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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 19, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, battle for reno. a massive wildfire tears through northwestern nevada. 10,000 people are evacuated. and homes are destroyed. firefighters work through the night to try to contain the blaze. the latest twist in the penn state saga. joe paterno's newest struggle. this one is very personal. overnight, his son, jay, sits down for his first interview since the scandal broke. we're going to tell you what he had to say. new clues in a hollywood mystery. police say several new sources have come forward, leading them to reopen the investigation into the death of actress natalie wood 30 years ago. they say her husband, robert wagner, is not a suspect. we hear from wood's sister. does she think he was involved?
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and he's got game. a computer scientist sets a new "jeopardy!" record. but has he cracked the show's code? this morning, he reveals his secret weapon. and the answer is -- we'll tell you, coming up. and happy saturday, everyone at home. happy saturday to you. >> thank you. >> dan, you are a fashionable guy. i notice this new tie you're wearing. >> when my wife picks out my clothing, i'm very fashionable. >> i like your wife's style. and i have a question for all these women out there. but what do all of the hollywood fashionistas have in common with all of these people outside this h&m store here in manhattan? well, one of fashion's most sought-after designers is starting to sell the latest budget clothing line at the popular discount retailer. we'll show you the collection going on sale all across the country. dan, it's a huge name.
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>> it's a huge name. it's a huge day for me. i'll be lined up right after the show. also coming up, another oops moment for herman cain. what did he say this time? meanwhile, overnight, he took his campaign to late-night television. we're going to show you what he is saying now about those sexual harassment allegations against him. we're going to begin with reno burning. a fast-moving, wind-whipping wildfire is causing devastation in nevada city. check out this photo. those are flames just outside of the city. the fire is being blamed for at least one death. and dozens of homes have been destroyed or damaged. abc's cecilia vega is in reno with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it was so windy out here yesterday when this fire started, the fire crews couldn't use the planes they normally use to tackle this fire. and this is the result. nearly two dozen homes destroyed. this one was a 12,000-square-foot structure.
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and now, it's just a shell. ferocious winds, 75-mile-per-hour gusts, whipped this fire out of control. kicking flames into these upscale neighborhoods at reno's edge. in all, 2,000 acres torched. more than 20 homes and structures damaged. and nearly 10,000 people forced to flee their homes in search of safer ground. >> very scary. very unsettling. this morning about 2:00, i smelled smoke. but i thought it was one of our neighbor's fireplaces was just smoking. then, i started getting texts about 6:00 this morning from a lot of different people asking me if we were okay. and i didn't know what they were talking about. so, we hurried up and got in the car. we're in kind of in shock right now. >> reporter: a firefighter is in the hospital after suffering serious burns. a 74-year-old man, dead after suffering a heart attack while trying to flee. >> it's a tragedy. but i want everyone to know that the state is on it. we have all our assets have been deployed. the national guard is on standby. >> reporter: it was a dangerous combination of dry land and brutal winds that pushed this fire from 400 acres to more than
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3-square-miles. >> this wind is unbelievable. that's what's blowing the whole thing out of proportion. the wind has just been awful. >> reporter: but once the winds died down, firefighters said they managed to spare 4,000 homes. still, thousands more were forced to evacuate. and many spent the night in neighborhood shelters. on the front lines, the worst may be over. but for residents returning home today, the cleanup is just beginning. thousands of people are out of their homes overnight. when are they going to get back in? >> our goal is by 12:00 today. >> reporter: and the owners of this home already know that their house has burned to the ground. but, dan, many others will be returning in just a few hours to learn their very sad fate. >> cecilia, thank you. an incredible scene behind you. as we said, the big variable this morning is the winds. so, let's check in with the newest member of our team, the meteorologist, ginger zee. ginger, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. and good morning, everyone. 141 miles per hour. that was the storm at its peak.
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22 miles north and east of reno. that's just one number. but a lot of the gusts were 80-plus. it's this low-pressure system that rotates counterclockwise, that pulls away from reno today, relaxing the winds. so, that is great news for those folks. the forecast, down to 5 miles per hour, from the west. so, things are looking up. the weather is going to cooperate a little more. its tantrum is over, at least for that area. i'll have more in the nation's forecast in a couple of moments. bianna? >> all right, ginger. see you then. we're going to turn to the new details in the 30-year-old mystery surrounding the death of natalie wood. police have say several sources have come forward with new information leading them to reopen the case. but who are these sources? and will her husband, robert wagner, be questioned? abc's abbie boudreau has the latest from l.a. >> reporter: investigators reopening a hollywood mystery, the tragic drowning death of screen legend, natalie wood. was it an accident? or was there foul play? >> we have had several sources
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come forward with different information. >> reporter: but detectives will not say who they're sources are or what kind of new evidence they have. wood drowned off the waters of catalina island. she was boating with her husband, robert wagner, and family friend, actor christopher walken. wagner believes natalie slipped on the boat, hit her head and fell into the water. but the captain on the boat that night, three decades later, remembers things differently. >> we had quite a bit to drink. we were all intoxicated. >> reporter: he admits he initially lied to police about all he knew. now, he says he remembered wood and wagner in a heated argument, just before she disappeared. >> robert wagner had taken a bottle of wine and smashed it on the coffee table, in front of her and christopher. and natalie went to her state room. and robert wagner followed. they carried on their arguing in the state room. >> reporter: moments later, wagner told them natalie was missing. but urged him not to call the coast guard right away. >> i said to robert wagner,
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let's turn on the search light and see if we can't see here out there. he said, we're not going to do that at this time. >> reporter: why come forward now, nearly 30 years to the day? >> it's hard to believe that suddenly memories have gotten better, 30 years later. that's a tough argument to make. >> reporter: is there a plan to speak with robert wagner? >> there's a plan to follow this investigation wherever it leads the investigators. >> what else could they be looking at? apart from what did robert wagner do or not do that night? >> reporter: a mystery, all these years later. investigators hope to finally solve. wagner's spokesperson tells abc news, he fully supports this new investigation. and at this point, natalie wood's death is still considered an accident. bianna? >> abbie, thank you. we'll have much more on this story in our next half hour, when natalie wood's sister speaks out. does she think robert wagner was involved? dan? for weeks, as the penn state scandal has spun out of control,
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there is one image we've seen repeatedly. this, the outside of joe paterno's home, with the man himself inside and largely silent. this morning, an exclusive look inside at the family at the eye of this storm. abc's t.j. winick is in state college, pennsylvania, this morning. t.j., good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. in the past 2 weeks, joe paterno was fired from the job he held for 45 years. and he's had to battle accusations he helped cover up for an accused pedophile. now, we know his battle is much bigger and more personal. as the penn state community comes to grips with its sexual abuse scandal, it was revealed friday that recently-fired legendary football coach, joe paterno, is dealing with his own crisis, lung cancer. >> it's very treatable. and he's going to beat it. if there's one guy i know that can beat that, it's him. >> reporter: paterno's son, jay, a current assistant coach for the nittany lions, told espn he's optimistic that he'll make
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a full recovery. he also discussed the difficulty of the ongoing abuse investigation. >> i don't want to get too into specifics. one of the most important things we have to realize, it's a tough tightrope to walk right now. there's things you don't want to get into because there's an ongoing legal process. >> reporter: still, it has been a devastating two weeks here in happy valley. friday, the ncaa announced it's launching an investigation into how penn state monitors its sports program. and the second mile charity, founded by jerry sandusky, the one he allegedly used to find his victims, may have to shut down. if the financial support they so heavily count on is no longer there. the victims and their families will remain foremost in our thoughts and prayers, a statement from the acting ceo said. ultimately, it's the children who matter. the man at the center of this scandal, sandusky, has been mostly holed up in his state college home, hit by another brick thursday, breaking a window. >> do you have anything to say? do you have anything to say? >> reporter: the note read, i have nothing to say. contact my lawyer, if you wish.
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that attorney, joe amendola, told abc news, sandusky is innocent. amendola also revealed the defense's strategy. attack the credibility of two alleged victims, and key witness, mike mcqueary, who, again, friday, refused to speak about the case. >> i don't have anything to say. i'm sorry. okay? please leave, okay? >> reporter: this statue of joe paterno was put up outside beaver stadium here ten years ago. there were several reports this week that penn state was considering taking it down in the wake of his firing. but the university insists that is not the case. that they have much bigger issues to deal with. dan? >> t.j., you talked about the second mile, the charity started by jerry sandusky. there's a possibility, as you mentioned, they may shut down. what are the other options for this organization, given that they serve, i believe, 100,000 children? >> reporter: that's right, dan. they actually say if they don't shut down, at the very least,
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they would have to reorganize or maybe even transfer some of their programs to other nonprofits in the area. >> t.j., thanks for your reporting this morning. turning to politics. your voice, your vote. this morning, white house hopeful herman cain has flubbed another foreign policy question. and there are new revelations about newt gingrich's post-congress business dealings. david kerley has more from washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. these two republicans are really being pummelled. newt gingrich has seen his numbers go up in the polls. but he's getting new scrutiny, now, over the millions of dollars he earned in the private sector. money he says was not for lobbying, just for advice. everywhere he goes, the former house speaker has been bombarded with questions. questions about his past business dealings. >> if i'm able to answer them in a way the american people feel comfortable, then, i think i'll be a legitimate front-runner. >> reporter: and new revelations continue to emerge. gingrich paid by the chamber of commerce. paid millions of dollars by
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health companies trying to influence the health care reform law. this on the heels of reports that he was paid by freddie mac, the government-backed mortgage company that received a massive bail out. >> you've been critical of fannie and freddie. you took $1.6 until million, at least. >> i didn't take it. >> are you willing to return those funds? >> they weren't paid as a candidate. >> he's trying to position himself as the outsider. he looks like the ultimate insider, who went into a lucrative lobbying career on the outside. >> reporter: meanwhile, herman cain took his battle to save his campaign to late night last night. >> all of these women are lying. they're all lying. they are all lying. >> yes. they are. >> reporter: battling sexual harassment allegations. but that now-famous pause on foreign policy and libya -- >> libya. >> reporter: -- may be even more damaging. and cain may have just made it worse. trying to explain in florida, he suggested the afghanistan taliban is somehow involved in
7:13 am
libya. >> do i agree that they now have a country where you've got taliban and al qaeda that's going to be part of the government? do i agree with not knowing what the government will go to? which part was he asking about? >> reporter: cain's staff is trying to come to the candidate's defense. saying he was talking about one fighter in the libyan forces who used to spend some time in afghanistan, possibly affiliated with al qaeda. but there's no indication this libyan was ever a member of the taliban. dan and bianna? >> all right, david. thank you. we have a few weeks of this. iowa caucus not until january 3rd. and we turn to ron claiborne with the other headlines this morning. >> good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news out of libya. moammar gadhafi's son, has been captured in the southern part of that country. a military commander said he was caught along with two aides trying to smuggle them out of neighboring niger. saif, who was considered gadhafi's heir apparent, it's
7:14 am
gadhafi's eldest son and the last one unaccounted for. president obama and china's prime minister held a surprise meeting this morning on the sidelines of a major asia summit in indonesia. the main topics of discussion were the global economy and chinese currency valuation, issues that have often had the two powers at odds. but the president's national security adviser downplayed tensions between the nations after that meeting. in medical news, the fda has issued a major decision about the best-selling cancer drug in the world, avastin. the agency has revoked its approval of avastin for the treatment of breast cancer. and abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: linda arnold, a mother of two, has been breast cancer-free for two years. she believes she's alive today because of avastin. >> as soon as i started to take it, i could feel the tumor disappear within the first week of taking it. >> reporter: but the fda said on friday, after an exhaustive review of the science, there is no evidence the drug helps breast cancer patients live longer or improve their quality
7:15 am
of life. only that the drug causes dangerous life-threatening side-effects. it's a heart-wrenching decision. pitting experts and studying against some of the 90,000 breast cancer patients who believe the drug works. >> at the very least, i'm hoping you will keep avastin available for those of us who are seeing the benefits. >> reporter: and when the experts announced their findings, emotion filled over. >> 17,000 women, you just killed. >> reporter: avastin is still approved for colon, lung, kidney and brain cancer patients. but now, breast cancer patients who use it and aren't covered by medicare will have to pay out of pocket. for linda arnold, that will mean $8,000 every three weeks, which she and many others simply can't afford. >> i have an 11-year-old and a 15-year-old. and i want to see them grow up. >> reporter: she wants to stay on the drug for as long as she can. she's afraid if she stops, the
7:16 am
cancer may come back. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. self-help guru, james ray, has been sentenced to two years in prison for the deaths of three people in a sweat lodge ceremony. ray stood before the victims' families accepting responsibility. and apologizing for ignoring pleas for help at the event two years ago. he faced a maximum of nine years for negligent homicide. and finally, thanksgiving just around the corner. a turkey that was headed to washington for a possible presidential pardon -- almost said parole -- didn't want to wait around to learn his fate. ted, the turkey, that's his name, tried to escape during a ceremony with minnesota governor, mark dayton. 30 birds are headed to d.c. two will make it to the white house. not going to tell you what happens to the others. we'll leave that to your imagination. >> i love ted the turkey. he's feisty. >> he's out of there. >> he jumps up and says, come
7:17 am
near me, and i will cut you. i'll peck you to death. >> he's no dumb bird. >> he's not a dumb bird. ron, thanks for bringing us all the important stories. we appreciate that. let's get over to the weather now. more on ted the turkey. let's get to the weather now with the newest member of our "gma" team, ginger zee. good morning once again, ginger. >> good morning, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we're starting out with the same type of system. pacific northwest is a mess. let's go north to seattle, begin with some video, showing snow. seattle has slushy rain. that's what i'm hearing on twitter and facebook and seeing some of the reports. not an inch or more of snow, like snohomish county. again, this is north of seattle. same storm, going to move off to the east. and what it will do behind it is bring that wind. it was in reno. and now, going to move into parts of nebraska and denver. cold air above. you mix that with moisture on a front, you're going to have snow. six-plus inches in that hot pink region.
7:18 am
rapid city had a record snowfall for that date, almost five inches. not talking snow. but warm and mild air, much like last weekend. with breezy conditions, all the way from atlanta, dallas, up to new york. so, you will be a little warmer than average. >> so, which college football game will you be watching or going to? i wanted to start something new. everybody loves the college football outside. and starting us out with my pick of the week, nebraska at
7:19 am
michigan. ann arbor going to be really nice for football today. just a little on the windy side. temperatures at the beginning of the game, in the mid-40s. and up to 50 by the end. now, i'm sure you have different opinions as to which game's bigger. >> s.c./oregon, is a big one. but nebraska and michigan should be a good one. >> you'll be watching? >> i'll probably be sleeping. >> you will probably be watching. >> yes. >> i love the honesty from ron. coming up here, natalie wood's sister speaking out, as police reopen the investigation into how the actress died. what she says now about her husband, robert wagner. high style, low price. why are so many of these people lining up early on a saturday morning? are they hoping to be the first to get the designer clothes for discounts? well, you can, too. we'll take game show shenanigans for $77,000. how about a computer scientist who says he cracked the "jeopardy!" code and won big? how did he do it? and no fruit is as versatile
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coming up on "good morning america", designer duds for bargain prices. we'll tell you why all these people are standing outside h&m this cold november morning. waiting to get some versace. >> suffering for fashion. also, coming up, the guy who may have figured out how to game "jeopardy!" what did this computer scientist figure out? why did he win so big? we're going to talk to him, coming up. and one of our favorite segments. a weekday regular here on "gma," "your three words" including this horse. ♪
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♪ glamorous, glamorous look at that. these are scenes from the scramble that happens when you sell versace at a discounted rate. we also have a live shot this morning of people lining up outside of the store in new york city to buy this stuff. >> i have a feeling if i wasn't sitting here next to you, i'd be in that line, too. that's a huge designer name. and to be getting these prices, these people are smart to get out there early. >> a lot of excitement here on the "gma" set this saturday morning. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, november 19th. also ahead this half hour, how to win big at "jeopardy!" sure, it helps to be smart. but this guy says he has figured out how to game the game show. we'll tell you what he did to become one of the biggest winners ever. also, celebrating anniversaries, another milestone, in "your three words," one of our favorite
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segments. that's coming up, as well. we're going to start with the reopened investigation, into the death of natalie wood, and the cloud of suspicion that's been hanging over her husband, actor, robert wagner, for 30 years. now, wood's sister is speaking out. and abc news' newest correspondent, bazi kanani, is here with more. bazi, welcome. >> reporter: good morning. l.a. county sheriff's investigators may question robert wagger again about the night his late wife died. the questions he's been answering for almost three decades now. and response to the speculation he may never escape. >> is robert wagner a suspect? >> no. >> reporter: police say he is not a suspect. but for 30 years, he has faced questions about his involvement if his wife's disappearance. now, the boat captain says the night natalie wood died, robert wagner, who friends call r.j., was in some way responsible. and wood's own sister is speaking out. >> i can't ever believe that
7:32 am
r.j. would purposefully do something to hurt her. >> reporter: but she does believe there's more to the story. and she says she has had many discussions with the ship's captain over the decades. telling tmz -- >> he said everybody was quite drunk. that a fight did break out. an argument, i should say. and that natalie was in the water. and that he and r.j. did nothing to pull her out. he said -- and this is a direct quote from what dennis said to me. leave her there, teach her a lesson. >> reporter: for decades, wagner has denied any knowledge of what exactly happened that night. he has admitted that he and christopher walken, also onboard, had been drinking and were fighting. he spoke to diane sawyer in 2008, about what he thinks may have happened. >> she went outside and slipped on the swim step and hit her head and was knocked unconscious and fell into the water. and we never heard anything
7:33 am
onboard the boat. if we would have heard something, or had known something was wrong, we would have done something. and nobody heard anything. >> reporter: over time, wagner moved on. marrying the actress jill st. john in 1990. they're still married today. he starred in the hit series "heart to heart" and took a supporting role in the austin powers movies. now, these latest claims that lana wood related to cnn. >> i don't think she fell. i don't know if she was pushed. i don't know if there was altercation and it happened accidentally. but she shouldn't have died. >> reporter: wagner released a statement saying he supports this new investigation. he also suggested he believes this is about the boat captain trying to get attention. and to profit from the 30th anniversary of wood's death. now, bianna and dan, legal experts say, after all this time, it would be incredibly difficult to prove a case against wagner. >> the 30th anniversary is
7:34 am
coming i believe on the 29th. we also learned that christopher walken has retained an attorney himself. he was starring in a movie with natalie at the time. >> we'll hear so much more about this. >> thank you, bazi. we appreciate it. nice to have you on the show. welcome. >> welcome to abc news. >> thank you. we're going to turn to ron claiborne with the other headlines this morning. good morning, ron. >> welcome to you. >> i like the burnt orange of the university of texas. >> hook 'em horns. >> hook 'em horns. good morning, everyone. in the news, firefighters in nevada have made progress in containing the fast-moving wildfire that's engulfed part of reno. easing winds and snow are aiding in that battle. it's accounted for one death and destroyed dozens of homes. syria is not easing its brutal crackdown on protesters. one day after agreeing to allow arab league observers to oversee a peace plan. critics say that syria is stalling to ease international pressure. and the obama administration is planning to impose new sanctions on iran's petrochemical industry next week. the new measures are in response to the latest u.n. report showing that iran is developing
7:35 am
the technology to produce nuclear weapons. and finally, some of aretha franklin's clothing and household items are going on the auction block in detroit today. the queen of soul is not selling them herself. she abandoned the items in a storage locker years ago. time, now, for the weather and ginger zee. ginger? >> ron, as november settles in here in the northeast and also the southeast, people are going, burr, it's a little bit chilly. talk to the folks up in minot, north dakota, or billings, where they're seeing 20 degrees below average temperatures. so, the cold has settled in behind the system that's bringing snow no the northern plains. again, ahead of it, milder conditions from atlanta up to new york city. looking for that cold and messy stuff to stick with the pacific northwest.
7:36 am
>> the weather report has been brought to you by target. and i wanted to leave you with just a few pictures from twitter and facebook. one from idaho, showing all that snow. if you haven't had it yet and you're ready for winter, gives you a little piece. and a beautiful sunrise in chicago. >> love those facebook pictures. ginger, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," fashion for the masses. which fashion designer had these people camping out in near-freezing temperatures? we'll tell you. it starts with a "v." plus, in the category of game show winners, this guy is making headlines because he says he cracked the code of "jeopardy!" we'll tell you how he did it. mountain series, level 10. backwards. starts next friday morning at midnight.
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ginger, i think our producers caught on when we tried to call in sick this morning. especially being your second weekend here. we couldn't call in sick. we're here at work. if we weren't here, we'd probably be downtown in a line, don't you think? >> i agree. >> it's the biggest trend in fashion. high-end designers creating lines for discount retailers. bargain-hunting fashionistas go crazy for them, like the missoni
7:40 am
for target in september. and now, they're lining up for versace at h&m. and abc's meg oliver is in front of the store, downtown. she's in front of the line. >> reporter: i know, right. no one's letting me cut in front. good morning to you, too, ginger. these are hard-core shoppers. they've been lined up for 24 hours. and this is going to turn into speed shopping, kind of. they're going to let groups of people come in according to their color-coded wristbands like this lovely lady has on here. they get 15 minutes in each versace area to shop their hearts out. prints, studs and leather. oh, my. the versace line may be every fashionista's dream come true. with stiles straight from the runway, but for a fraction of the cost. >> i was looking for the right moment. i thought this was the right moment to do it. >> reporter: it's even got celebs like nicki minaj, jessica alba and jennifer hudson raving.
7:41 am
>> something like this is so amazing, because you give the everyday person the opportunity to wear versace. >> reporter: for versace fans everywhere, this line has been highly anticipated. >> we had people lining up two days before the launch, to get their hands on the collection. >> reporter: ranging from $20, up to $400, it's the dazzle for less than half the dough. versace is just the latest in a string of designers to bring their style to mass retailers. missoni recently launched a line at target, with dishes, women's wear and bikes. demand to popular, it crashed target's website. h&m have done launches with different designers. >> bringing a designer brand, like versace, to a retailer like h&m allows it to be available to a whole, different audience. it can re-invigorate a brand and breathe new life into its whole dna.
7:42 am
>> reporter: shoppers race to the racks in the h&m flagship store in new york city, grabbing the goods in a special preview before the clothes go on sale today. >> it's easy to wear. easy to buy. >> still quality. it's still fun. it's still well-made. >> reporter: and last week, the versace collection nearly sold out after 24 hours on h&m shelves. we got our own look at the line. >> iconic versace logo. updated little black dress. leather shoes. a faux fur vest. a silver and also a gold metallic dress. >> reporter: seems like a win-win for everyone. especially if you want to re-create this j. lo look at a much lower price. and you can't beat the price. a versace dress can easily run you $1,000. they are limiting the number of items you can buy. if you're going to buy a dress, like the little black dress you saw, you can only buy two of those. they're trying to prevent the frenzy that broke out in europe. back to you. >> all right, meg. you only have 15 minutes.
7:43 am
>> i think i may be overwhelmed. coming up on "good morning america," they say there's an app for everything. does that include winning at "jeopardy!"? this guy says he's come up with one. plus, release the hounds. it's "your three words" coming up. and select furnishings or 36-month financing. the drawer closes on these offers november 30th. [ coughs, sniffles ] especially when you're sick. now, with new simpler packaging, robitussin® makes it simple to get the right relief for your symptoms. new simpler packaging, same effective relief. robitussin®. relief made simple.
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all right. is anybody here good at "jeopardy!"? >> no. >> i enjoy it. >> i like it. >> doesn't surprise me one bit. you're got at it? i'll test you later on. "jeopardy!" is one of the toughest games. but there may be a way to game the game show. there's a computer scientist that has broken the all-time "jeopardy!" record.
7:47 am
he's never gone up against ron, however. this guy is coming clean about how he does it. turns out, there's an app for that. here's abc's john berman. >> reporter: roger craig is "jeopardy!" royalty. he won a record-setting $77,000 in a single day. more than the famous ken jennings. more than ibm's watson computer. and he just won the tournament of champions to boot. this dude is good. and smart. >> roger -- >> who is kinsey? what is a pneumonic? what is to be or not to be? what is unicef? what is escargot? what is walden pond? >> reporter: is this just smarts? this week, he hit back-to-back daily doubles. bet everything each time, and nailed it. >> when i picked novels, i went for $1,200 because i thought there might be a daily double there. >> answer. the daily double. >> i'll bet it all. >> and i got it and doubled up, i immediately went to a different category where i thought there might be a daily double, as well.
7:48 am
>> languages $1,600. >> another daily double is there. >> i immediately thought, whoa. and i surprised myself that i had gotten two daily doubles back-to-back. >> reporter: luck? maybe not. roger developed a computer program that helped him study. >> if you watch "jeopardy!" enough, you'll notice that presidents comes up, shakespeare, world capitals, novels. categories tend to repeat. >> reporter: did it help with that daily double? did he know where to look? >> they're not random, as most people would think. and you find them more frequently in the bottom three questions. >> reporter: game show experts say no program will take you over that final "jeopardy!" finish line. >> it's a total waste of time because you can't outguess the categories. and you can't outguess the specific material. >> reporter: still, it's hard to argue with results.
7:49 am
>> new record, $77,000. >> i think if he wasn't that smart, wouldn't make a difference. >> yeah. still had to get it right. >> very impressive. the show comes on after "world news" here in new york. and i've been watching him. he is a smart guy. >> so is abc's john berman. thank you, john, for that story. coming up on the broadcast, "your three words."
7:50 am
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well, it's time for us to ask you how your week was. these people answer that question in "your three words." the song is "someone like you," by the summer set. enjoy. ♪ you got a price tag hanging on the back of your dress ♪ ♪ you got your shoes undone and your hair is a mess ♪ ♪ but no one sees you like i do ♪ ♪ you roll the windows down when it's starting to rain ♪ ♪ yeah
7:54 am
♪ everybody else might think you're insane ♪ ♪ but no one sees you like i do ♪ ♪ 'cause the little things don't mean much to me ♪ ♪ my girl, i'd cross the whole world for someone like you ♪ ♪ oh, oh, no matter where i go, oh oh ♪ ♪ my unpredictable girl you're impossible, girl ♪ ♪ you know that it's true oh, oh, no matter what you do ♪ ♪ i'd cross the world for someone like you ♪ ♪ someone like you a girl like you ♪ ♪ someone like you ♪ you love to sing along when you don't know the words ♪ ♪ you lock your keys in your car right next to your purse ♪ ♪ yeah, no one sees you like i do ♪ ♪ you only show up right out of the blue ♪ ♪ then 20 minutes late 5:00's early for you, yeah ♪
7:55 am
♪ no one sees you like i do ♪ ♪ 'cause the little things don't mean much to me ♪ ♪ my girl, i'd cross the whole world for someone like you ♪ ♪ oh, oh, no matter where i go, oh, oh ♪ ♪ my unpredictable girl ♪ i'd cross the world for someone like you ♪ ♪ oh, oh, my unpredictable girl i'd cross the whole world ♪ ♪ for someone like you oh, oh, no matter where i go ♪ ♪ oh, oh, my unpredictable girl impossible girl ♪ ♪ you know that it's true oh, oh, no matter what you do ♪ ♪ i'd cross the world for someone like you ♪ >> can we pull up that smooch? 65 years. and the spark is still there. look at that one. >> he goes for it. >> yeah.
7:56 am
>> all right. >> take that, peter. >> three words. >> yes. >> well, we're always looking for your three words. but especially your thanksgiving three words since thanksgiving is next week. if you want to share your holiday words, go to our website, and upload your video there. thanks for watching abc news this morning. we're always online at on yahoo! see you tomorrow. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. big travel week, big weather week. >> good morning. we're talking about a beautiful start to the day. you can see the golden gate bridge. lots of sunshine, but numbers have been below freezing in our north bay valleys. visibility less than a quarter of mile in some spots.
7:57 am
novato, isn't rose, be careful this morning. chilly in oakland, 43. 39 in fremont. livermore coming in 39, as well. we have a weak high pressure before the next system moves in early evening in the north bay. we are looking at a little bit of light snow around reno and lake tahoe. pretty nice afternoon and this system slides down the coast and models have been going back and forth whether or not we're going to see the rain for the big game tonight. i would say bring the rain gear and possibility it will be soggy at times. today, partly cloudy skies, look for clouds increasing throughout the afternoon and then as the system gets closer we will see the rain arrive tonight lasting through the overnight hours. then beginning partly cloudy again tomorrow. 36 in the northern sierra. 67 in palm springs. rain arrives in southern california overnight tonight.
7:58 am
57 in oakland. dry day in palo alto. then the rain moves in by the later evening hours. we're talking scattered showers early morning tomorrow. another chilly start. partly cloudy in the afternoon, rain coming back wednesday into thanksgiving. thanks, lisa. >> a protest against the protestors. neighbors face off in occupy oakland. protestors were pepper-sprayed in another occupy demonstration.
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