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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  December 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> reporter: that's because electing a president is a gut-check decision for most voters. a matter of trust. and we know, deep down, nobody runs for president alone. >> it is a family affair. >> that's right. we do know that. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." >> stay with us for "good morning america." thanks for watching, everybody.b closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> reporter: good morning i'm katie marzullo. investigations and hearings underway. examining what went wrong between police and protesters during certain demonstrations. the santa clara city council approves plans to develop and pay for the new 49ers stadium. pg&e takes responsibility for the san bruno explosion. victims say it is about time. what you don't see here is the pollution and the fog and the freezing temperatures and
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the rain that is on the way. lots to talk about. injury accident has already been reported in san jose on northbound 87 approaching 101 here's a live shot. details on a freeway closure on the peninsula. good wednesday morning. 4 been 31 a.m., i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. the spotlight on sacramento focus on uc police and officials for the way they've handled occupy protests on campus. new development in the case of the oakland police officer who shot an occupied protester with a bean bag last month. katie marzullo is live with the latest. >> reporter: the occupy fallout is falling on two fronts. an oakland police officer and his supervisor have been removed from street duty over this incident which happened in the general strike in early november.
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in that video, you see an officer fire a bean bag, campbell was hit the leg. using bean bags in crowd control situations is allowed under police policy. policy says the officer can only act under the direction of a supervisor and the victim should be taken to the hospital that did not happen. internal affairs is investigating. campbell told the chronicle no one 23r9 police department has contacted him. -- officials students and police oversight experts will testify at a joint hearing in sacramento about nonviolent protests and use of force on college campuses. students have claimed police brutality in two incidents at uc saves officers pepper sprayed a row of seated students and uc berkeley officers did hit students with
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batons. university officials are expected to explain policies and procedures. testimony begins 10:00 this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 4:33 now. eight million dollars, that's what officials at the port of oakland say monday's shutdown resulted in a loss of. they say the ripple effect is far greater than in terms of wages not paid taxes not collected. truck drivers say they lost up to $1,000 each for not dropping off or picking up cargo. supporters see the shutdown did hurt members of the 99%. they say protesters are starting a relief fund for the truckers. work on the new stadium in santa clara is scheduled to begin next machine. after the city council and stadium -- authority voted to approve an 850 million dollar [ unintelligible ] to build a one billion dollar stadium. three lenders have agreed to loan the money to the stadium
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authority and the 49ers. officials say if the stadium authority can't pay the loan back the 49ers will. some are still not satisfied. >> our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be burdened with this massive debt. santa clara residents have been betrayed and deceived. >> they have the 49ers behind them and the nfl behind them. i don't see this as a risk at all. >> next month the utility lines will be moved and repaving the goal to open in 2015. this morning there's fallout from pg&e's decision to take full financial spwopbs ability for last september's deadly -- responsibility for last september's deadly san bruno explosion. one attorney says it is a legal smoke screen. pg&e heads to court friday for a hearing. >> reporter: on the spot where his previous home was
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incinerated and his new one is being built ed wished the legal liability could have come sooner. >> i'm joyful we know who is responsible. it should have been done months ago. >> reporter: his brother thinks pg&e should have accepted full blame before now. >> 15 months and four days, past the incident the fact that you have to wait this long to get it, doesn't help. >> reporter: the utility agreed to take full responsibility for the gasline explosion last year that kill eight and wiped out 38 homes. in court papers earlier pg&e left open the possibility it might claim residents may have been negligent. pg&e backed off and said it would compensate all victims. >> we said in the past and continuing to say now clearly that none of the victims, residents of san bruno or the city itself is at fault.
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>> reporter: an attorney who represents 75 residents attacked pg&e's announcement as a way to limit money damages and hide the company's corporate culture. >> just admittedding we are at fault does nothing. -- it is a mooningless gesture and smoke screen. >> reporter: san bruno voted to move forward with 10 million dollars upgrades to the sewer and water lines in the neighborhood. all that money will come from being. the trial is set for next summer some settlement talks are underway. legal experts say by admitting responsibility, pg&e is trying to avoid evidence in court that could increase damages. plaintiffs' attorneys will be fighting back. john alston, abc7 news. schools and social service agencies are trying to figure out how to fill holes left by a billion dollar budget cut announced by governor brown. >> these cuts to the university, services, schools,
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to prosecution, they are not good. this is not the way we would like to run california. but we have to live within our means. >> the systems will lose 200 million dollars each, 100 million slashed from services for the disabled. school bus services will lose 248 million. cuts were part of the budget authorized in june triggered by a shortage in revenue. cuts take effect january 1st. new york artist wants to highlight the bay bridge, literally. all he needs is approval from the state and seven million dollars. plans to build a bike path on the bay bridge keep rolling along. amy hollyfield is live along the embarcadero with an update. >> reporter: there it is, already lit up, some think it is beautiful. there's an artist who thinks it needs more. he's already got computer
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software so you can see the 25,000 flickering lightbulbs he wants in the cables. leoville says the lights would reflect bloods and personality of the bay. -- he says the bridge has inspired him and this is how he want tossle great the bridge's 75th anniversary. he has two hurdles. caltrans' approval and funding. he needs seven million dollars from private donations for this to happen. in other bay bridge news, there is still talk about the creation of a bike and pedestrian path on the western span of the bay bridge. transit officials have been talking about the idea. they are throwing out proposals, design options. cost is an issue. the pros are obvious, it is the execution that is the issue. the bridge is a hot topic now. let us know what you think. check out my facebook and
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twitter page. let me know what you think. if you are driving down here on the embarcadero and saw the flickering lights, would you enjoy seeing that? or would you crash while looking up there? something to think about this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> don't know have to see it first amy, thank you. >> i think i'll drive while taking a picture and texting to my friend while looking at those lights. >> why not do all of that while you are driving 80ró, 90 miles an hour, not that you do that. let's check in with mike. talk about freezing temperatures first. napa 28, santa rosa 29, novato city 44, airports outside of town 3°. we know we have thick fog -- 32°. we know we have thick fog. visibility quarter mile santa rosa half mile napa. not only are you under a
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freeze warning until 9:00 you have the threat of freezing fog, black ice could be a possibility on some elevated surfaces in the north bay valley until at least 9:00. 8:00 this morning still in the 20s in the north bay freezing around livermore the rest of us in the 30s to near 40°. by noon upper 40s around san rafael, san francisco, half moon bay napa and santa rosa mid 40s everybody else low to mid 50s it is a spare the air day from now to midnight do not burn wood. mid to upper 50s low to mid 50s by 4:00 with increasing clouds because a chance of showers comes into the forecast tonight once it passes it will be breezy and dry friday then remain dry with a lot of sun saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. early morning accident in san jose is going to be blocking lanes for sometime on northbound 87 at 101. here's a live shot of north 87
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near the scene traffic is still light even though a couple lanes are blocked there isn't a big slow down. 60, 70 miles an hour, chp estimating it might take another half hour to clear this crash. another 20 minutes for roadwork scheduled on 101 in palo alto and embarcadero road all lanes scheduled to be blocked in both directions until 5:00 you may want to consider 280. 4:41. bay area post offices facing closure get a reprieve, next. >> growing outrage after a convicted thief who is about to get back truck loads of evidence used to send her to prison. freeway litter bugs beware you are being watched. sore throat pain can be dreadful.
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good morning. let's take a live look outside the embarcadero in san francisco looking good here. watch out for possible black ice out there this morning. freezing fog, conditions are ripe for those things. mike will be keeping a close eye on the safety of your commute. frances checking out the traffic. we'll talk more about rain on the way. follow-up to our story monday about a san francisco thief who could legally end up with truck loads of stolen items. outrage is growing for victims. police confiscated eight truck loads of stolen goods when she was arrested. the judge signed a court order saying all items not claimed belong to her. >> i don't understand how someone who has served time for stealing can take back all of the so-called personal
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belongings and potentially profit again. >> she is free after serving 16 months in jail and awaiting deportation to canada unless the judge reverses her order the woman will be able to take everything with her. u.s. postal service agreed to delay the closure of dozens of processing centers and thousands of post offices. the postal service is on track to lose 14 billion dollars this year. it planned to start shutting down 3700 post offices early next year. under a deal the closures have been postponed until may while lawmakers consider additional funding. two service centers in sonoma county and one in about burlingame are among facilities facing closure. tomorrow caltrans will put cleanup crews along side highways in the nine bay area counties to pick up litter. chp patrols will be on the
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lookout for people who litter from their cars and extra scrutiny to vehicles at inspection facilities. caltrans and chp say litter is not only ugly it can harm wildlife and pollute waterways. kids in one city will have fewer places to buy treats during the day. school leaders are saying no to food trucks. defense lawyers blast the prosecution's appeal to a judge to throw the book at barry bonds when he's sentenced on friday. san francisco place out plans for a major makeover. chatting while driving, new push to ban the use of all portable electronic devices while behind the wheel.hihihihiw
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check out these temperatures across the country almost looks like spring with 64 in st. louis, 50 in chicago. 57 phoenix.
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let's take a look at your delays we have delays and they are around chicago's o'hare flight arrival delays that yellow you see is threat of severe weather. back at home everything is on time. flight tracker any time you need it at the bottom way 4:49 now. defense attorneys representing barry bonds say the government's request that the homerun king be sentenced to prison is unfair and unwarranted. friday bonds is scheduled to be sentenced on the obstruction of justice charge stemming from his april conviction. last week his lawyers filed papers asking the judge for probation and community service. prosecutors asked that s be sentenced to 15 months in -- that bonds be sentenced to 15 months. bart is offering holiday shoppers a ride and escort. bart police will walk shoppers from the bart station to their
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cars to ensure people make it there safely with purchases. the program runs tomorrow and friday from 5 to 9 p.m.. volunteers will be wearing red vests inside the station upon request they will escort you to your car up to three blocks away. feds insist texting, e-mailing or using any cell phone is too dangerous to be allowed while driving hands-free or not. the ntsb is asking the states to impose restrictions. tahman bradley has details. >> reporter: warning that too many drivers who talk or text end up in these, the ntsb wants drivers to turn off all electronic devices while driving. unprecedented recommendation that every u.s. state ban personal electronic question vices in cars, except in emergencies. no hands-free, no bluetooth only gps navigation.
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>> you need full focus to operate a car, to navigate, especially in the city. >> reporter: distracted driving causes 600,000 crashes and 3,000 deaths each year. the ntsb issued its recommendation after several investigation found texting to be the cause of deadly accidents like this one in missouri where the diver of a pick-up truck received 11 text messages in 11 minutes before dying, killing another person and injuring 38 others. >> we know accidents happen in the blink of an eye. you have to be paying attention all the time. you never know what call, what text or what post could be your last if you are doing it behind the wheel. >> reporter: according to the national highway traffic safety administration 90% of drivers support texting bans. 60% favor cell phone bans. the only problem is, too many drivers still use electronic devices. they want every state to ban cell phones while driving. it is up to each individual
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state to decide. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. kids in novato will -- the novato city council voted last night to ban ice cream and other food trucks from within 1500 feet of schools, difficult event by health concerns and safety worries. students were darting into traffic and pushing each other to buy is cream, police, school officials and nutrition advocates all support the ban. cool temperatures out there, possibility of black ice? >> did you have any frost this morning? >> no, not in my hood. >> i had some. >> how did you find out the easy way or the hard way? >> what do you mean? >> black ice. >> no it was on the car. good question you need to be prepared especially in the north bay valleys, good, i'm glad you went down that road,
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literally. 4:52. fog is spilling out of the north bay across san francisco not a big concern here. let's talk about that freeze warning. highlighted in the purple north bay valleys until 9:00 this morning, temperatures as cold as 25°. with the fog that means freezing fog and black ice upper 20s, santa rosa, napa, 32 petaluma, novato airport 32°. 101 from novato up to santa rosa is below freezing right now. 37 around redwood city, mountain view and concord. around the monterey bay inland to salinas 39. santa cruz and gilroy 40°. a lot to talk about spare the air, poor air quality, especially in the north bay valleys. you are getting the freezing fog, cold temperatures even the poorest air quality today.
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chance of showers tonight into tomorrow, breezy and dry tomorrow night through few day hazy today, spare the air until midnight. temperatures just in the mid to upper 50s. same temperatures around the monterey bay inland may hit 60 in hollister you are not under the spare the air. today quiet up and down california. showers gone in southern california low to mid 60s, snow showers gone tahoe 43, 49 yosemite, mid to upper 50s from the central valley to the coast. tonight clouds roll in not as cold as this morning, a lot of mid 30s to low 40s inland valleys, 34 palo alto, 39 fremont, low to mid 40s around the bay shore and out to the coast. low pulling away, not concerned about that one any more. stagnant air over top of us until the weak disturbance starts to roll down. thursday, last night through this morning, quiet, fog
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forming, as we head into the afternoon and evening nothing until tonight. there you go, coming in towards the morning rush hour showers develop in the north bay will spread south and weaken through mid-afternoon quarter of an inch possible at the coast, 1/10 for the rest of us, once we get past that 50, near 60 and a lot of sunshine. san jose injury crash on northbound 87 at 101 it has been out there almost an hour it happened around 4:10 this is north 87 heading towards 101 it is blocking a couple of lanes traffic light enough to get by. basically it is still flowing well on 87. we don't see any slowing throughout the south bay. mass transit off to a good start, no delays reported. the vallejo bay link tpreur is
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back on a normal operating -- ferry is back on a normal operating schedule. get the latest by going to san francisco is about to get major make over and create thousands of jobs. mayor lee has unveiled a 325 million supplemental project. it would take 10 years to complete the mayor estimates the plan will create 2100 construction jobs next year. the money comes from bonds and not property taxes. more than four million dollars will go to develop the crews terminal at pier 37. 4:56. the 49ers get closer to say so long to san francisco. santa clara city council makes a game time decision about a billion dollar plan to bring the team south. we'll have a live report.
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reexamining reactions to occupiers. new fallout and questions for several police agencies regarding their response to reason protests. oakland gives parking meter violators a break a justing devices enforcement policy in time for holiday shopping. ♪
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