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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 5, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. major shakeup. newt gingrich surges as herman cain bows out. will gingrich pick up his support today? can mitt romney do anything to stop newt in the final countdown to the first votes? bitter battle. country singer mindy mccready's fight for her son, in foster care right now, after police found him hiding with his mom in a closet. why his fear says zander blocks with him. miracle meal. a car smashes into a crowded restaurant all caught on tape. how everyone survived this stunning crash landing. even the man caught right on the hood. a "w" for tiger woods for the first time in more than two years!
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>> we remember that fist pump. tiger woods back in the winner's circle. two years after his life and career came crashing down. is this the beginning of his comeback? >> first victory anywhere in two years, three weeks. a fog on a monday morning. >> a little eerie here in times square. >> hope everyone had a good weekend. tiger sure did. we'll talk about that later. a growing military mystery. iran claiming it shot down one of the u.s.'s most advanced spy planes. big questions now about whether top secret intelligence is in iranian hands. >> they've claimed. haven't shown anything yet. check this out. this could be the most expensive car crash ever. eight ferraris, a lamborghini, two mercedes, even a prius. they were all speeding on a major highway side by side.
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that is millions. >> i love how you add the prius in there. and a rare interview with angelina jolie. sitting down with christiane amanpour right there. the secret to her relationship with brad pitt. and why she stepped behind the camera for her new movie. we begin with politics. herman cain is out. and newt gingrich has the edge in getting his endorsement. newt is on top in iowa and closing in on mitt romney in new hampshire. abc's john berman has been tracking all of the latest overnight. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, george. less than a week until the crucial abc news debate. the entire republican race literally just got turned upside down. he might look like he's on top of the world, but more importantly, he's on top of iowa. brand-new polls show in just a month, he's gone from fifth to
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first in iowa. and today, his once broke campaign is launching its first ad there. >> working together, we can and will rebuild the america we love. >> reporter: his meteoric rise, the perfect twin to a cataclysmic fall. herman cain going from first to farewell. >> with a lot of prayer and soul searching, i am suspending my presidential campaign. >> reporter: cain's departure creating a whole new race. or more specifically, a whole new bunch of races. the field versus newt. all position comes with peril. newt's tumultuous past is fair game. >> i think they have to make a decision based upon the person's entire record. and certainly, character counts. >> reporter: if republicans are ganging up on gingrich, it's still the president's team versus mitt romney. >> if you don't like where he is today, wait until tomorrow. >> reporter: that's miles from
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the politically manipulative manhunts the president's men gave gingrich. >> he's a man with expansive thoughts and ideas that he expresses widely. we'll see how that plays. >> reporter: the final race, comics versus disappearing material. you can tell they'll miss herman cain. >> come on, i'm innocent until proven guilty. that's what this country's all about. if i can't have that, i may as well go on and move to labibia. >> reporter: it could be gingrich with the most to gain. he's the leading second choice for voters there. newt in new york today meeting with none other than donald trump. >> trump says he'll endorse in the next month as well. >> let's get more on where this goes next with jake tapper. let's begin with herman cain dropping out. there will be a race for his endorsement. he and newt gingrich are close.
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>> they are friends. i expect eventually the cain endorsement will go to gingrich. i don't think that will happen anytime today. they have a similar appeal, similar base. the tea party voters. they had the lincoln-douglas-style debate a few weeks ago. they are friends. >> how about mitt romney? he's clearly going to have to adjust his strategy with a surging newt gingrich. he's going to have to take him on more directly. started to over the weekend in a press conference. >> that's right. he distanced himself from comments that gingrich made about repealing child labor laws, teach inner city kids about the value of work. romney will go after gingrich more directly. i talked to romney aids over the weekend. they talked about how they do view the threat from gingrich differently from the threat of other former previous republican flavors of the week, rick perry,
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herman cain, michele bachmann. gingrich is a more known quantity. they plan to go after him in a couple of ways. one of them about electability. making the case that mitt romney is far more likely to be able to take the fight to barack obama on the message of the economy. whereas newt gingrich, as a washington insider, will have a more difficult time. that's the case they'll lay down. >> meanwhile, former speaker gingrich says he'll stick to a positive campaign. in the primaries right now. he sent and e-mail to supporters saying, i will focus this campaign on president obama. there will be no 30-second attack ads against my friends. do you think he can stick to that? >> it will be tough. one of the romney advisers said, if he's still sustaining some momentum, gingrich, the decision will be made to take the fight to him. if he doesn't fight back, how will he fight back against the democrats? that's the argument player going
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to make, not just in making the negative case against gingrich, the contrast, but also telling republican primary voters if gingrich can't fight back, he's going to have $1 billion of democrat money dropped on him. he'll need to respond then. >> that may be. but for now, at least, the white house and democrats still training all of their fire on romney. don't appear to be taking newt gingrich too seriously yet. >> no, not at all. they actually -- the obama advisers were praising newt gingrich. i think the only way to look at this is that the white house and the democratic party think mitt romney is the most perilous threat. to obama's reelection, although they take newt gingrich a lot more seriously than they take the other previous nonromney if surging republicans like herman cain. >> jake, thank you very much. and diane sawyer and i will be in iowa for the next big republican debate. saturday night, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. across the abc network. all of the top contenders will be there.
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we'll moderate just three weeks before the first votes. >> you'll have so much to talk about. now, to another developing story. could one of america's most cutting edge spy planes be in enemy hands this morning? iran claims it shot down a supersecret drone. that had flown across its borders and they're threatening to retaliate. if that's true, the bigger threat could be from the secrets that the drone might reveal. abc's martha raddatz joins us with more. martha, what's the deal here? >> robin, still no images coming out of iran that would prove they have a u.s. drone. but u.s. officials admit one is missing near iran's border with afghanistan, and the u.s. is assuming it did cross the border into iran. not shot down but crashed or landed in tact in iran. what is most disturbing is that iranians claim it is a drone called the rq-170. a supersecret stealth drone. the american government won't confirm that the classified program exists.
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but the u.s. does believe the iranians have that drone and believe it crashed in iran, or it could even land, as we said, intact. >> they think it may be the case. if it is true, what kind of information could they glean from it? >> well, there are provisions built into drones to protect sensitive technology. if contact is lost, it can be erased remotely. if this is a stealth drone, the skin itself can be used to duplicate technology. pakistan reportedly let china look at a helicopter shot down in the bin laden raid. pakistan reportedly let china look at the technology. so this is serious stuff, robin. >> i know you're staying on top of it, thank you very much. now to the latest in the penn state child sex abuse scandal. former coach jerry sandusky has prompted new outrage by telling his story to "the new york times." his alleged victims have vehement responses. jim avila is here with the
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details. >> reporter: good morning, george. the former penn state coach on camera telling anyone who will listen, i'm not the monster prosecutors are making me out to be. while alleged victims are saying, every time he talks, it's like another punch in the stomach. jerry sandusky has been seen often around his state college house. now he's been heard for a second time, proclaiming his innocence and trying to explain his, at the very least, odd behavior with children to "the new york times." the behavior, prosecutors charge, amounts to years of 40 counts of molestation charges. >> these allegations are false. i didn't do those things. >> reporter: sandusky submitting himself to a four-hour interview. some of it videotaped at times. in it his infamous delayed response when asked by bob costas on nbc. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys? >> if i say no, i'm not attracted to young boys, that's not the truth. i'm attracted to young people,
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boys, girls -- >> yeah, but not sexually. you enjoy spending time with them. >> that's what i was trying to say. i enjoy spending time with young people. i enjoy spending time with people. >> reporter: in the interview, he claims to be a surrogate father, rough housing with kid, describing a closeness many find hard to justify and understand. >> the environment was family like. all the times were precious times. they were significant times. >> these were quote precious moments for him. in fact, they were the most vile, horrendous, unspeakably horrible moments for his victims. >> reporter: the "new york times" reporter who sat down with him, jo becker, said he seemed uneasy in the interview. but not suicidal. >> it's dawning on him what the situation is he's in. >> reporter: why is he doing this? his attorney says, it may be
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unorthodox. but with all of the horrendous publicity from the other side, he needs to counter with sandusky's version so any potential juror out there gets both sides. >> i guess. but he doesn't seem to be helping himself. >> he couldn't even get that answer right the second time. let's get headlines. josh elliott is in this morning. >> hope you had a great weekend. we'll begin with the u.s. postal service on the brink. today they'll announce unprecedented cost-cutting measures. it's expected to loose as much as $14 billion next year. under the plan, next-day delivery will no longer be the goal for regular mail. half the mail-sorting facilities will close. which would mean the elimination of many as 100,000 jobs. and those changes could begin as early as march. a critical week as european leaders grapple with the debt crisis there. a major subity takes place on friday. as one paper put it, europe has five days to find a solution or
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the european union will collapse. in attendance, u.s. vice president joseph biden. and the occupy protests in the sight of the white house turned violent this weekend. dozens were arrested as they refused to tear down a wooden structure they built. protesters said the structure built was a temporary place to stay warm. police said they didn't have a permit to build it. in college football, it will be lsu and alabama. a rematch that some fans didn't want to see. maybe they wanted a playoff. meanwhile, in oklahoma, two people remain hospitalized after a riot that followed the defeat of oklahoma on saturday. fans rushed the field, as you can see there. and this dangerous situation that plays out time and again when they take down the goal posts p-13 people were hurt here. it took about an hour to clear the field. meanwhile in san diego, diners watched in horror as a car plowed through a restaurant's front window, heading straight toward them. surveillance cameras caught the entire episode. abbie boudreau has been looking at the video.
7:14 am
>> reporter: watch as this car pulling into a parking space, suddenly jumps the curb and plows through the front of this san diego restaurant. >> i heard the noise of the tires. immediately broken glass. the screams of the ladies. >> reporter: hitting a man that was walking out the door. throwing him several feet. >> he got pushed into the door and thrown back toward the showcase and landed on the floor. >> reporter: take a look from this angle. the car crashes straight through the front window as diners look on in shock. luckily, the driver veered to the right. coming within inches of hitting these customers. the owner of the restaurant, raj patel, was in the kitchen when he heard the car smash through the storefront. >> another two ladies in the middle. when the car hit that table, that table went flying and the two people went flying into all of the garbage that was there.
7:15 am
>> reporter: the man who was struck walked away with only a few scratches. no one else was injured. not even the driver. she tells police she apparently hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, los angeles. >> how is that even possible? finally, a pricey pileup on a japanese highway. you saw it at the top of the show. is it the most expensive crash ever? the lead driver lost control in the rain. you're looking at what is left of eight ferraris, three mercedes, a lamborghini and as george pointed out, a prius. oh, we throw this one around too much. miraculously, no one was seriously injured. damage, $4 million. carry the four. i was unaware math was part of the program. >> priuses are cars, too. >> do you hear that laughter? do you hear that laughter? sam champion is back. >> aw.
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>> thank you, josh. good morning, everybody. you may have noticed this outside, but there is so much fog on the eastern seaboard. likely, you'll be delayed. that's our view. you're down to zero visibility from richmond through dover. d.c. is part of it. with low visibility at zero as well. that means everything is going to slow down. here's where the big rain is falling. houston to dallas, a little bit of rain. we have to talk about what is coming in behind that rain. little rock, paducah, there's what's behind the rain. dallas, you get a little bit of snow in the mix there. all of the way in the eastern edge of that. mixed in with the rain. you'll see it. abilene this morning, to santa fe, getting heavy snow. and this big hard wind blowing all of the way to the west. this week, the santa anas have kicked up. but this time they're cold. now you're back to 60-mile-an-hour winds plus.
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>> this is likely to be the biggest problem on the board today. it's the slow air travel. we're 15 degrees above normal. everybody likes that. usually that means fog this time of year. >> can you tell we decorated while you were away? >> it looks like a christmas cave. what's going on? >> it's good to have you back, sam. now to the big win for tiger woods. cheers erupted as he scored his first victory in two years. josh was following the moments. it was intense. especially coming down the back nine. >> and on an nfl sunday, suddenly you were toggling back and forth. one tournament win for a player who had won dozens in years past. would have been a victory we all soon would have forgotten. yesterday in los angeles was no ordinary sunday for tiger woods. [ crowd cheers ] >> and there it is! a "w" for tiger woods for the first time in more than two years! >> reporter: and with that
7:19 am
six-foot birdie putt, a champion once again. >> how you would describe it? >> it feels awesome. whatever it is. >> reporter: a feeling he hadn't experienced for a stag erg 749 days. with his win and signature fist pump, he had made a triumphant return to form. >> today was a picture-perfect day. >> reporter: the past two years have been a scandalous blur for woods. a crash, a public cheating scandal, a divorce from his wife. and sponsorship losses in the tens of millions of dollars. >> i'm deeply sorry for my deeply responsible for irresponsible and thoughtless behave yore i engaged in. >> reporter: had the damage he had done to a once impenetrable image irreparably damaged his career. >> god, tiger. >> reporter: sunday's win is no definitive answer, but for one
7:20 am
day, clad in the red of so many championship sundays past, woods seemed a picture of what he once was, rather than what he had become. >> i pulled it off with one down, two to two. to go birdie, birdie is as good as it gets. >> if you watched the last 18 months or so. this is a guy 281 consecutive weeks the best player in the world. he's a 14-time major winner. now, maybe he's back for next year. lee westwood, and rory mcilroy, who stole a lot of his thunder there last summer, both won yesterday as well. next season could be very interesting. >> very exciting. coming up here, the family fight over country singer mindy mccready's son. her father says he should stay with her. >> and gary giordano speaks out again. our experts weigh in on those two interviews. and why the palace is forced to pinching pennies. and candid conversation with angelina jolie. what she reveals to christiane amanpour. the secret to her relationship
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ghirardelli squares peppermint bark. rich chocolate layers and festive peppermint. a ghirardelli original. ♪ a little reward for all the things you do ♪ get them before they disappear. a plan to move the occupy san francisco camp to the mission district is meeting resistance. the city is offering a vacant lot at mission and 16th. superintendent adviser who represents the area says neighbors are worried about safety and cleanliness of the
7:25 am
location. they want a community meeting to discuss the plan. occupy protesters have not accepted the offer to move. >> tough spot in your commute. worst is the bay bridge toll because of earlier injury accident. traffic backed up through the maze half an hour. big problem in san mateo county highway 92 near half moon bay a car fire had both directions blocked right now one-way traffic control through the area. westbound 92 still slow through san mateo because of an injury crash at de anza. it is a chilly morning. going to get colder, w
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welcome back. mostly clear but still breezy temperatures still in the 50s north bay valleys, 30s along the peninsula that's why because of the winds. when we head to the afternoon low to mid 60s except for upper 50s at the coast. watch out tonight freezing temperatures in the north and
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country singer mindy mccready caught right in the middle of a family fight over who should take care of her son. not everyone her father and mother can agree on who should have custody of zander. >> he's the spitting image of her. more this morning from gary giordano. >> he talked with dan harris on sunday. and a rare conversation with superstar angelina jolie. talking with our christiane amanpour. but first, the latest on mindy mccready. she is seven months pregnant with twins.
7:31 am
she'll be appearing in court this morning. yunji de nies has the latest. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, george. she's expected to be in court this morning. they're trying to decide if her son should be returned to florida. 5-year-old zander is in foster care this morning after authorities found he and his mother hiding in a closet in this empty house. the fbi put out this alert on what they called a parental abduction after taking the boy from his grandfather's house in florida. >> was this really an abduction? i think that's the heart of the issue. >> reporter: the troubled country star who appeared last year on "celebrity rehab" is in a bitter battle to regain custody of her son. in a visit last week, she took
7:32 am
zander and left the state. despite a court order, she refused to return him to his legal guardian because she says, he's been abused. >> mindy says we have abuse d hr son and skye. >> she gets away with telling the lice and does something like that. i don't understand how she can get away with it. >> reporter: but mccready's father, who is divorced from her mother, says he should be with mindy. >> you ask him. he's most comfortable with his mom. >> reporter: depeending on what the judge decides later, zander could be back in florida by tend of the day. meanwhile, mindy mccready could face felony charges and criminal
7:33 am
trespass charges as well. now to the latest on gary giordano. he spoke out again on sunday to our dan harris here on "gma," that, after his appearance on "gma" on thursday. leading to more questions about the moment when robyn gardner disappeared. dan has the latest. >> reporter: since his release from jail in aruba last week, gary giordano has been on a high-profile, hotly contested media tour playing out on "good morning america." >> they want to know if you had anything to do -- >> absolutely not. >> reporter: on thursday morning in an exclusive interview with robin roberts, he came out with guns blazing. >> i'm not prepared to go from the moment of the day to the end of the day. >> reporter: refusing to answer basic questions about the day his traveling companion disappeared. >> i'm not going to sit here and
7:34 am
answer something that i have answered repeatedly. >> reporter: and a new theory. >> aruba has two main sources of income. it's not tourism. it's cocaine and human trafficking. >> there's a whole lot of things i have questions about. >> reporter: gardner's boyfriend has questions. >> he doesn't show remorse. >> reporter: and his lack of specificity. >> what is the big question you want answered? >> um -- where's robyn? >> reporter: so on sunday, he returned to "gma." what happened. >> at some point, i became distressed. found out i had a problem coming back to shore. and robyn was, i thought, behind me. and she wasn't. >> reporter: and about human traffickers.
7:35 am
walk me how that would work. a boat of traffickers would pull up, pull her out of the water. >> i don't know how that would work. >> reporter: then why did you bring it up? >> um -- >> reporter: he addressed his flat affect. >> i believe i was emotional. >> reporter: but only about yourself. not about robyn gardner. >> no one has requeasked me. about how i feel, i do miss her. >> reporter: do you. do you miss her? >> i do miss her. i think i'll see her again. i haven't come to grasps with she's gone. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:36 am
america," dance harr harris, ab new york. >> let's bring in dan abrams and michael welle michael welner. dan, what is your take? >> i think it was a smart move for him to go public. he ought to be putting his side forward. everyone has this wrong. he's able to explain the insurance. exactly what happened. to go on and be so belligerent and atag niz the people doing the interview doesn't help him. i'm not sure it helps him. >> you think, michael, there is a reason. people watching both interviews say there is no emotion. i have answered this 50, 60 times, i don't want to do it again. >> i feel more careful about
7:37 am
interpreting how someone is behaving. it's rehearsed. i think that affects the emotion that you see as well. he's thinking about the attorney next to him. i don't think people in america recognize what it's like to be sitting here and talking and recognizing how many people are listening to you and have your freedom jeopardized at the same time, realizing you have so much freedom hanging on every word. i think the pressure affects that. >> but that's the attorney's job. to make sure he -- and he was totally unrehearsed. think he should have spent more time talking about his answers, how he would respond. it seemed to me that his lawyer did not prepare him at all or prepared him terribly. >> those are some of the questions you asked. if you hit the boundaries of something he didn't prepare for,
7:38 am
perhaps you touched -- if you hit the raw nerve of giordano, he goes off the script. perhaps going off the script is what got us here in the first place. >> sometimes it was not what he said but how he said it. many people are saying, if i'm accused of something and i didn't do it, i would say it a million times. people don't understand why he would say, well, you know, he's talked about it so often that that could be an issue. >> there's just no sadness. again, this is not to suggest and dr. welner can talk more to what is typical and what is not. to the public perception point of view, there was a sense of -- there was no remorse. let's assume exactly what happened is what he said happened. he was still with someone he brought to aruba who died in the
7:39 am
water, according to him, got washed away. that was a wuz the last time he saw her. that is an incredibly sad, horrifying event. rather than being upset, he seems angry. >> i don't think you're going to see that here. i appreciate the point. but when you have gone through interrogation, you're to national television exposure, you're in a bunker. my own experience with defendants that are guilty. they've been very packaged. the only time you access the remorse of people that are capable of it. we can't tell. he may not be capable of it. you only access that remorse when it's all done. >> then he should have not gone public. >> that's another point. >> if he's not able to do that, i don't think he should have spoken publicly at all. >> good point. well taken.
7:40 am
we've talked about what happened when she went missing. if something happened, looking at the principals, the most likely explanation is a rejection sensitivity as motive. you have giordano with a history of domestic violence complaints. people should be understanding, what were the triggers that inspired the complaints against him from multiple women? how did they play out in the relationship he had with gardner. we may know more if we reconstruct their life together rather than their last moments together. >> nothing has been said that will lead aruban authorities to want him to come back? >> nothing said in the interviews. he's not offering details that i would think are any different. he's been interviews again and again and again and again. he's remained consistent many
7:41 am
his stories. >> dan, michael, thank you. let's get back to sam. good morning, robin. good morning, everyone. god morning, philadelphia. it's foggy there. anywhere from d.c. north that you have skies like this. that means airport delays. we're so warm this time of year. 60, of 6, yeah, it feels good. you'll have a foggy start. that will delay the airports. a lot of the airplanes come through the northeast. here's the mess. the cold air behind the rain. rain from
7:42 am
>> all that water was brought to you by purina. next half hour, we talk about west texas snow. >> oh, snow in texas. coming up, budgeting at buckingham palace. why the queen is being forced the cut a few more corners right now. come on back. look! did you ever see a more beautiful sight? captain! it's just a mirage. - snowy? what is it, boy? - [ barks ] what do you see? [ yipping ] [ woman announcing ] just like snowy, your dog's one of a kind. overactive imagination and all. [ barking ] long live your buddy. long live your dog. [ tintin ] snowy! purina dog chow. see the adventures of tintin, only in theaters. write "you're pretty." you're pretty! ♪
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tough times. that's right, queen elizabeth is feeling the squeeze. nick watt has the details from london. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. in these tough time, it's only fair that we share in the pain. the pain in going all the way to the top. the queen has been hit with a two-year pay freeze. the royals are feeling the pinch. they can't afford repairs to their crumbling palaces. kate shops on main street with the rest of us. she's recycling outfits. so is the queen, who also asked for held top pay for utility bills. >> she's very frugal. there's a nip that's built up. she's turns off lights in the palace. >> reporter: she's renting out the palace to corporate hobnobers during the olympics. prince charles has to foot the bill for william and kate for
7:47 am
their travels and maybe, a new baby. he'll have to dig down deep into the pockets of his tailered suits. no one is saying they're broke. we're not going to see the queen taking paying guests to stay overnight at buckingham lance? >> no. not at all. >> reporter: before you feel sorry for the queen, imagining her in a chilly palace drinking mis miserly drops of gin, she dropped money on a new horse. she gets more than $50 million a year from the british government. before the economy wobbled, she got more than $100 million a year. the ladies in waiting, the chauffeurs. it all adds up. >> i guess it does. coming up, josh has "the
7:48 am
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here's the "play of the
7:52 am
day." >> in honor of sam's return. >> hey! >> he's wheels down today. your "play of the day" is dudes waterskiing. >> dudes. >> dudes. >> how else would you describe guys that figured out they could do this. hey, guys, let's go water-ski on bar stools. more questions than answers. and angelina jolie. go nowhere. [ female announcer ] why do your holiday shopping at walgreens?
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santa clara residents will learn more about the city's plans for a new 49er stadium public hearings tomorrow and thursday to explain details of a new agreement. several major banks have agreed to make 850 million dollars in loans allowing construction to begin as early as next year. the bay bridge remains your big slow down. >> because of an earlier injury accident on the incline section. toll plaza still backed up into the maze. westbound 92 jammed through san mateo off the bridge
7:57 am
because of another accident. good morning. going to be a little breezy today with low to mid 60s scepter along the coast in san francisco upper 50s freezing temperatures inland tonight. the news continues now with "good morning america." ñsññ
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ girls run the world ♪ girls run the world lots of folks celebrating the first day out with us here in times square. a lot of happy lsu fans, they'll be playing bama in the championship. where am i? where am i? angelina jolie. let's talk about her up stead. she's opening up to how she does it all, directing to raising six kids with brad pitt. a rare one-on-one interview. christiane amanpour sat down with her. >> they do a lot of trading off, brad and angelina. we're learning even more, i know everybody's been waiting for this, why kim and kris' marriage fell apart so fast. a lot of brand new details came out last night. we'll have more on the legal battle looming now. >> can we unlearn that? >> we can try.
8:01 am
also coming up, the newest fashion trend for your hands. why people are putting everything from snakeskin to feathers, all to get their nails decked out. special contributor melissa rycroft tells us all about it. >> how do you get a feather on there? >> we'll find out. >> she'll do it. one of our favorite segments, "show me the money" is back. what a big payout. where we find unclaimed cash now. >> elisabeth leamy and her van. first the news from josh. we're going to begin with a possible breach of military security this morning. iran claims to have shot down a u.s. drone that crossed over its border. u.s. officials admit they lost track of a drone last week. they now say the iranians have it. more troubling perhaps, the drone appears to be a new, supersecret model. the design secrets could be in iranian hands. newt gingrich is experiencing a surge.
8:02 am
in the race for the white house. he meets in new york today with donald trump. he could get the backing of herman cain. who just suspended his own campaign. gingrich has stormed past mitt romney in the polls in iowa, going from fifth to first place. some relief for parents. who are worried about what their kids might be up to this morning. new research finds that sexting is a lot less common that previously thought. only about 1% of teens have shared graphic images online or via cell phones. meanwhile, gas prices are down another 14 cents in the past month. aaa says the price of a gallon of regular is $3.28. still 34 cents more than a year ago. and the three money managers that claimed the powerball jackpot last week, wasting no time making good on their promise to donate some of the winnings. they were accused of being a front for an anonymous winner. five groups that help veterans
8:03 am
will each be getting $200,000 from the men. among them, indeed indeed, a foundation started by our own bob woodruff. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> so a good monday to everyone at "good morning america," josh. it's the holiday shopping movement sweeping the country. the goal is to create american jobs. we're asking, are you in? join the cause. made in america christmas tonight on "world news." >> i'm in. finally, some extraordinary international received. this, also made in america. a 10-year-old boy from upstate new york wrote a message, put it in a bolt -- bottle last march. it was dropped off the coast of north carolina. this week, he got an e-mail from the father and son who found it there -- >> oh, come on. >> off the coast of portugal. some 2600 miles away. he wrote a note about video games and how he liked to play
8:04 am
football with his dad. he wrote he wants a playoff so we can end the whole bcs thing. >> he did not. you feel that way. >> i do. it's true. >> very cool. >> nice try. what you got going on, lara? "pop news" time. good morning to you all, and to you. the fedex panda express touched down in scotland yesterday. with some pretty precious cargo. the pandas are settling in at the zoo after their long flight from china. there hasn't been a giant panda in the uk for 17 years. the zoo is preparing for tons of fans to come and meet the new couple. they're hoping for some baby pandas down the line. no pressure, guys. sweetie and sunshine are the english translations of their names. they have ten years in the uk to work it out. get it? we're not exactly -- >> wait, no. apparently don't. >> please, please, i'm on a roll. we're not sure what the correlation of the video game and gastric delight might be. the makers of angry birds are launching into the foodie world
8:05 am
with a new cook book. it's called "bad piggy's egg recipes." it's in stores just in time for christmas. i know what i'm getting you. it teaches users how to make everything from scrambled eggs and noodle-dee-do. it's a noodle-based quiche. noodle-dee-do. >> i like playing the game. >> you don't want egg-based recipes? >> no, i love playing the game. >> i want to go to the last line. go back. thank you. i just want to say that -- the book encourages readers to fling yourself to new levels of egg-cellence. >> that was worth going back to. >> that was one of the great lines of all time. >> thank you, everybody. thank you so much. next up, huge honors last night. the kennedy center. for music and film legends. for meryl streep and neil diamond. stealing the show, our friend elmo. he made a special appearance honoring cellist yo-yo ma. dressed to the nines, he said
8:06 am
that yo-yo ma taught him that music is like a playground and that it makes everyone happy. and yes, it does. >> true dat. some folks like to let it all hang out on the vacation. some like to let it grow out. sam champion. back from his trip to miami is the latter. who knew? sam posted a couple of shots of the new beard. he started a twitter battle. some were swooning over the scruff. others made it very clear they like clean-shaven sam. i want to read you some of the tweets. this tweet said, i will mail you a plate of my famous christmas cookies if you keep the beard. another said, tell "gma," sam, that your beard should stay so you can play santa later this month. >> yeah, yeah, oh, yeah. the santa one. yeah, i remember that one. >> sam, i will say, i did say that i was in full support, mr.
8:07 am
linco lincoln. take that, daniel day lewis. look at that. >> enough. say good morning, everybody. how are you? nice to see you. >> good morning. >> it's a good crowd. it's nice to be back in times square. got a little fog going on this morning. and a lot of -- let me just get this right, purple and gold, right? and a little bit of the packers' yellow going on, too. >> yeah. >> snow in albuquerque this morning. that's not unusual because of the elevation. look at where it goes. midland. abilene is getting some. dallas, wet snowflakes today. amarillo, light snow. the cold air brings the temperatures right back down to normal. the eastern seaboard, 49 in new york city on wednesday. right where it should be. atlanta, 54. washington, d.c., 52. big cold in the middle of the country. back to where it should be for the seasonal chill.
8:08 am
>> who is that? is that emery? >> emery. >> she's like, kind of happy to be here. she's kind of like giving me the one eye. i'm still a little too tired. back to you, lara. >> you know what she needs? >> what? >> she needs josh so hold her. >> that's right, oh, no. >> that's true. 8:30, hellos, i'll be right there, emery. here's a look at what is coming up on our "gma morning menu." we have a new twist in the kim
8:09 am
and kris split. why the biggest fight is still to come. at least on the reality show. and a candid interview with angelina jolie. directing her first movie, raising six kids, keeping the romance alive. how does she do it? we'll find out. and we have a survival guide to shopping. before you hit the stores this holiday season. all that and so much more. stay with us on "gma." [ coughing ] [ male announcer ] got a cold? [ sniffling ] [ male announcer ] not sure what to take? now robitussin® makes finding the right relief simpler than ever. click on the robitussin® relief finder. click on your symptoms. get your right relief. ♪ makes the cold aisle easy. robitussin® has a new look, new simpler names, but the same effective relief. robitussin®. relief made simple.
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8:14 am
love that tune. you know, it seems like barely a day goes by without some member of the kardashian family in the headlines. this morning, the latest include allegations of fraud against one sister. and baby announcement from another. andrea canning has the details. >> can i stop watching the show now? just kidding. the family dysfunction only intensified in the second episode of the latest reality show. kris humphries called the show fake and is now calling his marriage a fraud. take a look for yourself. >> if you're off-season, and i think you should be living with me. >> really? i tried it. >> you tried what, one week? >> yeah. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the fireworks continued. between kim and kris in the second episode of "kourtney and
8:15 am
kim take new york." >> living apart from kim is not the ideal situation. but right now, i think it's what is best for me and i feel like right now, it has to be done. >> you want to live in separate cities? if that's what you want, fine. i'll go pack and we'll go live in separate cities. i'll skype you to say bye. >> reporter: the two seem to fight over everything. >> are you really worried about your hair right now? when i'm, like, trying to talk to you about something serious? >> reporter: humphreys is now seeking an annulment on the grounds of fraud. >> there are several reports coming out. one that he wants his slate wiped clean. for religious reasons. another report claims he wants the extensive confidentiality agreement in the prenup null and void. that would allow him to talk freely about what happened behind closed doors. >> reporter: while their fighting is bad, the other couple on the show announces they're having a baby. how did that happen?
8:16 am
they have admitted to sleeping in separate bedrooms. >> i feel like there's a huge void in my life. i don't have a relationship after 10:00 at night. kourtney reports to her room. i report to mine. it's ridiculous. >> she's always wanted mace on the have a little brother or sister. she wants it with scott. they seem to have come to an agreement and a compromise. and they're happy once again. >> reporter: kim kardashian continues to tweet words of wisdom. before the show, she wrote -- if you'll get in the flow of god, you'll be amazed at how far you can go. over the weekend, she said people will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. how strong you stand is what makes you. i don't know about you. when i'm having a bad day, i turn to kim's twitter account. >> i was looking at christiane amanpour while you're reading that. >> we talked about it before in the makeup room, robin. we had a really in-depth
8:17 am
conversation. she had major insights. >> george? >> i saw her taking detailed notes. now we're going to hear from angelina jolie. there she is on the cover of this week's "newsweek." in her new movie, you don't see her on screen. she's directing a feature for the first time. she wrote the film and sits down with christiane amanpour to talk about it. this fim film is about something you both know well, the war if bosnia. >> it is amazing. she said she found it refreshing, though nerve-racking to be off camera. with her celebrity, it's no wonder why. the film is a brave, tough and cranial use look at a subject, the bosnian war. i covered it extensively. i sat down with angelina in new york. she's been a member at the foreign relations council since 2007. hollywood's highest paid actress. u.n. ambassador.
8:18 am
mother of six children. partner of brad pitt. she may be best known for her life both on and off camera. >> hi, angelina. >> reporter: we now get to see a rare side of her. she takes on work behind the camera. "in the land of blood & honey" is joely's day bee as a director. it's a film about the bosnian war. >> i traveled for years and have seen so many people post conflict and -- wanted to understand more what happened to them. and how human beings are just pushed to their limits and how they change and are affected by war. and i started to look into this particular conflict because i had been there and i had visited. and i was just so taken by it. >> reporter: you decided to tell it as a love story. >> the truth is, it's a love story that would have been. it shows the love between mother
8:19 am
and child, between man and woman. between brothers, between father and son. but it's what war does to those relationships. >> reporter: there's an english version and a bosnian version. why did you do that? >> we felt it is a war that is not talked about enough. it's hard to access and get people in to the seats to force them to sit through it. we felt if we made it also in english, it would help people not comfortable with foreign films or subtitles. at the same time, i had to be in its authentic language because it belongs in its authentic language. >> reporter: it was shot late last year in hungary and bosnia. she made sure she had brad and their kids nearby. do they follow you wherever you go? >> yes. we had an agreement. it's so hard with family in the business. we take turns working. when one works, the other one is there for the kids.
8:20 am
we never have to split the family up. >> reporter: you take them on location? >> always on location. we have a -- if it's over five days, everybody has to move in a traveling mass. >> reporter: a traveling mass that resembles a miniunited nations. along with three biological kids, they've adopted three, from cambodia, ethiopia, and vietnam. how is motherhood particularly of children of those parts of the world affecting you? >> i'm being careful with their schooling. we're home schooling. we make sure it's not one country's view of their country. it has to be very balanced. they have to learn about their own countries to form their own conclusions. >> reporter: what is the key to keeping it together? how do brad and angelina manage to make their whirl wind life of family, careers, and love work? you dove tail your acting and humanitarian work. >> i'm a strong believer in what keeps a great relationship is
8:21 am
to have the same -- your ethics are the same. the way you approach the world is the same. not just the love of art but your sense of right and wrong and the commitment your children need from your or what your responsibility is for the rest of the world. >> reporter: she says her family comes first. her career, acting and now directing and writing, is secondary. what's more rewarding for you? the writing-directing or the acting? >> i don't know if it's more rewarding. but the writing is the hardest. because it feels the most exposed. feels the most private. when you're an actress, you use somebody else's words. you can blame the director. the director can blame the writer. the writer sits alone in a room and writes what they think is important, funny, historical, topical. >> reporter: so you're on the edge of your seat waiting for those reviews? >> i'm the most nervous about that. yeah. yeah. yeah. but i love it the most. maybe because i could do it at home with the kids running around.
8:22 am
>> it's a brave, tough look at war that was our generation's vietnam. we got emotional about it. and also those cast members are all from that part of the world. >> i would think that would make it so much more emotional. >> it's incredible. you have bosnians, serbs, you have the ethnicities knitted together and torn apart. during the war with such consequences as you remember so well as well. >> thanks very much. "in the land of blood & honey" opens in new york. and l.a. on december 23rd. you can see the entire interview tonight on "nightline." lara? >> thank you, george. looking forward to seeing that. we move to the hottest new trend at the salons. extreme nails. you can get a mani-pedi that will be the talk of your holiday party. and our "gma" special contributor, melissa rycroft, tried them out. give us the scoop. >> hi, lara.
8:23 am
i do have to be honest. when it comes to me getting my nails done, i either don't, or i stick with neutral colors. for this, i ventured out of my comfort zone. one of the hottest trends made me crawl out of my skin. ♪ manicures have come a long way. from the days of basic reds and play-it-safe neutrals. fingers are now sporting fashion forward looks from coast to coast. hopefully, they can help me out. with this. i found out firsthand when i paid a visit to the head to toe salon in dallas. what type of women are coming in and getting the designs? are they younger, older? or sit all over the board? >> mostly the younger. >> reporter: am i too old? >> uh, no, i don't think so. >> reporter: a big inspiration comes straight from the runway. this year's influence is from the cat walks and gracing the pages of "vogue."
8:24 am
take the snake skin mani-pedis. that's right. snake skin. when snake skin made a big splash at this year's fashion shows, they took note. it uses real snake skin. >> the first reaction was, ooh. then it was, wait, let me see that. >> reporter: they take about two hours to complete they cut the skin. they apply it piece by piece by piece. the fashion-conscious women we talked to said the results are well worth the wait. and the price tag. the manicures cost about $100. >> i love it. it looks so awesome. >> i'm waiting to be proposed to. the hope is that i'll be sporting the snake skin manicure when i'm wearing a diamond ring.
8:25 am
>> reporter: but snake skin is not the only cat walk-inspired trend that has gotten a thumbs up this year. in los angeles, these nails are the rage. inspired by the team that makes zigzag an art form. they select two or three colors and the manicurist does the rest. another choice? feather. >> we're using pheasant feathers. >> reporter: and nontraditional colors. >> the army greens are hot. >> reporter: with the holidays upon us there are yuletide mani-pedi trends. that are sure to turn heads at holiday parties. i decided to get in the spirit of things and let the manicurists work their magic. they created a gift-wrap motif, in 3-d, no less. well, what do you think? not too bad for a day at the office.
8:26 am
and you can see that i chose a subtle holiday hue for my first time to venture out of the neutrals. really cute. lots of options. but it does come at a slight price tag. all the looks that we saw, the holiday, the feather, it's probably going to cost now about $75 to $100 per manicure. maybe not every day. i hope to see you with one tomorrow. >> where is the bow? did it pop off? >> well, it did. i have a daughter. i came home with decor on my nails. it came off in a minute. >> the coolest mom in the world. thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america," "show me the money." what got all these folks screaming? we'll show you coming up.
8:27 am
governor brown is expected to release details of his tax hike ballot initiative today to ask voters next november to add a half percent to the sales tax rate for four years. people making more than $50,000 would see their income tax go up an extra 1%. those making $500,000 an extra 2% to help reduce the budget deficit by seven billion dollars a year. you won't find much of a break anywhere. bay bridge toll backed up into the maze because of earlier injury. 18 miles per hour southbound through san rafael. northbound 280 slow in san jose up to an accident at
8:28 am
saratoga avenue. >> meteorologist mike nicco [ woman ] before allegra-d, winter alleies meant congestion. after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ male announcer ] a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. [ woman ] after allegra-d, i have it all. it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year.
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. featured now at sizzler! tri-tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. a little gusty around san francisco. oakland, 28 miles per hour temperatures in the 50s up in the north bay with breezes through san francisco the rest of news the 40s peninsula mid to upper 30s mountain view san mateo today low to mid 60s frost tonight inland valleys. >> the news continues now with
8:30 am
"good morning america." have a great day! show me the money! show me the money! show me the money! show me the money! >> they're yelling, show me the money. when you hear that chant, someone is about to get cash they didn't know they had. a whole year, elisabeth leamy and the money team have been helping people get money they didn't know they had. >> the tally is getting huge. we have the "gma" gift-giving survival guide. lots of great items. we'll show you where you should splurge and where you should save. a lot of women choose a nip tuck when they get older. these stars are no different. these are famous faces you may have seen.
8:31 am
they're at the american museum of nationural history. i got a chance to go. >> i was wondering where you're going with that. >> one never knows, does one? first, show me the money time. school districts all across -- excuse me, didn't mean to get ahead of that. school districts are being squeezed by budget cuts. elisabeth leamy has been hard at work. good morning, eli. >> reporter: hi, george. that's right. school districts can lose track of things, too. we found unclaimed money far school that needs it. we were able to spring a big surprise on a small-town high school that's been through a lot this year. >> i said boom chick -- >> reporter: there's a cheer they do at owego free academy
8:32 am
when they're really excited. >> let's go ofa! >> reporter: they were doing it on this day because we were about to bring a big surprise. how do you keep a secret from 650 chattering high school students. >> from abc's "good morning america," miss elisabeth leamy. >> good morning. seeing tom on the scene is the real tip-off. he's the man with the money. >> "good morning america" has been doing a wonderful job helping us get out the word about our office of unclaimed funds. >> reporter: and we were especially happy to bring the "show me the money" mobile to owego because hurricane irene flood waters drowned the area in mess and misery in august. >> the water was this high in
8:33 am
this room. >> reporter: this used to be the office. ♪ >> reporter: and caution tape still marks the high water spot in the auditorium where the choir is accompanied by construction. but with sheer will and effort, less than a week after the storm, school was back in session. >> we felt for the sake of the parents and the sake of the children that re-establishing some sense of normalcy was just the most critical thing we could do. >> reporter: now we're about to do our small part to help the rebuilding process along. >> and this is for the owego skral school district. $6808.79. >> i can't tell you what we're going to do with it today. we have so many needs. we'll put the funds to good use.
8:34 am
thank you so much. >> reporter: but wait, there's more. >> we did a search of the free academy family. we found a number of folks here who are entitled to various amounts of money. >> reporter: the school district wasn't the only winner. >> melanie? >> reporter: popular social studies teacher had no idea she had unclaimed money waiting. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: $775. her home was ruined by the flood. so the long-lost stock dividend will be a big help. >> it comes at a really good time. time when we really need it. really need it. >> reporter: we were not done yet. we called forward eight other faculty members with missing money waiting. we encouraged the students to search for unclaimed money for their families. because the people of this small
8:35 am
community are owed a total of over $602,000. >> this is a positive moment. you come to a hard-hit community. money is in short supply. >> reporter: everybody was so psyched up, i decided to teach the students a cheer of my own from "gma." show me the money! >> all: show me the money! show me the money! show me the money! >> reporter: whoo-hoo after the pep rally, the office searched for 35 members of the audience and found unclaimed money for 23 of them. how common it is for money to go missing. >> that is a huge percentage. i was surprised when i saw your script to see that school districts could get money. how common is that? >> reporter: it's very, very common. i typed the world school into
8:36 am
the unclaimed money search engin engines. i got hundreds. >> great brand new total. the total is $418,598. eli leamy, thanks. go to our website for more. now, it's time for the weather and sam champion. >> you mean "gma" viewers have got. $400,000 by watching the show? that's like -- i'm just -- get me an easy chair. i want to earn some cash. we have twitter pictures aplenty this morning. michigan and missouri. cold air unlox. it's a big western chill to the middle of the country today and tomorrow. billings, your wind chill is at nine below.
8:37 am
denv denver, 4 below. the strong santa ana winds. expect the numbers up to 60 miles an hour plus. 65 today there in l.a. san antonio, 53. memphis, 46. you're under the rain today. where the rain clears, colder >> and haul that weather was brought to you by cuisinart. coming up, it's a gift-giving, giftcacacacacacacag
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
yeah. that's what i'm talking about. we are finds gifts for everyone this season. it can be hard work.
8:41 am
no more, thanks to our "gma" gift giving survival guide. we searched high and low to find the best presents. with the help of "people" style editor kate dimmick, we're going to get the information. hello, kate. >> hello. >> tell us about these options. >> we wanted to make it personal. the alphabet post earearrings. or this adorable pendant, sparkle for the holiday there. those are the jewelry options. >> which is the splurge? which one? what do you think, guys? okay. i'm hearing this. >> you got it. >> you got it right. >> i have to warn you.
8:42 am
can you believe the necklace is only $2.80. it's a great deal. the earrings are a god deal, too, $25. >> you gotta be kidding me. good job. now the next item, dealing with food, a nice present. >> it's perfect. two great options. for the chocolate loverer ein life, a chocolate box set. and for the wine lover in your life, at-home wine tasting kits. test that palate. >> oh, that's cute. the cutie wine things. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. you get to try a different cabernet here and there. >> what is the splurge, people? the candy? the candy? >> they are good. they are good.
8:43 am
>> wow. >> that's right. the box is $150. it's out there. wine tasting is only $34.99. true foodie, get them both. >> speaking of foodies. bring that back. or share it with the group, you two. >> i'm telling you. >> for one second there. fashion. oh, this is going to be a good one. >> my favorite category. >> we have this really fantas c fantastically glamorous tote. fits more than just your keys. throw champagne in there on new year's even. we have the luxurious shearling-lined slippers. >> let me hear? [ audience yelling ] >> purse? she thinks that's the splurge. >> oh, so close.
8:44 am
the shearling slippers are the splurge. >> not bad. it's so festive. okay, and our final category, home. oh, this is going to be difficult. >> oh. this is hard one. we have the tea set tower, which is really a work of art in and of itself. a great, great gift. and for a more classic gift, we have your glamorous, luxurious cashmere throw. you can vishave it monogrammed. >> which one is the splurge? [ audience yelling out ] >> the throw? the throw? there is it?
8:45 am
>> the ladies know their cashmere. >> what is it, cashmere? >> from monograms off madison. it's an amazing gift. the tea tower is only $23 .80. >> very good. >> i know, i know. >> please, the audience, once again, thank you. thank you. and we have to thank you so much. we have more amazing gifts you can buy this season. go to our website to find out more, on yaho yahoo!. >> a new car! >> he's trying to give away cars. coming up, extreme makeover for some of the world's most famous faces. why these animals are all getting a nip and a tuck when we
8:46 am
come back.
8:47 am
8:48 am
it's one of the world's most important scientific and cultural institutions. the museum of natural history. a private donor has stepped up to give the animals a $2.5 million makeover. i got to go behind the scenes. ♪ >> reporter: inside the famed
8:49 am
museum of natural history, the animals are the stars. after decades of enduring the glare of the spotlight, they're beginning to show their age. >> east been on view for about 70 years. >> it's time. i noticed bald spots. wrinkles. like many feeling the effects of father time, they're all getting a collective nip tuck. which animal has aged the worst. i will not tell. >> probably the bison. >> reporter: they're getting full-body lifts. the moose are getting their roots done. the leperred are getting fill. and the squirrels are getting their grays touched up. it's a massive, year-long, $2.5 million project. >> you feel like you're really in the habitat. you feel like you're this close to the animals. they don't feel dead. >> reporter: they look good, even spry.
8:50 am
many of them roamed the wild over 70 years ago. each has been delicately cleaned by hand, and examined for more work. >> this is an extenseive projec. >> reporter: these animals of george. he's a hair colorist, all-around miracle worker. >> the paint on the nose has faded over time. i repainted it. >> reporter: this is a female mown tear lion. in your estimation, who is in better shape? >> she is a.m. almost in pristine condition. >> reporter: she's grown old with grace. >> absolutely. >> reporter: sky becoming bluer. snow becoming whiter. nobody likes yellow snow.
8:51 am
? nobody does. >> reporter: every animal and every diorama aged differently. >> the paint peeled away from the back of the eye. giving the goat cataracts. >> reporter: how much younger does he look? >> about ten years. >> reporter: back to the hard-living bison who needed the most extensive work. fillers, eye jobs, and touchdup on the tell-tale roots. >> they're not supposed to be blond. >> all in the background were dark brown. >> reporter: you knew they were not natural blondes. >> correct. >> reporter: which animal was he relieved not to have to touch up?
8:52 am
>> the porcupine. >> reporter: the mountain goat no longer looks demonic. the fert has low and highlights. how about the blonde bison? now a brilliant brunette. >> everything looks fresher, brighter. >> reporter: that's a woman's dream. you don't want people to know what you did but just look fresh. job well done. it will be open fully in 2012. check it out. these are pieces of art. i hope you enjoyed it, sam. >> no one likes yellow snow. >> how about the blonde bison? >> i'm going to take my family. >> thank you, george. any other comments from the audience? [ cheers ]
8:53 am
captain, we have to keep going! [ growling ] one step at a time. come on, snowy. look! did you ever see a more beautiful sight? captain! it's just a mirage. - snowy? what is it, boy? - [ barks ] what do you see? [ yipping ] [ woman announcing ] just like snowy, your dog's one of a kind. overactive imagination and all. [ barking ] long live your buddy. long live your dog. [ tintin ] snowy! purina dog chow. see the adventures of tintin, only in theaters.
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off to a great start. tomorrow, andrea bocelli.
8:56 am
and tyra banks, too. send in your videos. we want the best holiday lights across the country. my lights are better than your lights. we'll show the winner here on "gma." josh, give it a shot. >> emery, come here. hi. say hi. >> there you go. ♪ me and you h@h@h@h@h@
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♪ a little rendezvous ♪ that special something ♪ that will carry you through ♪ that little reward ♪ for all the things you do [ female announcer ] luscious, creamy filling -- perfectly combined with our intense, slow-melting chocolate -- the one and only ghirardelli squares chocolate. for all the things you do. ghirardelli. moments of timeless pleasure.
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8:59 am
150 workers at a bay area candy company went on strike this morning. workers at american licorice company are striking over issues related to pay and benefits. no comment from the company. >> clear and cold details mike. >> and breezy too for the better part of the afternoon. upper 50s along the coast low to mid 60s the rest of us tonight frosty east bay valleys to hard freeze possible in the north bay valleys. bay bridge toll has been bad all morning because of an earlier injury crash at 6:00 still backed up into the maze. check out the san mateo bridge earlier injury crash westbound 92 right now the drive time is


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