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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  November 28, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. protests have prompted regents to hold meeting by teleconference. talking about pepper spraying at nonviolent protesters and uc berkeley police actions. the students are frustrated by skyrocketing tuition costs. >> reporter: the students want to talk about all that that's why they are not outside, they are inside talking and listening many so many of them
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have something to say that the public comment section is going to take 2 1/2 times lodger than the regents expected. -- longer than the regents expected. the chair said she was shocked and appalled when she saw this video of uc davis police pepper spraying students while they sat in protest. she told students this morning this will not happen again. >> we want all of you to know that we fully and unequivocally support your right to protest peacefully. >> i'm really glad to hear that people are starting to say that it is unacceptable. it is totally unacceptable. lor logan harris was hit by a police baton at the, c berkeley campus. she is glad to hear the university is looking attack ticks -- but didn't want administrators to lose sight request they were protesting in the first place.
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>> we are asking sacramento to increase our state funding from the current 2.3 billion dollars to 2.7 billion dollars. this is critically important. >> reporter: the meeting is a tell conference with regents dialing in from four campuses. -- the meeting before this was cancelled because of threats of violent protesting. today's teleconference was a compromise. >> do we change or cancel again? which would have been a mistake. >> reporter: the 150 students signed up to speak during the public comment section. >> it is amazing 150 people sign up for public commence and hundreds showed up around the state because we want to say make banks pay. >> reporter: some of those students are not only calling on lawmakers to be part of the solution but also regents who sit on the boards of corporations and banks. they want them to be part of
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the funding solution. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning the uc berkeley police officer's association released an open letter to the campus community in response to this incident november 9th, when police used batons and grabbed some by their hair while trying to remove those occupy tents at sproul plaza. the police union says, it was not their decision to engage protesters that day. we are now faced with managing the results of poor budget planning. please note, we are not the enemy. video clip gone viral does not depict the full story of the facts leading to an incident. not caught on video, scenes of protesters hitting, pushes, grabbing batons fighting back with backpacks and skateboards. we posted the entire letter on a resolution on the use of force by police against
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nonviolent demonstrators will be voted on this afternoon by berkeley's academic senate. the meeting is open to the public at 3:00 in chevron auditorium of the international house on piedmont. live report from the uc davis campus the epicenter of the pepper spraying incident and see what is going there coming up in less than 10 minutes. activists in oakland say they will retake frank ogawa plaza tomorrow at noon and plan a 24/7 vigil this is video of police tearing down the encampment two weeks ago. protesters say they will not put up tents but will build a teepee. mayor quan says lodging will not be allowed. plan eviction in los angeles ended with several arrests this morning. downtown streets around city hall are reopen to traffic. police shutdown the area 5:00 this morning, when 1,000 demonstrators converged on the
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area and engaged in a stand off with police. bamboo and bottles were hurled at officers. four were arrested. the mayor ordered the campers to leave city hall by midnight sunday. protesters say they are not leaving. the body of a danville marine killed in afghanistan is set to arrive at travis air force base. 19-year-old joshua corral was killed november 18th in afghanistan. last week hundreds turned out for a public memorial at the high school stadium where he played sports. procession carrying his body is scheduled to leave travis air force business and make its way south on 680 to a funeral home in danville. drivers are being told to avoid that area this afternoon or expect delays. san francisco police have released pictures of the man they think is responsible for an intentional hit-and-run that left a calfire
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firefighter battling for his life. they are asking for the public's help. these pictures were taken from video, the victim is off-duty firefighter albert bartal he has a traumatic drain injury in critical condition. he's been working for calfire for the past five years. served in iraq. the men got into a fight at the jack-in-the-box on geary and 11th on thank morning. when tall walked to a nearby -- gas station the suspect into his suv drove to the gas station and plowed into tall. a tesla employee who crashed a plan last year ignored warns from the control war. the ntsb's report says doug burn took off in dense fog february of last year against the warnings of the control tower at palo alto airport. the small plane crashed into a transmission tower killing burn and two colleagues from
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the electric car maker. the propellers and engines were working before the crash. wall street surged after a record number of shoppers went looking for bargains on black friday. a lot of happy people there dow soared 300 points during trading. many see thanksgiving weekend as make or break time. it has been the biggest sales day for the past six years. more than 220 million shopped. some believe that is good for america's sagging economy. >> the consumer is saying, we've got frugal fatigue, we are tired of not spending. >> they hope the momentum will continue on cyber monday. they expect 123 million to shop online today up from 107 million last year.
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retailers plan to offer special online promotions. many shop online at work. don't do that. we have tips you can take advantage of if you are shopping this cyber monday on the front page of our website, news that tphaups -- abc7 news. why popular snack food is being pulled off store shelves. we go live to the uc davis campus where this has students calling for a general strike on all uc campuses. >> the good news we just got on california's crab season. [ male announcer ] are you still shopping
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. right now at uc davis general strike underway during this regents teleconference. students making their feelings known on pepper spraying and tuition hikes. kate larson is there live. kate, did any of the regents show up there? >> reporter: absolutely. here at uc davis there was assembly speaker john perez by his position as lawmaker is on the board as well as student regent. students gathered outside of the campus, inside there's a
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ballroom where regents are participating in a teleconference between the uc davis, ucsf mission bay, uc merced and ucla. when we were there, there was a good amount of public comment. students started to wait to get in 7:30 8:00 this morning. a lot of familiar faces, the same group of students went inside quietly sat and got up for a public comment period each got one minute to voice their concerns. move of what was discussed was tuition-hike related students are fed up of increasing fees. of course people upset about the pepper spraying incident here at uc defense and the violence at uc berkeley this month. one of the last speakers to talk said she is an 30 representing 30 students. she demanded the charges again the protesters be dropped
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among other things. >> we demand that you stand with the students on this campus. what you have done is prioritize private interests over the safety and well-being of the students and the public integrity of this institution. we demand that you resign immediately. >> why do you and your police -- [ inaudible ] i want an answer. >> why do you not use your position to push for higher taxes on the 1%? >> reporter: back out here live you can see several dozen students gathered outside the gym where the teleconference is still way. it is all about a general strike, a lot of classes cancelled for today. they are participating in a number of teach-ins sort of
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have to do with the occupy movement protesting history an interesting educational opportunity for a lot of people here on campus and will be interesting to see what happens after this meeting. kate larson, news 10. four heroes were at city hall for bravery in pulling a man from this burning car. they risked their lives to save him. katie marzullo joins us with their story. >> reporter: it was a nice ceremony, straightforward and heartfelt in a small room off the mayor's office. a lot of people crowded in to be part of this moment. co-workers, friends and family, all wanted to see these heroes honored. four total, three citizens and also an officer. they were honored by the mayor also the police chief and the fire chief. remember the story, it was
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last monday, a week ago, 1:30 in the morning when a suspected drunk drive crashed at 13th and folsom street his car burst into flames. not a lot of folks were around. these citizens, two worked at a hotel, one a cab driver were his only hope. the driver was unresponsive behind the wheel these guys went in and saved his life. >> it doesn't feel like you are doing anything extraordinary when you are doing it. then all this fuss. so i guess if you find yourself in the situation like this, don't think, just do it. >> doing my job, nothing special. i want to thank these three guys they really did the hard work. i just had to show up and cut a seat belt. >> reporter: really modest group. citizens were the first on the scene were able to break out the cars windows which let some of the smoke out which the mayor acknowledged was the first step in saving his life
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and the officer was able to cut him out of burning car. all experts agree, no question, this driver would have been killed in that burning car, if these four men hadn't done what they did. katie marzullo, abc7 news. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> still foggy. it is lifting so the dense fog advisory is over. bad news, you could still see it here downtown san francisco visibilities low enough we rflight arrival delays into sfo cancellations at other airports check out our flight tracker at we'll talk about dangerous winds that will rid of this fog but could cause power outages. it is a job where you are required to dress like this. why these scientists are donning pan that suits in the name of research? i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture.
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that fog wreaking havoc at airports this morning. >> still have delays and still probably tomorrow also because the fog will make one more return then dangerous winds
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roll in we could have power outages, trees down. let's look outside, breezes will take away the fog so you have to pick your poison with this one. looking from mount tamalpais this morning a blanket of fog handling around the bay area. one lock from san francisco, -- from sutro tower, breaks developing in san francisco, definitely when you look at visibilities up north where a cold front is moving into the north bay unlimited in santa rosa. novato five, better spot, everybody else four miles or lower that's enough visibility to drop the dense fog advisory issued when visibilities are less that a quarter of a mile. upper 40s to low 50s except for half moon bay 59°. mild around monterey bay inland celine last. gilroy 50 -- at salinas. gilroy 51. haze hanging around even high clouds, partly sunny and mild this afternoon, fog again tonight dangerous winds wednesday and thursday will
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take it away but bring other$i issues. low to mid 60s from the east bay shore down to the south bay where we have low to mid 60s then round the bend right turn up the peninsula, low to mid 60s at the coast low to mid 60s and spill into downtown south san francisco, north bay, temperatures will top out in the upper 50s to low 60s. we'll see the warmest weather arm the monterey bay as it was over the weekend upper 60s to near 70° not only around the bay but as you head inland. temperatures holding around 50, sun 56 tahoe down from yesterday's record high of 63. 82 palm springs upper 70s in los angeles and san diego. tonight fog confined to the central valley some will spill into the north bay, 41 palo alto, otherwise mid to upper 40s most of the bay shore to the coast.
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san francisco 50. weak cold front will fall fall part as it moves into the bay area. it is not until this low comes in. when it comes in wednesday morning into thursday, that's when above 1,000 feet we could have gusts at 70 miles per hour may down trees and powerlines. once we past that low to mid 60s around the bay inland upper 50s along the coast quieter for friday to sunday. ocean spray yanking yeah sins because several batches -- may contain small pieces of metal only the original flavors of caisins are impacted. no injuries have been reported if would you like a list of the package date check our website under see it on tv.
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santas have to wear a costume but scientists are donning panda suits. david wright goes undercover, so to speak, "at panda research center. >> reporter: they are one of nature's most fragile species for years researchers in china worked hard to help them bounce become from being nearly extension. recently they adopted a new uniform to help them in their work. they may be the only signses in the world who does up like teddy bears. >> like a giant halloween costume. >> reporter: black and white fluffy costumes taylor made. silly outfit serving a serious purpose. do you think they will mistake me for a giant panda? this is how they dress when they check on one of their cubs. even though no one but the
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pandas are watching. this guy is four months old today. think of this like a working birthday party. every month they measure him, take his weight and other measurements. researchers are dressed like this they hope one day to release him into the wild. they don't want him to grow too attached to humans. >> i think it is an interesting way of going about that. i feel that they still can smell a person, no matter what they look like. but i think it is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: do you think it will help if they are released into the wild? >> oh yeah, less human contact the better chance when they get released. >> reporter: i'm not sure the suit fools anybody but if it gives comfort for the, so much the better and it makes the assignment a about it -- a bit more colorful. david wright in szechwan,
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china. pziniin, that,÷>0 right?.n;3
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