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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  December 2, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning news i'm kristen sze. and i'm sheryl sherr. tensions skyrocketing in and out of the -- san francisco movement. some of the supporters of occupy san francisco say they are now fed up with them. terry mcsweeney has the story. >> reporter: these may be the more memorable sights and
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sounds of the occupy san francisco story for hundreds of self-employed artists this is what justin herman plaza should sound like. mike and his wife own hand cut coins and concerned with the 95%. >> if you ask 99% of the developeddors down here the 99% our business has been -- severely impacted these people harass folks. it is not a atmosphere. >> reporter: while many if not most of the occupiers are open to move to 15th and mission enough oppose so there's no consensus. a spokeswoman for mayor lee's office told me a consensus has to occur before the city opens up that other location and says time is short. protesters see it differently. >> the movement will keep moving and they will keep moving and we will occupy where we choose not where we are told we can. >> what i see happening is a
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network of economists, occupations, smaller or more doable in many ways the schools, the communities, of san francisco. >> reporter: over at hand cut coins he says the answer is clear-cut. >> you owe the opportunity to get up off your butt and do something for your self. i don't see them doing that >> reporter: the mayor's -- office says there is no agreement today all the office says is time so short. the office is not saying how short. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the story has a lot of people talking on facebook. amanda: most are homeless they need shelters the city needs to man-up and start inforcing the s. i will not go down there until it is cleaned up. john: it is a shame they are under vieded and unstable.
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-- you can join the discussion at president obama is applauding the labor department's latest jobs reports but says the economy needs to keep growth growing. the unemployment rate is now 8.6% the lowest level in more than 2 1/2 years employers added 125,000 jobs last month more than 13 million without jobs. president obama says there is much more work to be done. >> the president: right now that means congress needs to extend the payroll tax cut for working americans for another year. congress needs to renew unemployment insurance for americans still out there pounding the pavement, looking for work. failure to take either of these steps could be a significant blow to our economy >> obama administration promised that unemployment would not exceed 8% if we passed the stimulus bill. that promise has gone unfill
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fulled. more than 300,000 americans left the labor force last month. that means they've stopped looking for work. i think we should all be ed about that. >> analysts say the number of people who stopped hooking for jobs is a key part of why the up employment rate dropped. they warn those people resume their search the unemployment rate could begin climbing again. >> we want give you a sense that wall street is happy about the drop in the unemployment rate. continuing the up trend this week you see the dow now up 27 points. one point 100 points during early morning news trading. your paycheck may be smaller next year. president obama said he was disappointed the senate has rejected two proposals to extend the social security payroll tax cut. one was president obama, the other a republican measure. senate leaders are expected to begin negotiating a compromise. the current tax cuts will
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expire december 31st, without a new deal. president obama and former president clinton presented a united front this morning news pushing for more energy efficient government and provide buildings they appeared together at an office building undergoing renovations under a new government initiative aimed at achieving fuel savings and job creation at no increase costs to the taxpayer. >> cal osha has fined the san francisco fire department for serious workplace s during a fire that killed to firefighters in june. they died battling the fire in diamond height . cal osha singled out poor communication between fire department supervisors outside the house and the two firefighters in the home as serious. smoke engulfed the four story home home on berkeley way there was a sudden explosion or flash over. that happens when smoke
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accumulates around the ceiling unless released through a hole in the roof it can i go not the entire room. a family trying to solve a big problem. -- >> winds through a huge tree into their home it hit the roof between the bedrooms of the two small children. they've sided -- decided to move out temporarily, nobody in the home was injured. winds brought didn't a tree on top of an suv in san jose overnight. crews had to cut branch into pieces to remove. nobody was hurt. traffic was affected for a while in the area. pg&e still trying to restore power to thousands. santa cruz still the hardest hit more than 21,000 customers remain without power more than 300 in the south bay in the dark and nearly 200 outages in the east bay dozens of outages on the anyone's land the north bay. let's cheek -- on the
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peninsula and north bay. let's check in with mike nicco. most areas the winds are much calmer. still fast up around napa 36, fairfield also 36. the rest of the north bay gusts around 7 miles per hour same for oakland less than that in other places. the worst of it is over now except for isolated areas in the north bay you will robbie be windy tonight through tomorrow. by far that was an intense wind storm that is now over. still aide had, suffering from pain, skip the pills to try swearing like a sailor. new study on the positive fixes of cursing? -- a lot of smiles and laughter mixed with tears dozens of california national guards man reunited with their loved ones. i'm katie marzullo, i'll have
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. they are home. the last california national guard unit serving in iraq landed in the bay area this morning news as part of a come -- this morning news as
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>> reporter: the 297th medical company of the california national guard is home and so happy to be here. take a live look. they've wrapped up their ceremony and formation and are mingling and waiting on their bags and they are out of here. [ inaudible ] less than 30 minutes ago the bus rolled up and they arrived. you can see the scene out front. the family members were going to wait inside they didn't happen they mobbed the bus. this unit is made up of interests, nurses, dentists, x-ray techs most deployed for one year. this home come something extra special not just for the families who obviously have been anticipating this moment for so long but also for the as a whole. >> we miss him a lot can't
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wait to see him. he can't wait to meet the baby. i know he's excited to come home. we are so blessed that he made it back home safe. >> we are excited for him to be home with us, great christmas present. >> big mile marker for us an organization we've been involved with troops on the ground in iraq since the initial invasion in 2003. nine years later we are bringing home our last contingent, california national guard troops just in time for the holidays. >> reporter: 15,000 national guardsmen have deployed in the iraq conflict since it began nine years ago in all that time 26 national guardsmen have made the ultimate sacrifice, killed in the line of duty. among this company here today, everyone has come home in one piece. as you heard, just in time for the holidays. most are from northern california so they will be staying in the area to be with their home.
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welcome home to all of them and happy holidays of course. katie marzullo, abc7 news. in iraq critical milestone u.s. winds down its involvement. camp victory in the hands of the iraqi government. the base on the edge of baghdad signed over this morning news. it served as headquarters for the top u.s. general and other military leaders for years. >> it is a very significant and symbolic transition because it represents how the u.s. forces are going to do exactly what we say. we are honoring our commitment. as the vice president said, we make promises and we keep them them. >> saddam hussein was jailed at camp victory after he was captured. he built the palace to impress foreign dignataries. the iraqi military has already moved in to part of the installation. weekend forecast with
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mike. >> have you been out? probably not you have been working. mid 70s in some areas already hard to believe it is december 2nd. we'll see if we are going to push records before the cooling trend hits this weekend. her belly rub made national headlines. beyonce is -- revealing about that moment, her y cravings and i am pending motherhood. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends.
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insured through unitedhealthcare. or starting december 1st, sign up at a local unitedhealthcare enrollment center. open every day. where licensed agents can help you choose the plan that's right for you. to enroll now or find the enrollment center nearest you, call this number or visit us online at international pop superstar beyonce is revealing key details of her pregnancy in a new interview with katie couric. you remember the huge buzz when she stole the show at the mtv music awards when she showed off to the world she was pregnant. her husband jay-z was watching in the audience. in the new interview she dispels some of the media rumors about cravings like
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putting ketchup on everything and ice cream with hot chili sauce. >> what is the best thing about being pregnant? >> the best thing it is so exciting because i believe it is what we live more, it is how we live forever it is our legacy. it is bigger than any accomplishment. and it is so exciting. >> very true. you can watch katie's entire interview with bye on say tonight on 20/20 starts at 10 p.m. right here on abc 7. so what is she craving? i hope that question is answered. have to watch. talking about tahoe today? >> a picture from yesterday they set a couple record highs sunday and tuesday 61, the winds were so fast around tahoe that it created these little swells that a few folks were surfing yesterday. isn't that amazing? >> it is normally calm there. >> it is. but it was very windy some of
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the ski resorts didn't open yesterday they are opening complete forecast for you as they are making snow this weekend. mother nature may snow. 11:19, beautiful picture golden gate, lot of sunshine outside again today, that's one of the reasons why we are warming so significant. beautiful picture from vollmer peak cameras not bouncing as much as it did yesterday as we look towards san francisco. winds gusting to 36 napa, fairfield, 22 live more, calm in hey hard, mountain view, three mile per hour, all right in the low to mid , fairfield, napa, novato everybody else in the mid to upper 60s except for antioch 60. upper 50s to low 60s around watsonville, santa cruz and inland, monterey 65 already. calm conditions, most areas
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sunny and warmer today. breezy in the north bay cooler everywhere he will tonight sunny weekend on tap cooler towards next week we can't keep temperatures in the low to mid 70s through december not feasible. mid to upper 60s for most of us the areas you see in yellow. north bay valley, vallejo, concord, fairfield, san jose low to mid 70s. breezy hilltops 50 mile per hour gusts around mount diablo that is 3800 fight nobody lives up there the people that may be effected in the north bay some winds may dip down into your valleys. 70 santa cruz mid to upper 80s the rest of monterey bay and inland valleys 30s palo alto around 35 low to mid 40s the rest of the bay shore out to the coast to 47 in san francisco pretty cool compared to 50s and 60s this
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morning. north bay cold front pushed through close enough to this area of high pressure created another tight pressure gradient there while the rest of us are under a weak pressure griddient as the cold front moves away from -- grid yen as the cold front moves away from us. head up to tahoe, teens, 20s in the morning news overnight that's why he -- they are making upper 40s to low 50s yosemite. l.a., san diego mid to upper 60s with a lot of sunshine. let's talk about our seven day forecast. temperatures will drop nearly 5 to 10° by monday neary 10 to 15° by thursday, 50s back in the forecast for highs where we should be, not like today so enjoy it while it is here. >> can keep 70s forever in december. thanks mike. >> you bet. honda announced expansion of recall because of problems
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with the air bags, more than 300,000 vehicles may over inflate and severely injure a driver during a crash there have been 20 accidentses, including two deaths in the united states. new expansion means the recall covers two million vehicles worldwide the recall affects accord, civic, odyssey, pilot and crv manufactured between 2001 and 2002. using four-letter words bad, right? except when it is good. a new study says cursing can help people cope with pain. students were asked to stick their hands in near freezing water those who repeated a swear word were able to keep their hands in twice as long as those who didn't swear. they caution swearing provide nod extra benefit to those who do it constantly. the study in the american journal of pain. and didn't find out if some words were more effective than
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others. next, find a perfect pet. >> nothing but to say about queeny. @a@a
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today at 3:00 tony larussa live in the studio. michael finney has advice on how to tweak your favorite seasonal drink. hoping to strike it rich buy
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bid -- by bidding on unseen contents of abandoned storm lockers. >> it worked for one guy a few weeks ago it >> friday's perfect pet a cutie. >> cutie name queenie. an anita, how are you? >> fine, how are you mike? >> fine. tell us about queenie. >> queenie is a little over four years, just about six pounds, a sweetie, shy at first, but it doesn't take her long to get past that. as a matter of fact, i just met her today for the first time and you can see it didn't take her long to warm up to me. >> i like the shy ones they become the loyal ones. >> they do. a wonderful couch potato or out for a walk. probably good for anybody except for really small children. >> they come at them too fast. >> yeah i didn't want to mention on behalf of queenie and all our other animals we
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have a program called home for the holidays. the first 250 who from us this month will get a $10 gift card from our friends at pet food express. we hope that's an extra incentive to have a cat or dog under the tree. >> there's a lot of them out there this time of the year. nice to see you and queenie. all them at the spca and check our website i'll have the information posted in a few minutes. >> queenie wanted to stay right there >> thanks mike. for all of us here thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> have a great day a @a@a@a@a@aa
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