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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. live look at downtown san francisco dense fog taking over. it won't be here after 9:00 winds will be big story into the afternoon and evening. you want to slow down for the thick fog. live shot of 680 walnut creek. update on an earlier accident reported on westbound 4 willow pass road. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at the oakland police department. investigators have new information about monday night's shooting that left three in critical, including a toddler. it is what police don't have and what they are not getting that is driving them nuts.
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we hear from the chief, coming up. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in vallejo this city is expecting 4,000 people to attend a memorial service here today for a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. >> :01 on this wednesday morning. foggy wednesday morning, thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. later today -- >> watch out for things you can't see mike. >> that's what the fog does even though it is going to hang around until 9:00. less than a quarter mile visibility in most areas. good news not as widespread as yesterday. it is thicker than yesterday, in san jose, mountain view, oakland and concord with novato everybody else about the same if not five miles per hour napa. easterly to northeasterly wind brought the tule fog into our
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neighborhoods in the afternoon winds develop in the central val delay is going to take away the fog -- valley, i don't -- >> our top story, vigil will be held tonight for the toddler critically injured in an oakland mass shootout. investigators have revealed they are zeroing in on potential suspects. terry mcsweeney is live at the police department with new information. >> reporter: new information, investigators say there would be more new information if only witnesses and victims would cooperate in this investigation which they are not doing. police have again to other means including surveillance video to put together a timeline of events. first you see a buy being held by a man that is hiram lawrence -- see a boy being held by a man that is hiram lawrence. three gunmen approaching along the side of the store opening
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fire on a group making a music video in the parking lot and then chaos, including people who were intended victims, firing back. hiram and his father exited the store at about that time, was shot, the boy in the head, the father in the hand. several wounded. despite all of this, with two dulls in critical and hiram fighting for his life, witnesses are -- not helping and police are frustrated. >> we know for a fact there were a lot of witnesses that saw what happened. we are asking that the public help us to identify who did this. >> reporter: further complicating matters, all victims were taken to the hospitals by private vehicles. crimestoppers is offering a $35,000 reward hoping someone who saw something can step forward and help police and lead to an arrest. there's a vigil for hiram lawrence scheduled for this evening. we do not know where or when. police are continuing their investigation.
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they have people in mind they are looking for, possible suspects. they are also looking for a motive. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. hours from now, thousands of police officers, firefighters, family and friends will converge on vallejo to say good-bye to a murdered police officer. jim capoot was shot and killed while chasing a bank robbery suspect. amy hollyfield is at the scene of today's funeral. >> reporter: check out the impressive scene behind me on the football field after this you will see hundreds of chairs on the feel they expect 4,000 people today they have the stage set, lights on, security guards here watching over it all to make sure no one disturbs this set-up. governor brown will be among the dignataries to remember over capoot, kill in the line of duty when he was chasing a bank robbery suspect and the man shot and killed the officer. his death has had a tremendous
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impact on the city of vallejo. people have already held a candlelight vigil they've been leaving candles and flowers at the police station telling numerous stories how the officer contributed to his community not only as a police officer who really cared about people, but also served as the girls' basketball coach at the high school. also a former marine answer was married and had three daughters. the man accused of killing him was in court yesterday. henry albert smith, jr. of fairfield entered a not guilty plea. eligible for the death penalty in this case. the service will start at 11:00 this morning, a procession throughout the city streets starting at 10:30 the service will start at 11 at the high school. we will be streaming it live on if you would like to catch the service in its entirety itune into our
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newscast at 11 -- in its entirety. tune into our newscast at 11 we will be here live to bring you the service amy hollyfield, abc7 news. another sad good-bye to a man in uniform. community of danville will hold a memorial service for a young ma -- young marine killed in afghanistan this month. the 19-year-old was on his first tour of duty. his memorial will be health at east bay fellowship church 12:30 p.m. followed by a reception at san ramon high. remains of a south bay soldier also coming home. national guard walsh was killed in afghanistan. the second to die there this month. the 21-year-old from san jose will be met by his family. the public can pay respects tomorrow at the oak hill
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funeral home in san jose the funeral will be saturday at st. andrews in saratoga. more than 1,000 police officers moved into the occupy encampment overnight arresting hundreds. officers in riot gear flooded the streets after midnight and ghandhi's manhattanling the two-month-old camp. he -- and began -- the mayor said they were never needed. you are looking at live pictures of the encampment. the police says 1400 officers made 200 ans with what he called a minimum use of force that's why the encampment is virtually empty. los angeles had one of the biggest occupy encampments in the country. occupiers were ordered to leave two days ago. oakland is allowing protesters to erect a teepee in frank ogawa plaza. yesterday protesters kept trying to put the teepee up, police took it down right away.
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finally, the city issued a -day permit allowing it to be put it -- the teepee has to be taken down by 10:00 every night and no one can sleep it in that's to get around the tent. >> right, the teepee. let's look at the weather forecast, still foggy, wind on the way. >> mike, who is seeing the most fog now? >> most fog san jose, oakland, concord and novato. it has a short life span today. area of low pressure we've been watching all this week moving into the mountains looks like it is falling apart, it is still going to slide down the spine of the sierra, park to our south and with this counterclockwise flow generate strong, fast, north to northeasterly winds starting 9:00 through the evening and overnight. it will take care of the fog, sunshine this afternoon, whenever you take a wind from high elevation down to low elevation call that
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downsloping, tends to compress and heat the air that's why it is going to be warmer today than yesterday and a lot drier that humidity the fog is using is going to be gone also. low to mid 60s during the afternoon. we'll stay in the 60s everywhere even at the coast all seven days of the forecast. once the wind subsides thursday night into friday, quiet rain-free forecast through tuesday. good morning. westbound 4, where we are headed because of this earlier accident that was partially blocking one of the lost license at willow pass road traffic moving by okay through the area, slow out of antioch. the drive time now from lone tree way to 242 is 26 minutes congestion on westbound 580 from 205 to 680, drive time 25 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza, expect
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fog, not a big delay at this point. frances, thank you. 6:10. is it a political move? the new home that could be revealing a lot about what office lt. governor newsom is planning to run for next a little girl killed in a across walk. east palo alto is ready to make big changes to keep it from happening again ñ/ñ/&ñ&ñ&ñ&q
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live pictures of the bay bridge traffic moving with relative ease. when we crossed this morning very, very foggy. still dense in some spots so be careful. mike will have the forecast coming up. officials in east palo alto are adding several safety measures to a deadly intersection. the council approved the measures last night after hearing from several residents who demanded major changes at bay road and gloria way that's where a 6-year-old was killed bay a car in september. three other serious accidents at that corner this year. state guidelines require five collisions in a 12 month period before the state will install something. for now local officials voted to install flashing l.e.d. lights, school crossing signage, high visibility crosswalks, yield signs and no parking signs north of the
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intersection. >> i still think that on top of those improvements stop signs would help. >> the city is still working on a stop sign plan and can override the guidelines if a majority of the council supports it. buying a new home is usually not a political move but it may be in this case. gavin newsom buying a new home in marin county some raising questions about his future. he announced he's buying a 2.2 million dollar home in kentfield, in u.s. congresswoman lynn woolsey's congressional district. she announced in june she would not seek reelection in 2012. many believe he made the move to run for congress. a spokesperson for the lt. governor said he had no plans to run for that congressional seat. framing the shot tighter and tighter behind us because of the fog.
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>> behind us notice the flags are starting to unfurl with the winds already developing visibilities improving in some areas. we couldn't see anything through in cloud deck earlier, now we are looking down from vollmer peak we can see emeryville and the camera bounce a little the winds are coming in on schedule and the fog has a short life span today. probably 9:00 at the latest. unlike the last couple of days where i thought would it hang around longer, i think is the rule today. still pretty thick out there, santa rosa novato, oakland, concord up to a mile, good news. mountain view up to 3/4, san jose around a quarter of a mime. if we have delays or cancellations because of the fog in san jose, you can see why. flight arrival delays into sfo. let's talk about temperatures, 36 santa rosa 37 in livermore,
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everybody else in the mid to upper 40s, 50 monterey, low to mid 40s for the rest of the bay even as you head inland. breezy and sunny by the afternoon fastest winds in our hills tonight, calmer friday through the weekend. look at what the winds do, they bring out sunshine and warmer weather most temperatures three to eight degrees warmer than yesterday, mid 60s for all of us around the monterey bay, 70s back after taking a break yesterday mid to upper 60s inland tonight temperatures should be up no more 30s because of the wind temperatures in the 40s and notice no fog tomorrow morning. what is happening? two areas of high pressure split down the middle by a weakening cold front and weakening area of low pressure this will slide to our east and settle to our south with a high developing north. both of those areas funneling the winds from the north to northeast through our neighborhoods especially
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tonight through tomorrow morning that's when they will be fastest, that's when those gusts could get to 70 miles per hour in our ridges and peaks in the diablo range, santa cruz mountains, you in the orange we could have winds up to 45 miles per hour, under an advisory now now 6:00 tomorrow evening all of our other neighborhoods unlike yesterday the national weather service did add santa clara valley so everybody is going to be touched by it. tomorrow temperatures a lot like today, we'll have low to mid 60s just about everywhere, everyday of the forecast as we've talked about there is just no rain in the forecast possibly even through next week. i hope you have a great day please be safe out there they just turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge toll, back-up going to develop quickly right now end of the parking lot look out for the thick fog on many bay area bridges this morning.
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we'll head over to the san mateo bridge to show you a live shot. still an advisory in place for this bridge as well as the dunbarton bridge it has improved in terms of visibility it is looking better now. we head over to 680 in walnut creek, you can see brake lights congestion, southbound towards highway 24, no major problems. accident westbound 4 near willow pass they are trying to clear that up as we speak. southbound bay 101 at the 880 interchange, fog, thick still here with a car off to the shoulder for head lights moving northbound. 280 and 17 interchange more fog be especially careful on highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains. of course, thick fog in pacifica and daly city. you can get the latest traffic by going to traffic. 6:19.
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blistering critique of california's high speed rail project and it comes from within state government. the legislative analyst office released a report on the 99 billion dollar plan the report warns the proposed bullet train could waste billions. it says planners relied on funding that may or may not be there when needed and there are legal questions that may keep the project from leaving the station. construction is set to start next summer despite warnings. that is supposed to link san francisco and anaheim. uh-oh are we allowed to talk about this on tv? is it fact? >> we are reporters we tell the truth. >> is it fact or fiction? scientists weighed into a long standing debate about what is always on a h@ab
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if you're eligible for medicare, you only have until december 7th to switch to anthem blue cross. so call anthem today at 1-855-born2bwild. that's 1-855-267-6229. 6:24. has released the most searched list of 2011. at the top: ♪ ♪ baby, baby ♪ >> were you surprised? justin bieber number within. followed by kim kardashian. jennifer lopez fifth prelacing president obama who dropped to 49th. news stories, casey anthony's trial was the most searched ahead of the death of osama bin laden. new study is shattering an age old stereotype about men. according to researchers at ohio state, young men don't
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think about sex every seven seconds. in fact, researchers say they only think about it 19 times a day. that's less than once an hour. for young women, it is 10 times a day. researchers came to these conclusions after studying nearly 300 college students between the ages of 18 and 25. they may need to check some other campuses. >> yeah. >> it is now 6:25. is it possible? still ahead, hp responds to claims that hackers could set your printer on fire from a computer terminal miles away. >> screening an occupation. more than 1,000 police move in to end occupy l.a.. what is being said about the all night operation. >> reporter: it is going to be a sad day in jay . thousands are expected to attend a memorial -- service for a fallen police officer who had quite an impact on this community. i'm amy hollyfield live with details of the service, next.
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flights delayed out of atlanta 15 to 30 minutes. flight arrival delays in san francisco, especially 54 minute range for sfo. flight tracker at with the bottom.
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opening bell ringing right now. stock futures sharply higher following a card nated move by several largest central banks to ease -- strains on the world's financial system. wall street getting good news payroll company adp says private sector added 206,000 jobs this month. jane king will talk more about it when we go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. this half hour we are starting with a news story that affects all of us, the weather. still foggy but a wind of change is on the way. >> before that possible delays at sfo [ unintelligible ] >> san jose had cancellations the last couple of mornings before the fog. you are most sheltered from the winds developing rapidly almost on cue at 6:00 this morning. you can see right here we have
6:31 am
dense fog advisory for most valleys until 9:00. unlike yesterday i don't think it will go past that. right now quarter mile in oakland, san jose, improvement one mile concord to six half moon bay 10 livermore 2 1/2 in napa because the winds are developing already up to seven miles per hour at sfo, nine fairfield this is going to take away the fog but will cause dangerous conditions later today. first, let's find out how traffic is going. good morning. numerous accidents this morning. new one just reported in berkeley westbound 80 ashby, chp en route now. metering lights at the bay bridge toll. look out for thick fog into work we'll show you the golden gate bridge next, looking a bit better in terms of fog. traffic flowing well southbound. bad accident early this morning at the waldo tunnel, that is gone.
6:32 am
also, san mateo bridge so it is looking better here, again, still thick fog out there for your commute on most bay area bridges. 6:32 now. governor brown leads a contingent of dignataries attending a vallejo police officer's funeral. today thousands will say good by to officer jim capoot killed last week. amy hollyfield is live at vallejo high where the street closures will begin early for the funeral. >> reporter: right, there will be a police escort through the city streets starting around 10:30 ending up at the high school where the memorial service will be held the football field is ready to go, the field is full of folding chairs. there's a huge stage set up. lights on already. security guards are here to watch over it all. officer jim capoot had quite an impact on the say and governor brown will be among the mourners today. along with an estimated 4,000
6:33 am
people. capoot was vallejo's officer of the year in 22 -- in 200, two medals of courage and a life saeufrg medal. you don't have to go far to find someone with a personal story with how the officer made a difference. he coached the girl's basketball team, former marine and married and was the father to three girls. the man accused of killing him is eligible for the death penalty. henry albert smith, jr. entered a not guilty plea yesterday. he robbed aid bank and while on the run shot and killed officer capoot. -- the member is scheduled to start at 11:00 this morning. we will be here covering it live for our midday show at 11, you can watch online at officers from the fairfield police department and solano county sheriff's will be patrolling the streets so the
6:34 am
officers of the vallejo police department can attend the service. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:33. more than 1,000 police officers cleared the occupy l.a. encampment early this morning arresting hundreds. officers in riot gear flooded the streets near city hall after midnight and started dismantling the two-month-old camp. occupiers had been ordered to leave two days ago. 1400 officers made at least 200 arrests with an absolute minimum use of force. l.a. had one of the biggest encampments in the country. occupy san francisco protesters rejecting an offer by the city to move to an empty lot in the mission district in a three hourlong general meeting the occupy crowd decided leaving justin herman plaza was not in their best interests. many businesses have threatened to sue the city over the two month long occupation. demonstrators say they need the financial district
6:35 am
location for visibility. they land to submit an official rejection letter to the city today and prepare for a possible police raid. family of a 45-year-old man kill by bart police in july is planning to file a civil claim. charles hill was fatally shot by bart officers at civic center station officers say hill threw a glass bottle in their direction and was brandishing knives at the time he was shot. the san francisco examiner reports attorney john burris is representing the family. police are still conducting a criminal investigation. bart's board of directors set to vote tomorrow on a cell phone service shutdown policy. bart cut service temporarily in a san francisco station following that july shooting to prevent a planned protest. that move attracted international criticism and caused subsequent weekly protests that lasted more than a month. the board will vote tomorrow on guidelines as to when, if ever, cell phone service
6:36 am
should be halted. 6:35. we've been talking about the fog and the effect on the roads. winds are coming in. >> you can see that now. >> almost on cue. forecast pretty good they would start at 6:00, sure enough they did and will last through at least 6:00 tomorrow evening fastest tonight through tomorrow morning when these north to northeast gusts could get up to 70 miles per hour. everything you see in orange we could have downed trees, powerlines and driving will be difficult. wind advisory lower elevations gusts 40 miles per hour, everywhere cued including the santa clarita valley not in the -- here's the low still sliding through oregon towards us as it gets closer winds pick up and that's why we'll still be cloudy at 8:00 breaks in sunshine and mid to upper
6:37 am
40s by noon a lot of sunshine mostly sunny upper 50s to near 60 and then the winds will keep increasing towards 4:00, so will the temperatures low to mid 60s tomorrow the winds will subside probably during the evening friday much calmer conditions and those calmer conditions will last through the weekend early next week with a lot of sun, mostly sunny and temperatures holding in the low to mid 60s. frances you have an update on that? >> i think we'll see traffic slow in berkeley an ambulance is being sent to the crash on westbound 80 at ashby. look like a lane might be blocked. 28 miles per hour the average speed, right now towards the bay bridge toll we'll track drive times for you as you make your way through the area. right now bay bridge toll metering lights on and traffic backed up towards west grand. also a crash in the south bay on the west montague expressway intersection at
6:38 am
east trimble road a little slowing northbound 101 as you make your way out from 680, 280 towards highway 87. the slowest sports now are highway 4, lone tree way to 242, westbound 33 minutes, sluggish 238 as you connect to 880. slow ride north bay for southbound 101 from highway 12 to highway 37, 43 minutes. mass transit no major delays. just look out for that thick fog this morning it has caused quite a few accidents and it has been difficult to see out there 6:38. san francisco's new happy meal law about to take effect. now mcdonald's has found a loophole that could keep toys in your kids' meals. we'll check in on early trading live from the new york stock exchange. the dow rallying unbelievably right now up 320 points.
6:39 am
plus, just call it the light at the middle of the tunnel. critical milestone at the caldecott. no blame but record fine. the deal that ends an investigation into the care of animals. why the nation's big -- >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at the oakland police department, investigators identified possible suspects in monday night's shooting that sent seven to the hospital but upset about the way they had to come about that information. they are hoping a huge reward will help. will help. the story is onononononononononq
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you can see
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6:43 on this wednesday. central valley except for fresno winds picking up there and the fog will leave. 66 big sur. after record high of 61 in tahoe yesterday, 42 today. warmest around l.a. and palm springs mid to upper 70s. 6:43 now. hewlett-packard says a claim that its laser jet printers can be hacked into and set on fire is inaccurate. researchers say they found a through that allows hackers to reprogram printers giving the an attacker full control of the device. hp says its printers have hardware designed to prevent from overheating or catching fire. it is now building a ungrade
6:44 am
to mitigate in issue. gop presidential can death cain is expected to tell the -- gop presidential candidate cain is expected to tell the -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: herman cain is redefineing reassessing his campaign manager said this morning -- cain will be giving a speech in ohio today in which he will reveal a new strategy. that's what he meant by reassessment. some say it could be the decision to dropout of the race and that could come as early as today. last night he spoke in michigan. he did not mention the new allegation of an affair. meanwhile, the woman who may be the final nail in cain as campaign coffin is telling her side of the story on gma this morning. she calls their alleged affair casual and on and off for the past 13 years. front-runner newt gingrich
6:45 am
made mention of the scandal at a town hall meeting this morning. >> i've received gifts and money for the last 10 1/2 years consistently this is not sex for cash. >> herman cain has to do what he thinks best for his family my prayers are with him, it has to be a painful time. >> reporter: cain has flat out denied the affair. he calls ginger white troubled. four other women have accused the candidate of sexual harass . cain's manager tells abc news, cain is not dropping out unless his wife wants him to or his supporters start backing away in large numbers. 6:45 now. american airlines radar for increased safety checks following yesterday's bankruptcy filing. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on that
6:46 am
good morning. faa stepping up safety checks on american airlines this after the parent company filed for bankruptcy yesterday. "wall street journal" says the heavier scrutiny will include moreover sight of practices -- maintenance practices and pilot training includes random checks of planes parked at gates and spar part inventories. we have a nice rally going on. the dow up almost 400 points. really the main reason, coordinated action by the fed and central banks in europe, canada, u.k., japan and switzerland, all the central banks coming together turning on the liquidity injecting cash into the global financial system making this available to banks that might be in distress because of the european debt crisis and slow down in the economy. some say europe only had 10 more days after the euro
6:47 am
collapsed some economists saying that. here's how the market is reacting, positively, dow up at the moment 380 points. s&p and nasdaq, everything trading up more than 3%. bloomberg silicon valley index up almost 3%. if you are one of the nearly nine million taking lipitor for cholesterol, today pfizer loses patent protection for the drug. that means you may get a different -- probably going to pay less. this paves the way for the cheaper generic investigations. it will most likely go under the name -- live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. a lot going on there. 6:47. the owner of the ring brothers and barnum bailey circus has agreed to pay a record $270,000 fine to settle charges it violated federal
6:48 am
animal welfare laws related to performance animal . ringling brothers did not admit to wrongdoing in addition to the record fine the company agreed to make sure all employees undergo animal come lyons training. the usda began -- began its probe after several allegations of abuse regarding performance elephants by peta and other animal rights groups. :48 now. >> -- 6:48 now. dangerous place in here folks, don't try this at home. >> when were you pregnant -- >> she has to get accustomed to her new center of gravity. >> i guess so. >> right in front of the camera, i just stopped! >> i would blame the fog if i were you. >> you look great, nice having you back. >> thank you, good to be back. >> busy morning traffic-wise the fog has had a
6:49 am
hand in that problem. still out there, but quickly dissipating the winds on cue started at 6:00 this morning, and continued to increase and the fog continues to be chased away by the -- it is only a matter of time, possibly 9:00, that most of the fog will be gonna's when our dense fog advisory ends today. for all valleys not higher elevations unlike yesterday, dense fog would hang around longer, i don't think that is going to happen today. visibilities are still low around novato, oakland, san jose. everybody else improving. those three areas still around a quarter of a mile we could have cancellations at san jose and flight arrival delays into sfo. mid to upper 30s, santa rosa and livermore now rest mid to upper 40s 50 monterey low to mid 40s the rest of bay and inland. breezy and sunny this afternoon fastest winds tonight in our hills and calmer friday through the
6:50 am
weekend. with the downsloping wind compresses the air, the air heats, dries continues to heat. going to be a dry wind this afternoon, one that warms us into the mid 60s, three to eight degrees warmer than yesterday returns to the 70s to the monterey bay mid to upper 60s inland. tonight wind overturning atmosphere cold air can't sink down 30s out replaced by 40s even a 50 here and there overnight. high pressure split by this cold front and this low will continue sliding to our south during the afternoon and evening when the winds will start to pick up as this high and low are too close to each other winds flow from this high down to that low pressure from the north to northeast winds could reach 70 miles per hour we could have trees come down and power out -- power outages. in the lower elevations in yellow we could have wind guffs to 45 miles per hour --
6:51 am
that now includes -- [ unintelligible ] all of us will have windy conditions until 6:00 tomorrow evening. a lot of sunshine and not a chance of rainy time in this seven day forecast temperatures will hang out in the low to mid 60s mostly sunny to possibly a partly cloudy sky. check out this beautiful picture north of ukiah look at the grapevines changing colors, beautiful fall color there, submitted by julie. if you have photos, we would love to see them. we have so many now it is going to be great to show them to you everyday the next couple of weeks. a lot of brake lights in berkeley because of this injury accident westbound 80
6:52 am
reported near ashby now they are saying it could be closer to university. traffic stacking up as you make your way westbound heading towards the bay bridge. here's the drive times, they've grown, from the carquinez to the maze drive time is now over half an hour at 34 minutes. sluggish through the altamont pass westbound 580, 205 to 680 that drive time, a little over half an hour. also seeing a few brake lights on northbound 101 in san jose from 280 to 237, 17 minutes, not horrible, but there is an accident in the south bay westbound -- rather west montague expressway near east trimble road look out for that. bay bridge toll plaza, here it is backed up just towards the parking lot look out for that thick fog, of course you can get the latest by going to
6:53 am
you slow down. thanks frances. today caltrans plans to officially announce a big breakthrough happened yesterday. literal breakthrough at the fourth bore project of the caldecott tunnel yesterday afternoon crews tunneling from the east and westsides broke through to meet in the middle. the four year 390 million dollar project is designed to ease traffic on highway 24 between oakland and orinda. the new bore is expected to open late 2013. san francisco's new law restricting banning retroy -- tree toys from kids meals goes into effect tomorrow, mcdonald's charging 10 cents extra for anyone who want a toy. san francisco's so-called happy meal law will yous toys to be included only with meals that meet certain nutritional standards. mcdonald's has made changes but it is not enough to meet the law.
6:54 am
mcdonald's says it charges 10 cents for the toys in the happy meal and will give that money to the ronald mcdonald house charity. in just a few hours estimated 4,000 people will gather in vallejo to say good-bye to murdered police officer jim capoot. >> amy hollyfield is live at vallejo high with more on the memorial. >> reporter: there's going to be quite a tribute to the officer here at the vallejo high school. look at football field check out the set-up, full of folding chairs on the field. a stage set up. they are expecting about 4,000 people here today, including governor brown. officer capoot was shot and killed by a man who was suspected of robbing a bank. the officers with well regarded throughout the community people responded to his death there's been a k.j. and the police department's front -- there's been a candlelight vigil, and the police department's front steps full of candles and will
6:55 am
youers with. the officer served as coach for the girl's basketball. he was a marine, we was married, and was the father to three girls. the service starts 11:00 this morning at the high school. we will be covering it live in on our midday newscast if you would like to watch the entire service we'll be streaming it live on officers from the fairfield police department and the solano county sheriff's office will be patrolling in vallejo so officers at the vallejo police department can attend the service. our other top story in oakland. terry mcsweeney is there to bring us an update on the story there. >> reporter: good morning. investigators here at the oakland police department have announced they've identified some possible suspects in monday evening's shooting that sent seven to the hospital, three in critical, including a toddler. they did it without help from witnesses and victims who are not cooperating. they used a number of things,
6:56 am
including surveillance video. there is a lot of it. you are going to be seeing suspects sliding down the side of state market and liquor store 6:30 monday evening they open fire on a group of people in the parking lot. some of the intended targets pull their guns and return fire. caught in this toddler hiram lawrence shot while in the arms of his father. the boy who will turn two next month is in critical, as are two adults. a skreupblg jill for boy is planned this evening. -- we don't know where or when. investigators looking for those possible suspects and hoping a 35 -- hoping a $35,000 crimestopper award will lead them to them. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. wind is coming and fog is going by the winds will be fastest tonight through tomorrow morning when we could have the damaging winds with
6:57 am
power outages and trees down. injury crash blocks a lane westbound 80 university drive time on east shore freeway is 40 minutes right now heading towards the bay bridge. busy first day back. >> good to have you back. that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. like riding a bike, right? .
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