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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at occupy san francisco. members of the movement are waking up in jail this morning after police moved in and removed a few of them last night. all of this leading up to a meeting with the mayor today. according to the people we are talking to may not go smoothly. story coming up in a live report. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live at sproul hall at uc berkeley. occupy cal protesters have put tents back up. police are staying to the perimeter this is the equation that lead to violence last
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week. the story coming up. good morning i'm mike nicco. fog starting to form in the north bay chilly start to your morning. i'll give you an update. >> sue hall, traffic center live look at bay bridge toll, very light just overnight roadwork. we'll update new a few minutes. wednesday morning 5:01. a lot going on thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i am eric thomas. the occupy san francisco camp is smaller this morning after removed tents that spread beyond justin herman plaza that sparked angry words overnight. >> reporter: there's still a lot of concern here. it got the place buzzing when police moved in to remove a block's worth of campers they did not go into justin herman plaza down the block from where i am on market street and removed move anybody down
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there. police still on the scene hanging on to the ground they took last night. last night at times it was pretty confrontational. >> reporter: dozens of police moved in to remove the tents set up on market between stewart and spear streets. they warned protesters and some did leave. those who didn't, seven were arrested. 15 tents removed. this block sprung up recently and served as a bridge between the big encampment at justin herman plaza and the so-called 101 protesters in front of 101 market. ed is occupy sf leaders and mayor lee plan to meet to talk it over. what we are hearing it sounds like those meetings may be very limited. >> this meeting is going to be more -- saying we are not asking any city officials' permission to be here. we are not asking them to leave us alone. we are going in that meeting
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and make it clear this is a political this is our constitutional right we are not asking you for permission to let us stay here. >> reporter: mayor lee was down here yesterday visited occupy san francisco, called it intolerable. wouldn't even go in the camp because he hasn't been given full clearance by the department of public health. there's report of parvo virus spreading among dogs at the camp. today's meeting will take place at 10:00 the leader we spoke with down here did not know where that meeting was going to take place. may not be a meeting may be more of a digging in to see what happens next and if what happened earlier this morning is indication, occupy sf may be back in the news in the future. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. tension also running high at uc berkeley where occupy cal protesters have pitched tends against a direct order by cam -- pitched tents against a direct order by campus police.
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katie marzullo is live at cal with overnight developments. >> reporter: good morning. it is quiet here now. take a look behind us. live pictures what is going on right now. bubble machines have been brought in at this hour. otherwise there are a handful of tents, maybe 15, most protests the occupy cal protesters are on their feet at least awake. the police are here as well they are just standing by they are on the perimeter and they have only so far made warnings about the fact that camping is illegal and they have asked campers, warned campers they need to pack up their tents and leave. quiet and the police are not taking act at this time. but, this is the same scenario that lead to so much trouble last week. police said no tents. protesters put up tents and police moved in quickly and it did escalate to violence. what is going to happen here this morning only time will tell. protesters have voted this
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morning by general assembly which is how they do it, to link arms and stay and hold their ground. they are so far unphased by this morning's police presence. >> just tell the police to go solve a crime and stop wasting time. they are waving my money, i pay taxes by standing and staring at us. we are not messing with anybody, nobody is bothered. >> reporter: there wasn't any trouble last night either. it was a larger scene. some 5,000 occupy cal protesters on campus. there were important speech -- speeches, kind of a dance party and tents started showing up maybe around 11:00 last night. part of the announcements they've made back out here live this morning, police have said nonstudents are subject to arrest after midnight. lt. tejada with the uc berkeley police department told me they've made that announcement at least three times this morning. i asked if the police department was going to follow
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through on that warning? will people really ab arrested if they don't leave? he slugged his -- he shrugged his shoulders at me. something they are keeping to themselves what the police plan is. students appear to be ready for anything. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:06 now. this morning uc berkeley police also investigating the shooting of a suspect who officers say raised a gun at them. investigators say there is no indication the suspect who is believed to be in his 30s is linked to the occupy cal protests. the man was shot by an officer at 2:15 yesterday afternoon inside a third floor computer lab at the school of business. cameras in the computer lab and shooting may have been recorded. police trying to figure out if the suspect is connected, if at all to the university. there is no information right now on his condition. this morning dozens of students and teachers are expected to protest a of
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trustees meeting in long beach where members are expected to approve another tuition hike. csu officials say 9% increase is conditional and would only take effect if students and affect students if the state does not allocate additional funding in its next budget. students fay a $500 annual hike for next wall that brings the annual undergrad with it tuition to just under $6,000. a group of students occupy administration building at san francisco state last night to protest tuition hikes part of a peaceful day of protests. students say the increases are putting an ing at california public universities out of reach for more and more people. -- oakland's city council has given approval to a plan to add more streetlights in high crime areas. the next step a report to the public safety committee on how the program will be funded. vice mayor brooks proposed the idea and is investigating low cost lighting options. some oakland residents see a
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spike in crime when the sun guess down. they believe lack of streetlighting is partly to blame. not everyone thinks adding more light is the answer. >> they say they don't have money look at my streets right there it needs fixing. >> i feel like i have to avoid certain areas because there aren't any streetlights. >> brooks says the idea is to improve lying only in key areas where people are requesting it. a jury in san francisco has found a man not guilty of assault in a case where police ended up shooting him as he sat in his wheelchair. a passerby captured this on video in january. police say the man tried to stab one of the police officers. police say they first tried to subdue him with pepper spray and a bean bag gun before shooting him. the jury did find him guilty of vandalizing parking meter. s. the agency that overseas -- oversees the -- announcement after caltrans
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fired a technician accused of falsifying safety tests on other projects responsible for inspecting the foundation of the tower. toll bridge program oversight committee has decided to ask for a review of records to assess integrity of the project. the last three days started out similarly, we are in for a big change. >> let's check in with mike. the change comes in tomorrow afternoon with the first chance of rain in the north bay the rest of us friday and again saturday evening into sunday when the changes come they are going to be pretty significant. right now fog develop 3/4 mile visibility in napa, high pressure not nearly as big as it was yesterday few high clouds even low clouds along the coast that will be one of bigger changes from yesterday. 37 napa with that fog, 39 santa rosa, low 40s around novato, los gatos, livermore the rest of us mid to upper 40s heading out in antioch, 54,
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oakland, san francisco and half moon bay 50. destination this afternoon, upper 50s along the coast some clouds gathering. low to mid 60s everywhere else. as you head to the monterey bay you will see fog along your coast. temperature 59 monterey then we'll have pretty much low to mid 60s for the rest of the bay and inland. let's look at your seven day forecast, a chance of rain in the north bay tomorrow, very small chance, better chance is friday with showers and then the rain the steady rain saturday night into sunday, temperatures in the 50s friday, saturday, sunday. those are your chilly highs. good morning sue. >> good morning. checking back in with our friends at mass transit this morning, muni, bart, everyone on time, cal train out of the central valley no problems. off and running, good news. drive times heading out now pretty quiet 80 east shore freeway towards the maze less than 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge 580 out of
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the central valley light drive, altamont into livermore and dublin pleasanton area, highway 4, pittsburg and concord less than 15 minutes it is light out there now. san mateo bridge looking good if you are heading towards foster city at the highrise from hayward and the other direction. bay bridge light, no problems metering lights remain off. 5:11. look out. tunes there's a new player in the music download business. policy holder stands up to an insurance company for jacking up health care premiums. have you dreamed of being an astronaut? now may be your chance. introducing htc rezound.
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get studio quality sound for music and hd video
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at verizon 4g lte speed. the first smartphone with beats audio™ and beats™ headphones included. exclusively at verizon. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. labor and business leaders, politicians and construction workers packed a hearing in palo alto to talk about the california high speed rail project. the talk was about money. opponents of the proposed system points to cost projections which have spiralled up and up in 2008 the cost was projected at a little over 33 1/2 billion dollars. two years ago that number was revised to 42.6 billion dollars. the business plan presented now nearly triples the original estimate. >> three billion dollars is now up to 90 point.5 to upwards of 117 billion. how can we belief this is an
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honest cost? >> that's the problem and the challenge we are faced with today who is going to make up the difference? who is going to pay the cost of the system? >> outside the hearing construction workers and labor unions met to rally for the projected 600,000 jobs the project would create. state legislators have 60 days to study the new plan. a group of consumers are suing blue cross on allegations it used bait and switch practices. consumer watchdog has file on behalf 100,000 california policy hold purchased their own policies. hit with a mid year premium hike of 20% deductible increases averaging $500. >> consumers enter into this contract with insurance companies with blue cross and they expect to pay a certain amount. it is called an annual deductible for a reason this is how much they expect to pay. >> it is frightening i'm also angry they are able to get
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away with this. and nobody seems to be able to stop them. >> blue cross contends it is allowed to change the terms of the policy with a 60 day notice. gaggle is expected to unveil a new online music downloading store today. "wall street journal" reports the store will feature music from three major recording companies, sony, universal and bmi. the google music store will compete with apple's itunes and users will be able to buy songs for a dollar each i said bmi, it is emi music. clear winnerard according to a new survey, four in five consumers would rather get a tablet for christmas instead of a tablet they say they are easier to carry, convenient and offer touch screens. 83% want an apple ipad, 5% want the new kindle fire. 2% prefer the hp touch pad.
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apple remains the top brand for smartphones with 72% saying that's the phone they want from santa if you have dreamed of being an astronaut nasa wants you. the space genesse is launching its largest ever -- the space agency is launching its largest ever push. there are a few hitches. nasa has just retired is shuttle fleet so they are sending fewer astronauts into orbit around the international space station. we don't know if they require an aeronautical engineering degree orifice sicks degree like they used to, we'll -- or physics degree like they used to. >> not sure why they are -- [ unintelligible ] >> i have a science degree, will that work? >> yeah. are you claustrophobic? >> no, but i'm probably too
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old. 5:18 this morning. we are looking down from vollmer peak, a little bit of haze starting to develop over san francisco. a small northerly wind and fog thicker in novato than it is in napa. novato about a quarter mile. watch out for that. let's talk about temperatures, 39 novato 37 napa 40 santa rosa. antioch, oakland and san francisco five day everybody else 40s monterey bay low to mid 40s -- around salinas, watsonville, santa cruz 38 gilroy. mostly sunny, seasonal temperatures today, a little cooler than yesterday cloudy not as chilly as it was this morning. clouds will keep temperatures up wet weather rolls in friday the first system, the second
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one narrowed down to saturday evening through sunday morning. temperatures compared to average a little cooler in some areas like napa two december cooler with 63, three degrees cooler oakland 61. redwood city 62. san jose 64 livermore one degree warmer at 65. when the sunsets, 4:58. this afternoon mid 60s in the south bay low to mid 60s along the peninsula. clouds gathering along the coast upper 50s today into south san francisco downtown 60 low to mid 60s through the north bay valley mid to upper 50s at your beaches low 60s most of the east bay shore fremont, castro valley, 63° mid 60s throughout the east bay valleys. down to the monterey bay monterey and carmel upper 50s low to mid 60s the rest of bay even as you head inland. tonight clouds covering most
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of the bay definitely along the coast 50 half moon bay, san francisco 40s for the rest of us. here's what we are looking at high pressure squeezed by this system to the north put a few high clouds in our sky and low clouds along the coast last dry and mile day cold coming in behind this next system. 7:00 thursday morning all quiet. a few scattered showers thursday afternoon in the north bay. look at friday, waves of showers rolling through. albeit light. saturday morning quiet then you see saturday evening it gets wet and stays wet through sunday morning. snow levels sunday will drop to 3500 feet. monday, tuesday, warmer and drier with highs back in the 60s. have a great day. current drive times, 101 south bay 10 minute drive, 280 to 5 light. 680 through the san ramon valley nice from the bridge to
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concord walnut creek less than 15 minutes. out of antioch once again still a good ride. relatively light. live look at 680 as you head towards walnut creek this is san rafael headed southbound 101 past lucas valley road towards the civic center there's walnut creek moving well towards 24 out of pleasant hill. balanced budget toll metering lights off, it is a simple easy breeze up the incline through the tunnel into san francisco. check in with us before you leave the house. just about 5:21. peta takes on super mario. the video came costume that has the animal rights group so upset. forget crop circles, how about this for a mystery. satellite images from china has that people scratching their heads. if diamonds are a girl's best friend, this one is now
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somebody's bff. wait until you hear how much it went for at auction. >> funny hearing you say bff. >> thank you.
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. welcome back. images from google mapping are prompting massive speculation about what is going on in china. earlier this week images surfaced showing a bizarre tangle of white lines etched into the desert in northwestern china. according the line covers an area one mile long by 3,000
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feet wide. some say this close-up shows burnt out vehicles. this one is thought to show trucks in flames. one expert on military and space issues has seen the images he says they are likely related to china's space program. the headquarters for the program are less than 100 miles away. peta the animal rights activist group has a new target, a virtual one. new campaign accused nintendo game character marrow of promoting animal cruelty. -- mario of promoting animal cruelty. the. the activists say mario is sending the message it is okay to wear fur and kill animals. peta has created its own game in which the dog chases mario trying to get his skin back. someone with very, very deep pockets has purchased the
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world's largest known yellow diamond for more than 10.9 million dollars that is an 11 million dollar diamond there folks. it weighs more than 110 carats found in south africa last year. experts describe the diamond as fancy vivid yellow the highest color gidding. bought by an anonymous bidder over the phone. the winning bid does not include the commission and any taxes. >> i can only imagine being that hand model, so much pressure. >> yeah. so much pressure not to walk out with it. >> new tensions at occupy camp from both sides of the bay. berkeley police giving orders for occupiers to leave sproul plaza. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at occupy san francisco there are more than a dozen fewer tents and a half dozen fewer protesters after police moved in. all of this leading up to a crucial meeting with mayor lee today. story coming up in a live report.
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facebook does damage control after a spam attack that has left some users red-faced. let's check out our major airports. everybody's got green, no flight delays. they could develop, especially in the eastern third of the country with the wet weather and severe weather possible there as you have temperatures from 41 in chicago to 64 d.c., 47 in st. louis, 72 in atlanta, nice boundary there that will create severe weather. any time you travel go to our flight tracker at just scroll to the bottom.
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at occupy san francisco police moved in overnight and removed a few, but just a few of the protesters. i'll tell you about that and the big meeting today with mayor lee. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live at occupy
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cal. protesters have put tents back up. they say they and those tents are not going anywhere as police make announcements they are subject to arrest if they continue. good morning. live at downtown san francisco i'll show you where the fog is getting thick in an update on the two chance of rain friday, saturday, sunday. good morning i'm sue hall wednesday morning commute live look at golden gate bridge as you head into san francisco from marin county. first reports of an accident on the peninsula we will give you all the details in a few minutes. it is 5:30 on this wednesday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. police in riot gear monitoring the occupy san francisco camp this morning after officers removed several tents and made some arrests near justin herman plaza overnight. protesters may express their outrage at a meeting this morning with mayor lee. terry mcsweeney is live --
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>> reporter: right here on market seat the riot police are still here, defending the ground that they -- they took four hours ago or so from people who had been camped out on market between stewart and spear. as we look towards justin herman plaza you can see things are calm. but it was a decidedly different story 1:30 this morning. about 1:15 police moved in after a warning took down 15 tents, arrested seven people and had it all done in 11 minutes they say. the tents were the ones on market which acted as a bridge between the main encampment at justin herman plaza and the one a away in front of the federal reserve. police say they were responding to numerous complaints. >> there's been complaints all along.
5:32 am
tonight it got clumped up at the end, barricades and the sidewalk narrowed from 30 foot to 6 foot sidewalk. we needed to ask people to move along when they didn't we detained them and will issue citations. >> reporter: some people at justin herman plaza decided to stay up all night after the rousting and turn this into something of a dance party. one leader of the occupy san francisco movement we spoke with this morning says when they meet with mayor lee later today there will be no negotiating. they see this as a political movement and they won't leave. mayor lee down here yesterday says the organizers are not living up to the agreement they had with the city as far as the size of the encampment or where the tents are being placed. he also says it is a health risk and he calls it intolerable. that meeting is going to be taking place a few hours from now. again, organizers of the occupy sf say they are not
5:33 am
going to budge, they are here to stay. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. police on the uc berkeley campus may be preparing to evict some occupy protesters there. tensions have been rising overnight with protesters so far defying a police order to take down the tents they reeriked and leave. katie marzullo is live on the campus to tell us more. -- >> reporter: we've just heard the first action of these overnight hours someone call for a mic check among the protesters that typically means they want everyone up and ready and maybe they will take a vote on something. live look behind me, we will see if they have any kind of vote. what we know is they have already voted to stay put. all the tents have been clustered into one spot and had a general assembly and decided they would link arms if police moved in to bust up
5:34 am
this camp. there are police here a handful maybe a dozen but they have in the two plus hours wee been here stayed on the perimeter and stayed quiet. they have made announcements about the camping being illegal and that the people here are subject to arrests if they don't pack up and leave. again, all the students we've talked to, all the protesters, i should say have said they are not going to leave. question is, will we see this morning what we saw last time occupy cal protesters put up tents in this last accident? last week pol98úó moved in quickly and -- and there was violence and reports of police brutal a student said he was here last week for that he's here again he does not expect this to elevate to the same level. >> i don't think that they are going to use the same tactics tonight. i think they are going to wait. they are not going to use batons if the same way. we heard they are going to use pepper spray in a different way, maybe tear gas we have to
5:35 am
prepare for everything. the idea that students who are peacefully assembling to worry about these things is ridiculous. standing up for educating. >> reporter: last night there were 5,000 on campus it was a big party most of those people left there are maybe 100 people out here this morning. a dozen tents this group says they are standing their ground. katie marzullo, abc7 news. this morning uc berkeley police investigating the shooting of a man who officers say was brandishing a gun. investigators say there is no indication the suspect believed to be in his 30s is linked to the occupy cal protest. the man was shot by an officer at 2:15 yesterday afternoon inside a third floor computer lab at the school of business. university police a 91 call from a school employee who saw the -- police got a 911 call from a school employee who saw the man with a gun appeared to be in his backpack. >> i heard shouting and
5:36 am
shooting. >> what was being said? >> it was indecipherable because i had my headphones on as soon as i heard the gunshots i ran out of the lab. >> there were cameras in the computer and -- in lab and police are trying to see if it was recorded. 5:36. the state's legislative analysts will release tax revenue estimates today those numbers will help determine whether more budget cuts will be needed in the middle of this fiscal year. state funding for education will take a big hit if cuts go into effect triggered automatically if the state fails to collect four billion dollars in revenue above forecast. the latest department of finance figures show california 1.3 billion dollars below forecast for the first four months of fiscal year. cal-state university system stands to lose 100 million dollars in funding.
5:37 am
the triggered cuts will be announced december 15th. budget problems deepen for oakland voters rejected all three ballot measures. main issue measure i. temporary parcel tax that would have cost $80 a year. 62% voted against it. the revenue was intended to be used to restore city services, including library, police and fire. voters defeated a measure to extend the amount of time the city has to fully fund the police and fire retirement system. a measure to make the city attorney an appointed position also lost. facebook has become the victim of a security breach that has forced some users to delete their accounts. in the past few days users have been flooded with violent and pornographic images and videos that showed up in news feeds. facebook says it was hate hit by a coordinated stpapl attack which tricked users into pasting -- malicious lines in their browsers. the company says it is
5:38 am
currently investigating to find out who is responsible. new report could further damage the obama administration relating to its handling of the solyndra loan and bankruptcy. the san francisco chronicle reports administration officials urged the solar panel maker to delay announcing lay-offs until after last year's midterm elections the memo was released by republicans. tomorrow morning the energy secretary will testify before the committee. solyndra received a half million dollars federal loan guarantee in 2009. the company isn't an e-mail last year saying it needed emergency money to avoid shutting down. solyndra filed for bankruptcy in september, laying off 1,000 employees. 5:38. once again, alaska sending is primary export to california, cold air. and plenty of it. >> mike? >> quite a change in the forecast coming. a little bit today with cooler weather. you will really notice it
5:39 am
friday and through the weekend. good morning here's a look at the jet stream still well north low clouds along the coast. visibility down to 1 and 3/4 mile around half moon bay up to about 9 in santa rosa, half mile in novato and 3/4 of a mile in napa. watch out for that. some of this fog is spilling across san francisco now. winds fairly calm just above the surface northerly wind will push some of this fog down the east bay shorelines right now not a problem. upper 30s santa rosa, mid 30s napa 8:00 rest of us in the 40s to near 50 san francisco, mid to upper 50s around bay shore low to mid 60s during your lunch hour at noon. at 4:00, after hitting the mid to upper 60s back in the upper 50s to low 60s with i'd say mostly sunny sky step for clouds along the coast. chance of light scattered
5:40 am
showers tomorrow in the north bay, everybody gets rain friday and again saturday afternoon through day morning, monday and tuesday looking drier and warmer. hello everyone. now to the peninsula, san mateo where we have reports of a new accident southbound 101 before peninsula avenue blocking the right lane we have the fire department there and they are in lanes. so far no significant slowing past the scene. it is early enough and hopefully they will get that out of there. just be aware southbound through san mateo could get slow. current drive times now, there's your drive 101 from san francisco to the san mateo bridge area 84 the dunbarton bridge and 101 from santa rosa into marin. it is now 5:40. it is marketed as being healthier. but it has made several children sick. next what you need to know about a statewide raw milk recall. santa clara getting ready for the 49ers. the vote they took that will
5:41 am
pave the way for the construction of a new stadium. bizarre shooting at the white house. the man now considered to be a real threat to the president.
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♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i?
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[ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. state health officials have recalled all raw milk products
5:44 am
produced by a fresno dairy company. at least five children have gotten sick with e. coli after drinking raw milk made by organic pasteurs. one child is from contra costa county. health officials have stopped organic pasteurs from producing all raw milk products except for cheese aged at least 60 days. consumers are urged to throw away any products made by organic pasteurs that contain raw milk. money will pay for moving utility lines and installing new sidewalks to get the lot ready for construct. the new stadium is estimated to cost a billion dollars. the 9ers have agreed to pay for most of the bill. santa clara will spend only a maximum of 40 million dollars. some residents are complaining it is a bad deal. >> i think the people of santa char should be appalled they are moving forward -- without
5:45 am
having the proper things in place >> it is a soft ground breaking in january you will see bulldozers leveling out that vacant parking lot. >> opponents of the stadium plans say they are gearing up for the december 6th council meeting where all the financial terms of the plan will be laid out. san jose schools may have a 15 mile per hour speed limit in school zones. last night the council voted unanimously to adopt new speed zones the lower limit is voluntary for each school and the schools would have to pay to set it up. the council decided to select and review three schools in january to see how effective the new signs are. >> 5:45. new bankruptcy talk involving american airlines. the bloomberg business report is straight ahead. the bold crime targeting children wearing jewelry in south bay schools. the bizarre shooting at the white house and the man now considered to be a threat to the president.
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welcome back. california forecast could be sprinkles around eureka. mid and upper 60s big sur, fresno, sacramento, chico, san diego, 77 in palm springs. to the nation's capital.
5:49 am
one of the gunshots fired near the white house last week actually struck the building. new information about the suspected gunman has federal investigators increasingly concerned. a manhunt is underway fors tar ortega of idaho. -- police say he's mentally ill. it is believe he has a fixation on the white house. last friday night gunshots were reported near the white house an assault rifle was recovered. a bullet was found yesterday launched in the grass. president obama is in australia. he announced an agreement to expand the u.s. military presence. he arrived in the capital city and attend a dinner with australia's prime minister and other officials. at an earlier event mr. obama announced the 2500 marines will be sent to australia over the next several years the move is widely viewed as a response to china's growing assertiveness. china has responded by saying an expanded military footprint
5:50 am
is australia, may not be appropriate. >> they are just about to have their summer there yesterday i felt like we were experiencing a taste of summer here everybody having a great time. >> enjoying the last warm today. today temperatures cool and get significant this weekend. >> i felt the same way as i was sitting on the couch flipping channels. >> you look well rested today. >> thank you very much. >> you look a little -- well a little slimmer, i thought that would come across as an insult. >> oh man. >> 5 -- [ talking over each other ] >> i did it again didn't it. you both look great this morning. check out the marine layer clouds are back and they signify a cooling trend winds more westerly today than northerly usually a cooler push of air not chilly like this weekend you may notice a this afternoon. let's talk about what is happening this morning. the fog is out there around
5:51 am
napa, novato also half moon bay. 37 in napa, 39 in novato. 49 in half moon bay. 51 antioch, 50 oakland san francisco everybody else in the 40s. temperatures around the monterey bay mid to upper 40s inland to salinas 41 gilroy cool spot 38. mostly sunny, pretty close to seasonal highs today becoming cloudy not as chilly tonight wet friday and the weekend coming into focus as we talked about it would as we get closer right now saturday afternoon to sunday morning looks to be the greatest timeframe for the most amount of rain. today 63 in fremont just like yesterday, 64 san jose, two degrees cooler 60 san francisco, four, concord 64, oakland of 1, santa rosa 65, -- all five degrees cooler than yesterday. 10 hours and 7 minutes of sun. east bay valleys mid 60s.
5:52 am
mid 60s throughout the east bay shore. san leandro 61. south bay mid 60s campbell, cupertino, saratoga 65. low to mid 60s peninsula, san mateo 60 within. upper 50s along the coast with clouds stubborn 59 south san francisco to near 60 downtown low to mid 60s through the north bay valleys sonoma 63. upper 50s monterey and carmelo to mid 60s for rest of the money -- carmel low to mid 60s for the rest monterey bay. clouds filling the bay and coast. high pressure dominating getting squeezed by in system. today the last mild and dry day. tomorrow afternoon, slight chance of an isolated shower in the north bay. rest of us will get rain friday and then another chance saturday afternoon through sunday. snow levels dropping to about 3500 feet by sunday morning.
5:53 am
monday and tuesday, sunshine and a warming trend. have a great day. update for you in san mateo southbound 101 before poplar accident blocking two right lanes, fire crews on scene, ambulance, emergency so far no significant slowing. let's take a look at drive times, 101 not bad headed towards san mateo. highway 4 starting to bunch up towards pittsburg and 580 out of the central valley starting to slow towards livermore. 92, 101 towards hayward san mateo bridge less than 15 minutes. first reports of an accident now -- pardon me a stall as you are leaving san francisco on 280 at caesar chavez that stall is blocking a lane update in a few minutes. walnut creek lafave looking good towards -- 24, before you leave the house. 5:53.
5:54 am
major u.s. bank cutting jobs. new bankruptcy chatter about american airlines. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. citigroup may be about to cut up to 3,000 jobs sourcing telling bloomberg that may include hunts in trading and investment banking. bad news for people looking for work. bloomberg found job prospects are no better now than when the recession ended two years ago. wells fargo survey says 80 may be the new retirement age instead of 65. watch for more bankruptcy talk about american airlines. analysts say the parent company may need to consider bankruptcy if it didn't strike a labor deal with pilots. president obama saying today he's deeply concerned about europe's debt crisis. slightly higher close for stocks yesterday on optimism a new government in italy would
5:55 am
be able to deal with the region's debt problems. move over cable tv, sonny considering launching internet television you could watch on sony devices like playstations, tv sets and blueray players. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. this is alarming for parents. police warning about a woman going around to elementary school campuses if san jose conning young children into giving her their gold jewelry. at least three girls fell victim to the scam between the ages of 6 and 8. the woman described as being in her 30s prethis ends to be a family friend -- pretends to be a family friend and convinces the girls to takeoff their jewelry in two cases she swapped costume jewelry for geld necklaces. the district has sent notice -- sent notices to parents. >> we believe beefed up our security. we want our students to to remain safe. >> the thefts have been
5:56 am
reported at washington, grant and kennedy elementary schools. if you have information please contact san jose police. the santa clara valley water district closer to floor dating is water. yesterday the board voted unanimously to add fluoride to three treatment plants and wells it could cost up to nine million dollars to make the change. supporters say fluoride protects against tooth decay and cavities, especially if children. boxes support telephone and internet services the group san francisco beautiful joined other organizations in suing the city they claim officials failed to conduct any type of environmental review before approving the installation of 726 utility boxes. the group believe the boxes will be an eyesore and endanger pedestrians. the injunction will remain in place until the lawsuit is resolved. just ahead, illuminating a
5:57 am
problem in hopes of fixing it new crime fighting protest -- proposal that means some dangerous areas are about to get brighter. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live at occupy cal. the only interaction we've seen between police and protest announce s. police have told campers their -- tents are illegal. campers have voted to stay the story coming up live. h@
5:58 am
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