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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 27, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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this is "world news." and tonight, the coach's wife. her own words allegedly recorded in a phone call with a man accusing her husband, a coach at syracuse university, of abuse. >> i know everything that went on, you know? >> that phone call first airing on espn. tonight here, the accuser, the phone call and the fallout. a retail record. the black friday blockbuster. americans shopping in numbers never before seen on thanksgiving weekend. is this the sign economists had been hoping for? the new hampshire surprise tonight. the unexpected endorsement. was mitt romney snubbed in his own backyard? the family album. "life" magazine at 75. what we didn't know about the fab four taking the plunge and why this moment, these two hollywood beauties together, was so rare. and why this beach is a blast. beach goers running for cover and tonight, the boy determined to get his family to vacation here. and we give you a front row seat.
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and good evening on this sunday night. as we come on the air on the west coast with breaking news. we begin with another university, another coach under fire and we have just learned tonight that that coach has now been fired. just a short time ago, syracuse university saying it has now fired assistant basketball coach bernie fine, the case centering around fine, a long-time assistant basketball coach at the school accused of abusing a team assistant. the boy was a minor. and earlier today, our cable partner espn broke the story of a phone call recorded. on the tape, the accuser and a woman he says is the coach's wife. the woman says among other things, "i know everything that went on." we warn you, this is another case difficult to listen to. but it is a call now in the hands of investigators in syracuse. and we begin here with abc's t.j. winick. >> reporter: bobby davis was a seventh grader helping out around the syracuse basketball court when he claims the abuse
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began. now 39, he says he made a recording in october 2002 of a phone call with the wife of syracuse associate basketball coach bernie fine. davis gave a copy to espn and recently to police. espn says a voice expert confirms the voice matches laurie fine's. >> i know everything that went on, you know. i know everything that went on with him. bernie has issues, maybe that he's not aware of, but he has issues. and you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted. >> reporter: the accuser made the tape, he says, because he needed proof his allegations of molestation would be taken seriously. on the tape, bobby davis says he frequently slept over in the basement of the fine's home. davis and the woman he identifies as mrs. fine discuss the type of abuse he was subjected to, at the hands of the coach. >> what did he want you to do? you can be honest with me. >> i mean, he's like -- but at
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first he would grab me and start, you know touching me. >> reporter: this month, the accuser's own step-brother leveled similar accusations. and today, a 23-year-old from maine swore in a deposition to police that fine sexually assaulted him when he was just 13. >> do you think i'm the only one that he's ever done that to? >> no. i think that there might have been others. >> reporter: like joe paterno, the public will demand to know if 35-year hall of fame coach jim boeheim knew anything and when. boeheim has already called the accuser a liar, after bobby davis recently suggested the coach knew about his long-time assistant and young boys. on the tape, the woman identified as the coach's wife even predicts that one day, it would become public. >> i said to him, you know, bobby and i talked, and i found out some things about you that if you keep pushing, are going to be let out. >> he doesn't think he can be touched. >> no -- he thinks that, i think he thinks he's above the law. >> reporter: so, ten days after bernie fine was put on administrative leave, he is fired, after 36 seasons as a
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syracuse basketball coach. and david, he is currently the target of an fbi and syracuse police investigation. >> this news breaking just since we were on the air on the east coast. t.j., thank you. i spoke a short time ago to espn's mark schwartz, who broke the story of the phone call recorded. and i began by asking mark if the accuser ever brought his accusations to syracuse university or the authorities? >> reporter: david, he did call in 2002 and spoke for about five minutes with the syracuse police detective who heard his story, davis says that detective doug fox told him, the statute of limitations had come and gone with him. three years later in 2005, syracuse university did its own internal investigation of bernie fine. they did that with their own lawyers. bobby davis was asked to produce some witnesses. one of the witnesses, a source who would know, tells me was laurie fine, bernie fine's wife. and at the time, she told the panel that he's a liar, she knows nothing and it's a joke. >> so, there would seem to be a
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history here. mark, we do know syracuse police, the d.a., even the feds are now investigating. are we expected to hear any more from coach boeheim? >> reporter: well, earlier today, there was a release from the university saying that coach boeheim would have nothing more to say about the matter. there is chatter he may be releasing a statement later in the evening. >> all right, mark schwartz, thank you so much. we turn to the economy now, and to record numbers coming in from the holiday weekend. shoppers spending $52.4 billion in stores and online since thanksgiving day. that's up more than 16% from the $45 billion a year ago. so, what kind of deals drove the buying and is it an indicator of things to come? here's abc's bazi kanani tonight. >> reporter: this season of giving is starting off with record spending. >> it felt like we had a little bit more room to buy more gifts this season. >> it's what i call frugal fatig fatigue. >> reporter: shoppers clamored for black friday bargains. they took advantage of early sales, spending nearly $11.4 billion on friday alone.
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226 million people shopped in stores and online over the weekend, up from 212 million last year. and many of those who braved the crazed crowds weren't even shopping for others. >> 44% of consumers told us that they've only really bought for themselves so far. >> reporter: that leaves lots of stockings still to stuff. >> reporter: as the consumer spends and the momentum coming out of holiday very well will likely and usually does, create growth the following year, as well. >> reporter: the next big shopping rush is expected tomorrow on what's called cyber monday. already this weekend, more than a third of all sales were made online and analysts say that's an indication of much more to come. david? >> all right, bazi, thank you. i want to bring in trish regan, who covers the economy and the markets. and trish, you were saying that these retail numbers will definitely make a good headline, but there's a large unknown out there. >> reporter: you're right, david. i mean, the big question is, will this shopping continue throughout the rest of the holiday season? i mean, these numbers were great.
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it showed consumers had a lot of pent up demand. they went out there, they shopped. but a lot of that was because there were gigantic discounts. now, as we move forward, over the next several weeks, will they continue to spend? if they do, it's great news for the economy. but if they don't, this is a one-hit wonder. >> so we'll be watching that. we'll also watch the markets tomorrow morning. you and i were talking about those numbers last week. the worst thanksgiving week since 1942. down 564 points. what is the market so concerned about? >> reporter: the market is concerned about europe right now. really being held hostage by any little bit of news that comes out of europe. first we were concerned about greece. now everyone is concerned about italy and will italy be able to make its debt payments? italy says it can, but there's no confidence out there. investors don't believe it. and that's why it's having such a big affect on things here at home. >> all right, trish regan here with us tonight. trish, thank you. we're going to move to the millions of holiday travelers returning home tonight. and this, as you know, is historically the busiest travel day of the year. take a look at this live tracker tonight, the planes in the skies over this country right now. always something to see there. so many people on their way
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home, with full stomachs, right? let's bring in abc meteorologist ginger zee. great to have you on board with the team here. we watched you on "gma" this morning, you were talking about this system, most concerning to you. where is it right now? >> reporter: and it is now just stretching from, still, eastern michigan -- this thing hasn't moved very much today. and that's the deal. it's going more northerly than it is easterly. so, it's going to take awhile. and that's why some heavy rain and even some wind could be problematic. atlanta, i think, is the next hub that could see some issues. so, we wanted to share where we anticipate flight delays. you can see the red planes, those are problem spots. >> and you're also following the highways tonight? some concern there, as well? >> reporter: highways, i'm looking at twitter and facebook feeds, people are saying, parking lot east of i-80 -- or, on i-80, east of chicago, also through birmingham, i-65 is going to be a disst in spots due to this rain. >> all right, ginger zee joining sam champion and the weather team here. great to have you on board. we move on this evening to your voice, your vote, and a surprising endorsement today from an influential new hampshire newspaper. did mitt romney get passed over in his own backyard?
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let's bring in our senior washington editor rick klein tonight. and rick, as always, great to have you with us. i know you read this first thing this morning. here's the quote from "the union leader." it says, quote, "we would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who tells us what he thinks we want to hear." rick, newt gingrich's campaign very happy tonight, but how does mitt romney receive this? >> reporter: david, this was a gut shot aimed right at mitt romney and it could be what keeps newt gingrich in the top tier to stay. it's not that one newspaper in new hampshire picks presidents. "the union leader" has a spotty record onto that front, actually. but it's that this endorsement validates the things gingrich has been doing to vault himself into contention. five weeks away from the voting. no one is better positioned to be the main alternative to romney than gingrich. >> and so movement in iowa, a group meeting right now? >> reporter: that's right. there's a group trying to strategize around picking a candidate who isn't mitt romney and like the endorsement, this opens the door for another candidate to waltz through. romney's strategy is to win early and often, but if the large portion of voters who out
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there want someone not named romney begins to get behind a single candidate, this fight could last awhile. >> all right, rick klein joining us from washington. as always, rick, we thank you. and we turn overseas this evening, and to escalating tension between the u.s. and its troubled ally, pakistan. tonight, nato is ordering an investigation into the deaths of pakistani soldiers in a nato air assault. pakistan claimed it was unprovoked, but today, new questions about what really happened. about who shot first. abc's david kerley is in washington. >> reporter: pakistani anger poured onto the streets today. the death of 24 soldiers, a devastatingly painful blow. those men were buried today, another insult to pakistan's psyche. >> the relationship now, i believe, has hit a new low. it appears now to be as close as we've seen to a real break in relations. >> reporter: it was 2:00 saturday morning, as u.s. special forces and afghan commandos were set to raid a taliban camp along the border. suddenly, they say they came under fire.
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afghan sources tell abc news an air strike was called in, which hit the pakistan border post. this isn't the first time insurgent fire has come from a spot very close to a pakistan border post. the number two american general recently charged that some pakistani soldiers are helping the taliban. >> i think the collaboration is at least in some cases local collaboration with the insurgents. >> reporter: in retaliation for this latest incident, pakistan closed two border crossings, which the u.s. uses to resupply troops in afghanistan. and demanded that the u.s. vacate an air base, which is sometimes used to service cia drones. but with the killing of osama bin laden on pakistani soil and now this, the relationship between the two countries is close to rupturing. >> we need pakistan because we are concerned about ultimately the disposition of its nuclear weapons. we need it in order to have any chance of a success in afghanistan. >> reporter: the issue is so
5:42 pm
sensitive. abc news has learned that the head of cent-com, which is in control of that area, the u.s. military in that region, tomorrow, he will order an investigation, independent of nato's effort. and here at the white house, officials are only telling us that the president continues to monitor the situation. david? >> and you as well from the white house. david kerley, we thank you. meanwhile, overseas tonight, tens of thousands of protesters remain camped out in egypt's tahrir square, on the eve of elections there, the first since the arab spring. and today, those three american college students held in a cairo jail after being accused of throwing molotov cocktails at egyptian security forces, are now back home with their families here in the u.s., after an experience they thought they wouldn't survive. >> and in the first night, we were punched in the face a number of times. they held a bottle of gasoline to my mouth and asked -- and were motioning as though they were going to make me drink it. and they told us they were going to shoot us if we moved as we were in sort of a fetal position
5:43 pm
in the dark with our hands cuffed behind our backs. >> derrik sweeney describing those moments in jail, back home in missouri tonight. all over the english-speaking world today and right here in the u.s., the catholic mass sounded a little different. a new translation of the mass, this one closer to its original latin text. it's the largest shakeup of the service since the dramatic changes the vatican made back in the 1960s. and it moves it back into a more traditional direction, as the church gets closer to christmas. one more note here, as we head into the holiday season. the average american spends $700 on christmas gifts. $700. which got us wondering here, how little of that it would take to spend on made in america gifts to actually create jobs here. so this week here, the made in america team is back, where it all began, with that very first family we met nearly a year ago on "world news." and a simple equation. not all of your gifts, but how about just one, made in america. so you're in? >> we're in. >> reporter: are you in?
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>> we're in. >> i'm in! >> i'm in! >> i'm in! >> couldn't believe how quickly this thing is already taking off. so many of you sent messages on facebook and twitter. and we ask, are you in? made in america with your ideas, starting tomorrow night, right here on "world news with diane sawyer." still ahead here on "world news" this sunday night, could there be a new craigslist killer? the investigation under way and more tonight on the one who might have gotten away. history in pictures from "life magazine." from jackie robinson to those famous brothers huddled. and what was it that brought audrey hepburn and grace kelly together right here behind the scenes? and later tonight, you have to see this. the vacation you have to duck for. and the little boy, determined to get his parents to take him there. li s id li s m ba
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all day pain relief with just two pills. once again this weekend, we're learning about the dangers that can sometimes lurk online. police in ohio this evening are trying to find out how many people might have been lured to a craigslist invitation, one that ended in death for some who did respond. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: three murders, possibly connected by the click of a mouse. the victims were lured by a craigslist ad, offering work at an ohio cattle ranch. >> opportunity of a lifetime. they're looking for someone to basically watch it. >> reporter: the ranch was a fake. it was all a setup to robbery and worse. scott davis told police he was confronted by two armed men. >> as he was running from the gunman, he was shot in the arm. >> reporter: davis was able to escape. and when police investigated, they found david pauley's body in a shallow grave. he had been missing since october. two more bodies were found on friday. one was timothy kern. he had also answered that craigslist ad, but vanished two
5:48 pm
weeks ago. a third body hasn't been identified. >> the only connection was answering ads for employment on craigslist. >> reporter: police have two people in custody. one, a 16-year-old boy, arrested for shooting scott davis. another man, 51-year-old richard beasley, is being held on unrelated charges. beasley's mother describes her son as a mentor to the teenager. >> he's a kid we have taken to church since he was 7 or 8 years old. >> reporter: heather tuttle answered that craigslist ad. she never heard back. >> i just instantly got sick to my stomach, just thinking how lucky i was because it could have very well been me had i gotten a response back. >> reporter: investigators are now scrambling to find out if everyone who clicked on that craigslist ad is still alive. clayton sandell, abc news. >> the picture from ohio tonight. and when we come back here, what were these people watching almost 60 years ago? they look nearly hypnotized.
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a cargo ship sank in the irish sea. william helped rescue two crew members. one did die. five are still missing tonight. we take note of a birthday. "life" magazine turning 75. and this evening here, they allow us to leaf through their treasured album. july 1st, 1960. then senator john k. kennedy and his most trusted adviser, his brother, bobby, in a hotel huddle. this moment, during the democratic national convention in los angeles. this iconic portrait of astronaut john glenn in 1959. as "life" puts it, capturing the confidence and clear-eyed sense of purpose glenn and his colleagues embodied. the original "mercury 7." opening night, november 26th, 1952. the first full length color 3d feature. the audience back then all dressed up for the movies, wearing their 3d glasses, too. looking almost hypnotized. a rare pairing backstage. two actresses who'd already won best actress in previous years, audrey hepburn and grace kelly, about to present themselves. they would never star in a movie together and shortly after this picture, grace kelly would move
5:53 pm
away to become a princess. george, john, paul and ringo taking a dip during their first trip to america. what we didn't know was how cold it was in miami that day. ringo's grimace our only hint, all these years later. and in the fall of 1955, jackie robinson, taunting the pitcher, playing against the yankees. brooklyn's number 42 propelling the dodgers to a world series win. he would also change the way the game was played. our country's family album. and there's more at when we come back tonight, we take you to the beach where you have to duck for cover from the jumbo jets, and the american families who say, it's a blast.
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slow kettle. new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. and finally tonight here, coming in for a landing. look at this video shot by tourists on a caribbean island. you practically have to duck if you go there, and they do it on purpose. here's abc's ryan owens. ♪ >> reporter: after the long flight to a caribbean paradise, most tourists can't wait to get away from the airport. except on the island of st. maarten. where the airport is the main attraction. thrill seekers flock here to sunbathe in the shadow of a jumbo jet. youtube videos like this have turned the tiny island into a
5:57 pm
top destination for aviation enthusiasts. none bigger than 11-year-old mason capps. he wants to be a pilot and convinced his parents to take the family vacation here. near the end of the runaway. near the end of the runway, each morning, they write the flight schedule on a surf board. but there is one landing that can't be missed. >> right over there. >> reporter: this klm 747 weighs nearly 900,000 pounds -- and is headed straight for the beach. >> you'll never be able to do that in the u.s. >> we're ready to do it, baby. >> reporter: the massive engines on planes like these can produce winds of more than 100 miles an hour. >> free dermabrasion. we loved it. >> reporter: it may be the one caribbean island where the most exhilarating part of the trip happens before you leave the airport.
5:58 pm
>> our thanks to ryan. and good for mason to finally get his parents to take him. diane sawyer right back here tomorrow night. good night.
5:59 pm
good evening. >> police are looking for a suspect tonight who they believe intentionally ran over another man. just a few minutes ago police released this surveillance video of the suspect in the hit-and-run thanksgiving morning >> police have been combing video from nearby businesses. you can see the suspect in the white t-shirt. family and friend are holding vigil for the victim at san francisco general hospital. john alston is life tonight with the details. >> reporter: the bartal is surrounded by his mother, family members, fellow firefighters. a family spokesman says bartal is unconscious and on life support. it's been a weekend vigil inside the hospital for 29-year-old albert bartal, seen here with hisug


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