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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  November 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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november 27th, an apartment fire in cupertino leaves dozens of residents homeless. family and friends mourn a marine from danville killed in afghanistan was killed earlier this month. >>. morning. fog all around the bay this sunday morning. particularly in the north and east bay valleys. we still have sunshine and mild temperatures on the way this afternoon. >> lisa, thank you very much. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. >> the red cross said 60 people have to find a new place to live this morning after their apartments were damaged or destroyed by fire last night. investigators say the fire on homestead road began just before 6:00 when some cooking oil overheated in one unit's kitchen. displaced residents, who spent the night at a nearby high school, will find out this morning if any of their
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belongings survived. here's abc7's report >> the fire began at the apartment on homestead road and cupertino and spread quickly. more than 8 to firefighters joined in a mutual aid effort to put it out. jake said he didn't know there was a fire until he heard screams. >> there was this girl screaming outside "fire" and that's when i realized there was a huge fire going on outside. >> he said he and his brother tried to put it out. >> we were trying to stop it but it was already huge. we couldn't do anything. it was too dark and because of the smoke, couldn't even go in. >> while his apartment was safe, the one next door where the fire started is gone. that's where a woman was cooking. >> a person in one were the apartments warmed up some oil. basically she left, a few minutes later her the smoke detector, comes back in and he's a fire in the kitchen. >> she's called 911 and ran out. the fire spread to six other
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units. one is where this person lived. >> what did you lose? >> i don't know. i will have to wait and see. >> heavy damage. >> in this 16-unit building firefighters say eight units are destroyed. the remaining eight suffered smoke and water damage and will not be in habitable for some time. the high school gym is now a warming center for the residents. eight families are homeless. the others that are smoke and water damaged will be able to go back to their apartments today and gather belongings. the village green apartments and the red cross are going to try to find the residents some temporary housing. abc7 news. >> about two hours after the cupertino fire broke, out another fire in southeast san jose destroyed a home at the mobile home mark on blossom hill road.
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they believe that fire started when a come forgot about candles burning in her bedroom. she got out okay, and the fire was contained to her home. >> the california highway patrol is investigating a fay tal accident that closed lanes in berkeley this morning. some lanes have reopen and there are no traffic delays there now. it was a pedestrian fatality last night that triggered the investigation. andrew alberts immediate da coroner's van arrived around midnight. no further details have been released so far. hundreds turned out last night to mourn a marine killed in afghanistan. 19-year-old joshua coral was killed on the 18th while conducting military operations. abc7 john alston was in danville for the memorial. >> they poured into the stadium at san ramon valley high school where joshua had played sports.
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they were back to honor the 19-year-old marine who died serving his country. his father read a letter to his son. >> dear chachi. you can never imagine how proud i am to be your dad, your coach, your buddy, and your biggest fan. i love you, son. i love you so very, very much. i am so grateful that i had a chance to talk to you before you left us. >> lance cpl. coral was killed in southern afghanistan last week. his job was to sweep for roadside bombs.w3 family and friends and classmates shared memory of the 5'6" kid who graduated from high school only a year ago, but then took on one of the most dangerous jobs in the military. >> i gave him a hug and he smiled and i told him i would see him later. i believed i would.
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>> i remember the last phone call he made to me the week when you gave your life. even though you wouldn't say it, i could feel you hurt, i could hear the tiredness in your voice but i could see the marine in you. >> next week a procession and funeral are planned when his body returns back home. in danville, dan alston, abc7 news. >> a marine just home from iraq is in critical condition this morning after he was intentionally run over in san francisco. police say the suspect is this man, who got into a fight with the victim outside a restaurant on 11th and geary just about three thursday morning. the fight was broken up and the victim walked to other nearby gas station. police say the suspect got into this car, drove to the gas station, hit the victim, and then sped away. the victim, who is a firefighter with cal fire, remains at san francisco general hospital. student protestors plan to demonstrate tomorrow at four u.c. campuses where regents are scheduled to meet by
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teleconference. the "mercury news" reports monday's agenda expands the time set aside for student voices from the usual 20 minutes to one hour. students say they will complain about system-wide tuition hikes and express outrage over the pepper spraying of protestors by campus police. they will repeat their call for the dismissal the uc davis chancellor, and attempt to shut down the campus with a general strike. the protest locations include uc. san francisco, uc davis and uc l.a. andmer schedule. and members of san francisco protestors promise to retake their encampment. they are setting up near the federal reserve. a post says they have set up an information table this morning but have not tried to put up any tents which police ordered removed last weekend.
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yesterday they joined forces with other groups to march for immigrants' rights. ♪ >> the crowd marched from justin herman plaza to 16th and mission street and up mission to 14th, the heavily populated latino district. that comes one day after dozens squared off with san francisco police while trying to discourage people from shopping near union square on black friday. occupy l.a. protestors say they will ignore a monday morning deadline to leave their encampment. 485 tents have been on the lawn at city hall for more than 50 days. the mayor told the campers to start packing up, the camp will be closed at 12:01:00 a.m. the protestors have the choice to leave on their own or face arrest. yesterday dozens attended a teach-in on resistance training, including how to stay save with tier gas, pepper spray and
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runner bullets. and police clash with protestors in oakland appear to be a motive behind a retaliatory attack. in seattle. someone broke or shattered windows on a u.s. bank branch in seattle thursday morning and left a spray painted message saying it was in revenge for occupy oakland. the damage is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars. up next, a ban just months abay so why are these protestors still outside bay area restaurants? the answer is just ahead. also, the benefits and pitfalls of seasonal work. what job seekers need to know cpcp
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> there are just seven months left if you-like the delicacy known at foie gras. will you some aren't waiting. last night members of the animal rescue league rallied in front of a restaurant. foie gras comes from the liver of a specially fattened duck. they say it's the result of animal torture. >> the way they do it is ram a pipe down the duck's throat and feed it food. it is the only product made in this manner and it's a totally unnecessary food item. you know, it's a people treat.
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>> a lot of people love eating it. last night they featured a special menu starring foie gras. a an item one man gushes over. >> to create a product that's this quality, this high level, you have to think about how much care and love has to be given to these animals. >> the state-wide ban forbids the force-feeding of animals to produce foie gras, as well as the sale of the product. that ban goes into effect again on july 1st, but many restaurant owners plan they keep to plan on serving foie gras no matter what. the holiday shopping season is off to a strong start. 11 billion dollars at retail stores and malls on black friday and retail sales were up 7% over last year. the largest year-over-year increase since 2007.
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>> some businesses are hiring seasonal help, but lisa tells us the usual hiring surge is more of a trickle . >> some retailers are hiring seasonal help for the holidays, but as abc7 tells us, the usual hiring surge is more of a trickle. junior the holiday shopping season is the biggest selling period of the year for retailers. with the usual wave of sales comes the onslaught of seasonal worker applications. >> i applied a lot of places. >> last year retailers hired half a million seasonal workers. this year they are expected to hire roughly the same amount. one of the main reasons, online shoppers. >> in 2009 online shopping accounted for only 11% of overall sales. last year shoppers bought just under 30% of holiday items online. this year that's expected to jump to 35%. it means stores will need fewer helpers who will work longer hours. thomas is with manpower job placement center. >> if you are available to work, you know, late night or from
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late night to early morning, definitely it will help you to get the job. >> they are only going to keep about three to four people full time and they are firing 50 people. >> employers continue to hold all the cards. >> i get almost ten, twenty people a day asking for jobs from 16 year olds up to grown men wearing suits. >> the unemployment rate is 9.5%. in san jose, abc7 news. >> i'm one of those people who will be waiting until all the craziness days down a little bit to get out there and shop. i hope the weather will still hold. >> you know what? our extended, extended outlook, it will be interesting. i'll tell you about that in a minute. but right now the sun comes up at 7:02 and you can see the beginning after beautiful start to the day. that's high above. this is mount tam. down below where we live we are looking at dense fog, the north and east bay.
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even the south bay. we will talk about when that will lift and we will look tech extended outlook coming up. >> in sports, i know you went to notre dame, so sorry for you, lisa. stanford's andrew luck played his final home game, leading the cardinals to their third straight win over notre dame. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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>> the weather has been pretty decent, i would say, decent, nice, not a lot of rain. are we doing okay on the rain totals? >> we are doing okay. we have about 60% of normal north and south end of the bay, 78% of normal in mountain view and san francisco. we are looking at the fog this morning. that has really become a problem all over the bay area. no dense fog advisory. that's been lifted but it's really everywhere. sunrise, 7:02 and setting at 4:52. now the low angle of sun and light winds allowing for very little mixing, making it hard to scour out the fog. as is it drains, the cooler air goes into the valleys. we will look at that for the next several hours. and then we see the sunshine at the coast, as usual, and san francisco with numbers in the 60s there. hopefully getting to the 60s
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elsewhere around the bay. 43 in napa. oakland, and 46 in fremont. with numbers nearly uniform in the mid-and upper 40s, we have a deck of clouds around the bay and we have some fog. look at the visibility. san jose down to three quarters of a mile. a mile and three quarters at mountain view, so this morning it is on the peninsula, the south bay and once again the east bay, con score, a mile and a half. up by the delta, can really see a thing at times. through napa, highway 37 and isn't rowa and down to no sought toe and marin county. notice the coast, not bad right now. definitely with us through the next several hours. it will begin to lift, but that sun and the low sun angle really not working on it until about 9:00, 10:00. with that it's going to be a slow clearing of that stratus deck. we will erode it bit by bit. the big ridge of high pressure protect being us from incoming weather systems is weakening today. a few more high clouds.
6:20 am
still mild and by the middle of the week another weather condition slides our way. here's a look at the clouds beginning to invade the state. no rain associated with it. the rain will be confined to the north. maybe tonight mount shasta will see rain, not snow, though. we will be looking at high pressure to stay over the west coast. so that will bring us the partly cloudy skies today. numbers in the mid-and upper 60s. say the south bay, along the coast and peninsula where we get into the earlier clearing. but down further south, wow, we are talking 82. los angeles, san diego with upper 50s in tahoe. don't look for much clearing in the central valley, the san joaquin valley and the incoming system along the coast. as for today the clouds will scat ehrhoff out. 67 sunyvale and santa clara. slower here on the coast but a mild afternoon. san mateo 65. downtown not a lot of change from yesterday to today.
6:21 am
daly city, 63 if the city. it will take all day up here. 63 in vallejo. near east bay, a beautiful afternoon with fremont coming in in the mid-60s. 71 watsonville. the changes come our way by wednesday with very windy conditions in the higher elevations, cooler temperatures. that will take us into the end of the work week. still no rain and one forecast model keeps us dry until about the 12th of december. >> oh, my goodness. >> yeah. >> all right. but things can change? >> they can, but, yeah, it's not unusual to have a dry spell like that, too. we will see. >> all right. thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00, right after our show, is good morning america. dan harris is joining us live from new york to tell because is coming up. but first of all, how was your thanksgiving, dan? >> it was terrific, carolyn. thank you for asking. how was yours? >> it was very nice. thank you. >> i'm glad to hear and and glad
6:22 am
to hear you won't be getting a ton of rain. i love listening to your weather forecast every weekend. let me give you a preview what is coming up on gma. interesting story. home free, the three american college students arrested for allegedly throwing molotov cocktails during the mass protests in egypt, they have returned home. but what really happened with the kids? one of students is going to join us live with his mother to give us his side of the story. a fascinating interview. and plus breaking news in the michelle parker case. she's the mother of three who went missing on the day she appeared on "people's court." now a dramatic police raid overnight and we will tell you who they targeted coming up. also it could be an epic setback on america's war on terror. pakistan said it is kicking the u.s. out of an airbase used to target al-qaeda and cutting a key supply line to our troops in afghanistan. is this the last straw in a crucial but a very strained
6:23 am
relationship? we all try to make exercise a little more palatable but look at this. this woman and dancing on the treadmill. she is a gym soup he were star. she's been taking the internet by storm and we will tell you her story coming up this sunday morning. can you pull that off, carolyn? >> oh, sure. i do that all the time. what are you talking about? >> i bet. i have no problem picturing that whatsoever. >> yeah. so that's gone viral? >> it's going truly viral and there's a funny back story about how it came to be filmed. we will tell you about this coming up. >> all right. we will look for you then. as you said, the pakistan thing, very serious. i know hillary clinton got one of those early morning, midnight-type phone calls. >> very, very serious indeed. it's a huge geopolitical issue. we will get into that this morning. >> all right. thank you, dan. have a great sunday. >> you, too. >> let's check out sports. the raiders are hosting the chicago bears this afternoon at the coliseum. last night stanford closed out
6:24 am
its regular season against notre dame. here's schu with all the highlights. >> good morning, and it was senior day down on the farm. the last time these guys will play at stanford stadium. the cardinals hosting notre dame trying to impress the bcs and heisman voters. looking confident, luck and levine. look at the big man. he gets the put-down. cardinals go out to the 7-0 lead. second quarter. andrew gets help from the tight end luck. and cleaner takes robert in him into the end zone. his 78th td career pass and eclipses john elway for the most in school history at 14-0. stanford d was fantastic. big one on the interception. stanford gets the ball with less than two minutes until half. luck waists no time to find montgomery on the slant. andrew, three td passes before the half. 21-0, cardinals at the break. go to the north. now 21-7. andrew hungry for more.
6:25 am
wide open. he was 20 of 30, and he walks off the farm a winner. third quarterback to beat notre dame in three straight seasons. 28-14, the final. >> the only thing i can say now is he's the best player in college football. he's the best, one of the best people on the planet. and he carries himself as a stanford man should. >> it's special. i'm sure down the road we will be able to look back on that and to be mentioned with his name is very special to me. i'm more excited to get a win and to be part of this team and finishing out the regular season in the right way. >> all right. stanford needed oregon state to beat oregon in the civil war for any shot for the pac-12 championship. second quarter. 7-0, ducks. he drops it off to stevenson. look at the empty space. 58-yard touchdown. game tied at 7. but the ducks strike back with 21 unanswered points. derron thomas finds a wide open david paulson. 16 yards, 14-7. 30 seconds left in the second.
6:26 am
thomas throws his third touchdown of the game. this one to kenyon vanner. and oregon's offense racked up 394 yards in the first half. ducks win it, 49-21. they will host ucla in the inaugural pac-12 championship game friday. >> let's move over to the ice. sharks and canucks, two teams with history. vancouver knocked man hose out of the playoffs last year and they do not like each other. winchester and volpatti dropped the gloves in the first. i got the jersey over volpatti's head. first period sharks down one. and great behind the pass. and murphy slides it in. first as a shark. 1-1. in the second. >> canucks regain the lead on a power play. handzus with the shot. and niemi, no. 2-1, canucks. 50 seconds later andrew alberts snaps it in from the point, takes a bounce. gets it past niemi. and albert's first goal in the last 50 games. canucks go on to win it, 3-2. we may have basketball after all. nba players and owners have reached a tentative agreement to end their 149-day lockout pending approval from both sides
6:27 am
of the table. the two sides met for more than 15 hours friday and announced they agreed on a deal, but they aren't saying much about the specifics. the good news for the fans, if both sides can get a majority vote in favor of the new deal, a 66-game season will begin on christmas. the players need to drop their anti-trust lawsuit before voting on the deal. there's still drug testing and other issues that need to be sorted out, but training camp could get started on december 9th. stay tuned. raiders hosting the bears. we have the highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> next at 6:30. new fears about meth labs. the poison your family could be breathing every day without even knowing it. and the tug of war over the proposal to build a playground on a prime piece of san francisco property.
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>> welcome back, everyone. with methamphetamine use on the rise, there are homes here in the bay area now contaminated with residue from meth labs. and yet california has one of the weakest regulations on how much of that residue should be allowed in a home after a meth lab has been shut down. here's the i-team's dan noyes with the danger and the debate.
6:31 am
>> this was supposed to be her perfect home. >> i moved in here expecting it was a nice home. >> instead what she rented was a meth house. >> i didn't even know about it. >> the i-team found her house in a state database of former meth labs and broke the news to her. her first thoughts, her kids' health. >> how much have they inhaled? are they going to get sick from this, are they going to be okay? >> our tests found the drug in gutierrez's house. it is measured in micrograms of meth in a hundred square meter or an area of the size of this paper square. the composite sample from kitchen, windows and heater came back at .61. that's six times over the old limit of 0.1. but under california's new limit of 1.5 which went into effect last year. >> why change it? what's the difference from then
6:32 am
and now? i don't understand it. it should all be -- it should be 0.0. >> in fact, only california and wyoming allow a 1.5 limit. most of the states with meth limitations use the 0.1, the lowest level detected by a standard test. >> nobody really knew what the relationship of that number was to potential health impacts on the residents living there. >> the state toxicologist, charles, authored the study recommending the looser 1.5 limit for meth residue. he said cleanup companies were having trouble scrubbing down to the 0.15 measure so the state decided to take a new approach. >> the new standard was taken on the assessment to human risk, to human health. >> his study is the newest on the level. he came up with it by looking at measures of similar prescribed drugs from the amphetamine family, such as ridalin. i did a threshold of those for methamphetamine effects in humans. it's somewhat, it's probably
6:33 am
less than 5 milligrams per individual but a milligram dose is a dose that will produce effects in humans with very subtle effects. >> in my opinion it was very misrepresentative to the public. >> joe has been decontaminating meth homes for almost a decade. his company specializes in it. he thinks california got it wrong when it allowed more meth residue to stay in homes. >> if you say that it's healthy to have that much meth in a property and i go in as a certified contractor and remediate it to that standard and somebody gets sick or dies, it's your liability. >> he doesn't believe the study is realistic because it looked at prescribed doses of medicines that are similar to methamphetamine, not the meth made in someone's home. he says the new california standard does not address the other hazardous chemicals created when cooking meth such as phosphine. he said he didn't are have to.
6:34 am
>> our objective is to develop a cleanup level for meth. there's an assumption that if you clean up methamphetamine to the standard that we've come up with, that you will be cleaning up the other chemicals, as well. >> how do i know this won't jeopardize their lives in three to five years? >> the unknowns are adding up to margarita gutierrez and her family. she said she will get more information about the next place they live and make sure it's not a meth house. >> before you move in a home, make sure you get it tested or find out, because this could be you. >> we did a second test on her heater and it came back twice the state limit. the landlord claims he didn't know it was a meth house and he will do anything he can to clean it up. if you want to check out a house, the tests cost $45. you can do it yourself. you can also check out the state list of meth busts dating back to 1995 in a new i-team blog at abc7 for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> putting a playground in a
6:35 am
park wouldn't seem it would be a topic of debate, especially if parents are footing the bill. but it is in san francisco. in this case families have the city on their side. >> sue bearman park is five acres of green surround by high rises south of the embark dare row, north of the dairy -- ferry building. a ten-year law prohibits open structures on this space and that includes a proposed play ground they say. >> he we don't have enough land here to cater to every group that selfishly wants it for their own. >> this five-year-old can walk or run in the park, but if he wants to swing or slide, the nearest playground is about a mile away. >> you live around here, there a lot of kids and families now. it will not hurt if you have a small playground for the kids. >> san francisco has the smallest percentage of children of any major city. supervisor david chu believes
6:36 am
opposition to something like a playground doesn't help. >> this is exactly what has caused us to lose thousands of families in recent years in san francisco. >> chu represents the district that includes the park and sponsored the measure to amend the law. the board passed it, but don't look for a playground anytime soon. the parents will have to raise the money themselves, at least half a million dollars. but young park visitors think it's needed. >> i think there should be a playground around here because it's important for kids to get exercise around here. it's just not very good to have nothing but open space. >> she said she will continue to fight. she thinks the playground sets a bad precedent. >> that opens the door for everybody else. >> well, last year the parents tried to stake out a spot at justin herman plaza for the playground, but instead the city allowed private developers to build bocci ball courts.
6:37 am
that's now the location where occupy san francisco has taken over. lisa is here now. we have a preview of the accuweather forecast. she said just subtle changes >> that's right. we are still looking dry for an extended period but we will see areas of fog, some clouds and also wind on the seven-day outlook. the roof camera shows partly cloudy conditions. not bad here but the fog is dense in the north bay, east and even south bay. i'll show you where next. >> also ahead, you will meet the bay area brains behind this new dancing robot. it's got all the ingredients for becoming the "it" toy this [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection.
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winding down and the weather not even winding up or anything like that. >> no, no, not at all. we have the dense fog, what you would expect. and some of it really creating problems around the bay area. >> the sun officially up at 2 minutes after 7:00, setting at 4:52. with the low sun angle, very little mixing. we are looking at slow clearing in parts of the day area. elsewhere, once again mild temperatures where the fog clears earlier. it's about 1500 feet and with the low sun angle it will take some time. warmer numbers at the coast.
6:41 am
47-minutes at fso. as you expect we have the poor visibility by the delta and north bay. east bay, con score, mile and a half visibility. look at the peninsula and south bay. less than a mile at san jose and livermore at six miles. this moves around during the morning hours and really not until 9:00, 10:00 when the deck begins to erode. we will be able to enjoy some sunshine today but where the fog sits it will be a little cooler and some of the north, northeast winds keeping the chill in the air. overall we are looking at slightly warmer than normal temperatures. by the middle of basketball we aren't only talking warmer temperatures but windy conditions wednesday, into thursday. here's a look at the high pressure ridge still over the bay area. it begins to weaken a little bit tonight. we have the clouds but we also have a weak system that will move to the north of us. that will continue to weaken the ridge burks it's also going to inhibit some of the radiational cooling. that, in turn, should bring a
6:42 am
better fog forecast for monday morning. with less radiational cooling we are talking about less pervasive fog tomorrow. but as for today we will wait on the sun a little bit. call it partly cloudy today. then as we go through the days, after that system pushes on through, we will pick up some wind. but still it looks quite dry. we are talking temperatures today in the upper 60s. another beautiful day in the south bay. campbell, cupertino. coast kind of cool, look at milbrae, 64. still some 60s for the sunset district. south city, downtown 63 degrees. 64 in petaluma. it's going to take a while here to warm up. near east bay, mid-60s. bryceening up past 10:00. down by the monterey bay we are still talking 70s and it's almost december. the look ahead, we are dry all week long. the warmest numbers monday and tuesday and cooler the end of the week. >> all right. good shopping weather. thank you, lisa. from teddy to tickle me elbow,
6:43 am
robotic toits are often the hot toys of the holiday season. it is the season of shopping now. abc7as jonathan bloom caught one a local inventor who hopes his robot will be "it" this year. >> it's name is keepon as keep on dancing. it wasn't created as a toy, but as a tool to research autism. >> we used it in a playroom and a therapist in another room is controlling the robot. in the research version the eyes is a camera, the nose a microphone and the therapist can interact with kids through the simpler body. >> the research robot cost $30,000 to make. he shot this video as he was programming it to dance. >> i never intended it to be a public video. i was kind of showing my friends what i was working on over the summer. >> the video went viral. more than 2 million hits and an offer from "the bad spoon" to make a full music video. >> we were having thousands of people writing in to us asking for a toy version.
6:44 am
>> this holiday that wish comes true. not for $30,000, but for $35. the scaled-back toy version doesn't have cameras or remote control, but it can still dance. >> one of the most common comments was this thing dances better than i do, and i don't understand why. >> psychologists say it's no surprise kids are drawn to keepon, and the biggest hits of past seasons have also been robots. >> kids generally are using toys to practice real life, and what could be better than a robot? something that's life-like, but that you can control. >> consumer psychologists point to run away hits like tickle me elmo, which has a cute face and reacts to being touched. >> they have eyes, they have a personality. they have some characteristics that seem real life. >> and in keepon's case, doing real life good. part of the price goes toward making more research robots to help kids with autism. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news.
6:45 am
>> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> california requires chain restaurants to post calories on their menus. so why aren't they? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up.jñ
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
>> you may have noticed on some restaurant men use, next to the price they now tell you how many calaries are in each dish. california law requires chain restaurants to put a calorie count on the menu. but there's been a lot of confusion since washington got involved. 7 on your side's michael finney helped straighten out. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. >> there's something knew on the menu here in burlingame. it isn't this, it's the calories. >> we have nutritional facts, calories, and we have done it from our entire menu, including the dessert menu. >> this restaurant and a growing number of chain restaurants are telling customers on the menu just how many calories they are about to scarf. >> we have a 22-ounce porterhouse steak which is the highest calorie count at 1400. >> menu labeling took off last year when california passed a law requiring chain restaurants to post calories next to food items. the aim is to fight obesity.
6:49 am
however, the law was stopped in its tracks ironically when president obama signed the healthcare reform bill. >> we had a state law that was still in effect, but the federal law preempted the state law. >> here is what is happening. the healthcare reform law requires calorie posting too, and it says states cannot have a different calorie law. that sent california into confusion. the law here must be exactly the same as the federal law, but that's still in flux. the feds still have to adopt specific rules which probably won't happen until next summer. until then, there is no law in place. the confusion was evident here at rubio's mexican restaurant. calories were posted and then taken down and now they are up again. >> there was some confusion in some corners of the restaurant industry because there is some restaurant companies that did not want to make the change. >> mcdonald's in san francisco has posted calories up there next to the prices, even though the law is still in limbo.
6:50 am
>> the changes that we do in our restaurants are driven by what our guests want. they wanted to know what's in the hamburger, what's in the milk shake. >> here at carl's jr. the company has refused to post calories until ordered to do so by the feds. >> menu labeling has no impact on consumers' eating habits. in other words, this was a politically correct solution that's ineffective. >> carl's jr ceo, testified before congress against forced menu disclosures. he was not available for an interview, but his spokesperson said customers don't go to carl's jr. to lose weight. she said we like to think our target market and young, hungry guys, 18 to 24-year-old men. they aren't eating diet burgers. they are big, delicious, cravable burgers that people want to treat themselves to. she said carl's has a poster in every restaurant listing nutritional information, and until now it doesn't want to change all the menues until it has to. how about you?
6:51 am
do you want to know how many calories are in there or the fried calamari or the double cheeseburger? >> i think it is important because we have a health problem in america. >> i think ignorance is bliss. if you don't know how many calories you take in, you aren't going to beat yourself up. >> i think it's harder to justify it to yourself when you are about to consume a thousand calories in one sandwich. >> i don't think it's for the federal government to decide my calorie intake. >> some say the calorie notice did change their habits. >> when i found out how much the malt was. >> the calamari i used to order all the time was very fattening. >> and i thought, wow, chips has that many calories? >> and in despite of the alert, no one skimp on the bread and pasta seemed quite popular. >> they are going to go back and exercise more when he have a lasagne. >> the labeling law is in limbo but until then they have agreed to provide customers with a
6:52 am
brochure that lefts all nutritional information en of their menu items. restaurants with at least 20 locations should provide you that brochure upon request. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the story of fa-la, a nigerian entertainer who turned his music into a powerful political weapon. ee
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> now playing in san francisco, the award winning musical fa-la.
6:55 am
it's the afro beat. here's abc7 arts and entertainment reporter, don sanchez. >> many people said i would never perform again, but here we are. >> he is fa-la, at home in nigeria in this high-energy production. ♪ >> people like to listen to it, they like to dance with it. it was popular. >> he's been playing the role of fa-la starting in workshops six years ago. he lives the role about a man who calls music his weapon. >> his music is very powerful, very dynamic and infectious. ♪ talking about government corruption. for that he was beaten, brutalized and arrested hundreds of times, but he never quit. the show is like being at one of his concerts. >> this is a reproduction of the
6:56 am
shrine, a nightclub in nigeria where he would perform. it feels authentic. >> it's a showcase, afro beat. the unique players he created. >> it's music but distinct. it's not a little reggae, it's a tone thing. >> the band plays on stage. here's the secret, he isn't playing the sax, he's miming, but it looks real. it took four years to create the show that captures the emotion and the music of the man. >> i think it's hard for a lot of americans to even fathom what he went through. this is a great testament to courage and the determination of the human spirit. >> fa-la died at age 58 in 1997. fa-la is in the current theatre through december 11th and the band will play two after-show club dates in december. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news.
6:57 am
♪ >> yep, really fantastic. what can you say about the weather? >> pretty good. we are looking at a dense fog advisory until 10:00 this morning. down to eighth of a mile san jose. quarter mile in parts of hayward and mountain few. north bay, typical fog. and later this afternoon, and i mean later, 60 oakland, and 68 palo alto as well as san jose. the mildest whether here. and santa cruz staying dry. windy and cooler midweek. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa. you can keep track of us on twitter at abc7 news bay area and you can talk about it at news. good morning america is up next. have a great sunday, everyone! [ mom ] hey guys.
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