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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. a small plane explodes into a deadly orange flash, lighting up the mountains outside phoenix. all caught on camera. the search is on for survivors and for answers. crash-landing. we showed you this incredible video of a helicopter breaking apart when its blades got caught in a cable. the pilot miraculously walked away. now, we'll hear his amazing survival story. and is thursday the new black friday? stores are already open for business. filled with shoppers determined to get first crack at those bargains. but does missing your holiday really make sense? our becky worley has all the tips you need. and happy thanksgiving, harry. america plays host to britain's prince, enjoying his first holiday in the states. we'll show you how he's charming the locals and the ladies.
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and just any and not just any thursday morning, of course. good morning to you. josh elliott here with lara spencer. happy thanksgiving to all of you. we really appreciate you spending a couple hours with us. robin and george, of course, off enjoying the holiday with their families. we'll have much more on the breaking news in arizona in just a moment. meanwhile, we are right smack in the middle of parade central here in times square. the crowds are just packing the streets right outside of our window, waiting for the big macy's thanksgiving day parade. we're going to take you right to the route. and we're going to visit the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. that's where our sam champion is this morning. good morning, sammy. happy thanksgiving. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. lara, josh. good morning, america. we're at america's first thanksgiving day parade, right here in philadelphia.
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as the city of brotherly love celebrates thanksgiving, we'll have the parade, the floats, the bands. another american institution, as you mentioned, lara, is the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and our cameron mathison is there. good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving, everybody. 3.5 million people expected to be here. 27 floats, 54 balloons, 800 clowns. one fairly cold correspondent here at the 85th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. back to you, lara and josh. if you're toiling in the kitchen right now, i will be in just hours. don't panic. we have today your turkey 911. sara moulton, right there, answering your turkey day questions. send them to at yahoo! or send them via twitter. and we'll answer as many of them as you possibly can. first, dan harris is in this morning. and dan, we have breaking news out of arizona. >> good morning to you.
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happy thanksgiving. we're going to start with what is genuinely a holiday disaster. a deadly plane crash in arizona. it began with reports of a mushroom cloud in the rugged mountains right outside of phoenix. then, we learned there were six people onboard, including three children. let's go straight to abc's lisa stark, who covers aviation for us. lisa, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning, rescuers will get a first look at that wreckage they've been working through the night in the dark, in the hope, small though it was, that they might find survivors. the thanksgiving eve accident was actually captured by a web camera. the moment of impact here, when the plane hit superstition mountain east of phoenix. it was also captured in this series of still photos. the burning wreckage. the massive fireball could be seen for miles, as the explosion lit up the evening sky. >> it looked like the moon was coming over the mountain. there was a big orange ball. >> reporter: the twin-engine plane was on a round-trip flight from stafford, arizona, about
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150 miles away. and had stopped in mesa, apparently to pick up three children. reportedly also onboard, three adults, including the pilot and mechanic. >> the way the fire was burning, it didn't look like anyone could survive something like that. >> reporter: the impact with the 5,000-foot mountain came minutes after takeoff. witnesses said they heard the plane trying to rev its engines, to climb higher. moments before hitting the mountain. >> this is a rugged area. this is not a flat area. this is jagged peaks. almost like a cliff type of rugged train. the fuselage is stuck down into some of the crevasses. >> reporter: deputies had to be air-lifted to the scene to search for survivors in the burning wreckage. when the plane, a rockwell turbo commander 690 built in 1976 took off, the weather was clear, but it was already dark. >> being thanksgiving, to have our thoughts and prayers from all of us in public safety for
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these families and for all of those involved. >> reporter: now, the body of one child has already been recovered. later this morning, the national transportation safety board arrives on the scene to begin the formal investigation into how this tragedy happened. dan? >> as we said, a holiday disaster. lisa stark, thank you for your reporting this morning. we have developing news out of egypt this morning, where police and protesters are now observing a truce, after almost a week of deadly street battles there. the military is also now apologizing for the nearly 40 people who have been killed. as for those three american college students, accused of throwing firebombs, one of them has now been able to call home. and he says they are being treated fairly. police in kansas city are shutting down the command post set up to coordinate the search for that missing baby, lisa irwin. police say, since lisa disappeared last month, the leads have simply dried up and they have too many other cases to devote so many resources to
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this one. and finally from the newsdesk, a winning streak, kind of, for the world's worst soccer team. the team from the tiny island of american samoa had never won an international game before this week. now, they have won two. until tuesday, american samoa's record was 0-30. 0-30, people. tuesday, the team beat tonga. and this morning, they beat the cook islands. one little factoid about this team, they once lost to australia, 31-0. >> oh. that's mean. >> the goalie never got over it apparently. >> i like the world cup favorites in 2050. thanks for the soccer update, dan. all right. so, we have been talking about the christmas creep. how black friday is turning into black thursday for the holiday bargain shoppers. so many stores kicking off the biggest sales a day early this year. and shoppers are poised and ready to snag those savings. abc's linsey davis is inside a kmart in white plains, new york. good morning, linsey. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving
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to you. and good morning. i feel like i have my days a little bit confused. it's thanksgiving morning, yet it feels like black friday. while it's relatively quiet now, that's because the doors here opened at 6:00 a.m. and for many people for the big-ticket items, if they got here at 6:30, they were too late. and we're off. this kmart store opened its doors at 6:00 this morning. that's right. you can get black friday discounts before your turkey even thaws. everything from tvs to toys, today. and if you're one of the eager early birds, get ready for company. more than 152 million people are expected to hit the stores this weekend. >> busy day. it's a day that if you can avoid going to a store, you probably should. >> reporter: and getting the jump on the black friday frenzy is even becoming a pseudo-spy mission. this website claims to have discovered a supersecret flyer from apple. all of it, supposed deals, revealed a day early.
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for those not into the cloak and dagger stuff, there's the old-fashioned way of getting a bargain. >> we decided to come early this year, so we can be sure to be the first one to get in the door. >> reporter: wendy lawrence has been camping out with her mother and daughter since sunday, with all of the essentials to get her door buster deals tonight. but what if dragging the kids along simply doesn't work for you? this toddler school in toledo, will watch your kids for free, while you shop, if you donate canned goods. some retailers are pulling out the mother of all discounts to get you in the door. free. at old navy, a small group of shoppers will get free digital cameras. the catch? you have to buy at least $40 worth of stuff. jcpenney, snow globes. sears, free ornaments to the first 200 shoppers who buy clothing or accessories. and at cabela's, the oddest of all freebie deals, you can enter a ralph to get a free gun.
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and you can pay someone to stand in line for you tonight and tomorrow morning. and for a small fee, i might be willing to offer my services. >> i hope you get a little time to shop yourself. thank you very much. and shoppers may be able to burn off some of the thanksgiving calories by hitting the stores. or they can just chill out and surf the web for the best deals online. let's go right now to the woman who knows. "gma" technology contributor, becky worley. what have you got? >> good morning, lara. happy thanksgiving. it is going to be a really interesting black friday and black thursday. the deals are significant. already we're seeing the tvs are discounted on black friday. 15% to 20%. the lowest price that we've already seen this year. it's not exactly going to be a fire sale out there. but there's definitely a dogfight in the aisles to get our hard-earned consumer dollars. >> all right, becky. we thank you so much. and we have some questions for you right now. what are the hottest deals right
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now to kick off the holiday season? if you had to pick just one, what would you say it is? >> well, there's a few things that are new this year. i'm seeing a really interesting discount prices on. we're looking at the blu-ray dvd players that are internet connected for $39. that's a steal. we're looking at laser printers. who knew they were here for black friday? they're going to be on discount. as linsey mentioned, apple has an online sale as well as in the store. we think the discounts are going to be about 5% to 10%. also think about checking in with facebook that you want to get discounts at the last minute. and as you know, there's an of for it. get a price scanner on your smartphone, lara. >> thank you, becky worley. and more great tips for you on "good morning america."com. happy thanksgiving, beck. >> you too. we turn, now, to the hazing scandal currently engulfing florida a&m university. authorities there say hazing was involved in the death of the
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member of the university's marching band. abc's matt gutman has the latest on the investigation. ♪ >> reporter: just hours after the choreographed pageantry, the fabled florida a&m marching band on the field. off of it, allegedly brutal hazing ritual, which investigators say left 26-year-old drum major, robert champion, dead. >> hazing was involved in the events that occurred prior to the 911 call for assistance. >> reporter: police and former band members tell "gma," champion was likely forced to walk through a gauntlet of fists. it happened on the school's charter bus after the game in orlando saturday. champion was reportedly vomiting and saying he couldn't breathe, before he collapsed and died. >> a parent shouldn't have to plan to bury a child. >> reporter: according to "the
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orlando sentinel," a mother of a band member warned the school about hazing as recently as september. she wrote, hazing started the very first week of band camp. so, what did the school do? was enough done to stop this instance in which a man was killed? >> i haven't seen any evidence that has tied hazing to his death. >> reporter: hazing is hardly new to the florida a&m campus. in 2001, five band members paddled marcus parker so brutally, his kidneys shut down. in 2004, he was awarded a landmark $1.8 million in a civil battery case. and the fallout has begun. the long-time marching band director, julian white, was fired. but the problem is nationwide. >> they do paddling. they do beating. they do branding, eating broken glass. >> reporter: every year, hundreds of thousands of students suffer such hazing. for "good morning america," matt
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gutman, abc news. and on this thanksgiving, we want to remember our heroes away from home. the tens of thousands of soldiers who are making the best of a holiday away from their families. many of them directly in harm's way. abc's mike boettcher is with u.s. troops in southern afghanistan. >> reporter: the war breaks for no holiday. the oklahoma national guard and their afghan police partners show off a taliban machine gun they captured. thanksgiving dinner is still hours away. >> we found some i.e.d.-making materials. hme, homemade explosive. and a couple mortar rounds. it was a good find. >> reporter: oklahoma's 45th brigade has faced a tough fight in central afghanistan. 14 of their number has been killed in action since they deployed in july. as national guardsmen, citizen soldiers, they were uprooted from their jobs and sent to the afghan front. specialist max robinson was delivering pizza when he was called up. now, his peers consider him a
7:14 am
hero for ignoring enemy fire to save his fellow wounded soldiers. >> i want everyone to remember about the people that we've lost and the people that have been hurt. and again, to my family. thank you, everyone, for the support. >> reporter: this morning, the u.s. commander for eastern afghanistan, general daniel allyn, thought this would be the perfect day to give his own thanks. join me in a round of applause that is loud enough for all of them. these guys continue to go out every day. they strap on the body armor and grab their rifles and get in their vehicles behind me. an they go out every day and take a fight to the enemy. >> reporter: a short pause for thanks and later some dinner. then, it's back to war. mike boettcher, abc news, afghanistan. you know, lara, we've seen so many videos of soldiers returning home. it is so important today to remember there are so many over there serving us and keeping us free. >> so thankful for our freedoms and their sacrifices. >> indeed, we are. we're going to turn to abc's special series, "hunger at
7:15 am
home," crisis in america, putting the spotlight on those less fortunate than us. one in every six americans have struggled to put food on the table. one in six. on this thanksgiving, one mother was determined to help needy families enjoy that holiday dinner that so many of us take for granted. a few key strokes later, she helped hundreds of families experience the true spirit of thanksgiving. abc's juju chang has the story. >> reporter: to a multitude of mommies, she's the irreverent blogger that dishes with desperate housewives. but lately, what she's been hearing is plain desperation. >> there was one confession where a mom said, we're going to have to skip thanksgiving this year, because i just can't afford it. >> reporter: so, jill smokler sent out a plea to her 250,000 twitter followers. and they responded. jill is single-handedly making thanksgiving dinner possible for 400 families. 700 readers chipped in. moms, helping moms feed their
7:16 am
families. like the schroeders of michigan. >> we live paycheck-to-paycheck. >> reporter: sarah works to help the homeless. their husband stays home with the kisses. their daughter's illness left them $50,000 in debt. sarah would secretly pour her heart out on jill's blog. >> and just because you had to make hot dogs for dinner because there's 48 cents a pack, does not make you a bad mom. the recession is still handing out heartache. >> we looked at our bank account and see we have $42 to last us seven days. and it's not fair. >> reporter: what have you learned about hunger in america? >> i learned that it's everywhere. it's not just a statistic. we read about in the paper. it's real moms that we may not recognize on the surface are struggling. >> i don't cry for myself, but i want my kids to grow up with a life that makes them proud. >> reporter: most donors remain anonymous. but jill introduced me to many
7:17 am
via skype. >> i think that hunger doesn't necessarily mean that you're homeless and out on the street. >> the thought of another mother not being able to provide her children with food breaks my heart. >> when i had my triplets, strangers came out to help us out with little things. and i've always felt that i have wanted to return that help in any way that i could. >> reporter: for the families, both giving and receiving, it's a true lesson of thanksgiving. >> thank you, to the anonymous donor who made it possible for us to have a thanksgiving meal. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> terrific stuff. please, go to to learn how to do your part. to end hunger in america. you can also text meal, m-e-a-l to 50555. and a $10 donation will be given to feeding america, a leading domestic hunger relief organization. great stuff there.
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time, now, for more great stuff. it's the weather and our sam champion in philadelphia, at its historic thanksgiving day parade. happy thanksgiving day to you, big boy. >> and to you, good sir. how are you? we're standing by with charlie mcdermott from "the middle." we also know him as axl. axl wouldn't be at a parade at this time of the morning. >> no. he wouldn't even be awake. >> no, he wouldn't. >> you're from this area. tell me about this hometown area. >> from westchester, pennsylvania. born and raised. i spent every thanksgiving watching this parade growing up. very cool being here. >> did you work on your parade wave? >> i did, yeah. >> we have the beauty queens behind us. with a beauty queen wave. we do just a general, hey, how are you? >> they're much better than i am at it. >> we're going to be right behind you in the parade today. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning for your thanksgiving. we'll show you how all of the
7:19 am
weather on the east coast cleared itself out and beautiful temperatures. all right. it's a little chilly to start out. but the afternoon, boston, 76. on the west coast into the northwest, we have rain and snow but a little break on the shore line there, in the northwest.
7:20 am
>> we are live in philadelphia with charlie mcdermott from "the middle." now, back to josh and lara. >> thank you, sam. and charlie. we'll all be eating real big in a few hours. whether you're cooking for the first time or the 400th. our food editor, sara moulton is here. you're going to be solving some turkey emergencies all morning long. >> yes, i am. >> send us your questions on twitter or via >> big stuff. we also have a fun story
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we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. shoppers who made purchases at lucky stores may have had their credit card information compromised. during maintenance workers discovered credit and debit card readers at 19 stores had been tampered with 10 in
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san jose. the readers were in the self-check-out lanes. lucky has not been notified of fraudulent charges. but the company is advising customers to monitor their accounts just the in case. >> we'll update you on this morning's wet weather forecast and the rest of your thanksgiving day, right after this
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7:27 am
>> good morning here's a look at the golden gate bridge where wet now but the rain is starting to taper.
7:28 am
headed into the east bay where the heaviest rain is falling now down into the south bay. sprinkles up the peninsula into the north bay where just becoming cloudy at this hour. heaviest rain moving through the central valley towards the monterey bay above 6500 feet, snow in the sierra. right now upper 40s to mid 50s. our destination upper 50s to near 60. stray showers possible this afternoon and tonight otherwise patchy fog and temperatures in the 40s. sunshine this weekend, highs near 70. happy thanksgiving! >> thank you for joining us now back to
7:29 am
7:30 am
how can you help but gasp when you saw that, the video out of new zealand. we saw that yesterday, of course. >> unbelievable. >> 30 feet in the air. a chopper tangling and a wire snapping in half. and the real shocker is, that pilot walked away virtually unscathed. we're going to hear from him in moments. amazing stuff. good morning, america, josh elliott along with lara spencer. and george and robin are off enjoying the holiday. we hope you're having a wonderful holiday, as well. >> much to be thankful for today. and we have royalty on the menu. prince harry is spending his first thanksgiving in the u.s. how will the prince spend this most american holiday?
7:31 am
we have it coming up. >> i think it rhymes with las vegas. help for you holiday cookers out there. you're looking at one of them, at least. there she is, sara moulton. she's our food editor. turkey 911. we're taking your turkey questions on on yahoo! you can also hit us on twitter. and josh from times square wants to know how to make it all. i heard you -- you have the turkey brining. >> turkey brining. >> you made emeril's winning pie. >> i did. i made the pie. emeril, thank you. or to the lady who gave it. i know. i had a moment. >> my frozen dinner is you thatting as thawing as we speak >> i'm kidding, i'm kidding. >> are you looking for a date or sympathy? >> neither. let's go outside, shall we? two of the nation's biggest parades are happening almost as we speak. sam champion is at one of them in philadelphia. and cameron mathison is here in new york, along the parade route of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll have both of them coming up. >> take a look.
7:32 am
there it is. the scene in manhattan. >> snoopy. >> as the thanksgiving day parade gets set to be under way. as those get set to wake up in just moments from now. we are going to begin this half hour with that remarkable survival story. you saw that. the pilot who survived that shocking helicopter crash while helping to place a christmas tree in auckland, new zealand. now, he's talking. now the guy flying the helicopter, talking about those moments before it broke apart and back with us with this story this morning. >> you can't take your eye off the video. it's incredible to watch. what's also incredible is that he walked away. as josh said. it raises so many questions. how did he manage to survive? you'll find out in a moment. is quite simple. less easy to understand is his desire to get back in the cockpit. it was one of those stunning, gasp-inducing moments. captured not just on tape. but made all the more horrifying, because it was also
7:33 am
streaming live online. >> it happened so quick. >> reporter: greg gribble was piloting this helicopter along auckland, new zealand's waterfront on wednesday, installing christmas lights when something went very wrong. >> split second, and -- hovering just 25 feet above the ground, maintenance crews watched as the chopper's blade hit a cable, shearing off the rotor and tossing gribble from the cockpit. >> there was a huge explosion. bits and pieces had gone everywhere. and that was within a couple of seconds. >> reporter: the crowd first running away from the crash and then back in to save him. >> the guy that was under the machine, he walked away, as well. nobody got hurt. it could have been -- there could have been fatalities. >> reporter: this morning, he tells tv new zealand, he doesn't know how he walked away from that heap of twisted metal with only just a few scratches.
7:34 am
>> the only thing that stopped me disappearing was that belt. the belt's attached to the aircraft frame or the floor of the aircraft. it just dragged me back in. and i would have been in the back of the machine. >> reporter: and remarkably, after the trauma of the crash, he says he is eager to go back to work. >> it might sound a bit strange, but i'll say -- it doesn't faze me. i should be fazed. but i'm not. not at all. >> on the one hand, it doesn't make any sense. why would you want to fly again? on the other hand, if you get thrown off a horse, you get back in the saddle. >> it's what he does. maybe we don't fly it that close to cables and downtown auckland. >> he said if they asked him to do that again, he'd do it. >> better man than i am. >> much to be thankful for. thank you, dan. if you were a british prince, how would you spend thanksgiving? prince harry has been in the u.s., training on apache helicopters in southern arizona. that has not stopped him from finding a good time. harry has driven across the desert.
7:35 am
and now, we're getting a look at what the prince is really thankful for on this holiday. abc's nick watt has more from london. nick, i suppose you're not having turkey today? >> reporter: i am. i'm going to have turkey after we finish this later in the day. we can have the turkey earlier than you guys. prince harry is spending turkey day your side of the pond. last seen in beverly hills. current whereabouts not entirely clear. but i think prince harry has been enjoying some of the best debauchery your great country has to offer. there he is. in this cell phone video from tmz, prince harry in a vegas club. chatting with a lady. sipping a cocktail. >> las vegas, prince harry. that's a match made in heaven, isn't it? >> reporter: prince harry is in the u.s. learning to fly attack helicopters, before he's sent back to fight in afghanistan. >> we expect that to happen next year. ♪ >> reporter: for harry, vegas is
7:36 am
r&r. a party prince's perfect habitat. he was apparently amazed to discover it's free booze at the blackjack tables. he took in a show. cirque du soleil's "o" at the bellagio. and during the day, harry rented a harley and hit the highway. >> one of harry's great passions in life are motor bikes. when he's in london, he zooms all about the city with a helmet on, the visor down. no one can tell who he is. >> reporter: this wasn't quite "easy rider." his security detail followed on four wheels. harry's just enjoying himself before he heads back to war. nothing wrong with that. and exactly what goes on in vegas, stays in vegas. now, palace officials tell us that harry will celebrate thanksgiving privately with his army buddies. i dread to think what that actually means. from the london outpost, happy thanksgiving to all of you guys.
7:37 am
>> thank you. >> the best debauchery this country has to offer. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. unless you're a prince being followed by every camera in the world. time, now, for a check of the weather. and sam champion, he's not here. we certainly miss you, buddy. but we give you the great city of philadelphia, where you're enjoying a rather historic thanksgiving day parade. >> josh, it is amazing. good morning, josh. lara. everyone let it out. how about a cheer? [ cheers and applause ] you're looking at the cornucopia balloon, the horn of plenty. by the way, josh, copia, the greek goddess of plenty. and if you possess that horn of plenty there, you have inexhaustible riches, apparently. the bucket buds. ladies, welcome in. you guys have decided to be balloon handlers to check off the bucket list? >> we have. we've been doing it for three years now. >> that's amazing. now, okay. i'm thinking i would be afraid
7:38 am
that a gust of wind would come and pick me right up off the ground. how do you balance yourself for all of this? >> we're hoping it pick us up. >> no. do you stay low? >> keep it loose. >> all right. we're well-trained. no balloons will get free. this is the bucket buds here. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know about. there's warmth in a lot of places around the country today. that's a good thing. we start with the system into the northwest, though. as it pushes into the southwest, there will be some showers today. this is light stuff, from san francisco to l.a., into san diego. and in some cases, going to be light showers or light sprinkles. but just some of the moisture on the board. it is gorgeously warm all the way in the deep south. look at dallas at 70 degrees. atlanta, at 65.
7:39 am
>> that was it. it's that easy. we're practically -- we're on our way moving around now. all of that weather was brought to you by royal caribbean international. oh, josh, copia, the goddess of plenty. it would appear that copia has visited our set. you can see we are a feast for kings and queens. the countdown continues with our food editor, sara moulton. it's our annual tradition here. we're taking your questions all morning long. this comes from ophelia in san antonio, texas, who wants to know, which is the best way to cook that bird? roasting, wrapped in foil? roasting uncovered in a pan? or roasting in a cooking bag? >> since it's your first time, go with a low temperature, continuous roasting, 325. get one of the serious pans. not one of the aluminum things. brush it with butter and salt and pepper. we have the all-time chart up on
7:40 am
the website. and i cover it with foil for the first half, just the breast part. put some broth in, which keeps a moist environment. >> why only half? >> because you want it to brown. i'm a skin fanatic. are you a skin fanatic? >> no. >> you're too trim. but us normal people who like skin, you take it off for the second half. >> sara moulton's here all morning long. we're just under way. turkey 911, let's face it, we need her. coming up, becky worley looks at the best black friday and thursday deals. go nowhere. looks at the best black friday and thursday deals. go now glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today.
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7:44 am
all right. so, while you've been preparing for that delicious thanksgiving feast, becky worley has been searching the net for the best deals on black friday and thursday now. and we'll tell you what deals should not be missed. beck? >> we heard from lots of people that they are not giving thanks that stores are opening early. but for serious bargain-hunters, the deals are compelling enough to get them out in the stores right after thanksgiving dinner. remember those relaxing black fridays of yesteryear? line up in the cold with 300 to 500 of your closest friends. then, storm the aisles, at a
7:45 am
civilized 5:00 a.m. oh, please. those placid days are over. this year, target, best buy, macy's and kohl's are opening at midnight. with walmart opening at 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. and toys "r" us, opening at 9:00 p.m. again, on thanksgiving. is nothing sacred? but then again, those deals are pretty good. first, tvs. in the past, retailers have upsold us on new features like hd-tv, lcd and 3d tv. but this year, nothing. zero. zilch. the only thing they can do us to get us to buy new, is discount it. 42 lcd for $199 from best buy. that's $300 off. now, toys aren't the cheapest on black friday. but i found a few deals, like
7:46 am
transformers, 50% off at toys "r" us. they're not the sexiest christmas presents, but select kenmore washers and dryers at here's are $469. one day only. you know kids nowadays. it's all about the tunes. so, target is selling beats by dre headphones for the regular price of $179, but you get a $50 target gift card with your purchase. and despite a full 87% of people that don't want stores open on thanksgiving, many of them suck it up and head out just to get those deals. now, get this. we were told by a representative from one of the stores opening early, oh, no. they're not opening at midnight on thursday. they're opening at 12:00 a.m. on friday. you have to love the p.r. stint. i hope this tradition does not continue. >> this girl likes to shop. i'm with you. this is a sacred day.
7:47 am
thank you, becky. we have the full details on becky's deals. you can check out our black friday buys and see the stores' operating hours at on yahoo! coming up, josh's "play of the day." and a lady gaga thanksgiving exclusive. ♪ ugh... ugh... ♪ aahh. aaahh! you will win this. faster, faster. ♪ yes. [grunting noise] the target 2-day sale starts friday morning at midnight. are you ready?
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7:50 am
make friends with your hair.
7:51 am
here's the mrd mid. "play of the day." >> thus far. >> thank you, lara. take a look. this is toshi hurkawa. a japanese spaceman playing basketball all by himself. who has not wanted to do this in the backyard. played a little college ball. it certainly shows. >> has he got anything else to do on the space station? >> not at all. turkey 911 and gaga coming up.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
coming up, we'll answer your turkey emergencies. don't panic. this morning volunteers at glide memorial church are serving thousands thanksgiving meals. glide started serving breakfast about an hour ago. at 9 a.m. they will begin their annual thaepbs dinner with all the fixings to nearly 5,000. six hupd volunteers are expected to help out. -- dinners will be served until 2 p.m.. cloudiness, fog and rain all wrapped up into one. >> steadier rain starting to taper especially north bay around san francisco and oakland.
7:57 am
here you are looking at the east bay where the steady rain is now into the south bay where it is going to hang around for another hour. stray showers until noon and overnight if you are shopping 40s, highs in the 70s this with. >> the news continues
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm gonna marry the night tonight is lady gaga's big holiday special. it's called "a very gaga thanksgiving." but there's one performance you can see first here on "gma." well tell you what gaga told robin she does for thanksgiving. and it may surprise you. good morning, america. i'm lara spencer, here with josh elliott. george and robin are enjoying the holiday with their friends and families. and we sure hope you are, as well. >> it was a very, very gaga thanksgiving, in fact. she directed it. it was completely a gaga production. can't wait for that tonight.
8:01 am
also, you don't have to leave home to get the best deals, thanksgiving weekend, tory johnson has secret steals and deals, with deep discounts to start the holiday season. and you can only get them right here on "good morning america." and sara moulton is coming to your rescue this thanksgiving. she is answering your last-minute turkey 911 questions. so, send them to us at on yahoo! or you can hit us on twitter. and she will save the day. >> thankfully. saving many days today, no doubt. i sure love a parade. i know all the kids do, including my little monkey who is over there. two of the most exciting are in full swing. sam champion along the route for all the magic there in philadelphia. a happy thanksgiving to you, good sir. >> good sir, happy thanksgiving back at you. these are our clowns for the parade. give them a big hello, everybody. good morning, america.
8:02 am
we're live at america's first thanksgiving parade here in philadelphia. but, cameron is in new york at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. cam, what do you have going on? >> sam, 11 marching bands in the parade today. i'm here with homestead high school, from california. i'm an honorary member of the color guard. you guys ready to hit it? just like i taught you. five, six, seven, eight. ♪ okay. i have a few kinks to work out. lara, josh, back to you guys. >> it's like a weapon there. settle down. is there nothing that man cannot do? thank you very much, guys. right now, we turn to our dan harris with the news. dan? >> i wish i had a big flag to wave at you. i feel so insufficient. good morning to both of you. happy thanksgiving. good morning to everybody out there. we're going to start this morning with some breaking news. six people feared dead after a fiery plane crash in arizona. the twin-engine plane slammed
8:03 am
into the superstition mountains just east of phoenix last night, shortly after picking up three children for a thanksgiving trip. searchers had to be air-lifted to the burning wreckage. but there was no sign of life out in that rugged terrain. >> it was strong. and the fire was burning. it didn't look like somebody could survive something like that. >> and investigators from the ntsb will arrive later today to try to figure out what caused that crash. and from cairo, egypt, more breaking news. freedom for the three arrested american students. they were accused of throwing firebombs during the street protests that consumed cairo this week. news of their release came unexpectedly. it is unclear, however, when they will be able to return to america. jimmy fallon and nbc have apologized to michele bachmann. on monday night, the late night band played an off-color song during an appearance by the presidential candidate.
8:04 am
it turned into an uproar online. an nbc executive apologized in a letter to the congresswoman. a health scare this morning for pop icon george michael. he was rushed to the hospital in austria to be treated for pneumonia. the former wham frontman became ill on tour. forcing him to cancel a string of concerts. the occupy protesters plan to hit the malls tomorrow. not, however, to go shopping. they're holding black friday demonstrations against giant retailers, like walmart, hoping instead to steer shoppers to local mom and pop stores. the loosely-organized plans include flash mobs and holiday serenades about buying local. and finally, in a time when the choice is usually fresh over frozen, real or fake, and mario batali over betty crocker, when it comes to cranberry sauce, canned seems to be winning. facebook has pages devoted to
8:05 am
that jiggling glob of ridged gelatin. i don't write it. i just read it. ocean spray, by the way says most of the cans that it sells are between september and the end of december. >> i think you're on to something. it is the dispensing of the can sauce itself. when it hits the -- and it does the whole -- >> you're excited about this. i admire your enthusiasm. >> not shocking news. >> not at all. what do you say we go from news to pop news? >> i love it. a little thanksgiving edition. good morning to you guys. here we go. kris humphries, may be giving something other than thanks to kim this year. he may be serving up a lawsuit. there are now reports that the pro basketballer is considering of suing his wife of 72 days for $10 million because he believes his role on the show "kourtney and kim take new york" is bigger than what he originally was told it would be. and he wants more money for it.
8:06 am
>> for his role on the show. >> yes. and apparently he's not concerned about the way he's being portrayed in that show. wait. it's reality. how can there with a way you're portrayed? >> lord knows. >> interesting. rapper t.i. has his prison sentence behind him and a bunch of new music ahead of him. and he showed up, thankful he is, by giving out 300 turkeys. it happened in atlanta at a house for neglected, abused and orphaned kids. he said it was an honor to be there and to help those who need it most in the community. paying it forward. very, very nice. now, to the hot, new trend in thanksgiving food. listen up, boys. first, there was the turducken, a deboned chicken, stuffed into a deboned duck, into a turkey. and we're going with the -- churpunkle. three-layer cake, with a pie baked into each layer.
8:07 am
you stack the layers and cover it with cream cheese frosting. the man who developed this con conduction said he noticed that the family would take a little slice of all of the desserts. so, why not make it easier? >> does it include a jiggling glob of ridged gelatin? >> if it did, it would be the greatest food stuff in history. i do know somebody who would love two slices. and i want to say hello and thank her for getting up so early. hi, little monkey. little sarina. >> look at her. >> look at that beautiful, little girl. she's going to see the parade. very excited about the floats. >> somehow, i'm partially responsible for her. >> oh. >> she is shy, not like her daddy. >> oh. >> ear muffs, sarina. >> she is beautiful. i'm so glad she's here. >> me, too. time, now, for the weather. and our sam champion, back in philadelphia, at the city's thanksgiving day parade.
8:08 am
sarina says hello to uncle sam. >> good morning. josh, lara, sarina, who didn't get her shyness from daddy, by the way. that did not come from anywhere near the dad side. this is the lexis high dupont marching band. you have been the director for a long time. >> thank you. i'm here for my last parade. >> i was just going to let skylar do that. skylar, tell me a little something about paul. what's going on here? >> this is his last year. there's nothing you can do but respect this man. all the hard work he's done for this organization has brought it so far. we're all extremely thankful for what he's done. >> you have to give extra for paul. let's get them started. we'll get it started and do a little weather at the same time. skylar, get them going. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ >> that's what i'm talking about.
8:09 am
let's get a little weather as we listen to the band. as you start your thanksgiving day today, there's one or two things we want to talk about. how about a warmup in the northeast, which would feel good about now. boston, you'll get to 62 by the time we get to saturday. philadelphia, 64 by saturday. d.c. is 67, even though we have a chilly start this morning. a quick look at the big board your thanksgiving day. and we'll show you those light showers are going all the way down in the southwest today. but right in the middle of the country, follow the bouncing turkey. and things are
8:10 am
>> yeah. all right. and we are getting ready for the parade to start here in philadelphia. but now, it's back to -- >> lara. sam, a very special co-anchor here with me. i have sarina, josh's little girl, to give you "the morning menu." >> i'm very thankful for her mother. look at how beautiful she is. >> daddy's proud and sweet as can be. are you ready to give "the morning menu"? here's what's coming up, everybody. no? well, i have to do it. here we are. we are going with lady gaga for a sneak peek at today's holiday special. only we have a bonus performance. and you'll see it here first. plus, forget the long black friday lines. we'll show you the deals and steals we've lined up for only our "gma" viewers. and our turkey 911. send us your turkey questions at
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♪ i'm going to make it tonight our exclusive look at "a very gaga thanksgiving." a holiday gift for you from lady gaga herself. we have a performance from her that you're going to see first here on "good morning america." our robin roberts sat down with lady gaga, a rare one-on-one interview looking ahead to tonight's abc special. ♪ caught in a bad romance >> reporter: forget that bad romance. it's all about love this holiday season for the queen of pop. what are some of your holiday traditions? what are some of your holiday traditions? >> we love to eat and eat all day long with my grandma. and watch, you know, whatever tv special is on. >> reporter: get ready, little monsters. it's going to be "a very gaga thanksgivi thanksgivi thanksgiving." i have to say, we are thrilled with your thanksgiving special. and it is your special.
8:17 am
i was amazed when i heard that you directed it. >> yeah. >> reporter: tell us a little bit about it. >> i've been doing videos now for a while. and working with some amazing people. so, i've acquired sort of a wide pallet in terms of what i like to see visually. and it's been exciting for me to direct this abc special and also to direct my new music video for "marry the night." ♪ i'm going to marry the night not going to cry anymore ♪ ♪ i'm going to marry the night >> reporter: the 90-minute concert special features musical performances. >> now, i want everyone to go around the room and say one thing that their family makes at thanksgiving for dinner. okay? >> turkey. >> reporter: arts and crafts with third graders. >> tonight, i asked art to prepare for us fried turkey and waffles.
8:18 am
>> reporter: and swapping recipes with celebrity chef, art smith. >> we enjoyed each other on set. i sang for like 20 hours-straight one day. and everyone was saying, are you going to get tired? no. i'm just really happy. i'm really thankful. >> reporter: being thankful is what this holiday is about, after all. but this year comes with another message. >> this song is about your identity being the most important thing to you. >> reporter: raising awareness about bullying and telling everyone to love themselves. and accepting that we were all born this way. it's an anthem. it's one of those, that when you hear people singing it, some of them are crying when they're singing it because it's like, for the first time, they feel like someone gets them. >> it's just utter liberation. and i'm very happy to have a family in my fans. it can get very lonely on the
8:19 am
road, doing what i do for a living. but between the music and them, i feel wealthier than ever. >> you can see it all, "a very gaga thanksgiving" tonight, 9:30, 8:30 central, right here on abc. and stay with us. you're going to see a special sneak peek performance of gaga's new single, "marry the night." lara? >> okay. we're out here hitting the black friday sales. you can be snug and warm at home and still get shopping done. and discounts you can only get here on "gma." it's our secret deals and steals. starring the one and only tory johnson. you have great gift-giving ideas. let's start with if you want to buy for yourself. >> thanksgiving holidays, we have lots of gadgets. but we don't have space for the guests. we have an aerobed in a bag. two cool things about this. one is it comes in three, different sizes.
8:20 am
twin, full and queen. and unlike the old style of aerobed, this is not superthin. this inflates to 20 inches. >> so, you don't feel like you're on the floor. >> exactly. you're going to be happy putting them up because of the deal we have for you. the beds regularly start at $160. as a "gma" viewer you're going to save 50%. yeah. knocking it down. starting at 80 bucks. really great. just stick it back in a drawer. and you move on. >> and you have to go to to get that deal. >> that's right. >> three sizes fit all. you're telling me i could fit on one? >> absolutely. >> so, now, they're up. they're hungry and we need to cook for them. >> chef batali thinks that serious cooking requires serious bakeware. we have all of this stuff at this is the lasagna tray.
8:21 am
imagine using this for meat loaf. someone likes it spicy. someone likes it plain. >> that's great. >> they have a variety of items you can choose from when you go to and these pieces range from $9 to $33. 60% savings for the viewers. >> i'm -- my favorite. so much fun. everyone loves them. check that out, as well. >> after dinner -- >> we have a sweet tooth. >> this is a los angeles bakery called sweetee's. they specialize in minis. this is one of the best gift packages. regularly $100. the whole gift package, $50, includes shipping. >> nice. >> and you know that is sort of salty. this, sort of salty and sweet. that's the best.
8:22 am
>> gourmet popcorn. it's an incredibly cool popcorn company. and they have a trio for us. three, different sizes. all three come with three, different flavors. white truffle, chocolate salted caramel. frosted gingerbread. 50% savings. regularly $20. but $10, the starting price for "gma" viewers. you can get all of these at look how sweet. >> i know. >> adorable. all right. the calendars. time, time is of the essence. time is the one thing that really differentiates how successful we're going to be. give yourself the gift of time. >> this is a great gift. to kids. >>, the largest online retailer. more than 10,000 choices. 50% savings, today only, when you go to the "good morning america" website.
8:23 am
>> are you thinking what i'm thinking? >> i think this is going to a certain co-anchor of ours. >> all right, guys. check out these coats. these are gorgeous. and what you don't realize about them is they have hidden in them anywhere from 18 to 26 pockets. this is for all of the essentials. daily essentials. travel essentials. when you're traveling, you put the whole jacket into the x-ray machine and away you go. we have these, 50% savings. regularly starting at $140. 50% savings, plus free shipping, only off of right now, we will put all thee of these into our coat drive. >> and for all of the details on these deals, find out about our warm coats/warm hearts drive. it's on the website., on yahoo! can you say happy thanksgiving. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, tory. thanks, everybody.
8:24 am
thanks, guys. we're back inside. back in the kitchen with sara moulton, our food editor taking your 911 calls for turkey emergencies. we have one here. this is from abilene, texas. she wonders, would it be all right to use a 14.5 ounce-can of broth in a bucsed stuffing, enstead of 1 and 2/3 cups water? >> very precise. the thing about the stuffing broth, they have a high sodium content. if you aid the broth, that's fine. just use a low-sodium version. >> i have to interrupt you. i'm being told in my ear we have an emergency caller. someone named pepe the prawn. >> oh, no. a good friend of yours. >> what is the emergency, pepe? >> oh. i have two, quick emergencies already. the first one, the first one is, i want to check the turkey temperature. but i can't get him to hold the
8:25 am
thermometer in his beak. >> we can help you. >> i think this is one of the hottest questions. everyone's ready to take the temperature. here, we have the leg side. let's pretend this is the leg. you got that, pepe? in here. and don't hit the bone. >> right into the bicep. >> is it painful? >> it's too late for that, pepe. >> and you are looking for 165. >> 165, pepe. >> what's your other emergency, pepe? >> my second emergency question? >> yes. >> how do i get lara to come to my house for thanksgiving? >> woo. >> i got to go. >> well, emergency solved, pepe. she's on her way. or she's hiding. i'm not sure. >> actually, hey, the magic of technology here. i have a question from karen barts-english who asks, when making the turkey breast, she
8:26 am
took them out monday. still not thawed. >> but in the fridge, i hope. not on the counter. >> let's say they're in the fridge. >> you defrost them in the kitchen sink in cold water. 30 minutes per pound. my guess is they're pretty well defrosted. >> cold water. why not hot water? >> you end up cooking it. >> if it's been outside, if it's been out, it goes. >> so, 30 minutes per pound. i think she's a couple hours, she'll be fine. >> okay. >> one thing about leftovers? >> yes. >> get them off the bird, out of the bird, two hours after the bird comes out of the oven. >> wow. >> people leave it longer than that. >> it's two. and then, gets sick. >> bad news for pepe. lara's back. >> i was getting my gps. >> we'll be right back. back with more 911 turkey emergencies.
8:27 am
shoppers who made purchases at lucky stores may have had their credit card information compromised. workers discovered that credit and debit card readers at 19 stores had been tampered with. the readers were in the self-check-out lanes lucky's has not been notified of fraudulent purchases made on cards. this morning only 150 to 200 campers remain at the encampment. they will be provided with holiday meals. yesterday they announced plans to launch their own credit union.
8:28 am
they will need seven million dollars to get the idea off the ground. >> we have rain this thanksgiving. we check in with mike after
8:29 am
in the east bay valleys in the central valleys steadier heavier rain is moving through the southern sections of the santa clara valley the rest of us cloudy even drizzle until
8:30 am
noon. sierra, watch out for the snow down to 6500 feet. dry this afternoon ♪ gonna marry the night there's lady gaga. a sneak peek at her new song, "marry the night." you're listening to it right now. you get a shot at her. there she is. in tonight's special, "a gaga thanksgiving." coming up for you guys here on "gma." we'll have that in a couple moments. yeah. looking forward to it. good morning, everybody. george and robin off for the holidays. i'm lara spencer, here with mr. josh elliott. better known today as dad of sarina, in the house. >> we really want to thank you for spending your thanksgiving morning with us here on "gma." it's the sixth year of something we love doing. it's the warm coats and warm hearts drive, to help those in
8:31 am
need stay warm in winter. and you can give that gift of warmth by taking a gently-worn coat to any burlington coat factory store. >> really easy to do. and we're doing something different. we're asking you to take photos of yourself when you make your donations. send them to us at twitter. we really appreciate it. >> indeed. we really do. and take a look. some photos already. a former bachelorette, lauren thomas. we want to thank you you and all of you who have donated. we have a goal of 1 million donated coats this year. we're closing in on the number. but we need your help to get there. >> yeah. burlington coat factory donated 1,000 to kick it off. we're getting there. and a parade brings out the kid in all of us. in sam champion's case, not too difficult. hello, sam. happy thanksgiving morning to you.
8:32 am
>> happy thanksgiving. lara, josh. and we talked about the balloons. we talk about the floats. and there are lots of them in the parade. there are fans from all over the country. but also the amazing people. derek, you're a santa's helper. make the bells ring for me, right? just like that. and they're going to be working hard along the parade route. another parade route, macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. cameron is there. what's going on? >> you never know who you're going to bump into at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. i'm here with our friend, avril lavigne, who was on the show earlier in the week. what are your going to be performing today in the parade? >> i'm performing my single, "wish you were here," which i performed on the show the other day. >> we loved that. >> i'm on the float with a turkey. i'm pretty excited. never did anything like this before. >> how do you feel about being on top of that giant turkey? >> i think it will be a lot of fun. >> you get to celebrate two thanksgivings, right? >> i do. we're both canadian.
8:33 am
we get to celebrate two thanksgivings. >> enjoy. have a great time. sam, a beautiful day out here. >> this is your first? >> first ever. it's with you. i'm sorry, cam. i'm talking to carla. carla hall, from "the chew." you're on "gma." >> i am always on "gma." hey, people. we're holding your cookies, by the way. you're going to give those to me. and we're going to talk about that. this is your first parade ever. >> ever. my first parade ever. >> okay. let me tell you how much fun this is. you get to wave and talk. the difference in this parade, you're really in everybody's laps here in philadelphia. you will hear them along the way. they'll be talking to you all the way. tell me about the cookies. >> i have a business in washington, d.c. it's a cookie collection. it's sweet and savory, tiny, tiny cookies. >> and you'll be giving these out along the parade route. and why don't you give them -- hand them -- >> i'll give one for you. there you are.
8:34 am
>> oh, my gosh, carla. that's delicious. if i didn't have anything in my mouth, it would have sounded like, oh, my god, carla, that's delicious. >> you talk with your mouth full on "the chew." >> it's true. let's look at your thanksgiving day as you head out the door. we want to talk about your thanksgiving cities. we work hard to find cities that have themes. turkey, kentucky, we found. plymouth, massachusetts. mayflower, arkansas. all on the boards. as the turkey flies across the map, so go we. pleasant in t
8:35 am
>> all that weather is brought to you by walmart. i actually hitch a ride in this parade. all that weather was brought to you by walmart. i get to get into -- i'm sam. tell me your name? >> my name's nuri. >> nice to meet you, nuri. you're going to be driving me. we'll see you along the parade route. josh, lara. we'll see you along. >> all right, sam. a charming carriage. and sara moulton is here to talk turkey. a couple more last-minute 911 questions. questions on how to get out of the way with family coming. we're talking about carving. this is a tricky thing. you don't want to waste. >> you don't want to waste. and i recommend doing it in the kitchen, not on the table. >> yeah. >> we got that. >> did you ever carve a turkey? >> never. >> never. >> this is going to be fun. >> i'm not sure. >> okay. >> all right. each have our turkeys.
8:36 am
i have one very nice thing for you. please remove the wishbone. this is important to take out. it would be hard to get the breast out if we hadn't. >> and -- that would have taken all four minutes. take off the leg thigh joint. use the little one. you can use the big one if you want. and you get to the point when you hit the ball and socket joint. >> i think i hit it. >> yeah. there we go. >> do we tear it off at that point? >> it goes down like this, lara. do i have to help? i shouldn't help, should i? >> i got this. >> be careful. then, we're going to take off the breastbone. the breast meat off the breastbone. >> i'm trying to get -- >> you take it, your knife down one side of the breastbone, right down the middle. you might want to use a smaller knife. >> i don't have a smaller knife. >> i'm a giant. >> okay. you take the whole thing off,
8:37 am
like this. >> we're carving the crew's thanksgiving meal here. all of this meat is not going to waste. >> there you go. you slice it in the ball and socket. >> do i have a problem? >> as my father-in-law doesn't say, if force doesn't work, apply more force. just keep being aggressive. always be right near the bone. >> okay. >> as long as you took this out at 165, you're fine. put that over there. >> i really saw this coming on without a hitch. >> you're doing terrific. >> am i? >> this is for you. >> a couple good tips. you want to take the whole breast off. >> the clock is ticking. >> ow. >> oh. >> are you okay? >> oh. >> put it over your head. one important thing, really one important thing. oh, dear.
8:38 am
don't use that big knife. oh, dear. here. this is very scary. >> sorry to interrupt. it's time to crown a winner. i really love josh's moment of screaming, what do i do with the breast? i -- lara spencer, for the lucille ball antics of carving. >> that just comes naturally. >> it does? >> thank you very much. >> i'm going to go -- >> put pressure and keep it above your heart. >> josh, you had to get the attention. >> that's it. self-mutilation. >> everybody, josh elliott. we'll be right back, you guys. go to >> the hat. >> i know. >> such a good idea. >> we have laurence fishburne coming up and a lot more. stay with "good morning america."
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:42 am
laurence fishburne, one of the most accomplished actors in hollywood today. from "the matrix," to a supreme court justice on broadway. he has done it again, as poster henry covington, of mitch ablom's book, "have a little faith." and laurence fishburne is here today. >> thank you. >> this story, "the tuesdays with morrie" phenomenon. >> and will you meet in heaven. >> tell us about this one. >> this one is a true story again. mitch is at the center of. his relationship with his childhood rabbi from new jersey, and his relationship with a man ti named pastor henry covington, who had a ministry who people who had addictions.
8:43 am
henry was an exaddict, who reformed himself, changed his life, turned it around and began ministering to people. and befriended mitch when mitch was ministering to the homeless in detroit. >> you get to choose your roles. why did you choose this one? >> selfishly, as an actor, it was too good a role to pass up. it's so much meety stuff to play, when you play exaddict and make a 180-degree turn and play a preacher that's a changed man. martin landau, bradley whitford. >> can't go wrong. we have a clip of it. and i want to take a look, shall we? >> i got arrested. we got busted. the guy i robbed, if he would fingered me, we'd have to go away for 15 years. >> you're here now. >> i'm here now. but i don't understand it. i mean, i stuck a gun in his face. and he told the people he couldn't tell if it was me or
8:44 am
not. he's going to say he don't want to send an innocent man to jail. why did he do that? >> maybe it's a sign. maybe it's a sign. >> maybe it's a sign. >> it's not just playing him later in life. we see his entire life. >> you see his journey from the time he's 6 years old. it's very interesting. and my son, langston fishburne, plays henry as a very young man, which is great. he made his first entrance into the acting world. anika noni rose plays his wife. >> what changes when it's a true story? >> everything. we had pastor henry's wife, annette, with us every day. we had members of his congregation every day with us in the church that he preached at, which is still there. i had to perform in front of these folks. that's pretty much the toughest crowd you could get. plus, mitch albom is on set
8:45 am
every day. bradley whitford had the toughest job. >> researching just for this today. 14 years old, "apocalypse now." >> yeah. a lifetime. i feel it's four or five lifetimes ago. >> remarkable. and then, post-"csi." how does that? >> it was great. it was really wonderful to have the opportunity to come into people's homes on a regular basis like that and to entertain people weekly like that. it was great. and if the same kind of opportunity presents itself to me, again, i will absolutely grab it. >> holiday plans? what will -- >> very quiet. very simple. just a traditional thanksgiving dinner with the family. >> tremendous. we really appreciate you spending a little time. you can see laurence fishburne again. it's "have a little faith," right here on sunday night,
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
we've been waiting all morning. it is time, now, to "marry the night." it's an exclusive performance by lady gaga for all you little monsters out there. who better to introduce it than the one and only lady gaga herself? >> hello. and happy holidays. this is lady gaga. up next is my performance of my new single "marry the night." this is a preview of my abc special for thanksgiving, "a very gaga thanksgiving," which will air tonight on thanksgiving evening, at 9:30. ♪ i'm gonna marry the night
8:49 am
i won't give up on my life ♪ ♪ i'm a warrior queen live passionately tonight ♪ ♪ i'm gonna marry the dark gonna make love to the stark ♪ ♪ i'm a soldier to my own emptiness, i am a winner ♪ ♪ i'm gonna marry the night i'm gonna marry the night ♪ ♪ i'm gonna marry the night ♪ i'm gonna marry the night i'm not gonna cry anymore ♪ ♪ i'm gonna marry the night
8:50 am
leave nothing on these streets to explore ♪ ♪ i'm gonna marry gonna marry ♪ ♪ gonna marry gonna marry the night ♪ >> this is my new single, "marry the night." ♪ i'm gonna lace up my boots throw on some leather and cruise ♪ ♪ down the streets that i love in my fishnet gloves i'm a sinner ♪ ♪ then i'll go down to the bar but i won't cry anymore ♪ ♪ i'll hold my whiskey up high kiss the bartender twice ♪ ♪ i'm a loser gonna marry the night ♪ ♪ gonna marry the night
8:51 am
♪ i'm gonna marry the night i'm not gonna cry anymore ♪ ♪ i'm gonna marry the night leave on these streets ♪ ♪ to explore ♪ gonna marry gonna marry the night ♪ ♪ gonna marry gonna marry the night ♪ ♪ nothing's too cool to take me from you ♪ ♪ new york is not just a tan that you'll never lose ♪ ♪ love is new denim or black skelton guns are wedding bells in the attic ♪ ♪ get ginger ready climb into the camino front won't poke holes in the seats
8:52 am
with my heels ♪ ♪ 'cause that's where we like 4ru6 ♪ ♪ come on and run turn on the car on and run ♪ ♪ i'm gonna marry the night ♪ i'm gonna burn a hole in the road i'm gonna marry the night ♪ ♪ leave nothing on these streets to explore ♪ ♪ gonna marry gonna marry the night ♪ ♪ gonna marry gonna marry ♪ ♪ gonna marry the night ♪ gonna marry the night i'm gonna marry ♪ ♪ marry i'm gonna marry ♪
8:53 am
♪ marry come on ♪ ♪ marry the night the night the night ♪ ♪ the night the night ♪ ♪ the night the night ♪ ♪ the night the night ♪ ♪ the night marry the night ♪ ♪ the night
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we want to thank you for spending thanksgiving with us. we wish you the best. we want to say good-bye to sam and cam in philadelphia and new york, respectively. parades getting ready to get going. ododododododododododododod
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
it is thanksgiving. volunteers at glide memorial are ready to start serving thousands this morning. glide started serving breakfast two hours ago. at 9:00 they will begin their thanksgiving dinner. six hundred volunteers are there to help. dinners will be served until 2 p.m.. on this thanksgiving some rain for us. still rain out there steadiest moving to the east with cold front. behind it moist air mass and drizzle through noon. then we'll have scattered shower possible during the evening and overnight especially north bay. bulk of the energy moving from us. upper 50s to near 60


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