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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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traffic, the gathering has been very peaceful. it was after 1:00 this morning when scores of police officers made their move. they removed a dozen tents set up on the sidewalk. the city warped protesters on wednesday they consider camping there illegally. yet despite that warning, protesters chose to stay and as a result came face-to-face with police officers this morning. police arrested six people this morning for interfering. >> we were standing there, and the guy is like, okay, you get out or get arrested. and so we're like, okay, okay, we'll leave. and he said keep your arms up in the air until you get on the sidewalk. >> a major waste of tax dollars considering the tickets were blocking the sidewalk. we were in by where the planters are. you can't walk through there.
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>> regardless, sfpd says the protesters were in violation and there's zero tolerance. they have since placed barricades in the area where protesters set up their tents so if there is an effort to retake the space, it will be difficult to do. so justin herman mad a encampment remains intact. protesters here cleaned up the area since the city declared it a public health nuisance. whether that's enough to prevent a raid here is something we'll know in the coming days. >> in oakland, protesters set up a new encampmentment at the corner of 19th and telegraph. police stood by and watched until this morning. >> alan: here's the latest there. >> reporter: police are going to spend the night to make sure protesters don't rush back. by sunrise the number dwindled to 75 people in 20 tents and police felt the time was right
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to end it. >> you have five minutes. >> reporter: thin this encampment didn't last morning, this morning at 8:00 protesters woke up to a line of oakland police officers and orders ordeo pack up their tents in 20 minutes. the demonstrators peacefully complied to relief of neighbors. >> we're happy so see it gone. no more threats to property or personnel. don't have to worry about ourselves or or children or animals or property being vandalized. while we sympathize with their aims, we have no sympathy whatsoever for their tactics. >> city work crews and garbage trucks moved in and cleared out what was left of the encampment. a few protesters watched behind barriers. >> the oakland police department rolled up and evicted the camper, and they're continuing to demonstrate the misplaced priorities the city has by spending their resources on a military style police raids at the same time their closing down
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schools. >> last night an estimated 700 protesters stormed into the park and vacant lot on 19th and telegraph. land owned by the oakland redevelopment agency. some neighbors say there was some violence last night. >> a few individuals that were all dressed in black, with little masks, would run and pick up rocks and start throwing it at the cars. >> reporter: in the end the campers gave up relatively quietly. >> he lost so many tents and can't afford to lose anymore as well. so i think it's a tactic showing we're good citizens, we're willing to obey when they give us enough reason. >> reporter: there were no arrests. campers still remain at snow park at lake merit. police wanted out noticed saying they had to be out immediately but the mayor says they'll be given extra time and a number of them have been moved to homeless shelters.
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>> appalled by ims of university of california students being doused with pepper spray, the head of the uc system is now calling for a special meeting to review application -- police actions. >> the whole world is watching! the whole world is watching! >> this is the latest incident in question. friday, uc davis police used pepper spray at close range on students who were trying to "occupy" the campus. the university of california president said, i intend to convene all ten chancellors to engage in a full and unfettered discussion about how to ensure proportional law enforcement response to nonviolent protests, end quote. the professor at uc davis adds he's like to see the disarming of the university of california police. >> those police were helmeted, visored, assault rifles and chemical weapons, and they were dealing with a group of about 20 students sitting on the grass.
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>> two uc davis police officers are on administrative leave following the use of the pepper spray. >> alan: in new york city a terror plot averted. police arrested a man suspected of planning to bomb police and post offices. the mayor said the 27-year-old suspect is an al qaeda sympathizer but was acting alone. police say he was also targeting active service members returning from iraq and afghanistan. during the news conference, new york officials demonstrated what would have happened if explosives he is accusessed of having were detonated inside a car. he will be arraigned this evening. >> the former b.a.r.t. police officer convicted in the shooting death of oscar grant will be back on trial tomorrow. mehserle's civil trial involves an unrelated case of police brutality.
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a man is suing mehserle and four other officers for using excessive force in twowling 2008. lawyers for b.a.r.t. say the man verbally threatened the officers and resisted arrest. the alleged incident happened about six weeks before mehserle shot and killedden armed passenger oscar grant at the fruit vail part station. >> a candle light victimle is getting underway in memory of a vallejo officer killed in the line of duty. he was shot and killed on thursday while chasing a suspected bank robber. henry smith is being held on murder charges. the victimle is taking place outside of vallejo city hall. the of's -- officer's family issued a statement thanking the community for their outpouring and support. anyone can thank the family by thanking an officer for their service. >> a wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes and firefighters
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are still battling hot spots in reno. what home owners found when they came back. >> it's thanksgiving a few days early for soldiers in iraq. find out why they're celebrating today. >> i'm leigh glaser. live doppler 7 hd picking up a few lingering sprinkles. other than that, get ready for clearing overnight tonight. we'll check out the thanksgiving day forecast coming up in a
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> the special congressional commit eset to cut the budget is on the brink of failure and members are starting to blame each other. >> when our democratic friends are unable to cut a dollar in spending without accompanying with tax increases, that tells you all you need to know. >> there's one sticking divide and that's the issue of what i call shared sacrifice, where everybody contributes in a very challenging time for our country. >> the commitee has to announce a plan to cut the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next ten years by midnight tomorrow, and approve it by wednesday. failure would trigger across the
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board cuts to the pentagon and a number of domestic programs. >> in iraq, thanksgiving came a bit early for u.s. troops. u.s. soldiers at camp victory enjoyed turkey and all the trimmings today. thanksgiving dinner was served earlier because many of the troops will be coming home. the cab teen -- canteen is packing up in preparation for the departure from iraq. >> alan: 11 people are dead in clashes between troops and protesters in egypt. troops fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd. thousands of protesters are demanding military rulers announce a date for the transfer of pour -- power to an elected government. >> residents rush after a devastating wildfire in renault. the 49ers and cardinals renewed their rivalry at a wet
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we're hearing from some of the residents who were evacuated and returned home. >> i took one look and i kind of broke down. >> this is the home elaine returned to after the smoke settled on pioneer drive. half burned by the fire that tore through this southwest reno neighborhood. >> it was shocking. it was very shocking. >> elaine shares the home with her parents, but it was her side of the house with the most damage. >> when you walk in this part of the house, it's not too bad. a lot of smoke damage but the furniture is intact. when we walk to the back of the house where the real fire damage was, it was just shocking. >> i have never been through anything like this personally. >> been very hard for her. >> even before damage assessment crews deemed the home uninhabitable they already decided to move out with what is left. they feel lucky they only lost a part of their home and their home didn't end up like some of
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their neighbors homes that burn completely to the ground. >> overall we've been extremely fortunate in the fire in that we didn't lose everything. >> one day later, elaine says she already had a new perspective on the damage. >> things are things. we have our family and i have my dog. >> reporting from reno. >> alan: that 2,000 ache ter fire is 95% contained. >> time now to check on the weather. the rain is clearing out? >> leigh: it was really nice. >> even a rain dough? >> leigh: how did you know that? let me show you earlier in the day, a beautiful shot of the bay. i'm sure a lot of folks saw that if you were traveling around this area this afternoon. wonderful looking rainbow as the sun started to come out and the showers pushed out of the area.
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and made for a spectacular sunset as well. the live doppler 7hd right now showing you a fuse -- a few lingering sprinkles south of san jose. there they go and they're just disintegrating. so we'll say goodbye to the storm system and say hello to drying weather and development of patchy areas of dense fog in the protected valley areas. it could possibly slow your commute down tomorrow morning. we're talking the valley areas in the north bay. it will be dry the next few days, and then showers now will return for wednesday night and for thanksgiving day on thursday. right now we have 48 in santa rosa. the dry air starting to sink in. temperatures dropping considerably right now. 49 in concord. 48 in antioch. san jose, 53. starting to see some breakness the overcast there low pressure that brought us the rain throughout the course of the morning is slowly pushing into southern california. so we'll say goodbye to that.
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high pressure will build in tomorrow. dry the next few days as it will push the storm track to the north of us, just for a few days. by wednesday, and thursday, this delving storm system will move in, wednesday bringing the bay back to -- bringing the rain back to the bay area. if you're traveling, heading to southern california, the rain tonight will move in towards the east. look for better weather conditions there. los angeles tomorrow, 6 3. san diego, sunshine, 64. watch out for that central valley fog, fresno, fogged in throughout the course of the morning hours. 59 there. and lake tahoe will warm to 42 degrees. elsewhere across the country, seattle, rain there 45. 75 and showers for dallas. 82 for miami, and number city, 43 degrees with a mixture of clouds and sun. tonight we see the clearing, so we'll look for cooler
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temperatures. 37 santa rosa, 47 for san francisco, 43 for san jose. tomorrow, highs with a little bit more sunshine. look for mid-to-upper 50s. 57 for san francisco. 58 for santa rosa. once the fog lifts there. some 60s for you, antioch, 60. 60 for livermore, san jose, and look for 60 degrees for morgan hill. 62 for gilroy. here's a look ahead. the next seven days, the holiday week ahead. we're dry monday and tuesday. wednesday, thickening clouds. we'll go rain developing late. the timing of that we may have to adjust. rain for thanksgiving day on thursday. scattered showers on friday, and then dry things out saturday and sunday. and i do want to remind you, it's time for the abc-7 thanksgiving food drive. anytime you give the equivalent of 35 thanksgiving meals, gets their name mentioned here on abc-7 news at 6:00. here's some donors for today.
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bodega harbor and investment club, 42 meals. debra crippen, 100 meals, holland financial solutions, 83 meals, eric and yvonne, 50 meals, and vicky wallstrom, 50 feels. our total to dade over 11,000 meals. to donate, call the local food bank at 800-870-food or go to abc-7 news slash community. >> time to get to shu. who cares if it's messy, win is a win. >> mike: that's right. the 49ers hosting arizona. check out the game face. giants missed only two field gold all season but missed three today. who were blocked, including this one by campbell. keeps the game scoreless. statistically the 49ers
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dominated the first half. they get a field goal and led 9-0 at the half. they come out firing in the third. big game for michael crabtree. catches the 'out from alex and look at him go. 36 yards. alex smith, the san jose native, williams 16-0 niners. smith, 267 yards and two touchdowns. cardinal quarterback skeleton struggles. excel top -- excel top -- skeleton with three picks. three plays later, alex to davis. 34th touchdown catch. it's 23-0. only points for arizona, one of the greatest catches you'll see. larry fitzgerald catches this after it goes through rogers' hands. the niners are now 9-1. >> a great win for us. the players are the wups doing -- ones doing it. there's no such thing as a tough
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coach. these guys are leading it. >> a little frustrating in the passing game, some stuff we left out there. at the same time a little encouraging we were still able too put the game away, and still obviously a lot left ahead of us. >> mike: next up, jim harbaugh faces his brother john on thanksgiving in baltimore. the bengals hosting the ravens. ravens up 17 in the fourth. bengals nearly come all the way back. on fourth and goal, the pass is incomplete. ravens win 31-24. >> the raiders are in minnesota. how they managed to stay out of their own way and win games. 170 penalty yards for the raiders, including three personal fouls on the vikings' second drive, and adrian peterson makes them pay. 7-0 vikings 10:00 in. peterson would later leave with a tweaked ankle. one of three raider picks. takes it back 42-yards on the
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return, and then carson palmer takes it from there. great throw and catch. the raiders get it back in the red zone. bush, 102 yards. raiders up 24-7 at the half. raiders, 27 unanswered points. the fourth, 27-14. heyward-bey leveled. hit in the back of the head with a knee. he was carted off the field with a neck injury. he had feeling in his extremities. vikings wouldn't go away. they're within 7:00, 2:00 left. last call, fourth down. the pass is broken up by branch. raiders are now 4-1 on the road with a 27-21 victory. >> raiders will get the bears next. chicago beat the chargers. good day for jay cutler, two canadas, including this one to johnny knox. philip rivers continues to struggle. two more picks today. this one by cory graham. the bears are now 7-3, after a
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31-20 victory. >> nascar sprint cup finale in florida, and it was a two-man race. carl edwards, with a three-point lead over tony edwards coming in. tony stewart in the lead. here comes edwards. passing jeff gordon the top two are one and two in this race and that's how they finish. stewart holds off edwards. they're tied with points but stewart gets the edge with overall wins. stony stewart, third nascar sprint cup championship but his first as an owner. >> stanford moves up to number six in the bcs ranks. >> alan: if they had only beaten oregon. >> no big surprise at the box office. the huge numbers twoi light took in and why hollywood is still in shock over the success of the
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>> alan: a bay area soldier got a rousing welcome home when he returned from afghanistan. family and friends greeted the private first class. the 21-year-old had been deployed for eight months and the patriot guard riders escorted him to his home in san
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francisco. >> another huge opening with breaking dawn earning $283 million worldwide. twilight is a blockbuster franchise. women and girls make up # 0% -- 80% of the audience. >> happy feet 2 was number two, immortals hung on. jack and jill and "puss in boots" rounded out the top five films this weekend. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> we are on red carpet waiting
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