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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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pillsbury holiday star cookies start with pillsbury cookie dough easy. then add my own favorite frosting and sprinkles. just three ingredients to sweet memories. holiday ideas made easy. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at the san francisco 49 areas ahead quarters where the team's -- efforts to build a new stadium seems so close but not quite into the end zone. i'll tell you why, coming up in a live report. plus, students teachers and the disabled bracing for the worst after the governor announces hundreds of millions in new budget cuts. officers take -- taken off streets age legislators asking questions.
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-- [ inaudible ] good morning i'm mike nicco not foggy downtown san francisco freezing fog a possibility in the north bay valleys. the poorest air quality will be in your neighborhood all of a chance of rain. good morning. socked in for drivers through san rafael and parts of marin county. [ inaudible ] we begin this wednesday, thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. 49ers are a giant step closer to saying good-bye to san francisco this morning. last night the council approved plans for a new stadium that the mayor calls a virtual shovel in the ground. terry mcsweeney is live with the latest. >> reporter: the 49ers have been in san francisco since 1946. what happened here in santa clara last night briggs them closer to building a new home, across from headquarters
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in santa clara. take a look at the city coup sill which got together as the stadium -- authority last night to give unanimous yes to the financing plan for the one billion dollar stadium. prep work for the 68,000 seat stadium could begin next month. construction could begin the middle of next year. the site is next to great america, after last night's meeting the winners talked. >> excited. great time to be working for the 49ers. great time to be a 49er fan. at approval tonight is a great milestone. >> i'm not concerned. we have firewalled all of our risk so we are not on the hook the 49ers and the nfl is on the hook. >> reporter: here's the plan approved last night. one billion dollar stadium. 850 million dollars borrowed from the bank of america, us
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bank and goldman sachs. 150 million dollars from the team through the league. there's a question mark about that. 35 million from the hotel tax and maximum of 40 million dollars from redevelopment money. the only if is that 150 million dollars. it is an amount that has to be approved by the nfl owners they will meet today to hear the plan not vote. if they later next year do not approve that money for the 49ers, then the 850 million dollars promised by those three banks also goes away. i wouldn't say they are at square one but that's a major setback. 49ers hoping and expecting the nfl to approve that money. san diego, minnesota and los angeles all asking for money as well for their stadiums. they want new stadiums. l.a. wants to bring football back to southern california. there's a lot of people competing for x-number of dollars. still, the 49ers are very hopeful, especially after last
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night's unanimous vote. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. new action has been taken in the case of the oakland police officer who fired a bean bag during an occupy oakland protest last month. uc leaders have been called to sacramento to address accusations of police brutality during campus occupy department stray -- department stray shuns. >> reporter: we saw two incidents and police using force break up demonstrations and this morning, state lawmakers demanding an explanation. in a few hours, uc and csu officials, students and police oversight experts will testify at a joint hearing in sacramento about nonviolent protests and use of force. at uc davis video you see here made famous officers pepper sprayed a row of seated students. at uc berkeley officers hit student demonstrators with
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batons. university officials are expected to explain their policies and procedures. testimony begins at 10:00 this morning. meanwhile, the chronicle is reporting an oakland police officer and his supervisor have been removed from street duty over this incident during the general strike in early november. in the video taken by citizen journalist scott campbell you see an officer fire a bean bag, campbell was hit in the leg. using bean bags allowed under police policy, but the officer can only act under the direction of a supervisor and the victim shall be taken to the hospital. that's the part that did not happen. internal affairs is investigating. katie marzullo, abc7 news. whether you support them or despise them there's a good chance they've had some effect on your life. now "time" magazine has named the protester as its person of the year.
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protester in a wider sense the magazine cited dissent across the middle use, saying protesters worldwide are reshaping global politics. criteria for determining the winner is the person or persons "time" magazine believes most influenced events in the past year. last year mark zuckerberg got the honor. dublin residents with questions about that wayward cannonball that damaged a home and vehicle -- a community meeting for residents saturday. the cannonball was fired during filming of the popular discovery cable tv show mythbusters. using the alameda county sheriff's bomb range when the cannon misfired and the cannonball hit a home and minivan, fortunately no one was hurt. this morning agencies
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around the state are trying to figure out how to fill the holes left by a billion dollar budget cut. these cuts to the university, home supportive services, schools, to prosecution i they are not good. -- this is not the way we would like to run california. but we have to live within our means. >> here -- here a few cuts school bus services, state colleges and universities and disabled had millions cut. they were triggered by -- [ unintelligible ] by next summer, those who wanted to run their homes on 100% green energy may be able to do it but it will come with a steep price. public utility commission voted unanimously yesterday to let the city's 330,000 utility
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customers get all their power from wind, solar and other renewable sources as soon as july of 2012. be prepared to pay up between 7 and 54 per month extra depending on use age. customers will be able to opt-out of the plan if they wish and stay with pg&e. pg&e has shut off power to three customers in santa cruz county who replaced their meters with nonwireless models they hired an electrician to remove meters without pg&e's permission. all three believe the meters are a health hazard. the utility says it has warned customers their power would be shut off if they removed the smart meters. pg&e says only its people can remove the meters saying it is a public safety issue. 6:08. time for a check on the forecast. it is so cold out there. i know we have 30s, wondering if we have 20s, perhaps even
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in the teen >> no teens. that would be a big story fit was. we have 20s, i'll show you those in a second. first the spare the air in case you are waking to a cold house this morning can't burn any wood poorest air quality in the north bay all of us under the spare the air until midnight. temperatures napa 28 cool spot fairfield santa cruz rose a little were you in the 20s now 30 and 31 novato airport 32 visibility down to 100 feet watch out for freezing fog in the north bay. mid to upper 30s east bay valleys redwood city rest of the bay shore to the coast low to mid 40s visibility has dropped in napa down to half a mile quarter mile santa rosa, novato 100 feet at least at the airport north of town everybody else doing fine just a little hazy. this afternoon high pressure dominates hazy sunshine, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s.
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by this time tomorrow, live doppler, you me, we'll be watching rain coming down, it will last through early afternoon hours not much, 10th to quarter of an inch to the coast friday through tuesday dry once again. frances has an accident update. we head to the south bay heading out towards the santa cruz mountains there's an accident blocking a lane southbound 17 at santa cruz avenue a van that caught , we have emergency crews en route. -- caught fire, we have emergency crews en route. usually slowing antioch and altamont pass. check out this thick fog 101 in san rafael, southbound traffic there visibility is very limited as mike told from you novato also very limited visibility across the richmond san rafael bridge. 6:10.
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just a more forgiving meter. proposal that could give frustrated parkers more time to avoid a ticket in oakland. the celestial light show going on now above the bay area and what you need to know if you want to
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a spectacular celestial
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show is taking place right now. the meteor shower known as winter's fireworks going on. the final major meteor shower of the year. it is caused by the passing through the dust particles of an asteroid. it is stunning. best time to see the showers will be between now and midnight assuming that the weather cooperates. sir, that is your department. >> yeah, is that animation we just looked at? cool, got it very cool as you look outside, look up it is pretty clear now. >> grab a coat watch out for the fog in the north bay valleys. clouds that come in tonight, especially after midnight, get out there as soon as the sunsets and it gets dark enough that you could see those. by the time you get to this time tomorrow morning, rain in some parts of the bay area. good morning, 6:16 almost. looking at some of the fog hanging around some of the low
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clouds touching the tops of the buildings in downtown san francisco. let's start with freeze warning north bay valleys until 9:00 this morning, as cold as 25° with the fog means black ice is possible this morning. we still have the upper 20s around santa rosa, napa, fairfield, 32 airport in novato in the city well above freezing mid 30s around concord and livermore upper 30s redwood city low to mid 30s for the rest of us monterey bay temperatures are upper 30s for watsonville, salinas, monterey, gilroy 41°. poor air quality one of the dominant features of our -- forecast, hazy sun, no woodburning until midnight. chance of showers tonight into tomorrow will take away the fog, freezing temperatures and poor air quality. once it passes thursday through friday breezy, going bring in a dry air mass that will last through the rest of
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the forecast. today temperatures in the mid 50s we could touch 57 in san jose. monterey bay mid to upper 50s inland upper 50s to around 60° in hollister. tonight temperatures with the cloud cover mainly mid 30s to near 40 in the north bay and east bay valleys could have 34 in palo alto, 39 fremont most of the bay shore out to the coast low to mid 40s, san francisco the warm spot tomorrow morning, 47°. the high pressure that will reside over us briefly today stagnating the air bringing us the hazy sunshine and poor air quality. thursday's weak disturbance, still up in the gulf of alaska, doesn't have a lot of moisture but it will have enough that we'll see snow in the sierra. 5:00 this evening clouds starting to move across the bay area by 7:00, from the bay bridge north we are dealing with light showers you can see snow up in the sierra. look by noon, showers are
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shifting into the south bay by 4:00, 5:00, gone high pressure comes back clears our sky out and brings breezy conditions for thursday night into friday look at all that sunshine friday afternoon, saturday, sunday, a few clouds monday and tuesday, mid 50s to low 60s from friday through tuesday. have a great day. good morning. we are now hearing about thick fog across the carquinez bridge also richmond san rafael bridge. bay bridge toll light now no problems heading into san francisco golden gate bridge that shot, clear you saw how socked in it was in san rafael earlier. san mateo bridge problem-free this morning. 14 minutes is the drive time westbound and eastbound between 880 and 101. we'll head to san jose, 280 northbound trouble-free. on highway 17 southbound near santa cruz avenue accident that is still blocking a lane.
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slowing westbound 580 actually been going on for a little bit of time a stall at north flynn the drive time from the altamont pass is now 20 minutes to 680. mass transit reporting no delays. everything back to normal on the vallejo bay link ferry. get traffic by going to 6:19. oakland drivers who overstay parking meter times are getting a grace period. the council finance committee has approved giving peep five extra minutes after their meter expires -- people five extra minutes after their meter expires most beneficial for pay and display meters that spit out receipts. people complained about being ticketed when their watches are a few minutes off from the meters' time. this is another step to make shopping in oakland more user-friendly. 6:19. partying with paris. how a new number turns into an
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invitation to all the right hollywood parties. >> the crazy story. >> meet the man willing to trade his truck for a five finger discount. the big mistake he made that cb [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes?
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could've had a v8. featured now at sizzler! tri-tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. 6:23. this is one very brazen thief's version of holiday shopping. cameras were rolling as the
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man crashes through a department store in kansas city, missouri proceeds to grab anything he can fit into the bed of his truck. one flaw in his plan, the truck is stuck while he's trying to get away, spinning his wheels for several minutes and giving police a much better look at the license plate. police tracked him down in the days after the robbery and found price tags from the stolen clothing. investigators recovered roughly $1,000 in stolen merchandise. they say the crook will be on the hook for the $80,000 in damage done to the store. he was not nice he was naughty. changing your cell phone number isn't normally a life altering experience. that's what it turned out to be for a los angeles couple. bob grey started getting calls from big named celebrities when he got a new cell number. telling his famous callers he and his girlfriend got an invitation via text message from paris hilton.
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>> it say hey hon my birthday party in the hills, want you to come, love paris. we only know one parry. we texted yeah, i would who have to come, put bob grey and liza foster and the list and send the address. >> grey and his girlfriend crashed the birthday bash without incident he fessed up after getting a call from adam sandler who thought i was hilarious. the new number used to belong to a comic actor. now the cat is out of bag grey is writing a movie about his unusual experience. >> now that he knows how the other half lives. the cost of an occupation. still the board of oakland puts a number on the damage done by this week's port protest. >> taking the blame in writing. pg&e takes responsibility for the deadly san bruno explosion. some worry it is a legal smoke screen.
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>> reporter: when you look up, do you see the potential for art? one artist does. up next, we'll show you his idea for the bay bridge and we'll tell you how much would it cost. rain moving towards the northeast not yet no flight delays we have flight arrival delays because of the rain into o'hare, phoenix experiencing flight arrival delays this morning. check out our flight tracker, at the bottom.úúúú
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good morning. opening bell has rust -- just rung. u.s. stocks headed for slightly lower opening after the fed said the u.s. economy is still weak. unemployment remains high and the economy remains vulnerable to the european debt crisis. we go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. this morning new fallout from police face offs with occupy protesters. oakland police resigning officers based on confrontations and the california legislature is calling leaders from across the spectrum to explain their police policies on protests. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: starting in oakland the san francisco chronicle is reporting an
6:31 am
oakland police officer and his supervisor have been removed from street duty over an incident that happened during the general strike in early november. >> ouch! >> reporter: in that video you see an officer fire a bean bag, campbell is hit in the leg. using bean bags in crowd control situations allowed under oakland police policy but the policy also says the officer can only act under the direction of a supervisor and the victim needs to be taken to a hospital that's the part that didn't happen. internal affairs is investigating. campbell told the chronicle no one from the police department has contacted him. this morning uc and csu officials, students and police oversight experts will testify at a hearing in sacramento about nonviolent protests and use of force by police officers on college campuses. at uc davis officers pepper sprayed a row of seated
6:32 am
students. at uc berkeley officers hit students with batons. university officials are expected to explain policies and procedures. that testimony gets underway at 10:00 this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news >> officials at the port of oakland say monday's shutdown by occupiers resulted in a loss of up to eight million dollars and much if not most hit the so-called 99%. they add the ripple effect is greater in terms of wages not paid, taxes not collected. truck drivers said they lost up to $1,000 each. occupy supporters concede the shutdown did harm members of the 99% and say they are considering starting a relief fund for the truckers. this morning some residents are hoping pg&e's decision to take full financial responsibility for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion will speed along the settlement process this comes as pg&e heads into court
6:33 am
friday for a hearing. a san mateo judge wanted pg&e to state its official position on whether it would take full responsibility. yesterday, the utility say would it compensate all the victims of the gasline explosion. that explosion kill eight people and wiped out 38 homes. one resident says he wishes pg&e's admission of legal liability had come sooner. >> i'm happy, i'm joyful that we know who is responsible it is a long time coming. >> the trial is set for next summer. some settlement talks are already underway. legal experts say by accepting responsibility pg&e is trying to an individual evidence in court that might increase the -- an artist wants to highlight the bay bridge literal he need as approval and seven million dollars. amy hollyfield is live to show us whether the light display would be dazzling distracting
6:34 am
or both? >> reporter: who knew lights were so expensive? do you think this bridge s seven million dollars worth of lights? -- 25,000 l.e.d. bulbs flickering on the bay bridge the artist says the lights would reflect the moods and personality of the bay. saying the bridge has inspired him this is how he would like to celebrate its 75th anniversary. joggers support the idea. the question is, whether the artist could raise seven million dollars in private donations to fund the project. >> he might be able to get funding from people that have money. i don't think i could contribute, maybe a little bit. but i love the idea. i think it is great. hopefully it works out. >> reporter: here's another idea for the bridge that is moving forward. this one is more practical.
6:35 am
proposed designs for a pedestrian and bike lane for the bay bridge. transit officials debuted the designs last night. this would give way to walk or bike to oakland or san francisco. they also need to find some money. the idea is there, it is all about the execution. back to the lights. caltrans would have to approve the idea and officials would have to prove that it wouldn't distract drivers. when you are driving on the bridge you wouldn't see the flickering lights. down here another question when driving on the embarcadero and looking up, something to consider. we did get feedback on our facebook page. one viewer was concerned about the amount of energy this would consume. the artist says because it is l.e.d. lights it would only cost a few dollars a day in energy. tell us what you think please join the conversation go to our facebook page amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:35 now.
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>> looks okay clear at the bay bridge. a lot of heavy fog in some places. mike is checking out the situation with the fog. >> what is going on? >> we have thick fog in the north bay valleys you are under a freeze warning also freezing fog a possibility through 9:00 this morning. north bay valleys, poorest air quality this afternoon. even though all of us are under the spare the air until midnight. as far as temperatures, 28 napa, 30 santa rosa, 31 fairfield, 32 novato everybody else above freezing mid to upper 30s east bay valleys to redwood city low to mid 40s bay shore to the coast visibility less than a quarter mile hanging around 100 feet in novato at the airport north of town half a mile in napa quarter of a mile in santa rosa. everybody else doing okay except frances did mention the carquinez bridge is starting to see thick fog you can see it picked up at 8:00 starting
6:37 am
to dissipate by then temperatures won't move any by 8:00. by noon hazy sunshine, mid to upper 40s santa rosa, san rafael, half moon bay everybody else low to mid 50s, top out mid to upper 50s fall back to the low to mid 50s by 4:00. live doppler we will be using it tomorrow because rain is in the forecast tomorrow morning. tomorrow evening through friday, breezy and dry, sun and dry for saturday through tuesday. you can add the benicia bridge for the thick fog advisory this morning. in the north bay on 101 from santa rosa down through san rafael into the richmond bridge a few more cars now, really thick earlier. 680 walnut creek more slowing southbound near north main towards highway 24 again slow
6:38 am
down across the benicia bridge and carquinez bridge this morning. as you continue on highway 24, another live shot, there's some fog as you make -- as we look down towards highway 24 headlights moving towards the caldecott tunnel, i-80 berkeley crowded at university exit, still problem-free for the most part, bay bridge toll metering lights on there was looked like stall or incident on the shoulder on westbound 80 back-up at the bay bridge towards west grand, 880 south bay san jose 280, 17 and better news now the earlier accident on southbound 17 has been cleared from the lanes. it is now 6:38. phone service about to reach out and touch more people. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. live look at the big board,
6:39 am
dow down 42 points now. keeping shoppers safe. the customer escorts coming to one specific bart station this week. >> the ntsb wants drivers to turn off all electronic devices while driving. i'm tahman bradley with the details, coming up. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in santa clara, a city which next month is going to start getting ready for a new yum for the 49ers. still one possible hang -- hang up, i'll tell you about
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check out live doppler quiet across the entire state a much more benign forecast today 51 eureka, mid to upper 50s through the central valley big sur sunshine over tahoe and yosemite mid to upper 40s low to mid 60s around l.a., palm springs and san diego. 6:43 now. attorney general harris now says she will lay-off 102 department of justice agents and 21 civilian employees next year because of budget cuts about half the 203 agents who originally were expected to lose their jobs. despite the lower numbers the department is still ending its involvement in 2/3 of california's 52 drug and gang fighting task forces next year again because of the cuts. feds insist that texting,
6:44 am
e-mailing or using any cell phone is too dangerous to be allowed while driving. the national transportation safety can't impose restrictions so it is asking every state to invoke strong new bans. tahman bradley has details. >> reporter: warning too many drivers who talk or text end up in these the ntsb wants drivers to turn off all electronic devices while driving, unprecedented recommendation that every u.s. state ban personal electronic vases in cars, except in emergencies. no hands-free devices, no bluetooth only technology that helps a driver such as gps. >> you need full focus to operate a car to nav gatt especially in the city. >> reporter: distracted driving causes 600,000 crashes and 3,000 deaths each year. the ntsb issued its recommendation after several investigations found texting to be the cause of deadly accidents. like this one in missouri where the driver of a pick-up truck received 11 text
6:45 am
messages in 11 minutes before dying in his cash, killing another person and 38 others. >> we know accidents happen in the blink of an eye. you have to be paying attention all the time. you never know what call, what text or what post could be your last if you are doing it behind the wheel. >> reporter: according to the national highway traffic safety administration, 90% of drivers support teching bans, 60% favor -- cell phone bans the only problem is too many drivers still use electronic devices. ntsb wants every state to ban cell phones while driving. it is up to each state to decide. tahman bradley, abc news washington. google is extending free g-mail phone service. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange to tell us more. we've been watching europe's debt problems unfold more than a year and we are
6:46 am
watching it again today. the cost of insuring debt in europe against default close to a high this morning. in spite of that european leader summit last week. the dow, s&p and nasdaq under a bit of pressure. we are seeing an extension of that drop we saw yesterday. bloomberg index lower. bankruptcy aside american airlines is going high-tech getting faa approval to use ipads instead of heavy paper flight charts when trying to trim costs every bit helps losing charts makes the plane lighter that means less fuel saving a million dollars a year. free calls on g-mail will continue for free through next year. google said it would end this year for calls in the u.s. or to and from canada. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king.
6:47 am
business indeed, jane, thank you. right now the weather. >> many things going on, a lot centralizedded in the north bay valleys now. -- the rest of us will deal with it later during the day into the afternoon. some of the fog hanging around san francisco, not thick here as it is up in the north bay valleys, definitely something to look at as we look down from sutro tower this morning. first, the freeze warning up in the north bay valleys set the stage for what is going on. temperatures in the valleys could drop to 25° over the next hour or so and hold below freezing through 9:00. then the thick fog which means all that moisture could freeze on contact especially elevated surfaces that will be more reflective of the air temperature the ground going to be a little too warm for any frost to develop on roads especially on grassy surfaces, you bet. let's talk about temperatures right now, 28 napa, 30 santa rosa, 32 at the airport
6:48 am
in novato, 31 fairfield everybody else above freezing mid to upper 30s east bay valleys redwood city low to mid 40s bay shore to the coast monterey bay inland to salinas upper 30s 41 in gilroy must be fog there. spare the air today poorest air quality north bay valleys all of us under the spare the air hazy sunshine through the afternoon spare the air until midnight chance of showers tonight and tomorrow will wipe out freezing temperatures, wipe out the fog, clean the air all that stuff we are talking about today will not happen tomorrow by the evening breezy and dry lieu at least fly day then just -- just dry after that hazy sunshine today main in the mid 50s we could touch 57 in san jose monterey bay mid to upper 50s upper 50s to near 60 inland that would be hollister. tonight with the extra cloud cover mid to upper 30s around palo alto fremont mid 30s near 40 inland valleys most of the
6:49 am
bay shore out to the coast low to mid 40s what we are watching here high pressure dominating holding stagnant air in place this weak disturbance is coming in tonight hear we are 7:00 this morning, nothing going on, we'll zoom down 5:00, increase in clouds developing could make a pretty sunset in the north bay. by 7:00, north of the bay bridge, light showers. noon light showers the rest of us 5:00, gone. 10th of an inch inland to a quarter of an inch to the coast friday knew tuesday mid 50s to low 60s with a lot of sun. -- couple new accidents on highway 17 which has been a problem spot this morning. the new one northbound at the summit, six cars involved definitely blocking at least the left lane look fourth that in the northbound direction.
6:50 am
also -- look out for that in the northbound direction. southbound 17 santa cruz avenue, traffic heavy approaching the scene new crash reported southbound as well at saratoga road tough ride there this morning. mass transit reporting no delays. everything back to normal on the vallejo bay link ferry. live shots, here's 101 in san jose some of the usual congestion northbound for head lights past mckee, 880 still fine through downtown, san mateo bridge has been quiet this morning, just more cars on the roads now. also bay bridge toll currently backed up towards the foot of the maze. of course, you can get personalized traffic by going to today caltrans and the highway patrol are joining forces to spruce up the area in time for the holidays.
6:51 am
caltrans will put cleanup crews along side highways in the nine bay area counties to pick up litter. chp patrols will be on the look out for people who throw garbage out of the windows of cars. they will give extra scrutiny to vehicles at inspection facilities. they say litter is not only ugly it can harm wildlife and pollute waterways. bart is not only offering holiday shoppers a ride it is also offering an escort. for the third straight year bart police will walk shoppers from the west oakland bart station to their cars to ensure people make it there safely. especially with an the purchases. the program runs tomorrow and friday from 5 to 9 p.m.. volunteers will be wearing red vests inside the station. upon request they will escort you to your car up to three block waeufrplts -- >> new national restaurant ranking that snubs the city by the bay. online reservation website
6:52 am
open table has released top 100 restaurants in the u.s. based on 10 million reviews. not a single san francisco restaurant is on the list. ruth's steakhouse in jacksonville, florida made it two wine country restaurants in the top 100. with >> it is rare that we are snubbed like that -- just -- >> there are people suggesting a boycott, believe it or not of open table service now. >> i don't doubt it. uc leaders and students are among those headed to the state capital to face tough questions about recent decisions by police regarding peaceful protesters. >> katie marzullo is live in the newsroom to explain. >> reporter: in a few hours university officials will answer questions about campus
6:53 am
police officers using force on student protesters. uc president mark yudof and uc davis chancellor are among those who will testify at a hearing in sacramento about nonviolent protesters and use of force on college campuses. student leaders and police oversight experts will also testify. students have claimed police brutality in two incidents. you saw uc davis officers pepper sprayed a row of seated students. uc berkeley officers did hit students with batons. university officials are expected to explain their policies and procedures. the testimony begins at 10:00 this morning. our other top story a big vote on the 49ers next stadium. terry mcsweeney is live in santa clara. >> reporter: good morning. the san francisco 49ers are probably celebrating somewhere last night's vote that brings them oh so close to bidding a
6:54 am
stadium across the street from the headquarters -- -- next to great america. these are members of the city council who wore different hats for the rotation the stadium authority giving the go ahead an 850 million dollar loan after all these years of talking about it, the 9ers going to move, stadium going to happen, prep work begins next month for the 68,000 seat stadium moving you -- utility lines next to great america this is not a done deal. last night they approved a loan package with three banks for 850 million dollars in addition they need 150 million dollars from the national football league that money has not been approved if that doesn't go through then the 850 million dollars in -- is off the table. nfl owners are meeting today not going to vote just hear about the plan and then come back in the spring and vote and is expected that they are going to approve 150 million
6:55 am
dollars for the 49ers, even though a number of other cities, including los angeles, san diego and minnesota are going to be bucking for some of that money in the nfl. 49ers are hoping to have the stadium over for 2014 at the earliest, 2015 at the latest. to start at 2014 they have to get out of their lease in san francisco that would be interesting negotiation. the 49ers saying we are leaving town we want to leave sooner, see if the city of san francisco is interested in delaying the plans as far as mayor lee goes up in san francisco he says looks like the 49ers are going to leave, chances of them staying in san francisco are slim. this morning slimest. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. getting so cold just looking at him. >> final check on weather. mike doing his cool and foggy dance a minute ago.
6:56 am
>> cool and damp in the north bay valleys some of the fog could be freezing temperatures are below the 32° mark in just about all areas especially novato airport where visibility as been as low as 100 feet on your way up 101 from novato to petaluma, so watch out for that. poor air quality in the north bay all of us under spare the air. on our way to a hazy day because of the pollution out there, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. tonight how about rain, this time tomorrow watching light rain showers on doppler. >> i don't know what is going on we all of a sudden have seven accidents reported in the last 10 minutes. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll backed up to the foot of the maze. also new accident reported heading towards the san mateo bridge toll blocking left lane. a few accidents on highway 17
6:57 am
have caused a lot of slowing in the southbound direction heavy from highway 9 up towards santa cruz avenue, also northbound near redwood estates another accident blocking. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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