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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 27, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning -- the political shocker. big news in the presidential race. a surging newt gingrich just picked up a huge endorsement in a key state. meanwhile, there is a mounting stop mitt romney movement in iowa, and it kicks into high gear tomorrow. breaking news in the case of the missing florida mom who disappeared after appearing on "the people's court." police raid her ex-fiance's father's house overnight. what were they looking for? home free. three american college students arrested during those protests in egypt are finally home. this morning, one of them joins us live to talk about his ordeal in an egyptian jail. ♪ you are the dancing queen and dancing queen. she's the gym superstar who is quickly becoming an internet sensation.
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now, this is a workout. ♪ dancing queen ♪ feel the beat of the tambourine ♪ good morning, everybody. bianna is off today. but we're very lucky to have special guest star, andrea canning, our very own dancing queen with us this morning. we cannot get enough of this woman. >> i love her. >> she's incredible. >> a star is born. this is america's newest dancing queen. she's like floating on air and roller skating or something on that thing. doing roller skating moves. she's pretty amazing. >> we'll get to her. we have other news to get to including an epic setback in the war on terror. pakistan has kicked america out of an air base that we use to launch drone attacks on al qaeda and cut off key supply routes for our troops in afghanistan. what is behind this sudden deterioration in this crucial strategic relationship? >> also ahead -- is there a craigslist serial killer in ohio? three people are dead possibly because they responded to the
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same help wanted ad. another man barely escaped with his life. two people are now in custody but could there be more victims? we're going to start with politics. it's your voice, your vote and this morning, what could be a game-changing endorsement. "the new hampshire union leader," the very influential newspaper and the first in the nation primary state has just announced that newt gingrich is its pick for president. some conservatives are adopting an anybody but mitt stance. abc's david kerley is on the story in washington this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. not a good morning for mitt romney. he loses that key endorsement in new hampshire, as you mentioned, and tomorrow social conservatives, a very important bloc in iowa, in the caucuses will try to meet and figure out who they can vote for, a single candidate, an anti-romney, believing that romney has ignored them. >> i actually gave my life over to the lord. >> i truly gave my life to christ. >> reporter: these iowa social conservatives in the audience
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met secretly after last week's forum, mad at mitt romney, a no-show again, hoping to stop him and plotting how to do so. >> i think this is a calculated effort to pick a single social conservative that conservative voters can rally behind and from their point of view hopefully win the caucuses and deny mitt romney any great momentum going into new hampshire. >> reporter: so they met to try to pick the anti-romney in iowa. the idea, vote for one conservative rather than splitting the vote which could actually end up giving romney a chance to win iowa. they narrowed their list to four. but each of them have their weaknesses. newt gingrich, the baggage of his lifestyle and work with government agencies. michelle obama -- bachmann who has made serious historical flubs.
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rick perry, with his disastrous debate performances. and rick santorum who has nearly lived in iowa but hasn't gained any traction. the iowa conservatives could not agree and plan to meet again tomorrow to try to narrow that list. >> iowa has the first and in some respects one of the most powerful voices as to who our nominee will be. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: the worry for the conservatives, if romney has a strong showing in iowa going into new hampshire where he's leading, he could be tough to beat. what is clear is that this is the month that will cut the republican field. we are now just a little more than a month away from the first voters having their say in iowa. >> we're really coming to crunch time now, not who the hot conservative candidate is, who do they like right now but who do they want to be president of the united stat state, and that's a very different kind of decision and an important one. >> reporter: and those social conservatives in iowa may take a tip from that new hampshire endorsement in the newspaper. newt gingrich is the one republican candidate who has risen in the polls and really held on to that position in the polls mounting a real serious challenge to romney. andrea? thank you. now let's bring in the host of
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abc's "this week," christiane amanpour who is in washington this morning. good morning, christiane. >> good morning. >> we have seen flash in the pan candidates in this race. with this "union leader" endorsement, could newt gingrich now have the staying power and maybe be the one to make this a two-man race, newt and mitt? >> well, andrea, look, it is obviously very important, this endorsement. it's a bit of a slap in the face to mitt romney since he spent so much time there and is ahead in the polls there. obviously what people are looking at, what everybody is talking about, is the the anti-romney. a lot of conservatives are relishing, for instance, an obama/newt gingrich debate when it comes to a general election. on the other hand, he does not have the kind of grassroots organization, he hasn't spent the amount of time that mitt romney has in new hampshire, plus, although people are saying including "the union leader" that he's not our perfect candidate, but he's shown he is a washington person who can effect change. many often associate gingrich with the change they didn't
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like, for example, closing the government down back in 1990s. so it's a very interesting moment right now. >> christiane, you talked about the anti-romney. it seems like conservatives are working awfully hard to find someone who is not mitt romney. why is it so hard to find somebody to get behind him? >> conservatives don't think he's conservative enough. that's basically the issue there. they accuse him of flip-flopping on all sorts of things. but if you look at the polls, even though newt gingrich has had this surge, when it comes to electability, mitt romney is still ahead of the republican field. >> thank you so much, christiane. and christiane will have the latest on the u.s. and pakistan coming up on "this week" along with deficit reduction super committee member senator pat toomey. dan? thank you, andrea. some breaking news in the baffling case of michelle parker. the mother of three from florida who vanished the same day that she appeared on the "people's court," the television show feuding with her ex-fiance. overnight, police raided the home of her ex-fiance's father. abc's matt gutman is covering the story from miami this morning. matt, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: and good morning to you, dan. well, that raid included a s.w.a.t. team which surrounded and then stormed the house of dale smith sr., the father of michelle parker's ex-fiance. they're saying that they brought him out in handcuffs. but this is just one of hundreds of tips they have been chasing. still, it's the first raid of its kind since she went missing 11 days ago. it happened late saturday at this orlando home. cell phone video captured a s.w.a.t. vehicle moving in. >> roughly about 12 guys piled out pretty quickly, banged on the door, yelled search warrant, search warrant and basically took everybody out of the house. >> reporter: the home reportedly belongs to dale smith sr., the father of dale smith. michelle parker's ex-fiance and the man she faced off on this now infamous episode of "the people's court." witnesses tell our affiliate the grandfather of the 3-year-old twins the couple shares was brought out of the home in handcuffs.
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two women, another man and some children were also taken out of the house according to the witnesses. after police left, nobody in the house was talking. >> get the hell out of here. >> hey, is mr. smith home? >> no, it's not. it's santa claus' house. >> reporter: parker has been missing for ten days now. she disappeared the same day her episode of "the people's court" aired. the show exposed the often stormy and sometimes violent relationship between her and the father of her twins. >> he shouldn't have put his hands on me. he shouldn't have left me three or four times over the past year and a half. >> reporter: police and parker's parents have been saying that dale smith jr. is not a suspect and it's not clear what sparked this raid but parker's parents did ratchet up the intense of their search this weekend. >> i want her home. >> reporter: even offering a $50,000 reward for any information leading to her whereabouts. that reward had an expiration date of today, apparently to motivate tipsters to act soon. now, andrea, i spoke with family members this morning.
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they said that all they know about this raid is that michelle parker wasn't found. now, again, dale smith is not a suspect but he was the last person to see michelle parker alive just minutes after that episode of "people's court" aired and hours before she disappeared. andrea? >> such a mystery. thank you, matt. >> three american students arrested during those violent protest in egypt are back home this morning. they were accused of throwing molotov cocktails at police and thrown in jail. students deny the charges and we'll talk to one of them in just a moment about his ordeal. but first here's abc's lama hasan. >> watch the eagles tomorrow? >> reporter: derrik sweeney, luke gates and gregory porter, the u.s. students arrested in cairo are finally home. surrounding them, family and friends all overwhelmed with joy and relief. each student grateful to be home. >> i just want to say that i'm so thankful to be back in philadelphia. >> truly good feeling. i'm glad to be with my family. i want to go home and have a thanksgiving.
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>> reporter: but their semester abroad was not meant to end so soon or like this. the now infamous video of their arrest. they were accused of fueling a revolution. egyptian police claim the students were hurling molotov cocktails from the roof of the american university at security forces, a claim their friends told us couldn't be true. >> they did not have anything because i opened derrik's backpack and put my camera in there and there was nothing in his bag. >> reporter: we saw firsthand how dangerous it was. the streets turned into a battleground. security forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who were throwing rocks. before his arrest, luke gates was tweeting -- "i feel so reckless," he writes. live bullets. i was here and wish the protests in new york looked like the one in tahrir. the egyptian security forces also released these pictures which they say show derrik mouth covered amongst the demonstrators. so what were the three students doing there?
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were they looking for a thrill or just caught up in the moment? >> they were at the right place at the wrong time. >> reporter: one thing is clear, this is a lesson these students will never forget. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, cairo. and one of those students, derrik sweeney, joins us now from st. louis along with his mom, joy. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> so, derrik, welcome home. we're very happy you're safe. i want to let you tell your side of the story. the police in egypt say you were throwing firebombs at the cops. is there any truth to that? >> there's absolutely no truth whatsoever to that. we were there at the protests watching on mohamed mahmoud street with no firebombs whatsoever. >> were people around you throwing rocks or firebombs? >> they were throwing, i believe, rocks. though i did not even see --
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i didn't see any firebombs being thrown either. yeah, but maybe rocks. >> now, in hindsight, do you think it was the smart and safe decision to be near other people throwing rocks and to be this close to the protests? >> i still -- i would still say that going to the protest was a smart decision, and it's the decision that i would have regretted not making, however, i probably could have stayed farther away from the more violent scenes. certainly i should have stayed more -- farther away from the more violent scenes like this actually. >> a lot of us are curious to hear how you were treated when you went to jail? were you beaten? how were you treated? >> well, the first night was a lot rougher than the following days and nights. and in the first night we were punched in the face a number of times. they held a bottle of gasoline to my mouth and asked -- and were motioning as though they were going to make me drink it. and they told us they were going
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to shoot us if we moved as we were in sort of the fetal position in the dark with our hands cuffed behind our back. >> you've called it the most frightening night of your life and it sounds like it certainly was. coming home last night, seeing your mom and your dad for the first time, what was that like for you? >> that was extraordinary. that was perhaps one of the happiest moments of my life. i felt love everywhere and existence is beautiful. >> mom, you are beaming. tell us what it was like for you. >> oh, my god. well, i have been saying i'm ecstatic all week whenever i got good news and now it's true. i really am so grateful that he's finally home. i know our prayers were answered. >> but let me ask you, joy. what do you think? derrik is saying if he had to do it over again, he would still go to the protest. what's your view on that? >> he lives in washington, d.c., he goes to georgetown university. it's what students do all the
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time. it's what college students in this country do. when you're used to doing something like that, you want to see that. if you're immersing yourself in another culture, then that's what you're going do, you know, and i don't know. i haven't always made the safest decisions in my life. and like i said the other day, i want my children to live their lives and experience it to the fullest, not watch it from the sidelines. this was a little bit nerve-racking, though. i could have lived without this whole experience. i would not wish it on my worst enemy. >> i think we can all agree it was definitely an experience. derrik, enjoy. i know you're going to be celebrating a belated thanksgiving today. we wish you all the best and thank you very much for coming on this morning. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. let's check the latest headlines now with ron claiborne, the man known as rc over here. >> dh. >> good morning to you. i'm sorry, ac, good morning, everyone. we begin with the fallout over that deadly nato air attack that plunged u.s./pakistan relations into a state of crisis.
7:15 am
the obama administration is promising a full investigation into that attack. abc's simon mcgregor-wood has more. >> reporter: in pakistan they were burying their dead today. at least 24 soldiers killed when nato aircraft bombed their positions on the afghan border on friday night. the result is a diplomatic crisis. >> the commander has made it very clearly his highest priority. and he has personally ordered a very detailed investigation into the case. >> reporter: pakistan is furious. its retaliation has been swift and serious. two vital nato supply routes for u.s. forces in afghanistan have been shut down. and u.s. forces will be thrown off a pakistani air base used for drone attacks against the taliban and al qaeda. u.s./pakistan relations have often been strained. pakistan complains bitterly about u.s. attacks against
7:16 am
militants on its own soldiers. u.s. officials accuse pakistan of turning a blind eye to militant activity. when u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s found and killed osama bin laden in pakistan in may, relations hit a new low. they may be even worse today. as the crisis erupted saturday, president obama went book shopping. one choice, a book about pakistan and afghanistan called "descent into chaos." that just about sums it up. i'm simon mcgregor-wood for "good morning america" in london. the holiday shopping season is off to a strong start. according to one survey, retail sales hit $11.4 billion on black friday. a 7% jump from last year. that's the most money ever spent on the day after thanksgiving. the question now is whether shoppers will keep coming back or if they were drawn only by those door buster deals? and los angeles police have not yet decided if they will charge a woman who fired pepper spray into a crowd at a walmart on thursday night. the woman turned herself in to police late friday. but was later released.
7:17 am
about 20 people complained of burning eyes and sore throats after that incident. prince william is part of a rescue crew searching for missing russian sailors this morning. william is a search and rescue helicopter co-pilot in the royal air force that came to help after a cargo ship sunk off of north wales early today. three crew members have been rescued. five, though, are still missing. and finally, you may be excused the next you're caught yawning during an important meeting. your brain needed to cool down. that's your excuse. matsch a true one. researchers say yawning isn't triggered because you're bored or tired or need oxygen, they say it helps regulate the brain's temperature and the theory, if held up, could help doctors treat patients with epilepsy and migraines, so -- >> yeah, the story -- >> the story makes me feel better because now i know why you yawn every time we talk. >> because you make my brain like blazing hot, on fire. intellectual power.
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>> that's right, intellectual octane. let's get it over to our new meteorologist, ginger zee. >> good morning, dan, andrea, ron. i'm yawning a little bit because it's contagious. too warm in the northeast, record highs from atlantic city back to ft. wayne, indiana, and now a storm on the busiest travel day affecting some spots, anywhere from the gulf of mexico up to michigan. some heavy rains in there. covering over 1,000 miles. the southern end of the storm going to cut off an upper level low we call it, but that's too much for you this morning, is going to drop rain/snow mix. really heavy rains, flash flood watch in tennessee and the warmth continues for one more day in the northeast. that's the big picture.
7:19 am
i didn't get to the west, but sacramento included in a dense fog advisory for a little bit this morning. so some travel issues there but yesterday morning it was just perfect. facebook/gingerzeetv is where you can find me there. and jeff left us with a beautiful one. thank you to jeff and good morning to both of you again, dan and andrea. >> still tired. >> ginger, i got my christmas tree yesterday. i'm so excited. >> in the 65-degree weather. >> exactly. it didn't seem right somehow. >> by wednesday it will feel much more appropriate. i promise you that. >> maybe we'll wait to decorate it till then. thank you. >> thanks, ginger. coming up on the broadcast, is there a new craigslist killer? police in ohio think a serial killer or killers may be using the site to lure victims. plus, search smart.
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♪ you are the dancing queen young and sweet only 17 ♪ we all have our little tricks for making it through our workouts. but this woman? this woman takes the cake. this was shot surreptitiously at a gym. and we're going to tell you her story coming up here on "good morning america" on this sunday morning. good morning to all of you, i'm dan harris. >> good morning, and i think a star is born. >> yes. andrea canning, by the way, is going to show us how to do that dance a little bit later. keep it here. prepare to be impressed. >> i better get practicing then. >> it is sunday, november 27th. and as we mentioned, bianna is off this morning on a much-needed vacation. also ahead we'll take a look at some of the best steals and deals for cybermonday. including an incredible online deal from ann taylor. and hotheads at a great price.
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we'll tell you all about them. >> getting ready for that ann taylor deal. plus the ancient mayans, were they on to something when they predicted an end to it all in 2012? there is new evidence this morning that may support their claim. we'll tell you if you should start taking things off your bucket list right now. ron claiborne is on the story. we'll get to that in just a little bit. but we're going to start this morning in ohio where police believe they may have a new craigslist killer or killers on their hands. three bodies have turned up buried in shallow graves. and police think they may be the victims of a serial killer, exploiting people who are desperate for a job. abc's t.j. winick is here now with the story. t.j., good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. it's been called robbery by appointment. criminals using online posting services to find their victims. this latest case in ohio appears to be a chilling example of how robbery by appointment can be turning into something much more sinister. posted october 7th, it looked like thousands of other help wanted ads on craigslist. the job, caretaker for a farm in southern ohio.
7:32 am
simply watch over a 688-acre patch of hilly farmland. >> opportunity of a lifetime. they're looking for someone to basically watch it. >> reporter: but according to authorities, that opportunity of a lifetime was all a devious hoax, a way to lure single, divorced white men to a remote location where they were robbed and killed. november 15th, a body which turns out to be 51-year-old david pauly of norfolk, virginia, is found in a hand dug grave. friday, two more bodies are discovered in shallow graves. one has been identified as 40-year-old timothy kern, a divorced dad of three sons. >> the cause of the death has been ruled gunshot wounds to the head and his manner of death, homicide. >> reporter: two summit county men have been held since last week in connection with the murders. 52-year-old richard beasley of akron and 16-year-old brogan rafferty. beasley's mother says he was a mentor to rafferty. >> he's a kid that we had taken
7:33 am
to church since he was 7, 8 years old. >> reporter: police were led to the pair by a south carolina man who also answered the ad, but he says he escaped after being shot in the arm november 6th. heather tunnel, one of the dozens of other responders to the posting, was initially disappointed she didn't get the job. >> i just instantly got sick to my stomach just thinking how lucky i was because it could have very well been me had i gotten a response back. >> reporter: experts say criminals love craigslist because they can remain anonymous. >> you can place an ad, lure somebody to a particular location, rob them, kill them, scam them, and there's really no way to identify you. >> reporter: federal and local authorities fear in this latest case, they are dealing with a serial killer. and that's why the fbi continues to investigate as if there may be more victims out there. richard beasley, who has not yet been charged in this case, maintains his innocence, but, you know, security experts tell us, if you're going to apply for a job online, make
7:34 am
sure you ask plenty of probing questions to make sure it isn't a scam. >> this is so scary. right out of a crime show. >> that's right. >> thank you so much for bringing that to us, t.j. let's throw it over to ron claiborne for a look at the headlines. >> andrea, dan and t.j., good morning, everyone. in the news, funerals are being held today for the pakistani soldiers killed friday in a nato air strike. pakistan's former foreign minister told secretary of state hillary clinton that the attack negated all progress in improving relations with the u.s. and the arab league is voting to impose sweeping new sanctions against syria in response to its brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters there. more than 3,500 people have reportedly been killed in the violence in syria since march. and republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich has won a major newspaper endorsement this morning. "the new hampshire union leader" is backing gingrich. in the state's first in the nation presidential primary. the paper endorsed john mccain you may remember back four years ago. and finally, a ram running wild in miami on saturday. it ruined a beautiful day in the park and freaked out a whole lot of people who came face to face
7:35 am
with this ram. animal control officers finally caught the exhausted animal after about six hours. but nobody knows actually where it came from or who it belongs to. time now for the weather and ginger zee. ginger? >> good morning, ron, good morning, everyone. lots of folks are heading home after being at grandma's house for thanksgiving. and travel will be a concern in certain parts of the nation. the rain that i showed you earlier is going to make for some problems, detroit down to the gulf of mexico. so, memphis, you're included in there. atlanta, a major hub, that will be problematic. so check ahead for flights. this is the busiest day of the holiday season. we're looking then for rain to spread and a little bit of snow on the back end of it. this is for road travel. so if you are doing the old i-7 athing, that could be a problem. rain and snow in the pacific northwest, and some fog is going to slow you up from san francisco into parts of the inland areas in california. i'm going to go one more ahead here and give you a peek ahead to the rest of the week. >>in and snow early in parts of
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by sears. dan and andrea? >> thank you, ginger. another beautiful day here in new york city. >> indeed. i like to hear that. coming up on "good morning america" -- cyber monday starts actually today. we're going to tell you where to get some great deals online. about half off of everything at one site. we'll tell you which one. some really good deals. plus, could be the end of the world really be now? the new evidence on the ancient prophecy. ron claiborne investigates. and what is this woman doing? we're going to tell you why she's walking around in a bikini holding a huge sign. it is not an ad for a car wash. car wash.
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as w as we mentioned earlier, the holiday shopping season is off to a very strong start. shoppers spent a record breaking
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$11.4 billion at retail stores on black friday. that's up 7% from last year. and they're expecting to keep spending online tomorrow, otherwise known as cyber monday, the biggest online retail day of the year. if you're going to be surfing for deals, "gma" contributor tory johnson is here to let you know what you need to know. good morning, miss tory. you always have good information. >> thank you. >> so we can actually start today. >> you can start today. yes. if you are going to cybernate, begin doing it today. there's a couple of things that you should know, the first thing is to monitor facebook and twitter for your favorite retailers. so come up with your list of the top 20, and look at their facebook and twitter pages because you'll often find unadvertised specials throughout the day. price check before you buy. so even if you get these e-mails or you see these sites before you click and buy, go to or you can go to and if you just plug in the product name that you want to buy, you'll be able to instantly see at a glance who else is selling it and at what price and that's going to tell you if you're getting a good deal or not. search for coupons before you buy. many times, even though there's a sale going on, you can
7:41 am
sometimes double dip. so just go to google, search the retailer name and add the words promo code or coupons, see what else comes up then finally look for free shipping and this is a big one for cybermonday because a lot of retailers are offering free shipping. and many times even if the price for the product is a little bit higher, but one site has free shipping and the other one doesn't, you'll wind up by going with the free shipping. >> absolutely. i have one rule, i don't order anything online unless there's free shipping. >> you're a tough cookie, smart, though. >> cyber monday, as we mentioned it's starting today. will things go on sale even more tomorrow, or can you start today or should you wait? >> you can definitely start today. the sites that have cyber sunday deals, they're going to be pretty consistent between today and tomorrow. one of the big ones, amazon. you can go to and see all of their deals right now. many of those deals are also lightning deals that they have, flash deals that they have throughout the day that
7:42 am
you would only know about if you're monitoring amazon throughout the day. but there's a couple of them, big ones that they have that we tend to like. there's an xbox bundles package, $199. a monster diddybeats headphones, $59.99 that's a great deal. "twilight" dvds starting at just 7 bucks. really good deals on amazon. >> i jumped the gun a little bit. i bought some toys online already just to get it out of the way. >> that's okay. that's all right because you'll make sure they're not sold out. >> true, true. >> walmart, toys "r" us, target, all have great deals online for toys, but a lot of analysts say we should wait the weekend of december 7th to 15th, not if it's a super hot item that you expect to buy now, but sometimes depending on inventory levels, the prices could go down even more then. >> and electronics. >> electronics too. same exact thing with toys and also the big one, clothing. the best clothing deal that i've been able to find,,, tomorrow only, 50% off everything, everything, plus free shipping. so there you go. they got your free shipping in there. to get the deal
7:43 am
though, you have to be registered on their e-mail database. >> i am. >> you can do that today. >> an amazing deal. >> tomorrow 50% off everything. go wild, baby. >> i'm going wild, tory. big thursday, thursday, "good morning america," we also have our steals and deals always on "gma." >> i can't wait. i love that segment, thank you so much, tory. coming up -- is the apocalypse back on? a new clue about the possible end of the world. new clue about the possible end of the world? [ male announcer ] these days, even your trash can be a gold mine for identity thieves. ♪ we don't believe your garbage should be used against you. [ alarm blares ] we're lifelock. go to and join the fight against one of the fastest growing crimes in america. lifelock. relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1 (800) lifelock today.
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welcome back. just hanging out with my friend ron talking about the end of the world. there's breaking apocalypse news this morning. right, ron? >> that is right, dan. actually archaeologists in mexico have found a tantalizing artifact that mentions the year
7:47 am
2012 and that discovery is now adding fuel to some people with the already burning question, will the world end abruptly one year from now? behold, the end is coming next year. if you believe that sort of thing, the latest evidence is a brick discovered in the ancient mayan ruins of kamelcalco that cites the year 2012, the same inscribed in a 1300-year-old tablet previously found among the nearby ruins of turtuguero. and there's more. >> it's basically saying that the deity appears on december 21st of 2012, and he descends and he performs a ritual. >> reporter: which has led some people to say these signs point to december 21st, 2012 or maybe the 23rd as doomsday. in the movie "2012," that fateful day begins with california plunging into the sea
7:48 am
and then things really get bad. >> look at me. do i look scared? >> we have, of course, been here before. there was y2k at the end of the last century. and the california prophet of doom who predicted the biblical end of days earlier this year. >> it's almost like they're out there looking for evidence of a looming apocalypse, and i think that ties into a lot of uncertainty that exists in our world today. >> reporter: skeptics say the mayan inscriptions actually say nothing about doomsday. >> there's no real prophecy that says this is going to be the end of the world. not from the mayan ruins anyway. >> i can think of a lot of reasons to cash out and run away with your family these days to a desert island, but this mayan prophecy isn't one of them. >> reporter: or is it? and, of course, for every sign that doomsday believers cite, disbelievers come up with a rational rebuttal. and they can also point to the is disputable fact that all
7:49 am
of the previous prognostications of doom, well, didn't exactly work out. i suppose the only way we'll really know is if december 2012 comes around and we no longer exists. >> well, right. that's one clear. clearest sign of the apocalypse for my money, your vice during that. >> can you do that voice again, ron? >> not quite like that. but, wait. december 21st is a friday. if the world ends that day, we get the weekend off. we get forever off. >> news that you can use, ron claiborne. coming up, dropping it like it's hot on the treadmill. look at this woman. her workout going viral. coming up after the break. >> she is good. [ gps ] dave, did you know your wife went to jared last week? i'm not going to the cleaners anymore, am i? [ gps ] no dave, you're not. [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] jared the galleria of jewelry
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ all right, time for "fixation," where we show you all of the things that we're obsessed with during the week. i'm going to start. mine is a little unusual. a little unusual for the tone and tenor of this thing. but it's very sweet and kind of just awesome. this is oskar, a blind kitten. and this is the first moment where oskar gets a toy and they have been posting video of him, his owners have to show he can do as much as other cats can. this toy has a bell on the edge of it. as you're going to see in just a minute, oskar is able to get up and chase this thing around the room like any other cat. he's seeing with his ears according to his owners.
7:54 am
oskar is amazing. i want to show you one other clip of oskar. this is what they do every morning with him. they let him play with the hair dryer. >> i got to try that with my cat. >> this little dude is a fighter. he's going for it. we actually skyped with his owners, and here's what they said about why they adopted a blind kitten. check it out. >> part of us we were definitely attracted to the part that he was a special needs animal and that we had an indoor environment where he would be safe. but at the same time, there was some internal hesitation because we had no idea what to expect with a blind cat. >> he's just like any other cat. it's amazing. >> his ability to adapt is remarkable. >> nick and bethany from omaha, nebraska. thanks to them. ron? what do you have? >> all right. switching gears to a more serious, even somber story here, this is about a woman from la jolla, california, this is not funny. >> i feel like this is a setup here. >> who lost her dog. nothing funny about that. this woman is arlene corona from la jolla, california, and she's
7:55 am
going to stay out in -- isn't that tragic. >> yeah. >> she's in a bikini and she's going to stay out every day and fast at the same time until she finds her dog or her dog sees her and comes home. here's what she had to say. >> i will be standing out here every day until she finally sees me standing out here. >> i give her about a week or two. >> yeah. >> i don't even know what to say about that woman. in la jolla, a lot of people are walking around in bikinis. >> the dog is supposed to see her somehow -- >> i admire her dedication. ginger? what do you have? >> i have a duck. you have seen the cat. the stealth cat. >> all animals today. >> a lot of animals, but simon and jack out of scotland. this was actually shot in switzerland, though. they were visiting simon's parents, and every time they turn around, the duck would stop. it followed them until they turn around. this happened not just as we're watching the video here but for hours and every single time they walked by. >> the stealth duck. finally, though, we got to talk about this woman we've been talking about all morning. >> all morning we have been talking about this woman.
7:56 am
here she is. her name is nicole. she is the newly named dancing queen because she is just phenomenal. she's like floating on air. it looks like she's almost roller skating on that thing. she's incredible and someone at the gym videotaped her and put it on youtube. >> she knew about it, right? she knew that she was being videotaped? >> yeah, she agreed to it. >> andrea's going to do that right after. >> oh, wow. nice. thank you for joining us, everybody. g us, everybody. [ male announcer ] now at subway, get a free 6-inch sandwich of your choice
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