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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> if there is agreement on these issues we still need to go to ballots to change things like retirement page ages so we're going to have to go to voters. >> and there is reform would impact new employees differently but this is a complex and an emotional issue. depending on the vote tonight, pension reform could go before voters in june. >> thank you. a small win for low-wage workers in contra costa county today. >> if you make me do this, i can guarantee you there will be five new people in those chairs. >> county supervisors delayed a vote tomorrow pose a contract on five employee unions that would include across the board cuts and
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workers say they can't afford. >> if you can just consider what we're facing and what we've balanced and budgeted, $50, $80 and $100 makes a huge difference. >> 4400 employees, about half of the work force would be required to pay more into pensions. and after listening to about three hours of emotional testimony as you can gather, supervisors decided to delay the vote until next tuesday. >> the last nail may be in the coffin for 49er fans hoping to keep the team in san francisco. owners of great america and santa clara announced they're dropping the law surt over parking issues and have decided not to sell the theme park. this seems to pave the way for a new stadium development in santa clairea. mayor ed lee
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and they're making a statement in santa clairea. we're also in a position in case that gos into another direction. we have to make sure we can do that. >> they have secured $850 million to fund the stadium. you can talk about tonight at the public hearing. >> demonstrators forced auction of a foreclogsed home in oakland today to end early. protesters har marched to the court house urging banks to ease up rules for people who cannot pay mortgages. the members of the occupy movement joined the protest. >> all people going through foreclosures tried on their own to work with the banks and got nowhere. >> they didn't pay bills. simple as that. you don't pay bills, just like you don't go and steal from the grocery store because the store has food. >> some of the protesters
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confronted people who showed up looking to buy foreclosed homes during the auction. >> california has been hit hardest with approximately 1.2 million people losing their homes during the past year. only one in 10 have managed to get mortgages permanently modified. the crisis is far from over. reality track estimates lenders put off foreclosing on 800,000 homes in california until next year, more may be coming. >> occupy camp at civic center park in downtown berkeley has been growing and causing concern at a nearby high school. it's across the street from berkeley high school. abc 7 is interest and joins with us the story. >> the encampment has been here since october 23. and berkeley high is right next to this park. so, yes there is concern. that is why the school is in contact with berkeley police,
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who, by the way monitor the park every day. berkeley high is an open campus. at lunchtime, the students are free to roam. civic park has been a favorite location until the occupy movement took over. >> used to have lunch at that park. now, we can't. but i'm part of the 99%. >> doesn't seem like it's accomplishing that much. it is mostly people who are homeless. >> they have been here nearly two months. the encampment expanded. psacual suderi is the principal of the high school. >> the tents are up to 100. >> he wrote to parents writing them to say how hard it's become to monitor students. >> there are concerns of a number of folks setting up camp that don't seem to be
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contacted to the movement. that puts variables out there. >> according to berkeley police there have been 19 calls related to the encampment. 10 classified as crimes, including batly, assault with a deadly weapon, lewd conduct and a probation violation. the park is also used by the school for emergency evacuations. it's now a safety issue. this city council member says he doesn't want the park to become a permanent campsite. >> we have an ordinance against camping in parks. at some point we may ask them to rerelocate. >> and with that said, there has been a few notices sent out but no real action has been taken. in fact, one source told abc 7 news that some members have given people in the park their cell phone numbers in case police arrive.
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>> and attorneys general of california and nevada launched a partnership to investigate the mortgage melt down that hit in both states. nevada ranked first, california, second in the homes in foreclosure, both states will share a variety of resources now whit comes to prosecuting people and companies accused of mortgage fraud. >> this involves sharing witnesses and reports and litigation strategy. our goal is to accelerate investigations to jointly investigate harm that bad actors have done in states. >> and will continue to prosecute offenders separately when cases do go court. >> oakland police warning women about a sex predator who attacked one victim. a woman toll detectives a man approached her on 91st avenue around 8:20 sunday evening. the victim escaped after being
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pinned against a car and sexual assaulted. detectives are working on a sketch of the man describing him as african american in his 30s, five 11 and 200 pounds with a black hooded jacket and black sweat pants. >> bart looking for help to catch thieves putting their lives at rick being in order to steal copper from tracks. this person cut 20 foot sections of copper pipe. last week a train operator had to slam on brakes to avoid hitting one thief. >> we're looking towards forming a mini task force knoll knot only to address thieves but businesses who are buying the stolen copper. >> officials are pushing for a law requiring salagers to ask for identification from anyone selling copper.
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it sells for about $3:50 per pound. >> coming up from 7 on your side, investigation underway into the price apple charges for e book autos and also, the state takes shirts off backs of criminals and gives them to chair tie i'm sandhya pat pat pathel, icy cold conditions tonight. where temperatures goring to drop down to 20s. i'll be back with a look at the low temperatures plus rest of the forecast coming up. >> and the governor banks on a new exhibit at a california theme park to work magic on the state economy. the news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. christmas trees are beautiful but can be dangerous. and fire officials and staff teamed up this morning and said this tree on fire in san francisco. and talked about fire safety during holidays. we need to be reminded of this, one tip is water the tree every day so it doesn't dry out. >> a woman made an emotional pitch today in support of the attorney general's call for a moratorium on foreclosure activity during december and january. the 68-year-old lost her home of 41 years to forelow sure
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while going through cancer tree. -- treatment. she's filed suit against wells fargo accusing the bank of predatory lending and elder abuse. he says banks need to do more to help the elderly and sick. >> it may be too late to help me. myself, but i want to see if we can get laws changed. to at least help other people in my position. and i just want my home back. >> wells fargo says it believes the loan was handled properly and said it worked to find an alternative but were not able to find one. >> the head of the faa said today he will resign following a drunk driving arest over the weekend. he was arrested saturday when police found him driving on the wrong side of the road. he offered resignation to his boss and saying in a statement he did not want to allow
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anyone to cast a shadow, his words. >> and governor jerry brown went to hollywood, announcement of a new attraction at universal studios, calling wizarding world of harry potter. >> california is a mythic place. the name has an aura drawing people from every country in the world for hundreds of years. and the motion picture industry a part of the continuing unfolding of what california means. >> afterwards, the governor joined a crowd in enjoying a mug of butter beer. and this will create a thu jobs and provide a jump in tourism. >> san francisco considered a harsher penalty for anyone caught double parking.
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looking at a 25% inincrease in the fines to $100. needs more information before taking action. other items on the table doubling current $50 fines for blocking traffic and riding bikes on sidewalks. >> and there is a new controversy involving strip searches of three senior citizens by tsa agents. >> that is right this, is sure to get a lot after tension. and there is three more. tsa saying nothing improper happened but others wonder did agents went overboard. and all three have medical conditions that require them to wear various medical apparatus. >> as a joke i said it's not a bomb. then, they asked me to lower
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my pants. >> takes me in the room. i had to take pants off. >> do i look like a terrorist? >> tsa maintains officers followed protocol. that noa was improperly -- no one was improperly touched. >> apple is suspected of illegally raising prices of e books. the antitrust union of the european union launched an investigation. and up until then, publishers set the wholesale price burke retailers decided what price to sell them at. >> and there is an elliptcal trainer being recalled tonight. the consumer products safety commission says the bike may pose a falling hazard. there have been nine reports of it breaking and anyone who has one should contact
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nautilis right now for a free repair kit wex have information on our web site. just click on 7 on your side. >> thank you. >> families in need received thousands of dollars worth of seized merchandise. and instead of destroying them, the state donated it all. people in the charity program had the first chance at items. >> this is great someone is trying to stop harsh labor on people. and it's great they've given back to people trying to help for themselves. >> and the state labor commissioner says it helped needy families and highlighted the state is cracking down on underground businesses that are hurting california's
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economy. >> and i know it's cold out. but we're being encouraged not to light up tonight. first winter time spare the air alert is not until tomorrow but a area management district is asking people not to run wood or manufactured logs tonight. the district officials say conditions this week are ripe for unhealthy pollution levels that could lead to breathing difficulties. because of the wood smoke that can stay low to the ground. >> this is get ready for nornl chilly night ahead. here is a live picture from san jose. afternoon high was 61 degrees by morning going to drop down to 37 degrees into a 24 degree drop. now from our high definition camera, there are a few high, thin clouds and there are
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clouds that are not going to hold temperatures up much. there is humidity coming up tonight. kupt dew points are up, temperatures higher than this morning for tomorrow. there is napa county airports, 26 degrees, 27 in fairfield. and san jose, 37. get ready for another chilly night. temperatures now into 50s and we do have upper 40s for napa and novato. highlights, freezing cold. it's a spare the air for tomorrow. our patterns continue. and there is a look at the area. we're looking at sacramento valley freeze warning from and freeze damage possible so
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you'll want to bring them inside or cover them up. and there is temperatures expected to plunge once again. 29 degrees for you in santa rosa. at freezing in concord. 32 there. you'll notice santa cruz into upper 30s spare the air begins after midnight tonight. and high pressure controlling weather is keeping this really stagnant pattern. no rain is in sight. we're not expecting any rain soon. and there are san francisco, 60% of normal. and 66 oakland, san jose lagging behind at 46% of normal. there is a where we can use
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moisture. and there are highs bouncing back after that cold morning. 57 napa and san francisco. upper. >>s towards concord, livermore. 59 in fremont. san jose, milder ride reeding was low 60s there. temperatures into low 60s. there is your accu-weather forecast. the dry pattern continues with high clouds coming in. you notice temperatures will not change as much. mid to upper 50s, and low 60s showing up there. nights not quite as cold into thursday morning friday morning and there are extra clouds coming in. >> breaking news in the east bay now. sky 7 is live over a home hit
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by a projectile. >> officers say waits launched from the sheriff's department's firing range and hit a nearby house and a car parked there. it didn't blow up so we're not sure how much damage it caused. >> now, the fire department tells us they believe waits part of a tv show or movie being shot nearby but they are not confirming that yet. more to know. there is a live picture. >> if we get anything else we'll put it on abc 7 for you and lady gaga brings her voice to the white house to campin kids who are often voiceless. >> how your credit card number can be stolen at the supermarket. hundreds of shoppers may have to close their accounts because of this. we'll be right back here. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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a north carolina 4th grader has been suspended for calling a substitute teacher "cute". the 9-year-old boy received a suspicion for telling a friend the fill in teacher looked cute saying he called the teacher quote, fine. school sedz he called some students the "n" word after being warned to stop comments. >> pop singer lady gaga championed the cause "stop bullying" and today took her mess wrath to the white house. gaga met with top white house staffers and founded an antibullying organization called born this way, in honor of a 14-year-old boy who took his own life after he was bullied for being gay. >> it's an organization centered around antibullying and my mom and i are passionate about that. this is our passion project. >> other celebrities joined
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her in spreading the message. the hatest numbers show 160,000 kids stay home every day from school to avoid bullies. one in four teenagers say they're victims of this. >> and hope that makes a difference. >> coming up next, three lucky sea lion autos they got to go home for holidays. stay with us.
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coming up at 6:00 a stanford grad says selling human organs should be legal. tonight his case for it and those who say it just can't happen. >> big money going into promoting america's cup in san francisco. and it's been anything but smooth sailing. >> and the 5-year-old washing machine that never works. michael finney comes to the aid of a woman tired of getting soaked. >> and jubilant today at rodeo
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beach. >> three sea lions nursed back to health were released back into the ocean. >> they've spent a month and a half being nursed back to health after being rescued in monterey bay. >> two were treated for bacterial infections and the third, malnourished. >> this signifies how much work that our staff puts into rescuing some 530 animal autos and in case you're wondering sea lions have ear flap autos seals do not. >> yeah. it's hard to tell because they're out there enjoying themselves out there. >> and that is going to do it for us. >> i'm cheryl jennings from all of us here, thanks for having us in tonight. we'll see you again at 6:00.


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