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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 4, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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protesters plan another port shut down and tonight the port is fighting back. good evening. alan wang has the night off. first tonight, a shooting outside a busy fast-food restaurant. it happened just a few hours ago outside burger king in redwood city. that's where lilian kim is tonight. lilian? >> we are at the burger king on middle field road, and the shooting happened here on the parking lot. officers are looking for multiple suspects they say shot and injured two men. a car was also hit. paramedics transported the victims to stanford hospital, but their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. burger king was open at the time of the shooting, but closed after officers cordoned off the area. shootings don't happen off, but maybe a few times a year. we spoke to an employee at
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orchard supply hardware that is just across the parking lot from burger king, and he said there were a handful of customers shopping for christmas trees when the gun went off. >> we heard a pow and the customers said, who -- what was that? i said it is probably a crazy guy shooting something off. it was a guy shooting a gun. i didn't know. i didn't see it. i just heard a big bam. >> police are getting conflicting stories as to what exactly lead to the shooting, but it does not appear to be gang-related. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> lilian, thank you. the port of oakland 1* preparing for another public relations push. it is part of the strategy against plans by occupy oakland to shut down the port next monday. sergio has the details. >> the port of oakland is the country's first largest shipping yard, and this public out reach is an effort to keep it from shutting down for even
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a day coming next week. >> it does not serve the goals of the movement to shut down the port of oakland. the port needs to be open and the people need to be working here. >> on november 2nd, demonstrators were able to bring the port to a stand still as part of their day of action. pamela says they are still adding up the costs from that action. >> it is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. and that was for that event on though 2 bed. -- november frond. -- november 2nd. >> they say the second planned shut down is part of a coordinated effort to target ports from anchorage, alaska to san diego. they say some is in support of the workers in the seattle, washington area. >> in solidarity with their longshoremen in long view, washington who are facing union busting activities by egt gray next quarter. >> but the second planned shut down does not have the support of the long shore workers union.
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the ilwu issued a strongly-worded statement following the announcement of their plans. the ilwu and local 21 are not coordinating independently or in conjunction with any self-proclaimed organization or group to shut down any port or terminal. occupy oakland still expects support from iowu despite public statements from their leadership. >> what is happening is a community picket, a community blockade, and the iowu historically has always respected community pickets and blockades. >> occupy organizers tell me they are planning next monday's day of action in solidarity with an on going labor dispute involving the long shore workers in long view, washington. but i talked to a spokesperson with the local iowu chapter who say they are not participating in next week's action because they they weren't approached by anyone from occupy oakland. at the port of oakland, sergio
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keen tan gnaw, abc7 news. >> a lot of people are talking about the facebook page. occupy yes, sirs stop hurting your own 99%. you really want your point across? go occupy the areas of the white house. they say they have no right to interfere with the operation of any public area. you can join facebook .com/abc news. in washington, d.c., an hour's long standoff police occupy protestors and police has ended with the arrest of several people. they forcibly removed several protesters clinging to a structure arrested in a dc park. the protesters began building it yesterday, but they were told they needed a permit. when the protesters refused to take it down, crews moved in. they dismantled the structure after the standoff ended. >> there is a new occupy movement underway, but instead of the protestor chants, it is the sound of calculaters.
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they are occupying the local businesses. they are encouraging the residents to do the same by shopping locals for the holidays. >> you only have so much you can spend on birthdays and christmas. and people do have to look for deals. >> anytime you can spend your money closer to the front door, that's only going to help your community. >> the hope is the new movement will help local shops that may have lost business to big box retailers. merchants say they are fed up with panhandlers harassing the shoppers. they are out to help the homeless. thomas roman is live with those details. >> hi there. this is the union square merchant's version of the city 's care, not cash program. they want to get the panhandlers the help they need so they won't come here to beg. the holiday shopping season is in full swing. shoppers are crowding the streets and the shops around union square, and they are
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moving smoothly through the crowds seek smfght holiday -- some of the holiday spending cash are the panhandlers. this man was confronting people with his cup. sara was one who gave him money. >> it is expected here. we come here a lot. it happens all the time. >> because it does happen all of the time, the union square business improvement group says it is about time it stops. >> they come here for the money. the pay is good. we have to make people understand that by giving people money, we are creating the problem. we are perpetuating the problem and not solving the problem. >> merchants in a 27 square block area have created the union square cares program, an employment and service plan. >> so that the community as a whole, visitors, they all understand the need to try to help these people in a different way, not by giving
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them money. >> their proposal is to work with the city and police to raise money to educate the public, employ or get panhandlers the help they need. brian likes the idea. >> it is better for us. the shoppers and the people walking around, you feel less intimidated, and not like you are being attacked or like you are forced to give them money. it is actually kind of good. >> many of the panhandlers we saw in and around the square were stationary. some are -- have staked out their spots to roam like the man in this wheelchair who beg right in front of macy's door. he is not really part of the problem, even though he would like a job. >> i am not aggressive, and i don't really ask them to leave. i come for what i need and i go. >> merchants hope to have the plan in affect next spring. that's when thousands of people are expected to come into the city for the america's cup races. in san francisco, thomas roman, abc news.
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>> thank you, thomas. a suspected it thief armed with pepper spray is accused of trying to steel $10,000 worth of handbags from in rdstrom in walnut creek. the man grabbed arm loads of purses and ran out, but didn't make it too far. two customers tackled and held brian black until police arrived. three people went to the hospital after this car plowed into a building in san francisco about 90 minutes ago. they are all expected to survive. witnesses say the mercedes went out of control before it slammed into the front of the hightide bar at gear reand jones streets. there is ?o word if the crash caused any structural damage to that building. investigators believe a cigarette sparked a fire that injured two people and drove at least 65 others from their homes in san francisco's tenderloin district. the fire started around 8:00 this morning in a light well of a 6th story building on eddie street between jones and leavenworth street. someone dropped the cigarette into a light rail, and it ignited some debris. one resident and one
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firefighter suffered minor injuries. the budget cuts that will have an affect on just about everyone! coming up, the big changes come together daildly mail delivery. >> and forget the smooth, glassy screens. how you can soon feel everything on your tab let. -- tablet. we'll tell what you is going on in iran. >> hi, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. at this hour we have clear skies, but boy is it getting cold out there. the north bay locations are all at the freezing mark. the winds are expected to pick up. we have wind advisories in place. look at our accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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neil diamond took center stage at the kennedy center singing "sweet caroline" with caroline kennedy. he says caroline kennedy was the name sake of his song. they paid tribute to several actors and actresses including mare -- meryl streep. financial problems are mounting at the u.s. postal service, and it will have repercussions on your daily life. the usps plans to announce a series of changes tomorrow designed to save $3 billion. at the top of the list, slowing down the pace of first class mail which means for the first time in 40 years there will be no chance for next day delivery. the story is creating a discussion on facebook. anthony m says mail should be slowed down. it is 2012. mail is mostly obsolete. and sara says that in addition to cutting saturday mail is not going to sit well with many people. join in on that conversation
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at facebook .com/abc7 news. we are also going to learn more about another payroll tax cut proposal tomorrow. senate majority leader harry reid is expected to unveil his plan to extend the tax cut for american workers. when you touch the screen of an ipad or smartphone they feel the same, but the next generation screen is going tack tile. richard hart reports on the drive to discover a screen that touches you back. >> the smartphone or a tablet computer or a large screen tv we expect all of those devices to have touch interfaces. >> but david rice's tablet touches him back. >> each time i touch it i feel the sensation. >> you can feel the i con is -- i cons you push. in this demonstration, asphalt feels rough. you feel nothing up and down on this, but it feels rigid sideways.
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this doesn't feel like the sand paper that it looks like, but it is finer than the asphalt. it is nothing new in dashboards and appliances, but so far you need to plug them into a wall or drain batteries like crazy because they create the sensation with physical vibration. >> they vibrate the entire device or the entire screen. ours is done using electro electrostatic machine. >> it is not reading the tablet. >> it was laid out and the glass so thin is individualable -- invisible. making it practical for the mobile devices. it will need to be incorporated by the manufacturers. still there is not a reason they will have touch back capability, some within a year. with the next step in touch, richard hart, abc7 news. shoppers are still spending big bucks on-line
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after a record-breaking cyber monday. shoppers spent $6 billion on-line between monday and friday. that's a record. cyber monday broke records between $1.5 and $2 billion in sales, the largest shopping day ever. in the east bay, an amazing creation made out of legos. check this out. it is a 75 square foot christmas display createed from 10,000 lego building blocks. it was unveiled at bay area churches in san leandro. the holiday masterpiece will be displayed throughout the year. animals are getting into the holiday spirits. man's best friend had a chance to hang out with santa and get their picture taken. they held a pet portrait day for the san francisco animal care and control. they are so cute. dozens of dogs and their owners showed up to enjoy santa and get a picture that is perfect for the holiday card. it is so cute. how is the weather shaping
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up tonight? >> clear and calm winds right now. it is turning into some cold temperatures, especially in the north bay. we are getting into a wind shift, and the numbers will start to come up and the wind will start to howl. speaking of the holidays, check out this shot. you can see san francisco city hall, the embarcadero and holiday lights in the background. it is crystal clear out there, and a little fog right near the coast. you can see on the class up satellite, a little fog right there. but clear inland. and as we get into a wind shift later this evening, overnight, those westerly winds will be replaced by the northeasterly winds and any fog out there now will be pushed off the coast. check out napa right now. 34 degrees. it is 36 right now in novato and 50 in san francisco. it is 47 oakland. we have 38 in livermore, and it is 45 and clear skies in san jose. and the clear skies combined
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with calm winds, napa, oakland, concord and even fair field out toward the delta. reporting calm winds for now. but already calm winds and an easterly wind and they are going to be going more offshore, and that is going to bring temperatures up a few more degrees overnight. we are anticipating increasing wind speeds, mainly the higher elevations. sunny and breezy for your monday and then this dry weather pattern will hold right on in through the week. let me go ahead and show you the set up overnight and as well as tomorrow. this is what is bringing us the dry weather. there is this low that is slowly pushing south and setting it up to the east. that's what will set up a tight wind gradient for us. and that's why the offshore winds will pick up overnight.
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mainly over the higher elevations. and we do have a wind advisory that is up and it is beginning -- well, it actually began tonight at 10:00 through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the north bay mountains and the east bay hills including the diablo range. mount diablo above the 3,000-foot level. it is reporting wind gusts to 47 miles per hour. so those winds are already starting to kick up a little bit. 25 to 35 miles per hour with gusts close to 50. obviously a possibility of downed trees and branches and a possibility of maybe some power outages. as we head through the course of overnight hours and in through tomorrow morning, the temperatures will actually start to come up because of the winds. we will look for 41. the low for tomorrow morning nap paw, 46 san francisco and 39 for livermore. the highs tomorrow, the winds will be decreasing late in the day. but they will still be 62 nor san jose and 59 for half moon bay. 62 for redwood city.
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san francisco, afternoon sunshine and 59 in the north bay. windy in the morning and then decreasing winds through -- throughout the day. oakland 62, interior east bay, 60 for brentwood and 62 for concord, and 2003 will look for mor -- morgan hill, pleasant at 62. we will get through the wind event tonight and tomorrow morning. and then just enjoy it. the temperatures in the upper 50s and near 60 degrees the next five to seven days. you may see a few changes. several exotic car owners face a mountain of paperwork after a chain reaction crash totaled hour than a dozen vehicles. take a look. the accident happened on the expressway in japan's yamagucci area. it was three ferraris, a mercedes and a lambourghini. the damage totaled $3 million. shu, which was yours? >> i was going to sarks two of
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those -- i was going to say, two of those were yours. speaking of lambourghinis, the 49ers are playing like one. the 9er defense is amazing, ranked number one in the league. they had their first shutout of the season. we will hear from an elated 49er locker room next in sports
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sticks. the niners -- they beat the
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rams. in an interest to patrick willis, joe montana at today's game. the first quarter and he injuries his hamstring trying to make the tackle. he will get an mri on monday. he said he was okay afterward. history is made. a two-yard run and puts him ahead of the 7,344 yards. frank has 7,396 in his career. a new leading rusher and third quarter after the interception. he kicked four field goals and it gives him a record 39 on the season. he does the rest. 56 yards and the longest play of the season. he was 17 and 23 and 274 yards. >> it was the same group of guys who was here for awhile. and you know since we have been here that has been our
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goal. >> especially at home in front of the fans. and he clinched the division. >> i will say. mcclain didn't start, but he did play three days after his arrest in alabama. it didn't matter. 13-0 dolphins at the half. the frustration continues. richard seymo re and he gets ejected. carson palmer kicked off by burnett. he will take it back. a 34-yard pick six. he threw two late td passes, but it was too little, too late. coupled with a denver win and we now have a tie for first in the afc west. >> we couldn't run it. we couldn't stop the run. we didn't throw it very well. when it gets like that, it was a bad day at the office all the way around. there ain't no excuse to it. i will take everything on
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myself. we got work to do. >> we'll take a brief timeout. there is another local team going to the post season and college football, the bowl destination and who will play for the national championship when we come back?
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well, it is official. lsu will face alabama on january 9th. third ranked oklahoma state and fourth ranked stanford 11 and 1 will face-off in the fiesta bowl in arizona on january 2nd. congratulations to david shaw and the cardinals. texas will be in san diego on december 28th. and speaking of at&t park, the kraft fight hunger bowl will be on december 31st, a great stop for colleges here in san francisco. tonight's plays of the days, three td's from tom brady. the patriots send the colts to 0 and 12.
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the hail mary 1k3* he knocks it down for the touchdown giving the chiefs the victory. an over time finish in arizona. he takes the pass and he refuses to go down. look at him. a 52-ready yeah touchdown run to beat the cowboys. four td passes in new york with this 27 yarder to nelson and sets up the game-winning field goal. it is packers with init to go 12 and 0. carolina cam newton rushed and that gives him an nfl quarterback record. tiger is the man again. the birdie putt on 18 seals his first win since 2009. and we finish with the ladies. stanford's noyola heads in the game's only goal and stanford beats duke for the ncaa title and the first time in school history. and that was your toyota sports report. coming up later in the newscast, more from the playoff win and college hoops. back to you.
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>> thank you. a scare for u.s. officials after iran claims it shot down a u.s. drone. what the u.s. is saying about the incident. and the bomb that sent nearly 50,000 people running for safety.
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good evening.
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in tonight's headlines, two people were rushed to the hospital this evening after being shot in the parking lot of a burger king in redwood city. it happened about 7:15 this evening. police are looking for four men, and the victim will survive. people may return to their homes in san francisco's tenderloin after a fire drove them from the building on eddie street this morning. investigators believe a cigarette sparked the fire. the port of oakland has taken out a full page newspaper ad urging the public not to support the occupy movement's effort to shut down the port next monday. this comes after protestors blocked the truck traffic at the port. the local long shore man's union opposed the blocking. an undetonated world war ii bomb surfaced in the river forcing the biggest mass evacuation in six decades. llama hassan has the details on what follows. >> with the water pumped out of the area, the experts spent
11:36 pm
three hours gingerly diffusing the bomb. dropped by the british air force in world war ii, it is called a blockbuster, designed to destroy the buildings. lodged into the riverbed, it was discovered when the drought lowered the levels of the river rhine. if it had exploded it would have sent shaw rap national through the air for over a mile. that's why it turned into the biggest evacuation in germany in more than 60 years. 45,000 people, half of the population living near the site including hospital patients and prisoners were forced to find a safe spot. unexploded bombs are common in europe. in france alone, 900 tons of order nents are discovered and destroyed every year. with one in 8 of the bombs dropped by the allies still unexploded in europe, they remain a hidden and deadly threat. abc news, london. a u.s. drone may be in
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iranian custody. iran says its armed forces shut down the unmanned spy plane. iran does have something, but they say a drone was not shot down. the nato coalition says operations did lose contact with the drone last week. they process millions of questions a day. with all of that data coming in, the search engine is able to predict the future events. this week lizy bermudez sat down to talk about some of the headlines we could see in 2012. >> we actually have questions. we have 60 million people asking questions, and it gives us an interesting filter into what consumers are really caring about. with lady gaga in 2010 it was a meat dress, and this year it is the face implants. are those things real? >> oh, from the award show. okay. >> exactly. >> we also have justin bieber, not surprising. we are still in the clutches
11:38 pm
of bieber fever. >> what do people want to know? >> it is a little more salacious, is justin going to be a daddy? >> the paternity suit. and the third, i am not surprised about this. >> well, daniel craig may be shaking his fist in anger, but kim kardashian and was the wedding fake? we saw the most volume, the quickest of the year. top question of the year, kim kardashian's wedding, was it fake? we still don't know the answer. >> we are puzzled by that one. and predictions for 2012. how do you predict? >> we took a look at the millions of questions asked over the course of the year. and we looked at where the spikes were and the volume of questions and the nature of the questions, and we made some educated guesses around what will be making the headlines in 2012. >> we have some props. we are going to play a little game with everybody and try to figure things out.
11:39 pm
can i bring this out? the the first thing we are bringing out is this is a clue as to a prediction for 2012. anybody know what this little golf ball might need? any idea? >> smart. >> did she say tiger woods? >> she did. the prediction specifically is tiger hillary tire from golf -- will retire from golf in 2012. there was a lot of speculation and announcements that were supposed to take place in 2011 that never came to fruition. people are speculating that 2012 is the year. >> the next one, it is a pill bottle. what is this predicting? >> dr. oz, dr. phil, right? in a post oprah world, we think dr. oz will surpass dr. phil in ratings. and this is because we are seeing a very large increase in questions around dr. oz. >> interesting. this shirt, i love new york,
11:40 pm
what will this tell ?us. >> new york hillary claim the spot as the number one u.s. travel destination. orlando came in as the number one in 2011. we think new york will grab it back. >> disney is a big draw. you can watch 7 live weekdays at 3:00 p.m. here on abc7. a teenager at risk, tonight the you fix it report goes after an unsafe overpass. the concern and the solution. >> and the christmas tree that keeps on giving. >> hi, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. at this hour, clear skies and calm winds. things will change in the next couple hours as a wind advisory is up for much of the bay area especially the higher elevations. we'll look at that and a look at our accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up
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our new fixed segment was getting a sinkhole fixed. she wanted the i team to do something about an unsafe highway overpass that kids take to school every day. >> it is a fast route for teenagers to cross over highway 101 to catch a city bus on bay shore boulevard. for some kids, it is the only way to get to school. >> my 16-year-old daughter walks across that bridge, and i feel frightened. >> lori asked if she could show us what they deal with every day. we took her up on the tour. >> neighbors at the eastside were frustrated. >> she said the neglected
11:44 pm
bridge is a prime spot for crime. >> gang activity. we need to clean it up. >> it is a commonplace for people to clean up camp. >> we have some sleeping bags and garbage here. people are obviously living here. once upon a time someone with substance abuse problems was hanging out here. >> more garbage and more graffiti and finally we reached the bottom. >> after she goes through that really disgusting rock with perhaps somebody sleeping or some fees cease -- feces she gets on the bus. i tell her every day you need to call me, honey. she calls me, okay, mommy. i'm on the bus. come on. >> lori's neighbor rattled off a list of complaint.
11:45 pm
>> needles, crack pipes, feces all over there, clothes, garbage. >> rob won't allow his daughters to cross the bridge. he says there has been too many assaults and he remembers runing into a neighbor who had just become a victim. >> he looked out of it. he was freaked out. he said he was walking up the bridge and two guys tried to mug him. >> he wants the overgrown ivy take -- taken down. >> there is no way to know if crime happens there. >> the city agrees. >> mary is the director of operations, and he sent crews to start clearing the fences as soon as he brought it to his attention. >> when they are walking there they can see everything. >> the bridge and the land around it is jointly managed by dpw and cal trans. but this time dpw is taking the lead. they were sent to clean up the
11:46 pm
graffiti, and he promises to bring in other agencies to address the homeless camp. >> we do the best we can with what we have. and we try and be as responsive to the public as we can be. >> with less money his department is often forced to do triage instead of preventative work in many neighborhoods across the city. >> because we are not able to do routine planned maintenance for things like this due to resources. >> lori says when it comes to safety, some projects need to stay a priority. >> and i am hoping that my child will be able to have a clean bridge and some folks will have a clean place to sleep. >> that was dan noyes reporting. >> if you have a problem that needs fixing, up load your video to click on the you report link on the left hand side of the page, and include contact information so we can get back to you. a central part of your holiday celebration can become a permanent part of san francisco's scenery.
11:47 pm
friends of the urban forest is renting out live christmas trees. people pay $7 -- $75 for a tree and then return it after the holidays. >> we plant them and then the next few years when they get large enough they will be planted as sidewalk tree throughout san francisco. >> my wife is into christmas. she has always wanted -- she wants to cut the christmas tree. she likes the snow and all of that, big, full pine tree. >> it can be purchased at friends of the urban forecast. -- forest. look under see it on tv. it is time to get to leigh glaser with a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. >> it does include a wind advisory. it goes into affect -- well, it did at 10:00 through 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. we are expecting the wind shifts from onshore winds out of the west to the more northeasterly wind gusts. higher elevations and north bay mountains and east bay hills.
11:48 pm
northeast winds 25 to 35 mile per hour wind gusts with the gusts potentially extremely higher elevations close to 50 miles per hour. so all of this is going to take place overnight tonight. it should be a very short event by tomorrow afternoon. we will look for decreasing winds and plenty of sunshine. 63 is the expected high. 62 san rafael. 59 for san francisco. winds decreasing late in the day. san jose, 62 as well. watsonville, we will warm to 63 degrees. and hollister, 62. once we get through this wind event tonight and early tomorrow morning, get ready for a dry weather pattern for the next seven days. we may sneak in a few clouds. maybe something coming in here a week or so. but otherwise dry conditions and the temperatures in the 60s to the upper 50s at the coast. >> looking good. thank you, leigh. san francisco police and 49er fans teamed up today to brighten the holidays for the
11:49 pm
needy kids uh -- across the city. they collected cans for operation dream. operation dream provides toys and other gifts for children living in san francisco's public housing projects. you can make donations to operation dream by bringing a new unwrapped toy to any of san francisco's 10 district police stations. so a lot of good things happening at the stick. >> another operation dream was full filled. the 49ers are playoff bound. i haven't said that in almost 10 years. jim harbough lead his team to the promise land. we will talk gatorade and we will talk gatorade and fashion with the coach
11:50 pm
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playoff spot. frank gore is now the all time leading rusher in franchise history. look who is back. joe manhattan, and joe if you are watching i still look younger than you. patrick willis injuries his hamstring. he leaves the game and would not return. he will get an mri, but said he is okay. a two-yard run puts him ahead of joe perry to the all-time rushing lead. he is the team's new leading rusher. 9-0 and they come out throwing in the third. 52 yards and 16-0 niners. meanwhile he kicked four more field goals. this 34-yarder gives him a franchise record 31. it is 19-0. niners pour it on in the
11:53 pm
fourth. a little hitch route and he turns it into a 56-yard touchdown. the longest play of the season. he threw -- they are nfc champions after the shutout. >> i was joking and he got so competitive he jukes the gatorade dump. it barely touch easy himment -- touched him. and i was giving him a hard time about the sweatshirt he wears. >> i have an all time great black sweatshirt. 2* rolls right off. incredible fabric. >> i don't think he has washed it all year. packers and giants in new york. another big day for aaron rogers. a great catch by greg jennings. he needed to play hero late. fourth quarter and game tied. a strike to nelson and that sets up crosby's game-winning field goal. packers win it 38-35. they are now 12 and 0. and they will host the raiders next sunday. raiders looking to build momentum for that game in miami. mcclain didn't start, but he
11:54 pm
did play three days after his arrest in alabama. didn't matter. 13-0 dolphins at the half. the frustration continues to the raider defense. richard seymo re was ejected for that punch, and it gets worse. carson palmer picked off by kevin burnett. and he is going all wait baking for 34-yard touchdown. palmer threw two late touchdown passes, but it didn't matter. raiders go down 34-14 and coupled with a denver win, they now have a tie for first in the afc west. >> we couldn't run it. we couldn't stop the run. we didn't throw very well. when it gets like that, i mean that was a bad day at the office all the way around. there ain't no excuse to it. i will take everything on myself. we have work to do. >> and they better get busy. that loss coupled with a win by the broncos and tebow with two td passes. he leads another fourth quarter come back. tim tebow, unbelievable.
11:55 pm
all he does is win football games. broncos win it 35-32. a little college football now, and it is official top-ranked lsu will face alabama in the bcs title game in new orleans on january 9th. not my choice. the third ranked oklahoma state and stanford will battle in the fiesta bowl. they are 11 and 1 and that's in arizona on january 2nd. congratulations to david shaw and his cardinal. cal will face texas in the holiday bowl. these two haven't faced off since 1970 since san diego on december 28th. and let's move on to the other football. soccer, the third time is a charm for the stanford women. this is their third straight ncaa final facing duke. and with the game's only score for the top-ranked cardinal. the header in the 53rd minute. it is 1-0. this stanford senior class was
11:56 pm
95-4-4 in their four years, and now they are ncaa champions. in hoops, stanford men hosting them. and he is dropping in three of his 16. josh on you wednesday -- josh owens leading them on the final run. owens had 19 points. stanford wins it and they improve to 8 and 1. cal hosted san diego state and bill walton' checking things out. 25 points for him. cal lead by crabtree, and it was within a point late. he is likely to fall out of the top 25 with a 64-63 loss. teaming it up in southern cal, tiger woods down a stroke to zach johnson and now on 17 for birdie. got it. we are tied going into 18. johnson has a birdie putt on 18. did not read it right. tiger putting for a birdie and the win.
11:57 pm
his first win since the australian masters. look at this crowd. do you think they are pulling for him? tiger woods wins his own tournament. it is good to see him back. that was your toyota sports report. we knew he would finally win again. will he catch jack nicklaus? i don't know. >> and they said tiger might retire? >> no, he wants to beat jack nicholson's record. >> that's it for us. have a great night.
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