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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 27, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. >> i'm ama dates. if you didn't get your full shopping on black friday look forward to tomorrow, cyber monday. >> it is expected to be a big day and a big week for on-line shopping, but there are things to watch out for. lilian kim is live in the newsroom. lilian? >> black friday weekend broke all records and they say it is because retailers did a good job researching what people wanted and at what price point. the big question now is will cyber monday have the same results? shoppers were not disappointed this weekend. for the smiths, this was their third full day in a row of shopping. >> the buys, the quantity and having things available in sizes and the great weather, everything has been great this time. >> next up, cyber monday which
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has become the number one on-line shopping day of the year. many retailers are calling it cyber week. the hope is it will be as big of a success as this year's black friday. >> the weekend shopping is verien encouraging. generally you will see it translate to the on-line channel. >> there are already signs that shoppers plan to spend a lot on-line. e commerce spending went up 26% black friday compared to the same day last year. retailers are pulling out all of the stops for cyber monday with discounts and shipping. shoppers we talked to had the day all mapped out. >> i am going to get on the internet early and do some shopping for myself first and then for my family. i sort of scoped out where i want to go already. >> i get e-mails and updates all the time about what is going on. so i will go on disney and amazon to get most of my things.
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>> but as exciting as the on-line savings may be, experts warn not to get caught up in all of the retail buzz. especially with things like step up promotions. >> in other words, at this price point you can get free shipping. at the next price point you can get free gift wrapping and free shipping or free purchase of some sort. and consumers tend to buy things they don't necessarily need or wouldn't have bought to get to that next level. >> from you curious as to what the most visited sites have been, they are amazon, best buy, wal-mart, target and apple. >> as lilian mention edz, it was a record-breaking weekend for black friday shoppers. they spent $54.2 billion. that's up from $45 billion a year ago. black friday in store sales rose 7% to $11.4 billion. >> i felt like we had a little more room to buy this season. >> as the consumers spend and
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9 momentum is coming out of the holiday, it does create growth the following year as well. >> the average holiday shopper spent more than $398 over the weekend. that's a 9% increase over last year. and it wasn't all for gift giving. many who braved the frenzied crowds were shopping for themselves leaving plenty more to buy for the holidays. a hayward family barely escaped death this morning. >> investigators say a faulty gas wall heater released a near fatal dose of carbon monoxide into their home. thomas roman is here with more on that. thomas? >> with cold weather here, so is a yearly danger. firefighters are warning that what almost killed a hayward family today could threaten others unless they take precautions. >> this house in hayward is where an invisible toxic gas almost took three lives. the woman who lives here didn't want to appear on camera, but she said she and her daughter woke up pho egg tood, dizzy, nauseous with
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headaches and ringing in their ears. a neighbor rushed them and a six-month-old child to the kaiser emergency room. the cause was toxic amounts of carbon monoxide gas. the family was close to joining the hundreds who die from the gas each year. >> the carbon monoxide takes about 500 fatalities every year in this country. on top of that about 20,000 people end up in emergency rooms. >> california sees about 40 deaths a year caused by the invisible colorless and odorless killer. kaiser hospital called firefighters about the problem who then went to the home. >> using our monitoring equipment, we were able to find out that the carbon monoxide levels were high. we ventilated the house and turned off the gas. >> the family was able to return to their house. this is a carbon monoxide alarm that could have warned the family that the levels in the home were high. he says the alarms are selling , but not as much as they
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should. >> they sell a lot more than they used to since the law came in affect in july. >> by law, each home is supposed to have one of these alarms in stalled. >> i haven't sold any lately. >> these carbon monoxide alarms cost between $20 and $40. they are central in homes because carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and very often lethal. >> thomas roman with us for tonight. the firefighter who they say was intentionally run over by a car on thanksgiving morning is in critical condition. and earlier this evening, the san francisco police department released this surveillance video of the hit-and-run suspect. you can see him here in the white t-shirt. investigators say the suspect and the off duty firefighter got into a fight at a fast-food restaurant on thursday. witnesses say he walked to a gas station at 9th avenue and that's where police say the suspect got into his car, drove to the gas station 1k3*
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plowed into vartal. >> this hurts. this hurts the entire fire community and family. we all ban together whether it is police, fire or first responder. >> they say he suffered a traumatic brain injury. the 29-year-old firefighter with cal fire seen here with his daughter and mother is on life support at san francisco general hospital. syracuse university 65-year-old is out. today a third accuser of child molestation came forward. two former ball boys were the first to accuse fine of inappropriate sexual contact including bobbie davis in the 7th grade at the time. he is now 39. davis says he taped a phone conversation with the coach's wife in 2002. he gave the copy to espn and recently to police. >> do you think i am the only
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one he did that too? >> no. >> he thinks i think he is above the law. >> an analyst confirmed to espn that it is lori fine. it is syracuse's -- bernie fine calls the allegations false. tomorrow is a big day for protesters angry at occupy camps and budget cuts they are planning demonstrations at four campuses. the uc davis students are planning a general strike. the video of police dousing the protesters with pepper spray sparked a national outrage earlier this month. the strike kicks off tomorrow morning with a yoga class, and it wraps up with a town hall meeting tomorrow night. on the same day the board of regents is scheduled to meet and address funding issues. they are holding talks at four campuses. uc davis, uc merced and ucla.
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the public comment portion is from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. we are less than an hour away from a midnight deadline in occupy l.a. hundreds of demonstrators are on site and they are holding an eviction block party. they told protesters they must leave and move their tents by 12:01. only a handful have left so far. in philadelphia 50 members of the occupy movement are refusing to leave. the deadline passed with no action so far. police are monitoring the sit in calling it a peaceful demonstration. and one of the targets of the occupy more -- movement is the banking industry. we are learning more details about the largest bank bailout in u.s. history, and it is a lot worse than originally thought. records show the federal reserve failed to disclose which banks needed a $1.2 trillion loan on the worst day of the crisis, december 5th, 2008. the major banks concealed tens
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of billions of dollars in emergency loans. at the same time they were telling investors their balance sheets were healthy, and they netted $13 billion in secret loans from the fed at below market rates. the bank records were obtained under the freedom of information act. details published in the january issue of bloomberg market magazine. remembering two bay area leaders, >> and a new camera that will change the way you take photographs. its revolutionary take on focus. >> and the amazing perks that are keep something highly-sought after employees on the job. >> hi, everyone. i am leigh glaser. north bay, east bay, central valley all socked in with the dense fog right now. you better believe it is t will be there for the monday morning commute. we'll have a look at the visibility and looking ahead to the next seven days coming up in a bit.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a coast guard search is underway for a missing paddle boarder near hoof moon bay. -- near half moon bay. they have been searching for rod rigo reece. friends reported him missing around 3:00 in the afternoon. he was due to return around noon. a tribute for former supervisor harvey milk and former mayor george masconni on the anniversary of their assassinations. the night of remembrance began at harvey milk plaza named after the leader who left a lasting legacy on the gay rights move meant. they were shot and killed 33 years ago tonight by former supervisor dan weis.
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despite his short career in politics, jones considers his friend an icon. >> harvey was a man of the movement. that was his soul purpose in life. he was not in that business to get rich. he died without a penny. so be clear on where you come from. >> the candlelight march ended in front of milk's old camera store where hundreds paused for a moment of silence. strangers rushed to the aide of three people pinned under a truck that rolled over on interstate 10 in riverside county. the chp arrived just as several people lifted the truck and pulled a woman to safety. still no word on the cause of that accident. well now you can stop worrying on focusing your pictures. a new camera can change the focus forever. >> and you can change it long after you take the photo. richard hart reports on the drive to discover a new kind of picture.
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>> imagine refocusing a picture years after you took it. want something in foe -- focus? just touch it. it is taken with a new kind of camera. the camera is de september blee -- de septemberable blee easy to use. one to turn it on and one to take a picture. the rest is a flip screen, flipping, deleting, adding a star to the good ones. it has an op tau cal zoom that responds to a simple touch. the developer is a fast-growing company in mountain view. to the em plough ies -- to the employees here, it is business. it is thought personal. >> i am able to quickly capture the men. >> the secret is software that calculates the distance to every point of light. >> you are asking yourself, why didn't they think of this before? they did. it is just that in the beginning it required a supercomputer. today the computer is in here. >> along with a say fist
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indicated lens and a light sensitive chip to record the image. every point in every scene sends out a million rays of light. a conventional camera call itself a single ray converging on the surface of the imager. that's called a focus. it over lays the imager with a million microlenses, each capturing the picture at a different focal length and focus. a computer corrects for ab rations. no need to process anything with your own computer. you don't need the special software to refocus. embed said a player that travels with it. don't let the camera size fool you. it is better than ten and a half taken with a conventional camera. it is accepting orders on-line, but deliveries won't begin for a few months. with the next step in photography, richard hart, abc7 news. >> and that camera starts at $399 depending on how much ram you want with it. well, the price of all of the items in the 12 days of christmas tops $100,000 for the first time this year.
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the cost of par trigs, pair trees and turtle doves spiked. ladies milks, and gold rings have gone up. the annual christmas price index is up 4% this year. leigh is here with your week ahead. leigh? >> yes, of course we will have some probably flight delays tomorrow morning. so this system has been hanging around the past couple of nights. numerous delays at sfo this morning. and we will probably see that tomorrow morning. here is a look at some of the light fog that is now developing near san francisco. check out some of the visibilities currently right now. you can see a quarter of a mile visibility in fairfield, napa, less than a quarter of a mile visibility now being reported in novato. three quarters of a mile visibility in santa rosa. of course the numbers start to
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drop off a bit as well. sfo at 6 miles visibility. as we head through the course of tonight, the fog will continue to thicken up across the bay area. the dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, northeast bay valleys and also santa clara valley, and if you are traveling through bakersfield, especially on i-5, get ready for some very dense fog there. they do have an advisory in affect, and it is in affect until 11:00 tomorrow. so take your time tomorrow. as are you trying to finish up on some of the holiday travel. here is a look at some current readings. 44 in santa rosa. we have 52 in san francisco and oakland. fremont 50 degrees. livermore at 48. we have 49 in san jose. here is a look at some highlights to carry you through the next several days. we actually had some 70s today, and in monterey county there, dense fog tonight. we will go with partly sunny
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conditions the next few days. it will be a dry workweek ahead. but the winds really start to pick up as we head into tuesday night, wednesday and thursday. and actually there will be good news. we will have to scour out some of the dense valley fog on those particular days. here is a look at our lows. it is generally in the 40s. we also have high clouds moving through. not too chilly out. there 47 for san francisco. concord will dip to 42. fairfield 42. and we will go 44 overnight tonight for san jose. here is the set up. higher pressure is keeping the storm track to the north of us. you can see some of the high clouds, you can call it a dirty ridge of high pressure. the clouds are able to breakthrough, and we will go with sun and clouds mix about midweek as the high starts to move over the bay area as we head into tuesday night, wednesday and thursday. we will set up the offshore winds and they will be gusty. we will keep you posted on that. highs for the monday, and once the fog lifts, warming up and
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65 for san jose. half moon bay 63. the peninsula 64. a mixture of sun and clouds. san francisco 63 in the north bay. look for midday fog burnoff. the temperatures in the 60s, 64 santa rosa and 63 for napa. oakland 65. look for mid60s as well for fremont. low 60s antioch, brentwood as well as concord. salinas tomorrow 71 in watsonville. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, dry pattern and the winds pick up on wednesday and thursday cooling things down and bringing clouds in. >> thank you. on to shu, and it looks like we could have a chance to have two bay area football teams in the playoffs. >> how fun would that be? the first time in a decade. the raiders are finding a way to just win baby. today it was field goals and defense. three interceptions by the silver and black. show you why and a drop by th
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well, it seems like it doesn't matter who the raiders are playing they make it interesting win or lose. he started for jay cutler who
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is nursing a broken thumb. palmer to darius heyward-bey. janikowski kicks four field goals in the first half. it is now 6-0. second quarter and over the middle and third and long. 29 yards and the bears score 7-6. the throw is tipped and picked off by wimbley. looks like he will score. lance lewis comes out of nowhere. the raiders settle for a field goal. the raiders with three picks on the day. the star of the game kept on kicking. the third quarter and 44 yarder. a franchise record six field goals. raiders are up and cut the lead to eight. the raiders make a big play in the fourth. palm tore murphy, 47 yards in the chicago nife. carson 301 yards passing. michael bush and pay dirt. the bears bite back. 81-yard pass to johnny knox.
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bears are inside the red zone. two plays later the end zone. bears down five. the drive and for the win. he is flagged for intentional grounding on a delayed spike. raiders improve to 7 and 4 with a five-point victory. what a game. >> i got good warm ups and felt pretty good. didn't expect to get six. i thought it would be two or three. >> not to get touchdowns is something that frustrates you. but you can't let it frustrate you. have you to be happy with a field goal and getting points on the board when your defense is playing like that, and beacon serve tiff at times. on the last third down with lewis you have to be aggressive at times and we were. >> tim tebow and the broncos in san diego. 18 yards to decker and denver is down 10 of -- 10-7. it is broncos win their fourth straight to stay a game back of the raiders. watch out for tim tebow.
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16-13 the final. stanford with a win over notre dame and what a day it was around the nfl. stick around. maybe one of your
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college football's bcs rankings out, stanford moved up. ls so number one facing georgia on saturday in the sec title game. alabama is number two, their season is over. oklahoma state is third and will get oklahoma on saturday. stanford 4 and virginia tech is 5. top five guaranteed a bcs bowl and fiesta most likely for stanford. as jerry rice used to say, all i want to do is make plays and that brings us to our plays of the day. start in st. louis. ready 228 yards rushing in this touchdown. how about patrick peterson in the same game? the rookie from lsu takes the punt back for an 80-yard touchdown. that ties an nfl record in arizona's victory. beast mode in seattle.
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lynch with this catch and seventh straight with a td for the former cal bear. redskins with some flash. he hurdles the defender. his first nfl touchdown as the skins beat seattle. we go north of the bored scpert gray cup. 66-yard bomb and the bc lions win their 6th gray cup championship. it is a chance to tie carolina and what a pick by martin. getting it down to steel the game. continues are 0 and 11 -- colts are 0 and 11. the steelers beat kc. and what a scene in new york. he celebrates the touchdown by mocking jets' receiver plakz saw co burris. remember, burris went to jail after shooting himself in the leg. the jets get the last laugh though with the victory. that was your toyota sports report. coming up, an inspirational tale of a man and his bore. stick around. >> have i to stick around for
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that. the craigslist ad that lured three men to their death, and why police fear there could be more vac tim -- victims. >> and the special perks keeping employees on theñsñqntñr
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good evening. >> in tonight's headlines, police released this
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surveillance video showing a suspect in a hit-and-run incident. police believe this man deliberately ran down a firefighter after the two men got in a fight, and the victim is still in critical condition. >> a narrow escape from death for a hayward family. a faulty gas wall heater released a near fatal dose of carbon monoxide into their home. the family was treated at a hospital and was released. students and faculty members at uc davis are planning a general strike for tomorrow. it comes over a week after internet videos of police dousing protesters with pepper spray sparked a national outrage. and right now in los angeles you are taking a live look at occupy protesters are facing eviction in just about a half an hour. this live picture is the occupy movement, and it is surrounding l.a. city hall one minute after midnight. that's when antonio villaraigosa says the camp will be shut down. some protestors are abandoning the area, and others are
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gearing up for a faceoff with police. police in ohio are trying to find out how many people might have been lured to a invitation. >> an inview station that ended in death for three men. >> three murders possibly connected by the click of a mouse. they were lured by a craigslist ad offering work. >> opportunity of a lifetime. they were looking for somebody to basically watch it. >> the ranch was a fake. it was a set up to robbery and worse. scott davis told police he was confronted by two armed men. >> as he was running from the gunman, he was shot in the arm. >> davis was able to escape. when police investigated, they found david paully's body in a shallow grave. two more bodies were found on friday. one was timothy kern. a third body hasn't been identified. >> the only connection was answering ads for employment on craigslist.
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>> police have two people in custody. one was a 16-year-old boy arrested for shooting scott davis. another man, 51-year-old richard beasley is being held on unrelated charges. beasley's mother describes her son as a mentor to the teenager. >> he is a kid we have taken to church since he was seven or eight years old. >> heather tut tell answered the craigs list ad. she never heard back. >> i instantly got sick to my stomach just thinking how lucky i was because it could have very well been me had i gotten a response back. >> investigators are scrambling to find out if everyone who clicked on the craigslist ad is still alive. clayton sandal,abc news. >> the hayward assemblywomen who faces shoplifting charges was apparently being watched by the store. today's chronicle reports that nieman-marcus started tracking her a week before the arrest. a sales woman at the union square store noticed the dress missing after a woman matching
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the description tried it on. she says she was rushed and forgot to pay. she is accused of taking $2500 worth of merchandise from the store. and it seems to be a trend. a chicago real estate executive is facing shoplifting charges. he is accused of stealing three ties from bloomingdales. he was spotted by security officers trying to leave the store. you may not know her name, but her voice is distinctly san francisco. >> bay area radio icon
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researchers hope tracking deer will cut down on accidents on i-280. the department of fish and game will start capturing deer from millbrae to woodside. they will be fitted with gps collars and they hope it will help them understand how wildlife moves through the area and eventually cut down on collisions. you know the sound of her voice. she keeps you company on your morning commute and she brings you to your feet at giants games. >> she stopped by 7 live and talked about life behind the mic at the ballpark. >> there you go. >> look at that. >> isn't that serious bl ny --
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bling? >> what was that like? >> hold it there. it is heavy. >> what was it like? that was unlike anything we had ever seen. >> it was so surreal. it was amazing. the whole season was just amazing. and then come the end of september we clinched, and then we get into october and they just kept winning. they kept winning. we were like, we are going all wait with this thing. and then the culmination with the parade, talk about civic pride and just wall to wall, sea of fans out there. it was very surreal and very magical i have to say. can i have my ring back? >> i was hoping you would forget. >> you know something i didn't know, you were recognized by cooperstown in 2002. >> yes, the first time we got there in 2002. i was the first woman to announce the professional championship of any sport.
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>> thank you, voice box. >> what is it like going to cooperstown? >> i haven't been there yet. i'm kind of nervous. >> really? >> i don't know, it is still not in my head. i can't wrap my head around it yet. that's definitely on my bucket list. have i to get out there and check it out. >> and what is it like going to work in the giants booth? >> it is the best job in the world. it is the greatest gig. i have one of the best seats in the house, of course, right behind homeplate on the club level. i work with a fantastic group of guys. hi, guys, if you are watching. i am a huge baseball fan and huge giants fan, so it is a dream come true. >> what do people say on the treat street to you? i'm sure they are like, hi, oh
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my gosh. >> they often say i thought you would be taller. apparently i have a large sounding voice. so people expect me -- they are shocked i am so short is what usually happens. but they are very supportive and giants fans are passionate, and they come up and give me a big old bear hug. it is tremendous. >> i asked right up to the world series, the walk up songs for the players, if you had to pick one, what would your walk up song be? >> i'm every woman. do you think i have thought about that before? that would be my walk up song. >> you can watch 7 live weekdays at 3:00 p.m. here on abc7. speaking of good jobs, when it comes to employees, it takes more than a steady paycheck to keep them happy these days. a survey done found a fun culture is key to attracting
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employees. michael finney takes us inside some of the most successful companies. >> at zi 234* -- at zinga, every day is bring your dog to workday. even though these companies are different in size and mission, what they have in common is unusual company perks. san francisco-based game technology company, zynga is building a dog run on the roof for employee animals. dog treats are everywhere, and the pet insurance is included in the employee benefit package. that's attractive to people like red soxy. -- like roxy. >> you can enjoy your day with your favorite pet. >> google may have been the first to offer employees regular free meals, but now at standard fare they check. pizzas are firing all day. blue bottle coffee drips at the in house cafe. and free breakfast, lunch and dinner make it so employees
11:46 pm
never have to leave the building. >> my absolute favorite is our friday brunch. and then it is followed closely behind taco tuesday. >> amilia oversees more than 2,000 meals a day and believes food is integral to the success of the company. >> having it all on one site and being altogether all the time definitely helps productivity. >> ceo from the tech recruiting firm hired housecleaners for his 31 employees. it is a way to alleviate some of their states at home so they can be more productive at work. >> people want to work for a company they feel good about. this is one of the things that they feel good about. they feel appreciated. >> one of the most popular perks at the nutritional company is the half an hour paid time to work out. additionally employees get two and a half hours a week of personal training. he has been with the company for more than five years.
11:47 pm
they have helped them develop some of the benefits. >> our founders really wanted to create a company where they want to work. it is a place that supports who they are and their values. >>en environmental values are pornts. they give them $6500 toward a purchase of the fuel efficient. -- fuel efficient car. >> cliff bar has subsidized meals, on site chiropractic care, hair cuts, massage, daycare and marketing. brooke golden enjoys many of the benefits. >> some of the little things i think are make your day easier and they make it especially for a working mom. >> the tension rates are very high. cliff bars is 96%. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> free personal training, i hope somebody is watching. >> hi, leigh. how is it looking?
11:48 pm
>> pretty good. once the fog lifts tomorrow we will be doing good. >> if you are doing last-minute traveling tomorrow morning, check out the state map. 72 and look for 80 for los angeles. 76 for san diego tomorrow. palm springs, 81. of course from sacramento all the way toward palm springs, watch out for some early-morning dense valley fog. fresno down toward bakersfield. we have a fog advisory up for much of the bay area until 9:00 tomorrow morning. very dense fog already developing in the north and east bay valley area. it should burn off around midday. after that look for highs developing into the 60s. 64 santa rosa. hazy sunshine. 63 san francisco, oakland will warm to 65. 64 for livermore. even some 70s, yes 70s expected, very mild for watsonville. hollister 70, 69 for santa cruz. the seven-day forecast, we will keep it dry and pretty
11:49 pm
much mild the next two to three days. the wind will pick up as we head into tuesday night, wednesday and thursday. the strong northeasterlies will keep you updateed on that. friday, saturday and sunday, we cool down and bring clouds in as well. >> thank you, leigh. let's get to shu and talk some sports. >> raiders win, stanford moves up in the bcs rankings, but the story of the day is inspirational. it kind of wants to get you off the couch. lloyd will have you moving and
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well, it doesn't matter who the raiders are playing. they always seem to make an interesting win or lose. the bears had a back up quarterback starting for jay cutler who is nursing a broken thumb. the raiders on the move 1k3* palmer to heyward-bey. 3-0 raiders. janikowski kicked four in the first half. it is 6-0. over the middle on third and long. a 29-yard touchdown. he is looking for more before the half. the throw is tipped. it is picked off, and it looks like he will go all the way. lance lewis comes out of nowhere and drags him down. he settles for a field goal. they had three picks on the day. 44 yarder. a franchise record six field goals raiders up. they cut the lead to eight and
11:53 pm
the raiders make a big play. palm tore lewis murphy. palmer301 yards passing. the first points in a fourth quarter and they are up 12. the bears bite back. 81-yard pass. he had 145 yards on the day. inside the red zone and two plays later in the end zone. to kill 11 davis and now -- kellen davis. he is called for an intentional grounding. the game is over. raiders improve to a 7-4 and he had quite a game. >> it was great. i had good warm ups and didn't expect to get 6. >> not to get touchdowns is obviously something that us from -- that frustrates you. have you to be happy with a field goal when your defense is playing like that. beacon serve tiffs at times. -- be conservative at times. >> watch out for tim tebows.
11:54 pm
the broncos taking on san diego and trying to keep pace with the raiders. tebow to decker and denver down 3 at the half. going to over time and game tied at 13. he lines up for a 37 yarder. broncos keep winning with tebow. four straight to stay a game back of the raiders. 16-13 the final. the bcs rankings are out. stanford moving up and lsu is number one and will face georgia in the sec title game. alabama is number two, their season is over. oklahoma state is third. they get oklahoma on saturday. stanford 4 and virginia tech is 5. the top five is guaranteed a bowl and fiesta most likely for stanford. >> and this will make you get off the couch no matter what your age. it is a tale of a man and his board. >> he spends most of his days running shelter publications. but when this 76-year-old gets any free time he is out skateboarding. >> i started skating when i was 65.
11:55 pm
i fell and screwed up my wrist. >> you don't see many 76-year-olds on skateboards. >> whether you older and you are trying to use a new sport it is good for your brain. it is also good for your body to have to balance. >> he somewhat caters to the use it or lose it philosophy. >> that's true. i don't use it because i am afraid of using it. it is because it is fun. >> he spent the last 40 years surfing or running in his spare time. he is not afraid of falling off his scart board, but what about his wife? >> she thinks i am kind of crazy. but she's cool with it. >> well, i try not to worry. he is a risk taker. he always has to be doing something exciting. >> he knows his limits. >> when i get going so fast that i can't get off and stay on my feet i have to get off the floor at that point. >> he is skating with kids a
11:56 pm
quarter of his age. >> they love it. they really do love it. he is out there and says, total respect, man. >> i think he should be on the next x games. >> having fun also keeps him young. >> i guess having fun is something you do when you are young because older people don't have much fun. >> every day i do want to have some kind of fun. >> he thinks too many people give up as they get older. >> it is good toen -- to encourage older people to get out. i have a son who is 50 years old. 50? i used to think 50 was pretty old. >> and that was your toyota sports report. if that doesn't get you off the couch, nothing will. >> he is out there on a skateboard. i was worried about it when we were shooting he would fall off and hurt himself. it is an amazing story, and it shows you, use it or lose it. >> and you saw the people as
11:57 pm
he road by. what was the look on their face? >> most people were like, guess his age, 55, 60. i told them 76 and they were astonished. it was an amazing story. but you didn't see me on the skateboard. he is a great example if you keep out there and keep active you can stay active. >> that's it for this edition of the abc7 news. >> our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 for sh scpu leigh, thanks for
11:58 pm
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