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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 29, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a shocking twist in the $250 million lotto mystery. are these three wealthy bankers covering up for the real winner? the extraordinary revelations this morning from one of their close friends. was yesterday's press conference a complete sham? campaign bombshell. the woman claiming to be herman cain's 13-year mistress speaks out overnight. do her shocking revelations spell doom for his troubled campaign? prime suspect. the former fiance of "the people's court" missing mom is named the only suspect in her disappearance by police. now, he refuses to take a lie detector test. is he trying to hide the truth? home free. gary jordan giordano, the man police suspect of killing robyn
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gardner will walk free from an a aruban jail today. will the mystery of her disappearance ever be solved? good morning, everyone. boy, a lot happened overnight. including that new allegation against herman cain. another woman has come forward, claimed a 13-year affair. the question now, can his campaign survive this allegation? we'll get to that in a minute. >> we will. and a dramatic day ahead for dr. conrad murray, as well. michael jackson's doctor being sentenced this morning for his role in the pop star's death. will jackson's children appear in court today? we'll get to that just ahead. >> that would be a dramatic moment. but first, the $250 million mystery. this is a head-scratcher. we saw the lottery winners yesterday. $254 million prize. they said they were going to give most of it to charity. but we've had a big twist overnight. abc's bianna golodryga has been tracking it. this friend of one of the investors comes forward and says, they're covering for an
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anonymous -- >> reporter: an anonymous client of theirs. they didn't win it at all. three rich bankers getting richer after winning hundreds of millions of dollars in the lottery. but the big twist, they might not be winners at all. it was one of those you have got to be kidding moments. >> the winners were presented with a cash payout check of $104 million. that's the after-tax lump sum. the winners know a thing or two about money. they are wealth asset managers in greenwich. >> reporter: three smiling but subdued investment bankers clutching their $254 million powerball check. >> it feels good. >> reporter: awarded nearly a month after one of them purchased the winning ticket at a stanford gas station. >> how many tickets won? >> $1. >> reporter: in a mysterious press conference yesterday, their spokesperson said they formed a trust and would give most of the winnings away. >> charities was definitely
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probably number one on their priority list. >> reporter: now, an unusual twist. tom gladstone, a long-time family friend of one of the trio says, this was an elaborate ruse. the real winner, one of the men's wealthy clients. the bankers, a front, so the true winner could remain anonymous. reached by abc news this morning, gladstone said one of the bankers admitted to him that they claimed the winning ticket for their client, saying, quote, these are smart guys. they want to turn the hundred million into $300 million or $400 million. he added they were doing a service for him. the plan was to keep all of this private. you've seen people pry into other people's lives. they want to protect their client. but now, they're facing questions like these. >> tim purchased the ticket, realized he had the winner, and then after that he approached two of his colleagues to form the trust? >> i'm not going to get into the timeline. >> are they related in any way? you know, married? i mean, is it a family thing?
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or they just work together? and they figured it was good business to share it? >> i don't want to get into their personal lives as well. but, yeah. they consider themselves a family. >> reporter: gladstone, who serves as a realtor for the banker, says he believes the real winner does not plan to follow through on the pledge to give most of the money to charity. but he wouldn't say how much was going to go to charity. >> this is such a strange one. someone really does have to come forward. and it could be some kind of fraud involved here. i'm looking. we have connecticut law here. according to connecticut law, the name, city, and town of the grand prize winner shall be disclosed. >> which would make sense as to why they want to keep the client anonymous. do they have to come forward and say they lied to everyone? >> does the real winner have to come forward? we tried to reach the three winners, correct? >> that's right. they didn't return our calls. as well as the connecticut lottery officials didn't return our calls. it's an amazing story. >> we'll keep trying to get answers.
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thanks very much. >> so much more to this. now, to the new bombshell for herman cain. another woman has come forward claiming a 13-year affair. cain came right out to defend himself. and matt dowd will be along to analyze what it means for the presidential race. but first, chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, has the latest on the new allegations. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. these are not allegations of sexual harassment. instead, an accusation of a 13-year-long consensual affair, by a woman with a long history of financial problems who, despite his denials, said cain lavished her with gifts and cash. >> this is not something i wanted to hurt anyone. not a fun thing. >> reporter: her name is ginger white. late last night, she told abc affiliate wsb in atlanta she wasn't surprised that cain denied the affair.
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>> i can't imagine him actually confirming. it's the name of the game, i guess. >> reporter: the story began to unfold when white provided the atlanta fox affiliate with cell phone bills and text messages. showing cain, up until this september, would contact her at all hours of the day and night. one at 4:26 a.m. >> i was aware he was married. and i was aware i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> reporter: white said she and cain spent many nights together at the ritz carlton in atlanta. and she often traveled to meet him wherever he was making public appearances. always, she said, a gentleman. >> very much sure of himself. very arrogant in a playful, sometimes, way. very herman cain loves herman cain. >> reporter: even before the atlanta tv broadcast, cain went on cnn to deny the allegations of the 13-year affair, in a kind of preemptive strike. >> i acknowledge that i have known her for about that period of time. but the accusation that i had a 13-year affair with her, no. >> there was no sex? >> no. >> none? >> no.
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>> reporter: court documents obtained by abc news show that cain's accuser, white, a single mother, has a long history of legal and financial problems, including an eviction notice earlier this month. >> i don't think that makes me out to be a bad person. it makes me out to be one of the millions of people right now that are trying to keep a roof over their head. >> reporter: the accusations come just two weeks after cain's wife of 43 years, gloria, made a rare public appearance, to defend her husband and deny that he had ever strayed. >> his conscience would bother him. and he couldn't look me straight in the eye. >> reporter: in fact, cain, an ordained baptist minister, has made much in the campaign about his morality and the need for everyone to do the right thing. >> now, if somebody breaks that guiding principle, they are going to have to suffer the consequences. it's just that simple. >> reporter: his accuser, ms. white, says the sexual nature of the affair ended about eight months ago when cain began his campaign run for president
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in earnest. she is the third woman to come forward publicly, and the fifth overall to raise questions about mr. cain's behavior with women. cain says none of this will force him out of the race for president, though. >> brian, thank you very much. we'll see what happens. let's get more on this now. he says he's not going to get forced out. let's get more from matt dowd down in austin, texas, our abc political contributor. i guess i take him at his word right now that he is not going to drop out. but herman cain was already losing altitude in this race. where do his votes go? >> that's the thing, george. he is already on a downward trend. and most of it had nothing to do with any of these things. it had to do with the fact that he never got beyond the 9-9-9 tax plan. and he wasn't able to answer questions on foreign policy. i think right now, his downward trend continues. he is in third or fourth. when he was in first. they go to newt gingrich, i think. i think right now, the anti-romney vote has coalesced around the former speaker. i think more votes are going to go to newt.
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i think he's benefited in new hampshire by the endorsement by the paper. i think more of the votes go to newt gingrich. and newt gingrich is a force that mitt romney has to reckon with. >> no question. and newt gingrich was taking on romney directly yesterday, on the issue of flip-flopping. also saying -- this is an interesting line from gingrich. i'm more conservative than romney and more electable than anyone else in the field. he's really boiling down his pitch. >> he definitely is. and he wants to preempt that george, i think, any of the attacks that might say he's the right conservative but newt can't win. but he's demonstrating that he can beat mitt romney in the primary, which he wants to show. and two, that he can beat barack obama in the general election. and mitt romney folks understand that. mitt romney has taken water from the democratic national committee who is attacking him with a tv spot on the same thing, the flip-flopping. >> that's what i wanted to get to. the white house and the democrats still think that romney is the man to beat. and they're not all that concerned about gingrich. >> well, i think part of their strategy is a little jujitsu. i think what they could do is
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they could hurt mitt romney in the primary and create a bigger opening for newt gingrich. i think the attack that the democratic national committee has on mitt romney hurts him as much in the republican primary as it does in the general election. they're softening him up for the general election in case he is the nominee. but, two, they may create an opening for newt gingrich that could cause mitt romney to take on more water in the primaries in the nomination process and hurt him in that process. >> and they want to run against newt gingrich. but be careful what you wish for. >> exactly. be careful what you wish for. >> okay, matt dowd. thanks very much. let's bring in josh elliott, with the top stories now. >> good morning to you and to all of you. we begin with breaking news today. american airlines and its parent company are filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they struggled in the wake of several airline mergers of late. it says this move will allow to it reorganize to become competitive. the company's ceo is retiring.
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despite the changes, they say passengers will not be affected. all reservations and frequent flyer miles will be honored as usual. tense moments inside washington's state capitol last night. row testers storming the building. three people were tasered by police. a fight erupted near the door. protesters stormed a bus later where police were holding three people in custody. we're following two twoping stories overseas. iranian students have stormed the british embassy in tehran today. they're calling on iran's parliament to pass a bill that happened this week. today, pakistan backed out of a key meeting with global leaders over the future of afghanistan. it's said to be angry at the u.s. and nato for an attack that killed 24 pakistani soldiers at
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the border. the u.s. suspects that the taliban caused them to fire on the troops. the wall street journal says facebook will be going public next spring. the way things stand, its value could top $100 billion. >> with a "b"? >> with a "b," robin. >> zuckerberg is just barely 30, huh? >> there was a football game of somebody last night. >> the saints. the saints. all right. just because -- the giants were in town. easy, g-men. easy. that's good. >> it was her. it was her. now, to the latest on the disappearance of michelle parker, the mother of three who vanished on the same day she appeared on "the people's court" with her ex-fiance. police identifying him as a suspect, saying he is the primary focus. abc's ryan owens is in orlando with the latest on this. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. police call him their one and only suspect. but he is a free man this morning. he has not been arrested.
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and there is still no sign of michelle parker. >> so i -- i ended up smashing my camera on the ground. >> reporter: orlando police say the man who wasn't shy about telling his story on national television has suddenly clammed up. and refused to take a lie-detector test. the police chief says that's one reason they finally made this announcement. >> after numerous tips and investigative leads, we are officially naming dale smith the ex-fiance, as the primary suspect in the disappearance of michelle parker. >> reporter: parker vanished 12 days ago, on the same day that episode of "the people's court" aired. police believe dale smith was the last person to see the 33-year-old alive. when she dropped the couple's twins off at his house. her family first doubted smith was behind her disappearance. but now, they are appealing directly to him. >> if there's anything that you know that you're holding back,
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please, just help us. >> our family needs to have michelle home. >> reporter: the naming of dale smith as the prime suspect comes two days after a s.w.a.t. team raided his father's home in the middle of the night. police will not say what, if anything, they found. but it's painfully clear this morning what they didn't. any sign of michelle parker. >> we're not going to stop until we find out who did this. we love our michelle so much. >> reporter: from the very beginning of this, dale smith has refused to speak to the media. but late last night, a couple of hours after he was named a suspect, we learned he hired a prominent orlando defense attorney who once represented, robin, casey anthony's parents. >> all right, ryan. thank you for that bit of information. going to bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. you were here with nancy yesterday. and you explained why at the time police had not named any suspects. that has certainly changed. so public about it, too, dan.
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>> at the legal matter, really doesn't change anything. he's not in custody. that doesn't change it. but as a practical matter, it's pretty stunning. this is a high-profile case. ordinarily in high-profile cases, the authorities don't want to name anyone a suspect, much less the prime suspect, unless they're going to arrest the person. why? it causes potential problems for them down the road. they could get sued later, et cetera. they almost never do that. >> why do you think they did it in this case? >> they have got to be wanting to put the heat on him in some way. this is clearly a concerted decision on their part to go out publicly and announce, okay. we're now ready to name him a suspect. that says to me that they want him to feel the pressure. either they want him to take a lie-detector test. or they're looking for tips or something else. but this isn't just random. this isn't just a culmination of the investigation. this is clear pressure by the authorities on smith. >> i'm sure that the public was pressuring them, too, to know what was going on and how they were moving in the case.
7:16 am
of course, they need more evidence before they were able to name him as a prime suspect, as he is. but let me ask you this. the evidence, what do they need to be able to arrest him? >> they're going to need a little more. they're going to need probable cause to arrest him. and it seems they don't yet have that. and that seems to be the one thing they're waiting for. that one piece of evidence that will lead them to go from suspect to arrest. >> and the two boys, the twins now -- >> they'll probably stay with him. remember, o.j. simpson, even after he lost in the civil case, a jury said he was responsible for killing their mother. got to keep the kids. >> that's true. dan, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to the conrad murray case. the doctor for michael jackson is in court today for sentencing following his conviction of manslaughter. abc's jim avila has covered the trial from the start. jim, we know the judge will hear from jackson's family before he rules. the big question, will jackson's children testify? >> reporter: good morning, george. a source close to the family and
7:17 am
involved in the talks, right up until late in the day, tells abc news that the jacksons just could not decide what to say or who will say it, right up until now. in effect, they've asked the prosecutor to write and deliver the family statement, a decision that could change right up until the gavel falls at the conrad murray sentencing. today, the family silence may end. invited by the court to deliver what is often an emotional victim impact statement. just before conrad murray is sentenced. >> there's more. >> reporter: a family source telling abc news, a statement will be read. perhaps by just the district attorney. the court, however, raising speculation that jackson's children might appear. in a memo to the media warning that judge michael pastor may rule that some of the individuals making impact statements not be filmed, recorded or photographed. >> dr. murray is remanded to the custody of the los angeles sheriff. >> reporter: that's where conrad murray has been, in solitary confinement at the l.a. county jail.
7:18 am
today his attorneys will present the judge with 34 letters from friends and family, led by murray's mother. she wrote that she wants to express her sorrow to michael jackson's mother. and that her son is sorry for what happened to michael and had no ill intent toward him. his attorneys asked for probation and community service. prosecutors demanding the maximum four-year sentence and restitution in $so -- 100,000 in funeral costs and $100 million in lost income for his children. they say dr. murray has shown no remorse and portrayed himself as the victim in a british documentary and replayed on msnbc. >> i did not think he would have had an active intention to do me harm. but i think through his most intense desire to have me there with him, it was a degree of betrayal. >> reporter: now, as for the family, katherine jackson remains firm.
7:19 am
she doesn't want the kids to show up today. george? >> jim, thanks. let's get some weather now from "gma weekend" meteorologist, ginger zee, in for sam today. >> good morning, everyone. central park breaks a record at 70 degrees yesterday. the midsouth gets snow. now, they see snow in november. but it doesn't happen like this. and memphis has only had it three times since records have been taken. this would be a fourth making history today. and we're looking for rain on the top end of this, as well.
7:20 am
>> rain is moving in to the northeast. and we're going to have to say good-bye to the mid-60s. i know. it's been so nice. >> a record. >> we get one more. i'll talk more about it coming up. >> thanks, ginger. coming up, gary giordano will go free from jail in aruba. exclusive details on what the only suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner. plans to do as soon as he leaves. plus, the father of the
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opened fire on them some of those targeted returned fire. the victim this 1-year-old boy who was in critical condition going too surgery. we'll see how the morning commute is going. >> still foggy ace train delay number 3, 5 to 10 minutes late, number 5 on time. highway 37, novato to vallejo, highway 1 heavy fog bay bridge toll plaza, very foggy there too and metering lights are on. when we come back, mike is going to tell us when the fog will burn off and when the winds will move
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welcome back. check out the fog hanging around san francisco southbound from mount sutro this morning visibilities are running quarter of a mile everywhere even into concord. 40s in the 60s by the afternoon under partly cloudy
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that's the perp walk right there. but gary giordano goes free today after more than 100 days behind bars. he's been the key suspect in the disappearance of his traveling campai campaignian, robyn gardner. and we have the news on what he plans to do hen he gets out. and the father of the 16-year-old accused in the craigslist killings speaks out in an exclusive interview. why he says his son is not the mastermind in the brutal murders. and the big party at the palace last night. and back to the royal duties last night. >> looking forward to that. let's get right to gary giordano, scheduled to be released from prison today.
7:31 am
he has been suspected in the disappearance of his traveling companion, robyn gardner. matt gutman is in aruba and has the latest for us. >> reporter: in a few hours, gary giordano will roll through the gates of this prison for a first time as a free man in 116 days. but he'll be racing to get off this island for an appeals court convenes, which could decide to detain him here for another 30 days. by sundown, the only suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner will be jailed no more. but in the next 24 hours, a series of hastily-cover owe graphed moves. giordano will leave the prison before 5:00 p.m. his personal items returned. >> it will be as simple as him walking out and driving away. >> reporter: jose baez, who spear-headed casey anthony's acquittal last summer, again, with a controversial suspect.
7:32 am
abc news says he will try to scramble out of the country the next morning, before an a11:00 a.m. appeals hearing that could overturn a judge's decision to free giordano. >> you throw in the circumstances of how robyn disappeared. and you throw in the fact that gary is an american. and it creates a recipe for disaster. one that has kept him locked up for four months in prison, uncharged. >> reporter: now, an investigation already without a body, a murder weapon or a clear motive, loses its only suspect. for four months, investigators grilled jegiordano on what they called his suspicious response for gardner's disappearance. almost casually knocking on the doors. and then, there's the $1.5 million travel insurance policy he purchased for gardner the day before they traveled, names
7:33 am
himself the beneficiary. giordano has always maintained that gardner has vanished while snorkeling. >> this investigation is going on. for the relatives of robyn in the united states, they are still left without clues, without answers, on what has happened to their loved one. >> reporter: we've learned arub ban authorities would consider extraditing giordano if they find any hard evidence. >> gary's not going to run from anything. he'll come back voluntarily. >> reporter: now, investigators tell us they just begun to sift through the tens of thousands of documents they managed to salvage from gary giordano's blackberry and laptop. they're hoping that there's a clue that could link him to the crime. but getting back to aruba could be a lengthy process. for more, now, let's turn to former prosecutor, nancy grace, and prominent defense attorney,
7:34 am
roy black. let me start with you here first. giordano is expected to be released later today. won't be able to get a flight out until the morning. and there's an appeals hearing that's set for about 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. is there some concern from his camp that he's going to be able to get out? >> i would imagine so. he's going to try to get to the airport as soon as possible. but i can't imagine why the court wouldn't have an earlier hearing, knowing this was in the offing. that sounds somewhat bizarre to me. >> i think other people on the flip side say they have had four months. and they haven't been able to find anything definitive. nancy, we heard matt alluding to it, the extradition process. and how difficult it will be once he's gone. >> it will be extremely difficult. and i agree with roy black. it's ridiculous they are not moving the hearing. it's almost as if the aruban government is orchestrating his release. it's simply a matter of moving
7:35 am
the hearing from wednesday to tuesday. unless, of course, the prosecution has no other evidence to support the hearing. the way it works there is, you're taking into custody under suspicion. every couple of weeks, after 8 days, 16 days, 30 days and another 30 days, they have a hearing. and the judge determines if there's enough evidence to keep holding the defendant, the suspect gary giordano. here, the judge has decided the case is not progressing. so, they're cutting him loose. denied. he walks free to fly home to maryland tonight. and the hearing is the next morning. it makes no sense. >> a lot of people are scratching their heads over that one, nancy. roy, we're assuming he comes back here to the u.s. but what happens if he flees somewhere else? >> well, it may be extradition is not that easy. and if he goes through another country, it will probably be easier than the united states because the way it is now, aruba's going to have to send a note to the secretary of state, who sends it to the department
7:36 am
of justice, who gives it to the fbi. then, they go to federal court. then, you have a series of hearings. while it can be done, it is certainly not an easy, efficient system. >> no, it's not. and, nancy, just talk about, this is a huge blow for the prosecution, his release. >> well, you know what? they should be used to it now because look what happened in the natalee holloway case. it took lima, peru, to get joran van der sloot. and the cases are egregious. these two met on adult friend finder. she went down there, as friends only. he has some weird, apparently, allegedly -- natalee holloway had mentioned her to other women he wanted to go on vacations with, turned him down. she gets down there. they go to lunch at a restaurant called the rum reef. and i interviewed employees there. they came in two hours before
7:37 am
she's lost at sea. she appeared weezy. two hours later, he's wandering saying, can i borrow your cell phone? my companion's gone. this woman had thousands of dollars of extensions in her hair. she would not go under water. they went in a snorkel place and did not rent snorkeling gear. two hours later, she's gone. it doesn't add up. >> no. in many ways, it does not. and people are still saying, for four months, they've not been able to find any hard evidence against them. and, roy, also compounding this is the insurance policy that we've been reporting on and matt did, too. $1.5 million. is he going to be able to collect? >> he may well be able to collect. the question is whether he has a legitimate, insurable interest in her life. and he made a claim on it. that's probably the biggest evidence against him. i'm not really convinced by hair
7:38 am
extensions and going to various clubs or websites or what have you. that's some evidence that somebody was actually killed by giordano. you need a little bit more than that. at least the insurance policy showed some type of a motive. >> and, nancy? >> luckily, roy, there is more than that. there is photographic video evidence, just two hours before she's missing, of them having a physical confrontation on an elevator there in the renaissance aruba where they're staying, where he's grabbing her and forcing her on to an elevator. apparently they argued over something that was on her computer, where she wrote her boyfriend. he is found bone-dry, according to reports, after they've been in the water. his toupee dry. just wandering along the beach, claiming he's looking for her. her articles were never recovered. nothing. >> it's a good thing you're no longer a prosecutor. hopefully that's not enough to
7:39 am
get somebody charged with murder. >> i'm going to take that as a compliment, roy black. >> you should. >> roy black and nancy grace, thank you very much for both of your perspectives this morning. we certainly appreciate it. take care. >> thank you. let's get over to the weather now. "gma weekend" meteorologist, ginger zee, in for sam champion this morning. >> good morning, both of you. we talked about the snow in the south. it's a little bit rare for this time of year. especially november. a lot of those places haven't seen snow in november. but the northern part of the storm has heavy rain with it. elk hart, indiana, to toledo. and chicago going to have very windy conditions. in the northeast, the rain moves in. and the warmth comes to an end. we're going back to what is average. look at philadelphia. 49 by thursday. we've been so spoiled. you can handle it. we'll look at the rest of the nation. the center is dry. nearly 60 in dallas with lots of sunshine. very windy.
7:40 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by big lots. robin and george? >> you mentioned o'hare. you know a thing or two about chicago. >> about five years or so spent there. >> welcome here to new york city. >> a lot of time at o'hare. coming up, the father of the 16-year-old accused of the chilling craigslist plot speaks out in a new interview. what he says about his son's role, or lack thereof, in the killings. now that we can get any pizza hut pizza for just ten bucks,
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but knowing that this thing you're going through has a name, means knowing you can find treatments that are right for you. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life. the latest, now, on those chilling craigslist murders in ohio. a 52-year-old man and a teenage boy are in custody, accused of luring the victims with fake help wanted adds. brogan rafferty will be in court this morning. and in an exclusive interview with dan harris, his father previews the defense. >> reporter: 16-year-old brogan rafferty, caught up in a sensational murder case. a plot to kill people who reply to a bonus help wanted ad on craigslist. now, brogan's father, michael rafferty, tells abc news, in
7:45 am
this exclusive taped inter, that his son fell under the spell of this man, 52-year-old rich beasley, who mentored brogan for a decade. >> to think that my son would be capable of masterminding a crazy scheme like this, that's beyond belief. >> reporter: he did not shoot anybody. but he did unwittingly dig some of the graves, thinking they were simply drainage ditches. >> reporter: i think he probably didn't realize what he was involved in until it was too late. and that he was in fear for his life and the lives of people that he loved. >> reporter: also this morning, we're learning more about the man they call chaplain rich beasley, a self-styled man of god. several churches he says he was associated with now deny he was even a member. and earlier this year, chaplain beasley was charged with selling oxycont oxycontins, growing marijuana, and promoting prostitution. brogan's father says he feels tremendous guilt because he is the one who introduced his son
7:46 am
to beasley. >> i trusted him with my son. the most precious thing in the world to me. and it's sure biting me now. >> reporter: one of his classmates, who did not want her identity revealed, told me brogan defended her from bullies. >> he stood up for me a lot more. it helped me stand up for myself better. >> reporter: meanwhile, brogan has written this letter home. saying he fears he won't get out until well after everybody he knows and loves has died. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, akron, ohio. and coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and the hot, new trend inspired play of the day." and the hot, new trend inspired by pippa. ouble miles on every purchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a mace, a sword, a... oww!
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> all right. >> here we go. a talented chihuahua today, joining us. he doesn't need a cue to rule
7:51 am
the billiards table. take a look. this might be a small dog thing. if i put my max up on the table -- >> he's doing good. >> well, yeah. arguably, the balls have nowhere to go. and he did scratch. his owners say, i could watch this all day, which really begs a lot of questions about the owners sometimes. >> so many "play of the day" involving dogs. >> that, they are. and now, they're waving at me. hi. valerie bertinelli. and john walsh, an his new move after a quarter-century. a better home for the holidays. hardwood floors take a beating during the holidays. which is one of the best rugs to use for added protection?
7:52 am
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7:55 am
still ahead on "gma," we're counting down to carson's crazy christmas wonderland. the man himself joins us live with a preview. and some clues. and pippa's perfect profile, coming up.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ great tuesday morning audience here in times square, yet again. and you know what? it's no surprise that one of the world's hottest single women, right there, is bringing sexy back. pippa middleton, inspiring a big, new trend. you don't need surgery to get it. >> not that big. >> and we'll tell you about it just ahead. >> that's right. >> you can't get it with the video. we're not going to say it. but if you can't get it with that. moving right on to one of our favorite people. valerie bertinelli, with her
8:01 am
show, "hot in cleveland." and today, she will be making some turkey meatball. >> she was saying that her recipes blew up our website. it was so delicious. >> and charlie's turkey -- >> i don't know about that. that was number one. so, guys. i'm looking around. we understand that somebody special's here. is that carson kressley? i believe -- wow. a construction hat with a santa hat on top of it. he's ready to do carson's crazy christmas wonderland. tomorrow -- he wants to come in. no. you're busy. literally, by the way -- carson's going to unleash his holiday imagination. he's going to give us clues as to what he's going to do. listen closely.
8:02 am
and i'm sure -- >> he's going to -- >> he's taking notes. checking them twice. finding out who is naughty and -- i'm naughty. >> i knew that. josh, let's get some news. big news in the airline industry. >> breaking within the hour. word comes that american airlines and its parent company have filed for bankruptcy. weekend anchor, bianna golodryga, is back with us here. what does this mean for passengers? >> we should preface the news saying it will not affect passengers. they are honoring tickets and making normal refunds. american and its parent company, say they're voluntarily filing for chapter 11 to reorganization and become more competitive. the airline has struggled recently, failing to reaching a cost-cutting labor agreement. and there will be a change at the top of the company. american ceo, a long-time face
8:03 am
of the industry is now retiring. and it used to be the world's largest airline. now, it's number three. >> all right. we will stay on top of that story. thank you, bianna. encouraging news about the economy this morning. figures out this morning showing that cyber monday sales rose some 18% this year, as compared to last. flat-screens and digital cameras were among the hot sellers online. to politics now. and republican candidate, herman cain, who is denying he had an affair with another woman for 13 years. ginger white said she spent many nights with him and traveled with him on vacation. she told our atlanta station, wsb, she is not surprised at cain's denial. >> this is not something i want to hurt anyone. this is not a fun thing. i can't imagine him actually confirming. that's the name of the game, i guess. >> now, cain does admit he knows
8:04 am
white. but denies a sexual relationship occurred between the two. white has a history of legal and financial problems, including a threatened eviction notice this month. there are serious questions this morning about that $250 million powerball jackpot claimed by three bankers on monday. one of the friends of the bankers says they claimed the ticket for one of their investor clients, where that client can stay anonymous, which is illegal under state law. the friend also believes that the real winner does not plan to follow through on a pledge to donate most of the money to charity. and in medical news, if you like waking up at the crack of dawn, regardless of how much sleep you have had, and who doesn't? you may have a scientific advantage. scientists in germany says they've identified a gene that allows some people to fanks on less hours than others. if you have two copies of the
8:05 am
gene, you can maybe be on morning television. the gene also has a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. good to talk to you after the holidays. here's the question -- what if we all bought just one gift, one gift this holiday, made in america? all of us pulling together. could we create 200,000 new jobs? we'll tell you how. and it's tonight on "world news." so, are you in? are you in, josh? >> i'm in. count me in. absolutely. and finally, diane, you'll appreciate this. two men, lost at sea for more than a month. finally back on land this morning. for more than a month. these two men from the pacific island of kiribati, are now found. they drifted some 300 miles from their home island until being rescued by the u.s. coast guard. the men are weak. but considering, are in pretty good shape.
8:06 am
they'll be flown back home as soon as the one plane that flies to kiribati is, in fact, repaired. something tells me they can wait it out. >> take their time. >> terra firma. good morning, everybody. and good morning to you all. time for some "pop news." last night, at buckingham palace, the prince and kate helped the queen kick-start her diamond jubilee celebration, marking her 60-year rein as monarch. and members of the media got to mingle with members of the royal family. the east gallery was on the night for those who wanted to post online messages. and kate looking fabulous in green, if you wanted to know. we know hugh jackman does killer workouts. but no need to do so for his one-man show. hugh jackman, back on broadway. the actor says he has been going to vigorously, they've taken his
8:07 am
pants in three times. not enough to impress his 6-year-old daughter, who said the show was boring. the run that goads until january 1st, is just about sold out. nothing like kids. all right, j. lo might wish she never did that big endor endorsement feel for fiat. she got heat for not doing the commercial in the bronx. now, a graffiti artist says one of the murals was used by fiat without their permission. fiat says they are investigating whether the image is properly secured. i know. >> can't get out of their own way. >> not so good. and apparently, sales not so good, either. and can you imagine lady gaga, a lonely old woman, living in a giant house, with only her hit records to keep her company? in an upcoming "vanity fair" interview, she says that's what a former lover told her would
8:08 am
become of her. she says all of her relationships start well but inevitably crash and burn. according to gaga, the problem is men want to compete with her. and if it came down to her career and her lover, she would pick her little monsters every time. >> somebody says -- who hasn't been told that in a breakup? >> plenty of times. >> you will never make it on your own. >> on behalf of all men, gaga, sorry. >> you've said that before, haven't you? >> i don't know what you're talking about. don't we have more news to get to? >> nope. we're going to let you sweat a little bit. >> he's going down that road. and he's not going to stop. >> i have no jokes. >> you don't have sam here to help you out. we have to save josh here. the weekend meteorologist, is in for sam. ginger? >> good morning to you. good morning out here. this is such a nice crowd.
8:09 am
when the weather's this good, you can't help but be out here. it's not quite as nice in parts of ohio. where are you from? >> marysville, ohio. >> why did you hi, mom, so small? >> my mom is standing behind me. >> my mom. >> oh. i got you. a little bit of rain for parts of ohio today. that includes parts of chicagoland. i want to start with a look at chicago this morning. and low clouds. this is part of the low-pressure system. very windy on the back end. and the rain and the cooler weather coming to the northeast, too. let's look at the outlook. i want to leave you with an expectation of what you're going to
8:10 am
>> in the next half hour, we'll look at the santa ana winds. now, back to lara. >> thank you, ginger. here's a look at what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." it's the hot, new trend on how to look like pippa. we'll tell you how to look like her from a different angle. and he brings fugitives to justice and reunites families. "america's most wanted." and john walsh back. we'll talk to him about the cases grabbing headlines today. and the ultimate elf, carson kressley, giving "gma" a holiday makeover. but what does he have up his sleeve? he'll give us a few clues coming up on "gma." [ male announcer ] the cold aisle can be overwhelming.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
i think he hurt his tibia. what's a tibia? [ female announcer ] cards are not for sending. ♪ they're for bringing us together. this holiday, select cards tage-paid. ♪ i like big butts and i cannot lie ♪ sir mix-a-lot. now, to pippa middleton. she is the most famous sister of the bride. and maybe right now, the most in demand single woman, after a recent split with her long-time boyfriend. now, there's a new way to get the look she's famous for without going under the knife to do it. >> i wish i could have seen you in the '80s and '90s. i think i would have liked it. we're talking about these.
8:14 am
they're booty pads, robin. they're all the rage in the u.k. sales increased by 10% immediately after the royal wedding. now, they're taking off here in america. the sellers of these things said their phone started ringing off the hook, all because of the world's most famous maid of honor. it's right up there with the greatest assets in history. dolly parton's cleveland. markey mark's abs. move over j. lo and kim. now, pippa middleton has the most talked about derriere in the world. it got as much attention as the royal wedding itself. >> it's not about the size. it's about the perk factor. she has the beautiful lift. it looks so perky. it's like a little peach. >> reporter: the peach that's become the apple of everyone's eye. pippa's rear is now so the rage, people will do anything to get it. special gym workouts. this woman even had surgery called the pippa butt lift. how does your derriere feel?
8:15 am
>> amazing. i like showing it off. it looks beautiful. it feels great. i feel sexy. >> reporter: but if going under the knife isn't for you, how about the latest craze? padded underpants. taking your booty from this toy. one company named its panties the pippa. >> the phone starts ringing off the hook. all because of pippa. please, can you make that happen for me? and we can. >> reporter: the mail-order company,, has clients from the age 18 to 81. seriously. and provides them with an array of fake bootys, like the pip by, that adds lift. to the beyonce, two extra inches of padding in the shape of a preformed derriere, and everything between. >> i get a lot of calls from women who, they literally say thank you. i have no butt. and now, i have one because of these items.
8:16 am
and it makes them feel more confident in what they wear. >> reporter: designed to add curves in the right places, the panties give your butt the uplift usually reserved for padded bras. there's even jeans that do the same thing. >> it's all about the booty. skinny jeans, jeggings, pencil skirts, have inspired this industry to say, hey, ladies, you better perk up that bottom. >> reporter: 30-year-old megan wears feelfoxy's top seller, the j. lo. lifting her rear from this, to this. why do you wear butt pads? >> it's kind of fun for me. it's something to spice up an outfit. and more than anything, it gives me confidence. >> reporter: what kind of reaction do you get from men when you wear the pads? >> my friends say, that guy just checked you out. >> reporter: they are definitely a head-turner for men.
8:17 am
>> it is. >> looks good in jeans. extra is better. >> reporter: but what happens when the clothes come off? what if a guy were -- like you partially for your behind. and later, he finds out it wasn't real? >> fortunately, i feel like i have enough to satisfy. but i met a guy and he was attracted to my behind, it would be another time i met him again. >> reporter: false advertising aside, women are embracing their padded panties. guys, don't be bummed if the next time you see less junk in that trunk. all right, cost. padded panties range from $19 to $45. and these jeans from frederick's of hollywood, have butt pads that you can leave in or take out. these are stretchy. they're $66. if you want to know how they feel, ask carson kressley.
8:18 am
>> butt pads to construction workers. >> yeah. says she looked like she had a colombian butt lift. now, to our friend, john walsh. after two decades when tragedy struck his own family, he's been solving crimes on "america's most wanted." john walsh is here to announce the launch of its 25th season. but first, a look at what a difference it's made. >> we'll go wherever it takes. >> reporter: 1,000 episodes. 1,200 fugitives captured. and 61 victims reunited with their families. all thanks to one man. >> good evening from washington, d.c. i'm john walsh. >> reporter: and the ground-breaking show he created. "america's most wanted" has led the way to finding some of the most dangerous criminals. within four days, police made an arrest. >> thanks to your phone tips, david james roberts, one of
8:19 am
america's most wanted, is behind bars tonight. >> reporter: just days before his 1981 trial for the brutal murder of girlfriend holly maddox, ira madhorn fled to europe. police found him there 16 years later. >> why don't you go back? >> reporter: walsh traveled to france to confront einhorn until france agreed to send einhorn back to the u.s. for trial. >> yes. he's extradited. >> reporter: einhorn was convicted a year later. one more example of how one man can make a difference. >> we keep profiling the bad guys. you keep taking them down. and john walsh joins us now. 25 years. that is a lifetime in television. >> a good lifetime, yeah. we had a lot of wonderful experiences. and spent most of that with fox. and now, i'm going to lifetime. >> to lifetime. what's the most important thing you've learned in 25 years? >> that one person can make a
8:20 am
difference. that the vast majority of people are wonderful and good. you don't hear about them. they're the silent majority. and we've caught almost 1,200 fugitives because people had the guts to pick up the phone and say, i want to help that victim get justice. >> it seems like every day we've come across another case that's so difficult to solve. we've been dealing with "the people's court" case, the missing mom, michelle parker, missing for several days. and finally, her ex-fiance named the prime suspect. you're going to do this on your show. >> we're going to profile that case. and today, he's been named the prime suspect because he refuses to take the polygraph. if you have nothing to do with a polygraph. try have twins together. you do everything you can. even though we're in a contentious relationship, i'm going to do everything to find the mother of my twins. >> he dropped her off in the woods without her shoes on? >> i think it's police work 101.
8:21 am
they waited to have enough to say you're the guy. now, they have to find her. and odds are she's probably not alive. >> and one place they don't have enough evidence to hold the guy, gary giordano down in aruba. jailed for more than 100 days. lots of circumstantial evidence. but they didn't have the goods. >> it's like the natalee holloway case all over again. look at what happened with that creep. and now, he's in jail in peru for murdering another girl. they never indicted joran van der sloot because they couldn't find the body. i believe this is a similar case. i believe this man lured this woman down there. took out an insurance policy on her. and they haven't been able to find the body. >> without the body -- >> they can't hold him. he was smart enough not to leave any evidence. and in my mind, there's no doubt that he probably killed this woman. and he's going to get away with it. >> and the other case, missing baby lisa out of kansas city. and this one has been so
8:22 am
difficult to figure out because we can't seem to get a clear story from the parents, will they're cooperating with the case. whether they're not cooperating with the police. >> you and i talked about this before. when my son, adam, was missing 30 years ago, i would have stood out here on times square naked if i had to and took a bullet for him. i would have traded my life for his. any parent who has a missing child should cooperate with police. you can get a lawyer. in our case, it took 27 years to find adam because police made huge mistakes and covered those mistakes up. but you keep on going. every question. you go in every day and you run the search from your house. two weeks adam was missing. we never slept. friends came. we borrowed money to give to people to keep searching. if you have nothing to do with the disappearance of your child, you're there at that police station every day saying, what can i do to get this baby back? >> you are starting on lifetime friday. what else can we look forward to this season? >> i'm thrilled to be with
8:23 am
lifetime. i had a long run with fox. i'm still doing some specials for fox. and i think the people at lifetime really get the show. i'm doing some -- same old stuff. really, really tough cases. a mother and a wife, this friday night at 9:00, will be our biggest case, who police say ordered the murder of her husband and left her three kids. just took off after she was indicted. there will be tough cases. a case here in new york city, where a father got a visitation of his 2-year-old child. and they found that child in a car seat in the river two days ago. we'll be doing that case. i think we're going to catch that guy. i'm looking forward to going to lifetime. friday night, a different night for me, skrogeorge. i think people will watch. >> 25th year. another big season. john walsh, thank you very much. tomorrow is our christmas spectacular. we're facing a really incredible challenge. look around the studio. with the help of a special
8:24 am
guest, we're going to decorate this place for the holidays in one hour. one hour. one man. a lot of elves behind the scene. and who is that man that can accomplish this crazy christmas wonderland. he's here this morning, measuring like mad. carson kressley, put down that tape measure and get down here. >> okay. here we go. so much better than an elevator. you can take it anywhere. and comersome to get out of. i have pads everywhere. >> have you been working like mad to get this ready? >> i have been. it will be my biggest makeover. we're going to redo the studio. full of surprises. >> this is one of them? can you give us any idea? >> i will give you three clues. >> three, big clues. >> this one, santas just want to have fun. >> am i allowed to touch it? >> of course. you mean this? yes. i don't know if you meant my
8:25 am
sw sweater. i hardly know you. >> i'm really your sister. >> separated at birth. come on. >> that's clue number one. >> it could be a pony. >> it's not a pony. i have those coming to your house. i have so in extras. and if you listen to our next musical clue -- ♪ baby >> oh, i don't know. >> yeah. i'm not going to do striptease or anything. remain calm. >> a big present. "santa baby." >> and the third thing is, i brought presents for all of the anchors. okay. some little scarves. >> come on. >> josh, here. here. there you go. oh. you look so republican now. look at you. red, white and blue. >> did you see how quickly -- >> i'm just doing my job. okay. there we go. >> thank you. >> there we go. wonderful. it's going to be cold outside. >> cold outside.
8:26 am
>> baby, it's cold outside. >> baby, it's cold out. big present. and stars. >> i have scarves for everyone. you get a scarf. everyone gets a scarf. >> get one to robin. >> here. i don't want george to feel left out. >> oh. >> that would be terrible. >> this is really nice. >> here you go. we'll give you some -- it feels like a -- it's soft. >> yeah. >> a little -- >> i know. still, no chair. they won't give me a chair. i know. i love that. i have keys to the building. i have a script. >> i left my tape measure on my elevator. see you tomorrow. coming up, valerie bertinelli.
8:27 am
later this morning oakland police are due to update their investigation into a gun battle last night that left eight wounded. cameras captured the moment when a group of people preparing to shoot a rap music video at 7th and willow streets dove for cover. another group opened fire. some targeted returned fire. among the victims this 1-year-old boy. he was in critical condition going that surgery. right now let's check in with sue hall and see how your commute looking. still foggy stall peninsula north 101 north of peninsula avenue lane two you can see the damage done slow past the scene. drive times 80 to the maze 101 through marin and peninsula,
8:28 am
almost 30 minutes from 9 to 380. toll plaza, metering lights remain on and it is foggy. >> fog then the winds, meteorologist mike nicole is
8:29 am
>> . dangerously low visibilities except for livermore seven and half moon bay at three. flight arrival delays into sfo. most of news the 40s in the
8:30 am
60s from the coast upper -- 50s today dangerous winds tomorrow a ♪ there they are. >> yeah. >> oh. >> look at those adorable little faces. >> you know who has an adorable little face? beth stern. she is here with adorable dogs and cats from the north shore animal league. beth, when you're here, we always end up taking some of them with us. look at how cute. >> that's a cute dog. >> big problem. big problem. >> we all have pets already. so, may be taking some more home with us. >> you can combine the two. >> i'm repackaging.
8:31 am
>> well done. >> thank you. we will have another segment maybe. >> maybe. and valerie bertinelli. will she take some home? she's going to cook with us this morning. one of her family favorites. turkey meatballs. and we'll talk about "hot in cleveland." >> about to start the third season. >> yeah. >> congratulations. and sitting next to her, steve harvey. >> steve harvey. >> yeah. >> yeah. he's going to tell us how to act like a lady and speak like a man. looking at demi, ashton. we're taking your questions. >> we're doing so much on this show. >> we need more time. now, let's get to weather. weekend meteorologist ginger see, in for sam this morning. >> good morning. one more day where we can go coatless here on times square, even for your birthday.
8:32 am
the mild weather. let's talk about another place that only has one more day of warmth. that would be southern california. another storm started to pop through there, bringing wind. the santa ana winds can be cool, too. we'll look for an overall forecast to take us from the west-to-east. tacoma, 46 with showers and >> this weather report has been brought to you by hallmark. robin? >> oh, ginger zee. thank you. we are delighted to have valerie bertinelli back on "gma." the new season of the award-winning hit sitcom, "hot
8:33 am
in cleveland" starrts tomorrow night. and today, we'll be cooking with valerie, as well. we have so much we want to talk to you about. >> never enough time. >> the third season is starting. the season finale last year was so hysterical. you had too much to drink. let's play a clip for people. >> please, do. i want to see it. >> betty white's character is on the lam with her husband, don rickles. >> how did you find me? >> we were searching the guest house for clues when i noticed you had written on a pad next to the phone. so, i took a pencil and started to shade over the impression. that's when i realized it was a souvenir pencil from the shopping ground. >> don't let him hear you. >> we don't want to blow your cover. but your message really worried us. >> i knew i shouldn't have said
8:34 am
i missed julie. >> we've asked you this before. and viewers want to know one question. how do you not laugh all the time with betty white and the whole cast? >> that's all we do. and one of my favorite shows that we aired last season was our all-bloopers show. i get a kick out of it. i just love it. >> and you all -- you're not -- it's not an edgy show. but your take on some really different and controversial subject matter. >> i guess so. you can talk about anything these days. you know? and -- being correct or not correct. it doesn't matter. >> you have a real charm on how to do it. >> we love it. >> the one question i know you get asked over and over again, and i'm going to ask you. "dancing with the stars," everybody wants to know, for some reason, if you're going to do that at some point. >> i watch it almost every season. and i watched again this last season. it's a lot of fun to watch.
8:35 am
but everybody's in tears and crying and pain. i don't want to work that hard. it always looks like fun. and i'm dancing or whatever when i'm watching the show. i'm on the treadmill. it's a lot of fun. you need to do it. >> no, no, no. you're such a fan favorite. you're one of the people we've always liked. like the girl next door. >> i come here all the time because i get to hear that. >> i'm glad you're coming up on the one-year anniversary and all that good stuff. and people also are drawn to the fact that you have always been a beautiful person. >> thank you. >> and you maintained this weight loss. it was a goal of yours. and it wasn't just losing it. that's a question we get asked over and over again. how do you maintain this weight loss? >> keep your body moving. and food in moderation. i'm going to show you one of the soups i make during thanksgiving. after thanksgiving. i'm going to put my thing on. >> this is a new project for you. a new cookbook coming out. >> i have a new cookbook coming out next -- next winter,
8:36 am
probably. it will take a lot to put these together. this takes me hours to do at home. with the thanksgiving leftover turkey. we have broth going in here, i believe. yes. okay. what you do is saute a little bit of olive oil. and in is great, too. it keeps down the calories. a little saute with onions. celery. and you saute that up really, really good. i saute it in this pan and pour the broth over it. once the broth is bubbling, you add the carrots. and the orzo. and while all -- >> that's really good for you. >> and while all that's cooking, we have to make the meatballs. this is so nice because it's set up for you. but it takes a lot of time to prep this stuff. >> it's worth it. >> it's so worth it. and it goes quickly, too. the meatballs is a pound of very light turkey, ground turkey. you add -- again, saute some
8:37 am
onions. saute there. and you get those sauteed. you throw them in the bowl. and you throw in this. then, you add italian bread crumbs. thank you. parmesan cheese. an egg. i have my rings on right now. so, i'm not going to get real dirty. but you get in there and get in there with your hands. and then, you start rolling the meatballs really small. i like them really, really small. these are great, too. i like them a little smaller. your cook is amazing. >> karen. >> karen. these get all done. as they get cooked, you throw them in one at a time. you don't have to cook them the whole way through. and they get cooking in there. and then, you eat. >> yeah. >> at the very end -- add the cold turkey meat from your leftover thanksgiving turkey. and add it to the broth at the
8:38 am
end. you don't want it to get too stringy. just to warm it up. and mange, with a little bit of parmesan cheese. >> you had the tuscan food. it was amazing how it flew off of our website. >> really? >> people could not get enough of it. >> i heard eat. >> hi, josh. >> hi, valerie. josh. are you going to do "dancing with the stars"? >> oh, gosh. when robin does, i'll do it. >> it's about portion control. >> mainly about portion control. the tuscan soup is a lower calorie one. i like to keep it a light version. salt and pepper to taste. i don't like to add a lot of salt. and the meatballs adds some. >> it's delicious. it turns out, it's really, really good. >> and good for you. and it's nice when they get sick. and my husband likes soup. i make a lot of soup. >> so worth the effort. >> it is. you know, sometimes i make gumbo. but my brother and sister made
8:39 am
gumbo this year. and their gumbo kicked -- >> good morning, america. >> good morning. she is "hot in cleveland." valerie, thank you. >> thank you. >> congratulations on all the success. happy anniversary coming up. january 1. all right. "hot in cleveland" premieres tomorrow night on tv land. you can get valerie's recipes on the website at on yahoo! hard to believe we're in our 50s, isn't it? i'm telling you. it's a great way to go. coming up, tough love from steve harvey.riririririririririi
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
it has been way too long since our friend, steve harvey, stopped by for a visit. but the man is busy. this king of comedy has become king of all media for a hit morning radio show, to his best-selling book, "act like a lady, think like a man," out in paperback now. soon to be a movie. you have a lot going on. >> pretty blessed. >> the book is doing so well. has done so well. 3 million sold, not even out in
8:43 am
paperback yet. >> that's unbelievable. >> it really is. a lot of people getting a lot out of it. and now, a movie. >> right. it's a pretty good turnaround. you write a book, of course, does these unexpected numbers. just through the roof. you know, beyond my wildest dreams. and then, for it to turn around and become a movie. i was wondering how you were going to do it. we have a clip. >> women have had enough. >> what's wrong with the men of this generation. >> ladies, do you understand the mindset of man. you're not going to win in the game of love. >> act like a lady. >> but think like a man. >> now, one book is changing things. >> what's your view on relationships. >> who are you? oprah? >> it's going to be a lot of fun. >> it is. i saw a 25-minute teaser for the movie. it's really, really good. but the good part about it, it really goes into the book. it takes time out to get into
8:44 am
what the book is about. and romantic comedy, kind of funny. but it stays true to the book. i like it. >> going to get your take on marital controversy in the news. what does herman cain say when he calls home this morning? >> herman cain? herman has some problems. he needs to stop talking to women, period. he should stop selling pizza. quit talking to women. please, stop texts. there's no age limit to texting. >> on the over/under, he's under? >> yeah. this is not good presidentialed a attitude at all. >> demi and ashton. i guess not a surprise, huh? >> i don't know. i think because when you're famous, i think it's a lot more difficult to work out your marital issues. there's no personal time to say i'm sorry. there's no personal time to say, let's work through this. you turn on the tv. you're on tv.
8:45 am
all of your friends are mentioning it to you. you're all over the social media. i think it's horrible. but he's a young guy. >> that's right. he has a lot going on. meanwhile, kim kardashian calls it quits after 72 days. >> hey, man. i've had women not talk to me for 73 days and we worked through that. so, for them to call it quits after -- that's not even giving it a chance. >> was it not real to begin with? >> i question, was it really love? love makes you fight a little harder. to me. i could be wrong. they could have been madly in love and after 73 days, fell out of it. all of a sudden. really. yeah. >> that wink says it all. >> i mean, you are married. just to see what the 73 days was like. >> i would not marry her. okay. let's get some advice for viewers back home.
8:46 am
we got one from sofia gutierrez. she says, i am newly divorced after 25 years. i'm 45 years old with three children, 12, 13 and 18. starting over and being single is a challenge. so many things have changed. what advice can you give me? >> well, she's made a true statement. a lot of stuff has changed because now the social media. so, online dating is what's really out there now. and there's some advantages to that. she's going to have to get brushed up on that. >> that's just the way they do it. >> it's a way to cut through some of the crap. you can filter this guy out without having to waste an evening of your life on a date with this loser. get on the social media. learn from it. but nothing is going to replace the old-fashioned, sitdown face-to-face and feel the chemistry. you have to always keep the old-school thing going. >> but laid the groundwork first. >> crystal c. my partner and i are both overweight. we both want to lose it.
8:47 am
my partner wants to get weight loss surgery. i want to lose it the natural way. do you have any suggestions how we can come to common ground? >> well, now, it depends on how far out this guy is. if you're talking about surgery, you have to be pretty much out there. to stay there's a risk involved in the surgery. that's a little questionable. the two of them ought to sit down and turn it into a game. we have to win together. to get the guy on your side. the guy's like a dog. you have to provide a treat. hey, look. when we do this exercise, you do your toe touches, it makes me hot. the guy's going to do toe touches. and it will get him to exercise with you. you don't have to spend the money on surgery. >> you and josh agree today. guys are like dogs. we have more advice from steve harvey on our website, on yahoo! coming up, bethngngngngngngg
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
all right. >> beth stern is the spokesperson. and you and howard stern, your husband, have done really something special to raise money. and robin has the calendar. we'll show you each month, beth, and a different animal that
8:51 am
needs a great home. and we have more animals here right now that also needs home. can you tell us about your furry friends? >> yes. first of all, howard has been doing photography. this is a pet project of ours. we wanted to make the calendar. $20 donation to the north shore. >> really cute. >> and i brought some guys with me. that's where all of the cheers are from. i thank everybody for being here. a pure bred wirerand. and these are all gorgeous dogs. they're all pure breds in the shelters. we're looking for an animal. we say go for a mutt breed. go for an adult dog. we have lots of puppy shelters right now. josh, too. howard and i just adopted three
8:52 am
cats. and the february -- in february, his name's leon. and he's a 20-pound black cat. he's an alabama rescue from the tornadoes. >> oh, that's great. >> and josh? >> josh has -- let's name him josh. how cute is he? he's american pit bull terrier. so cute. wonderful animal. ready to adopt. take your family to the shelter. see what's out there. make a great decision. >> can we show? this is nikko. >> we love nikko. >> calling your name. >> nikko is really sweet. we have a special bond already. >> yeah. >> look how wonderful and gentle they are. please considering adopting. they need your help. >> thank you. >> oh.
8:53 am
>> not on the air. >> oh. >> all right, guys. go to "good morning america" on yahoo! and you can find out how to yahoo! and you can find out how to ad and even though you do what you can to take care of it, sometimes you want to give your immune system some support. try new airborne chewable tablets. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs... including zinc, echinacea, ginger, and a blast of vitamin c. it's the easy, great-tasting way to help support your immune system. airborne. in fast-acting effervescent formula, and new super-convenient chewable tablets!
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so, a lot of people here want to take these dogs and cats home. thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. all of these dogs are spayed and neutered, by the way. >> you couldn't tell. have a great day, everyone. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. world's third largest air carrier american airlines and parent company have filed for chapter 11. american says it will honor tickets and take reservations and frequent flyer program will not be affected. fog affecting your flights this morning. by the afternoon the fog will lift partly cloudy sky low to mid 60s no fog tomorrow because of strong winds through thursday. >> fog still issue for your commute peninsula northbound 101 earlier stall cleared. traffic jammed southbound 101


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