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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> occupy oakland protestors teardown a fence and occupied a vacant lot at 19th street and telegraph avenue. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. it is a rather soggy morning. our meteorologist, lisa, is here with a look at how long all the rain is going to last today. lisa. >> hi, carolyn. we are looking at some thunderstorms and gusty winds. the life doppler shows a spattering of the showers all around the bay. lock at that, those little yellow circles offshore indicate
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thunderstorms. this is all continuing to move through the bay area. an actual front has moved through. we have low pressure to the west of san francisco. it will generate more showers throughout the day. you see down along the peninsula, 280 and 101 some light shower activity and thunderstorm down around san jose and sunyvale this morning. we aren't out of the woods yet. still the possibility of some unsettled weather. a dry couple of days to start the week and rain for thanksgiving. i'll let you know in a few minutes. carolyn. >> all right, lisa. in the news this morning there has been a raid this morning by san francisco police in riot gear, clearing out an occupy camp in the financial district. this is not the main encampment at justin herman plaza. this is at the site of the federal reserve bank on market street. they told them they were camping there illegally.
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they arrested those who refuse today leave. officers are still on the scene this hour making sure the tents don't go back up. people camped in justin herman plaza have been waiting nervously but the police have not moved on them. the raid began after 1:00 this morning hours of a marched and rallied at city hall. we pick up that part of the story. >> reporter: more than 150 people braved the rain, cold and wind. this is a silent canned light vigil being held from an interfaith group from around the area. the march began at 9:30 and ended here at the occupy san francisco camp. the reverend alexander child toiled us why she and other religious leaders have joined the movement. >> impassionate about the movement and the power of social justice to help guide the power of our morale compass to guide
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the social justice movement. >> the crowd gathered to hear speakers and to talk about spiritual guidance for the occupiers. occupy san francisco also took to the streets. they arrived at a barricaded city hall where police kept an eye on the 100 or so protestors. the group also organized an emergency tweet to warn when the camp are being raided. >> there have been threats on the encampment the last two weeks. >> nancy, who marched against the vietnam war in the '70s joined the group. >> i'm here because this is where i be long. the children are showing us what to do. >> on the cellphone video a public work group clad in blue suits have been seen entering the encampment around noon. they came to start dismantling the camp. >> they didn't get any of the tents. we came together and rallied
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people who were living there move their tents here. >> they did collect trash from the site and did leave. they are angry at the new restrictions being placed on the camp by a mayor who seems to be losing their parkens. >> no dogs, no tents, no potted plants, no food. basic human needs and rights to alexei assemble are being disregarded by the mayor and the police department. >> occupy san francisco is expecting a special guest tonight. daniel elseburg will addressing the group. >> in oakland occupy demonstrators are waiting to see if police will move in and out of their new uptown encampment. yesterday they tore down a fence at a vacant lot at 19th and telegraph and set up camp. abc7s leslie brinkley has been following that protest.
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[yelling] >> within minutes the fence was down. police stood by on every corner, many in full riot gear, and watched. >> i don't question for a second that there will be tents up. >> we need tents, and anything that we can use so we can be here and occupy! [yelling] >> within an hour the entire square of vacant land at 19th and telegraph was covered in tents. more people came bringing boxes and food and supplies. there was dancing and music. the residents stood by on the perimeter. >> i'm a big fan of the movement but it feels a little different when it's in your backyard. >> hundreds spent the day marching peacefully through oakland as an of-present contingent of police closed roads to pave their way. and a grand rally capped off the
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afternoon and speakers came. >> as the rain moved in the crowd definitely diminished. police called for things to quiet down after 10:00, and they did. in oakland leslie brinkley, abc7 news. in san jose protestors briefly occupied mayor chuck reeder's driveway. you see them posing for the picture. they left after police asked them to go. one of the people in the tent is shawn o'kelley, also known as cracker. he was the one perched on top of a wall in city hall near san jose vowing to stay until the occupy movement accomplished its objectives but he came down yesterday morning before head being over to the mayor's house. chancellor at uc davis said she will not resign despite calls from faculty and others to do so after a pepper spray incident on protestors. this cellphone video shows a uc
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davis police officer pepper spraying occupy davis demonstrators. she called it chilling but denies her leadership acts. >> while i do understand the student frustration, i do understand the unfortunate and very bad really situation that was created for our students on friday. i don't believe that that by itself is -- it would lead me to resignation. >> the chancellor said she is forming a task force to investigate that incident. and the occupy sacramento movement fueled by the union message took their message to the governor's home them stood across the street with members of the employees international union calling for more jobs. the protesters have been critical of governor jerry brown
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saying that he has not aggressively pursued taxes on the wealthiest californians, even as the state reduces services. >> in other news berkeley investigators are look for the cause of a five alarm fire that gut add five-story apartment building. that fire consumed the sequoia apartment building. flames began shooting out of the building on friday night and burning into the morning yesterday. fortunately there were no injuries. authorities have red-tagged that building, saying it is unsafe. officials are worried the structure could collapse. the city of vallejo is holding a vigil for a slain police officer. the 19-year-old investment tran was shot and killed thursday, chasing a suspected bank robber. henry albert smith of fairfield skyrocketing held on murder charges. he is set to be arraigned tomorrow. the officer's family made their first public statement this
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weekend asking the public to please show your respect by saying thank you to a police officer today. a memorial for kapu continues to grow at the vallejo police headquarters and a fund has been set up to help his wife and three daughters. you can find out how you can donate to the fund at up next, destructive wildfires if reno are now under control and authorities say they know what sparked the flames. also, the city of oakland's effort to make sure every child receives a gift this christmas. [ mom ] hey guys.
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>> this morning thousands of people forced out of their homes by a raging wildfire in reno are being allowed to go back. 32 homes were destroyed in the fire that burned more than 2,000 acres near reno, nevada. the flames spread rapidly because of gale force winds. >> we believe that the cause of the fire may have been electrical arcing, and given the extreme wind conditions that we were experiencing in the last 24 hours, it is not uncommon. we believe it was accidental. >> that fire is now 80% contained. the dining rooms at san francisco saint anthony foundation are a lot busier this year and that's why the
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foundation is continuing or counting on its 24th annual curbside donation program. it started yesterday. you see people just drive right up and give out groceries there. saint anthony's has seen a 15% increase in the number of people needing food. >> a lot of our folks have lost their jobs. in fact we just surveyed our guests and 38% lost their job in the last two years. that's a lot of folks that whatever income or resources they have, most of it is going for housing and they just don't have enough to stretch their food dollars so they are coming to us. maybe last year they came one day a week and now they are having to come three or four days a week. >> saint anthony's receives two-thirds of its donations during the holiday season and they use that to serve 3,000 meals a day. yesterday hundreds of people lined up to apply for donated toys for this holiday season. yesterday was the kickoff of the mayor's holiday toy drive in san francisco. officials say families who would
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like to receive toys can go to the mayor's office to apply. oh, that was in oakland yesterday. all right. well, beginning to feel a lot like christmas everywhere. oakland, san francisco, you know. >> yeah. only a little bit of snow in the sierra nevada, though. we have a good amount of rain last night, anywhere from a quarter inch to half-inch. some spots in the hills of the north bay an inch. right now we have dry conditions. san francisco, a little cool out there. still showers in the forecast for your sunday. i will pin point when and where. and thanksgiving, we will talk about that too coming up. >> all right. also coming up, stanford holds on to the axe for the second straight season. mike shumann has the highlights from the big game in this morning's sports.
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>> quite a little soaking there, lisa. not just tiny rain. >> no, no. right. everybody got wet at the game, and still some showers out there. even thunderstorms offshore. the area of low pressure just off the coast. that will continue to rotate in some showers, maybe a thunderstorm. still a few sunny breaks today
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but a chilly afternoon. a live look outside. nice and bright after yesterday's rain. we are still in it. we want to lock at live doppler hd and this will show exactly are the rain is in several spots for you. first i want to let you know the numbers of cool. 47 mountain view, 49 san jose with 55 in san raw fell. an area of low pressure where unstable air continues to rotate through with a chilly afternoon with scattered showers and sun today. dry throughout the middle of the week but wouldn't know the next system, maybe an inch of rain and into thanksgiving day some leftover showers. so we get our break, but it is going to end by the time the very busy wednesday afternoon arrives. so here's a look at the thunderstorms. you will notice right here offshore, and that's where the low is. it will continue to fly to the south and east of us. so the shower activity will die down throughout the morning hours. but take a look at the north
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bay. here is where mount saint helena is. we are picking up in concord and here some light showers. oakland and alameda, light showers on the peninsula. san francisco, not too much going on here. wait until you see what is happening offshore. this is san jose. still some rain moving through there, throughout sunyvale. this is the thunderstorm activity. you will notice that it is approaching the coast. we will see more showers throughout the morning hours and a pretty good band of it right there. so the area of low pressure continues to sink to the south and east. take a look at this loop here. it looks pretty neat, doesn't it? well, the low is right here. the cold front continues to slide through southern california so they are getting ready to see some pretty heavy rain. this low will fly to the south and east and spin up a few areas of light, maybe moderate rain,
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maybe a thunderstorm. here we are throughout the rest of the morning hours. you notice not a whole lot going on through 10:00, 11:00. but with some heating of the sun, the cold air in place, we've got some rain throughout the area. 2:00 in the afternoon. as we go through the latter part, notice it sinks to the south and east. we are really not clearing out until the evening hours. that's when a weak high pressure builds in and gives us our two to three-daybreak and mild temperatures. we will be back in the 50s. but not today. scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm. 55 livermore, 57 in san jose. as we look ahead, that leftover moisture allowing for a good deal of ground fog tomorrow morning. then a nice day with low to mid-60s into tuesday, and wednesday maybe another inch of rain, three quarters of an inch to an inch and then by thanksgiving some leftover showers. you will notice we keep that theme going. but it should be the leftover variety into the big shopping day and next weekend looks like
5:21 am
the ridge builds and we will be dry. >> leftovers are meant for the day after thanksgiving. not -- >> i know. we've got it all there. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports this morning. the raiders are in minnesota trying to stay atop the afc west. this afternoon the niners will try to improve to 9-1 when they host the cardinals at candlestick park and last night stanford tried to avoid being upset by cal in the 114th big game. here's schuh. good morning. when it comes to the big game between cal and stanford throw everything out the window, record, starks heisman candidates, everything, because you never know what is going to happen. cardinals fans ready for the game. and montgomery takes receipt verse. the freshman's first big game and he has all kind of room. 34 yards for the touchdown. 7-0. still in the first. 7-3, andrew luck struggling. this pass way off the mark. steve williams takes it back for what should have been a pick 6 but a clip and sideline interference call and they
5:22 am
return, but a huge play nonetheless. cal wastes no time taking advantage. zach maynard on the money. 17 yards, 10-7, cal. they make is 13-7 before stanford struck back. tyler gaffney, 6-yard touchdown run, 13-14, cardinals at the break. and luck struggle the first, caught fire in the second. to toiloo. and wide open. a wide open hewitt. stanford pulling away in the third. in the fourth cal won't would go away, maynard great play fake, hit him. two point sore. added the conversion to pull within 7. look at maynard. scrambling around hitting jackson sob buza, son. matt. tj anderson in. cal within three. 14 seconds to go. a stare down for the axe is on. on-side kick. kobe hauls it in and secures it. they wayne 31-28. the axe remains on the form.
5:23 am
>> it feels great. we knew it would be har. under the conditions. they have a good football team and maybe the best receiving score we've seen all year. our kids didn't play perfect but we fought back. >> last year the drive down there, put in the well zone. we played well but not well enough to win. >> the seniors get to go out as winners in the big game. we are very, very happy and it is a big deal. all right. san jose state taking on navy. their first-ever meeting. first quarter spartans down for. matt faulkner finds the end zone. san jose state up three. the last two losses came off fourth quarter comebacks. navy hoping to do the same. kriss proctor's pass in complete. navy wins 27-24. and matt barkley throws it deep to marquis lee. great catch. runs it in. 59 yards, 7-to, trojans. barkley threw for 323 yards and 4tds.
5:24 am
fourth quarter uc led the game. the ducks tie it, not tie it, law michael james pounds it? and the ducks down a field goal. five seconds left they get a chance for the game tier. missed the 37-yarder. usc with the upset of oregon 38-35. a whacky game in baylor. ing looked number four oklahoma late in the fourth. tied at 38. baylor will not be denied. 43 second later robert griffin the third, what a throw to williams. 34 yards. griffin acts for more than 500 yards and 4tds. baylor the fourth win over the fifth ranked sooners, 45-38. let's hit the ice. another big game, san jose hosting dallas who lost four straight. they had them seeing stars. a big rival. sharks on the power play, back door to brent burns. 1-0, sharks. and sharks make it 2-0. the pass off the skate.
5:25 am
he gets it in. his 7th of the year. dallas shutout their past two games. great opportunity here, michael ryder goes in alone. and niemmi, the glove save, makes it look so easy, stopping 30 of 3 is. sharks win second in a row. 4; the final. we head down under for team golf. united states facing the internationals in the president's cup. u.s. captain fred couples frat nicing with the enemy in the final days of single matches. steve got team international off to a good start. from the deep rough, finds the bottom of the jar. eagle for goose and he beats matt kutcher. lights out for the u.s., winging all five matches. and the birdie putt. he wins 4-3. put pa good kay for phill mickelson emson, four down on the first six goals the gets the birdie touraine the hole. hughes to adam scott 2-1. team adam made amazing shots yesterday. j.j. choi, the bunker on the 7th. two bounce nothing. he still loses to nick watney.
5:26 am
and tiger woods had a rough week from the bunker on the par 515. look at this shot. >> this should be good. >> stops just short of the hole and clinches it for the americans to win their fourth straight cup 19-15. raiders are in minnesota. the niners hosting arizona. we have the highlights at five. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> next at 5:30 the bring your own bags warning for shoppers in one bay area city. and an experimental underwater voyage under the pacific. the bay-area built robots that are set to explore earth's final
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>> welcome back. san francisco police remain in the financial district this morning to make sure that tents from occupy san francisco protestors don't go back up in front of the federal reserve. overnight police in riot gear moved in and cleaned out a dozen tents in front of the federal reserve on market street. six demonstrators were arrested after refusing to leave. there were no injuries. this is not the main encampment at justin herman plaza. last wednesday city officials told demonstrators there that they were camping illegally. yesterday about 100 protestors marched on city hall, complaining of civil rights violations. >> some of the complaints, things are no tents, no dogs, no
5:30 am
potted plants, no food. i mean, it's just like basic human needs and rights to assemble are being disregarded illegally by the mayor and the police department. >> city leaders say public health issues now outweigh the right to assemble and protest. cellphone videos show public works crew coming through the plaza wearing blue protective suits and cleaning things up. and in oakland occupy demonstrators are wait to go see if police will move them up and force them out of their new uptown encampment. they were evicted last week from frank ogawa plaza so they tore down a fence here and once again set up camp. police stood on the sidelines as they held a rally yesterday to save oakland schools. so far officers have not moved in on this new encampment. back in 2007 san francisco became the first city in the country to ban plastic bags from
5:31 am
grocery stores and pharmacies. well now there's a proposal to extend that ban and even go a step further. >> reporter: if you are shopping in san francisco there could soon be a new mantra, byob, bring your own bag. plastic bags are already band from groceries and pharmacies that could now be expackedded to all retail stores and restaurants in the city. proposal comes from supervisor, ross, who pushed the first ban back in 2007. >> it's common sense, it's measured and time we take it to the next level. >> a key component in the next step would hit any the checkout line. under the proposal bags that are allowed, including paper and compostable, will cost you ten cents starting in july of next year, climbing to a quarter per bag by 2014. >> it's not a big deal. i can bring my own bag. >> the supervisor said when washington, d.c. started charging a fee, customer usage
5:32 am
of the bags dropped by 81%. it's not just grocery stores that would be required to charge for bags, it's all retailers. the owner of clothing store, emily lee, has concerns. >> it becomes just another impede meant to making the process an easier one. it makes it less friendly. >> the businesses will get to keep the fee, which is one reason the california grocers association and the san francisco chamber of commerce spoke in favor of the proposal at a city hall hearing. but an attorney representing plastic community has sued the city and is threatening to do so now there will there's a state environmental impact review. >> san francisco is basing this ordinance on misinformation and exaggerations and false statistics. >> that legislation is now scheduled to go to the full board for a vote on tuesday. a high-tech experiment is underway, sending robots across the pacific on a scientific
5:33 am
mission. abc7 business and technology reporter david loui has the story. you will see it only on 7. >> reporter: these four robots, each weighing 200 pounds are on a historic voyage across the pacific. >> that's one of the reasons we named them of a great explorers. these little robots will do things of that never been done before. >> they are called wave currents. they will make measurements. they will be powered by solar pants. the robots themselves will be propelled by association waves interacting with mechanical finishes. >> that constant flapping is almost like a swimmer kicking his finishes and it's continuous. the wave motion is always there so you always have propulsion and the submarine is always pulling forward. >> here's an underwater view how it works. a flotation device carries the sensors. a tethered submarine provides the propulsion. it's a true robot because it travels and sends back data on
5:34 am
its own every ten minutes by satellite. human intervention is possible if a passing ship is on a collision course. some of them we will see through this ais receiver. so large vessels will transmit their position and course overground where they are headed and we will see them coming in and avoid them easily. >> another threat comes from hungry sharks. the four will move in formmation to hawaii and then flit in pairs. one pair heading to australia and the other to japan. it's a voyage of 300 days and 25,000 miles. if and when this wave glider gets to hawaii, it will set a guinness world record for the longest voyage made by an autonomous ocean robot. the science community has been challenged by liquid robotics to find the best use for the data. >> so to have the scientific community look at the broad scope of huge amount of data from the crossing. and tell us? is what it means for science this is is what it means tore understanding the oaks, that's what we are looking for with the challenge.
5:35 am
>> in sunyvale, david loui, abc7 news. well, the weather for this thanksgiving weekend, can my mommy get to town? >> oh, yes, she will definitely get there. but will she get that walk in before and after thanksgiving? we've got the rain here. looks like the storm is slated -- another storm is slated before thanksgiving. we will have to fine tune that for you. right now you are looking live outside from the studios where its dry and quiet in the city but still plenty showers around. the main score of our system still offshore. it will bring in showers. i'll show you where coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the women of sierra leone. carolyn johnson shows us the life-changing improvements they are making as they help a troubled nation rise from the ashes of civil war. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, where toasted oats, with rich dark chocolate, or sweet honey come together in the most perfect combinations. ♪ yeah, i was just thinking
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game day ideas made easy. grands! and gravy. man, it's butter all the way.g? uncle ray, gravy or butter? definitely butter. boom! or gravy. ham. turkey. or nothing. as long as it's grands!, i'm good. [ female announcer ] grands! holiday ideas made easy. >> i have already seen christmas trees up, not in the stores. >> we are waiting. >> but in people's homes. >> i've never heard of that. before thanksgiving? >> ah-ha. right after halloween, in fact. >> oh, boy. we have the weather for sure. the snow is slow to get going in the sierra but it is snowing there right now. a winter weather advisory for the next several hours until 4:00 p.m. right now still have scattered showers in the bay area. chilly out there and live look outside. things are quiet in the city home fairly with cloudy skies. a southeast wind as the area of
5:39 am
low pressure continues to sink to the south and east, taking the moisture with it. but here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. you notice that we do have some pretty good rain offshore and thunderstorms embedded in this line right here. so we will be looking at more rain to move on in throughout the morning hours before the atmosphere becomes more stable. here's a look at the north bay. live doppler 7 hd shows our own radar sweep will. you see around the bay, a lighter cell. in the east bay things are quiet for now but up by benicia a light shower. walnut creek no problems. oakland and alameda off got light showers and mist and drizzle down the peninsula. daly city and offshore of moss beach you see a heavier cell. we've had a little cell around the south bay, around san jose, and that continues to bring the light to moderate rain. as we head out westward you will notice the motion shows that this line of shower activity is
5:40 am
aimed right towards the peninsula. the north bay. it is responsible for the wet weather that brought anywhere from a half in top three quarters of an inch. that's the area of low pressure that will ten to slide to the south and east. it's 50 in oakland now, 48 in fremont with 46 in santa rosa. definitely warmer than yesterday. today featuring scattered showers with some sunshine. dry later on this afternoon, into monday, tuesday, and then wednesday our next stronger weather maker. perhaps an inch of rain and then the showers continuing into thanksgiving day. so here's what is going on. that area of low pressure just west of san francisco right now. you can see the twist in the atmosphere. but the front has pushed on through and most of the activity through the san way queen valley and southern california right know, they are getting ready for some heavier rain, mountain snow while we see the leftover hit and miss showers from the low that continues to travel south and east, taking most of the rain with it. so here we are for the rest of
5:41 am
the morning hours. you see the breaks in the cloud cover. but with the cool air in place, and that instability, we will see those cumulus clouds. some scattered showers develop by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon and just sort of a smattering throughout the south bay, the peninsula through the late afternoon. then with the sun setting things calm down and we will look for a cold night tonight. in fact, today not any warmer than yesterday. 55 concord and fremont. san mateo, half moon bay with the scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm. then tomorrow some morning fog, but turning out to be a nice afternoon with highs in the upper 50s at the coast, low 60s elsewhere. a also warmer tuesday and sun wednesday. then have the next rain macker. thanksgiving the scattered showers and the weekend so far maybe i'll take the rain out on friday. it looks okay. >> i know the resorts would sure like to have more snow. >> it really varies, anywhere from half a foot to about a foot and a half in some spots so they
5:42 am
have a long way to go but some are open. >> oh, all right. thank you, lisa. advances for women have been slow to come in many developing countries, but in a recent trip to west africa, abc7s carolyn johnson witnessed how women are helping the women of sear era lee own rise from the ashes of civil war with support from aid groups with ties to the bay area. >> in the rural countryside of sierra leone, rice is the crop to nourish and sustain the people but in many communities there similarly is not enough. and with so many hungry children there's often nothing extra to bring to the bustling markets that sprout from town centers every saturday and little money to buy what the vendors there have to sell. another staple here is a root called kasava, similar to sweet potato. like rice it's grown in fields
5:43 am
often tended by women. >> it is really grown mainly by women. they are not realizing much in economy terms. >> katheryn oversees more than 60 villages with the aid group world vision. she turned to the internet in search of a way to maximize the potential of kasava and discovered it could be processed into a variety of food products. with a $30,000 grant she set out to train local women. >> i encourage them, i give them a lot of hope. i try to rethink and orient the idea of food from kasava. >> that grant covered the cost of an agriculture trainer and with a little trial and error, this is the result. the women's cooperative. here villagers process kasava into dozens of products. >> this one is flour.
5:44 am
cake and chips. the flour and chips. >> this man manages the co-op and said it's competitive with food sold at local markets and even larger citings. >> what we do, we sell to the community. and they can buy anything there. we have lots of product, food items. >> their success has even allowed them to open a store of their own. >> it has changed a lot because before this time it was hard for the children to get school to go to school, was a problem. but now they can give them fruit juice. >> in a nearby village community members met us to show as you strongbox that represents another invasion here. it's a local savings and loan, supported by the villagers to help them and hair community to
5:45 am
flourish. >> if you want to do it, you can get a loan from there with very little interest. >> it helps them start small businesses, trade goods and step forward with decision making roles within their community, changing the dynamic in these communities first and ultimately perhaps in the country itself. >> that is the dream of this country. and that is the vision for every woman because we realize if we -- the future of the country lies in that. >> that's carolyn johnson reporting. abc news has launched the million mom challenge with partners like world vision. the goal is to connect millions here with millions of moms in the developing world. you can see how you can make a difference by going to our website, >> don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> don't get ripped off.
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>> with the price of gold skyrocketing it might be tempt to go dig through your jewelry box and sell the pieces you know longer wear. but how do you get the best price? here's 7 on your side's michael finney with the details. >> the gold business is booming. buyers and sellers, coins and jewelry. >> perhaps you should sell. but how do you get the most
5:49 am
money? we asked three gold dealers to check our jewelry and give us other price they would pay. pacific precious metals was our standard. they offered $371. then our intern, krista williamson, went undercover. >> i first went to collectibles and coins in mill valley. i gave him the jewelry and spent a lot of time with it and he priced it out about $371. then we took it to west coast gold buyers in san mateo. she said that it was $171. >> 371, 371, 171. >> there's no standard that anyone follows as far as what you have to pay somebody, right? everyone can make up their own price and what it is worth to them. >> dan barrett of mill valley pacific precious metals said this is not a case of buyer beware, but seller beware.
5:50 am
>> most people really don't know how to calculate how much gold they actually have. >> so how do you know? well, there's a formula to all of this. weight times purity times spot times percentage equals price. weight is measured in troy ounces. purity in karates. percentage is how much of that going rate the dealer will pay. to get a ballpark figure get out a kitchen scale, a cheap one is fine and weak your jewelry in grams. there are 31 grams to a troy ounce so he's items are about half a troy ounce. now look for the stamp on the jewelry. 24 karates is 100% gold and 14 is 58%. one-half troy ounce times .58 equals .29.
5:51 am
now multiple that by the spot rate on this day of $1,620, and you get $470. shoot for a percentage of 80%, leaving 20% for profit and handling, and the ballpark price for this jewelry is $375. very close to the 371 offered by two of the dealers. as for west coast gold buyers, we asked why the difference in price and we were told not knowing the exact details of the transaction, it is difficult to give you an exact answer. one possible reason could be the buyer in the store you visited did not evaluate the items properly. we always offer a fair price and back it up with a 110% price match guarantee. >> i learn that you really do need to on your own or to through an expert find out the value of the gold, how much you have and how much it's really worth before you go out and sell it because, i mean, had i not known the gold was $371 i might
5:52 am
have just sold it for $171. >> before selling your gold, take a few minutes to weigh it and do the math. we have all the information posted on our website right now at you may be asking yourself why did all three offers end with $71? well, there are two explanations for that. one, all three were using similar math formulas, or, two, it's just coincidence. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up, the wedding of the century. the latest installment of the "twilight" series is in theaters. don sanchez is on the isle next. ♪
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5:56 am
isle." >> take you back. >> for better or worse. >> it's the wedding of the century literally. he's 100 years old and she's a teenager. who does he think he is, hugh hefner? they get married and head to an island off brazil. it's wild and crazy, mostly offscreen to save the ratings. but after two weeks something happens. yep, she's pregnant. a surprise if you are 100. will it be human, vampire, animal, all of the above? whatever, it will be uncomfortable. this baby is killing her. >> i can't have a future anymore. >> the drama. less than five seconds after we see taylor lautner, he has his shirt off. she gives birth and it's fairly graphic. but there's been a price to pay.
5:57 am
>> get ready. they are coming. they aren't going to hurt you. >> if you kill her, you kill me! >> you can watch pain drive for two hours and people would still buy tickets. it is unstoppable. this time around it is soupy slow, some of the acting is still embarrassing and there's a yuk factor. a lot more blood this time. also the final shot is a, whoa, it sets it up for the finale, but that, of course, is a year away. i will give this one a half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. we will see you on the isle. >> up next at six, police move in and evict occupy san francisco protestors at one of their camps. and occupy oakland protestors teardown a fence and take over a vacant lot.
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