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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 23, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. and on this getaway morning, two, huge storms with flooding rains and dangerous winds, affecting both coasts at this hour. derailing travel plans for almost half the country. and 42 million americans heading home. sam leading our team tracking the holiday travel madness. stunning video overnight. this helicopter clips a wire and breaks apart while installing a christmas tree, all captured live on tv. the pilot hobbles away with only minor injuries. and you've never seen this before. that is a swimmer in a bikini. and, yes, those are great, white sharks. the bold, new experiment that will change the way the world thinks about the monsters of the deep. can they really be our friends? j.r. and karina! >> and all hail the dancing hero and champion. after one of the closest and
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most thrilling finales ever, j.r. martinez and his partner, karina smirnoff, are the new champs on "dancing with the stars." all of the finalists are here live, flying all night to make this a morning to remember. >> this is the "dancing with the stars" after-party. and not rain, not snow, not sleet can keep the "dancing" finalists away from times square. here they were, coming into times square this morning. there's derek, rickie. and here come the champs, karina and j.r. a big crowd in times square to greet them, as well. we're going to have so much excitement here this morning. >> they flew all night long to be here with us. and the show last night, george, was so exciting. it was a real nail-biter. the most suspenseful finale yet. and after the celebration on the
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dance floor, the final continues here for the man who nearly stole the show, our good friend carson presley will be leading the way with them. >> he was the first off the bus. >> yes, he was not going to miss it. we are going to begin with what looks right now like a travel nightmare for the millions of people trekking to friends and family for thanksgiving. you're looking live at major highways around the country. they will soon be choked with traffic. >> there will be more people on the roads and air today, 4% up from last year. look at this satellite map on the planes in the air right now. and the weather system that could delay everyone's homecoming. >> our reporters are spread out all across the country. we kick off the coverage with sam and the latest forecast. sam? >> reporter: good morning, robin and george. this couldn't have come at a worse time for all of us trying to get some place else for this holiday. this storm cranked up last night on the east coast and even as the rain pulls away today and improves, the damage is already done in a lot of places. it's slow traffic today. thanksgiving is the biggest
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travel holiday of the year. and on the day before, the country's getting serious rain, snow and flooding. two, major storms. one moving through the northeast, bringing heavy winds and rain. even flood warnings from washington, d.c. into boston. and heavy snow from new hampshire into maine. the other, blanketing the northwest. overnight, flash flooding in west virginia forced more than a dozen road closures and multiple vehicle rescues. in chaptico, maryland, a bus carrying a high school basketball team ran off the road in heavy rain. part of a three-vehicle accident. 20 people were hospitalized with minor injuries before being released. in the west, more heavy rains and flash flooding. with landslides knocking out major highways and heavy snow with the threat of avalanches. in oregon, vicious sandstorms vicious sand storm as long the coast. these are 70-mile-per-hour winds blasting coastal residents. >> and it is worse this year. it started earlier this year. and we have sand piled up all
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the way around the whole, entire house. from ground level, up to our back porch. >> reporter: with the storms combined, more than half the u.s. population starts the morning snarled by rain or snow. >> we already got in a big fight about it, because my husband wants to leave tomorrow. but i think we should give it the college try. >> reporter: and the fear is with many major airports experiencing early-morning delays, those delays could ripple across the country. >> even though l.a. is fine right now, what might happen, the planes aren't going to make it there. so, every airport around the country is going to be affected. >> the worst today is for the extreme northeast. you see the snow and the rain right there. for everyone else along the eastern seaboard, that rain ends in a matter of hours. so the good news is, for most of the east coast, we're in an improving situation, those delays have already happened. they'll be carrying throughout the day. on the west coast, that weather stays bad all day. robin? >> moving quickly through here, faster than we thought it would, through the northeast. >> we're very happy with what's happening, from new york city all the way to north florida.
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but northern areas and extreme northwest, not so good. >> all right, sam. now, for the latest on the rails with abc's ginger zee. she's the newest member of our "gma" family and our weekend meteorologist. she's aboard the acela train, from washington to new york. good morning ginger. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is my first live shot going 08 to 150 mile the per hour. not too bad. this is the huge day for amtrak. it's their busiest of the entire year. on a typical wednesday, you'd see 77,000 riders across the nation. today, they will double that. not only is it busy. but it's efficient. weather-wise, if they have rain, if they is snow, they say not an issue, not like the air and roads get affected at least. the only thing that can stop them up is really high winds. so, you'll get there. and here's another perk, if you're on the overnight, you'll get a thanksgiving dinner. a real one. back to robin now. >> and plenty of seats there, ginger. i think people were waiting for the storm to pass. thank you very much.
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she's live on the train. shades of our train trip back in 2008, sam and i remember. the storms in the east are having a ripple effect on travel nationwide. and yunji de nies is at one of the busiest airports this morning. yungi. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the crowds have started to grow in the last hour. 3.5 million americans are expected to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. many of them will be leaving out of here at hartsfield/jackson international. this is the busiest airport in the world. right now, flights are running on time. but that's not the case across the country. it's still very early on this very busy travel holiday. we're seeing at least 66 flights delayed. the worst delays right now are in philadelphia. those are off by at least an hour. we're seeing delays at reagan, la guardia and newark. those are major hubs. they could cascade into more problems. the airlines say on a normal day, give yourself an hour before you come to the airport. on a day like today, double that. robin?
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>> all right, yunji. thank you. maybe people left yesterday, or tomorrow. but it's pretty empty right now. >> my wife's going to be mad at me. i insisted she leave yesterday. and she was in a three-hour drive for six hours. >> which is probably clear sailing today. >> i hope she's sleeping right now. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and the first republican debate with a new front-runner, newt gingrich. he's the latest to top the field. he was in his element last night in a debate devoted almost entirely to national security and foreign policy. jake tapper covered it. this was the first time for the former speaker with the attention. he didn't have to fight for attention at all. >> reporter: it shows polls show newt gingrich rising, romney coasting and herman cain falling. all three kept to that script last night. with all eight candidates really mixing it up and having tough words for one another, as they debated life and death issues of national security. former speaker, newt gingrich, went out on a limb, in front of
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a very conservative audience, by defending his controversial position on legalizing illegal workers. >> you've been here 25 years. you've been paying taxes, obeying the law. i don't think we're going to separate you from your family uproot you forcefully and kick you out. >> amnesty is a magnet. but to say to the people who have come here illegally, now, you are all going to get to stay, that will only encourage people to do the same thing. >> reporter: he fought with congressman ron paul over the patriot act. >> i think the patriot act is unpatriotic because it undermines our liberty. terrorism is a crime. and we should deal with it. we dealt with it well with timothy mcveigh. >> mcveigh succeeded. that's the whole point. i don't want a law that says, after we lose a major american city, we're sure going to come and find you. i want a law that says, you try to take out an american city, we're going to stop you. >> reporter: congresswoman michele bachmann had some harsh words for governor rick perry, over aid to pakistan.
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>> they showed us time after time, that they can't be trusted. i would not send them one penny. period. >> with all due respect to the governor, i think that's highly naive. these weapons could find their way out of pakistan, into washington, d.c., and a nuclear weapon could be set off in this city. >> reporter: but the big loser for the night seemed to be herman cain, who even had trouble with the name of moderator, wolf blitzer. >> is it okay for muslim-americans to get more intensive pat-downs or security when they go through airports? >> no, blitz, that's oversimplifying here. i'm sorry, blitz. i went wolf. okay? blitz/wolf. >> reporter: he offered a lot of meandering nonanswers, like this on aid to africa. >> it depends on looking at the program and asking the question. has that aid been successful? in other words, let's look at the whole problem. it may be worthwhile to continue. it may not. >> reporter: a few hours after the debate, political junkies turned their channels to jimmy fallon.
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the night before, with bachmann coming out as his guest, his house band purposely played a song with an insulting, sexist title. fallon said nothing about it on his show. but he tweeted an apology. i'm so sorry about the intro mess, he wrote. i really hope she comes back. and some iowa republicans say newt gingrich's position on illegal immigration could hurt him with the conservative voters that make up the base of the republican party in that state. and speaking of the voters, a new poll out today indicates that more than one-half of white evangelicals do not consider mormonism to be christianity. and those voters overwhelmingly have serious doubts about mitt romney, as a republican nominee. however, in a general election, against barack obama, they would vote for mitt romney. >> a closely bunched pack in iowa, but newt on top right now. thanks very much. robin. now, a health alert just in time for thanksgiving.
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many holiday feasts included canned cranberry sauce and other canned goods. there's a new warning about a chemical in those cans. the chemical, bpa, which has been removed from baby bottles over health concerns. our medical editor, dr. richard besser, is here with more on this. tell us more about bpa and the findings. >> this is surprising. bpa is a chemical that's used in plastics. it helps keep them solid and flexible. one place it's used is in the lining for cans. it prevents the metal from corroding. so they wanted to see, does the bpa from that liner get in your food? they took a group of 75 people and gave them canned soup once a day for five days. they found after five days, the level of bpa in their body went up tenfold. a big rise in bpa. after two days, it was back down to normal. >> do we know how much bpa is too much? >> that's the problem. animal studies show that high doses of bpa are linked to cancer, heart disease, early puberty.
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but it's a big step, going from large animal doses to what's harmful in people. the nih is putting $30 million into trying to answer that question. just last year, the food and drug administration raised concerns about bpa in baby bottles. and manufacturers took that information and said we're getting bpa out of baby bottles. i'll be interested to see if food manufacturers say let's get bpa out of can liners. >> what can we do to limit our exposures? >> there are things you can do. we're talking about canned foods. the more food you eat that's fresh or frozen, will eliminate the bpa. if you're buying food in plastic don't heat it in the plastic material. that heating can release the bpa in your food. those are a couple of things to do. >> good suggestions there. have a great thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> thanks a lot, rich. now, josh elliott has the other top stories. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, robin. we're going to begin with the developing news overseas concerning the fate of the three american college students arrested during a violent
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anti-government protest there in cairo. the u.s. embassy is hoping to gain access to the students today for the first time. they're accused of throwing firebombs at egyptian forces. those protests are now entering their fifth day. nearly 40 people have been killed thus far. and there is breaking news concerning another vital u.s. ally. yemen's president has agreed to step aside and hand over power to his vice president, hoping to calm the violence that has pushed his country to the brink of civil war. meanwhile here at home, one of the country's most prestigious college marching bands has been suspended when one of its members' death was linked to hazing. he collapsed on the bus. police aren't describing the alleged hazing incident. but 30 band members were suspended earlier this year because of hazing allegations. and dramatic video. take a look at this. a helicopter crashing 25 feet from the ground. as its back end was entangled in
7:14 am
cables installing a christmas tree in new zealand. if you look closely again, you can see it get tangled and that back end snap. this is the most amazing part of all. the pilot walked away. shocking everybody on the ground. as we see it again, snapping in half and falling almost three stories to the pavement. and the pilot -- >> a mass mess of wet propeller kind of sound. >> there was an enormous pop, which was the blade exploding. and then, a mighty thump as the helicopter hit the ground. >> somehow he walked away. the pilot had 20 years of flying experience and says he's doing just fine. finally, size apparently does not matter when it comes to -- sorry, george -- to gobbling up the competition. the proof on display at new york's annual turkey eating contest. look at the big fella. and then, take a look at the tiny, little woman next to him. that's -- well, that's not sonia
7:15 am
"black widow" thomas. that is the black widow right there. at 105 pounds soaking wet, she put away 5 1/4 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes. >> and took a nap after that wild turkey. increasing her body mass by like 5%. >> unbelievable. >> i don't get the competitive eating thing at all. but good on you, black widow. >> i thought you were setting up for a short joke here. we're going to have to have something happen here. >> oh, the gobble, gobble. i thought so too. i'm like, you better not. >> i wouldn't go there. >> i thought you were going to go there. >> i'll wait until you guys are gone. >> you're going to be here the next day. >> it's not a short week for some of us. >> no, it's not. i'm wondering where she put all that turkey. because, you see, something about that, she's holding one of those, she ate four of those? >> she ate 5 1/4 pounds in 10 minutes. >> let me point out something. sam, please send this rain to texas. that's what they're trying to say. can you do any of that? >> they need it desperately. not in this round.
7:16 am
that's what the problem is. all of the rain is hitting in the same locations. the rain gets out of the east coast quickly. this is the best news so far. that rain gets out of the east coast quickly. this storm is moving so quickly. in new england, you're going to have it for a while today. watch the drier air move in. we got the heavier rain out of the way in philadelphia, d.c., baltimore. but in the next two hours, new york city follows. points north will get better and better. but the snow will go on for most of the day in northern new england, as the drier air sweeps in just in time for thanksgiving. here's who gets snow today. this is big, mounting, accumulating snow. boston will be stuck with the rain for a while longer. any flight going through logan will probably be delayed all day long today.
7:17 am
>> and the rainiest cities are brought to you by royal caribbean international. we'll have all of america's weather, but not the rain for texas when we come -- >> not yet. >> just not going to be yet. >> thank you, sam. >> they need it. now, it's from the is nothing sacred category? is thanksgiving about to become
7:18 am
black thursday? some of the big stores are planning their christmas sales right after the thanksgiving turkey is cleared from the table. are they giving customers what they want? or crashing a holiday about giving thanks. not getting things. abc's lindsey davis brings us that story from a target in new jersey. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. retailers are so excited to get out of the red that there's a gray area this year when it comes to black friday because for some stores, it's starting on thursday. the industry calls it the christmas creep. the encroachment of presents on pumpkin pie. >> you will win. >> reporter: the race is on for the shopping event of the year. the woman in this target ad is clearly pumped and ready for the frenzy. but some target workers are saying enough. leave thanksgiving alone. >> if we continue this way, if no one says anything, before you know it, thanksgiving will be just another day. not a holiday. not a time to be together.
7:19 am
>> where do we start next year? the fourth of july? >> reporter: that's because at many stores like target, black friday is now black thursday. toys "r" us opens at 9:00 thanksgiving night. walmart's black friday specials start at 10:00 p.m. macy's, kohl's, best buy and target, all open at midnight. >> i have to get some sleep. i'll probably go to bed at 2:00. and miss my family's thanksgiving dinner completely. >> reporter: target employee, anthony harewick created an online petition, urging his employer to hold off until friday morning. as of this morning, his petition on, has nearly 200,000 signatures. another website,, asks readers to pledge, not to let black friday shopping gobble up thanksgiving. target tells abc news it's opening early to remain competitive. plus, say they it's what consumers want. >> i love the family time, but if someone wants to be out there
7:20 am
shopping, the stars should be there for them to shop. >> reporter: any way you slice it, you have plenty of ways to disrupt your sleep thanksgiving night, which likely won't bother this shopper. now, on the flip side, the department store, nordstrom, they're being commended for what some are calling its classy decision. take a look. this is a sign they have posted on their store. we won't be decking our halls until friday, november 25th. why? we like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. and this has been their retail strategy for several years. it has obviously worked for them. but rest assured, hundreds of people will be outside this store tomorrow night. george? >> thanks, linsey. >> that's one of the beauties of thanksgiving. is not having to worry about gift-buying and all of that, just being with family. >> hunkering down. coming up on "gma," abc news has learned startling, new details about the ex-fiance at the heart of "the people's court" disappearance. he can tell us about where the missing mom is. could everything you know about sharks be wrong? how these women in bikinis are turning around the rep of the great whites. and carson is standing by. >> come on. ♪ >> come on.
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major accident southbound 101 approaching sfo. crews have the three left lanes blocked. as you can see traffic is affected in both directions along 101. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights still on, very light conditions as you make your way into san francisco. >> the holiday forecast when we come back.
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check out the clouds' we look south news from fo flight arrival delays there check out our flight tracker at the top of the page today. rain well north breezy with scattered showers tarting in the 40s and low 50s destin -- starting in the 40s and low 50s. scattered showers in the north bay. steady rain north bay 7:00 through all of our neighborhoods by 8:00 tomorrow morning.
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♪ vogue hey, good morning, america. "dancing with the stars" after-party continues. we're in the backstage area. all of our dancers are getting ready. cheryl is getting some -- those are real eyelashes, i swear. she's just getting a touch-up. and over here, we have karina and -- what's going -- oh, my gosh. i'll give you your privacy. and look, everybody. ricki lake. what dance are you doing today? >> cha-cha. good morning, america. >> she's ready to cha-cha. and then, over here, my favorite area. j.r., derek, and little rob kardashian. let's pop right in. hi, guys. good morning. i wanted to also -- here's rob
7:31 am
getting ready. >> good morning, america. >> what are you going to be doing today? do you know? >> good morning, america. >> he's going to keep with that. >> one more time with feeling, rob. >> i'm good. i need to check on the mirrorball trophy. this is what we do backstage. you know? >> good morning, america. >> a little jet lagged. they've been flying all night. but carson never, never sleeps. we're going to have the finalists. >> i want rob on tape saying good morning, america. that's a perfect friday, good morning, america. >> carson, i want to bring you back. once again, you stole the show last night. you and anna with your "vogue" number. that was something else. >> i've been voguing since i was 11 years old. it just came naturally. >> this is what you really enjoy. >> i'm going to teach you how to do this. it's very easy. we'll do it later on the show. >> you got it. >> looking forward to that. new details in the natalie
7:32 am
wood case. a woman has told police that she heard natalie wood calling for help the night she drowned. we'll get into that ahead. plus, why would these girls in bikinis go swimming with sharks? not another "jaws" movie. it's science that could change everything you ever knew about the most feared predator of the sea. >> they're brave. we begin with exclusive, new information about the former fiance of the woman who disappeared after appearing on "the people's court." matt gutman joins with us the latest on missing mom, michelle parker. >> reporter: good morning. we're learning that dale smith after one brutal fight, screamed at parker, your day is coming. has been dogged by a decade of arrests, restraining orders and multiple courts-martial, while in the marines. abc news has learned dale smith, seen here with his former fiancee on "the people's court." >> i smashed my camera on the
7:33 am
ground. >> reporter: was dishonorably discharged from the marines in 2003, following a string of courts-martial, including military conviction for drug possession and domestic battery. this former fiancee, michelle parker, went missing thursday. hours after accusing him of serial violence, during this now-infamous episode of the long-running court show. abc news has also obtained this restraining order, which parker sought against smith. it was denied by a judge. while police maintains smith is not a suspect in parker's disappearance. those closest to her, including her sister, lauren, are still looking at allegations of smith's rage. have you managed to exclude something? >> we aren't, at this point, excludeing anything. there is nothing to be excludeing. >> reporter: is there a possibility that dale smith had something to do with this? >> nothing. >> reporter: family members, like her brother, are focusing
7:34 am
on equally nightmarish scenarios. what happened? >> i think she had a normal day. you know? she had to work that night. she might have stopped at a store. somewhere between there and there, i think she was abducted maybe. >> reporter: he was the last person to hear from her. a cryptic nine-character text message. 4:26, dustin sent out a text message. it came back, saying whatever. she doesn't talk like that. >> reporter: as the mystery intensifies, so does the search. for the sixth-straight day, an army of friends is pasting leaflets, canvassing neighborhoods, including one very determined mother. >> i'm her mom. do you know her? have you seen her? do you know anybody? if you do, please, please, please help me. >> reporter: and after six days of starting this search, and thousands of tips, robin, no sign of life yet. now, parker and smith co-share custody of their 3-year-old twins. her family says he was a
7:35 am
supportive and loving father. but he's been visited every day by police. and we learned that yesterday, he got a visit from child services. >> matt, thank you. and the cold case of natalie wood's death is heating up. new information from a witness who says she heard woods screaming for help that very day. here's abc's abbie boudreau. >> reporter: "gma" has learned detectives have now interviewed marilyn wayne, a boater who claims she heard natalie wood screaming for help moments before she allegedly drowned. overnight, wayne spoke exclusively to "entertainment tonight." >> this is the first time anyone has approached this case asking the appropriate questions. and following up with appropriate doubts. >> reporter: wood apparently drowned while boating with her husband, robert wagner and actor christopher walken. her death 30 years ago, ruled an accident. but now, many close to the case question if more could have been done to save her. lifeguard, roger smith, who pulled wood's body out of the
7:36 am
water, told "good morning america" he believes natalie wood may have floated alive for hours. and claims, i could have saved her. but was not called in time. meanwhile, the two other men with natalie that night are keeping quiet. tmz caught up with christopher walken in west hollywood. >> what do you think about the reopening of natalie wood's case? >> i don't know. >> reporter: and robert wagner, making a guest appearance on cbs' "ncis" last nights, playing of all things, a murder suspect. >> what's going on? the cops won't tell me anything. >> reporter: police insist wagner's not a suspect in this real-life mystery. the boat's captain, dennis davern, he heard wood and wagner arguing before she disappeared. >> i said let's turn on the search light. he said we're not going to do that at this time. >> reporter: davern's motives recognized were called into question, after he co-authored a
7:37 am
book about wood's death. >> the polygraph indicated he was telling the truth. >> reporter: howard temple said he performed a lie-detector test on davern, at the captain's request. in this exclusive interview with "gma," he said davern told him robert wagner instructed him not to speak about the drowning. >> he stayed at the wagner home for several months, if i'm not mistaken. and was told not to talk to anybody but the attorneys. and that robert wagner had paid for his therapy during that period of time. the only time that he was ever able to leave the wagner estate was with wagner's bodyguards. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. our thanks to abbie. time, now, for the weather. head west young man. >> we're going to show you the most powerful storm of the day. it's been going since yesterday. the pictures out of washington state are really astounding.
7:38 am
it could be salmon for dinner tonight because they're so easy to catch when the rivers run into the road. you step out there, grab a salmon, head back to the house. apparently there's that much rain going on there. about six, eight inches of rain already in those locations. and normally when this part of the country gets a storm like this, they'll get a lot less rain. but with the la nina pattern and the jet stream going through there, there's a lot of rain. all the way through san francisco by midnight tonight. expect that rain moving into northern california. and the strong winds, as well. most of the country, gorgeous >> and all of that weather was brought to you by subway. robin? george? >> sam, thank you.
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starts friday morning at midnight. there are two words which strike fear into the heart of every beachgoer. shark attack. but could the conventional wisdom about those ocean predators be wrng? the only way to find out is to take a dip with the ultimate predator. and "nightline"8v weir, you didn't do that, did
7:43 am
you? >> lawyers wouldn't let me. producers didn't want to call my wife on that one. i did get up close. and i risked a toe or two. >> did you, now? >> i learned that cows are 20-times more dangerous than sharks. but even steven spielberg would have a hard time selling a movie called "udders." it's fear and fascination that has driven these animals. an investigator wants to remove the fear part in the most startling way. girl. bikini. shark. about the only thing missing here are two notes on a tuba. that ominous, iconic indication that jaws is about to turn the water blood-red. but those are not actresses. and those sharks are not mechanical. they're part of a bold experiment to prove that almost everything spielberg and shark week taught us to fear is wrong. >> swimming around the sharks in
7:44 am
bikinis. we don't see any difference than fins on fish than us diving in wet suits. >> reporter: if the scientist is wrong, his reputation could be more shredded than a bikini in a shark attack. i would love that. let's lose a toe or two. he is marine biologist, brian johnson. the only ones circling the waters of the bay, are the great whites. making his life's work to demystify these monsters, he's gone diving with them countless times. he's used bite meters to measure the strength of the jaws. >> i have to enter that experiment. >> reporter: and developed silicon robo-seals, to see how the great whites hunt their favorite prey. most of the sharks live most of the year a half-mile from one of
7:45 am
the most populous beaches in africa. but there hasn't been an attack in over 20 years. thus, brian doesn't think they're the mindless eating machines they are. he wanted to see how attracted they are to white flash, human bodily fluids, and shiny bits of jewelry. how did you get the girls in the bikinis to agree? >> that was trickier. but the reality of it, the girls we chose, they love sharks. >> reporter: that doesn't mean his so-called shark angels didn't have their moments of doubt. >> i just couldn't handle it. can't handle it. >> reporter: aren't you at all worried that one nibble could set all this back? and reinstill all that fear? >> yeah. it's something we live with all the time. >> reporter: after an entire morning, i started to believe him. instead of destroying,
7:46 am
flesh-tearing monsters, they seemed discerning in how they approached. even so, we'll stay in the boat. a little more understanding before we get to that phase. it should be fascinating. he wants to do this live for two hours to really demystify it. when you show the highlights of the attacks, you have a perception. but we were there all morning. and they're really quite cuddly. >> so, they're just misunderstood, like many of us? >> occasionally. and sometimes they misunderstand us for a seal or so. >> great gig you got there. not a bad one. bill, always good to have you here. you can see the premiere of "shark attack experiment" on nat geo wild. coming up, "the play of the day." we're talling it the hamburger will. and finally, carson kressley backstage with "dancing with the stars." he has moves like jagger. let the fun begin. my whole body hurt. it was an ongoing, deep pain.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> take a look. it is a real-life hambuglar. this is a college student in dded to break into a mcdonald's through a drive-through window. broke in the glass. and decided to stay a while. get the deep fryer going. got himself a drink. >> how long -- >> he started the deep fryer? >> he stayed for a long time. >> i was worried we were going to get him arrested today. turns out, he turned himself in. third-degree burglar reports. >> is that him leaving? >> he was hungry for fries and a coke. >> and first-degree stupidity. "dancing with the stars" after-party is right now. gearing up for the holidays, brought to you by walmart. okay. how long really should you let a frozen turkey thaw? for every five pounds of bird,
7:52 am
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7:55 am
coming up, coming up, coming
7:56 am
up. get in the spirit. get in the spirit. get in the spirit. they need some bedazzlement in here. funeral services are set for vallejo police officer shot and killed by a bank robbery suspect last week. the memorial for officer jim capoot will be held 11 a.m. next wednesday at vallejo high. capoot had strong ties to vallejo high where he coached girls basketball. let's get the weather forecast now. >> mostly cloudy today, stray showers possible in the north bay upper 50s to mid 60s. 7:00 tonight to 8:00 tomorrow is when we get the rain.
7:57 am
>> major delays headed over to sfo this morning. earlier accident now cleared from the road. you still way want to consider using 280 to 380 to to sfo. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
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8:00 am
this morning, "good morning america" turns broadway into a ballroom full of dancing stars. ♪ >> last night, the pressure was on. ♪ >> j.r., ricki and rob, in a grand finale of style, stamina and showmanship. but in the end -- >> j.r. and karina. >> j.r. was just right, winning it all. champion j.r. martinez is here, with ricki lake and rob kardashian, for our biggest celebration ever. >> good morning, america. >> now, live, from times square, this is "dancing with the stars," the after-party. ♪ >> time to get the after-party started. there they are.
8:01 am
[ cheers and applause ] everybody has been talking about how they did in the ballroom. >> they answered your mail, your e-mail, your tweets. "dancing with the stars" to times square. [ cheers and applause ] derek hough and ricki lake. rob kardashian and cheryl burke, and j.r. martinez and karina. >> carson kressley -- [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, ghie guys. this seems to be out of control. >> conga line, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
8:02 am
>> oh. ♪ >> very nice. >> that's it. >> he's doing some touch-ups on j.r. wow. well, you see what we're in for. josh, it's time for you to be the buzzkill. >> we grind to a screeching halt. we'll be right back. we begin with the news. a travel nightmare for millions of americans hitting the roads, skies and rails for the thanksgiving rush. two major storms plaguing travel on both coasts. several dozen flights have been canceled already. airports from philadelphia to boston will see the most delays. out west, rain and flash flooding has forced highway closures. more than 42 million people are
8:03 am
expected to hit the road for thanksgiving, 4% more than a year ago. after the rush home and the big meal, attention will be turning to shopping. the national retail federation predicting the biggest turnout of shoppers ever with 152 million people planning to shop this weekend. some tomorrow night. up 10% from just a year ago. we turn to politics now. one major headline from the republican presidential debate last night, newt gingrich, leading in many polls, defending a softer stance on illegal immigration. saying he would allow illegals who have lived here for several years to stay in the u.s. he says republicans should not back a policy that tears apart families. meantime, mitt romney picking up a key endorsement today from south dakota's senator, john thune, which could prove crucial in neighboring iowa. and this morning, the largest lawsuit yet has been
8:04 am
filed stemming from last summer's stage collapse at the indiana state fair. seven people were killed when a 60-mile-per-hour gust toppled the stage just before a sugarland concert. survivors and victims' family members say they should have canceled the show. we have new details on what's being described as a terrorism plot uncovered in georgia. the suspects all in their late 60s and early 70s. pierre thomas has the newly released audiotapes in the case. >> reporter: if you believe the fbi's case against four senior citizens, accused of plotting terrorism, then these secretly-recorded audiotapes are in a word, chilling. >> when it comes time to saving the constitution, that means some people got to die. >> reporter: the government says the men were planning a campaign of terror at this georgia waffle house. and in their homes. the tapes portray them as cold-blooded. calculating. >> all right, so, who's willing to take a life? >> this wasn't just talk. they had taken real steps toward carrying out their plan. >> reporter: the alleged plan,
8:05 am
is self-described covert group, involved murdering federal agents in washington and atlanta. >> i can shoot atf and irs all day long. all the judges in the doj and attorneys and prosecutors, i can shoot. >> reporter: they also discuss constructing two bombs big enough to take down buildings and using the deadly toxin ricin, which can cause liver and kidney failure. >> it's a weapon of mass destruction. it is 70% effective. >> reporter: the recorded words of four unlikely terrorists, that could be mistaken for just grumpy, old men. even having trouble hearing in court. but if proved to be terrorists, they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. for "good morning america," pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> thank you, pierre. finally, two turkeys getting a very lucky break this morning. being pardoned by president obama. to live their lives in relative peace. instead of ending up in our stomachs. one other turkey, unfortunately, will not be participating in
8:06 am
this annual tradition. take a look. he can use some help. that is the turkey in the back of a police cruiser. taken into custody, gobbling his way at a gas station last night, george, in georgia. it wasn't a jailbird. turned over to animal control. no word, however, if he'll be getting that presidential pardon himself. late-breaking news here, folks. happy birthday. to the woman to my left. >> oh, thank you. >> the lovely robin roberts. [ applause ] >> you didn't have to throw a party for me. oh, "dancing with the stars." i thought it was my birthday party. thank you, y'all. >> how lucky am i? >> come on. >> it's like the blonde ambition tour over here. i mean. >> will you stay tuned? >> i have to do weather. pop news. >> we'll do that. you do the cold front thing. okay. >> are you ready?
8:07 am
>> i'm ready. >> pop news, everybody. >> i still don't have a chair, btw. no. it's okay. i insist. >> sit. >> no. i've been flying all night. and dancing for the last three months. we'll share. >> okay, we're running out of time. here's what's happening in the world of pop news. first up, jennifer lopez, getting a bronx cheer this morning. you know what that that? >> that's not a good thing, right? >> no, correct. >> it's for the new fiat commercial she has just done. you see j. lo cruising the streets in the bronx section of new york. jenny from the block never actually went to the block to shoot that ad. >> did they make that in canada? like they make all the movies? >> she shot her scenes in l.a. and had a body-double go to the hood to shoot those scenes. >> that's a great job for the body-double. drive around looking like j. lo. with your hair blowing, easy. >> people around the block not thrilled with j. lo this morning. >> i get it. on a positive note, freddie mercury, incredible. perhaps the greatest live performer of all time.
8:08 am
he may be brought back to life by the guy who played borat. sacha baron cohen will be in a queen bio pic that begins shooting in the new year. produced by graham king. no word on whether cohen will do his own singing. i like. it's nice. >> he will win an oscar for the portrayal of freddie mercury. >> wow. >> what do you think about that? >> he's brilliant. >> i think if they need backup dancers, i'm so available right now. >> one, quick vogue. really quick. >> there you go. all that said. >> i can teach you all how to do it. it's very easy. last up, this is a really wonderful story happening at the lincoln park zoo in chicago. a bouncing baby girl born november 16th. the itty-bitty girl gorilla doesn't have a name yet. but the zoo keepers are calling her a blessing.
8:09 am
considering gorillas are critically endangered. if you see her, you will see her mom, the first-time mother. and her dad, a 22-year-old silverback who has been staying close by to protect his little girl. >> aw. send them a present. >> that would be lovely. >> a birthday. >> november 16th. >> oh. >> belated. >> that is -- >> that's your pop news, america. and, sam, he's dealing with the front upstairs. that's where he is. upstairs. sam? >> i looked. this is what's coming up. every dancing star, a huge audience, a big -- me thinks some dancing might break out. i'm not sure. but i think so. how about if we do a little weather. we're going to start with what's going on in maine. we told you there's some snow. look at gardner, maine. six or seven inches of snow on the ground. we think there's about four or five more inches coming. most of this will be extreme northern new england. it picked up the snow in northern new hampshire state. if you're driving today, that
8:10 am
northwestern storm is going to be a problem. by midnight, the rainmaking it down to san francisco. south of that, in the l.a. area, no problems at all. it ends up being a nice day. across most of the country today, there are no issues. it's just new york because the early-morning slowdown. boston will be slow for a good part of the day today. and even into the northwest. but portland and seattle will have some slowdowns. how was that? >> amazing. >> so glad you're here. the plane made
8:11 am
>> see? this is what happens when you come to "gma." if you were outside, you would have been inside this morning for the dancing finale. lara? >> all right. i got this, lara. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." thanks, sam. ready? >> dishing with the stars. boy, are they talking. >> okay. >> these are the finalists' first interview since the big finale. what really happened in the ballroom? only one man knows. he's sitting next to me. >> i do. >> and they're going to dance again. this is not their last dance. >> no. there's more dancing to happen right here on "gma." kicking up their heels on the "gma" dance floor. and we have more on carson, everybody. take the camera. we can show you what carson has coming up. ready? >> go. ♪ >> coming up on "gma." >> you win. here. just take it. >> thank you. >> it's an honorary.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. going to stop me is weak thighs. here and the last thing that's mountain series, level 10. backwards. starts friday morning at midnight. the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are -- j.r. and karina. [ cheers and applause ] >> all of the stars here live. rob kardashian, ricki lake, j.r. martinez. thanks for being here. >> wonderful. congratulations to you all. and thanks for making the trek out here. you haven't been to bed really,
8:15 am
haven't you? >> not really. >> one hour of sleep. >> one hour. >> that's an after-party. >> carson got us here safely. he gave us the safety briefing on the plane. we got here safely. >> you're here. >> the whole thing. it was like his routine, the vogue. >> for j.r., this is it. the moment after all those weeks. what went through your mind? >> i said to karina. i looked back at her and said, can they just tell us already. it seemed like the moment lasted forever. building up the suspense. it's been amazing. we put three months of work into this. that's the ultimate goal, to be able to hold that up. it's a tremendous honor. >> and, karina, you've been to the finals before. but never got the trophy. >> it feels amazing. i think i was -- it is an amazing feeling. and what a person to share it with. you know? >> you two, watching that video
8:16 am
right now. >> i thought, okay. i'm going to pick up j.r. i put him -- i realized, i can't do this. i got out of there somehow. >> it's so heavy. >> ricki, you look amazing. >> thank you. >> you do. >> i know. but you're strong. the transformation that derek talked about. the coolest thing i've ever seen on the dance floor, the final spin. >> i loved that. >> that was -- >> this is it. >> that was so cool. >> i haven't seen it. >> talk about how life-changing this is. help us understand. >> it's such a journey. such a process. i'm used to growing up on tv and people seeing me and my hardships. but this really is putting everything on the line. your body is at its limit. you get emotionally caught up in
8:17 am
it. you want to win. but you also want to do these moves in front of 20 million people. you know, forgetting a step or something, you think about it all the time. i'm really so grateful. i had the best partner. i'm sorry, guys. derek hough is the man. i respect him so much. he made me look good every week. >> you were in great hands with derek. >> absolutely. >> i know she was nervous about the lifts in the beginning. and you worked with her on that. >> i didn't give her a choice. basically -- she's like, what are you doing? you can do it. come on. >> we can do it. in slow-mo, i'm like this. it was great. >> she was great. she seemed to come into her own. and everybody else, i think. look at her right now. she looks fantastic. so proud of her. >> and, rob, i have to say, you do, too. we were watching. [ applause ] every, single week, you get better and better.
8:18 am
you blew away the judges. >> yeah. >> on monday night. and cheryl said, that was the best you ever had. >> this whole journey has been so unique. being able to be part of rob's transformation has really meant a lot to me. >> rob had one special asset. >> one. >> i don't know. >> take a look. ♪ >> we have to do -- >> you have enough back there. >> your bum is sticking out. then, your frame goes. >> it's tough dancing with such a big butt. >> with your butt sticking out. >> i had a good look at your buttocks. ♪ >> apparently, my butt is the lethal weapon in the samba. ♪ >> that's how you turn a handicap into an asset.
8:19 am
once you started shaking, there's no stopping you. >> if you buckle your sleeves, your butt will look smaller. ♪ >> we had donny osmond here last week. he thought you were going to go all the way. >> really? i literally did the best i could do in my book. i couldn't have asked myself to do any better. going as far as i could go. and j.r. deserves that trophy. we all worked so hard. so, we're all here together. >> uh-huh. >> you all last night, kept saying, we love to dance. we love to dance. >> that's awesome you guys had that tape. i love to dance. >> we loved watching you all dance. we love watching you dance. you two, "people's" sexiest men right here. >> i don't know how comfortable i was when that came out.
8:20 am
i do have to say one thing quickly, though. the pants are quite low. and because i was wearing a harness, it was pulling them down. just so you know. >> it's an amazing honor to be listed. to think about 8 1/2 years ago, being in a hospital. seeing my face and my body for the first time. thinking that there's no way i can actually live in this world. and i'll never have a girlfriend. never be accepted. and to be listed, on the shows when you accept yourself. and when you're comfortable within your own skin, it goes a long way. >> i'll bet you heard a lot from fellow veterans over the course of the weeks. >> i have. i thought i would get a lot of grief. but they've been supportive. i think why, they are saying, he's got some moves. wearing the wheels and the rhinestones and everything else. i got a lot of support. and just the fact i any we've all been able to be a voice for our own category of people, it's
8:21 am
been amazing. the inspiration and the fact we've been able to do so much. it's a pleasure to be that. >> everyone had their message and really lifted people up in support. i have to say, rob, everyone has said about your family is so true. you all are so supportive as a family. and you had somebody there every, single night. >> yeah. that makes it so much easier for me to, like, get my attention kind of away from the nerves and everything. >> right. >> for them to be there is -- my mom's there every, single day. that means a lot to me. >> how were you able -- because a lot was said about kim. how were you able to just focus? and it was great that she was there, too. >> we're like -- we always kind of -- family is how we've been brought up. we're a very close-knit family. that's how we kind of live. for them to be there, it makes us all happy. they're very supportive. >> they have a message for you. let's take a look. >> robby, you're still a winner
8:22 am
to us. >> and you still beat kim, no matter what. >> exactly. >> i don't think any of us could do that show. >> i don't think that's hard. rob, we love you. >> you're the champ, dude. >> you're the kardashian champion for life. >> aw. [ applause ] >> of course they're going to support me. >> ricki, we have a special message for you. somebody that was there for you and you were there for her when she was on "dancing with the stars." >> oh, my gosh. >> ricki? you didn't win the mirrorball. but who the hell cares? you're the most amazing dancer. you razzle-dazzled the world. now, you're in the runners-up club. you know what that means? you get your own show. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's true. >> it's true. i did -- i had done a pilot for a new talk show. you know, this is a great way to
8:23 am
reinvent myself and come back and show everybody i've grown up, i've evolved. and hopefully, the show i do next year will show that, as well. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> j.r., a message for you, too. your mom and your girlfriend. >> woo. we are so proud of you. we knew you were going to win. this is not a surprise at all. >> yes, baby. it is not a surprise at all that you're the winner. and i knew that you would be the winner. i love you. thank you. >> we love you. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's amazing. my mom has been there, you know, from day one, of course. and she's always been by my side and encouraged me. my girlfriend's been an amazing amount of support. it's tough to do this show when you're in a relationship. your fiance. it takes a lot of your time. when you have the support, it means a lot. >> we have two weddings, coming up, right? ricki and karina? >> yeah. mine -- we have a day off and we
8:24 am
can start talking about it. >> start planning. >> you are all invited. >> we're going to dance. rob and i are going to dance at it. >> absolutely. >> and i'm going to do my move. that spin. no breaking the glass. just that spin. >> it's going to be a lot of dancing there. and let me say something to the pros back here. once again, you guys brought all of it professional. every, single season. i know. you are champions. you all have won. >> yes. >> that's great. [ cheers and applause ] it's all crossed out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] black friday's here. deals start thursday 10 pm. but we're open all day and night so you don't have to wait outside. the only place to go on black friday. walmart.
8:25 am
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8:27 am
city officials are working on a plan move occupy san francisco protesters out of justin herman plaza. city hall is talking about refloating the encampment to the site of -- relocating the encampment to the site of a former school. they will be able to pitch tents and have access to toilets. so far the protester are cool to that location. north bay, northbound would 101 approaching the highway 37 ramping involving another overturned vehicle has three left lanes blocked "sig alert" in effect. bay bridge toll metering lights off, traffic light,
8:28 am
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8:29 am
our storm system hung up in the northern part of the state for the better part of today. scattered showers possible especially north bay upper 50s to low 60s.
8:30 am
7:00 tonight through 8:00 tomorrow the best chance of rain from a quarter to half an inch to even an pins in the nort ♪ [ cheers and applause ] they just can't stop dancing. look at them. >> it's mick jagger. >> i can't stop. [ cheers and applause ] >> carson kressley. >> your on the payroll. >> i know. i just keep showing up. if you don't pay me, i'll still come. >> you're fantastic. you're like a jolt of caffeine
8:31 am
here. the finalists are all here. they're going to have their last dances for us in a little bit. and they're going to answer some of your questions. >> carson, you've been going in the crowd. you have some good ones, right? >> yeah. we're talking tweets, questions from the audience. >> live. >> did you hear that? >> yeah. >> there isn't. understand that. this man has no sleep. imagine him with eight hours sleep. >> i'm really pushing it. >> wow. >> you should have used that move. you know what's so amazing is standing this close to everybody. you see them on tv. but they are in fantastic shape. >> i know. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. >> show them. >> welcome to the gun show. let's get to the boards.
8:32 am
one or two things we want to tell you about. we have plenty of dancing to do. let's get the weather out of the way up front. the brand-new storm system is hanging out west. but it moves towards the east today. and that is more rain, more snow. and it drops down south, even as far south as we've been saying, into san francisco, by the time we get into midnight tonight with that rain. elsewhere in the country, everything is gorgeous. and on thanksgiving day, most of the nation will have a really nice day. the national weather looking, as we said, warming towards the gulf. the thunderstorms will continue to move through central florida and get out of your way. new york city, if you're here for the big parade, and even in philadelphia, which "gma" will be live tomorrow for the parade. maybe this weather
8:33 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by. and the party continues. >> how were you able to keep the concentration with carson hopping up and around. >> do the wave. do the wave. do the wave. do the wave. do the wave. [ cheers and applause ] now, before we put our finalists in the hot seat, rob, we have a message for you, again. this time, from your mom. your beloved mom. >> rob, i am so proud of you. win or lose, you will always be my champion. i love you so much. and i've seen you grow so much through this journey. so, come on home. take those dancing shoes off because you deserve it. and i'll make you some brownies. >> oh.
8:34 am
>> it's thanksgiving. she doesn't cook for us too often. but we have thanksgiving coming up. and that's like the -- i'm super, super excited. >> and you get brownies. >> yeah. the brownies. the lemon cake. the berry cobbler. everything. >> cheryl, you know, you created this. and here, he's going to go back to eating and everything else. >> he told me he was going to start dieting today, right? wasn't it the day after the show? >> well, after thanksgiving. we've all been pretty good. we're dancing like ten-hour days. >> yeah. >> we're going to dance for the troops. we're going to start working out and dance with our shirts off. >> yeah, baby. we have other messages from our viewers and that. and the first one goes to you, j.r. and they say, wanted to know, j.r., do you plan continuing dancing? kind of answered that. i think you should be one of those that teaches the newcomers. just saying. >> oh, wow. that's a big compliment.
8:35 am
i enjoy it. and i will be calling up karina from time to time, just for a little twirl around. absolutely. >> we also have one for ricki. this is a good question. i know dancing has changed your body. but how has this affected your spirit? >> you know, i feel like i'm the every-mom. i'm 43. i have two children, 14 and 10. and i feel look i'm living out the fantasy of all the women out there, who wishes they could spend time learning how to dance with derek. i feel look i've come into my own. and at 43, to be peaking at the right time. it's an amazing experience. i'm grateful to have had it. >> you represented it so well. you really have. so excited for you and everyone else. >> rob, this is from tasha. she wants to know if there's jealousy between you and kim, since you lasted a lot longer on the show. >> no jealousy. my family has been rooting for me from day one.
8:36 am
it's fine. she only lasted week two or three. i definitely am very pleased with how far i've come in this. compared to her. >> compared to a lot of people. >> yes. definitely. >> i think sam has questions. >> twitter questions, right? >> reading them off the twitter right now. this is for the stars. so, what is your favorite part of the week, as you get ready for the live performances? >> ooh. >> for me? for me? the favorite is the hair, the makeup, the wardrobe, creating the characters every week was so much fun for me. but obviously, sweating it out with derek six hours a day, didn't suck, either. >> j.r.? >> the hair and makeup for me, too. you know, i get to show up a little later. i can skip all those. for me, it was just learning. learning from karina and sharing a lot of laughs. we're both kind of clumsy people. we had a lot of -- we're clumsy. in rehearsal, there was a lot of
8:37 am
funny situations. just going through that process. >> rob, your favorite part of the week? >> probably just rehearsals. i genuinely did like learning a new dance. you start over every single wednesday. that was like the worst part of the week. you have to learn a whole, new dance again, in four days. but i enjoyed it. >> carson, you have questions from the audience, sir? >> i thought you were going to ask what my favorite was. that was so long ago. the worst day was tuesday. they might send you home. and they put you under the hot, red light. and you feel like a human french fry. and they're pounding a drum. am i going home or not? awful. we do have questions from the live audience. okay? this is lindsay reel, right? from connecticut. you have a question for ricki. >> yes. >> shoot. >> what was the hardest dance for you to master this season? >> believe it or not, i would say the tango.
8:38 am
the one we did last night. the psycho tango. that was week four. and i had my unflattering breakdown. i wish i could take it back. that was the toughest dance. and the week before, i had to do toe lead. and that was heel lead. that's the argentine tango. i love that dance. that was really, really fun. >> look at that. boom. >> oh. wow. >> down the line. >> okay. one more. we dpif it to you so you have a microphone. this is victoria yeager. and you're from birmingham, alabama, right? >> yes. >> what's your question? and who is it for? >> it's for j.r. j.r., you've been my best person throughout the season. and i was just wondering, how long was your longest rehearsal? >> oh, wow. >> probably 12. >> i was going to say, yeah. we've done 12 hours before. >> 12 hours, rehearsal? >> yeah. you take little breaks here and there. >> those rehearsals. >> that's the thing, though. it's funny. we always went to rob and
8:39 am
cheryl's room. they would -- we would bust it in we're always messing around with each other. >> he would give me cupcakes for my birthday. >> yeah. gave her cupcakes. we take a break. but we go to everyone else's rehearsal to keep the energy up. it was never competitive amongst the three of us. it was fun. and we cheered each other on. >> i heard you picked on cheryl the most because she doesn't like spiders. >> they were hung up on the gate. they put little -- >> fake spiders. yeah. we had a lot of fun. we had a lot of fun. i would hide rob's shoes. hide his phone. >> my shoes. >> two hours, he didn't rehearse. >> he was walking around, looking for his phone. that's the kind of things like that. yeah. >> are you ready to dance again? >> absolutely. >> let's do it. >> great. a quick break and we'll see you in a bit. [ cheers and applause ]
8:40 am
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8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ] such a big morning here. these guys have been up all night. but they are not afraid to do it again. you saw it last night with the last dance. you see them work their magic. oh, no. think again. right now, we see all three couples do their thing, starting with the one, the only, ricki and derek. [ cheers and applause ] >> ricki lake, and her partner, derek hough. >> there we go. >> wait. >> there it is. all right. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:44 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. oh. woo! >> rob kardashian, and his partner, cheryl burke. [ cheers and applause ]
8:45 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:46 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dancing the cha-cha, j.r. martinez, and his partner, karina smirnoff. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:48 am
>> just kidding. we'll be right back with more. [ cheers and applause ]
8:49 am
8:50 am
hey, ricki. so, you didn't win it. you got robbed. or maybe you got j.r.'d. but i still love you. and you kicked butt on the show. >> that's awesome. that's awesome. i didn't know he did that. >> ricki's fiance, christian evans, who was there every step of the way. and it must be tough to be away from him for so long. >> it's a lot of sacrifices. they all knew they were going to be on the back-burner every night. and i would come home to a bath and candles lit. he's the greatest support system i have. thank you. >> all winners today. now, that you've seen ricki and
8:51 am
the finalists strut their stuff on the floor, we have a special treat, from the dance with me studio family, the nation's leading social ballroom studio, in locations in new york and l.a. and home to a couple of the pros, maks and tony. so, without further ado, take it away, guys. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
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8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ have a great thanksgiving, everyone. and we want to thank all of the dancers. and the "dancing with the stars" after-party. come on, rob. how about one, last, bootee shake. >> bootee shake. [ cheers and applause ] m
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
holiday travelers will be on the move all day. things are moving well, right? >> much better. new accident northbound 880 may have lanes blocked chp headed to the scene. much improvement ride along the peninsula, nine minutes from san mateo up to sfo. one last check of the about with toll, no metering heights, no delays nice ride into san francisco let's check in with mike for your >> good news if you are traveling, system slowing down -- wet weather well to the north snow doesn't hit tahoe until 2:30, 3:00


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