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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 16, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am PST

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tonight on "nightline," out of the shadows. shocking new allegations as yet another mother speaks out, her son, adopted by former penn state head coach jerry sandusky. she claims sandusky groomed him for abuse. police, celebrity scents. from brittany to j.lo, taylor swift to justin bieber. celebrities with a nose for business are making millions, selling gray branss to fans. but what exactly goes into these bottles that's so irresistible? and ghost hunters. abandoned caves, empty palaces. what lurks in these dark corners? we go in with believers who say
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the answer is out of this world. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," november 16th, 2011. >> good evening. we begin tonight with a major development in a child abuse scandal that continues to grow. yet another mother has come forward, saying her son was adopted by the now disgraced former penn state coach, jerry sandusky. she says sandusky used the children's charity he set up and ran to gain access to her son and others. sandusky is charged with 40 counts of molestation and abuse. here's abc's jim avila. >> it was unnatural from the beginning. >> reporter: she knows jerry sandusky all too well. debra long shares a child with him. hers by birth, his first as a foster child and at age 18,
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adopted as an adult. after a relationship that began when matt was just 10 years old. >> when it first started, you could see that he was, like, excited to see jerry show up. and as it progressed, it got to the point where he would look out the window, see jerry pull in and hide behind a bedroom door. >> reporter: matt has said publicly he was never molested and to this day has aligned with his adopted father. but his mother does not believe it and says coach sandusky stole her son's affections from her with the same predatory skills prosecutors say he used on eight alleged victims of sexual assault. meeting her son at the children's charity, second mile, mentoring him. a mom giving insight into what she and prosecutors contend are sandusky's grooming techniques. >> it was jerry sandusky. any 10-year-old kid is going to be impressed by penn state football. it's a game here or a picnic there. penn state jackets and athletic
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wear and shorts and money. every -- >> reporter: trips? >> yeah, everybody that a kid would dream of. >> reporter: but for this mother, watching her child slip away, sent to sandusky's foster care after a boy vandalized a garage, not sure what was happening to him. it was a different kind of dream. how scary is it for a mom? >> oh, it's a nightmare. nobody even wants to think that somebody would do that to their child. and then so many adults knew about it and did nothing. how is that right? >> reporter: it is the same method this mother says sandusky used with her son. but her boy, alleged victim number one, says he was molested by sandusky and abc news has learned that he, along with another of the eight alleged victims, identified in the indictment paperwork, are now prepared to testify against sandusky in court. is your son anxious to testify against him? >> he's scared but he's anxious.
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he's ready. he wants to do it. he wants him to go to jail and he wants him to pay for what he's done. >> reporter: the other boy ready to testify is represented by ben an dree owe si. >> he's not going anywhere. he intends to testify. >> reporter: the attorney says until sandusky tried to minimize his conduct on national tv this week, his client was only on the fence about testifying. but now -- >> when he's called upon by the attorney general's office to testify in the criminal case, he'll be prepared. >> reporter: those two alleged victims will join coach mike mcqueary as the key witnesses against sandusky. mcqueary says he interrupted a brutal attack by sandusky on a 10-year-old in the penn state locker room shower area. mcqueary already testified in front of a grand jury and that panel found his credible. >> in this circumstance, you have a group, again, a group of jurors that are were unequivocal in saying mcyear rip's testimony
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was very credible. the prosecutors are hoching that when they present that testimony to a, what we call a pettitte jury, that they will feel the same way. >> reporter: the former d.a. has a brother-in-law adopted by jerry sandusky. so when the charges first came to his office in 2009, he saw that they were serious and turned the file over to the state attorney general, claiming conflict of interest. and even now he is shocked at what he sees as a pattern of ape abuse that was allowed to go on at one of america's finest institutions. you look at what happened in this case, where officials were informed and they didn't go to police, that surprise you? >> yes, it does. my visceral reaction to that is, how can you know what we now know is alleged you were told and not have done something more with it? indeed, how can you know in 2000 or 2002, you're away of three
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incidents and not have done something about it. >> reporter: eight cases and perhaps more to come, in over a decade of time, by a man prosecutors contend used his position, power and the attraction of big-time college football, in what many are now calling the biggest scandal in sports history. that pe at penn state university, i'm jim avila for "nightline." >> a tragedy that just keeps going. just ahead, what does justin bieber and hallie berry have in common? we sniff out an answer. [ male announcer ] if you like action movies... ♪ ...romance... ♪ ...documentaries... or whatever else, then you'll love netflix. netflix lets you watch unlimited movies and tv episodes over the internet on your pc
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>> well, follow your nose, the saying goes, and that's what we humans tend to do. build powerful associations with smells from our mother's perfume to mountain air to our most loved and loathed foods. well, now some celebrities are betting that we may want to smell like them. and that we'll be willing to pay for the pleasure. looks like they're right. here's abc's andrea canning. >> reporter: from beyonce -- >> catch the fever. >> reporter: to taylor swift. >> wonderstruck. >> reporter: to justin bieber. celebrity scents are sach rafting the market. with one spray, a promise you're not closer to your favorite star. the world's leader is cashing in on the cache of celebrity. the perfume industry rakes in billions of dollars a year, with 69 celebrity scents launching
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last year alone. elizabeth taylor set the stage in 1991 with white diamonds. >> not so fast. >> reporter: but the genre exploded with jennifer lopez's glo. were you shocked at the response? >> we were. the first year, basically was triple our forecast. it became a $200 million business in one year. >> reveal, my new fragrance. >> reporter: halle berry just launched her third scent, reveal. do you think when someone is buying a celebrity perfume they are getting a piece of that celebrity? >> my fragrance is part of me. that i can tell you. i've smelled it 500 different times with this little note added, we change it. >> reporter: she says she spends months working on the right ingredients to give her fragrances that personal touch. her love of flowers inspired her second fragrance. >> pure orchid. >> reporter: what is behind it? >> this one is from a very rare
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orchid. it has fruity notes in it. very light. >> this is a perfume lab. it's very fray grant. >> reporter: that's a lot of smells here. pure orchid was created at this top secret lab. and it took a lot of begging to get in. >> you can have 100 ingredients. it's a complex recipe. >> reporter: the scents are all mixed are rodrigo flores-roux. >> we encountered a beautiful orchid a very, very complex methodology. we got the air around the -- >> reporter: you captured the air and captured the smell around the orchid? >> yes. >> reporter: a celebrity gets up to 10% of sales, on top of up to $5 million for the use of their name. for britney spears, that means a
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$30 million a year payday just if her perfume what's good for the masses isn't always special enough for celebritiecelebritie. so, some starts look to this man to make them a customized scent at his "i hate perfume" lab. >> perfumes are for the person who is wearing them. they are the opposite of perfume. >> reporter: among his clients are top secret celebrities. and for the right place, you can have your vun or one of a kind smell, too. >> really wonderful waffle cone, like fresh made. >> reporter: don't expect to leave here smelling like a rose. try carrot cake or, yes -- clean baby butt? >> that one is one of those happy accidents. just like you cleaned the kid and changed the diaper and powdered him or her down and it's -- the young end. >> reporter: he searches the world for unusual scents and says most clients seek smells
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that remind them of a personal or past experience. definitely makes me hungry for dinner. but your memory in a bottle doesn't come cheap. a customized scent will cost you no less than $2,500. >> i work with one rare wood that costs over $100,000 a kilo. >> reporter: i hate perfume does it scents by series. my first stop, of course, the sweets. >> one of my favorites, my birthday cake. people say, when they smell it, oh, i can smell the chocolate icing and the pink roses. well -- lord knows what experience they're having because this is my birthday cake, which is always an angel food cake. >> reporter: and there's a food series. who is going to wear roast beef? a skin series. wet sheep? >> yes. >> reporter: does it take someone back to that farm in -- >> yep. >> reporter: and his newest aroma smells like, well, a better version of you. >> called where we are, there is no here. >> reporter: the idea behind
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that is to have something no smell? how does that work? >> it's not so much a noticeable smell as it is a really lovely aura. >> reporter: for halle berry, her product's placement is as important as its smell. what do you say to the ladies who wear just a little too much? >> i have a big pet peeve about where to put it. i tell people, don't put it around your neck or face, and that way you don't leave it on other people. put it on the back of your arms, in your midsection or in your inner thighs but not around your face. >> reporter: i'm obsessed with almond smell. and now it's my turn to get into the fragrance game. so, this is the andrea. >> yes, exactly. >> reporter: it's a process that normally takes months, even years. >> and smell. >> reporter: that's beautiful. can i put this on my wrist? >> yes. >> reporter: for "nightline" in olfactory overload, i'm andrea canning in new york. >> i don't know about the wet
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you don't have to be a believer in the undead to know that the power of ghost stories lingers long after childhood campfires. millimeters of us believe that ghosts do, indeed, exist. well, tonight, nick watt finds a society of ghost hunters and follows them into the dark. >> the sound seems to be coming down the tunnel. >> reporter: we're imbedded with the believers. >> just heard a breath right behind me. >> reporter: we're deep in a cave stuck into an english hillside. we're searching for the dead. >> any spirits here, make your presence known to me. >> reporter: they believe benjamin franklin, who did once visit, might haunt these tunnels. >> foot steps? i believe in ghosts. i've seen them with my own eyes. >> reporter: a quarter of brits
11:57 pm
now claim to have seen or felt a ghost. and that number is clirmenning. this is, so they say, a haunted little island. there's a tongueless lady at gl glamis castle. the somes of long dead prisoners in this jail. and here at henry viii's castle, one of his exwivs haunting this gallery. >> and it's in this gallery that people have reported hearing those final screams. and in this spot, more than anywhere else in the palace, 6.5 acres of ground the building covers, over the people that faint, faint in this spot. >> reporter: in 2003, security cameras recorded these pictures, dooring bursting open and a figure grabbing them shut. so, what opened the doors? >> if you find out, let us know.
11:58 pm
>> reporter: and then, there's number 50, berkeley square. a book shop and this, they say, is the most haunted address in britain. the police once closed the top two floor, so fearsome was the ghost, apparently a man died of fright in his bed up there. a terrified sailor threw himself from the window to escape a demon. and did that actually happen? >> didn't happen at all. it happens in a novel. >> reporter: owner ed maggs claims he's debunked every story. how do you know? >> it was in the novel. she's the novelist, herself, said, no, it is make believe. >> reporter: and the police closure notice? wartime bomb damage, says maggs, not a dangerous spector. so, why do the ghost hunters who flock here want to believe? >> i suppose people are maybe a little bit dissatisfied with the world that they see around them and want something else to be there. i'm really sort of baffled.
11:59 pm
i don't get it. >> reporter: is their search for something, anything, inevitable in an increasingly godless society? or, as some say, are we reading too many spooky novels? watching too many ghostly carto cartoons, tv shows? >> got a slight increase in the elect electromagnetic field around here. >> reporter: no one can prove ghosts don't exist. >> we've gathered paranormal evidence here in terms of, again, temperature pluck raxs, people have been touched. >> reporter: but not even barri has proved that ghosts do exist. >> i don't think i'm going to find ultimate proof even before i die. i'm just going to carry on. when inpass away, i'm going to come back and get proof. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline" in the hell fire caves, england. >> ah, the adventures of nick watt. thank you for watching abc ne


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