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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 8, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PST

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accessories to the hair. it creates a different look . it is a next model is greta. they will take a round brush and a over directed -- and that is a beautiful wave. we are going to go ahead. it is a flat iron. we are going to lead it out and take the curling iron. it is good tension. and once we get the tension slide it out and roll the air. and just twist it. you can get it nice and tight on the iron.
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you can separate them in three pieces. using conditioner and operating each girl. it is a celebrity file . if you are not brave enough to attempt it on your own enlist the help of ber lin. ber lin happens to be sit negligent voice box. >> lizzie will be back tomorrow. and yeah. stay tuned for the news at 4:00. have a great evening. have a great evening.
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swept off this morning and back tonight. >> demmon demonstrator in san francisco tried to reoccupy justin herman plaza. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. just a few minutes ago police backed off. but that means protesters are back in place tonight without their tents though. abc7's leslie brinkley is live with the latest for us. leslie?
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>> that's right. things have calmed down, but the standoff between occupy aztecs and the san francisco police continues right now. at 6:00, several hundred occupy protesters marched from the federal reserve building on market street to justin herman plaza. they ripped down the yellow e and went through the police line. police initially were treated and on the loud speakers warned this is an illegal assembly saying the cause was closed. and then they moved in elbow to elbow in full riot gear and encircled them in the plaza. a second ring of officers kept the others from entering it. by 7:00, one tent had been pitched. >> we are shocked there were so many police officers here. >> we pushed back and stood our ground and then the cops left. it was kind of like a game scenario.
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>> protesters were detained, but not arrested. andrson was id teaken into a waiting ambulance -- taken into a waiting ambulance. this re-taking of the plaza came in 16 hours after they went in to remove the occupy san francisco encampment. arresting 80 demonstrators. this man who watched from the sidelines says he is part of the 1%, but he supports the occupy movement. >> i think having the space of a few hundred yards and people expressing themselves is not a bad thing. >> reporter: so there is still some police presence here. but police say as long as this remains a first amendment rally and not a reencampment, things should remain peaceful. reporting live, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. police detained several protesters tonight. >> alan wang is live with that part of the story for us. alan? >> dan, police say they encircled and detained 40 people tonight. five of them were placed in
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plastic handcuffs, but after a two and a half hour standoff, police abruptly released all of the detainees and withdrew from the plaza. police were initially concerned that the protesters would set their tents up again, but when it appeared they wanted to hold a general assembly, police decided to simply add admonish the detainees and explain to them that the park was closed. >> i also didn't plan on necessarily staying very long. i was ready to leave. i asked the cop very nicely, can i leave 1234* can i go? i would like to leave. he wouldn't let me. >> they made some admonishments because of the thought they did not know the park was closed. when the people were detained, it was in the best interest to add admonish them as opposed to arrest. >> after the police withdrew there was a small victory
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celebration and they continued their general assembly discussion about shutting down the port of oakland on monday. so essentially what happened here is the police flexed their muscle to remind everyone that this park is close etd -- closed for renovations because of the encampment, and then released the detainees as long as they promised not to pitch their tents again. police say they will be monitoring the plaza on an hourly basis. reporting live from justin herman plaza, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks, alan. a car chase in pittsburgh ended with a crash and two injuries and a suspect in custody. it ended at crest view drive and alvarado avenue. the suspect's car on the right hit a car driven by a woman. the suspect's head hit the windshield. emergency crews took into the grhere with the gray blanket ws also taken to the hospital. the chase began after officershe pulled the suspect over for erratic driving and then
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discovered that the car was stolen. folsom state prison is on lock down after 10 inmates went to the hospital. 50 inmates were involved in the riot. 2* broke out after 12:30 in the exercise yard of a maximum security area. guards fired seven bullets along with pepper spray to get control. those wounded suffer bullet and stab wounds. four inmates were released and are now back in prison. officials do not know what sparked this riot. a former san francisco crime lab technician pleaded not guilty to charges she stole cocaine she was supposed to be testing. 61-year-old deborah madden resigned two years ago when her work at the police lab came under investigation. she admitted she took the cocaine for personal use. they indicted madden forobtainin obtainindrugs by fraud. her lawyer said the drugs landed on her desk as part of her job, not by fraud. in redding, the 9-1-1 tapes in a deadly home
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invasion have just been made public. 66-year-old donna hopper was home alone on october 21st when she said she saw a strange man trying to get through her bedroom window. it was about 4:00 in the morning. she grabbed her gun and fired two shots, but that was not enough to scare off the intruder. >> he's coming in. he's coming in. >> coming into the house? >> yes! i got him. >> you shot him again? >> i shot him. he's coming through the [bleep] window. owe my god. he is on the ground. he's on the ground. >> the 37-year-old died of a single gunshot wound to the the the shasta county district attorney's office has cleared hopper of wrongdoing. a suspicious package found in front of the israeli consulate forced office workers shelter. some workers in the financial district were told they needed to stay in their offices.
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the bomb squad moved in to examine the package more closely. it turns out there was nothing explosive inside of it. an apology of the show "myth busters" over a botched science project. the stars visited a dublin neighborhood this afternoon to see the results of one of their experiments gone wrong. yesterday a cannonball was launched from the sheriff's range. but the project tile missed and landed instead in a neighborhood. >> this is the worst thing i can imagine happening. i have kids of my own and a house of my own. >> they say it is unfortunate, but i didn't know this was happening here and these things were happening here. >> the airborne cannon ball traveled 3300 feet and it hit a couple homes rippithrough on t through one and hit a van. the families affected say someone from the show promised to take care of the damage.
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the firing range is closed pending an investigation. and this cannonball stunt has generated a lot of comments on our facebook page. many of which are telling us what they would do if it happened to them. she said she would laugh and give them the bill. h saysael hr and ask them to autograph it. if you want to weigh in go to facebook/abc news .com. and encouraging news against breast cancer. >> and the apple spacehift. shi. -- space ship. what they will find on the inside. >> and a family is loaded up with gifts. and then later on "nightline. >> i'm bill weir. with this country in chaos and the word that he slaughtered thousands of people he talks to barbara walters. it is the first interview
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since the country imploded.
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a stunning revelation. the remains of 274 american troops have been buried in a
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virginia landfill. it is in king george county and the remains came from the dover air force base, a port of entry from the war dead. the washington post reports the practice of dumping the remains lasted four years. they were never authorized and it ended three years ago. burial at sea is now a cuss stole. -- custom. the public policy institute of california says the percentage of californians living in middle income family is now pea low 50% down from 60% in 1980. the number of lower income families grew to 36%. the high income group dropped to 13.7%. the report says incomes began falling when the recession started in 2007. african-americans and hispanics are the steepest income losses. apple released more details about its new so-called space ship campus in cupertino. the name comes from the look of the building.
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check that thing outs. the roof of the circular building will be covered withsop solar panels. the campus will be almost three million square feet. those enough -- that's enough 1. it will have a cafe and fitness center and auditorium. not a bad place to work. it is expected to open in 2015. quality of life for women with advanced breast cancer may improve drastically if doctors prescribe a combination of medications according to new finding had. -- findings. they found that some things star of the -- starve the tumor cells. in a second study they held cancer at bay for six months longer than standard treatment. >> you have heard about swimming with the sharks, but how about skating with them?
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tonight several ideas got to hit the idea with the sharks. >> reporter: the san jose sharks deliver a holiday gift on ice. >> our players and our staff have uh uh-huh don'ted 42 families and full filled their wish list. >> it is the annual holiday you cyst parties bringing smiles to the deserving children and thaifer -- and their families. >> i always bring gifts for less fortunate family. it is to give them a merry christmas. to give back to them and to see some happy faces, it is a goodie vent. >> this night is exactly what gloria and her family needed. >> i have gone through breast cancer for six years. this has been a blessing to be a part of.
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>> her boys got to skate with playures. to -- players. and they did arts and crafts. >> sitting and having dinner with them is the best part. >> what do you talk about when you have dinner with the professional hockey player? brian knewy what to say to his shark. >> we talked about how old is he and he was a really good athlete and we were a fan of him. >> i got to see a lot and i liked it. >> gloria's kids didn't open it right away. >> christmastime is a great time to give back. to see the joy on their eyes is pretty good. >> ama dates. abc news. >> what a great experience.
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nice for the sharks. let's talk weather. >> sand -- sandhya patel is here to tell us. >> i am here to tell you there has been a change. umidity coming up, the temperatures will not fall as much. here is a view from our camera. you can see the sunseting at 4:50, earliest sunset of the year. the skies were clear. look at the latest satellite image. we have cloud cover and fog to speak of. poor in navao due to rain. napa is reporting 96% relative humidity. these humidities have gone up anywhere from 15 to 25% in some instances. that's due to the cloud cover and the fog. livermore visibility is eight miles with the clouds there. relative humidity is 70%. the temperatures right now, yes they are falling and it is
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cold in spots, but it won't be quite as cold as we had tomorrow morning. 37 in santa rosa. 32 in nap tau -- napa. 38 in los gatos. not so cold overnight. partly cloudy skies as we head into the overnight hours with patches of fog. it is going to be a spare a air for your thursday. spare the air continues tonight through thursday. here is why we are looking at a spare the air. higher pressure with a stagnant pattern. we are going to see poor air quality for your thursday. coast and central bay and north bay and the inland east bay. south bay and santa clara valley is looking at moderate air quality. tonight's forecast, clouds coming through and it is bringing the humidity up. fog is a factor and we can see some around napa and novato. first thing in the morning you will notice the temperatures are not as cold as they have
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been. we saw some upper 20s. tomorrow morning still cold, but not as cold as i mentioned. 30 in napa and 32 for santa rosa. 33 in livermore. you still will have to wake up to frost. palo alto, san jose, tan tau cruz, 46 in fran. -- san francisco. your highs for thursday with that fog redeveloping and becoming more widespread along the coast, upper 50s here. hazy sunshine due to the high clouds. 59 degrees in oakland. 58 con record, livermore, san jose, palo alto, 60 degrees. around the monterey bay, watsonville, monterey. 60 degrees in more -- morgan hill. it is a spare the air for your thursday. you will wake up to changes and the changes will the the form of fog. we will see it stick around
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for the first half of the weekend. hazy skies on friday as well. sunday through tuesday we are looking at extra clouds and a slight drop and then coming back up again. really, a dry pattern ahead. no rain making it to the bay area. 10* we will keep our eye on possible storm developments. >> up next, cute new pups with a bright future. how they may one day become an indispensable set of eyes for
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alec baldwin issued an apology to fellow passengers on an american airlines flight that was delayed when the actor refused to stop playing a cell phone game. the "30 rock" actress did not apologize for the airline or the flight attendants involved in yesterday's incident. instead is id he is aware that the airlines struggle financially, but the result is that air travel has turned into an inelegant experience post 9/11. cuteness alert. four puppies were the guests of honor. these are not just ordinary pups. they are about to take their first steps toward guide dogs for the blind. he will teach them social
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skills before they head off for their specialized training. >> they need the basics that they need to be raised in a home and need to socialize with others. the pups will begin their official training when they turn about 15 months old. this is the 70th anniversary of guide dogs for the blind and it amounts to 300 dogs every year for the visually impaired. >> they are adorable. larry beil is here with a look ahead. >> cuteness alert. >> the raiders are up for the challenge this week, beat the unbeatable. the green bay packers are 12 and 0. >> we are laughing with you, larry. that's next.
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good evening, everybody. the raider plays green bay on sunday. chris johnson is expected to play, but he has much more pressing issues right now. johnson's sister was shot and killed in dallas in a domestic dispute. johnson has left the team, but
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he is expected to rejoin the raiders in green bay. as for on the field action, the raidersrs have to bounce back. now they face the best team in the nfl at lambeau field. you know it will be cold. aaron aaron rodgers is having an mvp season. the defense has been shaky. rogers is not that worried about it. >> i believe the two worst defenses as far as yardage and i think we are both doing well this year. >> it is not like it is the number one in the league. but it is a very good defense. they know how to play within their own game. and when you add the offense -- >> as for the 49ers they are basking in the glow of the first playoff appearance since 2002. they head to arizona on sunday as division champions. it is all locked up. they have a 10 and 2 record. they could coast from here.
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do they relax a little bit with the title secure? no way. >> going into arizona and they won four of the last five. we all recognize that and see that. they just beat a good tall dahl team. >> a little different, but there is no less pressure. >> college sports and the money grabbed by all of the conence froms-- conferences is so out of control. it includes san diego state and boise state who will travel thousands of miles to play their new conference foes. the big east is fighting to survive. it has been rated. boise is in desperate times and calls for desperate measures. in geography class go up and say san diego is now on the east coast. you heard that. the big east will also add smu, houston and central florida and will expand to 13 teams through the 2013 season. and then they shrink back down when west virginia, pitt and
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syracuse leave for greener pastures. the game was close until the warm ups. he knocks down the jumper and then the bears are in transition. the score is not a miss print. 81-36. cal is now 7 and 2. the spartans fall to 3 and 6. pop warner super bowl. the wild cats facing the colts, and that is laying the wood right there. this kid can run. aloha. 33 yards, 27-twenty wild cats. they advance to the national championship on saturday. and that is your toyota sports report. i talked to an elite president of the wild cats today. i said what are you doing? he said we are between games and i am taking the kids to disney world. we will have another game
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later on. getting ready for the championship this weekend. they are having a great week out there. i said are these kids studying? he said, yes, about two to three hours a day. >> this is a learning experience. good deal. >> thanks, larry. "nightline" is up next. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news including occupy san fransisco on twitter and on abc7 news bay area. >> check us out there. we will be back in the evening for larry beil, sandhya patel and everyone, we appreciate your time. >> good night, everyone. @@q>>
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planes. and i said, why are our own planes out on a sunday? not only that, live bullets shooting down on our guys. >> reporter: it was exactly 70 years ago the japanese launched their attack on u.s. soil. 2,400 americans were killed. more than 1,200 others injured. the attack shocked the nation, and led directly to our involvement in world war ii. as the decades have passed the number of veterans who survived that terrible day have dwindled. >> it's estimated there are 1,300 world war ii veterans who
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pass away every single day. and so our time with them is running out. >> reporter: time with men such as 96-year-old archie gregory on the "uss arizona" when they came under fire. >> all of a sudden, the arizona blew up. then, the planes come back and machine gunned each guy. >> reporter: fdr once said it would be a day that lived on in infamy. it's thanks to these veterans that his promise has been kept and the sacrifices of so many kept alive. diana alvear, abc news. >> it is amazing the rate at which we're losing these heroes. as the piece said, our time with them is pretty limited. some of them, their ashes they requested be flown in to ceremonies at pearl harbor the they want their remains to be at the site those passing on. a nice kind of tribute. well, some medical news to pass on this morning. a surprise move involving plan b, the so-called morning after pill.
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the health and human services secretary decided not to allow plan b to be sold over the counter or be available to those under 17 without parental permission. it's a surprise, though, because the fda was preparing for it to be allowed to be stocked on store shelves, available to anyone. plan b available from a pharmacist without a prescription for those 17 and older who can prove their age. an important announcement about the fight against breast cancer. doctors say two drugs when prescribed together can improve the quality of life for women with advanced forms of the disease. abc's sharyn alfonsi has the details. >> reporter: suzanne hebert savors every moment with her two young children. this was her just a few years ago. >> i was on top of the world. and in one week my life completely changed. >> reporter: she noticed a lump on her breast and found out it was cancer. but not just any cancer. >> i was stage four. there is no stage five. so, that's probably the worst diagnosis you can get. >> reporter: she endured four
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rounds of chemotherapy. >> each one had more and more side effects. and i was feeling worse and worse. >> reporter: so suzanne switched gears, trying a new combination of pills that starve tumor cells. the two drugs had never been used together. rather than blasting the whole body with chemo they zero in on the tumor cells. in just three months the tumors in suzanne's liver shrunk more than 20% from this to this. so far, researchers have only tried this new drug combination on patients with the most dire breast cancer diagnoses. but they say it is an encouraging approach. >> these new targeted therapies are smart bomb drugs that are taking advantages of weaknesses in tumors. >> reporter: weakening tumors but not the patient. >> the haze lifts and you can feel like you, participate in life again. >> reporter: sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york.


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