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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in santa clara this appears to be the new home of the san francisco 49ers. wait one second there's another hurd toll clear a nine figure hurdle. i'll explain in a live report. >> reporter: university leaders answering to state lawmakers about how campus police officers handled student occupy protesters. that as two oakland police officers are reassigned over an incident with a bean bag. i'm katie marzullo with the fallout. good morning i'm mike nicco. you are looking live at san francisco quiet now. three things we are going to talk about, freezing fog, spare the air and rain. injury crash in san jose northbound 87 at 101 still blocking lanes. traffic still light enough, bay bridge toll plaza.
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5 a.m. on this wednesday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. the 49ers are a step closer to saying good-bye to san francisco. the council approved plans for a new stadium the mayor calls a shovel in the ground. terry mcsweeney is live with the latest. >> reporter: barring a major upset the san francisco 49ers are going to be moving to santa clara in the 2014 season, 2015 at the latest. this team has been in san francisco since 1946. the council was meeting as the stadium authority and vote was unanimous, a big yes to the financing plan for the one billion dollar stadium. prep work for the 68,000 seat stadium could begin next month moving utility lines. the site is next to great america. after last night's meeting to
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the victors belong the sound bites. >> excited, great time to be working for the 49ers, great time to be a fan. at approval tonight is a great milestone. >> i'm not concerned. the reality is our investment as mandated by the voters hasn't gone up we have firewalled all risk so we are not on the hook the 49ers and the nfl is. >> reporter: here's the financing plan approved last night, a billion dollar stadium, 850 million dollars borrowed from the bank of america, us bank and goldman sachs, 150 million from the team throughout league 35 million from hotel tax maximum of 40 million from the redevelopment money the only if is the 150 million dollars from the league. nfl has not committed that money to the san francisco 49ers other teams are asking the nfl for money for their stadiums the vikings, chargers and the group with that wants to bring an nfl team back to
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los angeles. national football league owners meet today to hear the plan. they will probably take action sometime early next year. experts say they will probably go along with this thing. not a done deal yet. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. oakland police officer and his supervisor have been taken off the street while investigators look into his involvement in a clash with occupy protesters last month. university leaders have been called to sacramento to address accusations of police brutality during campus occupy demonstrators. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: we saw two incidents on two campuses of police using force to break up demonstrators this morning lawmakers are demanding an explanation. in a few hours officials, students and police oversight experts will testify at a
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joint legislative hearing in sack emergency toe about nonviolent protests -- at uc davis, officers pepper sprayed a row of seated students. at uc berkeley officers hit demonstrators with batons. university officials are expected to explain policies and procedures. testimony begins at 10 this morning. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that an oakland police officer and his supervisor have been removed from street duty over this incident that happened during the general strike in early november in the video tan by -- taken by a citizen journalist, campbell was hit in the leg using bean bags is allowed under oakland police policy. but policy also says the officer can only act under the direction of the supervisor and the victim shall be taken to the hospital. that's the part that did not happen. internal affairs is
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investigating. katie marzullo, abc7 news. this morning some residents are hoping pg&e's decision to take full financial responsibility for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion will speed the settlement process as pg&e heads into court friday for a hearing a judge wanted pg&e to states its official position on whether it would accept full responsibility. yesterday the utility said it would compensate all victims of the explosion that blast killed eight and wiped out 38 homes. one resident says he wishes pg&e's admission had come sooner. >> i'm happy. i'm joyful that we know who is responsible. it is a long time coming. it should have been done months ago, but what can you do. >> the trial is set for next summer. some settlement talks are already underway. legal experts say pg&e is trying to an individual evidence in court that might increase damages. pg&e has shut off power to
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three customers in santa cruz county who replaced their smart meters with nonwireless models. the customers hired an electrician to remove the meters without the utility's permission. homeowners say they believe the smart meters pose a health hazard. the utility says it warned the customers their power would be shut off if they removed the smart meters. pg&e says only it can remove those meters. some union workers in contra costa agreed to cuts in wages and benefits to keep their jobs. last week they complained about proposed cuts five unions reached a tentative agreement yesterday that has workers paying more and getting less. >> it is going to hurt a lot. people in january will be paying more for health care and pension and another pay cut. >> they've sack tpaoeuszed. they've stepped forward --
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sacrificed, they've stepped forward all to save jobs and to help preserve services. >> the workers faced possible lay-offs without a new contract. they will receive an annual $500 bonus. the effort to recall oakland mayor jean quan is underway. volunteers ghandhi's butting petitions. they -- began they -- organizers say quan has shown a lack of leadership and disregard for public safety and other services. quan says the last thing oakland needs is a divisive and expensive recall election. oakland drivers who overstay parking meter times are getting a grace period. financial committee approved giving people five extra minutes after their time expires. this is taking effect immediately and most beneficial for people using the pay and display meters that spit out receipts.
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people complained about being ticketed when their watches are a few minutes off from the meter's time. this is another step to making shopping in oakland more user-friendly. dublin residents with questions or comments about that cannonball that damaged the home and vehicle will get their chance to speak out saturday. city and county officials with law enforcement and representatives of the cable tv show that again the stunt will host community meeting for residents saturday. the cannonball was fired during the filming of the show mythbusters. using the at sheriff's range when the cannon misfired and hit a home and minivan. fortunately, no one was hurt. 5:08. another spare the air day forever us. we've had a few. >> we have. >> mike what is going on this time. >> we still have stagnant air mass this morning that means the pollution is building
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along with the fog. we start with the pollution spare the air the worst air quality will be in the north bay valleys today everybody is under the spare the air until midnight. fog is getting thick throughout the north bay getting thick over the richmond san rafael bridge also watch out for that. temperatures below freezing in many areas in the north bay valleys novato city 44, airport 32. anywhere from the airport through petaluma to santa rosa you could be dealing with black ice. upper 30s redwood city, mountain view, los gatos. visibilities half mile napa, santa rosa, quarter mile, less in novato. weak disturbance the one that is going to roll in tonight mid-afternoon tomorrow bring us a chance of showers 1/10 inland to quarter of an inch along the coast.
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dry pattern for the rest of the forecast. we still have this accident in san jose northbound 87 approaching 101 out there for almost an hour injuries reported it may be blocking a couple lanes. live shot in the area these guys heading northbound on 87 you can see it is not having a big impact at this point. we'll let you know and keep you posted. hopefully it should clear soon. san mateo bridge next, traffic is flowing well, both directions look good, westbound from the toll and also to the golden gate bridge, quiet ride out of marin county, chp has been getting reports of thick fog across the richmond san rafael bridge where visibility is down to a 4th of a mile. 5:10. boeing is getting an early christmas gift from southwest airlines. california's attorney
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president obama travels to north carolina this morning to mark the end of the war in iraq with a tribute to the troops. more than 200 troops have died in the nearly nine year conflict. all u.s. troops are to pull out of iraq by the end of the year. republican controlled house has passed a measure to extend social security payroll tax cuts through 2012. republicans added a requirement for construction of an oil pipeline from alaska to texas that president obama has threatened to veto. the measure now goes to the senate where top democrats strongly oppose the pipeline provision. state attorney general fighting fire with fire or in this case technology with technology. yesterday chelan. ed a model approach to fighting -- yesterday -- >> >> reporter: california has more i don't think theft complaints than any other --
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the state attorney general was in san jose to launch a counterattack. >> we take those crimes seriously. weather here to say to anybody who thinks they smarter than -- we are heree+á< to say to anybody who thinks they are smarter than us that times are changing. >> reporter: the idea is to use technology more effectively to fight technology related crime. a leading expert says the mission of evidence gathering and prosecution has been a weak link in the crime rich landscape. the e-crime unit will focus on criminals -- 20 attorneys and investigators at the state level will help local agencies and take on the cases that involve big money or loss -- this count are fit jewelry is one example last month agents seized a million and a half
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dollars of illegal merchandise on ebay. santa clara county got help in a bust of computer chips and intellectual property. with no shortages of cases to work on the attorney general harris confirmed one is credit card skimming at bay area lucky stores. karina rusk, abc7 news. the document that launched [ unintelligible ] fetched a premium price in new york. 1.6 million dollars for apple's original partnership papers. preauction estimates were in the $550,000 range. the papers were signed in 1976 by steve jobs, steve wozniak and ronald wayne who took an $800 buy-out and left apple days later. celestial show tonight the
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meteor shower is the final major meteor shower of the year and considered one of the most stunning. it is caused by the earth passing through the dust particles of an asteroid. 5:17. we move from seles cal happenings to atmospheric changes. -- >> it would be better this morning than tomorrow morning when we have the clouds and the rain rolling in so get out there now if you can. a couple of things as eric mentioned, what did you say atmospheric happenings? >> happenings. >> reporter: right now it looks clear from vollmer peak to emeryville across the bay bridge to san francisco we still have a couple of other things to talk about. first the freezing temperatures in the north bay valleys, we could drop down as cold as 25° that will last
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through at least 9:00. we have a lot of fog up there so freezing fog, black ice possible. at novato i showed you the temperature earlier in the city at the airport where visibility is down to 100 feet, 32°, you have thick frost developing there. 29 santa rosa also fairfield 28 in napa those are the areas we could find black ice developing. upper 30s around redwood city, concord livermore everybody else in the low to mid 40s warmer in most areas except for north bay valleys. 39 monterey, 37 watsonville, gilroy santa cruz 41°. highlights what is going to happen today, spare the air day hazy sun, poor air quality poorest in the north bay valleys all of us under the spare the air in midnight chance of showers tonight through tomorrow breezy tomorrow evening through
5:19 am
friday that will usher in another dry air mass with a lot of sunshine today temperatures in the mid to upper 50s some of the warmest areas san jose 57, 55 san francisco, oakland 56 fremont, palo alto, 55 concord livermore napa 56 santa rosa san rafael half moon bay 54. mid to upper 50s monterey bay inland upper 50s to 60 in hollister tonight with extra cloud cover temperatures won't be as cool as this morning still mid to upper 30s cloverdale, santa rosa, napa fremont palo alto livermore morgan hill santa cruz everybody else low to mid 40s watching the low pull away high pressure moving in as it does stagnating our air today a weak disturbance to our north that is going to roll with this jet stream through our neighborhoods tomorrow here we are during the overnight hours into this morning everything quiet, fog
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fades 9:00, 10:00 by 4:00 tomorrow morning light rain starts to move into the north bay moves southward through the bay and out by the mid-afternoon hours quarter of an inch possible along the coast to a 10th of an inch inland not a soaking rain once we get past that sunshine and dry air mid 50s to near 60°. good morning. you were talking about the limited visibility in novato and we have limited visibility reported on the richmond san kwraf yell bridge you can see why -- san rafael bridge you can see why. be extra careful this morning. so far no incidents reported along that 101 stretch from santa rosa to the golden gate bridge. i-80 berkeley getting busier westbound. pretty good ride still out of vallejo down to the bay bridge
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south bay everything looking all clear at the 101 northbound traffic and 880 interchange. northbound 87 accident in san jose has been cleared from the lanes. you can get the latest information by going to 5:21. sometimes real is too real. next, the robot that has visitors to high-tech expo in china doing a double take. annoying problem that lead to lots of a-list parties for one ordinary guy and his girlfriend. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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good morning. live look outside this is the embarcadero area san francisco looking downtown it is fairly clear some possible black ice freezing fog possible mike is checking out temperatures. rain by this time tomorrow we'll be talking about that and feeling it, more coming up. tesla ceo is joining aerospace pioneer and paul allen to bill the world's largest plane. they will take fuselages of two 747's put them on one wing with six, 747 engines to carry a space ship to 40,000 feet. that's where it will detach, a rocket will fire, sending it into space. the first test launch is expected in 2015. check this out, robot is getting a lot of attention in china. some cannot believe their eyes
5:25 am
as they walk by this human-looking robot at an exhibition. the male robot appears to be greeting guests. he can talk, flutter his eyelids and react just like a person. the robot is among the latest technology on exhibit at the science and technology museum. they got to get that for its a small world. >> they gotta teach him to pick up the check. the most important thing changing your cell phone number turned out to be a life altering experience for a los angeles couple. bob became bombarded with calls from celebrities when he got a new number that used to belong to a comic actor. he and his girlfriend got invitations via text message from paris hilton. >> it said hey hon pick party in the hills, love paris. we are like holy cow we don't
5:26 am
know a lot of paris we texted yeah i would love to come, put bob grey and liza foster on the list. >> he and his girlfriend crashed the birthday bash without incident. he didn't fess up until adam sandler rang. grey is writing a movie about the unusual experience should be a good one. >> yeah. adam sandler loved it he thought it was hilarious. accidentally famous, love it. >> 5:26 now. >> if they build it, will they come? santa clara's city council makes a decision about the billion dollar plan to build a new home for the 49ers. battle over smart meters heats up, -- some customers yank theirs out and pg&e strikes back. >> reporter: do you think this bridge is pretty enough or do you think it needs a little something? i'm amy hollyfield in san francisco. next, we'll show what an
5:27 am
artist would like to do to the bay bridge. if you are heading to the eastern half of the country, check out the warm weather you need to be prepared for, 50 chicago, 52 d.c., mid 60s st. louis, atlanta low to mid 50s dallas and new orleans staying out here low 40s around seattle and portland let's talk about flights we have delays and they are arrival delays into o'hare the yellow around dallas and houston, memphis and little rock severe weather possible everything on time back here in california flight tracker any time you need it at the bottom. (greenery) hey cheese log. (cheese log) hello centerpiece. (greenery) fruit cake. how are ya? [fruit cake] dry. (greenery) who's the new guy? edible arrangements bouquets, beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious, visit, call, or go to
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in santa clara. it appears the effort to bring the 49ers to a new stadium next to great america is up and good just one more problem remaining i'll tell you about it in a live report. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo. two oakland police officers are paying a price for firing a bean bag during an occupy protest. it is what they didn't do after the fact that has them in trouble. good morning north bay valleys one-two punch this morning. freezing fog developing. also the poorest air quality this afternoon it is a spare the air day. all of us should get a little rain. still looking great at the
5:31 am
bay bridge toll. there is very limited visibility across the richmond san rafael bridge parts of the north bay. wednesday at 5:31 thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. photographer injured by a police bean bag during an occupy oakland demonstration is getting some watch he wants the police officer who fired the round and his supervisor have been reassigned. state lawmakers today will take a hard look at the way police have reacted to these protests. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: the fallout is falling on two fronts. the chronicle is reporting that an oakland police officer and his have adviser have been removed from duty over this inch -- and his supervisor have been removed from duty over this incident in early november. >> reporter: campbell says an officer fired a bean bag and it hit him in the leg.
5:32 am
using bean bags in crowd controlled situations is allowed under policy the policy says the officer can only act under the direction of a supervisor and the victim shall be taken to the hospital. that didn't happen. in november, campbell told abc7 news that he was on public property, not doing anything wrong. >> i was no threat to the officer there was no confrontation i proceeded to film the line from that distance as you can see in the video i moved further from the line. >> reporter: internal affairs is investigating. also, uc and csu officials, students and police oversight experts will testify at a hearing in sacramento about nonviolent protests and use of force on college campuses. at uc davis officers pepper sprayed a row of seated protesters. and at uc berkeley, officers did hit student demonstrators with batons trying to break up an encampment there.
5:33 am
university officials are expected to explain policies and procedures. testimony begins at 10:00 this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. officials at the port of oakland say monday's shutdown resulted in a loss of up to eight million dollars. they say the ripple effect is far greater in terms of wages not paid, taxes not collected and so forth. truck drivers say they lost up to $1,000 each for not being able to drop off or pick up cargo. supporters concede the shutdown did harm members of the 99%. they say protester are starting a relief fund for truckers. santa clara's mayor says the shovels are virtually ready to break ground for a new 49er stadium. last night the city council approved key provisions of the project. terry mcsweeney is live in santa clara. you may be close to the 50 yard line as far as we know what is going on there? >> reporter: well, it looks
5:34 am
like santa clara is in the end zone. they are not there yet, but san francisco is backing off mayor lee saying the chances of keeping the 9ers are estimate he hopes they will stay in san francisco but the chances became slipper last night. take a look at the santa clara stadium -- slimmer last night. take a look at the santa clara stadium committee, giving yes to the financing plan for the one billion dollar stadium. prep work for the stadium could begin next month. the site is next to great america. last night most of the people in the audience were in favor of the plan. there were those who were still booing. >> our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be burdened with this massive debt. santa clara residents have been betrayed and deceived. >> they have the 49ers behind them and the nfl. i don't see this as a risk at
5:35 am
all. >> reporter: here is what the stadium authorities approved last night one billion dollar stadium, 850 million dollars borrowed from three banks, 150 million dollars keep your mind on that, that the team through the league is going to contribute, 35 million dollars from hotel tax and maximum of 40 million dollars redevelopment money. the if is 150 million dollars from the nfl. league owners have not approved that money. they are meeting today to hear about the plan, not going to vote today flash flood the owners don't go along with that money they will contribute that money then the 850 million dollars also goes away and there is not going to be any financing set up. also, the team wants to start the season 2014 here at their new stadium in order do that they have to get out of their lease at candlestick park. the team saying san francisco thanks we would like to leave
5:36 am
early interesting to see what san francisco's response might be. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. some san bruno residents are hoping pg&e's decision to take full financial responsibility for last year's deadly pipeline explosion will speed along the settlement process as pg&e heads into court friday for a hearing. yesterday pg&e said it would compensate all victims of the explosion, 15 months ago, in -- the explosion killed eight and wiped out 38 homes. the trial is set for next summer. legal experts say by accepting responsibility pg&e is trying to avoid evidence in court that might increase damages. schools and social service agencies across the state are trying to figure out how to fill the holes left by a billion dollar budget cut announced by governor brown. >> these cuts to the university, services, schools, prosecution, they are not
5:37 am
good. this is not the way we would like to run california. but we have to live within our means. >> the uc and csu's systems will lose 200 million dollars each. 100 million will be slashed from services for the disabled. school bus services will lose 248 million dollars. the cuts were part of the state budget authorized in june and they've been triggered by a shortage in state revenue those cuts go into effect january 1st. this maybe the most talked about story of the day. what would you think if we told you an artist wants to add lights to the bay bridge, moving lights designed to reflect the mood of the bay. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. you can show us how this will look? >> reporter: i do want to show it to you. caltrans would have to determine this wouldn't distract drivers. tell us what you think, would this distract you? they say you wouldn't be able to see it while driving what about below on the embarcadero
5:38 am
looking up? would this distract you? the installation would have 25,000 bulbs flickering. the artist says the lights would be programmed to pulse to the pace of the winds and tide. the artist not only has to get approval of caltrans he needs major money, seven million dollars would have to come in, in private donations. here's another more practical idea for the bridge that is moving forward. transit officials debuted their designs last night for a potential creation of a bike and pedestrian lane on the western span. what do you think of these ideas? this idea does not have a funding source, like the lights, it is just an idea. it would give you a route to bike or walk from oakland to san francisco. this idea is a thing to keep watching. the bridge is getting a lot of attention this morning. if the light idea happens the lights would be turned on at night, every night for two years. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
5:39 am
if those lights are going to move in concert with the wind and the water levels, what about when we get one of those nice big storms we get if the wintertime? >> i can see the lights going crazy giving you a little headache. this morning, spare the air, freeze warning in some places. >> lots to talk about, a lot up in the north bay especially the poorest air quality during the afternoon during any time i should say is in the north bay that goes all the way into midnight also where you have temperatures near or below freezing, 28 napa, 29 santa rosa, 32 airport novato 32 petaluma 29 fairfield then the visibilities and you can see how dangerous it could be with freezing fog less than a quarter mile in novato down to 100 feet visibility at the novato airport half a mile in santa rosa improving in napa, 1 1/2 miles everybody else doing fine. let's talk about temperatures
5:40 am
8:00 this morning, still in the 20s and 30s in the north bay valleys 30s in the east bay valleys into palo alto, half moon bay and santa cruz everybody else low to mid 40s noon temperatures mid to upper 40s along 101 san francisco half moon bay low to mid 50s for the rest us mid to upper 50s this afternoon then fall back into the low to mid 50s by 4:00. tonight, we'll have rain move in by in time tomorrow should be raining in mainly the north baena will pass friday through -- through tuesday should be dry again. check out how thick the fog is that is what you have to deal with for your ride in the north bay, 101 san rafael, just a few taillights making their way southbound on 101. elsewhere quiet, much clearer on 680 in walnut creek. start going get the usual slow downs out of antioch and altamont pass still great southbound towards highway 24, no problems across the
5:41 am
san mateo bridge. it is now just about 5:41. bay area post offices facing closure get a reprieve, that next. the growing outrage over a convicted thief who is about to get back the truck loads of evidence used to send her to prison. freeway litter bugs, beware the eyes that will be watching for you today
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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. welcome back. u.s. postal service has agreed to delay the closure of dozens of processing centers and thousands of post offices, including some in the bay area. on track to lose 14 billion dollars this year it planned to start shutting down 3700 post oftens early next year. a deal struck by a group of senators the closures have been postponed until may while lawmakers consider additional funding. two centers in sonoma county and one in burlingame are among the facilities facing closure. follow-up to our story monday about a san francisco thief who could end up with truck loads of stolen items. outrage is growing. police confiscated eight truck loads of stolen goods when the woman was arrested last month. the judge signed a court order saying all items not claimed belong to ghandhi.
5:45 am
>> i don't understand how someone who has served time for stealing can take back all of the so-called personal belongings and profit again! >> ghandhi is free after serving 16 months in jail and is waiting deportation to canada. unless the judge reverses her order, ghandhi will be able to take everything with her. -- today caltrans and highway patrol are joining forces to spruce up the area in time for the holidays. caltrans will put cleanup cries alongside highways in the nine bay area counties to pick up litter. -- chp patrols will be on the look out for people who garbage or cigarette butts tkprars and will give extra scrutiny to vehicles. caltrans and chp say litter is not only ugly to look at it can harm while life and pollute waterways. if you are traveling over
5:46 am
the holidays leave early. bloomberg business report is coming up. san francisco lays out plans for a major make over. what it will mean for a lot of people looking for work. chatting or worse while driving. the new push to ban the use of all portable electronic devices behind the wheel.
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
notice how quiet it is compared to yesterday no rain in the forecast today. 51 in eureka, mid to upper 50s through the central valley big sur calmer in southern california more sun and low to mid 60s no snow in the sierra 43 tahoe, 49 yosemite. bart is not only offering holiday shoppers a ride it is also offering an escort. for the third straight year bart police will walk holiday shoppers from the west oakland station to their cars to ensure people make it there safely especially with purchases. the program runs tomorrow and friday from 5 to 9 p.m.. volunteers will be wearing red vests inside the station and upon request they will escort you to your car up to three
5:50 am
block as way drivers in california can talk on cell phones as long as they use a hands-free device. now the national transportation safety board has taken an unprecedented step and recommended banning all portable electronic devices, including bluetooth headsets or the one built into your car. saying texting and talking behind the wheel have lead to at least 3,000 deaths a year and they say stpaoeuplt for a nationwide ban. >> we know this recommendation is going to be very unpopular with some people. we are not here to win a popularity contest. we are here to do the right thing. >> the ntsb doesn't have authority to impose the recommendations but it does have influence over federal regulators and lawmakers. kids in novato will no longer be able to stop at the ice cream truck afterschool. the city council voted last night to ban ice cream and
5:51 am
other food trucks from parking within 1500 feet of schools the move is driven by health concerns and safety worries students were darting into traffic and pushing each other to buy ice cream. novato police, school officials and nutrition advocates support the ban. 5:51. we have temperatures of ice cream, we don't need the stuff. >> exactly i think we do have some below freezing. >> north bay valleys under a freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. thick fog, freezing fog a possibility the rest of us dealing with poor air quality. lots to talk about, we have rain in the forecast which will take away just about everything we just talked about. that's tomorrow. 5:51. emeryville look how calm the bay waters are, almost like a mirror when we look at tri (árg. temperatures you have to watch out especially in the north bay still in the upper 20s in places like santa rosa, napa and into fairfield.
5:52 am
let's talk about temperatures, 32 airport novato, 32 petaluma, that thick fog along 101 could be creating black ice. 36 concord livermore 37 redwood city everybody else in the low to mid 40s monterey bay inland upper 30s to low 40s. highlights, spare the air today all the way to midnight for all of us the poorest air quality likely in the north bay hazy sunshine this afternoon chance of showers tonight through tomorrow it will become breezy and dry thursday night through friday then dry the rest of the forecast this is just a small blip in the forecast. as far as temperatures mid to upper 50s in the south bay, also peninsula mid 50s along the coast into downtown and south san francisco north bay valleys temperatures today in the low to mid 50s low being out at the beaches mid 50s along the east bay shore as
5:53 am
you head into the east bay valleys mid 50s for you. temperatures homogenizeed today mid to upper 50s monterey bay upper 50s to near 60 inland. tonight you can see warmer because of the cloud cover mid 30s to low 40s inland mid to upper 30s around palo alto and fremont low to mid 40s the rest of the bay shore to the coast san francisco 47 the spare the air goes until midnight high pressure taking over our weather today let's look upstream to this weak disturbance that rolls in thursday the bulk of the moisture will stay to our north some of it will spill into the sierra. we are getting light rain here they will get light snow not a big dumping for either of us. wednesday night into thursday morning north of the bay bridge should be dealing with light showers tomorrow morning during the commute and then they slide south into the south bay by noon and then out of here by 5:00 in the afternoon. leaving behind a quarter of an
5:54 am
inch along the coast, 1/10 as you head inland breezes develop thursday night into friday, bring back sunshine mid 50s to low 60s the rest of the forecast. have a great day. no big problems yet drive time westbound 80 still 18,/8÷ 9 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze live shot headlights moving westbound through b south bailiff shot of the 280 and 17 interchange. traffic light in the south bay 101 and 880 interchange. flowing well northbound 101 that's 880 across your screen. there's a new accident southbound 17 at santa cruz avenue blocking one lane no slowing in either direction, of course we are seeing slowing now typical delays in antioch on westbound 4. you can get your traffic by going to
5:55 am
whenever you want. now just about 5:55. >> electronics retailers are struggling with a growing number of returns. >> here's jane king with the business report. if you are traveling over the holidays leave early, aaa forecasting the number of people traveling during christmas and new year's holiday weekend will hit a five year high thanks to the jump of the number of people traveling by car. security cameras that retailers use are not just there to catch shoplifters. some stores like t-mobile are studying movements like how long you look at displays, which phones you pick up and how long you hold them. are you one of those people who buys something uses it once and returns it? a growing number of people are returning electronics. almost 17 billion dollars worth of returns this year. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. san francisco is about to get a major makeover and create thousands of jobs in
5:56 am
the process. mayor lee has unveiled a 325 million dollar supplemental budget that will renovate parks refurbish firehouses fix potholes and pave streets, it would take 10 years to complete the mayor estimates the plan will create 2800 construction jobs next year. the money comes from bonds, not from property taxes. more than four million dollars of the project will go to develop the cruise terminal at pier 27 a key facility of the 2013 america's cup race. worker from the east bay remembered in a unique way for a self-less act of giving. kimberly williams was just 44 when she died last year. yesterday her co-workers at the walnut creek office honored her for saving 50 lives through tissue donation. next month a floral portrait of kimberly will adorn the charity float at the popular rose parade. kimberly spent 19 years with the dmv.
5:57 am
the department works closely with the donate life charity. almost nine million people have signed up for the donor registry in california since 2006. it is 5:57. just ahead, the very big honor that is has just been given to the occupy protesters. plus, taking matters into their own hands. wait until you hear how far some pg&e customers are going to get rid of their smart meters and how pg&e is fighting back. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the san francisco 49ers headquarters in santa clara. right across the street from where it appears certain now there is going to be a stadium that is going to be built beginning next year. one hurdle in the way i'll tell you about that in a live ♪
5:58 am
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