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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. ready, set, shop. we've been up all night with the millions of americans in the middle of the black friday frenzy. competition so fierce. one shopper used pepper spray to blow back the crowd. gunshots even fired at one mall at 2:00 in the morning. we're live on the front lines with the determined door-busters. our shoppers are going coast-to-coast to show you the best deals in america right now. this smartphone, selling for a penny. you heard me right. a penny. even apple is slashing prices. and we have the inside scoop, live. and brother versus brother. history made on an nfl field. for the first time ever, two brothers face off as head coaches in a big game. so, who did mom and dad root for? from one field to another,
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the flub everyone is talking about that happened on the 50 yard line and on national tv. the "american idol's" performance malfunction. ♪ what so proudly we hailed in the -- ♪ ♪ last gleaming and a good friday morning to you all. josh elliott with lara spencer on this day after thanksgiving. george and robin off with their families this morning. we wish them and all of you all the best. how was your thanksgiving? >> it was wonderful. family, friends and way too much food. how about you? >> family, friends, fun football. and a side of dysfunction. it was distinctly american. and amazing this morning driving in.
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4:00 in the morning. the mall parking lots packed. just incredible. and extraordinary night all over america, as stores began to open last night right up through this morning. and you're looking live coast-to-coast, as more than one-third of americans are ready, set, shopping. >> it's fun. but there's a lot to discuss. things get crazy in those early morning hours of the day. and did so last night. one incident in los angeles. more than 20 shoppers injured in a pepper spray incident there in l.a., as one shopper sought to back the rest of the crowd off. we'll have the latest from southern california. >> really out of control. and we're going to bring you the other news of the morning, including the later on michelle parker. that's the mom who went missing after squaring off against her ex on "the people's court." you'll hear the latest message, the last message, she left for her father before she disappeared. let's get right now to the black friday frenzy. in some cases, it did turn violent.
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lindsey davis at a jersey city target. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. fortunately no fights broke out at this target. but it remains packed. but this store has been open since midnight. all of the excitement seems to be about the flat-screen tvs. and retail analysts say this black friday is at the lowest point price ever. overnight at this texas walmart, pandemonium. >> i'm a lean, mean, black friday machine. >> reporter: at this best buy, dedication. over 700 shoppers in line. what time did you get here? >> about 1:45 wednesday. >> reporter: and after midnight at this toys "r" us, mass hysteria. shoppers clamoring for deals. but has the frenzy gone too far. gunfire reportedly erupted at a north carolina mall early this morning. thankfully no one was injured. >> there was a group of young
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men. they started fighting. and soon afterwards there was a popping sound. and there was some shooting going on. and after that, people went everywhere. >> reporter: and in los angeles, as many as 20 people were injured when they were doused with pepper spray by a female shopper during a crowd surge. >> everybody was just overwhelmed with the smell. >> reporter: stores have flooded the airwaves for nearly a month, with ads everywhere, stoking the fires in anticipation of black friday. call it the first act of the holiday shopping season. as nearly one-third of all consumers will hit the stores today, wish list in hand. >> a tv, a laptop, and a ps-3. >> the reason retailers are doing this is they believe there's a limited amount of money in everyone's wallet. if they can tap that money sooner, they're going to win it over somebody who's not tapping it soon enough. >> reporter: determined consumers were lining up for deals so good, you could even get a flat screen for your puppy.
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>> i'm getting a 42 inch for her room. >> reporter: all across the country, occupy wall street protesters have been hitting the big box stores. not to shop, as you can imagine, but to protest. and they've been picketing, chanting boycott black friday. it's a gimmick. lara? >> linsey, thank you very much. all morning long, we're going to bring you the best deals in america right now. becky worley has scoured every sale there is to have out there. and she's live from best buy in san francisco. becky, what are you finding to be the best deal at this hour? >> good morning, lara. you can see the shoppers are out in force. there's about 500 people who came through the doors this morning. some waiting 31 hours. and it is all about tvs here at best buy. the deals that are still here for shoppers are really about bargain brands. 32 inches. this one is the dynex. it's retailing for $229. and the big story is the big-screen tvs. you're going to find these in stock. brand names. 55 inches.
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this is under $1,000 here at best buy. and some of the other stores have them. apple has announced their deal. about 10% off of macbooks, ipads, ipods. and here's a pro tip. if you buy one thing today, it should be itunes gift cards. that's because they are about 20% off. $100 pack for $80 here at best buy or also at sam's club. one thing from amazon that everybody has to have, on sale, it is a remote-controlled shark. oh, yes. $31, from $49. you know you want that, lara. you know you want it. >> i do. i have two children. they have both requested the air swimmer. that's useful information. i want to ask you a question, though. is the frenzy justified? i think there's a feeling people have, i have to get there otherwise the best stuff will be gone. are you feeling that's true? >> it depends on the product. for tvs, we're actually going to see prices go down as we get closer to the holidays.
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and then, it's case by case. you have to scour those deals, lara. >> all right. i guess i have to shop. it's a shoppertunity. thank you, becky. and we go outside to josh. he's in front of our studio, in front of toys "r" us. >> i'm here, actually, with the ceo of toys "r" us. jerry storch, across the street from one of the flagship stores. jerry, i want to ask you. a lot of headlines were made when black friday became black thursday evening this year. you decided to open the doors at 9:00 p.m. why did you make that decision? >> our customers loved it. you should have been here at 9:00 p.m. the line started here and went down the block and down the next block. it was a celebratory atmosphere. the customer was just thrilled. >> we reported that some major retailers made a point of we're not going to step on the thanksgiving holiday. we're going to celebrate it one holiday at a time. how do you respond? >> we opened at 10 p.m. last year. our customers wanted to open earlier.
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they felt the thanksgiving dinner was over and they wanted to go shopping. it's all about choice. we have a whole bunch of door busters that opened at 5:00 a.m. you can always shop at toys r it's up to the customer when they shop. >> we saw employees take on their own employers creating online petitions. they got hundreds of thousands of signatures. did you hear any nay saying from your own employees? >> not at toys r us. we are the christmas store. all of us have the same mission, to get the right toy for the right child for christmas. we love it. we're jazzed about black friday. it's a thrill to work at toys r us on black friday. >> what are the right toys? >> it depends on the age of your child. one of the most exciting toys for a young girl is the lalaloopsy. we got la la loopscy silly hair.
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we got in lalaloopsy girls. very, very hot. also xia-xia hermit crab where you can change the shells. very hot. collectible for a little girl. younger child, it might be elmo and everybody loves elmo. let's rock elmo is very hot for a 2 or 3-year-old. >> elmo kills. i have a 3-year-old at home. the sunrises and sets on elmo. jerry stewart, ceo of toys r us. it's a busy day for you. you get back to your busy day. >> beautiful day. lara has some news back inside. lara? >> josh, thank you. some of our other major news happening this morning. the latest on that holiday tragedy, the terrible plane crash outside phoenix, arizona. we've learned after that an intensive search, all of the passengers have been found. abc's lisa stark covers aviation for us and is in washington with more. lisa? >> reporter: lara, the crews are
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still working to recover all those remains they found. and even as that happens, we're learning more details about the victims onboard that small plane. more about their families and what they leave behind. shawn perry had just picked up his three children. 9-year-old morgan, 8-year-old logan, 6-year-old luke, for a thanksgiving weekend visit when the twin-engine went down. smashing into the side of a 5,000-foot peak in the superstition mountains near mesa, arizona. the impact so intense, the fireball was captured by a web camera seven miles away. >> i looked up. and i saw this fireball. and it rose up. and then, all of a sudden, poof, boom. >> no one could survive that crash. >> reporter: perry and his children were killed, along with co-pilot, russell hardy, a 31-year-old husband and father. and joseph hardwick, a 22-year-old airplane mechanic. hardwick was engaged to be
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married next month. >> all of these families are just obviously heartbroken, traumatized, over the loss of their loved one so suddenly and on thanksgiving. >> reporter: this morning, the ntsb is working to determine what went wrong, on what was to be a short flight, from mesa, to safford, arizona. the plane was apparently flying under visual flight rules. the crash happened close to the crest of the mountain. authorities say their investigation will be hampered by the steep terrain where the plane went down. getting to the site requires repelling down the mountain after a lift from a helicopter. now, shawn perry, the dad of those three children, was apparently divorced from his wife. sheriff's deputies and a chaplain had to tell her about the accident and the loss of her children. and today will be the first real day that the ntsb investigator will get to that scene to try to start unraveling how apparently experienced pilots could have flown into that mountainside. lara? >> thank you, lisa.
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just a holiday tragedy. i can't imagine that mom and what she must be going through. dan harris, weekend anchor of "gma," is in with the other big news of the day. >> hey, guys. good morning to both of you. good morning, everybody. we're going to start with breaking news overnight. a murder add one of the largest hospitals in chicago. a man shot and killed his ex girlfriend in a parking lot. the man was arrested at a traffic stop. now, to the three, american college students arrested in egypt on sunday. they could be soon reunited with their very anxious families. abc's lama hasan is in tahrir square. good morning to you. >> reporter: the americans are still being held in a police station not far from where we are here in tahrir square. now while they've been officially cleared, they haven't been released yet.
7:13 am
but we are expecting them to leave the police station at some point this weekend. they were arrested after being accused of throwing molotov cocktails at security forces on during the protest. here in tahrir square, activists called for another million man march today. it is absolutely packed. this comes after almost a week of intense clashes of security forces and protesters. the army moved in to erect a concrete wall to separate the two sides. so far, the truce seems to be holding. but, dan, it is a tenuous one. >> incredible tense situation there. lama, thank you. the author of the harry potter books, j.k. rowling, said british tabloid reporters pursued her so aggressively she had to move out of her home. paparazzi camped out on her doorstep, published pictures of her home security system. and most egregious of all. a reporter slipped a letter into her 5-year-old daughter's backpack.
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gabby giffords spent her first thanksgiving since being shot in the head last january, doing something simple but nonetheless extraordinary, given the extent of her injuries. the congresswoman and her husband served holiday meals to troops and veterans at an air force base in giffords' hometown of tucson. incredible to see that. there are many ways to celebrate thanksgiving. and we here at "gma," make no judgments. one of the ways is to dress up like a turkey and go running. that's what 661 people did at the dallas turkey trot yesterday setting a world record for the most people dressed like turkeys in one place. proving yet again, you can set a world record for pretty much anything. >> anything. >> josh and lara, back to you. >> that's putting the literal in turkey trot. incredible. >> how about the guy with the giant suit? very impressed. >> thank you, dan. >> all right. it's time to get it over to ginger zee, the newest arrival
7:15 am
to the "gma" team and compatriot of dan's on the weekend. in for sam champion. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to all of you. hope you had a great thanksgiving. hope you did, as well. minneapolis had a great one. at least a warm one. record-setting 59. that's the warmest since 1939. today, a warm one, too. if you're shopping near chicago, you're going to be ready to go. yummy weather down to nashville. a little foggy for the center and southwest. but looking for the local forecast in just 30 seconds.
7:16 am
>> i'll look ahead to the weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. for now, back to lara and josh. >> thank you, ginger. all right, the search is still on for the missing mom who vanished after battling it out with her ex-fiance on "the people's court." and this morning there are new clues in the case. bazi kanani has the latest. >> reporter: this is the last message michelle parker left for her father. >> hey, dad.
7:17 am
um, it's about 8:40. this is michelle on wednesday morning. >> reporter: the 33-year-old mother of three, called the day before she disappeared. >> i know that you're at work. but call me when you have lunch or you have break or at the end of your day. >> reporter: parker's family hopes someone may recognize her voice, her face, or even her jewelry, in these newly-released photos. if anyone finds the cross-shaped necklace or ring she was wearing, it could bring her family one step closer to finding her. >> i'm thankful that my sister has, you know, not been found in a bad way because every day that doesn't happen, i still have hope that she's still out there somewhere. >> reporter: it's been more than a week since parker went missing. just hours after she appeared on "the people's court," in a dispute with the father of her children. she accused dale smith of being violent. >> and he shouldn't have put his hands on me. and he shouldn't have put his hands on me prior. >> reporter: abc news has learned that parker tried in 2009 to get a restraining order against smith. a judge rejected the request.
7:18 am
police maintain smith is not a suspect. and parker's family doesn't think he had anything to do with her disappearance. >> if, you know, we bring michelle home and she has already crossed over, then his children are going to need a biological parent, don't you think? >> reporter: this morning, as parker's family members continue their search, they say they hope these words won't be her last. >> okay. i love you. talk to you soon. bye. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bazi kanani, new york. >> thank you very much. now, a story that i know you love. >> indeed. thanksgiving, a day for so many things. conveniently for the purposes of this introduction, start with the letter "f." family, friends and football. for one family, it was about posterity. yesterday, for the first time in nfl history, two brothers faced each other in the same game as head coaches. so, what would their parents do?
7:19 am
it finally happened on two nfl sidelines. two brothers, forever sibling rivals, staring square-jawed, across the field at each other. john harbaugh, the head coach of the baltimore ravens. i really, really, really want to beat him. >> reporter: and jim harbaugh, 15 months younger, head coach of the san francisco 49ers. >> this week, my brother's just someone we're trying to beat. >> reporter: just imagine, on a day reserved for family and friends and for millions of turkey-addled americans. football, the quandary faced by jackie and jack harbaugh, choosing a side on thanksgiving. >> i'm going to be nervous. we're going to get as far away from the stadium as we can. >> reporter: jack, a college coach for 43 years, raised two would-bes, close-knit boys for 18 years. >> lots of fighting, absolutely. we drew a tape across the room at one point in time. >> reporter: jim would find success as an nfl quarterback for 14 seasons before taking
7:20 am
over the niners this year. john has been a head coach for four years. theirs is a rivalry that plays out not in between the sidelines, but pacing on them. >> we're always passionate about what we do. and sometimes it can be conveyed as good. and sometimes it can be conveyed as overenthusiastic. but i'm so proud to see them be who they are. >> reporter: in the end, big brother, john, led his ravens to a 16-6 win. with mom and dad watching at a distance, on tv. but that mattered not in the moments after history was made. >> yesterday, my brother, john, is the sharpest iron i've ever encountered my entire life. >> referee: >> reporter: after facing opposition, the harbaugh clan will have something to celebrate today. today is jack and jackie's 50th anniversary. and two great cities thankful for that union. >> absolutely. that's great. coming up, will this man, the prime suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner
7:21 am
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-- was confronted the victims fought one was shot -- within family fem was shot. the wounded man's family -- held one down until police arrived. the wounded man in the hospital in stable condition. let's see how the friday morning drive is coming. crews on the scene of this accident in redwood city that has shutdown the embarcadero off-ramp from southbound 101. month any has bus shuttles in place -- muni has bus shuttles in place. bay bridge toll no are lights, no delays, looking head -- into san francisco. >> when we come back, mike has
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here's a look at some of the clouds handling arm no more rain is falling. increasing -- increasing sun upper 40s to 50s will be in the 60s away from the coast upper 50s. a lot of the sunshine this weekend. mid
7:29 am
7:30 am
they're open now. >> what more can be said? look at that. black friday, which became black thursday evening, in many parts of the country. this, thousand oaks, california. the mall, beset by hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of bargain-hunters, cramming themselves into these stores, in search of any and every deal they can possibly find. thousand oaks, to jersey city, and all parts between. becky worley, scouring every ad, every store. she has the scoop on all the best deals you can get right now. and there she is, grabbing stuff for herself. >> good girl. good girl. >> we welcome you to this
7:31 am
friday. a good morning to you, america. josh elliott and lara spencer, in for george and robin this morning. >> becky, multitasking. we like that. everybody, hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your families. one california family giving thanks after nearly losing their day who survived for four days. on many days, on bugs and dirty creek water after a car accident. their heartwarming story is coming up. it's really remarkable. >> it is, indeed. and this morning, he is the man always at president obama's side. and this morning, reggie love takes us inside the white house for a look at the president that really only he knows. >> really great story. talk about access. and first, everybody, "gma" exclusive right now. for the first time attorneys for the maryland man suspected in the disappearance of robyn gardner tell us why their client is not guilty. they'll have to make a case to the judge today, though, in a fight for his freedom. abc's matt gutman has the story. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: good morning, lara.
7:32 am
there's little chance that gary giordano will be free today. we're told that the judge is probably going to keep him detained without charges for another 30 days. but giordano's attorneys are on the offensive, insisting their client is innocent, that the police have been playing dirty tricks and that investigators have really no hard evidence. this morning, aruban authorities tell "gma" that for the sixth time, they'll ask the judge to keep the only suspect in robyn gardner's disappearance locked up. suspected of murder, gary giordano, now jailed for over 100 days, is considered a flight risk. jose baez, renowned for spear-heading casey anthony's acquittal last summer, and chris lejuez, are interested in two men. they are speaking exclusively to "gma." they feel that investigators are unable to build a case, even with "gma" confirmation, that blood found at this beach, where
7:33 am
the two were spotted together, was, in fact, gardner's. they tell "gma," he could just as easily be a free man, if it were not for a few phone calls. >> you think he would not be here if it wasn't for the calls to am/ex. >> my personal opinion? >> reporter: please. >> i don't know. if you're going to use that against gary, you have to consider the source. he was advised to do it by his lawyer. >> reporter: two days after robyn gardner disappeared, giordano called american express, inquiring about the $1.5 million travel insurance policy he took out on gardner before they traveled to this island, naming himself the beneficiary. one representative told the fbi giordano sounded excited, like he was about to win something. still, they have no body, no weapon, and no convincing motive. that's why his new attorneys are clamoring for his release. >> he's innocent. >> reporter: how confident are you? >> it doesn't even pass the
7:34 am
laugh test. where you're going to say a person goes to an island where he's never been before and doesn't leave a trace of a crime? i don't buy it. i don't buy it. >> reporter: giordano continues to maintain that she drifted away from him while they were snorkeling. >> gary should be released. and i don't think you should hold someone, detain them, put them in prison, unless you have some evidence of a crime, for which there is none. >> reporter: now, over 100 days and investigators are still trying to figure out whether giordano is a criminal mastermind. or a guy with some really bad luck and bad legal advice. we could see murder charges pressed within two weeks. lara? >> thank you so much, matt gutman. we shall see. this thanksgiving weekend, one california family getting together for the first time in years. and they have their father to thank. he is a man who came terribly close to being lost, though, forever. abc's abbie boudreau brings us this remarkable story.
7:35 am
>> reporter: david lavau, was on this desolate stretch of mountain road. >> there's lights coming at me. >> i'm flying. there's no road. >> reporter: he plunged hundreds of feet down this mountain. trapped and injured at the bottom of a steep canyon, he remained hopeful, as he waited, certain that a helicopter would come rescue him. no one came. >> no. >> reporter: no one knew he was missing. as he crawls from his crushed vehicle, he made a gruesome discovery. there was another wrecked car only inches from him. >> my heart stopped. there was a man in there. >> reporter: but the man in the car was dead. and it looked like he had been there a while. >> i realized i was really alone. >> reporter: alone and afraid. he began thinking about his wife and his family and how he wished things had been different. >> my children weren't all together.
7:36 am
they weren't where i wanted them to be as a family, working together. and i wanted that one last wish. >> reporter: but would that wish come true? five days passed before the children realized their father was missing. >> my heart dropped down to my feet. >> reporter: putting all their differences aside, they searched for their dad. police traced his cell phone. and finally, a break in the case. >> once we got the clarification of the pinging of the towers, we were just like mounted up. >> reporter: meanwhile, 68-year-old david lavau was giving up. he survived on eating bees and black ants and drinking creek water. he left his family one final message. >> i scratched on the car, that the accident, the dead guy, wasn't my fault.
7:37 am
and i love you, kids. >> reporter: as he laid down and closed his eyes. >> i had a prayer. i can't go anymore. this is it. >> reporter: his son remembers the moment he called out to his dad. >> and i went, hello? anybody there? >> reporter: a voice in the distance? >> i yelled back up the hill. you know? help, i'm down here by the water. >> and i kept going. i kept looking down. and right here, i looked. and i saw my dad's car. i said, dad, we're coming down. >> reporter: he and two others went down the steep mountainside and rushed to their father. >> and he smelled so bad. but we love him. we both cried and cried and cried. >> reporter: after seven long days, finally, that helicopter came. >> what can i give you? is there anything we can do? i'd sure like a chocolate malt.
7:38 am
>> reporter: he suffered broken vertebrae and ribs and fractured his arm in three spots, requiring two surgeries. six weeks later, a slow recovery. but surprisingly, he says he wouldn't change a thing. and it helped bring your family back together. >> yeah. we're solid. >> reporter: on this thanksgiving, he doesn't call it a miracle. only a second chance. what are you giving thanks for this year? >> i never said this before. but i could say, that was in my prayer when i was down there, for more time. and i got it. >> reporter: that's something to be thankful for. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> you know, he doesn't call it a miracle. i sure do. >> yeah. >> that is remarkable stuff. >> hear, hear. i hope they toasted him with
7:39 am
chocolate malts. much to be thankful for. time, now, for another look at the weather. and once again, in for sam champion -- it's great not to be the newbie anymore. ginger zee. >> we're going to get a break in the pacific northwest. what a disaster it has been for a couple of weeks. they're going to get a little break. high pressure for the next 24 hours. a storm from chicago -- some rain from west of chicago, just to oklahoma city. colder and drier behind. and really warm out ahead of it. boston could be seeing record temps by the end. of it. >> that weather report has been brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelers. josh and lara? i got it wrong earlier. because i'm new.
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get great deals throughout the store on christmas decorations. ♪ hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile. over the past three years, perhaps no one has spent more time with the president than
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reggie love. love is the president's body man. he's part-valet, part-counselor and part-friend. now, he's moving on. in an abc news exclusive, he took rachel nichols of our sister network, espn, behind the scenes at the white house. >> reporter: for the past four years, he's had a steady right-hand man. >> reggie love. reggie love. >> reporter: hard to miss, 6'5", constant companion. what's the thing a body man just do? >> you have to carry power stays. >> reporter: we met him on the campaign trail in 2008. >> this is a lint brush. toothbrush. scope. cough drops. >> reporter: now, in the white house. imagine, you're 29 years old. >> in this door right here, it leads to the oval. >> reporter: what's the cool thing about working in the white house? >> the pastry chefs are the most
7:45 am
amazing pastry chefs you'll ever meet. every thing sweet they make, is amazing. >> reporter: love joined the obama team straight out of duke university, where he played basketball, a shared passion with the president. and so is music. one of love's jobs is loading the president's ipod. >> i tipped him to aretha franklin and john coletrain. he, in turn, has downloaded jay-z and li'l wayne, so i'm not a complete fuddy-duddy. >> reporter: and those 18-hour days, love became close, not just with the president. but with his family, too. what's your relationship with sasha and malia? >> they're huge. malia is almost -- they're competitive. they want to win. >> reporter: you spent time with the first lady, as well. >> she's under so much pressure and scrutiny than the president or anyone else that works in the
7:46 am
west wing. >> reporter: are there times when you thought, this is my life? >> it's the president's life. i am lucky to have been a very long passenger on an amazing ride in an amazing journey. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm rachel nichols, espn. the body man. great job. coming up, josh's "play of the day." where is becky? we know she's shopping. where is she? what's she got now? she has the roundup of black friday. this is the best gig ever. she's shopping. and she'll be with us coming up on "good morning america." we're thankful for you, becky worley. ♪ fa la la ♪ [playback of card] ♪ fa la la la [playback of cards] ♪ christmas is here. fa la la la ♪ ♪ ding dong [playback of cards] ♪ christmas is here, christmas is here, fa la la la ♪ ♪ rum tummy tummy, rum tummy tummy, rum tummy tummy ♪ ♪ ho, ho, ho [playback in unison] ♪ rum tummy tummy, rum tummy tummy, rum tummy tummy ♪ the target 2 day sale is happening now.
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here's "the play of the day." >> thus far. >> indeed, it is. what do you know? more football for all of you. a tough game for the players. but what about the cheerleaders? take a look at what happened last night. dallas cowboys, miami dolphins
7:51 am
in dallas. that's jason witten, a big, big dude. >> oh, that hurt. >> let's slow this down. it's dangerous. they're right there. >> how much does he way? 265? >> 265, 6'6", and he is moving like a train. and he plows into her. she's a gamer. and she gets right back up. it's friday, guys. let's go two for friday. many different ways to spend thanksgiving. and then, there's this way. this is in -- dance like a turkey. we're going to send you off with sidney, the dancing turkey. i was told he was doing this to court our senior producer. and i've been told it's awfully successful. you keep on boogying down. we have the hottest buys for
7:52 am
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7:56 am
oakland city offices are closed today and will stay closed monday as part of the city's efforts to balance the budget. senior centers, restrooms and public parks, main library and merely every city office. emergency services are not affected. -- even with the cloud cover no flight arrival delays. upper 50s to mid 60s partly sunny sky this afternoon. temperatures near 70 from the coast low 60s this weekend there. >> problems in the south bay
7:57 am
northbound 17 approaching lark right lane blocked. still looking good at the bay bridge toll, very, very light i don't even see a car. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. that's the frenzy outside the thousand oaks mall in california this morning. now, check this out. from the other side of the insanity. >> imagine that coming at you. >> and they're off. >> they couldn't pay me enough. >> no way. >> what exactly are those deals? >> this is post apocalypse. it's terrifying. >> wow. >> listen, i would get in a fight in a target on a saturday morning. and there's the audience outside our times square studio. good morning, america. i'm lara spencer, with josh elliott. george and robin with friends and family on this thanksgiving weekend.
8:01 am
we're happy to have you guys joining us. >> everyone for the big deals. we have becky worley as our guide today. electrifying deals on everything. big savings on big-screen tvs, ipods, video games. if you don't know, and you haven't figured it out here. that's a phone. and that's a penny. guess how much that phone costs. and the hottest looks at rock-bottom prices, as the models get ready to strut their stuff outside in the times square. remember cameron mathison yesterday on the parade route, he was working that flag. he was really almost hurting people. today, he's jeopardizing himself. he's on the ice with the cast of the new disney on ice show, called "dare to dream." we're daring you to skate for us. it's a national tour. and cameron is wearing skates. i'm very excited. i understand you're going to do a few moves for us? is it true? >> absolutely.
8:02 am
are you kidding me? of course. here is melissa. she's a talented teacher. she will show you some moves. let's see what i got to work on. >> we're going to the right. one, two, three four. five, six, seven, eight. one, two, three, four. five, six, seven, eight. >> no pressure. >> just need to add the flag. >> little-known fact, in my childhood, seventh and eighth grade fridays doing that, ice skating every friday night. i couldn't do that if i tried. >> i dare you to show us a couple of the moves. >> no. but i'm going to get into the kitchen. the finger's okay after yesterday. emeril's here. solving the age old problem. what do you do with the leftovers? i guarantee you make them into delicious things, which i'll be doing in moments. first, let's turn to "gma weekend," dan harris, with all of the top developing stories. >> good morning to both of you. the black friday blitz is under way. it was not all calm overnight. a man was shot early this
8:03 am
morning in the jam packed parking lot outside of a northern california walmart store. police describe it as a robbery gone bad. he is expected to be okay. the search is on for suspects. thousands of people swarming a mall in southern california to snap up door busting deals. and there's still a long, long day of foraging ahead of us. linsey davis joins us from a mall in jersey city, new jersey. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. yes. we've seen a steady stream of shoppers at this store. it's calm nonetheless. some might call it dedication. in other places across the country, it's looked a lot like pandemonium. gunfire reportedly erupted at a fayetteville, north carolina, mall this morning. fortunately, no one was hurt. but in los angeles, as many as 20 people were injured when they were doused with pepper spray by a female shopper during a crowd surge. but otherwise, the door-buster
8:04 am
deals haven't proved so dangerous, which is very good news, considering a third of all consumers are expected to hit the stores today. here at target and at targets across the country, they are advertising their lowest, rock-bottom deals for black friday of all-time. dan? >> linsey, thank you. be careful out there today. we appreciate your reporting this morning. recovery crews are searching for remains after a tragic plane crash killed six people in arizona. the pilot, shawn perry, and his three children, ages 6 to 9, were among the dead. he had just picked up the kids from his ex-wife for thanksgiving when they slammed into a mountain. another pilot was also killed, along with an engineer, who was engaged to be married next month. we still don't know what caused this crash. an update on a story this morning. gary jerraud no will be released from jail in aruba. according to his attorney jose
8:05 am
baez. he can be home as early as tuesday. home by wednesday. finally, the supermarket security guard who is now out of a job after nabbing a hardened criminal. this 4-year-old girl. she was accused of shoplifting for eating a few dried apricots in a safeway in washington state. her father didn't see it happen. so, he didn't pay for the apricots. but the guard stopped them after checkout. he threatened to press charges. he made this little girl sign a confession, even though she cannot read or write. >> does she know the alphabet? >> the supermarket chain has apologized. i'm suggesting free apricots for life. >> as opposed to, yeah. life in the pen. >> staggering. >> was it an "x"? did she draw a rainbow? >> i'm not sure. >> thank you, dan. and from that, to this. >> pop news, everybody. we're going to talk about an interesting industry survey that
8:06 am
found that black friday shoppers -- and this probably won't shock you given the video you just saw -- are willing to compromise essential human needs like sleep, food and hygiene to get the best deals. some 68% said they would give up sleep. 48% said they would give up breakfast. and this was a little disturbing. 36% said they would skip a shower. we want to let that 36% know that bath and body works are having a fabulous sale today. it's a v.i.p. pack, of soap and body wash for $20. two of this season's "american idol" contestants. first, scotty mccreery, at the thanksgiving day parade. the crowd can hear him singing. his lips were not moving in sync with the song. "the trouble with girls." that's the name of the song, highlighted the trouble with trying to lip-sync on a moving float. it's not easy.
8:07 am
and then, "american idol" runner-up, lauren alaina, at the thanksgiving green bay/detroit game, singing. and forgetting "the star-spangled banner." ♪ what so proudly we hailed in the -- ♪ >> she went blank. she got back on track, though. and one of the announcers said, it's about how you finish. >> a number of times we've seen people forget this in the past. that anybody who would do it in the future would learn the words. >> she's a young kid. and as joe buck did say, it's how you finish. she fought through it. >> right. i think it's a very difficult thing, learning, memorizing, and that little, red light goes on -- welcome to my life. >> in front of 10,000 people. >> that's a good point. >> welcome to my life.
8:08 am
>> anyway -- it went well for green bay. >> and it's gone well for you. >> thank you so much. everybody, on that note, pop news is history for this week. thank you, josh. >> indeed. is it time to get to ginger zee? >> ginger zee. >> the newbie. she's in for sam champion, the "gma" weather anchor. >> good morning. out here in times square, it's incredible. beautiful weather. i want to start with this one couple. i'm probably going to do a college game on "gma" tomorrow. and you want to say one thing? >> roll tide. >> yeah. they're from alabama. huntsville, alabama. now, we want to get to weather. we'll start with where i came from, chicago. wls showing us a 43 degree temperature. beautiful lakefront in chicago. let's move to the forecast for others. and begin with a look at the warmth. look at the warmth ahead of that system. behind it, not going to stick around for long. much colder in the next couple of days.
8:09 am
we're looking at the warmth in the northeast. the center of the nation, a little bit of rain from dallas to eastern iowa. out to the west, they get a brief reprieve. that's the big picture. >> i'm staying out here. and i'll have more weather coming up. some beautiful smiles. oh, so pretty. lara? >> coming out to join you in a moment. first, here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." are you planning to shop until you drop? but don't until you check out
8:10 am
becky worley's deals. weekend electronics deals. she's got a ton of them. stay with us for that. and how to look like a million for a lot less. the hottest holiday looks all under $100. and emeril's here. kicking up the leftovers. kicking them up a notch. stay with us on "good morning america." notch. stay with us on "good morning america." [ female announcer ] ornaments are not for decorating.
8:11 am
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8:12 am
well, becky worley, back with us again. she's at a best buy there in san francisco. and, becky, i know black friday in full swing there. so, show us, if you will, the single-best deal, if you will, so far. >> okay. it's not just about gifts and luxury. sears has washer and triers from 40% to 60% off.
8:13 am
and when we come back, i'm going to tell you how to get the dyson for 100 bucks off. to tell you how to get the dyson for 100 bucks off. >> okay, becky. it's ald out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] no need to wait with our christmas price guarantee. if you find a lower price on a local print ad before christmas, we'll give you the difference on a walmart gift card. ...thanksgiving day from home... ...or in store friday from 4am. find over 500 black friday deals... 50% off liz claiborne... ...and 40 to 70% off fine jewelry. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
8:14 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some people just know how to build things well. give you and your loved ones an expertly engineered mercedes-benz... ho ho ho! the winter event going on now. but hurry -- the offer ends soon. it's all crossed out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] black friday continues on saturday.
8:15 am
get great deals throughout the store on christmas decorations. the only place to go black friday weekend. walmart. all-natural benefiber, the fiber supplement that's taste-free and dissolves completely. so you can put it in whatever you like, even water. benefiber. makes taking fiber easier. all right. becky worley back again now with the hottest electronics sales right now at this moment. she's out in san francisco and has rounded up everything that's worth rounding. becky, we saw you moments ago with the vacuum. so, tell us a little bit about it. >> well, black friday is not just about luxury items. one thing that's on sale today, at costco, they have the
8:16 am
cadillac of vacuums, the dyson, for 100 bucks off, at $369. that's a heck of a vacuum. >> we saw you hold up a phone and a penny. i'm sensing a connection there. >> yes. android phones. some of the smartphones are over $200. but today, amazon has them on sale for a penny. sam's club has them on sale for 96 cents. that's a $200 discount. that's a very good deal. a couple of the things that are functional but make good gifts. from macy's, 40% off of their fancy coffeemakers and their kettles. those are good gifts. your calgon moment these days. a very good gift this year is the kinect sensor that goes with the x-box 360. this is $90 at best buy, sears
8:17 am
and kmart. that's something you see with a lot of families that have the x-box on top of the system. i'm guessing you play this at home, right? i can see you doing dance central. >> we're going to try to get back to you, becky, because we did lose it. and we want to see the deals. everything you heard, go to on yahoo! the black friday guide is there for you. there for you right now, though, lara? >> thank you, josh. i'm excited. not only borgens, we're talking about passion. i'm with joe zee, everybody, one of the most fabulous men working in fashion today. creative director of "elle" magazine. and host of a show called "all on the line with joe zee." he's helping struggling fashion houses on the show, trying to turn the brand around. he's going to give us a preview of that. and as a special bonus, you're going to show us how to get on trend this holiday season, and
8:18 am
not for a lot of money. first, i want to talk to you about the show. talk about the upcoming season. >> the season premieres tonight at 9:30 on sundance channel. it really shows the fashion industry in a different way. it's not just about red carpets and prada. but it's about hard work and passion and dreams and struggle. you watch the designers. they put so much dedication into it. i want to help them succeed. it's hard. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't. >> sometimes you have to give them tough love, right, joe zee? >> oh, yeah. >> i want to show you a clip. this is great drama. this is when you're helping a young designer named angelo? >> angelo, yeah. premiere designer tonight. >> let's just give you a sampling. >> so, what am i looking at? >> a cocktail dress for a party. or going to a special occasion dress. >> it looks like a slip or lingerie. i fell like she forgot the dress. if she walks into a party right
8:19 am
now, i'm going to have very specific opinions about her. an i probably wouldn't tell her. how much does that dress go for? >> this one, if i'm not mistaken, i have to get it for you quickly. >> i can't believe you don't know the prices of your own clothes. >> we'll find out the advice you gave them tonight on the premiere. >> you can see, i don't hold back with my opinions. >> why am i smiling ear-to-ear? i love talking to you every day. you're also very clear about what's in style. and you understand that most of us are on a major budget this year. >> absolutely. >> how do you do it? >> the great thing is there's fashion out there, that you can find at an accessible price. trends don't have to cost a lot. it's what you do with the trends. >> you're bringing us three, different examples right now. >> i am. >> let's start with the first one. i guess you like it. >> they like it. our first big trend for winter must-haves is a great outerwear piece. i love this coat from h&m, $39.
8:20 am
>> i love that it's $39. why do you pair it with the a-line skirt and the color? >> i love the swing skirt with it and the chunky sweater. it feels wintry. but at the same time, feminine. >> can women of certain ages wear leggings? >> absolutely. you can put a sweater over it. it's really versatile. >> i'm taking notes. we have another one coming right up. describe this look and why you put it together. >> this is sort of our winter wonderland look, which i love because you have your prerequisite parka, and i love these pants. it's not jeans. i love the color. $59 at the gap. >> and the skinny is still in? >> skinny is still in. you can tuck it into boots. you can wear a sweater over it.
8:21 am
>> it's like the cosby sweater meets the holiday sweater, too. >> and the parka colds into the tiniest cosmetics bag. >> one last look. we have to be quick. holiday parties are coming. and, wow, make a statement. >> metallics and shine all over the runway. you can get this fringe metallic skirt for $39 at joe fresh, a brand-new store in town. >> you were telling me that's the place to shop. it's on-trend and not expensive at all. >> absolutely. you have to check it out. >> all right. joe zee, everybody. josh, i hope you were taking notes. >> i was taking notes. you better believe it. i'll continue to take them. first, thanksgiving, the big kickoff to christmas for a lot of families in the nation. and the nation's first family, no different. the white house christmas tree arrived today. and next week, first lady michelle obama will reveal this year's theme. abc's claire shipman shows us that decking the halls of the people's house is actually a
8:22 am
project that's months in the making. >> reporter: it has to start early. after all, there are thousands of meet of garland to lay, 14-foot trees to install. and always, always, hundreds of pounds of fanciful gingerbread to bake. >> it's beautiful. >> the theme this year is "'twas the night before christmas." >> reporter: decorating the house is a demanding job for american families. >> she oversees everything. >> reporter: colleen christian byrd details five decades of white house decorating in her new book. the tinsel, the sparkle. the invisions that have infused one the first ladies' most physical responsibilities. >> who wants to fall short? if she's having 100,000 people over for the holidays. >> reporter: it was that icon of white house style, jackie kennedy, who created the
8:23 am
tradition of coming up with a new holiday theme each year. but she avoided the fwlits glitz of modern times. >> in mrs. kennedy's time, it was a lot more simple. >> reporter: in addition to recipes and decorating trips, the book has a few unadorned family christmas moments, as well. >> we have caroline and john-john. they're re-enacting the nativity. >> reporter: with each administration, the first lady has added her unique flair. some more eye-brow raising than the others. in 1983, it was mr. t. >> have you been good? >> no. >> i'm going to see you in a few minutes. >> reporter: lara bush was often given to silver and white simplicity. >> there's 49 trees in the house. >> reporter: mrs. obama's themes reflect her interest. so far, around a common theme. >> simple gifts. that's the theme this year because in the end the greatest blessings of all are the ones
8:24 am
that don't cost a thing. what are you making? >> mrs. obama has a great style. the things that are important to her all year long come out at christmastime. for example -- >> the no candy. >> the president let us know that. santa likes cookies. >> reporter: often, first ladies like to employ their own family decorations. so tall this year, you had to take down the chandelier. decking the halls takes a lot of hands. auchbl hundreds of volunteers and white house staffers and an estimated 3,500 hours of work. three years ago, colleen, who has her own holiday decorating business, was determined to lend a hand. so, she did a bit of lobbying. you wanted to be in there decorating. >> i did. i wanted to deck the hall. >> reporter: she finally got an invitation. but assisting a process that's
8:25 am
part military operation, part typical family chaos. >> they pack up boxes? >> yeah. they recycle at the white house. >> reporter: the lights aren't working, plug them in. >> a lot of stuff we go through at home. it's crooked. how do we make it straight? >> reporter: colleen has re-created some of the themes from the book. but looks can be deceiving. mrs. obama's gingerbread men look good enough to eat, but don't try it. they're baked with glue instead of sugar, meant to last. for the most part, we want to be dazzled. >> the white house will showcase what's good about our country in the decorations. >> reporter: even the cynics among us find it hard to play scrooge when faced with this. claire shipman, abc news, washington. >> thank you, claire. we want to bring back becky
8:26 am
worley out in san francisco at a best buy. she's looking for the great deals. becky, i have five very interested observers here. let's get to the toys and one in particular. >> that's right. we think this great white ate our live shot. this is the air swimmer. it's $31 from $49 at amazon. and how much fun would that be on christmas day? i love this thing. now, one more in the toy department. this is an amazing pulse charger electric scooter. it's on sale for $69 from $129 at walmart. and it's just too much fun to be believed. so, i have to go do my shopping now. i'm out. >> you do that. >> bye. >> what did you think? was that good? >> yeah. >> looks good? all right. scooters for everybody. when we get back, emeril's cooking leftovers.
8:27 am
a black friday shopper hospitalized in critical after being shot during a robbery attempt outside a san leandro wal-mart this morning. two men tried to rob the shoppers at gunpoint. instead of handing over the merchandise, the shoppers fought. that's when one man was shot. one suspect drove off. family members held down the second suspect for the police. let's see how the friday morning drive is going. >> embarcadero off-ramp shutdown from southbound 101 due to an earlier accident. another few hours before they have that reopened. light ride through walnut creek over at the toll plaza we managed to get through the morning with no metering lights.
8:28 am
nice ride into san francisco. >> when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco has the bay
8:29 am
hostly cloudy mid 40s to near 50°. upper five toes to mid 60s, 40s tonight 30s north bay valleys fog is likely to form temperatures from the coast mid 60s to near 70° this weekend.
8:30 am
have a great one. >> the news continues with "good morning america." what a crowd out there. >> i know. we have some -- >> wow. >> it's great. >> good morning, america. lara and josh in for robin and george. how great is that? it's a look at a new disney on ice show called "dare to dream," which is on a national tour. and they're here at the meadowlands in new jersey. and our reporter, cameron mathison, afraid of nothing. he has laced up the skates. >> makes me miss my eighth grade fridays. >> josh -- as a child, he took
8:31 am
ice skating lessons. and not for hockey. we're talking -- and also knits. >> that's true. >> little-known fact. like cameron, you're a renaissance man. let's go to cameron because he is also collecting coats for our warm hearts, warm coats drive. >> the disney stars on ice are helping us this year. we have an important goal, to collect our 1 millionth coat. please, go to any burlington coat factory store. all coats will be distributed free of charge. and there's plenty of those. >> he's about to go down to the ice. nope. but he's getting close. we'll check in with cameron in a moment. and it's time to give our weekly tally on how many coats we have. so, where are we? >> take a look. >> 827,681.
8:32 am
>> and this is the year you make your donations at any burlington coat factory store. we want you to take a picture of yourself and send them to twitter. we'll put them on "gma." >> great pictures. send those. also this morning, turkey leftovers does not need to mean turkey sandwiches. although, that's not a bad thing. but emeril, only emeril, can make magic. josh has been talking about this all morning. you want to stay with us this for that. and ginger zee, in the mouse with weather. >> hey, ginger. >> everyone on this black friday is going to be pretty much inside. but you want a weekend forecast. let's look ahead to the weekend, beginning with our saturday. it's going to be beautiful in the northeast, down to the southeast. rain in the center of the nation. let's look at sunday, though. sunday, the day everyone is flying for driving home. it is one of the busiest of the year. the northwest will get their next storm. look for airport delays, depending on your location.
8:33 am
boston, >> this weather report has been brought to you by mercedes-benz. and the crowd is so awesome here. look at these guys. lara, back to you. >> ginger, thank you. so, if you enjoyed the turkey and the stuffing on thanksgiving, our next guest will help motivate you to drop the thanksgiving pounds. ali vincent once tipped the scale at 234 pounds before getting fit and losing almost half of her body weight. a remarkable story. now, she's helping others transform their lives as the host of "live big with ali
8:34 am
vincent." first, a look back at ali's weight loss journey. >> i don't know that i can do this at home. >> reporter: believe it, be it, is ali vincent's personal motto. instilled in her during her journey on "the biggest loser." >> your current weight is -- >> reporter: the first woman to ever win the title. she shed 122 pounds off of her 5'5" frame. her new show, "live big with ali vincent," is all about helping others who are struggling with the same weight issues. >> that's a good start. >> reporter: the first lesson, stop eating, start moving. >> hands off the bar. >> reporter: ali was a competitive athlete before gaining 5 pounds a year over 13 years. she takes a hands-on approach. and not just at the gym. >> you can do it. >> reporter: but also at home, by teaching people how to change the way they eat.
8:35 am
>> this is how we make spaghetti. >> reporter: getting them involved in new activities. and teaching them to overcome psychological obstacles. but how to avoid the age-old problem of putting the weight back on. ali says exercise, anywhere anytime. from lunges at the grocery store, to squats at costco. or wall sits at a car dealership. you can burn 20 calories out batting an eye. ali's goal, inspire the body and the soul. >> it changes how we're eating. and it's bringing us a little closer together. >> and there's ali. and there's ali's old pants. >> i know. i don't want them anymore. >> ali vincent. what size are those? >> 22. yeah. it's scary. >> look at the big smile on your face. >> i went from a size 22 to a 4.
8:36 am
i never knew a 4 existed. it's been so much fun. >> yeah. it's great. that's one of your whole philosophies, make it fun, stick with it. >> i dieted for years. my mom and i went on the heavy, lose weight, heavy, lose weight, rollercoaster. i can't even tell you how many diets i went on. they were all something i did. when i was done dieting, i went back to my old habits. i said, i'm tired of this. i want to do something different. i knew that i had to do it so it could last forever. the small changes are what helped me. >> you started out way back when as a competitive swimmer, nationally ranked. >> i know. >> what happened? how does the weight creep on? >> i think that was kind of the key, too. i knew better, i should have done better. it was the way i beat myself up, as well. it was to the time where i never had to do the deal with girls in high school. i already had them. it was who i was and what i did. i never considered to exercise.
8:37 am
hen i quit my sport, my appetite was for an athlete, but i wasn't moving anymore. >> i was a competitive diver. same thing. there's something about that pool. you leave it and, yikes. let me ask you this. what made you get to that place you just described, which was i'm not doing this yo-yo thing anymore? i think a lot of people watching today are feeling guilty about how much they ate yesterday. they want to do it but it's hard. >> i will tell people over and over again, if i can do it, trust me. you can do it. it's about not beating yourself up. you have thanksgiving. that's okay. enjoy the time with your family. let's get back to what it's really about and quit making everything about food. for me, i started to use food as a crutch. i started to full the voids in my life with it. yu don't have to do that. i started one minute on a treadmill, one minute off. it gave me a tangible result, to something that felt so uncontrollable. my life felt uncontrollable. i didn't know how to change it. but i could change my body.
8:38 am
>> and baby steps is what you're saying. if you're going to start running, pick a target. and it's not like, i'm going to run a marathon. >> i do that all the time. every day i work out. i don't work out every day. let me just say that. >> thank you. >> there's no way i work out every day. never, never. you know, for ten minutes in, i want to quit. everybody wants to quit, i would assume. the people i work with, and stuff like that. i have to get past that ten minutes. i go to the next street sign. i go to the next light. and that way, i'm not giving up on myself. that's what live big is all about. getting into the households. we have experts on my show that teach us about cooking and shopping and different things like that. and just making the small changes. i do lunges in grocery stores. i do squats in line. i'm busy. and so, i don't always have time to make it to a gym. i jump rope at an airport. >> i love your passion. a great day to be talking about this. everybody, "live big with ali vincent" airs on the live well network.
8:39 am
thank you so much. >> absolutely. coming back, in moderation, please. we're doing leftovers, emeril style. everything in moderation. [ female announcer ] at ...thanksgiving day from home... ...or in store friday from 4am. find over 500 black friday deals... sleepwear for the whole family... and the helicopter he'll love for $18.99. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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8:42 am
thanksgiving just keeps on giving. we have leftovers. and who better to turn that into delicious dishes than our friend, emeril. we're not talking a turkey sandwich. >> nothing wrong with that. turkey sandwich, a little stuffing, cranberry sauce, bread, terrific. i cooked down some onion. a little olive oil. from that, i have canned -- you can use black beans, red beans, white beans, whatever you have in your pantry. and a little bit of chili. >> what are you doing? >> we're making a leftover turkey case quesedilla.
8:43 am
we have a lot of heat going on. >> you like it fiery, as i do. you get in there, with the cayenne and the chili. >> watch this. this is what it looks like after a few minutes, cooking down. >> okay. >> now, we have our filling. in here, i got a leftover gravy. >> that looks so good. >> with some of the turkey. here's what we're going to do. two dishes. are you ready for this? >> yep. >> we have a flour tortilla. we're going to take leftover turkey meat. put that right here. we're going to take our bean mixture, and put that right here. here's the killer. pepper-jack cheese. the heat and the pepper-jack cheese is going to be great. fold it over. and dress down. what we're going to do, in a little skillet like this, with a
8:44 am
little oil -- >> yeah. >> we're going to add the quessadilla, right inside the pan. now, very, very simple. now, what happens is we have the quesadilla. we're going to cook that, as i did right here. look at that. is that nice and warm? look. you have the quesadilla. a little salsa. a little sour cream. >> i'm going right in there. >> go right in there, baby. go right in there. all right, now, check this out. so, we have a turkey quesadilla, instead of the regular turkey sandwich. now, if that wasn't enough, check this out. the trick to leftover stuffing. i shaped it like a little cake. >> that's like a little -- >> like an eggs benedict, right? it's not just for lunch.
8:45 am
it can be for breakfast. i have the stuffing. and what i did was i took a little bit of the spinach. and you can see how hot that is. and a poached egg. now, watch this. then, we come here. we take our gravy. >> and over -- >> and right over there. and then, look. and if you want a piece of turkey on your egg, no problem. look at that. all right, look. i want you to try -- i want you to try that. >> all right. do we have a fork? >> oh, you know -- there you go. eat with a spoon. i want you to, like, get -- i want you to get a little bit of the spinach. >> a little bit of everything. >> a little bit of the stuffing. oh, and that gravy on there. let me hit you. i'm coming. i'm coming. wait. >> give me one. >> all right. here we go. here we go. here we go. oh! oh! is that not good or what?
8:46 am
>> it's delicious. >> and if you want the recipe, you can go on our website, on yahoo! >> he's also sticking around. a special performance of disney on ice, when we return. you're a genius. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
8:47 am
it can also lead to serious dental problems.
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[ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. our cameron mathison showed off his ice skating ability, sort of, this morning. but does he have what it takes to keep up with some of the best skaters in the world.
8:49 am
>> our cameron mathison is with the new disney on ice show. cameron, did you make the cut? tell us all. >> oddly enough, i didn't make the cut. that's shocking because i'm so talented on skates. i'm here with somebody who did make the cut. it's maxamus. he's such a good skater. and he's in the "dare to dream" disney on ice show, touring around america. he's gone. "dare to dream," everybody. >> should i? no. can i go? ♪
8:50 am
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big thanks to cameron mathison and the cast of the disney on ice show, dare to dream. on tour, at the meadowlands in new jersey right now. >> enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. we'll see you on monday. have a great weekend. alright, so we have $10.
8:57 am
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first up on this day after thanksgiving, a look at the weather. good morning. welcome to a grey so far black friday we will see more sun as the afternoon unfolds, upper 50s to mid 60s. after 30s and 40s and fog tonight sun and highs near 70 from the coast in the low 60s this weekend. still looking at a nice ride through san rafael. live look at 101 approaching north san pedro. earlier accident still has the embarcadero off-ramp from southbound 101


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