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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 17, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PST

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police scuffle outside of a san francisco bank. we are live at the bank where several dozen demonstrators are still inside. >> we are learning more this afternoon about the man that campus police shot and killed yesterday at uc berkeley. >> also, a silicon valley company launching underwater robots that will traverse the pacific. we'll take you inside for a look at the submarine technology. join us for all those stories and more coming up on the news at 4:00. >> lizzie has deals for us. >> you can get $100 worth of food for $50 from -- gourmet meats khaorbgss and wine -- tell [ unintelligible ]
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[ unintelligible ] again, i want to see your girl scout uniform. >> i don't know. >> we have boy scouts here. lizzie and i will check you out tomorrow. [ unintelligible ] >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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occupy protesters take over a bank of america branch pounding on desks and defacing walls. >> a bank manager demand they leave, but it didn't happen until police moved in and started making arrests. nearly a hundred of them were arrested tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. today's occupation of b of a in san francisco could be a sign of tactics yet to come. >> with demonstrators leaving their encampments and targeting banks.
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abc's -- [no audio] >> here we go. >> we shut all of the doors.
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>> the bank manager wanted the trespassers out, and police gave them the option to leave. some walked out, but mostnot. not. 95 arrests. one by one they were lead out of the building and into police vans as supporters cheered and onlookers tried to catch a glimpse of the action which was tense at times. >> the officers were taking bottles from the protesters and at some point we have even had protesters grab the happened gun of some of the officers that were in their holsters and try to remove their batons from them. >> those who were arrested were taken to the county jail where i am told they will be cited fortress passing and released. abc7 news. >> thank you. the bank of america protest was one element of
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today's march. dozens of demonstrators continued to the state building at san francisco's civic center protesting tuition hikes and calling on the state to provide free education. the refund public education march was organized to protest the cancellation of the uc board of regents meeting in san francisco. it was called off over concerns the protests would turn violent. in berkeley, protesters began their second day of occupation on the cal campus. despite a clash with police last weekend, warnings are that tents must come down. the tent city there is actually growing. alan wang is live with the latest for us. alan? >> carolyn, a pretty mellow atmosphere. only three campus police officers that i can see. the encampment has grown to about 18 tents and it seems like more occupy yes, sirs are trickling in, and they are more entrenched with first aide service, tents, couches and even pay yawn knows --
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pianos. they are warning students that camping is a serious violation, but the protesters were so confident that police would not toda a raid today that many left on buses to join other protesters in san francisco. tonight they said they can sense the lack of urgency in the hourly police warnings. >> i am warning you to remove all camping equipment. failure to do so will subject you to citation or arrest. >> right now as far as i can tell everyone is feeling positive, and there is no feeling of an imminent raid like there was yesterday. >> there is always the threat of it, but the occupy movement will spring up again if they try to crush it down. >> the student protesters believe an eviction raid is imminent, and tonight they were planning for it, things like how to contact faculty and arrange themselves in the tent when the police do come. the uc berkeley campus police say they have been preoccupied with yesterday's officer-involved shooting
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death of a student. but they say they are still discussing a course of action to take to remove these tents when the time is right. reporting live from uc berkeley, alan wang, abc news. >> thank you very much. the occupy movement is calling for a national day of action tomorrow. groups from new york to the bay area are planning rail lows-- rallyes and marches and they are considering digesting from corporations that don't pay income tax. it could include verizon, violentsts turn violent in long beach in southern california after the csu eoted to raise tuition yet again. four people were arrested and two officers injured after someone smashed a window. here comes the window. you can see broken glass everywhere. the board approved a 9% tuition hike in private after frustrated students were kicked out of the meeting. the csu spokeswoman said understate law the board can vote out of public view when meetings are disrupted to the point they cannot continue. tomorrow the faculty members
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at csu east bay and dominguez hills are on a one-day strike to protest the fee hike and a lack of raises for employees. there has been a major security breech involving the data of millions of sutter health patients. while no social security numbershe the stolen computer, many personal details about patient's conditions were. leslie brinkly is live from the medical center in berkeley. it is one of the hospitals affected by the breech. >> all it took was a stolen desk top computer to open millions to identity theft. an unen crypted desk top computer was stolen in mid-october. police were notified. >> i do believe that this was a crime of opportunity and not a targeted theft of data. >> but the records of over four million patients were compromised. for 3.3 million of them, the
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thieves got names, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers and insurance information. but another 943,000 sutter patients also had information about their dates of service and medical diagnosis or procedures stolen. they will get letters in the coming weeks warning them about the data theft. the stolen computer did not contain financial information or social security numbers. >> you know, now that this is out there, who knows who has it or will get it? once they know what they have in their possession they might find somebody who can extract the information so they can bring in more money. >> and that's the fear. the data could be used by identity thieves where fishing on-line could swindle them into giving things like credit card or social security numbers. included in the stolen computer was patient information for many physician groups oos well as -- as well as berkeley, san leandro hospital, eden medical center and sutter medical center of santa rosa.
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>> sutter has set up a special phone number you can call to find out if you have been affected by the security breech. log on to and look under see it on tv. reporting live in berkeley, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thanks. cal police say the man shot to death on campus was acting strangely in the past couple weeks. chris travis was an honors graduate at a community college and was enrolled at business classes and had a steady job. police and witnesses say travis pulled a gun on officers in the computer lab at the house school of business. and that's when they opened fire. a sonoma state student who killed a toddler while texting and driving last year has been sentenced to five days in jail. 19-year-old caitlin dunaway will be placed on confinement. she wiommunity community service and surrender her dislns for one year.dunaway hi dunaway hit and killed callie
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murphy in a crosswalk. she pled no contest to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. a lot more to bring you tonight. the new modern day gold rush. these jewelry at thesesome of prices today. 7 on your side's michael finney is here to tell you how to get the best possible price. >> and the man who is about to take responsibility for losing a half billion dollars in taxpayer money. >> plus, retirement delayed. the age at which most people are now leaving their working days behind. >> and then later on "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden, carolyn and dan, coming up on "nightline," a mother whose son was adopted by jerry sandusky speaks out saying her son was uh -- abused. and from beyonce to britney
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with the price of gold sky rocketing, it is tempting to dig through your jewelry box and sell the pieces you no longer roof. >> the price has gone through the roof, but how do you get the best price? michael finney is looking into this, and he is here now. >> the holidays are coming now. a few extra bucks is nice, but it is not a good idea to take your gold and walk into a
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random store fronts. to get the best price you need to know what your goldz is worth before you -- what your gold is worth before you leave your house. here is the guide. the gold business is booming. buyers and sellers and coins and jewelry. perhaps you should sell. how do you get the most we asked three gold dealers to check our jewelry and give us a price. pacific precious metals was our standard. they checked for quality and quantity and offered us $371. sthene -- then our intern went undercover. >> i first went to collectibles and coins in mill valley. i gave him the jewelry and he looked at it and spent time with it. he priced it out at about $371. and then we took it to west coast gold buyers in san mateo. she said it was $171. >> $371, $371, $171. >> there is no standard that
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anyone follows as far as what you have to pay somebody. everyone can make up their own price for them what would work for them. >> dan barrett from mill valley says this is not a case of buyer beware, but seller beware. >> most people really don't know how to calculate how much gold they actually have. >> so how do you know? well there is a formula to all of this. weight times purity times spot times percentage equals prize. weight is measured in ounces. purity in carrots. spot is the going rate for gold that day of rcentage is how much of the going the dealer will pay. to get a ballpark figure get out a kitchen scale, a cheap one is fine. weigh your jewelry in grams. there are 31 grams to a troy ounce. so these items are half a troy am.
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now look for the stamp on the jewelry. 24karats is nearly 100% gold making 14karats about 58%. so for us, 1 half troy ounce times .58 equals .29. now molt play that by the spot rate on this day of $1,620 and you get $470. shoot for a percentage of 80% 20 20% for profit and handling and the ballpark price for this jewelry is $375. very close to the $371 offered by two of the dealers. as for west coast gold buyers we asked why the difference in price, and we are told not knowing the exact details of the transaction, it is difficult to give an exact answer. one possible reason could be the buyer in the store you visited did not evaluate the items properly. we always offer a fair price, and we back it up with a 110%
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price match guarantee. >> i learn that you need to do it on your own and go to an expert and find out the value of the gold, how much you have and how much it is worth before you go out and sell it. had i not known it was $371, i might have sold it for $171. >> before selling your gold take a few minutes to weigh it and do the math. all of this will be on our website at you may be asking, what is with all of those figures ending with $71? there are two explanations, they used the same basic way to figure it out, the way we showed you. or pure coincidence. >> i vote for that, maybe. >> so many people i know and my wife knows is doing that now. energy secretary steven shu is taking responsibility for the loan guarantee. the nobel prize winker is expected to testify in
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congress tomorrow that the loan was subject to a rigorous debate and he did not make the decision based on political consideration. a house committee is investigating the $500 million. loan. on to the weather and another gorgeous day around here, but things are changing. >> getting cooler. meteorologist sandhya patel is here now. >> if you think it is cooler out there right now, it is going to get colder, and it is going to get wet. i want to show you the leading edge of the showers on live doppler 7hd. this is up near crescent city and heading down toward the bay area, but not immediately. temperatures look like this in the 40s and 50s. we do have dense fog. a quarter of a mile visibility and santa rosa and salinas reporting a half mile visibility. patchy fog and dense in spots for the morning commute. chance of showers tomorrow, and it is turning colder with showers on friday. and really heading into the weekend you will feel that winter-like chill in the air. here is the pacific satellite picture.
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high pressure is moving out as it weakens. it will set the stage for changes ahead. we arewersng at cold showers from the gulf of alaska. i want to show you the origins here. look at the current readings. anchorage 11°, white horse 0. juneau looking at 29°. this is the cold area where this is coming from. the air mass will get modified it is a works toward the bay area, but we will certainly get the chill. 5:00 tomorrow morning, patches of fog, low clouds, perhaps it is slowing you down for the morning commute. as you look around the 1:00 hour we will see light showers possibly developing around ukiah, santa rosa, and then by 5:00p.m. spotty showers at best, and this doesn't look like a lot. it won't amount to a lot, but by thursday night we will see more organized shower activity moving in, and really heading into the morning commute for friday. friday is look wet. scattered showers. look what is happening in ukiah.
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we could see snowfall as we head into friday night. it will certainly be snowing in the see yare gnaw nevada. with the scattered nature of the showers a trace of an inch to .15. and there is more coming over the weekend. winter weather advisory goes into affect for the see sierra nevada friday at 4:00 and continues until 7:00 p.m. we are looking at 10 inches of snow and 3 to 6 inches above 5,000. coming down is the snow level, about 3,000 feet. 1 to 3 inches are possible so the passes are going to be impacted. check your road conditions if you are doing traveling this upcoming weekend. readings in the 40s for the bay area. you with i will see some fog out there. definitely dense in spots as i mentioned for the morning commute. tomorrow's highs, a big cool down compared to today. low 70s in some spots. not going to happen tomorrow. north bay will be the coolest readings. 50s there. showers there. low to mid60s in the east bay. peninsula in the south bay. upper 50s to the mid60s.
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here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. a chance of showers tomorrow. very light if we get anything. a cooler day. cooling continues with showers on friday. rain likely saturday night into sunday morning. much cooler afternoon readings and it looks like as we jump ahead to the wednesday, the big travel day before thanksgiving, dan and carolyn looks like a juicey storm. >> that's why i am not going anywhere. >> well, coming up next, today's slow-speed freeway chase. >> and this time the suspect had four legs and a desperate need to high tail it from the cops.
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if you are thinking of retiring at 65, you may be disappointed. regis philbin is not the only one working until he is 80. according to a survey by wells fargo, the majority of americans can expect to work past the traditional retirement age. 25% expect to be working full time at 80. right now the average person only has about $25,000 saved for retirement. well on to more happy news now. it is not often you see a freeway chase that is scary, yes, but also darn cute. it happened in tempe, arizona.
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it took off after the cart it was in rolled over. a woman tried to coral it, but the dog would have none of it. it sprinted up the freeway ramp and across three lanes of traffic before a motorcycle cop was finally able to catch this guy. on the loose, but okay. larry beil is here now. >> he did have moves. not good moves, tiger woods a controversial choice for the team, and you will not believe his first match down under. sports is next.
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good evening. drama down under. the president's cup is underway in australia with tiger woods squaring off against adam scott. the connection of course is caddie steven williams who was fired by tiger and now working for scott. tiger was uh. lated. the -- tiger was annihilated. williams looking anywhere but tiger until tiger extends the hand. now that is over with. they started slowly and fadeedfrom there. tiger missing the birdie putt from there. it rolls past the pin. the greens are fast so this ends up in the opposite bunker
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and they drop another stroke. the carnage continues and they tiger down five. adam scott, 25 footer for birdie. international team captain greg nor man showing his uh -- approval. kj k.j. choi closes them out. it is like losing a football fwaim 55-0. despite that, the americans are actually leading four matches to two after day one. we are counting down to the 114th big game on saturday. cal at stanford. part of the tradition of big game week is the annual luncheon featuring players, alums, coaches and bands. >> he dominated the big game winning seven out of nine. a new cation -- situation for shaw. he experienced it as a player, but this is his first year as head coach at stanford. >> being a bay area kid, i
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know what this game means to the area and i know what it means to both teams. i know the guys are ready to go. we can't play for a couple more days, okay? just like coach shaw said, the build up all through the week and everything that goes on, it is a great tradition and a great, healthy tradition. have i been a part of some others that are pretty nasty but at least i think this is a healthy tradition. i don't know what you all think about it. >> height light of lunch, the comedian who carves up everything and everybody in his path. >> heisman trophy candidate, andrew luck has 29 touchdown passes with an off ifen cive line with the combined weight of 1500 pounds. he was there longer than a kardashian marriage. there is a great under rated passing game as well. two players raised by the same dad. the most feared attack since the ma -- menen de z brothers,
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ladies and gentlemen. now we're sensitive. okay. and the giants have been active this off season. in fact, sabien is on the phone right now with venezuela kidnappers to see if there is any interest in barry zito. >> so cruel, but so good. and that is your toyota sports report. >> "nightline" is next. take no prisoners. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. have a great night. king out.
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she tells abc's jim avila she had concerns about sandusky dating back as, as far back as the '90s. but her son however denies that there was any abuse. and he is still in fact allied with the former coach. in southern california, federal drug authorities have uncovered what they call one of the most significant smuggling tunnels ever. it runs about 400 yards long, linking drug warehouses from san diego to tijuana, mexico. what they found stashed inside is even more astounding. 17 tons of marijuana. so far, two men are under arrest. but authorities expect to pick up many more. a major new gun bill has been approved by the u.s. house. it would make gun concealed, make concealed gun permits, i'm
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sorry, issued in one state valid in other states as well. the first gun legislation that has come up in the house since congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot last january. the bill still face is a major hurdle in the democratic-controlled senate. when president obama gets home from overseas he'll have a small part of his jobs bill to sign into law. the house has unanimously approved legislation that beefs up job training for veterans and creates tax breaks for companies that hire unemployed vets. the senate passed the bill last week. it's $95 million price tag a fraction of the president's nearly $450 billion job proposal. >> after the trouble with the jobs bill as a whole. pieces getting passed. that got passed because it's not financed by a tax on the wealthiest americans. >> that's right. >> able to sail through and for the vets as well. unusual sight on capitol hill yesterday. a band of millionaires who stormed congress demanding higher taxes each of their nametags read patriotic millionaires. >> let them pay. getting attention as the super committee is facing a deadline
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to cut the nation's staggering debt. abc news sunlen miller is on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning, rob, sunny. the super committee goal was to put a gun to the head of congress to make the deficit cuts. we'll know this time next week whether they have achieved that mission. if they failed, the alternative is severe. this super committee could be headed towards a super failure. the 12 member, six democrats, six republicans from the house and senate, are tasked with a big challenge. cut at least $1.2 trillion from the deficit over the next ten years. their deadline is next wednesday. now, under a week away. >> this committee will come to order. >> reporter: after three months of hearings and secret meetings they're now in a stalemate. democrats have put entitlement reform on the table. republicans negotiated on revenues. both sides say the other has not gone far enough yet. >> i'm looking for a solution. they rejected a republican solution. they have rejected a bipartisan
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solution. we wait for their solution. so i am not rejecting any offer out of hand. quite the opposite. i am still waiting for a new offer to be put on the table. >> reporter: criticism is easy to find on capitol hill. >> so far, i have not seen indication that republicans are willing to agree to this balanced approach. if the committee fails to act, sequestration is going to go forward. >> reporter: this means if the committee can't reach a deal, a trigger effect would kick in. automatic cuts to agencies, with a large and painful cut to the pentagon budget. >> it will truly devastate our national defense. it will badly damage our capabilities for the future. >> reporter: members of the committee will be working in small groups all day today. congress calls this gut check time. while the committee really is in a headlock. they also feel that deadline


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