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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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san francisco. police say a man is lucky to be alive this morning. without the quick-thinking of some witnesses he might not be. that story coming up. overnight oakland police invade -- raid the last occupy camp still stage. the occupy san francisco camp at justin herman plaza is as entrenched as ever. the numbers bolstered after police raided the occupy san francisco camp in front of the federal reserve building. we'll see how these campers feel about their future. good morning. a look at the cloudy sky over the bay, could be flight arrival delays even thick fog in the north bay valleys. more rain on the way and it could mess up your holiday plans. "sig alert" in effect on highway 152 through gilroy the latest details on that coming up. monday at 6:00, hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas.
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this morning a san francisco police officer hailed as a hero after reaching into a burning car and literally cutting a man out of it overnight. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with more on this incredible rescue. >> reporter: it was not only heroic, there was quick-thinking here at folsom and 12th that helped save this man. people used a street sign to bust open the window of his car to get into him. here's a shot what they saved him from. his car was on fire. witnesses say they knew the car was going to go up in flames and become engulfed because they could see fuel leaking from the car. they knew they needed to get the unconscious man out as soon as possible. the question was, how? it took citizens who witnessed it happening, a taxi driver, even officers to finally bust over the -- bust open the car and an officer used his pocketknife to cut the man out of his seat belt.
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>> i think it is very heroic. i think it is risky. i've seen these fires before and an explosion could happen at any time. and they still stayed with it, which is incredible. which is very incredible. i just want to see this guy be okay. >> reporter: we just got a report from police officers, the man is in stable condition. looks like he's going to be fine this started when he was driving east on folsom and crashed into the center light post from there his car burst into flames. those standing nearby reached in and saved him. the officers said they were just doing their job, being very humble. the captain who was here at the scene said this driver was one lucky man. he says no doubt if these people hadn't done what they did, this man would not have survived.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the man accused of killing a have a highway police officer after robbing a bank is expected to be arraigned today. officer jim capoot was shot and killed last thursday while chasing a suspected bank robber henry albert smith. smith is, held on murder charges. >> dozens gathered for a candlelight vigil honoring the memory of officer capoot last night. his family issued a statement thanking the community for the outpouring love and support. oakland is officially unoccupied. after midnight police cleared the last remaining occupy oakland encampment in snow park. police ordered protesters to dismantle the remaining tents everyone did so peacefully, no one was arrested. the raid less than one day after police evicted
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protesters who set up in an empty lot at 19th and telegrah. organizers are calling for a general an stem bring tonight to determine their next move. -- across the bay in san francisco, protest are bracing to be removed at any moment. just one remaining camp at justin herman plaza. katie marzullo is there live. any signs of imminent police action? >> reporter: no. take a look, justin herman plaza still very much entrenched, all tends in place. all of the tarps that have been -- strung together between trees still in place, large banners still between the trees if a raid was coming this morning, [ inaudible ] it is illegal and the city has made that very clear so it is very possible that something
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is going to happen we just no indication as to when. the smaller location at 101 market was raided by police officers moved in 1:00 sunday morning a smaller group maybe just 12 tents. those tends have been cleared, campers moved, six arrested entirely peaceful. it is peaceful at justin herman plaza. one camper says if police come he probably will leave peacefully. >> if they come in charging and they outnumber us 5-1, i don't want to throw myself away, i'm not going to go to jail over nothing. >> reporter: police did put barricades up in front of 101 market to prevent any campers from reoccupying that location. some of those campers have moved to justin herman plaza. again, not only is the camp
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entrenched it has grown since weekend in s. the city did declare the location at -- justin herman plaza a public health nusance last thursday. would it seem the city intents to act they can't have a declares public health nuisance in existence, indefinitely. -- it is 6:06. >> >> this morning the president of the entire uc system is ordering a review of all campus police procedures. the order comes after a video shows police using pepper spray on peaceful student protesters went viral. the police chief and two officers identified in the individual yo have been placed on paid leave pending an investigation. yudof tells the "l.a. times" that he expected campus
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authorities to honor the right of all students to protest peacefully. uc davis chancellor is now calling the video disturbing and met with students outraged. >> i personally feel really very bad about what happened to the students and the whole incident. >> i received a direct shot of pepper spray down my throat i spent the next hour dry-heaving and vomiting. the police department will be temporarily run by a lieutenant with the department. today uc regents holding a rescheduled meeting. there's a twist, they will do it by teleconference. last week the regents cancelled their november meeting citing concerns about potentially violent protests. students planned to show up en masse to protest a possible 16% tuition hike. anyone interested can speak at
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9:00 this morning at uc mission bay community center. the regents won't vote on hikes this month. but will discuss private funding and vote on the next budget. the century old five story building that burned in berkeley friday night may have to be torn down. city officials red tagged the 39 unit sequoia apartment building declaring it unsafe to end. flames raised to the roof, engulfed the entire building also took out several ground floor businesses including two popular restaurants. investigators suspect an electrical problem started the fire. 6:08. this past weekend we had rain, gorgeous rainbows now things are drying out. live doppler not picking up radar returns. thick fog around novato visibility a quarter of a mile sprinkles showing up even
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showers in the northern part of the state. jet stream starting to lift north a break from the aggressive pattern we had over the weekend. right now 37 in napa and novato, 40 in fairfield, 46 around oakland, redwood city, san francisco, 44 san jose, 46 concord and livermore partly to mostly cloudy, increasing sun near 60 antioch, livermore, fremont, san jose, morgan hill mid to upper 50s the rest of us, sprinkle possible across the north bay. damp air mass will hang around best chance of heavy rain wednesday evening showers thursday evening. good morning jacqueline. we have good news for your ride along highway 152 earlier "sig alert" cancelled. reopened after fallen trees had that shutdown for some time.
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to san jose, live look at 101 at 880, a few more cars on the road, traffic seems to be moving at the lip it in both directions. new accident westbound 580 past 205 has the right lane blocked speeds as slow as 37 miles-an-hour, at this time. 6:10 now. here's words you are not used to hearing, tax us please! well not us, but the plan coming from some of the richest californians that could soon ask you to rote for a new tax that would hit them the hardest. -- >> rare bipartisan agreement that the president will sign into law today that should make it easier for some americans to find a job.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good monday morning. 6:14 this is the embarcadero looking across the bay you can see it is dry. rain just about totally out of here. maybe a few sprinkles or two in some places mike will talk about that. >> travel for thanksgiving weekend wednesday, could be another hiccup to think about, all coming up. new york man who now admits possessing a $200,000 picasso painting stolen from a
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san francisco art gallery will be sentenced on theft charges today. the 30-year-old mark lugo struck a plea. he will be sentenced to 16 months in state prison and has already waived extradition to new york. he was arrested for being in possession of stolen property and second degree burglary. the union square art gallery he was seen stealing the painting from in early july will hold a ceremony today to rehang the picasso. this important president obama will sign a bill into law that should make it easier for veterans to find work. the legislation creates tax breaks for companies hiring jobless vets and beefs up training and counseling programs. it repeals a 2006 law that required the government to withhold some payment to contractors to ensure uncle sam got his taxes but discouraged hiring. a group of billionaires and political insiders say they will place a 10 billion dollar tax increase on the november ballot next year.
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the l.a. times reports the proposal will provide five billion dollars more for public schools and billions for public universities and local governments by increasing taxes on california's richest. the group proposing the bill including google chairman eric schmidt, grey davis and arnold schwarzenegger. the plan is based on reshuffling of the tax system that could include lower sales taxes and drop in property taxes. weather could make things taxing for those of you traveling hope once day >> wednesday evening a lot of rain even scattered showers thursday into friday. you may be wet. focus in on this morning, 6:16 looking down from tamalpais thick fog around novato quarter mile visibility dry around the bay area. 37 in napa, 36 novato, it is
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getting cooler in novato with that fog. 41 fairfield and los gatos, everybody else mid uper 40s. monterey bay low to mid 50s inland to salinas. gilroy lack of clouds 35° for the cool spot this morning. partly cloudy, dry almost everywhere this afternoon, sprinkles are possible in the north bay and drizzle tonight up there while the rest of us have patchy dense fog, cold front going to side swipe us to the north puts you in the tail end of that. rain wednesday evening, there you go thanksgiving showers most sunshine antioch, livermore, fremont, 60s rest of us mid to upper 50s claire lake 51. -- 58 in santa rosa. inland low 60s. tonight just a few sprinkles along the north bay drizzle,
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39 santa rosa, 40 napa, fairfield, 41 antioch, 39 live more, 41 palo alto, 39 santa rose everybody else mid to upper 40s a -- cooler tomorrow morning. weekend weather sliding south falling apart the next system jet stream to our north where the showers will stay other than chance of sprinkle today in north bay and drizzle tonight. next system not looking impressive all clouds here a lot of moisture cold front is going to bump into and shove our way. pretty healthy amount of rain to our west at 7:00 wednesday morning just showers ahead called scout showers if you will, will linger north bay along the coast through the morning. by noon the line starts to move into the north bay. by 6:00, in the north bay moving across the bay through midnight. once that passes just
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scattered showers for thanksgiving, especially during the evening and overnight. friday afternoon, saturday, sunday, dry, temperatures mainly in the 60s. have a great kay, -- great day here's jacqueline with an update. bay bridge toll plaza, things are starting to stack up. they haven't turned on the metering lights those should get triggered any minute back up beyond the west ground overcrossing. accident westbound 580 past 205 blocking right lane speeds 34 miles-an-hour. quick check of drive times, 29 minute ride from 205 towards the dublin interchange, slow out of antioch west ground 4 from lone tree towards highway 242, 21 minute trip. southbound 101, 580 towards the golden gate bridge, 12 minute ride. for the latest go to
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looking to make sure smartphone sick. specific devices that are increasingly becoming the target of hackers. be careful what you text. bizarre draconian new ban coming for an entire country. gee
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welcome back. 6:23. new word of caution for
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android phone users. internet security services says the number of infected apps has increased 500% since july. almost all new mobile malware is targeted on android phones one reason may be google does not control whichyz apss can be offered like apple does. -- nearly 1600 terms and phrases banned in afghanistan to prohibit sexually suggestive text. the terms and phrases have been deemed obscene, including taxi, gay, tongue, fairy, homosexual and of course condom, idiot, looser. self-phone providers were told they face legal action if they don't block the words from their network. the list is being widely mocked in and outside the
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country. one of the best known sites for deals on local restaurants, is going nationwide, living social is unveiling two sets of black friday deals this morning involving big national companies. the deals include half price on some verizon devices and matching charity donation from toys "r" us. living social says it will unveiler in set of deals cyber monday. beware of the words no deal. budget fall out expected to affect every american after a congressional super committee fails to reach a budget deal. was i over the line? new fall-out from the uc davis police after a video of their confrontation with nonviolent protesters goes viral. former bart police officer johannes mehserle is returning to a bay area courtroom this morning to face new questions about his con. this has nothing to do with the shooting -- shooting death
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of oscar grant. >> reporter: what would you do? a car on fire, a man trapped. we'll show you what some did, next. local airports around california everybody on time. as we head to the east coast, atlanta having flight arrival and departure delays. rain midwest and northeast. flight tracker at abc7news.comúú
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good morning. opening bell has rust rung to star the trading day. u.s. stock futures falling amid reports the super committee will fail to reach agreement -- an agreement this week. if no detail is made it will trigger drastic spending cuts. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange coming up. this morning a driver can thank a few good samaritans, a san francisco police officer and a pocketknife for saving his life after a fiery crash on the streets of san francisco overnight. amy hollyfield joins us live from folsom near 12th with more on the incredible rescue. >> reporter: don't forget the street sign what a cast of
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characters. they took a street sign here at folsom and 12th and use ited to ram the windows. -- and used it to ram the windows. witnesses say they could see the fuel leaking from the car. they knew they needed to get the unconscious man out. the question was, how to do it? it took a group of people, a taxi driver, officers all of them to bust open the car and the officer used his pocketknife to cut the seat belt get the man out. the captain on the scene said he was one lucky driver. >> without the intervention of the citizens, that cab driver, and our members, the sergeant and a couple of others from the station thatpx(ñ person woud have perished in that fire, no doubt. >> reporter: the man was taken to the hospital officers tell
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us he's in stable condition. they say they are calling it a miracle. the man was driving east when he hit a center light post in the center divide crashed his car, he was unconscious, you saw the -- what happened, the flames the fire and then he was pulled to safety. the officers said they were just doing their job. they are being humble. but witnesses say it was incredible to witness such bravely and teamwork right here in the middle of the night with a bunch of strangers trying to save a guy. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:32. this morning oakland is without an occupy encampment for the first time since object 26th. after midnight police cleared the last encampment at -- snow park 19th street near lake merry. police ordered the remaining 12 to -- 15 tents be dismantled. all were given time to pack up,
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officers say everyone left peacefully. no arrests were made. occupy oakland protester said to be angry after a garden they planned at frank ogawa plaza was removed. $600 worth of plan ter boxes wound up in the back of a dump truck. the protesters left the site peacefully. this morning the president of the of the uc system is ordering a review of police procedures. mark yudof's order comes after a video showing two uc police officers using pepper spray on peaceful students. two officers paid -- placed on paid leave.
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yudof says he expects officers to honor the rights of students to protest peacefully. the chancellor promising to take steps this never happens again. >> the man accused of killing a vallejo police officer after robbing a bank is expected to be arraigned this afternoon in fairfield. officer jim capoot shot and kill last thursday while chasing suspected bank robber henry albert smith, being held on murder charges. ♪ ♪ >> last night dozens gathered for a candlelight vigil honoring the memory of officer capoot. his family issued a statement thanking the community for the outpouring of love and support. the officer's family is asking anyone wishing to their respect for him to do so that i thanking a police officerzo for their service. -- the former bart police
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officer convicted in the shooting death of oscar grant will be mackback in court today. johannes mehserle is facing a civil trial in a case unrelated to grant's death. a man is suing him and four other bart officers for allegedly using excessive force at the bart station in 2008. according to the san francisco examiner, lawyers for bart say ken caruthers verbally threatened the officers and resisted arrest. the incident happened six weeks before mehserle shot and killed oscar grant at the fruitvale bart station. uc regents have re ed their meeting. they will do it by teleconference november -- november 28th, next monday. week they cancelled their meeting citing -- students planned to show up en masse to protest a tuition hike. regents won't vote on tuition hikes this month but will discuss private funding sores
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and vote on the next budget. time for a look at our forecast, the weekend rain has passed through. what is next? >> i don't know but it is kind of chilly this morning. >> chilly, little fog around novato quarter mile visibility. chance of sprinkles in the north basis tell move -- north bay, next system moves north. temperatures maybe a touch warmer than yesterday. quarter mile novato, mile and 3/4 fairfield, everybody else fine with the fog so far this morning. one degree warmer in concord, two in antioch, six in los gatos everybody else cooler than yesterday especially novato and napa, 13 and 11° cooler than yesterday, 6° cooler this morning san jose and half moon bay. upper 30s santa rosa and napa the rest low to mid 40s mostly cloudy through 8:00 partly sunny, a little more sunshine by noon low to mid 50s no most neighborhoods san rafael 49
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because of the fog you can see a few sprinkles in the north bay rest of us partly cloudy mid to upper 50s at 4:00. dry tomorrow, wednesday evening rain thursday evening through friday morning scattered showers friday afternoon, saturday, sunday, dry. good morning jacqueline. good morning. as i mced before metering lights have been -- as i mentioned before metering lights turned on at bay bridge toll, traffic backed up to the foot of the maze. so and go up the incline past the tunnel nice ride into san francisco. san rafael, live look at 101 at lucas valley. headlights headed in the southbound direction. traffic seem to be flowing freely in both directions. quick check of those drive times westbound 580 from 205 towards the dublin interchange, 32 minute trip. westbound 4 from lone tree to highway 242, 24 minutes. along the east shore freeway
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from the carquinez bridge towards the maze about a 25 minute trip. our time now is 6:38. >> still ahead, good news for anyone hit the roads for the holiday. >> live not new york stock exchange for the latest on early trading and maybe wall street reacting to gridlock from that super committee. down 172 points. police say this is what one man was almost capable of. the lone wolf terrorist police say was days from having a working bomb and a new york city target. congressional super committee fails to reach a budget deal. i'm in washington with the details comip"
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welcome back. if you are traveling through the central valley or i-5 down to san diego that area you see shaded is a dense fog advisory. visibilities could be as low as a quarter of a mile in that area through at last 9:00. sprinkles in the north patient of the state those are the ones that could hit the north bay this afternoon. 53 eureka today mainly clear 42 tahoe, 48 yosemite. most of the sunshine and warm weather in southern california mid to upper 60s l.a., san diego and palm springs.
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:42. in egypt riot police clashing with thousands for a third day in tahrir square. officials revived the death toll downward say 24 have died in the most sustained challenge to the rule of egypt's military. activists are demanding the military hand over power to a civilian government. tahrir square was the epicenter -- this morning a new york stu man held without bail. authorities say they had jose pimentel under surveillance for a year arraigned in a manhattan court last night. investigators say he was working alone in what they say was a plot to bomb police and post offices and attack u.s. troops returning from overseas cease -- new york's mayor described him as an al-qaeda sympathizer. >> the suspect was a so-called lone wolf, motivated by his
6:44 am
own resentment of the presence of american troops in iraq and afghanistan, as well as inspired by al-qaeda propaganda. >> officials say pimentel was less than a day from having a working pipe bomb. even staged a demonstration to show the damage that could have been done bay the bomb they say he was building. social security to military, cuts may be coming to nearly everything in the u.s. government spends money to fun. the capitol hill super committee i was supposed to come up with a plan by this week to slash -- is ready to admit it failed. >> obviously, nobody wants to quit until the stroke of midnight. >> reporter: the stroke of midnight came and went with no deal. later today a congressional super committee tasked with finding more than a trillion in budget savings is poised to admit failure. >> it wasn't so much of a failure as it was a failure to seize an opportunity. >> reporter: the committee was
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tasked with cutting 1.2 trillion in debt their failure means automatic across the board cuts go into effect to defense, medicaid, medicare but not until 2013. meaning the country's debt will continue to the washington blame game began over the weekend the biggest hurdle, raising taxes. >> we have to have the revenue that is the sticking point. >> reporter: another break didn't by lawmakers in washington that has many americans saying they've had enough. >> don't go home for thanksgiving before you get a deal done. or he will go home and don't come back. >> reporter: president obama who stayed out of the negotiations echoed americans' feelings. saying, congress needs to do its job. now it appears wall street is responding to the gridlock into washington. >> bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more. looks like traders don't like
6:46 am
what they see. >> no, not at all. the bottom line is there was a sense there is going to be another downgrade of u.s. credit because of this. automatic cuts 1.4 trillion they say is not going to a dent. here's what the markets digesting this, dow down 185 points nasdaq and s&p trading lower. bloomberg silicon valley index down by more than 2%. post office struggling with its budget. contracts for two unions letter carriers and mail handlers expired over the weekend without a deal. a new deadline set of december 7th. ever watched your favorite sports player and wished you could have what they are wear? starting today he bay's ipad app an -- ebay's ipad app
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allows you to -- [ unintelligible ] making it easy to spend your money, thanks jane. >> forecast is free. don't know if you are going to like it. >> depends on when you plan on traveling is really the key. wednesday evening looking wet and then scattered showers thursday through friday morning. if you are heading out for some of those sales, you might get wet if you are one of the first ones out there. mount tamalpais looking down at low and mid level clouds, thick fog around novato, quarter mile visibility there. a sign of the season embarcadero center with the holiday lights this morning glowing under that grey cloud of overcast in downtown san francisco. temperatures running in the 30s still around novato, napa, 41 fairfield and los gatos, everybody else mid to upper 40s around monterey bay inland to salinas, low to mid 40s,
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gilroy, 35°. this afternoon, partly cloudy, mainly dry except for sprinkles possible in the north bay. also a chance of drizzle while the rest of us will have patchy, dense fog developing tonight. rain wednesday evening, there you go thanksgiving showers. today's temperatures 60 around antioch, livermore, free month and san jose, mid to upper 50s for the rest of us clear lake 51. around the monterey bay upper 50s, inland partly cloudy sky, temperatures in the low 60s. most of us should have a partly cloudy sky around the bay here also. maybe seeing more clouds and drizzle in the north bay tonight 39 santa rosa, 40 napa, 40 fairfield, antioch 41, concord 42, livermore 39, palo alto 41. 39 in santa cruz. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. while you are sleeping cold front bringing yesterday's showers moved into southern
6:49 am
california fell apart. we turn our attention to this one heading north where showers will mainly stay except for brief cans of sprinkles this afternoon in the north bay and drizzle -- tonight. all of our attention to the nexus stem which will coop up -- will scoop up a lot of moisture and deposit it in our neighborhood starting wednesday. scout showers ahead of the main lane wednesday morning north bay most of us cloudy and a little drizzle for the morning commute. noon heaviest of the rain lingering off the coast moving into the north bay through 6:00. from 6:00 all the way through the evening hours the heavy rain moves through. once it passes we get in that cold air for thanksgiving and scattered showers. once we get to friday afternoon, saturday, sunday, sunshine and warmer weather. have a great day here's jacqueline. good morning! we head over to the toll plaza, metering lights are on and traffic is backed up into the -- backed up into the foot
6:50 am
of the maze heavy ride into san francisco, east shore freeway earlier problem westbound 80 approaching san pablo had a lane blocked due to disabled vehicle cleared to the shoulder the damage is done, traffic slow 28 miles an hour. drive times, westbound 580 from 205 towards the dublin interchange, 34 minutes. antioch towards pittsburg 26 minute right right. carquinez bridge towards the maze 36 minute trip. if you want to an individual the roads, checking with mass transit everything on time. for the latest traffic go to 6:50. the highway patrol is investigating an accident that left a patrol cruiser in flames. it happened around 8:30 last night on highway 101 in sausalito. the patrol car ended up crashing north of the spencer
6:51 am
avenue on-ramp. the officer was not hurt and managed to get out of the burning vehicle. this specific fire posed a special kind of danger to emergency crews. >> because there was lots of live ammunition in the patrol car once the car caught on fire we had several live rounds start to go off in the area we didn't want motorists to get struck. we shut the freeway down. the southbound lanes reopened after 20 minutes. some northbound lanes were closed nearly three hours. investigators say the officer was on his way to assist another officer in a dui investigation. good news for computers and folks traveling this thanksgiving. gas prices have fallen slightly in the past two weeks. the latest survey shows the average price of unleaded fell a nick dole $3.38. diesel is -- is up four cents. to find the cheapest gas albuquerque, new mexico, $2.96.
6:52 am
the most expensive, one guess, -- >> san francisco. >> how did you know? $3.78 a gallon. california prison officials warning this morning about the dark side of the social network phenomenon. inmates with access to mobile devices are using sites like facebook to harass victims and intimidate victims. contact is made using a smartphone smug gelled into prison smugglers don't -- smuggled into prison. smugglers don't seem to be deterred by six months -- an amazing rescue caught on video in san francisco overnight. police and some brave citizens saved a man from a burning car. >> amy hollyfield is live with the story. >> reporter: good one to start
6:53 am
thanksgiving week off with. this man is feeling thankful. police say he probably wouldn't be alive this morning if quick thinking brave people hadn't rushed in to help. here's what they saved him from. his car was on fire and he was unconscious inside. the car had just crashed and some people saw the accident and knew they had to get him out. they used a street sign here at folsom and 12th to break into the car. police arrived by then one of the officers used his pocketknife to cut the seat belt and free the man. one man watching the whole thing said it was an incredible sight. the captain at the scene said he assure the man would have not have survived. people in the area, including a cab driver helped him so he is okay. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. incredible story here this morning in san francisco. our other top story also in the city, katie marzullo is
6:54 am
keeping an eye on occupy sf. what is the latest there? >> reporter: good morning amy. if there were some concerns that -- at the camp at justin herman plaza they did not come to light. it seems less and less likely police would move in and raid the camp as they tend to do that overnight before the sun comes up. since the smaller location was raided over the weekend that's where some of those fears came from. no fear this morning inside justin herman camp. most occupiers were sleeping. police presence minimal, just a few officers sitting in their patrol cars. that does make justin herman plaza now the biggest at last the bigger camp since the sunday morning raid of the 101 market location in front of the federal reserve. only 12 tents there, police moved in and cleared them around 1:00 in the morning sunday. six were arrested.
6:55 am
the entire for the most part did go down peacefully. also peaceful at justin herman plaza this morning the city did declare the area a public health nusance last thursday. they assume the city is going to move in and clear this last occupy sf holdout but it doesn't look like it is going to be this morning. oakland is officially unoccupied. after midnight police cleared the last remaining occupy oakland encampment at snow park near lake merritt. police arrived and ordered protesters to dismantle the remaining tents. everyone did so, peacefully. no arrested were may. one final check on weather and traffic. hard to see especially around novato quarter mile, limited visibility there. we have clouds around sfo we'll keep an eye on that. as far as temperatures,
6:56 am
running in the 30s in the north bay valleys, mid to upper 30s novato, napa, the rest of us in the 40s, cooler start this morning. even though an increase in sunshine this afternoon, barely will make 60 in antioch, livermore, fremont, san jose, morgan hill, rest of us in the 50s. slight chance of sprinkle north bay. drizzle tonight. rest of us patchy fog tuesday, tuesday afternoon through wednesday afternoon, dry, wednesday evening into thursday we get rain. we take one last check at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backed up into the foot of the maze. typical delay as you make your way into san francisco. we have a new accident on the nimitz freeway southbound 880 approaching a street a couple lanes blocked chp crews headed out there, working on getting that cleared over to the shoulder. expect delays headed to the
6:57 am
airport. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter@7 news bay area the latest weather with mike and talk about it on have a wonderful day. we'll see you back here we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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