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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 20, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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a terror scare in new york city. a lone wolf suspect intercepted. good evening. >> new york city man is under arrest tonight charged for w conspiracy to commit terrorism. he actually had what he needed to build a bomb. >> new york city officials they have thwarted a terrorist plot. >> yesterday afternoon, new york city police officers arrested a 27-year-old al-qaeda sympathizer that was plotting to bomb police patrol cars and postal facilities and targeted armed forces returning from abroad. >> he was arrested and a
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arraigned in court. >> he was arrested for conspiring to build a bomb and for possessing a bomb a pipe bomb that he is alleged to have intended to use a campaign a violence. >> he tracked down for two years. he used al-qaeda inspired constructions on bomb making particularly an article how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. >> they got the device that he built and how he intended to use it. >> we think that an event that set him off was the elimination of anwar al-awlaki. that happened on september 30th of this year. >> the mayor said there have been 13 other lone wolf terror attempts in new york city. >> he was not part of a larger conspiracy emanating from
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abroad. he represents exactly the kind of threat f.b.i. director robert mueller and his experts have warned about. now to the bay area occupy most of the time. tonight we begin in san francisco where police moved in on the smaller camp at the federal reserve early this morning. >> lilian kim is live with the latest? >> we're at the federal reserve bank, protestors started gathering here this afternoon. they have been standing in the middle of market street to voice their opposition to what happened here this morning. >> hundreds gathered in front of 101 market street, site of federal reserve bank. you could hear in the early morning hours where san francisco police raided an encampment. it was relatively small one, about a dozen tents. even so occupiers are upset. >> this is our heart and soul. any part of the movement that gets taken out is a part of
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everyone. we are here unified and hold together. >> the early morning raid came three days after the city officially warned the protestors they were camping illegally. they arrested six people for trying to interfere with the raid but most protestors left their tents peacefully. >> they were there, you get out or get arrested. we're like, okay, we'll leave. >> i feel it was a major waste of tax dollars. the tickets given for blocking the sidewalk. we were not direct line of the sidewalk. you can walk directly through there. >> they have set up barricades, but for occupiers there was good news. they left the encampment at justin hermann plaza alone. occupiers have tidied it up since then. either way, some protestors say
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if there is a raid at the plaza. that will be it. >> we get stronger around the nation. they took out the park and later we have 40,000 people in the streets. >> the delay the bell for the opening of wall street. it was about public support. >> no telling how long protestors will continue rallying in the middle of the street. officers have been here the whole time monitoring what is going on, so far the situation has been very peaceful. in oakland, another encampment taken down. now protestors are fuming after an occupied garden was removed. >> live at the plaza in oakland. >> that's right, alan. lots of obstacles for people participating for occupy oakland this weekend. this morning they were evicted from the encampment that set up
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on 19th and telegraph. then they moved in the plaza and cleared out the garden that campers had planet. >> the mayor jean quan was not sure about occupied garden existing when we asked her about it this morning. >> i don't know if they really planted it yet. >> but pictures obtained by abc7 show protestors laying the dirt for what they named victory garden yesterday. >> they destroy it. >> occupy protestor who would only identify herself as jessica was one of a dozen people that tried to stop the police action this afternoon. despite their efforts, more than $600 in plantar boxes, herbs and other plants ended up in the back of the city dump truck. >> it's not camping. it's not harassment. we planted plants in the community. >> it's really inappropriate to
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not to not hold anyone accountable for the action. >> had she talked to public works department before it was planted. >> i left my information to open a dialogue with the city of oakland and public works to discuss this matter. >> about 8:00 this morning, a line of police officers surrounded a redevelopment lot on broadway and 19th, an estimated 700 protestors stormed into it on saturday with support from nearby neighbors, police gave the protestors 20 minutes to pack up that you are belongings and get out. >> while we sympathize with their aims we have no sympathy -- >> eviction notices have been passed out to campers at snow park near lake merritt. the mayor said tomorrow is the deadline for those damagers to leave snow park but police say they have no immediate plans to clear that encampment.
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despite all of the obstacles facing occupy oakland, protestors at the general assembly say they are not giving up. they discussed new plans to take over another space, however they have not said when or where that might actually happen. university of kal california students being doused with pepper spray. head of the u.c. system is calling for a special meeting to review police action. two police officers are now on administrative leave following the use of pepper spray on occupy protestors there. until two weeks, u.c. berkeley hit them with batons and grabbed them by their hair. u.c. system president issued a statement. he said, quote. recent incidents make clear the time has come to take strong
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action to recommit to the ideal of a peaceful protest, end quote. >> bullets were flying after a chp car was ignited and ammunition went flying. it happened an after 8:30 after the patrol car crashed. the officer was not hurt. the southbound lanes reopened after about 20 minutes. >> because there was lots of live ammunition in the patrol car, once it caught on fire, we had several live rounds explode. we didn't want motorists to get struck by any of the live rounds. >> all lanes of northbound highway 101 have just reopened. investigators say the officer was on his way to assist another officer in a d.u.i. investigation. >> a candlelight vigil honored the memory of a vallejo police officer killed in the line of duty. he was shot and killed thursday while chasing a suspected bank robber. henry albert smith is being held
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on murder charges. ♪ ♪ >> candlelight vigil took place outside vallejo city hall. his family issued a statement thanking the community for the outpouring of love and support. a bay area soldier got a rousing welcome when he returned from afghanistan tonight. family and friends were at san francisco international to greet steven shwank. he was deployed near the pakistan board. >> i'm glad to be home. the support really means a lot. writing a letter to the troops means a lot. i'm glad to be home. >> he says he is looking forward to thanksgiving dinner with the family. patriot guard riders escorted him to his home in san
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francisco. >> the super committee is close to becoming a super failure. >> plus, a new lethal treatment that uses a secret ingredient manufactured by your own body. >> and making energy cheaper than ever, the new solar panel that is breaking records. >> we are starting to see dry conditions out there. i'm leigh glaser. we're going to see some dry days the next couple of days. maybe some fog overnight tonight. then after that, it looks like wet weather will return. accu-weather seven-day forereree
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time is running out for the congressional super committee that is trying to sort out the federal budget deficit. >> when our democratic friends are even to cut a dollar in spending without accompanying with tax increases it tells what you need to know. >> every package includes everyone coming to the table and wealthiest americans to have share, too. that line in the sand. >> the committee must cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next ten years by midnight tomorrow and approve it by wednesday. failure would trigger across the board cuts to the pentagon and a number of domestic programs. >> mitt romney shows him beating president obama in a poll. 46% compared to 41% for the
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president. and it shows the president leading newt gingrich. >> and health news, scientific research has developed a new way to make your face look smoother with a newly approved wrinkle treatment. >> carolyn johnson shows how patients are creating their own cola general. >> she is used to working with much younger people but she likes to guard her age when she can. >> i work with a lot of 30-year-olds but i don't want them. >> she is used botox injections to smooth out the years. but she is also prepared to try a newly approved treatment. >> it's the first what we call cell therapy, they are using your own cells your oh collagen.
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>> they say the process begins with a biopsy. the sample is sent to the company which uses that tissue to culture skin cells which produce collagen in the body. >> it's extra cellular matrix and you can harvest your own and sent back to the doctor's office to be injected back into your own skin. >> they supplied before and after photos, they simulate col la general growth. they have been 6% of patients reported improvement. >> it was recently approved by the fda. it takes three months by the time the biopsy is taken. so a patient getting a became won't have the injections until about february. >> possible side effects include bruising and redness but
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fibroblast treatment has an important advantage. there is little chance of allergic reactions that can come from collagen. >> you can never be allergic to your own collagen. >> she is anxious to receive them in february. >> i don't need to be young but i like to be hard to figure out. >> the treatment is expected to run between $2500 to $3500. it is unclear at this point whether it will last any longer than traditional fillers. >> leigh is here. >> sthours showers may move in on thanksgiving but we get a couple dry days in between. good news for those that are traveling. our high definition rooftop cam getting a nice shot of coit tower all in the glow there. rainfall we had earlier in the
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day has just evaporated pushed into southern california. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. you can see a few little returns to the east of fremont, otherwise we are pretty much in the clear. we do have a few high clouds drifting overhead. we are going to be looking out for the development of some big things overnight tonight. it could affect your travel tomorrow with reduced visibility with the fog. showers will return wednesday night and throughout the day on thursday thanksgiving day. right now we have 40s in the north bay. santa rosa, they. had a in napa. 50 in san francisco oakland as well as redwood city. livermore, 48 degrees. san jose 48, as well. tomorrow morning, here is a look at the lows, clearing in the north bay, temperatures will get colder, back down into the mid to upper 30s. 38 for napa overnight tonight. of course, patchy fog will be in
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the valley areas there. 47 for san francisco. even out to livermore, dipping down to the mid to upper 30s with 38 degrees. this was pretty much the story over the weekend. cold front area, low pressure bringing us the rain. today this low started push into southern california. they got the rain today. the low will push on to the east higher pressure will build in the next few days. we'll look for dry weather then. as we get into wednesday afternoon, wednesday night and thursday, secondary low will thicken our clouds, bring us increasing rain chances being in the north bay by late wednesday afternoon. looks like for thanksgiving, it sweeps on through the bay area, that is when shower chances will be on the increase, as well. if you are traveling tomorrow, that fog could pose some problems in the central valley area. 59 for fresno. los angeles saw the rain today but plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 63 degrees.
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56 for palm springs. tahoe, plenty of sunshine, 42 degrees. here is a look at highs tomorrow. we'll see more sun. fog will lift and temperatures will warm up slightly. mid to upper 50s. 58 for santa rosa. san francisco, 57. 60s for antioch and san jose. gilroy tomorrow, 62. 59 for watsonville. we've got a couple dry days monday and tuesday. increasing clouds on wednesday with rain developing late in the afternoon then the rain will w be with us early thursday morning and turn to showers. we'll see sun breaks late this thursday afternoon. next chance of rain could possibly be sunday night. >> thank you very much. >> and sports. >> 49ers, taking on the cardinals. quite a rivalry. these two do not like each other. can you tell? we'll have more next in sports.
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49ers continue to run towards the playoff. snyder brought his game stick to the game. two blocks including this one by campbell keeps it scoreless. alex smith, got nothing but field goals, 9-0 at the break. firing in the third. big game for michael crabtree and 36 yards. kyle williams, a touchdown. this is the interception here by dante witner. and then to vernon davis. 34 career touchdown. only point for arizona came on one of this.
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to rogers and it is now 9-1 with 27-3 victory. >> you know, convictions of winning these kind of games. i think it's good. there will definitely be areas to improve off of today. >> it's a little frustrating. in the passing game we left out. but at the same time it was encouraging we were able to put the game away. >> raiders in minnesota and somehow managed to stay out of their own way and win, including three personal fouls. on vikings adrian peterson makes them pay. peterson would leave later with a sprained ankle. that put the pressure on the quarterback. raiders take advantage. raiders are back in business and carson palmer takes it from there. great throw and catch.
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10-7 raiders. vikings lost a field goal, michael burke, two of his 109 yards, up 24-7 at the half. now 24-17, he is leveled by henderson's knee. drills him in the back of the head. he was carted off the field with a neck injury but did have feeling in extremities treys. >> vikes within 7. vikings driving last call, fourth down, the pass, broken up 27-21 victory. >> meanwhile, raiders, suffering their win over chargers. the quarterback has a broken thumb and likely miss the rest of the season. >> patric marleau was unstoppable against the avalanche. hockey is on deck.
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sharks on o or a roll. third straight victory. they are showing them they still have the game. to the net, patric marleau, sharks on top 2-1. patric marleau along the board, the long shot, he got it. sharks win it 4-1 and won three straight and five of the last six. >> sprint cup rally it was a two-man race. carl edwards h was over tony stewart. he comes edwards it is go gordon he holds off edwards down the stretch. they tie at points, tony stewart wins third nascar sprint cup championship but first as an owner. that is your toyota sports report. >> thanks very much, shu. >> and also coming up video that
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shocked people around the world. repercussions why so many say officers did the wrong thing. >>
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good evening. i'm alan wang. >> police in south san francisco
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are looking for a man that shot and killed his sister after holding the family as hostage. they found a woman who were shot when police arrived. a man held family members after an argument. he fired one round. they are looking for him. 56 years old, 5'5", he is 170 pounds. he was driving a white 1993 mercedes. if you see him, call 911. >> tonight other headlines, a terror plot averted in new york city. they arrested and charged an al-qaeda sympathizer for plotting to build pipe bombs. jose pimentelle was target people. >> and they honored the memory of a police officer that was killed in the line of duty.
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>> and eviction of occupy protestors in san francisco. police moved in on the smaller camp at the federal reserve early this morning but they left the main encampment at the plaza alone. occupiers says if the city tries to evict them it will make their movement stronger. >> eviction have been handed out in oakland. >> tonight two u.c. police officers are on administrative leave after dousing students with pepper spray. >> incident has gained national attention and university chancellor herself is under fire >> now, here is the story. >> it's the point of protestors to draw attention, this one worked by drawing outrage. >> it felt like my face was peeling off. >> campus police fired pepper spray directly into occupy
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protestors that refused to move after being warned by police. >> i got a direct shot of pepper spray down my throat. i spent the next hour vomiting. >> they defended their actions saying their officers were surrounded by the protestors. >> for the safety of the officers, so they could get out and we could meet. >> two of the officers involved were placed on leave and the school chosen legislator who was criticized for voicing support for police have now ordered an investigation. >> i personally feel really bad about what happened to the students and the whole incident. >> so just how far can policing to control a crowd. >> you want people to move away from. pepper spray is to keep the people from being able to mount an attack. >> police have used pepper spray to push back protestors.
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reaction to the video say it was too strong of punishment for this act of civil disobedience. >> the police officers had no reason to spray those kids. >> here in the new york city park where the occupy movement started, police have been heavily criticized for the use of pepper spray. officers are clear about their policy. they can use it when someone is resisting arrest or when police are protecting themselves. >> at penn state the fallout continues. university campus police chief he has referred another assault incident to the attorney's office. they report the incident took place at the outdoor swimming pool 11 years ago but the police chief would not say if the suspected offender was jerry sandusky. he is charged with sexually assaulting eight boys over a 15-year period. >> electricity from solar panels be more cost-efficient than fossil fuels? one bay area company is convinced it can happen even
11:39 pm
without subsidies. they broke a solar energy report. richard hart reports. >> in mountain view this week, these workers are unloading and assembling a plant to manufacture this, the most efficient solar panel yet. it turns one-third of the sun's energy into electricity, a new record. >> theoretical limit increases over time. no,i don't think we can get to hundred percent. >> it generates electricity 20 cents per hour. nuclear plant will do it 15 cents and gas and coal is 10. >> so it's very competitive for all the mainstream other sources of energy. >> this nano material, super thin film galium arcenide.
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it's cells made from cheaper material. that cheap material means larger panels mean larger power plants that nullify any savings in material. >> most of the costs of the fixed plant costs. >> decreasing efficiency by half to reduce cost expands the most expensive part of the plant. >> it enables cheaper solar all the way from sun to socket. the marketplace is doing its part with demand for solar panels doubling every year. a technology like this one is an added ray of hope. with the next step, richard hart "abc 7 news." >> a big night for taylor swift. her big win just ahead. plus.... >> pete escovido, how the musical family sticks together. >> and holidays come to pier 39.
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>> we are going to dry out nicely the next couple of days. after that, there will be more showers. we'll take a look at
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less than two weeks after scoring the top five of music awards, taylor swift took home
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artist of the year. she was pretty shocked when her name was called. other surprise stars including barno mavs one his first ever american award for best pop and rock category. >> pete escovido grew up in oakland. >> this week he stopped by 7 live and spoke with brian copeland make the family stay together. >> how much fun to work with the family but there has to be creative differences from time to time. you marred or something. when that happens, how are the disputes settled? >> you know, the old thing, you have to have the last word. sometimes it doesn't work. the kids, they all have their own opinions. we all like different styles of music. when we get our new cd we
11:45 pm
decided to do it as a family. we're going to build as the, my daughter, sheila and my son peter michael. when we started this project, everybody had their own ideas. here we are, oh, oh, is this the jackson four or jackson five or what? man, it was a little crazy but we finally met on really good terms and decided what to do. who the guest arsonist was going to be on the cd, we got some great musicians on the cd. so it was just really a lot of fun. once we got in the studio working, we pretty much were pretty good. there were times when we have our differences like any other family. for the most part we got along really good. now, what we do my oldest son
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juan, he makes sure that every once every week we have a conference call, the four of us. we talk over everything to make sure everybody is on the same page. >> there are month misunderstandings later on? >> yes, and if there is somebody that disagrees on it and majority wins. it's kind of cool. >> so you got play at the white house you and sheila? >> yeah. >> what was that like that? >> was incredible. good thing about that whole event was my daughter, sheila, she actually was the musical director for the whole evening. so all the people that performed on the show, she rehearsed. she helped do all the music and everything, hired all the musicians. so the great thing, too, was we got a chance to go in every one
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of the entertainers, they had a chance to go and meet the president and first lady. there is a time when you go in. you spend a couple minutes. they take photos and stuff like that. they are the greatest people. >> you can watch 7 live right here on abc7 weekdays. >> it's beginning to look like the holidays. tree lighting ceremony took place at pier 39. trees are lit up and covered in red and gold decorations. it looks pretty out there. >> seems like they light up earlier every year and we haven't had thanksgiving but leigh is here with the thanksgiving forecast. >> a lot of people will be doing traveling tomorrow. here is a look at national map. a little rain there. 45 degrees.
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denver 52. dallas, 75. it will be a warm muggy day, 80 in new orleans, 75 in atlanta. a little rain expected by late in the day. new york city, shouldn't have any problems there. mixture of sun and clouds. 43 degrees. it's going to be a terrific day for the bay area. temperatures warming to the mid to upper 50s. 57 for san francisco. remember, we'll watch out for some of the dense fog developing in the north bay valley areas overnight tonight. 60 for antioch. san jose, 60 degrees. 62 for gilroy. 58 for santa cruz. couple dry days monday and tuesday. after that, we're going to have clouds on wednesday, bring in showers late in the day. rain overnight wednesday, early thursday morning turning to showers and few breaks on thanksgiving afternoon. then after that, we'll see some sunshine friday and saturday. >> at least it wasn't raining
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all the time. >> shu, great day for football fans. >> no question, 49ers and raiders on the win column. we can't forget our play of the day. justin forset just missed the catch. we'll
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49ers are going to have a let down but they continue to run to the playoffs. finishing off arizona.
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two field goals were blocked including this one. keeps the game scoreless. alex smith, vernon dais, 27 yards but nothing but field goals, led 9-0 at the break. they fired in the third. big game for michael crabtree, 36 yards, seven catches, 120 yards, that sets up alex smith, 8-yard touchdown. 267 yards and three tds. this is picked off. he rushes it 46 yards. niners forced five turnovers. three plays later, to vernon davis, 34th career touchdown catch. that is tight end record at 23-0. look at this catch, somehow grabs it.
11:53 pm
now niners are 9-1 with a 27-3 victory. >> if you don't have a confidence, it's good. there are going to be areas to improve off of today. >> a little frustrating. thing in the passing game some of the stuff we left out there. a little encouraging we were able to put the game away. a lot left ahead of us. >> niners, they travel in baltimore. >> raiders in minnesota, somehow managed to stay out of their own way. 117 yards today with three personal fouls on the vikings second drive. adrian peterson make they pay with a touchdown. peterson would leave with a spring and ang kill. that put the pressure on rookie quarterback. raiders take advantage. he goes 42 yards, they are back in business.
11:54 pm
carson palmer takes it from there. this is sweet, 10-7 raiders. raiders get right back in the end zone. raiders up 24-7 at the half. we go to the fourth. it's now 27-14, darius hayward takes a hit. his knee him him in the back of the head. he was carted off the field but did have feeling in all his extremities. two minutes left, vikings driving, last call, fourth down, the throw, broken up. raiders are 4-1 on the road after 27-21 victory. >> big blow with the win over the chargers, jay cutler suffered a broken thumb on his throwing hand, that would be the right hand. he may miss the rest of the season.
11:55 pm
>> sharks or a roll. colorado in town and patric marleau, third straight victory. he is a young buck, game tied second period. mark edwards blasts it to the net. second goal of the night. 2-1. to the third, patric marleau with a long shot. he got a sharks have won three straight and five of their last six. >> nascar, sprint cup finale in florida, it was a two-man race. edwards with the lead over stewart coming in. we go to lap 130. he passes jeff gordon. two-top two and that is how they finished. stewart holds edwards off. it's tied in points but stewart gets the edge in overall wins, five to edwards, 1.
11:56 pm
we didn't forget you. it's time for the play of the day. eagles for michael vick, beautiful drive and td pass. they beat the giants 17-10. hit of the day, stewart bradley, excellent adventure, he gets back up. what a catch in cleveland. that would be the difference and browns win. incredible win by tampa bay. 250 pounds of shear power. pushing guys off. runs through seven tackles for a 54-yard touchdown. green bay wins. he fumbles and fumbles again, stick to punting dude! those are your plays of the day.
11:57 pm
that is your toyota sports report. >> and the brothers going at it on thanksgiving day. >> i'm going to go with the 49ers. two great defenses, but i'm going were jim harbaugh upsetting his older brother. thanksgiving is night game. >> that concludes another broadcast.
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