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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 20, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us. >> you know it's rather soggy out this morning. let's start off with a quick look at accu-weather forecast. here is lisa argen. >> behind us it looks good but if you live along the coast. you notice we have the rain concentrated along the shoreline that is where it's going to stay. rain around point reyes and further north, santa rosa,
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rohnert park. it gets lighter as you go eastward. low continues offshore, right along the coast we're looking at rain but downtown san francisco, we're looking at dry conditions. the peninsula, not bad. on highway 101, 280 you are on the edge with gusty winds accompanying some of the cells. more showers offshore but the low continues to track to the south and east. it will quiet down this afternoon. few sunny breaks. still a chance of showers over the 49ers stadium for later on this afternoon. rain is in the forecast for thanksgiving. i'll have detailed outlook coming up. >> we'll be back with you. >> breaking news right now in oakland, occupy protestors are waking up in a new camp this morning and facing a showdown with police. the demonstrators tore down a fence around a vacant lot yesterday after being kicked out of the plaza last week.
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john alston joins us live from the encampment at 19 and telegraph. police are ordering them to get out? >> that is right. in the past hour, the tents are now down. there is a little bit of a confrontation, a standoff with some protestors who are still here, but the tents, 20 or so tents that were set up at 19 and telegraph are down. a line of 50 police officers moved in ordering for the protestors to remove their tents. the plan is that the protestors can still stay in the area and stay in the park. police do not want tents. so the protestors complied. they started pulling down tents and have moved about a block away. there were probably as i said 20 or 30 tents, maybe hundred or so protestors this morning. police say there was no problem overnight.
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no arrests, one resident said some of the campers were throwing rocks and drinking. a much quieter than yesterday evening around 6:00 when an estimated 700 protestors who had just conclude add march stormed over the fence that was around this area at 19th and telegraph and overtook th patch of land. there was a boom box. police let them have their time, gradually it filtered out and the plan, once it got down to a manageable amount of people, police ordered them to remove the tents which oakland police did do around 8:00 this morning. the other encampment is at snow park. there is still some campers there at 18th and harrison. police have no plans to remove that encampment but oakland police yesterday and few days earlier handed out violation notices telling protestors at snow park they needed to leave.
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bottom line, tents are gone at 19th and telegraph. telegraph is blocked off with police tape at 19th and 21st in front of the fox theater. right now police are still talking to a group of protestors on the outskirts of this patch of land. i know the encampment is an up and coming neighborhood. a lot of residents there have not wanted this encampment there. have you seen any neighbors this morning? >> there was one neighbor we talked to. they were not happy. they said there were problems. there were some rocks thrown at some cars nearby. i talked to some yesterday who did not want the encampment in front of city hall as well because here is a neighborhood. there is a moderate, low income housing giving the opportunity for hundreds of families to live in the city. they think it's counterproductive to what the occupied movement is. >> there has been a raid this
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morning by san francisco police in riot gear clearing out an occupied camp in the financial district. this is not the main encampment but at the site on federal reserve bank. on wednesday, city officials told demonstrators they were camping their illegally early this morning, they removed a dozen camps and arrested six demonstrators that refused to leave. officers are still on the scene making sure the tents don't go back up. meantime, the people camped in justin hermann plaza have been waiting nervously but so far they have not in on them. on market street it was just after hours rallied at city hall. tomas ramon picks up that part of the story. >> reporter: more than 150 people braved the rain and wind. this is candlelight vigil from around the bay area. it begin at union square and
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ended here at justin hermann plaza at occupy san francisco camp. reverend alexander child said why they have joined the movement. >> it's about the power of social justice to help the power of our moral compass to guide the social justice movement. >> they gathered to hear speakers and talk about spiritual guidance for the occupiers. >> occupy san francisco took to the streets chanting and marching up market street. they arrived at a barricaded city hall. they also organized an emergency tweet to warn people when their camp is raided. >> nancy who marched against the vietnam war joined the group. >> this is where i belong.
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i've been waiting for this. the children are showing us what to do. >> on this cellphone video, a public works crew can be seen entering the camp. occupiers they were dismantling the camp. >> they didn't get any of the tenth. we rallied people to help those that were living there move their tents over here. >> dpw did collect trash from the site. they are angry about the new restrictions and mayor is losing their patience. >> no food, no potted plants, basic human needs are being disregarded by the mayor and police department. >> occupy san francisco is expecting a special guest tonight, daniel elsberg will be addressing the group. and in san jose, he is a picture of protestors briefly
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occupying chuck reed's driveway. they posted a picture left after police asked them to go. one of the people in the tent is shawn o'kelly also known as cracker. that was the one that perched on top of a wall at san jose city hall vowing to stay there. he came down yesterday morning and headed over to the mayor's house. >> the chancellor at u.c. davis says she will not resign despite calls to do so after a pepper spray incident on occupy protestors. >> this cellphone video shows the u.c. davis police officer pepper spraying demonstrators. chancellor calls it chilling but denies it reflects on her leadership ability. >> they do it in frustration.
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they do it to send the unfortunate and bad thing that was created for our students on friday. i don't believe that by itself would lead me to a resignation. >> and chancellor says she is forming a task force to investigate that incident. the city of vallejo will hold a vigil at city hall for a murdered police officer for jim capoot. he was shot and killed on thursday while chasing a suspected bank robber, henry smith is being held on murder charges. he will be arraigned tomorrow. officer capoot's family made their first public statement this weekend asking the public to please show your respect by saying thank to you a police officer today. a memorial for him continues to grow at vallejo police headquarters and a fund has been set up to help his wife and three daughters. find out how to donate at
9:11 am coming up next, most gop presidential candidates are in iowa as the party waits for a front-runner to emerge. also destructive wildfires in reno now under control and authorities say they know what sparked the flames.
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to presidential politics and a big event in iowa for
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republican candidates, mitt romney not there leaving himself wide open for criticism from the others. david curly reports a four way tie with ron paul holding steady. >> in a mega church. >> i gave my life to christ. >> i gave my life over to the lord. >> the candidates put their christian credentials on display. but found ways to talk about war even the occupy wall street movement. >> take over a public park they didn't pay for, to use bathrooms they didn't pay for, you need to reasserting get a job after you take a bath. >> for herman cain, another long pause to a question. >> about being diagnosed with cancer. >> before my wife and i were
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about to get in the car, i said i can do this. she said -- we can do this. [ applause ] >> mitt romney, he was in new hampshire but his name did come up. >> if only mitt romney were here to respond. [ laughter ] >> romney has not blanketed iowa voters are uncommitted and looking for a new anti-romney, that may be ron paul. >> are you proud you are dual elected member of congress or prouder of your medical profession. >> doctors are still rated higher in the polls. [ laughter ] >> there is talk that paul now has a chance to win, yes, win iowa. >> he has the combination of a grassroots organization as well as the financial resources to be able to go on television. he has a committed core of voters. >> iowa is the state where the voters like to meet the candidates before they go to caucuses.
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so expect december to be the month that all the candidates spend a lot of time in iowa. this morning thousands of people forced out of their homes by a raging wildfire in reno are being allowed to go back. 32 homes were destroyed by the fire that burned more than 2,000 acres. the flames spread rapidly because of gale force winds. >> we believe that the cause of fire may have been electrical arcing and given the extreme wind conditions in the last 24 hours, it is not uncommon. we believe it was accidental. >> the fire is now 80% contained. you said part of that the wind winds have died down but also snow? >> with the weather advisories in sierra nevada, until 4:00. we have had light rain with lightning, but did i mention some sunshine around the bay area and fog.
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we've got everything. cool temperatures, look for rain returning for the thanksgiving holiday. and coming up next, stanford holds on to the ax for the second straight season. mike shumann has the highlights from the big game in this morning's sports.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it is a little dreary out
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there. rain in spots and other places are drying out. >> area of low pressure, the culprit is going to stay offshore. that is why we're seeing lightning and rain along the coast but inland in san jose, check it out, sunshine. don't be fooled. everybody could see the chance of showers and isolated thunderstorm today. look at vollmer peak. you see the clouds thickening and rain has been camped along the coast. live doppler 7-hd shows point reyes has been getting hammered all morning long and then it fades out when you get to the santa rosa, novato, san rafael in and out of the rain. colma, san francisco, more showers and lightning strikes, breezy winds. as you head across the bay, alameda spotty showers but
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getting wet from fremont and union city, further south, 280, 101, redwood city, moss beach and along the monterey bay, we've got showers moving in and in and out of santa cruz. another band as you put this in motion you will notice it continues to slide up from the south but the area of low pressure is going to sink south taking the rain with it and move inland over los angeles. that allows the entire bay area to be in the spotlight nor sunshine. fog along the coast. mile quarter visibility in half moon bay. hour and one minute delays in sfo. upper 40s and scattered showers, a few peeks of sun and possibility of a thunderstorm. then afternoon, patchy dense fog into monday morning. dry into wednesday about noontime then more rain, the next system.
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quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch. there is the low you can pick it out. it continues to slide to the south. it's going to head inland. any travel plans that take you to the mountains, southern california even inland valleys, rain by the afternoon, still spotty showers. main activity remains offshore. should be decent day in some spots but more showers could pop up. as late as 4:00 we still have activity into the santa cruz mountains. if you are headed to the 49ers game bring the rain gear just in case. another couple inches at lake level at lake tahoe. we're drying out after the system pushes on through for a few days. next weathermaker brings rain by about noon in the north bay on wednesday taking us through thanksgiving day. 54 in the city. 57 in san jose. we will see a few sunny breaks by the end of the week.
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it looks like the on and off rain shower activity will end by the weekend. as for today we're talking about definitely wet, cool weather. notice 60s coming back, throughout monday and tuesday but it doesn't last. >> all right, thank you, lisa. >> raiders are in minnesota trying to stay atop the a.f.c. west. this afternoon, 49ers trying to improve 9-1. last night stanford being upset by cal in the big game. here is shu with all the highlights. >> good morning. when it comes to the big game between cal and stanford, records, stats, throw everything out the window. cardinal fans create it for the big game. a minute in, montgomery takes the reverse, big game and he has room. 34 yards for the touchdown.
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it's 7-0. still in the first, andrew luck struggling. way off the mark. williams takes it back what should have been a pick 6 but interference call and huge play nonetheless. zach maynard on the money, 10-7 cal. stanford struck back, anthony six-yard touchdown. luck struggled in the first. perfect one to levine, four-yard touchdown. luck strikes again. up 28-13 in the third. in the fourth, cal won't go away. maynard great fake. two yard score. they pull within 7. they increased the deficit and look at maynard, scrambling around and hitting jackson for a big first town. anderson is in. 14 seconds to go.
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on-side kick and secures it. stanford wins 31-28 and ax remains on the farm. >> we knew it was going to be hard under the conditions, they've got a good football team. they made some plays, but we fought back. >> got back down there in the end zone. we played well but not well enough to win. >> to go out as winners of the big game, we're very happy. >> at san jose state taking on navy. spartans down 4. in the end zone, 13 yards, san jose up 3. the last two losses came after the come back. navy is hoping to do the same. this is incomplete. spartans will win it 27-24. >> all right, oregon hosting
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usc. first quarter, he throws it deep great catch, pat yards, 7-0 trojans. barkley threw for 323 yards. ducks tie it. he pounds it in, ducks are down a field goal. five seconds left they get a chance, missed a 37-yarder. 38-35. >> a wacky game in waco, we're tied at 38. baylor will not be denied. 43 seconds latest. robert griffin, what a throw to williams. 34 yards. baylor with first win over the sooners 45-38. >> to the ice, another big game. san jose hosting dallas. sharks had them seeing stars. gloves come off when they get
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together. here is a power play, thorton back, 1-0 sharks. next period, sharks make it 2-0. dallas shut out the past two games, an opportunity here. michael ryan all alone and makes it look so easy. sharks win their second in a row 4-1 the final. >> raiders are in minnesota, niners hosting arizona, we'll have highlights for you at 5:00. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. up next at 9:30, san francisco police evict the occupied camp in front of the federal reserve bank on market street. >> i'm john alston live in oakland, tent city next to the fox theater is now down. shortly after 8:00 this morning, police moved in ordering protestors to remove their tents. i'll show you coming up. >> bring your own bag warning
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shoppers for one bay area city.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at welcome back. a rude awakening for occupy oakland this morning. police have moved in and told them to move out. camp demonstrators set up just last night. john alston joins us live near 19th and telegraph or what was the camp. is this a confrontation or the demonstrators cooperating?
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>> at this point the demonstrators are cooperating. they were cooperating this morning. right now a block away, there a line of protestors against the line of police, basically give and take talking back and forth. police are letting them stay. at this point there is no problem. we have video when a line of 50 or 60 police officers moved into this vacant lot at 19th and telegraph using a loud speaker to order to pack up. they could stay in the area but the city did not want tents here, as well. so they have now moved and again there is probably a few dozen protestors about a block away still kind of talking with police at this point. some residents say there was some vandalism last night during the protest. >> once the police left, several different times people came across the street from occupy tents and vandalized parked
9:32 am
cars. some threw rocks. also one of my neighbors, one of the people came across the street and was throwing a stick at her. >> oakland police spokesperson says that oakland police have received no reports of any of that violence or vandalism last night that some residents are talking about. the other hot spot the protest at snow park where there are a number of tents. right now oakland police have no plans at this point to clear out snow park which is where some protestors have set up tents. oakland wants that camp gone, as well. if you are in downtown oakland, telegraph between 19th and 21st by the sears building is shut off with police tape until further notice. elsewhere, san francisco
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police remain in the financial district this morning to make sure tents from occupy protestors there don't go back up in front of the federal reserve. overnight police in riot gear cleared out a dozen tents in front of the bank on market street. six demonstrators were arrested are refusing to leave. there were no injuries. this is not the main encampment at justin hermann plaza. yesterday hundred protestors marched on city hall complaining of civil rights violations. back in 2007, san francisco became the first city in the nation to ban plastic bags from grocery stores and pharmacies. now a proposal to extend the ban and go a step further. >> if you are shopping in san francisco, there could be soon pa mantra, byob, bring your own bag. plastic bags are now already
9:34 am
banned but could be expanded. it comes from a supervisor who proposed the first ban back in 2007. >> it's common sense. it's time we take it to the next level. >> a key component would hit you in the checkout line. under the proposal, including paper will cost you ten cents starting in july of next year. climbing to a quarter per bag by 2014. >> not a big deal. i can bring my own bag. >> when washington, d.c. starting charging a fee, customers use of the bags dropped by 81%. >> it's not just grocery stores that would be required to charge for bags, but all retailers, the owner of clothing store emily lee has concerns. >> it becomes just another impediment to making the process an easier one. >> the businesses will get to
9:35 am
keep the fee which is one reason the california grocers association and the chamber of commerce spoke in favor. an attorney representing the plastic industry has sued other cities and is threatening to do that now unless there is a review. >> san francisco is basing this order on this information and exaggeration on false statistics. >> that legislation is scheduled to go to the full board for a vote on tuesday. in the weather a mixed bag, pun intended. lisa argen is here to talk about that. >> we have dramatic pictures, the rain is pretty much along the shoreline. light to moderate rain on the coast. otherwise it's finally reaching us. a little haze. unstable atmosphere, still a
9:36 am
break ahead and more rain before and on thanksgiving. >> oh, no. >> come back, i'll have my forecast. >> also ahead, the women of sierra leone, carolyn johnson shows us how they are standing up to a ritual thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is norma. who is inundated with all the information concerning the medicare part d changes this year. so she scheduled an appointment with her walgreens pharmacist...
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welcome back. time right now, 9:39. breaking news in oakland.
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as you can see from sky7hd. we are showing you a showdown between police and some occupy protestors who set up a new camp last night in a vacant lot at 19th and telegraph. they were taken out around 8:00 this morning and told they cannot camp there. we are told by our reporter on the scene, john alston, this has been a nonviolent confrontation. the tents have been packed up, but as you can see again, they seem to be having some sort of showdown there with police. we'll stay on top of this and bring you everything tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> we can see from there, no rain in oakland. >> no rain in oakland. parts of the city are dry. some of the rain is reaching our east bay communities. really, it's a tough one to tell you where exactly it's going to rain.
9:40 am
we are still under unstable air mass, heavenly has a winter weather advisory. they only picked up an inch. the snow was going, half a foot at kirkwood. we do have slick roadways, a couple more inches. 4:00 is when the advisory will be lifted. closer to home, you see the raindrops falling there. we picked up anywhere to quarter an inch to an inch in the north bay. sutro camera, we have the fog along the shoreline. with the areas of rain and lightning, breezy winds, as well. live doppler, it shows the picture well where we've got heavier rain at the coast. as you head inland, it really just doesn't make it any further east. so the track of the low continues down towards the coast into southern california taking the rain witness. in the meantime, san francisco, you are wet around slope
9:41 am
boulevard. also across the east bay into the bay bridge, alameda into san leandro and fremont, hayward beginning to see light returns. further south around san jose area, dry right now but more rain in los altos and off the coast from santa cruz and monterey. today the trajectory of the rain will take most of it to the south and east but that is not before we see maybe another tenth of an inch across the bay area. that is because this area of low pressure is so close to the coast. 49 in mountain view. 52 in san jose. 50 in los gatos. scattered showers continue today. chance of thunderstorm, sunny breaks and fog will form overnight. then we're try for the rest of monday and tuesday. by midday up in the north bay, rain returns right through thanksgiving. maybe an inch with that system.
9:42 am
the front pushed through overnight while you were sleeping. now we've got an area of low pressure spinning off more showers into the south bay. we'll dry out first in the north bay. that will be in the afternoon. then we'll be looking at more showers right through the late evening. this is the setup. we've got an area of low pressure continuing offshore. look at the rain line. it doesn't head far inland. look for maybe a wet day around south san francisco for the football game and into the east bay. you won't see a lot more rain. it's going to be wet and chilly with numbers just in the 50s. we begin to see it change by tomorrow. high pressure builds on in. winter weather advisory until 4:00 in the sierra nevada and next system, it's coming down by midday wednesday. then by thanksgiving we're still looking at the rain. so today, not going to get rid
9:43 am
of out anytime soon. scattered, hit or miss in san jose. then ahead, a few dry days and then even after thanksgiving, looks like we'll be flirting with showers here and there. >> we need the rain but i hate to see it on thanksgiving. >> i know. the nation of sierra leone is less an decade from a civil war that decimated its people. for women and girls the challenges are immense. girls are often subjected to jenital mutilation. with a focus on education and empowering women things are changing. here is carolyn johnson with this morning's assignment 7 report. these are the faces of the future, boys and girls excited to learn but continuing their education into their teenage years will be a challenge
9:44 am
especially for girls in rural areas. that initiation into a secret society prepares girls for marriage and includes the controversial practice of female genital mutilation done without aknees these yeah. >> they recently succeeded to stop the initiation of her nine-year-old niece. they learned that initiation is not tluatd for girls under 18. community volunteers like her supported by group aid world vision starting with the women
9:45 am
that perform the ritual. >>. this is one of the people in the village. she says she now supports it. bentu is her sister. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> she is educated. she knows what we do. we are in agreement with the policy and we are happy for that. >> posters like this one that is hung on village walls remind everyone of the law. she hopes stopping initiations for young girls will help stop early marriage. at age 14, she was upset to
9:46 am
learn that the family had agreed to marry her off n for a man in his 30s. world vision community volunteer focused on child protection. he is getting the word out about the child rights act, the same legislation that prohibits the i initiation of girls also outlaws early marriage. >> it would be persecuted by the law. >> now that the marriage is off, betty hopes to finish her education. >> it's a different story for another girl. she married young and gave birth at 16. she endured a prolonged labor, lost the baby and suffered a birth injury. it's a problem all too common here caused by severe tearing during delivery. >> the she realized after she
9:47 am
has the baby she needs to abort. >> a new campaign where any woman can dial 555 to be brought here to the women's shelter where she will receive care free of charge. >> five years of suffering is now over. she is excited to head home where she will no longer longer be ostracized. >> prvg it in the first place is a primary goal. teenagers giving birth are more susceptible and scar tissue contributes to the problem. but with education comes hope and the possibility of a future without early marriage. with a fascinating series of reports. don't go away, "7 on your side" is next. >> it's a bumpy flight for
9:48 am
passengers. i'm michael finney, coming up how this affects thanksgiving travel.
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9:50 am
bugs in the new reservation system for virgin america are in the third week and they don't think things will back to normal by thanksgiving. >> they tried to confirm his
9:51 am
flight information on virgin america's website. >> even though this is confirming my reservation, the system says currently you don't have any travel booked with us. >> april tried to check in the airport using her mobile phone. >> i don't know if it is because of the website, but we can't get on. >> the san diego woman had a similar issue. >> i planned for the last week and a half. the website is not working. >> they trace the problem to a new reservation system it installed on october 28. the company facebook page is filled with comments from irritated travelers. they have apologized to customers. a representative was not available to talk on camera. a spokesperson told us it's been working around the clock to address issues. we hope to have a resolution soon. >> compounding the issue, the problem with the website is to hold times of up to an hour on
9:52 am
its phone line. >> i rye over quarter million miles a year. i fly on every major airline. i've never seen anything that approaches this type of fiasco on the reservation side. >> biggest frustration is for customers trying to make changes to their reservation. >> when i finally got through, the person on the other line couldn't find my reservation either. >> the burlingame based company has waived cancellation fees. they are offering 5,000 reward points to affected travelers. they don't expect the problem to impact holiday travel but no flights have been delayed or cancelled because of the new system. up next, george clooney reconnects with his children. don sanchez the descendants, on
9:53 am
the i'll is next
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9:55 am
now playing in select theaters, newest film, george clooney stars in the comedy drama, the descendants. don sanchez is on the aisle. >> george clooney is honolulu attorney. his wife is in a coma after a
9:56 am
boating accident. but there is a disconnect in his life with his children. >> you need to come home and see your mom. >> he is troubled 17-year-old. the younger sister has her own issues. >> i'm okay. back inside now. >> time for a life change. in between he is has part of a family trust but nothing has prepared him for the bombshell. >> mama is cheating on you. >> trying to discover who and why. maybe the family will get closer together. for many people, this can be painfully real. >> i would like to know who the
9:57 am
guy that my wife was seeing. >> this is a perfect little film that loads up with humor and tears your heart out. it's classic like sideways and with all shot in hawaii. i'm ready to book a plane in a room. it's rated "r" for language and this could be on it. i give it a full bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> we give george clooney a full bucket. >> the weather today, if you are inland, you are not going to see much in the way of shower activity. along the coast. san francisco, brisbane, san mateo a little rain in berkeley, saratoga, scotts valley, santa cruz, this the order of the day, it continues to increase throughout the afternoon. foggy start tomorrow. sunshine through tuesday, wednesday, thanksgiving, more
9:58 am
rain. >> not even a quarter of a bucket for the weather. sorry. that is going to do it for us. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler, and with lisa argen, keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter at area. have a great sunday and a wonderful thanksgiving. alright, so we have $10. you could get two things for $4 and one for $2. or five things for $2. or one for $6 and two for $2. [ male announcer ] with denny's 2-4-6-8 value menu, we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] denny's.
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