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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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man they say is to blame. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. uc police preparing for a chaotic morning. demonstrations are scheduled for this campus and three others around the state. all-nightstand off continues after occupy protesters in l.a. ignore a midnight deadline to leave. good morning i'm mike nicco the fog season check out visibility not much. i'll tell you how long this will last today and tomorrow. gusty dangerous winds on the way for wednesday and thursday. sue hall following your commute. after a long weekend, the dense fog has dangerous driving conditions. we'll give you some of the hot spots in a couple of minutes. 6 a.m. on this foggy monday morning. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. san francisco police have released pictures of the man
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they think is responsible for an intentional hit-and-run that has a calfire firefighter battling for his life. >> they are asking for the public's help in identifying the man in the white t-shirt on the left of the screen. these pictures were taken from restaurant video. the suspect and victim off-duty firefighter albert bartal got into a fight at the restaurant on geary boulevard and 11th thursday. moments later bartal walked to a gas station atth avenue. police say the suspect got into his car drove to the gas station and blued into bartal. local fires have been -- and plowed into bartal. local firefighters have been keeping vigil. >> this hurts the entire fire community and family. we all band together. it is a brotherhood, police, fire, first responders. >> a family spokesman says bartal has a traumatic brain injure rich the 29-year-old -- injury.
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the 29-year-old is a former marine who served in iraq. body of a mar reason killed in afghanistan set to arrive at travis air force base. 19-year-old joshua corral was killed last week. hundreds turned out for a public memorial. a procession is scheduled to leave travis air force base and make its way south on i-680 to a funeral home in danville by 11:45 this morning. davers are being told to avoid that area or -- drivers are being told to an individual that area or expect delays. campuses are bracing for big demonstrations. students are angry about crackdowns on occupy camps like the youtube video of campus police pepper spraying protester. students say that inch tent
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and tuition increases -- will bring them to out in force. amy hollyfield is live at ucsf mission bay with the latest. you see police moving around elevator? >> reporter: they are active in constant motion. we've seen them at the front doors, driving around the building, bar cases in place. students can come here to protest not all of the regents will be here -- they usually meet here this meeting will be a teleconference because of concerns over violent protests. students are still calling for action today even though the meeting won't be in one place. they are calling for a general strike at four campuses. uc davis students are hoping to shutdown the campus. students accuse regents of being unfit to represent interests of students. regents will not be discussing tuition increases today that
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is one of the main sticking points that has students so upset. uc students calling for the termination of their chancellor at the davis campus following the pepper spraying of the students sitting in protest. you can speak at today's rejects' meeting four campuses and offer comments from 9 to 10 in the bay area ucsf mission bay, uc davis, uc merced on ucla. the public comment portion has been extended it is usually 20 minutes long today they are going to give it an hour. they want you to know they are not going to be talking about tuition increases. some uc staff members will give a presentation about possible other sores of rove knew for the system -- sources of revenue for the system other than taxes and tuition. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. police arrested three people so tar this morning after ordering occupy l.a. --
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so far this morning after ordering occupy l.a. to leave an intersection. hundreds gathered in the street after a midnight deadline passed to vacate. these are live pictures. it appears police have gotten a lot of folks out of the intersection on to the sidewalk and corner. we are hearing that there were water s thrown at officers as they started -- water bottles thrown at officers as they started to clear out the streets. protesters are told to get out of the street. you are looking at a live picture. lots of people still there. demonstrators were told they won't ab arrested if they are at the park. over -- overseas, voting has begun in egypt's first election since muhammad was ousted nine months ago. -- since mubarak was ousted nine months ago. the vote is a milestone that many egyptians hope will usher
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in a new democratic age after decades of deck day forship. it has already been marred by clashes. -- many urging others to boycott the election saying the military has rigged it to control the results. oakland taking a drastic step to rising crime of gold theft and robbery. the city has put a moratorium on new pawnshops hoping to make it harder to sell as the economy plummets -- in the fruitvale district gold changes have been ripped off victims' necks. 6:06. although it is clearied up a little out here, you will find spots of patchy dense fog around the bay area. >> because we have it zoomed
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in really tight, but yeah it is foggy out there >> that is the big weather story. good morning. dense fog look at all the areas below a quarter mile or quarter mile and below everywhere all the reporting stays in the bay area including i should say the bay shore oakland 1/8 north bay valleys less than a quarter mile in novato santa rosa doing better than most one mile visibility and half moon bay at six. let's talk with what is going on. we have a dense fog advisory you can see it everywhere except for the coast and higher elevations around the bay area until at least 9:00 you can see colors spread into the central valley where we have the northern section of the central valley under a fog advisory until 11:00 southern sections of the central valley fog advisory until noon it is going to be very dangerous in many areas driving early this morning. by the afternoon afternoon
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murky sunshine, 59 san rafael, upper 50s vallejo, fairfield, antioch and concord everybody else in the low to mid 60s. looks like we'll have fog again tomorrow morning probably not as widespread, winds kick up wednesday, thursday, take the fog away then bring in dangerous speeds up to 70 miles per hour. not just a weather problem, but a traffic problem dense fog has limited visibility around the bay couple problem spots westbound 580 past grand line stalled blocking two right lanes. stall in oakland southbound 880 past 980 lane three, drive times heading out highway 4 westbound, 580 out of the central valley not bad east shore freeway towards the maze less than 20 minutes. ace train 1, about five mines late, train 3 on time, no other problems there. 6:08.
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>> imagine having to drive across the bay area bridge to make a u-turn and get home? >> one community may not have to imagine it. the construction plan that could have thousands of drivers going miles out of their way and paying that unnecessary five dollar toll for years. >> reporter: today saturday to get great online deals. but, it is best to have a plan before you sit down in front of your computer. a consumer psychologist
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. you are looking at the golden gate bridge shrouded by fog this is the picture you will see in numerous locations around the bay area. mike has the forecast coming up. more news. fog won't get in the way of holiday shoppers today. the focus turns from in-store to online. cyber retailers hope to continue the encouraging trend that began friday. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the scoop on cyber monday. >> reporter: it can be so easy to shop online. it can save you money when you find the right deals. you want to be smart about it. safety first. make sure you have anti-virus software. shop at trusted sites. pay with a credit card not a debit card. to get the best dales, monitor
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facebook and twitter for -- dales, monitor facebook ab twitter for unadvertised dales. do a price check type in the product they tell you who is he will something it for how much. to avoid buying more than you need or want beware what they call step-up promotions. >> at this price point you can get free shipping, the next you can get free gift wrapping and free shipping or free purchase of some sort. consumers tend to buy things they don't need or wouldn't next level >> reporter: the trend, black friday broke records. between online and in-store sales on that one day, i should say over the four-day holiday, -- 226 million shoppers spent more than 52 billion dollars. that's up from 45 billion dollars last year. the average shopper spent $398. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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just about 6:15 now. commuters on this morning's capital corridor train will participate all the cyber monday festivities for the first time. today for the first time riders will have access to free basic wifi. the service managed by bart and operated as part of the amtrak system runs 32 weekday trains between sacramento and oakland. soon free wifi will be offered on other commuter lines including the route from oakland to bakersfield. 6:15. tough getting around because of visibility so low. >> it may come back tomorrow that should be it, then the winds of change will bring dangerously fast winds wednesday and thursday, a lot to talk about back to work bark to school pan become to weather after a relatively -- guy yet period. good morning. looking -- look ago
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-- good news in santa rosa one mile better news along the coast. dense fog advisory for the bay area does not include higher elevations nor the coast. this fog is going to last through 9:00, technically that means visibilities will be near are or below a quarter mile. central valley 11:00 for the northern central valley noon for the southern central valley heading that way fog could be less than a quarter mile through that timeframe. leaving now los gatos 42, santa rosa everybody else mid to upper 40s monterey bay and inland mid 40s without the thick fog like the rest of us are dealing with. sun late today, mild for thyme
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of the year fog forms again tonight and winds wednesday, thursday, take away the fog they bring in the threat of maybe power outages in the south bay today mid 60s possibly only 62 milpitas. mid 60s peninsula 63 half moon bay rest of the coast around 60° mid 60s downtown south san francisco some of the lingering fog will keep the north bay cooler, upper 50s to near 60 east bay shore low to mid 60s and the fog will be stubborn in the east bay valleys upper 50s to near 60 around the monterey bay inland without the fog upper 60s to near 70°. most of the fog in the central valley some will bleed into east bay and north bay tomorrow. the rest of us fog not as quite as thick temperatures in the low to mid 40s inland mid to upper ties around the bay 50 san francisco this -- this
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weak front looks promising but will never make it through, that's why we have the fog again tomorrow morning. area of low pressure in alaska will come through once a -- wednesday and thursday. try to tie everything down and bring it in before wednesday ba, back to work, back on the roads. thick fog this is supposed to be the san mateo bridge difficult to see anything there. consider a little extra time this morning because of this very heavy fog, toll at the bay bridge we have a heavy fog advisory, you can barely see the traffic backed up there, but it is past the west grand overcrossing metering lights. ace train delay number 1 out of the central valley out of stockton, five minutes. stall in san francisco --
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pardon me a stall cleared westbound 580 past grant line good news. ace train delay this morning about 5 to 10 minutes for train number 1. train number 3 is on time. stall daly city southbound 101 at -- that is southbound 280 at john daly boulevard lane 3. take extra care this morning. if you take the richmond san rafael bridge you may be affected and angered by a plan. cal tran will close the ramp on to east wound 580 up to two years while replacing the freeway east of the toll plaza. this means anyone heading east from the san pablo peninsula, many richmond drivers, will have to drive across the entire span, make a u-turn at san quentin and head back to the east bay, extra 15 minute drive and unnecessary $5 toll. some local lawmakers are
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asking caltrans to come up with another plan. as of now they are set to begin in the spring. 6:20. they say you are never too to forgive. apparently not everyone feels they need to. the sports rivalry that led a 73-year-old cal football legend to combat this weekend. .m
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♪ i must have the wrong house. sister? we missed you. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa.
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[ inhales deeply ] he's here. i brought you something. [ chuckles ] really? ♪ [ chuckles ] what are you doing? you're my present this year. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup
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hope you had a great thanksgiving. i was about to ask
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[ unintelligible ] there's a lot of fog this morning. you want to be careful. mike is going to talk about when the fog will lift today. >> i have my guess. but you have to wait to hear it. 6:24. they say time heals all wounds. apparently that is not true when it comes to grudges. this weekend legendary cal quarterback and coach one of two men honored by the canadian football league. the other person honored longtime rival got on stage, cap tried to give him a flower the 73-year-old suggested where he could plant that flower then things got ugly. [ laughing ]
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according to the canadian press the bad blood goes back 48 years to a controversial hit by mosca on one of cap's teammates. the two men were supposed to talk about the hit during in panel. what the video subsequent show earlier in the night moss attempted to shake cap's hand and cap refused. >> let it go. >> would you think. >> 6:25. still ahead, you can't smell it, see it or taste it, but it almost took a life this weekend. what you want to watch out for as you turn on your heater for the season. what is happening today that officials hope will help solve a soggy holiday mystery in south san francisco. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. it is expected to get noisey on the the campuses of four uc campuses today. we'll tell you where, next. sfo nearly 65 minute
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flight arrival delays. san jose not reporting delays even with the thick fog around the bay area most of the country on time also. check out that flight tracker any time at theúúúú
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near the bell ringing on wall street to mark the start of the trading day. stock futures rising after strong start for the shopping season. record number of shoppers visited stores and websites during the holiday weekend and retailers hope folks will continue that spending today because it is cyber monday. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange 15 minutes and see how things are starting out. from northern to southern california this morning uc students will be protesting at a rescheduled regents' meeting with threats of a campus shutdown at uc davis where students are planning a general strike latest response to this video of campus police dousing protesters with er stray. amy hollyfield is live at mission bay one of -- four schools participating in the
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teleconference. >> reporter: the uc president says the administration welcomes protester. he's hoping in lawmakers in sacramento see how upset these students are. they are hoping the s will be peaceful. they cancelled their last meeting because there was wore it was going to turn violent there are signs they are bracing for that today. take a look at what we've seen throughout the morning. police all over the campus at the front door patrolling the campus, barricades at the front door. police are here en masse. the students want regents to know they are upset about tuition increases and police crackdowns at uc campuses. they are calling for a general strike at four campuses where the agents will be located today. regents are aware of this anger they cancelled that one meeting. today they are going to meet by teleconference that won't stop students from poe testing. they are motivated because of the pepper spray incident at
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uc davis. -- regents will have a public session speakers can go to the ucsf mission bay campus in the bay area. also uc davis, uc merced and ucla from 9:00 to 10:00 this morning. usually the public comment session is 20 minutes long. today it will be one hourlong. regents will not be talking about the possibility of tuition increases today. but, that is a topic on the students' minds especially since their tuition has tripled in the past 10 years. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:32 now. a california man who survived a tour of duty iraq and now fights fires for state is in a san francisco hospital fighting for his life after being intentionally run down by an angry driver. police say they have a new clue that could lead to that
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driver. they are asking for the public's help in identifying the man in the white t-shirt on the left. these pictures were taken from restaurant video. the suspect and the victim off-duty firefighter albert bartal got into a fight at a restaurant thursday. moments later bartal walked to a gas station at 9th avenue. police say the suspect got into his car drove to the gas station and plowed into bartal. local fires have been keeping vigil at a hospital where he's in -- in critical condition. >> this hurts the entire fire community and family. we all band together it is a brotherhood, police, fire, first responders. >> a family spokesperson says bartal has a traumatic brain injury he's seen her with his daughter and mom. he has been working with calfire for the past five years and a former marine who served in iraq. in novato city council set
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to consider examine extending temporary ban on marijuana dispensaries for another year -- current one year ban due to expire sunday. the marin ij reports that city officials need more time to study options for long term regulation of marijuana dispensaries and waiting to see how courts rule in cases involving other cities embroiled in legal battles with dispensaries. today investigators will begin to determine what caused a water main to burst and flood a south san francisco neighborhood over the holiday weekend. the 12 inch line ruptured friday. authorities closed streets and evacuated several homes. it took several hours to tie the water and shut off the line and inspect the homes -- the pipe was a 12 inch feeder line connected to a larger five foot main. both lines had been recently replaced. >> the coast guard has spent
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all night searching for a missing paddle border near half moon bay. right now they are searching for the man. friends reported him missing yesterday afternoon. at daylight the coast guard will decide if the skies will be clear enough to allow them to put a chopper back up to help with the search. of course the fog could be an issue for them. speaking of fog, you asked the question earlier which of those words doesn't belong with fog, thick, dense, heavy. >> i'm going to guess heavy. by definition fog is light. >> by coincidence we happen to have a meteorologist in the room to answer that question. >> he doesn't have a pet peeve about that either, not at all. fog really doesn't sit well, [ talking over each other ] >> let's talk about visibilities. we still have a quarter mile visibility in concord, livermore, san jose, mountain view, fairfield, napa, less
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than a quarter novato, 1/8 oakland, good news sfo visibility right now four you still have nearly 65 minute flight arrival delays. winds picking up coming out of the south in the north bay except for napa coming out of the north at five. you can see why we have such thick fog winds aren't moving. we'll have it until 9:00. central valley in the northern sections until left :00 southern sections until noon. today upper 50s to a few mid 60s, mid 60s likely around the bay shore out to the coast where it will be easiest to get rid of the fog then fog again tomorrow morning. wednesday ab thursday we have to turn our attention to the winds that could gust up to 70 miles per hour above 1,000 feet. quiet friday to sunday. time for traffic. good morning. we have difficult driving conditions to say the least
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because of the fog. stall now reported in oakland westbound 580 at highway 24 blocking a lane there. drive times heading out now 6:37, out of the central valley -- pardon me out of antioch highway 4 westbound marin county drive from santa rosa towards novato little under 35 minutes. out of the central valley now 205 to the dublin interchange, a little over 30 minutes. fog advisory for the bridges, all bay area bridges shrouded in fog this morning. looks like the golden gate bridge might be improving a little. looks like the span is lifted -- lived by the toll plaza that is good news. bay bridge toll plaza, heavy fog, metering lights on twaf tpweubg towards the maze into -- traffic backed towards the maze as you head into san francisco this morning. i appears traders are
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going shopping on wall street this morning. are they finding any deals? we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. right now the dow rallying up 257 points. the cooking mistake that is now being blamed for a fire that left more than 60 cupertino residents without a place to live. two words, price check. you want to do it before you buy anything online on this cyber monday. i'm katie marzullo live in the newsroom with tips to get the best deals and shop safely on the internet.
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welcome back. heading up north look at the rain in some of the highest elevations another system rolling through the northern parts of our state one of reasons why the fog may only last until 11:00 in the northern sections of the central valley. low 60s throughout the central valley into yosemite. tahoe 56 down from 63 yesterday. near 70 big sur upper 70s sun los angeles and san diego, 82 palm springs. a hayward family is recovering from exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide after a faulty gas wall heater released a near fatal dose of the odorless gas into their home yesterday morning at this house in hayward. the woman who lives here says she and her daughter woke
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fatigued, dizzy, nauseous, headache and ringing in their ears. they were rushed to the emergency room. firefighters believe the family narrowly escaped death. >> carbon monoxide actually takes approximately 500 fatalities every year in this country. on top of that, over 20,000 people end up in emergency rooms. >> as of july 1st, of this year, each home is required by law to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed. firefighters say they are essential because carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and often lethal. this is the day for shoppers who don't like putting on hockey pads when they go to the department store. millions who skipped black friday will take advantage of cyber monday today. the year's biggest online shopping day. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: it is possible
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some just have more shopping to do beyond black friday. today saturday to put your feet up and get good deals from the comfort of your home. couple tips in order to shop safely make sure you have anti-virus software. shop at trusted sites and pay with a credit card not your debit card in order to get the best deals, monitor facebook and twitter they have unadvertised sales and discounts. even then, don't seattle for the first deal, research before you buy. >> even if you get these e-mails before you click and buy go to or you will be able to see who else is selling it and at what price. >> reporter: easy enough. looking back on black friday it did break records 226 million shoppers spent more than 52 billion dollars over
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the four-day holiday up from 45 billion last year. the average shopper spent $398. those numbers include in-store and online shopping. e-commerce broke records up 26%. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:45 now. >> fog black friday's big success, investors a shopping spree this morning. >> jane king live at new york stock exchange with more. they were fast out of gate this morning. >> oh yeah. we've been strong since the market opened last night. consumers bought a lot of stuff over thanksgiving weekend now they are shopping for stocks after seven down sessions for the s&p, we have a sharply higher -- you can see 300 points higher in the dow strong holiday sales, one of the reasons for this, plus optimism european leaders may be able to do something positive about europe's debt
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crisis there's a meeting tomorrow that is one to watch. stocks up here better than 2%. blew -- bloomberg -- santas at department stores learning new tricks to help kids dale with the tough economy. -- kids deal with the tough economy. how to help tone down their gift list and can you bring my parents a job. the largest santa class ever. [ inaudible ] last year people in san francisco spent way more than the national average on clothing and electronics and software on black friday. the biggest black friday spenders in those categories last year in new york city. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> that's because things cost more in san francisco and new york city.
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>> we know about that, yep. >> jane, thank you very much. >> yeah, true. it is a holiday tradition economic indicator the time of year when experts tell us how much it will cost to get or give items in the holiday carol 12 days of christmas this year the price tag will top $100,000. partridges, pear trees and turtle doves have spiked holding steady -- the partridge is still the cheapest item at $15. 42 swans swimming most expensive, $37,800. annual index is up 4% this year. instead of getting me those swans you guys can get me ducks or chickens. >> we'll fan a family of partridges to give you. -- we'll find a family of partridges to give you.
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french toast, turtlenecks and beer. >> that song doesn't even have 12 days it is cheaper, because it is only six days. [ unintelligible ] >> let's talk about interesting weather. check out this beautiful picture from vollmer peak to mount diablo look at how thick the fog is high clouds going to be a tough day to get a lot of sunshine close to average this afternoon in the 50s and 60s. in case you are just joining us sfo four and half moon bay four, the best visibilities. hayward a mile and 3/4 from a quarter mile before which is where most of us are right now. as fars as what is going to happen over the bay, dense fog at least visibility below a quarter mile until 9:00 everywhere but higher elevations.
6:49 am
northern central valley until 11:00, southern central valley, until at least noon if you are leaving now, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s same around monterey bay where you are not dealing with the thick fog like the rest of us. murky sunshine late still -- fog will form again tonight not as bad as this morning, close, especially east bay dangerous winds going to change everything up wednesday and thursday. today upper 50s to near 60 east bay valleys low to mid 60s along east bay shore as you head into the south bay and around the bend up into the peninsula low to mid 60s even low to mid 60s along the coast today into downtown and south san francisco through the north bay valleys temperatures upper 50s to near 60 around the monterey bay with no fog to stop the sun we have temperatures in the upper 60s santa cruz, monterey, morgan hill 70 everybody else
6:50 am
except for carmel at 66°. tonight you can see the thickest fog central valley some of that will slip into our east bay and north bay valleys know to -- low to mid 40s. mid to upper 40s bay shore, coast, 50 san francisco tomorrow morning. watching this cold front hoping it would come in and sweep out all the fog but it is too weak running parallel with the prevailing flow going to wash out before it gets here. we'll have to wait on this low up in the bering sea for that to come down tuesday into wednesday that will get rid of fog. wednesday morning through thursday evening the north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range gusts above 1,000 feet, to 70 miles per hour. there's potential for downed trees and power outages wednesday and thursday bring anything in you can or tie it down. past that, calm for friday to sunday, partly cloudy.
6:51 am
good morning. the fog has dangerous driving conditions. you can see this is a live shot san jose 280 northbound we don't need to prove it to you, there you see, light traffic in the area give yourself extra time. san rafael, southbound southbound 101 being fog you can barely see the taillights toll plaza, fog advisory as well, traffic backed behind the tolls to the west grand over crossing and beyond. fog advisory, around the bay until 9:00 this morning, if you are in the central valley until 11:00 consider extra time as you head out you will find yourself with limited visable. stall oakland 580 at 24 still -- blocking a lane. drive times as you head out now highway 4, 80 through the san ramon valley 580 from the central valley. is your one-stop traffic shop.
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we are coming up on 6:five i two another child sex scan -- 6:52. another child sex scandal, this time syracuse university's basketball program, syracuse fired head basketball coach bernie fine last night amid accusations he sexually molested boys. one of his accusers 39-year-old bobby davis recorded a phone call with fine's wife laurie in 2002. she appears to acknowledge knowing about the abuse which davis says started when he was in the 7th grade. in a stunning development laurie fine seems to admit on the tape she had a sexual relationship with basketball buy davis when he was 18.
6:53 am
davis' -- bobby davis when he was 18. davis' stepbrother also accused fine. and another when he was 13. firefighters say the blaze that left residents in coup kind without a place to live was starred in a kitchen. eight united does -- started in a kitchen. eight united destroyed. -- 100 firefighters took almost two hours to bring the blaze under control. investigators say it started when a woman was warming oil to make french fries and walked away from the pot. damage estimated at two million dollars. berkeley apartment building in danger of collapsing scheduled to be torn down today. the building had 39 apartments and two residents, it was gutted in a huge blaze this
6:54 am
month, biggest fire in berkeley in 20 years. sidewalks and streets around the building will remain partially closed until the demolition is finished. big protests expected at several uc campuses to coincide with an unusual meeting of uc regents today. >> amy hollyfield is live where police have spent hours preparing for pose -- for those protest. >> reporter: students are scheduled to protest here police have a notable presence. they've been stationed at the front door. we've seen them patrolling the campus and putting barricades up around the building. students are calling for a general strike at four campuses where regents will be dialing in from. regents say they welcome the protests they hope lawmakers in sacramento soon and hear the students.
6:55 am
regents say they too are upset about a lack of funding for higher education and upset at the pepper spraying at uc davis they say that must never happen again if would you like to address the regents today there are four campuses one in the bay area, ucsf mission bay campus. speakers will be welcomed at uc davis, uc merced and ucla. that public comment session is scheduled from 9 to 10 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. checking other top stories. los angeles police arrested at least three after ordering occupy protesters to leave a downtown intersection. hundreds gathered in the street after a midnight deadline passed to vacate a city hall encampment after an all nightstand off officers corralled demonstrators back to the city hall park two hours ago telling them they would not be arrested there. >> san francisco police believe in man is responsible
6:56 am
for an intentional hit-and-run that has a calfire firefighter fighting for his life. these peek were taken from a restaurant video. victim -- victim albert bartal has a brain injury and is now in critical condition. 6:56. final check on weather and traffic. it is foggy everywhere that's the problem, nobody gets away from it unless you in the higher he will violations or along the coast. we have flight arrival delays into sfo nearing 65 minutes. flight tracker of that front page. 50 oakland everybody else in the 40s right now. the thickest of the fog should start lifting around 9:00, partly sunny, mercky, hazy sunshine upper -- murky, hazy sunshine. winds will be the danger wednesday and thursday dangerous driving due to the fog limited visibility might want to give yourself extra time.
6:57 am
golden gate bridge fog is coming and going not an too bad. still have the stall in oakland 580 highway 24 blocking a lane there. drive times heading out this morning: extra time and space between the car in front of you. >> thank you sue many that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> back with a local update at 7:24. keep track on twitter and talk about it at have a
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