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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 18, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. >> i'm uh ma dates. he dominated world security fears and has died. kim jong-il's death 17 years after he inherited power from his father and was announced by state television a short time ago. >> the report said the 69-year-old was on a train when he died of heart failure. his 20 something-year-old son is expected to succeed him. >> the oakland korean community is reacting to the news. thomas roman is there with that part of the story. >> the one word we kept hearing was shocked. shocked that kim jong-il is dead and that they heard the news so soon from state-controled north korean media. in a restaurant in oakland, he
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got a text from a friend in south korea. >> when he text messaged me, i thought he was joking, but it was real. >> in the the restaurant the television was turned to a south korean news station so they could follow developments. there was one word that kept resonating from people we spoke to. >> shocked. i know he he is not that good, but as a leader, shocked. >> he was surprised to hear about kim jong-il's death so soon, especially from a state-controled media. >> shocked. it seems korea does a lot of sensoring of the media, and for us to hear the news. >> they believe the death leaves a vacuum. they are not sure if his son is up to of leadership. >> he will not have the power his dad did. he just won't. he has not had that type of
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training. >> they believe it will be a very tense time in asia and here at home. >> don't know whether the military is going to be taking over or somebody in the party. we just don't know, and until we do, we will be pretty nervous. >> they seem very optimistic about the future. >> maybe i am being more idealic hoping for the reuni location of korea perhaps. >> hopefully they make a good president and we can talk properly. >> there is another part inside of me that is wondering what next. >> the koreans we spoke to said they feel safe in the u.s., but they wonder how safe their families are now in south korea. in oakland, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks, thomas. one of san francisco's most beloved philanthropists has died. he spent as much time
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distributing his wealth as he did acquiring it. he was honored this past thursday in golden gate park. speedway meadow was renamed helmun hollow for the man who funded the strictly bluegrass festival attended by thousands each year. former san francisco mayor willie brown was a friend. >> i would describe him as an incredibly talented man. a man who had a super sense of obligation for other human beings and a man who shared his wealth in a fashion that only made life better for other people. >> at 26, he was the youngest ever partner. he co founded a venture capital firm that was an early investor in april tall. he invested in a private equity firm, a billion dollar deal that was the largest buyout of a publicly held firm. and he had a 15% ownership stake in the nasdaq stock
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market and then sold it for a handsome profit. >> when we decided to to make it possible for the young museum and the academy of science to be redone, there had to be a place where the attendees could park. >> he created the underground parking go reasoning beneath the park. he funded a san francisco clinic and set up an endowment at uc berkeley where he played water polo. and he give $5,000 in seed money to create the journalism site. he was also a life long republican. >> he never reflected anything on a partisan political basis. he was always so much about san francisco and so much about people and so much about the world of non-profits and the world of freant vantage people. >> helmun set up an endowment to make sure it would continue as a free event in san
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francisco. he died after bat anything leukemia. he was 77. after spending almost a year in afghanistan members of the california national guard's military police company are back home. lilian kim was at the airport in san jose and oakland as some of the soldiers were reunited with their families. for dozens of bay area families christmas came early. >> it is the perfect time to come home. >> more than 160 california national guard soldiers arrived at bay area airports on sunday after serving nearly 10 months in afghanistan. it was his first overseas deployment. >> it is rough. i am just proud to say i did it. >> they represent the guard's military police company. during their time in afghanistan they provided security and trained and
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mentored the afghan police officers. >> it is the way we police and the way we patrol. everything in general, the way we file things i think we did help them, but it will take a longtime to get everything the way it needs to be. >> many of the soldiers are returning home to small children. the last time he saw his daughter was on the two-week break in june. >> she understands me more. that's weird. >> she was different? >> yes, she was smaller. she looked like a princess. >> there is certainly a lot of catching up to do. but one of her first priorities is eating her favorite foods. >> oh my gosh. i don't even know where to start. i have no idea. i want to eat chinese food, that's for sure. >> they will go back to their civilian jobs. and as for their military responsibilities which works out for one week and a month, they won't have to report back for another 90 days.
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lilian kim, abc7 news. america's withdraw from iraq this weekend reunited many more military families in time for the holidays. families cheered as these national guards men returned home to virginia from iraq. their return came one day after the last u.s. combat troops left iraq in a convoy for kuwait. one iraqi official called it a, quote, jubilant moment while one former nato commander thinks it will help with the relations between washington and baghdad. in the bay area, a 55-year-old man is dead after a fire in his east oakland home. it broke out at 79th and ar sure street -- arthur street. it took more than 10 minutes to put it out. they found the 55-year-old victim's body in a room he rented from the landlord. three others managed to escape. in novato, a car crashed into a light pole killing one
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person and injuring another. it happened on northbound highway 101 near mile marker 24. two people were trapped inside. the survivor was cut out of the car and airlifted to a hospital. neither person has been identified. about 200 workers will lose their jobs at a steel mill in berkeley. an they blame it on a silent raid by federal agents. but it had no choice but to fire some workers after the immigration and custom enforcement, or i.c.e. audited the payroll. it didn't match up with the social security numbers they submitted to the company. some say leaving the u.s. isn't an option. >> it is impossible. the security in mexico is not good. >> i.c.e. does not comment on
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specific you dits especially when charges were not filed. they did disclose that 2500 companies have been auditedth year. the holiday shopping frenzy is underway. coming up, the last-minute rush to get gifts and how it is helping the economy. >> and a trunk and the wrong key that worked. and now hundreds of dollars of gifts are missing. >> and at 11:30, searching for buried treasure. the hobby that is turning into a vacation get away like no other. >> we have hoe lowe clouds moving inland and very dense fog in the north bay, santa rosa, novato and even heading into the napa valley. reduced visibilities. we check out the seven-day forecast. we'll see if we will have any rain next week.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to with six days to go before christmas american consumers are putting up blockbuster numbers. the national retail federation reports americans will spend nearly 4% more than last year. this year sales have totaled more than $469 billion. not a surprise to the store employees. >> people are spending more. >> consumer confidence over the last two month -- months is on the up swing. if we can avoid shooting ourselves in the foot, we should enter the new year with every prospect that things will be looking up. >> and retailers have another reason to be looking up. fewer than half of all of the consumers finished their holiday shopping. tonight a michigan woman
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is hoping santa driving a car just like hers because it has her christmas gifts in it. lynn go gibson was midway through her mall shopping spree when she went to her ford focus and put $700 worth of gifts in the trunk. the problem was, it wasn't her ford focus. her key 0e7 -- opened the trunk of another ford focus. she hopes the person calls mall security and returns the presents. there will be a new touch screen tv called surface. you can hang it on a wall or on a table. devices like this are changing the way you interact with the screen you are watching right now. richard hart reports on the drive to discover a smarter tv. >> it is interactive with your hand. >> this 50-inch tv is revolutionary in a number of ways. the newer screens are multi touch and multi users. multi touch meaning multiple fingers performing multiple
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spruxes. you can do it with your fingertips and hands. >> and multiple users means multiple users can use it at the same time. >> children expect the wall to be interactive. >> sure you can do multi touch on your ipad or phone, but here is something you can't do. >> it is based on op -- op tau cal tracking. everything on the screen we can see. that can be hands and that can be finger tips, but it can be real life objects like this. >> the newest screen can track a limited number of things for a limited amount of users. >> it determines how many people. >> microsoft is promoting its product as a way for doctors and patients to interact. to turn coffee shop conversations into touch fests. imagine using your hand to throw a football in a video game. his company was first out of the gate, and it is still ahead of microsoft in
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features, and it says it welcomes the arrival. >> it is in infancy, really. >> you still can't touch them for less than $10,000. fine for corporations or devoted home theater buffs. >> we believe this technology will be at your home in two, three years time. >> it is nice to know there finally is a remote you can't lose. and you can reach out and touch your favorite news anchor. with the next step in tv screens, richard hart, abc news. thousands of kids in santa clara county felt the pinch of a bad economy today. an estimated 9,000 needy kids lined up outside the county fairgrounds fwort 5th annual -- the 25th annual party. the problem was there were more kids than toys. >> we have about 3,000 kids in line right now, and we don't know if we have a toy for everyone. >> a lot of people here lost their jobs. that's why they are here and the turnout is so great.
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when the need is greatest, people are least able to respond. >> even without toys there was lots of food, games and face painting to celebrate the holiday. the u.s. marines and the raider nation helped a lot of kids in need. members of the marine corp accepted toys for the toys for tots program. the raiders host eddie trite. -- hosted detroit. some brought toys and others brought cash so santa can do some shopping for under privileged kids. meteorologist leigh glaser is here and she said it will be a dry week. >> it certainly is. we may get through the storm door in about 10 days. we'll keep our fingers crossed. tonight, folks, it is a foggy evening especially north of the golden gate bridge. you can see kind of a -- see the low clouds moving into san francisco and even to the bay.
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north of the golden gate bridge and novato reduces its visibility due to the fog seven miles. three miles visibility in napa and just in the last i would say 45 minutes santa rosa, the visibility has actually come up to two miles. about 45 minutes ago it was less than a mile. this fog is moving around, and it is starting to thicken up. it is 48 in san francisco and 50 in oakland. antioch at 42. 37 now in napa, and we have 49 in san jose. they are also seeing a little cloudiness out there at this hour. highlights as we head into next week, low clouds and valley fog overnight. it is a spare the air day for your monday. remember, a no burn day. and that's what we were talking about. continued dry through the workweek and in through our holiday weekend next weekend. here is a look at the fog cast. you can see for yourself, overnight, we will definitely start to move inland.
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half moon bay 39 and 45 for san francisco. 30 for napa. and you can see the low clouds will move in near the coast, and you can see some of the fog moving in toward the bay. out toward the east bay, check out the central valley area. on the five here, if you are starting the holiday travel early, be advised that very dense fog is there down toward modesto and into the bakersfield area. the high pressure will be with us all week long. it gets a little scwized down to the south as -- squished as the low gets down to the ridge. we will also have the return of breezy conditions and offshore winds. we should start to see some of the fog start to lessen and start to thin out by early tuesday morning. fresno 58 tomorrow with fog. los angeles will see a little more sunshine. boy, it has been a wet weekend there the past couple days. l.a. 57. 57 for san diego and tahoe plenty of sunshine and 40°. here is a look at our highs. 2* should start to see more
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sun tomorrow. we have brought the temperatures up a few more degrees. 60 for los gatos. half moon bay 56. san francisco with afternoon sun and 57 in the north bay. the temperatures are flirting with 60. santa rosa and afternoon sun 60° there. 57 for napa. on the east bay, oakland 59. 58 for union city. mid to upper 50s for brentwood and antioch and even concord tomorrow. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, don't forget a spare the air day tomorrow. breezy conditions and monday night and tuesday. 9:30 wednesday night, and then as we get to the winter season, the first few days it is going to be dry next weekend. >> thanks a lot, leigh. >> all right, shu, we thought the raiders were going to get a win today. >> we kind of did. >> they blew a 13-point fourth quarter lead with missed opportunities throughout the game. this team needs to learn how
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to finish so they can forget about the post season. we'll show you why in sports.
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the raiders need to learn to finish games. they had detroit where they wanted them, 98 yards away from winning and they couldn't stop the mega tron. the raiders showing guts early on fourth and 1. carson palmer off the play
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action and overthrows a wide open moore for an easy touchdown and raiders come away with nothing. then they get tricky. bush hands it over to murphy. a 12-yard touchdown run and the raiders are up 7-0 in the first. stafford and the bomb to calvin johnson. right on the money. 51 yards from megatron and tied at 7. the raiders answer and palmer to bay and he breaks a tackle and turns on the jets. 17-14 raiders at the half. curry scoops and scores and 27-14 raiders. a beat down in the making, but you have to finish. lions cut it to 6th and they start it from their own two. 214 yards from calvin johnson and two touch touchdowns. this puts detroit up with 43 seconds left. raiders had a shot to win it. 65-yard field goal and it is blocked.
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raiders lose a heartbreaker and fall to 7-7. >> we had opportunities to really close the door. we just never had that instinct to get it done. >> we get this crowd behind us, and they are screaming and yelling and they are with us all the way. we let this crowd down. that starts with me and down to our players. i am disappointed in that. >> that's too bad because tom brady and the pay -- patriots took care of the broncos. chad ochocinco with a 33-yard touchdown. 76-yard pass. tom brady says, i can run too. they beat the problem cos 41-23 and denver is a game ahead of the raiders in the afc west. we haven't forgotten the 49ers. there is nothing like being the only game in town and playing for the entire nation. that's as we
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with tennessee and baltimore losing the steamers clinch a playoff spot. #w* that said they might rest ben roethlisberger who has a high ankle sprain in the game against the 49ers. they are both 10 and 3. the 49ers come offing -- coming off a loss to the cardinals. it does not bode well for the niners. they have given up 18 sacks. it is monday night. >> i think it is nfl -- one of the nfl's biggest stages. football players and high school football, playing under the lights. >> anytime it is monday night, it is one of those games you look forward to. but the way we are moving the season is next game up, next game up. >> there is nothing like it. plays of the day, we start on the hardwood and bailer facing second seeded uconn.
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two of two 5 and bailer wins. chiefs battle for 6. and a gator raid bath for coach. the chiefs knock the packers from the ranks of the undefeated. donald brown finds a hole and goes 80 yards to the house. colts are win less no more after beating the titans. a career day forage gee bush in buffalo. 75 yards to pay dirt. a career high 203 yards on the ground and a hydro plane finish in miami's win. bush's former team, the saints, in minnesota with former stanford star tore things up. two td catches and that game belongs to drew brees. five more td passes. saints win and the 9ers have to win tomorrow to hold on to the number two seed. and the steel erwin puts them in the top spot in the afc because philip rivers and the chargers handle the ravens. a lot on the line for monday night and those are your plays of the day. coming up, the warriors make a trade and the 49ers challenge their fans to make some noise
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on monday night football. >> thanks, shu. coming up, the new twist that could change the direction of the gop presidential race. >> and a popular pastime is taking americans overseas to find buried treasure. we'll show you their amazing discoveries. alright, so we have $10.
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thank you for joining us. >> in tonight's headlines, north korea's leader has died. kim jong-il's death was announced by state television tonight. they say the 69-year-old died of heart failure. his 20 something-year-old son is expected to succeed him. san francisco billionaire warren helum also died tonight. the philanthropist lost his battle with leukemia. he was known for pouring his money into local causes and founding the bluegrass festival. a fire this morning claimed the life of an unidentified 55-year-old man. the fire near 79th and arthur street was on a second floor unit. and national guards men flew home after a tour in afghanistan. in sfo, the return is being
11:36 pm
mirrored across the nation as the latest american troops to leave iraq make their way home. with the holiday hiatus approaching, the republican presidential candidates stayed busy today. >> one new endorsement may be a sign that the race is tightening up again. here is larry jacobs. >> reporter: it was mitt romney's first sunday talk show in over two years. the timing couldn't have been better being broadcast on the morning he picked up the endorsement of the des moines register. choosing him over his republican rivals, iowa's biggest newspaper says romney has matured as a candidate and refrained from reckless rhetoric and moralizing. in sun i- in sunday's interview, he defended his record, and then he went after the new front runner, newt gingrich. >> he has been unrely only in those -- unreliable in those settings. >> if gingrich is slipping in the polls, he didn't show it.
11:37 pm
he appeared supremely confident laughing aside the latest romney endorsement. >> i am slighted because the man manchester union leader which is a reliably conservative newspaper endorsed me. the des moines newspaper did not endorse me. >> one iowa political observer thinks it will make a splash or so for a day or so, but it ends there. >> it may make a difference in a marginal sense and some sm people who are not sure and may look at the editorial and say, that makes sense to me, but i don't think it will change the dye m that mick of the race. >> with the caucuses on january 3rd and with the christmas holiday less than a week away, the candidates tried to reach as many voters as they can before everyone's attention turns away from politics the next few days. larry jacobs, abc news. >> a bill would extend tax cuts. law i can makers are blasting the bill.
11:38 pm
john boehner wants congress to craft a new year-long version. the number of families who had their power disconnected because they were unable to pay has fallen this year. the emergency provisions that helped hundreds of families are due to expire at the end of the month. michael finney looks at why some people want to limit pg&e's ability to cutoff your power. >> they gave me a 48-hour notice, and they wanted -- they were going to shut it off completely. >> es sister sun employed, putting three children through college and raising her developmentally delay edison. he and the rest of the family were 48 hours away from losing their power to their san francisco home because they couldn't afford to pay their pg&e bill. but then the emergency provisions kicked in. >> she worked with me as far as saying whatever is positive
11:39 pm
she would add partial payment to my current bill. >> the provisions were put in place back in february of 2010 and require pg&e to give customers who qualify a minimum of three months to payoff their delinquent bills. pg&e must personally meet with a customer before shutting the power off if a customer depends on it for their medical needs. and if a customer is disconnected, the utility is prevented from charges customers a credit deposit to restore their power. >> we would be happy to help you with that. >> the california public utility commission implemented the provisions and they had the largest disconnection rate out of all major utilities in california. it is more than 8%. that since dropped to 5.6%. many credit the provisions and the pg&e does not. >> we have programs for income qualified customers such as
11:40 pm
the care program and the reach program. what we have been doing is doing a better job at getting the word about the programs out to our customers. >> the consumer advocate division of the cpuc is pushing for a maximum disconnection rate of 5% by pg&e. >> it is reasonable for pg&e. it will allow their credit and collections departments to continue to work to find the best tools to support customers with low income. >> the utility reform network, a consumer advocacy group agrees with the proposal. >> electricity and gas are absolute necessities. they are not luxuries. >> they will not stop fighting until utilities shut off a thing of the past. >> a final decision is at least two months away. we will stay on top of it and i will keep you posted. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> gas prices continue to
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drop. the average price of a gallon of gas is down $.05 cents over the past two weeks. the national average is $3.24 a gallon and as $2.83. albuquerque has the nation's lowest price and san francisco has the nation's highest at $3.57 a gallon. it is a game show that has become a cult hit. the host of "cash cab" talks about the weirdest fare he has ever had, and sometimes he roots against the contestants. >> and how evening land is a new hotspot and the amazing discoveries. >> hi, everyone. leigh glaser here. dense fog north of the golden gate bridge, but we are looking for some sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. partly warmer temperatures. we will look at the
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popular shows on television. "cash cab" while passengers answer questions before they arrive at their destination. >> he talked about his wildest fares and told us how you could spot the cash cab the next time you are in new york. >> how did this even come toward you? did somebody say hey? >> i went in for an addition. you addition for thousands of things. somehow "cash cab" worked out for me. >> background check. >> you got your wife to drive the cab. how tough was that?
11:45 pm
>> it wasn't too bad. >> you didn't have shout out at people, sorry, i am not -- >> do not stop, do not open the door. >> do people ever turn you down? do you have people that get in and don't know what is going on and don't want to play? >> absolutely. sometimes they get in and do know what is going on and don't want to play. they are like, no, don't think so. people get excited and then get scared. they are like, i want to be on the show and then they are like -- let me think about that. maybe i don't want to be on the show. i don't want to look like an idiot in front of everybody i know. >> weirdest you picked up? >> a guy 6 foot 8 and he was in the back of the cap wearing a purple velour rabbit suit. >> where? >> weighed 350 pounds. a huge, enormous guy and he keeps calling me baby. finally i'm like, listen, rabbit. no giant rabbit is geting in this cab calling me baby. so we wound up arguing and i am arguing with a huge purple
11:46 pm
rabbit. i tell him what is going on and he tells me it is a show. he gets outs. >> there is people that get in and i am rooting against them. >> really, you root against them? >> yeah. i can't do anything to affect the game. i will think, i hope these guys get thrown out. >> we are going back to new york and i hope i get the cash cab. is there any identifier on the cab so we know to look out for your cab? >> it pretty much looks like a regular cab. the number is 7n78 which doesn't mean anything. i made a comment on the show about vanity plates. we had a question about vanity plates, and at the end of the game i said the cash cab has a vanity plate. can you figure out what it means? and somebody said, don't use that. they used it and all of this stuff on the internet what sn7 -- 7n78 means. i said what does it mean? i just said it. >> messing with america's
11:47 pm
head. >> i did, but i didn't expect them to use it. >> it is on weekdays at 3:00 p.m. on abc7. centuries ago english explorers sailed to the new world looking for fame and fortune. now they are coming to unearth treasures of that you aren on. >> i get goose bumps when i find things like this. >> it dates back about 600 years. discoveries like that one and this 53,000 roman coins keep americans armed with metal detectors and flocking to the countryside. it includes one man from northern california. >> it is an addiction, but it is an addiction of the good kind. >> they could make a fortune selling the booty they have found, but all gets donated to museums. i would try my luck at the cash cab. let's check in with the forecast. leigh glasser is standing by. >> hi, guys. tomorrow morning fog. especially north and east bay locations. already reduced visibilities
11:48 pm
there. once the fog starts to lift 9, 10:00 tomorrow, get ready for some nice afternoon sunshine. temperatures warm up a few more degrees. we will actually see a little more sun than what we saw today. santa rosa 60 and napa 57. 57 for san francisco. it is a spare the air day tomorrow. no burning. 59 in oakland and 56 in antioch with lingering fog there late in the afternoon. santa cruz, you will warm up to 57. we will look for 61 in gilroy and salinas 57. 59 in hollister. the winds will start to pick up a little bit. a little breezy as we head into monday night and early tuesday morning. we will get to the offshore winds, and that will warm us up a little tuesday and wednesday to clear skies. winds arrive wednesday evening at 9:30 as you can see there, and then thursday, friday right on through saturday christmas eve and christmas day on sunday. dry conditions. we will bring the temperatures up a little bit next week weekend. it should be nice. it should be nice traveling
11:49 pm
weather. >> thanks, leigh. >> all right, shu. the raiders couldn't do it, but maybe the 9ers on monday? >> that's a good attitude. the 49ers are looking forward to monday night football. and always a big hit. your plays of the day as we take you to today's nfl action. sit tight. sports is on deck.
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the steelers are now in the playoffs. they might rest scwk -- quarterback ben roethlisberger. the last time these two met on monday night was 1978. that was so long ago, it was my first start in the nfl. both of these teams are 10 and 3. but the 49ers are come offing a loss -- coming off a loss to the cardinals. both of these teams are good, good solid defenses which does not bode well for the 49ers. they struggle in the red zone and gave up 18 sacks in the last three games. with all of that said, come on. it is monday night. >> big game. we have to put points on the board if we want to come on you way with this one. red zone will be our biggest key. we get down there a lot, we don't get touchdowns. >> we are back in there, and we are ready to go on monday night. >> we can get the offense behind us.
11:53 pm
>> nothing like monday night. the only game in town. your friends and family can watch all over the nation. it should be a great game. the raiders, they've got to learn how to finish games. they let detroit drive 98 yards for the eventule game winner, and then they had a chance to redeem themselves and blew that. don madden couldn't have been happy watching this game. showing guts early on. carson palmer off the play action and overthrows moore for the easy touchdown. raiders come away with nothing. and then they get tricky. michael bush hands it off to murphy. a 12-yard touchdown. 7-0 raiders. the lions strike quickly. to johnson and they call him mega tron. we are tied at 7. the second quarter and the raiders answer to the air. he breaks the tackle and goes 43 of his own yards. 17-14 raiders at the half. tommy kelly and curry scores.
11:54 pm
a beat down in the making, but you have to finish. they cut it to 6 and on the drive, they start it from their own two. career high 9 catches and 214 yards for johnson. two touchdowns, this his second puts detroit up by one with 43 seconds left. raiders have a chance to win and janikowski from 60 yards and he has the leg to make it, but it is blocked. raiders lose a heartbreaker 28-27. they fall to 7 and 7. >> we had opportunities in the game to really close the door. we just never had the instinct to get it done. >> we get this crowd be heinz us, and they are screaming and yelling, and they are with us all the way. we have let this crowd down. that starts with me and down to our players, and i am disappointed to that. >> what is disappointing and brady and the patriots took care of tebow. to chad ochocinco and 33 yards
11:55 pm
and 7-6 pats. tom brady says, tim, i can run too. spikes it into next week. brady accounts for three td's and they beat the broncos 41-23 and denver is a game ahead of the raiders in the afc west. the pacers will trade russ to the golden state warriors. he averaged 8.9 points and3.6. he was success spebdzed last season -- suspended for violating the substance abuse policy. for the most part they look like the team coached delivered when hired. they out rebounded the kings in the win. >> the crowd came out and the energy was in the building. >> we had our lows and got back in the game. just work to get better. >> plays of the day, we start on the hardwood and baylor
11:56 pm
facing uconn. shakes the double team and two of 25 points. 66-61. a stuner in kansas city. the chiefs battle for 6th and a gatorade bath for cornell as the chiefs knock the packers from the ranks of the undefeated. victory tastes sweeter. brown is gone 80 yards and are win less no mar after beating the titans. tough day forage gee bush in buffalo. a little hydroplane and pushes the saints in minnesota. two td catches and the game belonged to drew brees. the saints win and the 9ers have to win to hold on to the number two seed in the nfc. the steel erwin puts them on top in the afc because philip rivers and the chargers hammered the ravens. a lot on the line for monday night. those are your plays of the day and that was your toy yo staw sports report.
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>> -- toyota sports report. >> so it was your first starts. >> yes, a week after george masconi and milford were killed. they were thinking about can selling the game. it will be a low-score august fare. >> thanks, shu. >> lrts. that will do it for us on abc7 news. >> for shu and leigh, thanks for watching. good night, everyone. get the technology they love, on the network they deserve.
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