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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 25, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PST

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this. plenty of whipped cream. a drizzle on the pear. there we go. finally, some crystalized ginger. that looks good enough to eat. this is bruce aidells "good cookin" worth living.
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from new york to north carolina to right here into the bay area, holiday shopping rush is under way and if you are not out there right now, you may be too late. black friday deals are earlier than ever. i'm carolyn johnson. a few major retailers ever been
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opened all day and many will be open in less than an hour. folks are waiting for big black friday savings. shoppers are camped out in san francisco.anna? >> reporter: more and more people show up at the best buy on harrison street. these guys are in the front of the line, first once through the door but the line goes all the way back around the building and let me tell you, some of the folks look like they will be big spenders. >> black friday. >> it's black friday should be a national holiday. 16 years old he is what i consider a super shopper. >> i'm an experienced shopper. >> he has been waiting in line since yesterday and he knows exactly what he needs to get. >> i'm going to get an hdtv, i'm
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also planning on getting an x-box 2. >> how much is it going to cost? >> over $2,000. >> that is a lot of money. but mom is the one who is actually paying. at this target, first shop they are line has been waiting since 3:00 in the afternoon but he still knows a good deal. >> 46 inch detail for $300. that is pretty good. >> this woman was so excited she couldn't wait to get to the nearby k-mart. >> i was looking at few places, fr9 for a comforter set. 16 paoesz. >> you save $40. at this toys 'r' us, a mom is trying to make the holiday special. >> i have two small children at home and six grandchildren. yes, this the only way i can really afford to get some of the things they want. >> which include the big item is
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the ipod with the $50 gift card. that and the squeaky. it's these jell things that all the little girls are crazy about. >> exactly what i thought they were. >> yeah, i'm still not clear, but best buy is opened at midnight. security man right here checking out his phone but employees have been going in and out. a lot of excitement but everything should go well. do you have any idea what a squeaky was. >> i was thinking, i am going to look into it. thanks. >> 152 million people plan to shop. more people are shopping online this year. internet sales are booming, up 20% from last year.
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lots of stores were offering deals online today.they track they track retailers in real tie am. >> we are seeing the department stores are doing really well. also home goods. so appliances, small types of furniture are performing well in this season. >> thanksgiving isn't even the biggest day for online sales. i.b.m. see an increase. bart is anticipating large numbers of shoppers tomorrow. they will be running longer trains and police will have an increased presence in san francisco. they will patrol parking lots and when you ride the trains as well. full house at glide memorial church. volunteers and staff served 500 people. many were homeless, others struggling to make ends meet. >> i live in a hotel. i'm not homeless but i don't
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have a lot of money to spend on food. >> we're busy, we have a lot of demands and different people coming in. people that you wouldn't see but a lot of people that we have to walk through the process to feed the homeless in san francisco. >> it's been almost 50 years since they served the first traditional turkey dinner. >> in alameda they served more than a thousand meals for its thanksgiving dinner. tradition begin 30 years for a few military folks from alameda air station. members of the congregation along with other churches contribute food and volunteer hours to make the home-cooked meals possible. >> protestors with the occupy movement enjoyed thanksgiving meals made possible by donors but test activities were interrupted when protestors clashed with police. lilian kim is live in san francisco tonight. >> reporter: things were calm at
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occupy san francisco but across the bay in oakland, police faced off with protestors over porta-potties. >> at the plaza, an argument between police and participants of occupy oakland turned physical. home video shows an officer taking a protestor to the grouped. confrontation over porta-potties. the group ordered two of them to be told by police they were not allowed. >> we asked them why they would stop us from having them. the only excuse is, we didn't ask permission. as if we need permission to use the toilet? >> they arrested one perso thewo prevent the delivery truck from leaving.but there w but there was much to be thankful today. dozens gathered for a thanksgiving meal made possible by many donations. that was also the case at justin hermann plaza, occupy san
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francisco. two people paid money to glide memorial church that would provide 400 meals to the campers. >> we are one of the 99%. we have to bring off this endeavor so that they would not have to suffer. >> that is what the movement is about. equality and justice. those are the core values and they are supporting it here like any other religious institution. >> as for occupy oakland they will bring the issue to the city. a lawyer says based on his interpretation of court ruling, the law allows freovts set up structures including porta-potties. >> they have to to have a reason to do it. they have to have laws to support them. they can't arbitrarily decide something is disallowed. >> we then possibly ported that
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potted advertise will be brought in next week. occupy legal team may provide a restraining order to prevent officers from removing them. >> a thanksgiving tragedy in sonoma county, a man was killed by a police officer following a domestic disturbance call in sebastopol. it happened around noon near highway 116. police responded to a 911 call from a woman saying that her ex-boyfriend was pounding on the backdoor. first officer found an armed man and fired a number of shots. >> a domestic violence is a real unknown. you don't know all the emotion that is behind it, how long it's been going on. >> police are not yet releasing the identity of the man who died or the name of the police officer. he has been placed rui town administrative leave. >> three families had tragedy in
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arizona. a small plane slammed into a cliff and exploded killing six people last night. the pilot, three children and two business associates died in that fiery crash. n.t.s.b. will lead the probe, reaching the remote crash site has been a challenge for investigators. >> tonight protestors protestorm tahrir square and freedom for three students jailed there. and thanksgiving dinner for servicemen. and an amazing sight, an octopus krieg crawling along on dry land. >> and coming up on "nightline," as many of us gather around the family table, more than 160,000 servicemen are overseas. we spend time with them and
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stated accident trying to confirm news out of egypt that three students have been released. they are students at the university of cairo were arrested on sunday. they were accused of tossing fire bombs off a roof security forces. all three insist they did nothing wrong. egyptian officials say a court has ordered their release. >> and at this hour, tahrir square jammed with protestors. they want military rulers to step down. nearly 40 protestors have there sings saturday. two journalists say they were beaten and sexually assaulted.
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one had a broken left arm and right hand. >> american troops in iraq are celebrating their last thanksgiving there. about 20,000 troops remain there. all of the forces will be out of iraq by the end of the year. thanksgiving is certainly a challenging time for military families here whose loved ones are serving overseas. two blue star moms marked the holiday together in san jose leaving a place for their son at the table. >> the candles is lit. turkey is ready. on this table, there is an empty place setting. >> there is an empty seat at our table, for not just our boy but for all that are deployed. to know they are not forgotten. we're thinking about them.
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>> kathy has two sons that are marines. 24-year-old james rainwater is in afghanistan. his second tour there. >> james or jimmy. i haven't hugged him for two years. so i miss him a lot. >> his 22-year-old brother is stationed at camp pendleton in san diego. he'll be going to afghanistan in march. debby park's son nick is a sergeant who has been in afghanistan since april. these two met when they became blue star moms. this are best of friends even though their sons have never met each other. on this holiday, they share the same thoughts. >> that they are safe. they are getting something good to eat and that they are okay. so they can talk, get the chance
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to that call home. >> that is why they have their cellphones with them. >> it just depends on when he can get a minute and free phone. you never know. >> these two moms know that on this special day, there are others not quite as fortunate, those that lost loved ones, they are also in their prayers. >> let's not forget those families. they have that permanent. thousands are hitting the slopes this thanksgiving weekend. >> both young and old enjoyed a day of skiing but despite the storm the snow turned to ice and slush in a lot of places. conditions weren't perfect but even so many resorts are open already for the season. our wet weather has moved out. beautiful forecast ahead of us, sandhya patel is here?
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>> rai has moved out in time for you to get out and shop. i wanted to show you a time lapse from heavenly, you saw from the picture there, yes, it was not exactly a big snow maker but few clouds, a little bit of snow but nothing big. on live doppler, you can see it but just about an hour ago, there was mist and drizzle so it's still not out of the question. we certainly had quite a bit of rain, as you look at rainfall totals, .8 in santa rosa. picked up .68 in st. helena. inland areas, rainfall dropped off considerably. san francisco, .21 and ben lomond, .77 inch of rain in the last 24 hours. here what it looks like.
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low level moisture trapped in the valleys. we are dealing with fog. napa, reduced visibility down to half a mile. 41 degrees. visibility is poor. vacaville, 5.5 5.5 mile visibil. and poor visibility getting into your friday morning. sprinkles are possible in the north bay. then we're looking at dry and mild conditions for the rest of the weekend. satellite and radar, here is the second system that is coming through. most of the energy is up in the pacific northwest but the southern end of the cold front sweeps through, overnight we can't rule out the drizzle in the north bay. as we head into the weekend, this area of high pressure will bring us mild conditions, really temperatures getting up into the low 70s in the warmest locations. that is more like springtime than really november. here are the overnight readings,
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all 40s with patches of fog in the valleys. once again, could be a few sprinkles in the north bay. other than that it's looking fine for your black friday or any time you ever for your friday. south bay locations, 63 in san jose. 64 degrees campbell, lx. you'll see lingering clouds on the peninsula. so low 60s, redwood city, palo alto. 58 degrees in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 59 degrees. this is an improvement from today. temperatures coming up by a couple degrees. in north bay, temperatures are climbing up in the 60s. 62 in oakland. 61 in hayward. inland areas, some of you starting off with patches of fog and then in the afternoon, not going up much. antioch, upper 50s. livermore, danville, 61 degrees. monterey bay, 61. accu-weather seven-day forecast, it will be nice looking afternoon tomorrow. milder weather right through the weekend. like i said, temperatures
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getting to the low 70s in the warmest locations by sunday. a little bit cooler on monday but after that, numbers bounce back and we're running above normal as we head into early december. it's really dry. anybody heading out shopper, sweater or jacket would be fine. >> all right. take a look, a rare sight, a octopus crawling on
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most advanced and complicated mission to mars blasts off tomorrow. inside is mars laboratory known as the rover curiosity.
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it's the size of a van. the system that will set down on mars, redefined it. >> it's the biggest vehicle put down on the surface. it required some new inventions. >> this shows one of those inventions, next august if all goes well, it will be lowered to the surface by a sky crane using rockets and a tether. it looks like star wars. they hopefully and try to determine if there was once life on mars. check out this octopus crawling off on dry land. a family caught this in action at marine reserver in moss beach. they have received more than three million views. they say it's not unusual for an
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octopus to crawl like you this th but it's unusual for family to be so close to this. this one must be extremely hungry. >> i think that is really ugly. >> it's spooky. >> and black and blue alex. ravens got more sacks and niners
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good evening, big brother beats up on little brother. it was defense that sacked alex smith nine times. first time head coaching brothers, squared off in the n.f.l. great family portrait. alex smith, goes in for an apparent touchdown. called back because of a block on gordon. it's a picky call. and to edwards but webb picks it off. the only td of the night, joe
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flacko capping a 16 play drive. 16-3. ravens enveloped alex smith. nine sacks. older brother john harbaugh with a gatorade shower, jim and john meet on the field as niners lose second game of the season. >> i can't tell you how proud i am and the job he has done building the football team. that is a football team there. >> my brother john, toughest guy i've ever encountered in my life. it's the players and he is highly competitive. it didn't go our way. >> packers and lions, there he stomps on smith and gets ejected. rogers threw for two touchdowns. germans jones, packers roll to
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11-0. 27-15. cowboys and the dolphins, tony romo throws for two toovpd passes. robinson in the end zone. cowboys win the game 20-19 then enjoy some pie. >> 88th turkey game. washington reds. and they poured it on reverse. mission gets the first turkey day victory since 1954, 12-7. >> big bone game. lincoln and san jose academy, chris pope to ray prado for the touchdown. lincoln gets 14th straight big bone title 43-7. >> santa clara and new mexico in anaheim, broncos up by 3. tony snow and we're tied at fr7. to overtime. pite despite some questionablee
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hair. he led the broncos with 26 and santa clara wins it 79-76. that is your toyota sports report. now, we must go and shop carolyn tells me. >> get a move on. get out to the stores. >> i'm not doing that. [ laughter ] >> i know, it's a thing because i don't get it. >> "nightline" is up next. i'm carolyn johnson. latest breaking news on twitter and for all of us, have a great night. ñ@ñs>ú
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>> now for our "favorite story of the day." >> ha-ha. there. >> i like the way you do it. >> there we go. while some of us were watching the parades getting the turkey ready some in dallas were lacing up their sneakers for a run. >> not a race, more of a trot, let's say. a record was set before it even began. wfaa has the story. [ horn [ >> reporter: 38,000 runners took to the streets of downtown dallas for the 44th annual turkey trot. a record number dressed as turkeys and feeling a little cooped up before the race even began.
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>> packed, can't move. >> reporter: lindsay hover one of the littlest turkeys trying to set a first ever guinness world record, the largest number of people dressed as turkeys in one place for ten minutes. no fewer than 500 will do. >> to qualify they had to have a turkey headpiece including a beak and plumes. as well as a turkey body suit and webbed feet. >> reporter: morgan wilbur with world record counts, 661 turkeys all fenced in for exactly ten minutes. it is a new world record. as for actually running the race. >> not sure how long the feet will last. she lost her feet. but we'll see how it goes. >> i'm glad to be silly put on a turkey costume and run for a good cause. >> ha-ha. >> further proof there is a record for everything. i like the holiday spirit. >> i kind of like it. >> you like the get-up. >> you would do it? >> possibly. i used to run. i don't run well anymore. i have a knee issue. >> you would be out there with the turkeys.
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>> yeah. >> okay, sunny. here's a look at your black friday weather. a half foot of mountain snow blankets the northern rockies. showers in texas, kansas. spreading to the midwest. a foggy morning, memphis into kentucky. sun showers in florida. >> 58, boston. much warmer than usual in the middle of the country. 63, kansas city. 58, omaha. 40s seattle to fargo. 71 in phoenix. this is interesting to me. you know you lose your dog. most of us would just post flyers around the neighborhood, but a san diego woman has found a more eye-catching way to search for her lost dog. >> uh-huh. arlene corona, taken to the streets with a bikini and sign. and plans to do it every day until her chihuahua, chippy is found. i've don't know why chippy left, myself. >> she is willing to brave the cold to find her beloved pooch. however, temperatures are climbing into the 60


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