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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  November 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the suspect sont left side of the counter in this surveillance video. after the altercation, bartal walked to a gas station, investigators say the suspect got into the car, followed skmim ran him down this, jack in the box is one of the few places in the west side of the city which stays open 24 hours. investigation commander says it's been a source of concern for police. >> there is issues in the past. we've spoken to the owner to request additional security and lighting there. >> but neighborhood businesses say little has changed. >> the richmond station have had a lot of issues here. and this is with fights and noise complaints. >> i don't know why they can't have a security guard that keeps everybody away. >> his fellow firefighters
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have set up a trust fund for his daughter and to help pay for his medical wills. -- bills, all information is posted on our web site go. to see it on tv. and you'll find it there. >> and protestors disrupted california regents meeting today at four campuss. >> demonstrators at mission bay began shoot shouting and forced almost all regents to leave the room. similar interruptions took place at ucla, davis and merced. they voiced their opposition to tuition inserieses and violence that occurred a few weeks ago. >> the justice will be heading our task force in addition to
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the firm handling fact finding. we're in good hands to get to the bottom of this on the berkeley. >> this reconvened and considered a proposal to ask to avoi increase autos union representing uc berkeley police officers released an open leter to the campus community. and in that letter a video clip does not depict the full story of the fact according to police. not caught were scenes of protesters hitting, pushing and grabbing officers and fighting back with backpacks and skate boards, they clashed when police tried to remove tents that have been pitched on november 9. uc berkeley senate is meeting now in fact and how police will deal with protesters in
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the future. >> only threat that came to our health and safety was from the police. i don't see how anyone can see that justified. >> there is a long history at berkeley. we hope that we'll not see a repeat of what appears to have happened on november 9th ooj weather accuses officials of asking police to enforce poll says then failing to support officers when they did. >> uc davis protesters staged a protest over tuition increases and spraying of nonviolent demonstrators, spraying them with pepper spray. there is many activities that students could participate in in in the strike. i saw a met taigs station and cutting classes was not popular, not with finals next we can.
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dozens of students marched through financial office to take it over. they say they wanted to hit the university at its core. >> we're going to stop business as usual. >> it was one of a number of activities called for during a one day general strike. the denouncing the use of pepper spray on seated protesters and added rising rates to their cause. students encouraged to skip class and he was one of many doused with pepper spray. >> we will not stand for an administration that is not accountable for actions and do not stand for increase autos students twont class. cycling as usual. many sympathize thrk week is a bad week to miss class. >> when this is -- you don't want to fall behind.
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it's right before finals. >> and there is heavy security visitors were screened and uc davis was among four campus as loued to voice their concerns to the uc owe regents. the chancellor removed listened quietly. >> our education becomes a less quality. we cannot sit passively and let that happen. >> but a tuition hike may be unavoidable considering state tax revenues are lagging again and a cut will almost certainly kick in. >> none of us look forward to cuts. if revenues toin come in at the rate they vrx they're unfortunate necessity. >> and there is nothing to stop the $100 million cuts in happening. the cuts are already written into law. >> and a veteran police officer killed his wife and turned a gun on himself. and the bodies of a
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43-year-old and her husband were discovered yesterday and police will not say how she was killed but the sargeant apparently died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. officials say he displayed no signs of trouble. the couple leaves behind two children. >> a 24-year-old iraq war veteran scott olsen has given a interview. he spoke yesterday to indy he was there the night of october 25th protesting a predawn police raid when hit in the head with a projectile. he was in the hospital for weeks and working to regain speech capabilities. >> i was here and something, to a friend of mine. and next thing i know, i'm down z out of it.
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on the ground. and there are people above me trying to help, help me. >> oakland police department is investigating that incident. we have a link to the entire interview on our web site. and look under see it on tv. >> and an emotional and moving day in danville. a war hero came home one final time. the marine lance corporal was killed in afghanistan. people in danville honored his service and sacrifice. >> and since the day this young marine was killed, this community has come out to support the family and show them they share in the loss. with the giant american flag suspended from fire trucks, the town welcomed home a fallen hero. the body first pass bid a.
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>> high school wraez a well loved student athlete. >> just a great student. life of the party. very happy. just a nice guy. >> he believed in what real heroes are. people look at sports athletes but he lived like one, every day. >> then, a motorcade through the is jernt of town. thousands lined streets, flags in hand. earlier, the casket was greeted by his family, three brothers and parents. and a long line of veterans at travis air force base. the family had private moments before a marine honor guard loaded the body into a hearst. his friends say his legacy will be greater than this
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final chapter. >> this story touched everyone. he knew what he wanted to do. he made an impact on everyone. >> and funeral services are set for wednesday and tonight at 6:00 we'll show you what this community turn outlooked like from perspective of one of those riding in a procession. >> and coming up, two tablets vie for the biggest share of consumer sales. >> and new place that dozens of families are able to call home tonight. >> less fog, more sun in days ahead. and i'll be back with a watch going up in just minute autos the deal struck the day good enough for local crab fishermen.
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the news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. clean up has begun after a devastating fire raced through an apartment comeplex. you can see the devastating result. abc 7 is there live this, is always a tragedy. but somehow worse over thanksgiving weekend. >> it s you can see a bit of
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the damage behind me over my shoulder. intense flames burned to the roof of several units. some families took advantage of a shelter saturday night. that shelter is no longer needed but the recovery is just beginning. saying most of the things in this home are unrecognizable. and most disappointed. the fire destroyed his guitar and photo album. >> there was a book my daughter started to write when she was 17. and we cannot find this, anymore. >> the three-alarm fire gutted or did damage to eight two-bedroom units at the apartments in cupertino. another eight units suffered from either fire, water or smoke damage this, is the fire's epicenter today. the stove with a pan of cooking oil was left on and forgoten. tonight some 60 people forced out of their homes do have a place to stay.
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>> we have a place to stay. >> families are salvaging what they can. many are still in a days. >> i'm just thankful. >> investigators estimate the damage will top $2 million. those that have it were singing praises of rental insurance. >> i recommend that 100 percent. >> this family did not have insurance, neighbors are doing everything to help. >> we moved in about a month from core rea. they're not used to this country. this disaster happened to them. >> he says he's grateful no one was hurt and says firefighters worked hard to make sure the fire didn't do more damage. >> i lost my belongings but i remember emotionally their
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dedication to it. >> the village green management is waiting to see how soon they can return to the units. they'd like like to rebuild bhu that could take several months depending on engineering and permitting. >> thank you very much. >> if you're like millions of other americans you probably spent time online today shopping for deals. >> and not at work. >> that would never happen. be careful what you buy. there is most cyber shopping takes place at work. people have broad band connection there. >> we're unaware that have. >> federal agents shutting down web sites peddling
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counterfeit goods on the internet from bogus sports paraphernalia to fake hand bags and among ships shut down are jersey great, and puma authorities say counter fitting in software and entertainment industry costs 373,000 jobs and $2.6 million in tax revenue. and there is people who purchase online, but don't pay tax, as require bid law. under california law, californians must pay sales tax on purchases made online, though few actually do it. when you pay it, it's called a use tax, listed on state forms. it's a line. you're expected to fill in amount owed.
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one of the items are tab blet computers. the new kindel fire expected to give strong competition to the king z biggest point is this $199 price, amazon says it's its top seller and brick and mortar stores say kindel sales are strong there, too. analysts say black friday sales of ipad appear to be way up. new technology being introduced in restaurants can prevent mist yaikz that are often cheating customers. fish sold as more expensive varieties are often misidentified and are substitutes. mislabeling can pose a threat to health.
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new dna bar coding could prevent those mistakes from happening. the fish would be scanned and check forward their identity. >> so that way they won't have their identities stolen. >> great news if you love crab. crab season got underway today. weeks of haggling and processor as agreed to a price of $2.25 a pound. agreement after a two week delay that kept local crab off thanksgiving dinner tables. 180 boats headed out and the expectations are high this season after a record 19 million pound catch in 2010. >> it's almost dinner time. >> let's talk about the forecast going back to work. >> there is going to be a
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milder forecast into afternoons, earlier clearing liening to sunny skies and milder conditions. we're looking towards downtown san francisco and fog is not a problem there now. and there are patches of fog. look at this shot. from our east bay hills camera, you can see mid and high level clouds moving in looking towards sutro tower there. there are clouds that goring to limit amounts of fog we're going to see tonight there is the temperatures right now. we have 50s for the bay area. here are the highlights. looking at areas of dense fog. milder weather with winds developing wednesday morning. less fog as atmosphere gets
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mixed out. looking for coastal fog. half moon bay is reporting fog at this hour, temperatures into 40s. you might want to give extra time. as you will need that time with the patches of dense fog. high pressure is setting up shop. is a dry pattern this week. we don't have storms going bring us rain here in the bay area, but do have something we're watching. it's an area of low pressure that is actually going to move in and is going to slide down this is what we call inside slider. there is two getting too close together. you can see windy conditions will develop. continuing into late thursday afternoon. there is a where we're expecting north winds gusting to about 55 miles per hour over hills, up to 70 miles per
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hour. there is is tomorrow, a beautiful day. temperatures coming up a few degrees into the south bay. and there is low to mid 06s. 62 in redwood city. there is downtown san francisco about the same as today. 59 was the high for today. 61 in south san francisco. into north bay you're going see mid-60s for clover dale. there is east bay communities a narrow range of highs. oakland 63 degrees. and there is temperatures into 60 degree range there is is 61 inmont rai. 64 in watsonville. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's morning fog followed by milder afternoons.
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take a look at temperatures heading into wednesday, thursday. around the bay, near 70 degrees but will be windy over hills, breezy at lower elevations. our dry pattern with slightly cooler weather going into weekend. there is pleasant weather head. >> government investigation into an investment firm run by a former 49ers great. >> michael finney will be back with a winning strategy for using coupons. where you can find best deals out there this holiday season. we'll be right back here. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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bloomberg news reports the sek. sec is trying to determine whether the firm misled investors. and they're trying to determine if they improperly shifted debt to investors. >> three san francisco men who sued a gay soft ball group for discrimination settled. the north american gay amateur athletic alliance agreed to pay to players claim they were banned from playing in the 2008 gay software world series. and that resulted in their team and under the agreement announced today team members will now receive their second place trophy. >> and we'll be right back.
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coming up, and a water main break and problems it's causing for neighbors. >> and caltrans road work going to force some rez dobts travel 11 miles out of their way for years. >> and new after 6:30 decades old feuds triggering this. a fist fight between a 73-year-old ledgen and an old rival. the stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> and before we go, san francisco firefighters kicked off a 62 toy drive today. >> they held oof duty and firefighters just off bay shore. >> they wrap ask hand out toys to families with children. last year, distributing 300,000 toys to 40,000 children. >> you can drop off a toy at any of the 51 stations. >> that is it for us. thanks for joining us.


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