laughed with all of them almost immediately and felt very close
7:42 am
to them. they reminded me of my friends -- cool, unaffected and real. this was going to be a fun night. two of them toasting to a night neither one will soon forget. not for a long time. joining us now is kelsey de santis. and first of all, thank you for your service. and you looked beautiful on saturday. were you nervous at all? >> thank you. good morning. >> good morning. >> nervous, i didn't know what to expect really. i was super, super excited. all my good friends were there. and i was ready to get it on. >> so, did you bring it? you were ready to get it on. did you bring it on the dance floor? >> no. i'm quite a jokester. i didn't bring it on the dance floor. we did have one dance. it was our entire group that kind of went out there and had a good time. >> it looked like, corporal, that you had a good time. we saw pictures of you getting ready. i think the anticipation sometimes is just as great as the actual night. what was your favorite part of
7:43 am
the whole night? >> there were so many favorite parts. honestly, i'd have to say as soon as the ceremony ended, not only just the look on his face, but also the look on everyone else's face, and the feeling in the entire room. >> you would have a lot of people coming up to your table, i would imagine. you were probably a very popular couple at the ball, weren't you? >> i would say so. but it was a great time. he had a smile on his face the entire time. and taking pictures with people. we were talking and shaking hands. it was great. >> it must mean something to you the fact that justin, on his blog, he said that he was the one that was honored. thanking you for your service. and everyone making a big deal like, oh, you're so lucky. but he was the one who felt so lucky. how did that make you feel? >> honestly, that makes me feel completely honored because there
7:44 am
was a lot of marines that i serve with there in the room that are my heroes. and what we watched meant a lot to me. it was a complete honor to share that with someone who is so selfless. it was a great thing. >> i know you say you had a lot of favorite parts. but what are you going to remember? what is going to be your lasting memory of that night? >> lasting memory? i would have to say, right after the ceremony, the look on his face, we kind of locked eyes. it was -- we were both grateful for the things that our country stands for and -- just everything that -- that our military has done for us in the marines and everything like that. >> oh, my goodness. you just gave me chills. just thinking about that and that you all felt that way. all the women here are begging me to ask -- and even george is
7:45 am
saying -- did you get a goodnight kiss? come on, the night is over. dish, tell us. what happened? >> as we said our good-byes, it was me and our entire group. and he was a complete gentleman. and we just all gave hugs and parted our ways. it was more of a group thing than an actual date. so -- i'm sorry -- >> i'm sure that's not taken out of context. >> won't take it out of context. it's a group thing. really, thank you, thank you again, primarily for your service, and that of all of your classmates and everyone else there that was there at the ball. we really appreciate it. thank you for being such a great sport. you take care. >> thank you. >> all right. and coming -- we asked people, what is your dream date? hit us on twitter. if you could ask anybody out to a ball, a dance or whatever, let us know who that would be. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and a new twist in the ballroom.
7:46 am
can j.r. overcome his injured ankle? donny osmond is here with the dish. ankle? donny osmond is here with the dish. this year we all want something to believe in. like being able to shop for the gifts we want, however we want... and have them ready for pick up in 5 minutes, guaranteed. and if the gift we want isn't in store, it's shipped to us, free. only sears lets you get the gifts you want, when you want, at the prices you want. guarantees like that can make anyone a true believer. now that's real joy, guaranteed.
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7:49 am
7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> bring it on. >> here we go. katy perry, singer extraordin y extraordinary. was playing the recorder. or was trying to pretend to. it was caught on tape by one discerning fan. take a listen. there she goes. and to the recorder she goes. >> wow. >> very talented. >> very. ♪ >> wait for it. oh. >> wait a minute.
7:51 am
>> so, i can't play the flute. >> who knew? >> the discussion, flute or recorder. i had that as recorder. >> it's a recorder. >> yeah. >> i think she's faking the whole time. >> we need to put a big investigation. get brian ross on that. coming up, regis philbin, cost of thousands. ♪ crazy mad style, at super-cute prices. it's gwen stefani's harajuku mini collection. only at target. -why? -why? -why? [ female announcer ] we all age differently.
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7:56 am
today is the last day for oakland voters to return their ballots in a mail-in special election. one of the main issues measure i, $80 parcel tax. ballots need to be turned in no later than 8:00 tonight. good morning. fog is on the move. still thick in the north bay valleys for the next hour or so mid to upper 60s today through thursday cooler and wetter starting friday. hot spot south san francisco southbound 280 at hickey accident blocking left lane there. quick look at drive times as
7:57 am
you head thought morning. -- head out this morning. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ when my baby smiles at me i do the samba ♪ can't wait to samba here in times square. but last night, it was all rob kardashian. he wowed the judges. he is coming on strong. carson called it a couple weeks ago. he's going to be with us live this morning. donny osmond will be here live to tell us what's coming up. >> donny loves him. the judges love rob, as well. you know who we love? regis! he's here for a landmark week. yay. he has ruled morning tv for 28 years. you know what? they're rolling out the red carpet to mark this milestone to find out what is next for the
8:01 am
legendary regis philbin, making his way into our humble, little studio right now. the reege. >> hey! >> hey! >> the reege! >> hi. >> hi. >> good to see you. >> hi. >> i got through the gang out there. i nicknamed them the pappers a couple of years ago. the paparazzi. they made this t-shirt for me. >> that's great. >> me and the pappers like this. are we on the air? >> we're live. >> i mean, it's legends all day long here. we're also going to join robin for a really crazy tour of the house that shaq built. wait until you see what happens when robin and shaq go head to head shooting hoops inside the house. >> this is in orlando. it's 76,000 square feet.
8:02 am
7-6. 7-6. >> is he selling the house? >> in this market? no. he's going to keep it. surprised sam is still here. anyway -- i know. two years ago, i'd have the floor. hey, sam, hat's the temperature? good-bye. >> looking forward to talking with you, regis. >> i'll be here. >> that's all coming up. josh, got to start us off with some news. >> all right. and away we go. we're going to begin with a full denial this morning from former penn state assistant coach, jerry sandusky. he says he is not a pedophile and he is only, i quote, horsed around with kids, end quote. sandusky spoke, by phone, to sports reporter bob costas. >> are you sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? sexually attracted? no. i enjoy young people.
8:03 am
i -- i love to be around them. i -- i -- but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> sources confirm fresh leads in the case that as many as ten new alleged victims may have aris arisen. the president of the citadel military college admits his stool could have done more after allegations came to light at a camp in 2007. and excounselor was accused of molesting boys. but police fwere never called. he is accused of molesting five boys after he left the school. at least 180 occupy wall street protesters were arresteded overnight. some protesters used bike chains to chain themselves to trees. they're fighting for the right to be able to consider camping there. meanwhile, in politics, newt gingrich is back in the game. a bloomberg poll finds gingrich
8:04 am
in a four-way tie in the gop race in iowa, tied with herman cain, mitt romney and ron paul. herman cain is on damage control, after fumbling during an interview. struggling to answer a question about libya. meantime, the former boyfriend of one of the women accusing him of sexual harassment, says he remembers meeting cain, which would contradict what cain has previously said. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> josh, hello to everyone at "gma." and here's a question. what if you were in medical trouble and it under the out the person who comes to your rescue, it's one of your biggest heroes? in fact, it's tom brady, no less. be sure to watch what happens tonight on "world news." >> all across new england, they are gathering around the tv sets right now. >> that's true. what have you two been up to? josh is working hard. >> josh, you're the latest -- of the -- >> i am. >> where are you from? >> i'm from l.a. >> did you work out there? >> i worked for a time out there.
8:05 am
>> you were an actor or a movie star? >> whoa. >> look at him. >> wasn't he? >> he's our sports guy. >> i know he is. >> a very good sports guy. and a trojans fan, reege. >> let's not talk now. >> we can talk after the show about that. we have a special "pop news" edition. now, i see what has had kelly ripa smiling for all these years? >> she's really smiling now that i have three days left. >> let's get going. are you ready? >> go. >> good morning to you all. >> hi, everybody. >> your "pop news." we start with charlize theron. >> a beautiful blonde. what's new with her? >> she's single for the first time in 17 years. >> has she met josh? >> whoa. >> 10% right there. >> she's dating -- you may know she was dating a guy named stuart townsend for ten years. and they split.
8:06 am
she stayed with him. jumped out of the spotlight. tried to make it work. they ended up breaking up. and now, reveals to "vogue" magazine that she's had a boyfriend since she was 19. she was going from relationship to relationship. she's enjoying at 36 years old, taking a little breather. >> no reason for her to get married. is she complaining about this? >> no. she's liking how it feels. josh? >> okay. and i support that, completely, charlize. stay single. >> yes. okay. so, she has a new movie coming out, everybody. it's getting great buzz. >> this is your buddy you're talking about next. that story is about my girl, my friend. at 51 years old, kathy griffin, she is a bit of an exhibitionist. she knows she has a rocking bikini bod and is not afraid to show it. especially for a good cause. near and dear to her heart. kind of like "modern family's" --
8:07 am
>> is that josh again? what's going on here? >> that's "modern family's" jesse tyler ferguson, helping kathy griffin. for the cover of the new "out" magazine. and she tweeted a picture for her birthday earlier in the month. do we have that picture? >> let's hope so. >> i hope so. it's my birthday, i'm in my underwear. >> i was with kathy last night. >> that's my kathy. >> i was with kathy last night. we had a little party for larry king. and we were all on the dais. >> did she take her clothes off? >> i didn't stay around long enough to find out. you're telling me. >> kathy, her heart's in the right place. >> absolutely. all right, guys, one more. a retired woman in tampa, florida, putting her stamp on squirrel photography. she's created these scenes
8:08 am
using her children's toys and strategically placed peanuts. and it makes them look like they're singing. pushing a wheelchair. skateboarding on ken's skateboard. the barbie doll. >> that's the kind of story that gelman would love on our show. >> that's true. >> and, everybody, that is your "pop news." >> you're going to leave morning television, reege? this is gold. >> this is terrific. you do pop and you do -- >> the news. >> just sitting there with your -- >> yeah. >> what about you, george? what happened to you? >> shaking a leg. >> i gotta -- it was really nice to meet you. >> he's a hugger. >> josh is a hugger. >> if you had a baby with you -- >> he did call you a movie star. and your dear friend, sam, is outside with the people, like you are. sam champion. >> hands off my regis, josh. hands off my regis.
8:09 am
how many years? 25 years? >> and i see it. i say, what are they doing now? >> we call it the patch. >> we're around the patch, regis. we're outside. let's get to the boards. good morning, everybody. and say hi to regis philbin. give him a round of applause. make him feel welcome. let's get to the boards. here's what's going on. we start with a live shot out of houston. from our friends at ktrk. nobody knows that place like them. if you're in houston and your set is not fixed on ktrk, it's worth nothing. they're the station in houston. we have scattered thunderstorms west of the houston area. that will roll to jackson, new orleans, during the day today. this is where the most active weather on the board will be. and you have a little break in the northwest. but system after system will move in tonight into tomorrow.
8:10 am
>> we are live in times square, with some kentucky wildcats. oh. i love it. lara? >> very nice. thank you, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." hope and maks, last place in the "dancing with the stars" semifinals. will they stay or will they go? donny osmond will be weighing in. and we have i'm right here. regis ready to move on. not just yet. we got him. and shaq attack. robin has a revealing one-on-one with shaquille o'neal. find out if she got lost. inside his 70,000-square-foot house. coming up on "gma."
8:11 am
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imagine a day when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day, all night. go to for a $4 coupon. but now, it's "dancing with the stars" time. the semifinals last night. four couples went in. only three move to the finals next week. and a new dark harass may be vying for the top spot. donny osmond, here to weigh in on all of the action last night. but here's a look at the highlights. the final four wowed with three dances each. ♪
8:16 am
j.r. martinez dropped in the leaderboard standings after a fall in rehearsal left him with an ankle injury. then, during his round one paso doble, he injured it again. >> i twisted it again. >> reporter: but j.r. pushed through his cha-cha and argentine tango. hope solo also dealt with pain in rehearsal. after dances her paso doble, her cha-cha and argentine tango, she was in last place. >> you can smile like that. that's fine, maks. >> maks was smiling because we should be smiling. that's what it's all about. carrie ann, thank you. maks was smiling. this is my partner. finally, we're happy. >> reporter: it was a great night for rob kardashian.
8:17 am
he performed an impressive tango. and his samba earned him his first ten of the season. >> ten. >> reporter: bringing tears to his mom. ♪ >> reporter: his performance in the relay cha-cha was ranked first by the judges. ♪ but in the end, it was ricki lake who received a perfect score for her samba. >> fabulous. fabulous. fabulous. >> reporter: and raves for her argentine tango. finishing at the top of the leaderboard. and let's get to donny osmo osmond. he joins us live. thanks for coming back, donny. >> my pleasure. how are you? >> i'm great. you saw rob kardashian's potential a couple weeks ago. >> absolutely week one, i was on this show. and i said, watch rob kardashian. there's something about him. everybody laughed him. and i'm feeling good about
8:18 am
myself. i think, and i'm going to go out on a limb here, george, this could be a finish that nobody expects. ricki lake and j.r., everybody saying they are the ones that could take this. but rob kardashian could take home a mirrorball trophy. >> he still has a ways to go. he got one ten. that's his first one. >> but i have to tell you something. some strange things can happen on "dancing with the stars." he is the dark horse here. and the same thing happened to kristin cavallari, when everyone thinks she's fine. and she went out in week five and everybody was surprised. same thing could happen to j.r. and ricki. they could say my vote goes to rob. j.r. and ricki don't need my vote. >> that's very smart. >> you watch. mark my words, george. >> we'll have you back. let's talk about j.r. for a little bit. he was in such pain last night, coming off that ankle injury. were the judges a little too
8:19 am
hard on him? >> no. i don't think so. i think that ankle twist cost him the win. you've got to be good at this point. i've been there. i know what it's like. you have nothing left. and an injury like that can cost you the win. you've got to give everything you have and more because you're down to fumes at this point in time. but monday, when they walk on that ballroom floor and they see the mirrorball trophy there. >> we just saw it again. that was such a twist for j.r. we saw last year, jen grey came back from her injury. so, he's got to be flawless monday night. >> who is this. >> j.r. >> yeah. he has a lot to -- he's got a lot to do. and with that injury, i really, really worry about it. clearly, george, ricki is the better dancer. clearly. >> clearly? >> clearly. but i think the fan support -- oh, yeah. in my opinion -- did you see that argentine tango last night?
8:20 am
the lines she was hitting with derek, it was a perfect dance. she got a ten. >> she was amazing. >> i honestly believe that rob is going to be the one. >> it was a tough night for hope, as well. you think she's out of there tonight? >> i think definitely hope is going home. she's fought a good battle. she's done a great job. i'm really proud of her. when that needle went into her arm, i thought -- i just cringed. and i don't think she needed to do it because i think she's going home tonight. >> but last night, neither she nor -- she had a little tussle with the judges. but maks was playing nice. all smiles. >> say that again. >> maks was playing nice. all smiles. he wasn't going to take on the judges. >> i can't quite hear. >> sorry about that. can you hear now? i was talking about maks. >> i can hear you. >> maks wasn't going to take on the judges last night. he was playing nice. >> oh, maks?
8:21 am
he was being a very kind individual. he blew it the last couple weeks. you can't talk like that to the judges. they're there for a reason. if you can't take the criticism, get out of the kitchen if it's too hot. >> we're going to see if your big prediction comes true. you have a christmas special back with marie. last year on broadway. this year, you're on the road? >> that's right. we're going to detroit right after thanksgiving. then, we're going to go to chicago. brand-new show. before i leave you, just got to tell regis i said hi. >> we will. hey, reege, donny says hi. >> say hi to donny. >> reege? i got four words for you, buddy. four words. i want your gig. [ laughter ] >> all yours. >> regis, think about it. think about it. live with donny and kelly.
8:22 am
sounds better than donny and marie. >> live with -- >> he says it's bet -- live with donny and kelly is better than donny and marie. >> you better stay with marie. >> if he's going to get your gig, he only has a few days to do it. one of our great friends is moving on. reege is saying good-bye. it's hard to imagine life without him. 28 glorious years. >> they weren't all glorious. >> they were. but what is also glorious, how i got this way. your wonderful, charming, engaging book, that gives us a little of an insight. you're a sports guy, right? >> yeah. >> let me give you some stats. 28 years in new york. 28 years in l.a. more than 17,000 hours on television. >> yeah. closing in on 17,000, i believe. >> i don't want to exaggerate. closing in on 17,000. more than 100 co-hosts and guests as co-hosts. >> yes. >> when you just sit back and you think about all those
8:23 am
wonderful memories -- >> i say to myself, what am i doing here? >> that's what makes you so -- you. you're so relatable. we asked our guests, our viewers, to weigh in on the favorite clips. this is one of their favorite ones. we love how you do the phone calls to your viewers. so, there was a hang-up. and you and kelly called back. >> yeah. >> let's take a look. >> let's watch. [ phone ringing ] >> i heard that before. >> hello? >> hello, diana? >> yes. >> hi. regis and kelly from new york. >> hi, regis. how are you doing? >> well, we're doing good. >> that's good. >> did you just hear the phone ring about 30 seconds ago? >> yes, i did. and i hung up. >> i swear to god, we didn't hang up. >> you hung up on me. >> we didn't hang up on you. i did not hang up.
8:24 am
>> diana? diana, we believe that you hung up on us. >> oh, no, you didn't. you hung up on me. >> oh, no. >> good morning. >> diana? keep it up. i'm going to hang up again. >> no, you won't. >> that's the beauty. people think they can talk to you like that. you're one of us. >> i'm thinking, who did hang up that day? anyway, that's the way it goes on our show. >> but there is something about you. people -- you're touchable. people are jammed out there. >> they're always out there. >> no. >> is that a garden patch? >> yeah. you're saying that. >> this is broadway. what are we doing here with a garden? >> and we have corn. >> is that what you've got? it's a garden here at "gma." i'm concerned. >> we have corn stalks and everything like that. you and your beautiful book -- >> it starts today. >> i know it does. and you, after each chapter, have things that you -- that you
8:25 am
say you take away. >> that i've learned, yes. from the people i've admired and learned from all these years. >> what have you learned from the whole experience? >> the whole experience? you mean my television reacaree? >> uh-huh. >> be yourself. if you look at the book. people say what was your talent in the beginning? frankly, i had no talent. i wasn't a singer. i wasn't a comedianian. until i finally was myself and had a chance to be myself, instead of reading somebody's jokes, told a story that happened to me, on live tv. that's what i learned about myself. >> i think i speak for all of your fans. this is at the end of one of your chapters what you took away. good-byes are never fun. but certain people don't necessarily have to leave your life altogether. nor should they. >> that's right. >> and you're not leaving our lives? >> i'm going to hang around here a lot. i really am. >> i know. you have so much that you have given us.
8:26 am
and you're going to continue to give us. and even sam, he filled in for you a time or two. >> it was tough to get him out of the seat when i came back. he thought he had that locked up. sam, how are you doing? >> how many careers this man has made because he's the first guy to pull me off a local television set and allow me to do the show that he created. >> that's right. >> i do. and after thousands and thousands of dollars of under-the-table money, he finally let me do the show. >> aren't you seeing tony bennett today? >> today, tony bennett is on the show. he offered to sing a song with me. a little good-bye thing. an i wrenched my throat last night. >> you're a showman. you're going to bring it. >> we're going to try later on in the morning. >> we're all going to be there friday for your final show. >> you guys have been terrific. and what a show you've got now. honest to god, it just gets better. >> we'll be right back.
8:27 am
protesters shift focus to uc berkeley today where occupy cal rows to rebill the encampment that lead to clashes with police last once dame they will be joined -- they will be joined by demonstrators from occupy oakland. there will be an anti-violence rally then a march on berkeley banks to demand a refinance for california's economic crisis. tonight they say they will reestablish the occupy cal encampment. right now the peninsula, redwood city towards menlo park southbound 101b highway 84 lanes two and blocked. -- drive times 238, 101
8:28 am
peninsula and 880 towards highway 84 bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. shaping up to be a nice day. we'll get temperatures from
8:29 am
temperatures still in the 30s around santa rosa, novato but the fog is lifting. this around mid to upper 60s except for 60 at the coast a
8:30 am
sunny sky. temperatures the same through thursday. chilly rain friday heavier i'm very bad at disappointing people, mitchell. >> not all people. >> momma was right when she said my charm was like a wild stallion. if not properly bridled, it will bust down a barn. >> oh, my goodness. that's "modern family" star eric stonestreet. he will be with us tomorrow live. >> enjoy when he is here. michael pollan will be here in a bit, with the seven words to live by if you want to eat healthy and stay healthy for the rest of your life. and also coming up, we're getting down to the meat and potatoes of thanksgiving. michael symon is here with tasty dishes to spice up your holiday feast. he's in the patch, i believe. >> people love the patch. >> i thought we had eaten it
8:31 am
away. it comes right back. >> it never stops. >> all right, y'all. you may know him as the real deal, the big shamrock, superman, supershaq, it goes on. and now, you see another side of shaquille o'neal. it's one of my favorite tunes. >> work it out, robin. work it out. >> the four-time nba champion, and three-time nba mvp, now, author, with a new memoir. why do you keep doing this. his larger-than-life basketball career. i had a chance to sit down with shaqalicious. nice place you got here, shaq. 70,000 square feet? >> 76,000. >> reporter: who is counting? >> right. i love it. >> reporter: welcome to the house that shaq built. a shaq-tastic wonderland. full of fun. this is unbelievable. are you kidding me? he's got the
8:32 am
the heat emblem. >> the blue or the green? >> reporter: i'll take the blue, please. >> we'll see who can do this longer. one, two, three, go. i used to do this around the neck. >> reporter: but life wasn't always a day. wow. that's you? >> yes. >> reporter: how old were you? >> 16. >> reporter: growing up a military brat, he frequently changed schools and had to make new friends. he struggled to feel comfortable in his own skin. >> i've always thrived in uniqueness. my mother always told me, make them remember your name. no matter how. make them remember your name. >> are you serious? >> reporter: well, guess it pays to listen to mom. >> wow. shaquille o'neal. once again. >> reporter: he retired earlier this year after 19 seasons. 15 all-star appearances and 4 championship rings. but it's his life off the court as a pitchman. >> shaq is suffering from taco neck syndrome. >> wow.
8:33 am
>> reporter: part-time cop, philanthropist, not to mention his colorful personality, which made him a household name. now, he's adding author to that impressive list, with "shaq uncut," opening up for the fist time about fun, fears and foes. kobe bryant. a lot has been said over the years, shaq, about the strain in the relationship that you all have had. how would you describe your relationship with kobe? >> he's a tough guy. i felt, you know, with kobe, it was too hard, too stressful, too much arguing. >> kobe hands to o'neal. >> reporter: you do write in the book that at one point you wanted to kill him. >> yeah, i mean, that's how i felt. he said something, after we had agreed not to say anything. and that's what it was. but every time i see him and his lovely wife and his lovely daughters, hey, it's uncle shaq. how are you doing? and that's how it is. you know? we will be remembered as the greatest one-two that can punch. >> reporter: i love the story when you're in l.a., about to practice.
8:34 am
you see a bentley dealership. >> yeah. i was in raggedy gear. i didn't really want a bentley. it was an older guy. i said, sir, how much does this cost? and he looked at me and said, can you afford it, sonny boy? so, i bought three of them. >> reporter: today, he could buy the whole dealership. oh. i always wanted a red ferrari. >> you can have it. take it. >> reporter: and in fact, it looks like he already has. right in his own garage. >> show you how i do it on "good morning america." oh. >> reporter: home court takes on a whole new meaning when you're at shaq's. try a 28,000 square-foot court in the basement. >> oh, you have hall of fame form. >> reporter: did you get that one? >> get me in any situation, and
8:35 am
i'll give you a shaq name. >> reporter: shaq on the golf course? >> shaq nicholson. >> reporter: shaq on vacation? >> shaqapulco. >> reporter: one thing that is not a laughing matter for him, is his 2009 reports from his wife, and allegations of infidelity. you are honest about your past relationships. and you are a man who had optioned at that time. but you said you didn't think you were being disrespectful. i didn't understand that. >> it's a man thing. i can't explain it on the camera. it's like a man rule. i don't want to give up the man code. >> reporter: today, there is a new woman in his life. live-in girlfriend, nicole alexander. known to reality tv fans as hoops. >> we have a good time together. would you like to see shaqapulco now? >> reporter: may i, please? >> yes.
8:36 am
>> reporter: this may be a backyard in our world. but this is shaqapulco. complete with a life-sized superman. would you expect anything other than this? shaq may have fun. but he's also serious about life after basketball. first mission, becoming a doctor. now, you're working on your ph.d. >> once i get that degree, i'm not answering to shaq anymore. it will be dr. o'neal. seriously. not you, but everybody else will have to address me as such. shaq will no longer be answered to. for example, call me shaq. >> reporter: hey, shaq? shaq? dr. o'neal? >> hey, robin. how are you? >> reporter: nice to see you, dr. o'neal. you have it down. oh, my goodness. to see photos of the time i spent with shaq, you can head to on yahoo! and to see more of the interview with shaq, and there's a whole lot more, you can see it tonight on "nightline." >> what is he getting his ph.d. in? >> shaq. >> i don't know. but that's what i'm going to
8:37 am
ask. he was here in times square last night at toys "r" us. bought up a bunch of toys. he works with toys for tots. and he donates them all. he calls himself shaq-aclaus. >> he is dr. shaq-aclaus. >> he is the best interview in sports. >> oh, yep. great smile. >> great job. you know who else has a great smile? sam champion. yeah. >> hey. good morning, eric. >> good morning. >> where are you from? >> tampa, florida. >> is this your first trip to new york? >> yes. >> did you have a good time? >> yes. >> what was your favorite thing? >> times square. >> we like it, too. glad you like it. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want you to know about as you head out your door. mckenzie river, oregon, a gorgeous shot this morning. through your facebook pictures, we get to see all over the world. and we thank you for that. but it's tough competition because the pictures are getting better and better. from memphis to lexington, into dallas, there's a lot of heavy rain. there will be storms that cuddle towards the gulf coast there. but in the rest of the areas, heavy rain.
8:38 am
in the northeast, a showery day today. but tomorrow, you get rain. there's much colder air behind it. we're living in the 60s today. but living in the 40s on friday. so, get used to that. >> all that weather was brought to you by angie's list. now, it's inside to -- >> now, it's robin and george? >> very good. >> thank you very much. criminal justice is a good guess in the ph.d. for shaq. it's leadership education, human resource development. >> for dr. shaq. >> for dr. shaq. dr. o'neal. coming u
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
in an age when you can feel overwhelmed by fad diets and food pyramids and ping-ponging advice, michael polland has
8:42 am
seven words of advice for you. eat food, not too much, mostly plants. he first published that guideline in his best-selling book, "food rules." now, he has an updated edition. and i had a chance to talk to michael pollan, about the new food rules. the first food rules, huge success. and apparently, though, there are ever so many rules to have, why update this book? >> the whole premise of this book is the conversation of culture, which is to say the wisdom of your mother and your grandmother and your great grandmother has more to teach us about how to eat well than all of the scientific studies in the world. that conversation has turned out -- kept going on, after the book was published. and people were sending me rules they heard from their mothers and grandmothers. and they were really good. an i wanted to include them. >> what affect has it had in grocery stores? >> the food industry responded. the basic idea of the book is to
8:43 am
help you distinguish real food from edible food i call substances. and one of my rules, for example, is shop the periphery of the store. you get produce, meat, dairy, fish. and stay out of the middle where all of the processed stuff. now, in response to that rule, you see the industry moving packaged goods to the produce section. it started with croutons and ranch dressing. now, there's juices and junk next to the apples. >> i want to talk to you about some of them. no labels on the table. >> yeah. and the thought there is that, you know, a table -- what happens at the table, meals, it's a ceremonial wonderful occasion. and we shouldn't pollute it with advertising messages and packaging. we should take control of our diets from these companies. and if we are having takeout, take it out of the containers. >> it's not just about meals, as
8:44 am
well. snacking, arguably, as celebrated a pastime as we have in this country. >> we eat for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with hunger. and i deal with this because i work at home. and i wander down to the kitchen every half hour or so. and what do you do? you eat. you go to the fridge. somebody sent in a wonderful rule. if you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, you're not really hungry. and i found that incredibly useful. and i say, i'm not that hungry. i'm not going to eat. >> you mention someone sent in that rule. this has become something of a collective. >> it's a crowd source kind of book. this is not my expertise. i cue rated this book. and you say, always order the small. >> we've had the explosion of
8:45 am
supersizing. and back when mcdonald's started the only soda came in seven ounces. you know how big a small is now? >> 12? >> 16 ounces. >> that's four plus a can. another rule is about flowers, although we shouldn't be eating them. >> no. don't eat the flowers. there's a couple of exceptions. if you place a bouquet of flowers on the table, everything will taste so much better. and the idea of that rule is, pleasure in food is not just about the quantity you ingest. it's about the whole food experience. this is something the europeans have understood better than us. it's quality, not quantity. and you get quality by how you set your table. who you're eating with. the experience of the meal. >> you say it's crowd-sourced. obviously, people are offering you more rules than you can fit. stay away from playlands.
8:46 am
>> that's one of your viewers. i think fast food corporations are trying to get between you and your child, about how they eat. and you need to take control back of their diet from the companies that are seducing them with toys and playlands. >> my 3-year-old daughter will be unhappy to learn that she is no longer to be allowed to eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk. >> yeah. those are the bad ones. they're about 40% sugar by weight. >> michael pollan, thank you. >> terrific, josh. >> a great book. you can start all these rules a couple thursdays from now, thanksgiving. coming up, putting you to w
8:47 am
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8:49 am
thanksgiving, nine days to go. we have our friend michael symon here from abc's "the chew." we have a couple of sides from thanksgiving. but this will sustain you until the big feast. >> you can do this with turkey legs and thighs. we're doing it with chicken legs and thighs. it's a great simple food to do. i get chicken legs and thighs. season them with salt and pepper. that's it. nothing fancy. hot pan. a little olive oil in the pan. ooh. the sizzle gets them so excited, george. these guys always love the sizzle. so, i made sure my pan's really hot. i put it in skin-side down. when this gets nice and crispy, we give it a flip. we want the good caramelization. >> three or four minutes? >> yes. once it's nice and brown like this, i pull it out of the pan. then, i start building the stew. so, for the stew, i add onions --
8:50 am
>> you don't put anymore oil than that? >> just the fat that the chicken rendered. and we don't need anymore. onions. fennel. whole cloves of garlic. and my potatoes. >> those are beautiful potatoes. >> you can use sweet potatoes in here. really mix it up. and we put in a big pinch of salt. and that allows it to caramelize and develop. you can make a vegetarian soup like this. >> you take the chicken out for a little while. >> i pull the chicken once it's golden. and use that fat to start the vegetables. and the vegetables, i let those brown and caramelize for about -- yeah. everything just gets nice and carmkarcaramelized in there. and then, we take the chicken that we seared. and i put it right -- get back here. we put it back in the stew. and i start the glaze to get all
8:51 am
of the flavors off of the bottom of the pan. i use a little bit of white wine. this is on a medium high heat here. chicken stock. some fresh thyme. and i like to give it a little bit of spice. so, i put some chili flakes in there. and water, about three-quarters of the way up. and make sure the water is nice and seasoned with salt and pepper. >> almost covered? >> almost covered. but when i do a braise like this, i want the fat to pop out of the top. >> you let it go for hours. >> yeah. you can do this stove top. pop a lid on it like this. throw it in a 375-degree oven. and it will be done in about 30, 45 minutes. but it will hold in this for a couple of hours if you just want to shut it off. keep it warm. or use it in a crock pot. a super simple dish to make. i love making these dishes at this time of year. there's not a ton of work. get them on the stove. >> you can leave it overnight.
8:52 am
>> it would be fantastic. >> what else have you got for sides here? >> we wanted to have a little bit of fun because the holidays are coming up. we have a little bit of sweet potato gratin. >> and bacon tatar tots. >> this week on "the chew," we're going thanksgiving for the next two weeks. we'll show you every side dish. you name it. we're going to give it all to you for thanksgiving. >> i can't wait to try some of the chicken. ali had an incredible time with you guys. >> oh, my gosh. she was absolutely hilarious and so entertaining. you guys are the perfect ying and yang. >> i want the recipes. >> i'll give them all to you, george. >> "the chew," 1:00 here on abc. and you can get all of the
8:53 am
recipes at on yahoo! michael symon. thank you. okokokokokokokokokokok
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
sam, you look hungry today. have some. >> we have -- also, the latest couple booted off "dancing with the stars." >> once again, later in the week, we have the muppets coming to town. have a great day, everybody. caca
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
there are delays on this first official day of the crab season. the boats are ready but they are not going out until they come to terms on a price. they expect to set one tomorrow after they get an idea how big the crabs will be. abundance of sunshine right now. >> fog fading faster slightly warmer this afternoon. mid to upper 60s except for the coastline low 60s. 40s and 50s again tomorrow. rain friday again saturday night into sunday. >> emeryville two right lanes blocked east bond 80 overturned, multi-vehicles involved. it remains slow on the peninsula towards


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