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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> and a vote for a new 49er stadium. the news begins
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thousands of crowd in the plaza. a massive gathering in support of the occupy movement. despite a no camping rule, tents are going up again at uc berkeley tonight jie. and not far away, uc police shoot an armed man in a university building. that shooting was not connected to the protest. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we will have that story in a moment. we begin with the return of occupy demonstrators. >> alan wang is live on the cal campus with the latest there. alan? >> reporter: dan and carolyn, take a look. 12 tents have already sprouted up here on the steps of the plaza. it is a party atmosphere here tonight. a huge contrast from last week
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when students and police clashed over the occupy cal encampment. despite the university's insistence that chants and camping will not be allowed here, the students voted to set up any anyway and campus police have done nothing. they were siting on the roof of the golden bear center as more than 5,000 people packed into the plaza to hear former secretary of labor and uc berkeley professor address the crowd. he pointed out the richest 400 people in america own more than the bottom 150 million americans. >> over the last three decades, this economy has doubled in size, but most americans have not seen much gain. if you adjust inflation, what you can see is the median wage has barely risen. where did all of the money and resources go?
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>> you can't feel anything but excite meant -- excitement. this is an exciting time. >> this is the perfect opportunity where everybody is together. 99% we can totally make a change. >> they said americans are losing equal opportunity in this country. uc students have seen their tuition and fees sky rocket $2,000 just this last fall. tonight the students voted to organize a debate with the board of regents and send them a letter of their issues and demands. meanwhile, uc police tell me they are still discussing their force of action -- their course of action now that 12 tents are set up in the plaza. dan and carolyn, a huge contrast in atmospheres come -- compared to last week when they clashed with police. reporting live at uc berkeley, alan wang, ac news. >> thank you very much. tonight berkeley police are interviewing witnesses who saw the commotion on campus when police responded to reports of a man with a gun.
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>> officers say that man pointed a gun at them in a computer lab. and john alston is live with that story. john? >> and we have learned there were video cameras in the computer lab that may have recorded the shooting on video. police are still trying to identify the man and how if at all he was connected to the university. into the night uc police brought in students and employees and questioned them about what they saw and heard during this afternoon's frantic moments. >> i mainly heard shouting and shooting. >> what was being said? >> it was kind of indescribable to me so i just -- as soon as i heard the gunshots i ran out of the lab. >> i saw the police walk in and i heard shooting and we all just ran out. >> tonight that third floor computer lab at the high school of business was still sealed off, guarded by uc police officers. there was chaos behind these
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doors around 2:15 after four uc police officers confronted a man they say was pointing a gun. >> it was pandemonium. we have people running all over the place, and nobody knows what is going on. >> the trouble began after a school employee in an elevator noticed a man with what appeared to be a gun in his backpack. she told the boss and a 9-1 h of 1 call went out. police say within two minutes, four officers arrived in the computer lab. >> when confronted, the suspect brandished a firearm. for fear of their safety, one officer fired rowpdz at the suspect -- rounds at the suspect injuring the suspect. >> he was rushed to hospital in oakland. the man had a handgun he did not have a chance to fire. as the emergency unfolded on the campus, students and employees were receiving updates about the shooting in the haas computer lab. >> we got texts. we have a warning system here and we got texts and information takes awhile to
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come. we found out there was a shooter. >> police have no indication that the shooting and the protest going on were connected. the man in his 30s or 40s and not releasing information on his condition. the officers are paid on paid administrative leave which is routine. john alston. >> thank you very much. mayor ed leigh says he is disappointed with the city's occupy encampment. he visited for the first time since the tents went up. he didn't go into the encampment because of possible health hazards. leigh says the campers have thought complied with the city regarding public cleanly these and the size of the encampment. the mayor is set to meet with some of the demonstrators tomorrow at city hall to discuss all of this. you meantime a group of protesters occupy the administration building this evening. the sit in was part of a
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peaceful day of protests that included a rally this afternoon. students are upset over a proposal to increase tuition by 9%. the csu trusties are holding a meeting to vote on a new budget that includes the tuition hike. occupy organizers in new york vowed to continue their protests even after a judge ruled the first amendment does not give them the right to bring camping gear to ducati park. some protesters returned without their tents and sleeping bags. early this morning police ousted the campers from the privately owned parks so that san new station workers could clear debris and disinfect the area. officers made about 200 arrests. abc news has learned that one of the gunshots fired near the white house last week actually struck the building, and new information about the suspected it gunman has federal investigators increasingly concerned. a manhunt is now underway for oscar ortega from idaho. police say she mentally ill, deranged they sai. he has an extensive record, and it is believed ortega has a fixation
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of some kind on the white house. last friday night gunshots were reported near the white house. an assault rifle was recovered. this morning a bullet was found lodged in the ballistic glass of a white house window. a jury found a man not guilty of assault where police ended up shooting him as he sat in his wheelchair. a passerby captured this video in january. police say he tried to stab one of the officers. police explained that they first tried to subdue him with pepper stray and a beanbag gun before shooting him. the jury found him guilty of vandalizing parking meters. san francisco police are warning people about the release of a sexual predator from state prison. 60-year-old dwight jackson's criminal record dates back to 1979 when he was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in san francisco. he has been in custody since being arrested in another attack that was 1987. police say he targeted women between the ages of 17 and 46
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and often entered their homes in the middle of the night. jackson currently lives on poke street. oakland city council gave approval to a plan adding more streetlights to the high crime areas. next up is a report to the public safety committee on how the program will be funded. they proposed the idea and she said she is investigating low cost lighting options. some oakland residents say they see a spike in crime when the sun goes down, and they believe the lack of streetlighting is partially to blame. but not everyone thinks adding more lighting is a brightening idea. >> it needs fixing. >> i feel like i have to do it because there aren't streetlights. >> the idea is to improve lighting in key areas where they are requesting it. as we continue santa clara is getting ready for the 49ers. the vote they took that will pave the way for a new stadium. >> and concerns about the new bay bridge tower. why a state committee is
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requesting a new safety review. >> and facebook becomes the victim of an x rated spam attack. and then later on "nightline." >> carolyn and dan coming up next on "nightline" an exclusive interview with the mother of an alleged victim of former penn state coach, jerry sandusky. she reacts to his flat denial that he abused young boys. plus, we've got shaquille o'neil tonight and life after the nba. that's on "nig
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to they are ready to play ball in the south bay. santa clara city leaders agreed to pay a $10 million fee to bring the city closer to a new 49er stadium. it is a move that lays the groundwork for the deal, but some are complaining that it is a bad deal for the city. lisa amin gulezian reports. >> right now it is a parking lot, but in four years it could be this, a brand-new state of the state-of-the-art 49er stadium. they voted unanimously to spend $10 million to get the lot ready for construction. >> it is an exciting and soft ground breaking. in january when you go out there you will see bulldozers
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out there moving dirt around and leveling out the vacant parking lot. >> the money will pay for moving utility lines and installing sidewalks. >> there is a lot of excitement for the team. that will help with the stadium. >> we are wasting our money. >> some still oppose the stadium plan that will cost roughly $1 billion. the 49ers have agreed to foot most of the bill while the city will spend a maximum of $40 million. as for the $10 million for pre construction, $4 million is redevelopment money. the other $6 million will come from a loan, but the terms are still undefined. >> i think the people in santa clara should be appalled that they are moving forward with this without having the proper things in place. >> my concern has been the risk to the city and the cost of the city. >> this councilmember has always questioned this deal. but after learning the $6 million loan from the 49ers will be for given if the entire plan falls apart, even she supported this move. >> one very noticible thing
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missing from the council meeting, all of the public comment. normally the supporters and the opponents were silent. they are gearing up for the december 6th city council meeting where all of the terms will be laid out. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> the agency that oversees the retrofit has asked for an independent safety review of the new suspension tower on the bay bridge. the announcement comes a day after cal trns fired a technicians accused of falsifying safety tests on other projects. he did inspect the foundation of the tower. so the toll bridge program oversight committee has decided to ask for a review of the records to assess the integrity of the project. >> a new report is out detailing how two white house officials were worried about saw linda's -- cylindra's financial position. that's according to california watch, a unit for the center
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of investigative reporting. the e-mail messages reveal the white house knew price water house cooper, the auditor was worried the solar panel maker was headed for bank rut see. the president visited in may of 2010. sill linda filed in august of this year. facebook was the victim of a security breech this week. in the past few days some users were flooded with violent and pour -- pornographic images in news feed. they were hit by a coordinated spam attack that tricked users into pasting malicious lines into their browser. the palo alto company would not say how many were affected by this, but they are trying to figure out who is responsible. a judge has temporarily blocked at&t from installing several hundred metal utility boxes in san francisco. san francisco beautiful joined other organizations in suing the city. they claim officials refuse to conduct any environmental
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review before approving the insta ligs of several hundred utility boxes. the groups say the boxes are an eyesore and endanger the pedestrians. today's injunction will remain in place until the lawsuit against the city is resolved. and another gorgeous day around here. but things will change soon. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> carolyn and dan, we have a short time to soak up the sun, and then big changes are coming. it is going to get colder and wetter. let's show you the highs for today. santa rosa hit 70 degrees. most areas were in the 60s and near 70 in livermore. fairfield, concord, san jose, morgan hill, cloverdale same story. and even half moon bay got into the low 60s. things are changing. a live look at doppler 7hd, no rain here, but this will look different heading into thursday. that's the first possibility of rain. i thought i would show you some estimates. thursday, light rainfall. a trace of an inch to .05. friday looking at a little
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more a 10th to a quarter. all areas getting wet. and by the weekend is wetter system will get colder as well. a quart tore three quarters of an inch is the estimate. here is the first sign of change. look at the satellite picture. look for patches of low clouds and fog, so first thing in the morning it will impact you. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. still some cool nights ahead, especially in our valleys. low clouds at the coast and look for sunny and mild conditions again tomorrow. the coast will drop due to the low cloud cover. cold, wet pattern by week's end. you will notice the change as we head into the end of the workweek. definitely look out for fog. give yourself a little extra time. the rest of the area in the 40s. tomorrow, another repeat
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performance of today, just slightly cooler along the coast. one more mild day with this area of high pressure, and then the jet stream is taking a dip. colder air coming in with this system here, and this is the storm that will set the stage for some changes beginning on thursday. so i want to show you our computer animation. as we head into thursday around 2:00, the cold front starts to slide south. the north bay will likely get some very light rainfall. it will take some time for the moisture to catch up with the front. by friday we are going to see cold showers here in the bay area. snow in the sierra nevada. and by the weekend we may even be talking about snow in the bay area. get ready for some changes. highs for the wednesday low to mid60s. 64 in san jose and 65 in saratoga. calf bell, los gatos, 66. notice a few patches of low clouds hanging around here. low 60s for menlo park and san mateo. upper 50s there. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees, you will see the sun
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and in the north bay, mid60s for calistoga and occasional high clouds for you. east bay communities, oakland, san leandro, 61. inland areas, a beautiful day and 65 in livermore and for the monterey bay, 62 degrees in santa cruz. ear -- here is your forecast, mild tomorrow and a chance of showers in the north bay on thursday. showers everywhere and by the weekend it is low to mid50s with rain moving in on saturday night and into the first half of sunday. could see snow on mount diablo. it is like the winter chill here. >> absolutely. thanks, sandhya. well, move over itunes. there is a new player in the music download business. >> a preview of tomorrow's big announcement up next.
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the show then cut to commercial. apple today sold a leadership gap created by steve jobs. he was named chairman of apple. he has been a member of the apple board for six years and bob igor, the chief executive of disney, the parent company of abc7 was picked to fill the spot as apple director. google is expected to unveil its new on-line music downloading story tomorrow. it will feature mow sick from three major -- music from three major recording companies. the pop group maroon 5 and r&b singer drake will take part in the unveiling in los angeles. users will buy songs for about $1 each. the google music store will compete with apple's itunes. >> the download battle is joined. now with sports. >> larry beil is here. >> speaking of battles, cal versus stanford on saturday. turns out their hoop teams have started strong as well.
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goods basketball team. it turned out to be more like a scrimmage. this was a route from the outside. remember austin p their slogan? brandon smith to harper camp. silence in the studio. alan crab with five points. that's what they used to cheer. quit while are you behind. nice finish with the left hand. use your left, kids. it is important. cal now 3 and 0. 72-55 is the final. johnny dawkins not happy with the way the cardinals struggled against colorado state. this he will be happy about, final seconds of the first half and gabriel harris and a three quarter court and yes
11:29 pm
caping an 11-2 run. the right hand side and junior is in disbelief. the second half with authority. an 11-2 run in the second half. jarod mann with the deuce and he is fouled. stanford goes to 3 and 0. history tonight at madison square garden. he is on the verge of breaking the d1 victory record held by his mentor, bob knight. hill, dunleavy and duke and michigan state was close to are awhile. steals and slams. check out the pass. plumly to kelly. duke is a winner 74-69. how do you split up $4 billion a year? the nba owners and players can't figure it out. they filed an antitrust suit. the league canceled all games through december 15th. the lockout continues,
11:30 pm
ridiculous. the warriors's guard is thinking about going overseas to play. he is working toward a college degree, and if there is no season and he doesn't go overseas, he could stay in school and enroll in the spring semester. they hired him away from the warriors. he was the warriors's head coach. smart with 36 and 46 in his one year as golden state's head coach. the big game is coming up on saturday. stanford is favored by 20 over cal. the cardinal will have to bounce back from the disappointing loss to oregon. stanford's national title went out the window. cal has some momentum coming in. they won 2 and 0 in a rivalry game. you never know what can happen. >> it is a big game. everything goes out the window. all of the states and the records and stuff like that, everybody is playing with a lot of passion. >> we definitely respect them.
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they are a good team. i think they respect us as well. it does president even -- it doesn't even mean we have to like each other. >> tiger ace won the al cy young award. no doubt about this. verlander was a natural choice. he had a no hitter and a major league best 250 strikeouts. and that's your toyota sports report for tonight. >> 4 billion a year. >> they were at 50/50 and couldn't decide on other things. it is absurd. >> it is a shame. >> seems like there is plenty to go around. >> dumb and dumb neither those negotiation. >> "nightline" is up next. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel, thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. >> good night, everyone.
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