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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  December 19, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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teamed up to make cars. and tesla has not turned out cars from the plant. we'll keep you posted on what's happening there. >> and it looked dike a -- like a done deal but now, looks like no deal on the payroll tax extension. >> now, american paychecks are on the line. >> mark matthews joins us now with the battle over the payroll tax cut extension. >> there is 160 million americans are facing a possibility of seeing their checks reduced because the payroll tax deduction is set to expire at the end of the year and efforts to extend the cut have stalled. the senate voted to extend the payroll tax cut. republicans and democrats alike. the senate believes the house
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is on board until the speaker said no. >> americans are tired of washington's short-term fixes and gimmicks. doing a two-month extension instead of a full year causes uncertainty for job creators. >> and senate democratic leaders are so far refusing. >> to renegotiate yait risks of middle class tax cuts never going to the middle class it affects roughly 160 million americans. >> i think that it's a travesty for working people and people that don't make a lot of money. >> voters support the tax cut extension. polls show the great majority of americans favor. >> i think that congress needs to think long and hard about when they're making decisions
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is that they have a larger repercussion on the rest of the public. >> i think get something done that is good for the country. and give something that -- a group of people that don't have much confidence in what's happening on the hill. >> and abc 7's political analyst says republicans are making a mistake. >> looks like the republican house is obstructing this. not the democrats and not even the senate republicans. and this is making them more vulnerable. i think it's a mistake. >> and the speaker said the vote will be held this evening. is 7:00 on capitol hill and we're waiting for word. abc 7 is in washington, d.c. said speaker boehner is expected to speak momentarily. >> presumably house democrats will vote for the extension. how many republicans will have to break ranks in order to
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pass this? >> 25, 30 would be needed to join the democratic minority. but there is 12% would have to break rank skptz white house spokesman says he's hospitalistic that that might happen. and we'll wait and see. >> as mentioned we're waiting for john boehner to address the media regarding this situation. mark matthews reporting live in the newsroom. >> north koreans mourn the death of kim jong-il the international community is watching for signs the rogue action will take provocative action as a show of strength z what this death means for the korean peninsula and the world. the obama administration reacted to the death of kim jong-il with caution and concern. >> we're monitoring this situation. >> the secretary of state hillary clinton and top administration officials emphasized the u.s. and allies
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want a peaceful, stable transition of power. >> we reit trail our hope for improved relations for the people of noirk. >> today, north korea conducted short range miss yim tests. it was a day in morning for the man referred as dear leader. he favored designer clothes and wore platform shoes. intelligence reports depicted him as a play boy. he loved women, win, and hollywood films. to the international community he was a tyrant as he starved his people. >> north korea is arming with missles and weapons of mass destruction. states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil. >> by october, 2006, north korea had carried out a series of provocative missle tests
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with weapons capable of reaching the u.s.. in 2008 he suffered a stroke and began to look weak and frail. and he appeared with his son, kim jongun, the heir apairant. the white house says it doesn't have new concerns just the ones it's had. >> a former danville patrol officer took cocaine and a gun as compensation for his role in so called dirty dui arrests. this is according to a indictment. and prosecutors say he looked to win favorable court settlements for his clients. he faces four felony charges of extortion under the collar of official right and denied
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charges. >> police are holding a town hall meeting to talk about a recent deadly shooting that happened last week near the intersection of larkin and fern street. investigators say police chased him and he fired two shots. officers fired back and killed him. the chief is leading today's meeting that started about five minutesing ayes at 4:00 in the community room at the northern police station. >> and it's being call aid huge milestone in the construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. cruise began pulling up main cable, the piece holding up what will be the world's largest cell-anchored bridge. and caltrans says it's different than what happened on the golden gate when they were strung one at a time. >> this is special. we're going to pull bundles of
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wire at a time. 127 wires will be made connect. 137 different times. >> the first trend will be threaded along the path of the orange cat walks in place. caltrans says the process will take several months to complete. >> and this afternoon, the bay area's remembering a billionaire said to have spent as much time distributing wealth as acquiring it. he died yesterday of complications from leukemia. don sanchez has a look at hellman's extraordinary legacy. >> i would see warren hellman every year at the hardly strictly blue grass. he loved music and more than that, he loves to tape the concerts for free. he is remembered for his generosity. music was his gift to the bay area. spread the gospel of blue grass, ab making him friends with everyone.
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>> just to be able to get a bit of wood stok. you know, to give hundreds of thousands of people pleasure for a few days. >> he was comfortable. in a concert or board rooms and offices of financial institutions. he became a wealthy man and share wtd public. -- shared with the public. laurie lewis is a blue grass music legend and thinks him for what he did for her kind of music. >> just calling it that, having the name blue grass out there in a positive way was a huge boost to a blue grass musician as myself. >> she says he will be remember forward generosity and making a joke he said money is like manure. you should spread it around. >> there was more to hellman than music. he created underground parking
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garage at golden gate park. and there was the personal human element. warren hellman touched people in critical times. tanya battled life threatening illnesses twice he thought about things that were close to people's hearts. >> his generosity included the festival. yet, it will continue. he's made sure of that. there will be a public service on wednesday and a community celebration of his life later on. and time assured blas grass musicians will be there. >> and spencer christian sup next with some accu-weather forecast. >> reaches off to a sunny start. high temperatures mid to upper 60s. it's going to remain clear tonight.
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and looking for a chill tomorrow morning will be cold with morning lows around 30 degrees. and up to about 42 around the city. sunny skies and then, afternoon tomorrow will be mild again with highs from upper 50s to low 60s around the bay and inland locations. so how long will this spring like, almost winter weather last? i'll have the answer in the accu-weather forecast coming up later. larry and karina. >> next on 4:00 how the climate could keep from you getting a highly-contagious disease. >> late word at and t is dropping a deal with t-mobile that could be bad news for consumers. emily chang will join us live with the story. >> michael finney is taking your questions through his facebook and twitter pages and will answer them here a little bit later, you can contact michael on twitter and facebook. >> as we approach 4:11, it's
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gridlock out there. downtown san francisco, skyway keeping in mind 49ers are playing at candle stick at 5:30 with the steelers and at the rate they're moving 5:30 is about the time they're going to get to the game. there is more on the news at 4:00.
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checking healthy living
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news there is a study showing a link between tobacco use and skin cancer in women, finding women who smoke have had a greater risk of developing a type of skin cancer. those who smoked 20 years were twice as likely to develop it. the results were not the same for men. researchers found men who smoked only had a mod rest risk for the cancer. the study appears in journal cancer causes, control. sleep apnea, depression, anxiety and memory loss may be the bring on -- brain on ecstasy. a study suggests use of the drug can alter brain chem ti, causing a drop in level that's can last up to two years. seratonin is critical to sleep, appetite, learning and memory. 16 million americans 12 and older reported using ecstasy. >> your chances of getting
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chicken pox may depend on how much sunlight you get according to a team from university of london. researchers found chicken pox less common in region was high uv levels such as tropical country buzz more common in countries such as england, especially during winter. explanation is sunlight. researchers believe exposure to the sun deactivates viruses on the skin making it hard to pass along. >> now, day two of trading for zynga and it is not looking pretty. we're live with that but first, the at and t, t-mobile deal is off. >> that is right. at and t pulled its bid for t-mobile usa due to opposition from justice department and fccz breaking up isn't just hard to do, it's expensive as
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well. and there is at & t paying break up charges estimated $4 kbrinl total costs and in a statement at and t saying it's in need of more spectrum as more consumers use date yachl the carrier says it would have offered a solution to the shortage and who wo have been a better deal. now, what we do know is that this is a good deal for sprint. take a listen to what brian blair had to say on bloomberg west today. >> do you have at and t with 100 million subscribers, and t-mobile with 33 million and sprint, smaller this, is good for the smaller guy. he has opportunities to continue to grow and continue to battle against the two big huge giants of wireless.
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>> and there are seven states also joined efforts. another big story, apple won a case that could mean a ban on some htc smart phones in the u.s. starting in april. this is the harshest ruling the international trade commission owe could have made in this case. it doesn't stop there. shortly after the news broke htc says it will remove certain features to avoid this ban. and take a look at numbers, stocks drifting lower today thchl time, europe's central bank president says there is a risk to the economy and it was an especially bad day for zynga, day two fell felt like day one. shares falling almost 5% again today on top of friday's 5% drop on the first day of
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trading. and there is one thing that may be working against zynga is that other ipos are down from their highs earlier this year. back to you. >> thank you. >> and spencer is here. you mentioned it's dry for december. >> very, very dry. water levels well below average. we need rainfall. and we're not getting it. >> and this is a live look. looking back across the bay and towards coast, you can see low clouds at the coast now that will be scooting out of here, it's mild and 63 degrees and 66 in santa rosa. 64 in concord. and 59 in san francisco and oakland this is mild weather,
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breezy day over the hills there are gusts to 45 miles per hour. but this morning there are 70 miles per hour gusts. you can see that winds are diminishing. it's going to be cold nofr night. there is little chaimpkt rest of the week. here is how it looks now. there is a ridge of high pressure. jet stream flowing well north which is why we haven't had rain storms coming in here to provide winter weather. goitsing to be dry and throughout christmas. at 7:00 will be breezy over hills but breezes will diminish and give way to calmer conditions, then, tomorrow, sunny skies again with mild weather once again tomorrow afternoon. there is is lows down owe to
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30 in nappa. mid 30s in some inland value eyes of the east bay z around 40 degrees near the bay. chilly night for the bay area and there is sunny skies and highs into mid-60s in parts of the north bay. 66 in santa rosa. around 60 degrees inland and there are low 60s into the bay. similar readings near monterey bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. seven dry days are head. winter arrives wednesday night. the winter sol stlis, 9:30 and christmas day going to be mild. sunday, a hive 64 degrees around the bay. low 60s inland. and there is patterns showing no signs of changing now. boy can we use rain! >> we could. but sit what it is. >> yes. >> shu. >> and what jet skiers do.
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>> and you can call it optimist affect what. retailers are noticing about shopping. >> then a new push to change california's three strikes law taking a step forward today. >> at 4:21 checking traffic this is 80 in berkeley heading towards emeryville. it's been like a demolition derby out there on a number of roads and big crashes today and the result has been gridlock. you can see here it's in both directions. coming right back with more on the news at 4:00. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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wow, we're rocking out. and take a drive oup this house thchl display put together by a 16-year-old kid in idaho. >> he says his dad helped but no. it was all the teen's idea to sync lights to the music. the individual joe one of the top trending clips on you tube. sounds good. >> yes. this is pretty good. there are 35,000 lights on
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that house. good stuff. >> okay. and there is another kind of light show. it's an urban slipper designed for annual lumiere, or festival of lights. >> you can see there is a giant pin ball game pro jektd on to the side of a building. there is a guy in control of it. they worked out a way to let people play in this game. you can participate knit. point out one disadvantage. players can tilt the building. and there is all we did is put up an illuminated santa which seems lame compared to those. >> lights don't see to go... >> they're blue and pretty gu bu not close. now, the gift nobody needs.
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>> no. but won't you don't need might be fun to try. take a look. this is a french jet skier created this. >> that is very cool. and you can fly more than 30 feet. and there is a cost of $6500 i'm not sure there are going to be a lot of takers for that. >> no. that is why no one needs it right. right. >> and still ahead on our 4:30 half hour, a story you'll see only on abc 7. why many medical marijuana clubs have shut down and others now have an uncertain future. >> and there is a campaign beginning another chance to give same-sex marriage legal. >> there are high clouds in the sky but they'll move out of here tonight. temperatures will be plummeting. i'll have the chilly forecast coming up.
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abc 7 learned pot clubs in san francisco recently targeted by the u.s. attorney have shut their businesses down. >> the new court ruling is making their future more uncertain. vic lee joins us live with more. >> this is the letter the u.s.
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attorney sent to four pot clubs in san francisco in october. it was a novel strategy. side step the pot clubs go after land lords. looks like it worked. this sign says it all. a sign at the front door of the tree pot club in the tender loin district. this medical cannibis dispensery chose to close. in early october, four u.s. attorneys said they were cracking down on profiteers who infiltrated the medical marijuana business. here in san francisco, u.s. attorney melinda haig went after four pot clubs operating too close to schools and parks. she threatened their land lords with arrest and seizure of property if they didn't kick dispenseries out. >> looks like u.s. attorney won this round, shutting down four dispensery autos the sanctuary dispensery was still
4:31 pm
busy can w.customers but will close next month. and mr. nice guy in the inner mission have shut down. medi thrive now has a delivery business. a court ruling poses more problems. >> question addressed in this case is whether local governments can regulate. a law decided that federal law preempts. >> that would undermine all of the progress that we've made to regulate medical canyonnis. >> san francisco suspended all applications from pot clubs. the attorney says he knows of six pending applications here skpf course this ruling applies to all cities in the state. and have december pens riz.
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vic lee abc 7 news. >> interesting turn. authorities in san mateo county seized a quarter of million dollars out of marijuana. and narcotics task force agents found 640 pot plants, seven pounds prof sesed marijuana and $1700 inspected drug profits. agents arrested three suspects they say are members of an asian drug trafficking organization facing multiple charges and one for theft of utilities because electricity panels that had been bypassed. suspects have been released on bail. >> and saying california veters -- voters know they got it wrong, prop 8 is a state nugsal amendment passed that stipulates marriage between one man, one woman.
4:33 pm
gay rights advocates say couples should not be denied trite marry its not just thousands of rights and protections but about family. it's you want to make a commitment to another person and build that family. that is what we want. so... that is why this is not one that will go away. >> love, honor cherish was given the okay to and the group needs over 800 thousand voter sig toured defining marriage between two people. >> and the u.s. supreme court will make an unprecedented move when it comes to deciding the constitutionality of the obama mj care plan, devoting three full days for arguments in the case that starts on march 26. issue is whether plan's requirement for all americans to buy health insurance is constitutional. the white house says the law will provide insurance to 30 million previously-uninsured
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american autos and if you're in the shopping spirit you're not alone. things are better this holiday season then retailers expected. national retail federation received a revised forecast now saying they expect a growth mark over the 2010 holiday season that is up from previous estimates. and we're now live with a closer look at number autos retailers say consumers are more optimistic this year. that translates into more transaction activity along with a higher amount spent. the merchants from willow glenn neighborhood say their efforts to provide personalized service and merchandise are working this year. sales are up because shoppers aren't tight fisted as last year, billman specializes in kitchen and home goods. >> there is a belter chans sense of optimism. people are happier.
4:35 pm
they're wanting to give their happy to give. and they're happy that they are in it, at built to give again. >> shoppers say it's easy spo-to-spot a change in attitude. >> lines have been long. two weeks ago, people were waiting in line. >> retailers aren't discounting as deeply as last year. the research firm shopper track says 30-40% discounts are typical this year compared to 50% to 60% in december. and shop owners wish they can reorderer more merchandise to keep up with demand, however, manufacturers have kept inventories limited. >> i was thinking a couple weeks ago. for more supply autos so if you could get more merchandise you can probably sell it?. >> yes. i could. i could. >> and there is is a test coming after the new year, spend kog slow with unemt
4:36 pm
employment still a drag. this shopper is spending now but will apply brakes after holiday autos maybe take it easy. >> there is still a -- a sense you have to watch spend something. >> yes. absolutely. >> and retail sales are fairing better because of discounts and free shipping e tail figures are expected to go up by 10% over last christmas. >> and a good holiday. >> still ahead, controversy that has cover girl pulling a tailor swift ad. >> what are you willing to do to avoid atm fees? makers just want a chunk of time. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook ask will answer them there live. you can contact michael on twitter. and at facebook. >> as we head towards 4:37 now,
4:37 pm
checking traffic again this is the view at bay bridge toll plaz yachl people have paid their tolls and now, they're in line at meteoring lights. it's backed up again. there is a 49ers game going to kick off at 5:30 that. is why things are a mess f you're traveling this weekend, spencer has your outlook as far as travel is concerned. >> air traffic moving along on time and there is a couple trouble spots. you can see there is a line of thunderstorms here in this area and delays up to an hour and a half and there is strong gusty winds causing back ups there. clear skies, warm afternoons and chilly nights coming our way. the forecast is coming up shortly. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. itt
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a billionaire saudi princess dropped $300 million into twitter. he is the nephew of the saudi king ranked 26th on the forbes list of the world's richest people saying it represents an interest in a promising business with a global imkt pact. and tweets in arabic makeup just 1% of the mess yanlz volume jumped 22 times, making it the fastest growing language now on twitter. >> and what would you could do to avoid paying those
4:41 pm
irritating atm fees? watch commercials? one company thinks so. they've come up with an atm that allows you to bypass the fee. and you can opt out, paying normal fee. proctor and gamble pulled this ad of tailor swift, the problem is that there are claims it retouched or enhanced her eye lashes. the national advertising division of the council of business bureaus is looking into the lashes look like that because of the mass kara or a computer. >> and i'm just taking a look. >> and you've probably heard about a bizarre accident. you've got see to it believe it and the experience one in three americans has had by the time they're 23.
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>> and live in oakland, a toy drive is going on. but there is concern they may not have enough toys for everyone. you can see
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[ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea.
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nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? many families are going through hard times because of the slow economy that.
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is why officials are asking for help to bring toys to low income kids. abc 7 joins us now live where they're distributing gifts until 5:00 tonight. >> after tonight, the toy drive moves back to city hall and officials say they may not have enough toys for every kid. >> this little boy had great expectations. >> and i want a bike. >> he may not get what is on the a list still left here with a bag of goodies. >> and this is really hard now. doifl get something for kids thchl is wonderful. >> this is the fourth toy
4:46 pm
drive put on by the city. in the past families had to pick up their bags at city hall. but this year, officials decided to expand it, bringing toys closer to neighborhoods in need. douglas butter is with an oakland nonprofit. >> this would be an additional hardship. >> last year, they helped 6,000 kids, this year, they plan to give toys to 8,000. and the mayor says they still need to raise another $10,000 to help buy gifts through friday. >> this is some parents have to hide so kids can't see them. >> and many are grateful today. >> and you get new toys and you have joy. >> and you have letters that
4:47 pm
say thank you. that is what it means to me. >> and donations can be made by going to the city web site. if you want to find out where there could be a toy drive near you, anywhere you live just visit our web site. come and click on see it on tv. i'm live in oakland. abc 7 news. >> and that little intoi adorable. >> and the sacred heart community service holiday program providing boxes to 3,000 families and toys for 5600 children this holiday season. it's been a busy year. they served more people at thanksgiving than ever before and there is a 78% increase over four years. they have been helping people in need more than 37 years and
4:48 pm
local food banks have resources to help you donate. look for the link that says abc 720th annual food drive. really appreciate if you can help out. >> and a story you have to see to believe. how they stopped this run away cart in texas. >> and coming up, my advice making sure the medicare plan is the plan you want. i'm answering your questions right after this. >> and then later at 5:00 a close call for actor gerard butler at mavericks surf spot. x7
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michael finney is here now answering question autos there are a lot of plans to choose from. by a viewer wants to know if she's getting what has been advertised. >> this is a good question.
4:52 pm
this is plans that have five star ratings. how can a consumer know they're getting that type of service once they enroll? there is a lot of save guards here, one of the best is that companies will have a five star will get an extra bonus in cash. so now it makes it worth their while. another thing they get is that they can sign up customers year-roun not just during sign up period that. gives them a real leg up on the competition and makes them a ton of money. another thing we've found when researching this is that who ever got five star last year tends to get it this year. they tend to be platt which means they were good and probably going to be good this year and the federal government watches over them. >> and rich c is wondering
4:53 pm
cards are a good idea several weeks ago i sent 2500ses today wells fargo to open a secured card that never came. i need by $2500 back. and i don't know what happened here but i gave wells fargo a call. they gave the guy his money back. and what does this mean for you? there is a great way to rebuild your credit. i want you to go to a big bank and they have lower fees and treated with more respect. and you're building your credit when the next guy comes along to look. i don't know what happened here. and that is what you want to do. go to a big bank. now, i want to tell you about this. contra costa county superior court is offering amnesty program to the drivers in the new year. if you have an old ticket you're in luck.
4:54 pm
they're giving a 50% discount on traffic tickets that were due before january, 2009. these are really old ones. note parking tickets, driving flurngs dui and reckless driving cases are not eligible. the program starts january 1. for more degilz to my web site and click on 7 on your side. good deal. 50%. >> and this is like a coupon for tickets. >> you're right. >> and let's check on the forecast this hour. >> and with spencer. >> yae. i'm the only one here, there is a time lapse view from our camera. there is towards sutro, here we are. there is beautiful weather. tomorrow, same thing state wide, sunny skies, dry conditions and dry may not be a good thing but we'll see butteful and sunny skies tomorrow with highs of 61 in chico. 59 sacramento. and there is 45 in tahoe.
4:55 pm
>> at yosemite. taking a look at what's happening around the bay area torjs sunny skies again following a chilly overnight tonight. we'll see mild conditions in the afternoon in the south bay. highs into low 60s. there is 62 in cupertino. on the peninsula there is a same range of highs. and 62 mountain vu. upper 50s on the coast. and there is downtown san francisco almost hitting 60. and taking a look at highs into north bay. 66 in santa rosa tomorrow, 65 clover dale. and 63 in petaluma. and near east bay highs, low 60s, 62 oakland and newark. inland east bay highs around or just above 60 degrees. and 62 in dublin and near monterey bay, mild as well.
4:56 pm
64 in santa cruz. low 60s into other locations. >> there is a shocking one in three americans arrested by the age of 23 this, is according to a study that is a increase from the last time such a study was done in the 1960s. the research relied on a survey of 7,000 young people taken over 11 years for offenses including truancy, under aged drinking, shoplifting, robbery, assault and murder. only minor traffic offenses were excluded. some say the new comes come as little surprise given several decades of policies that were tough on crime. and maybe you've heard about the weekend's bizarre accident following a football game. and there is a cart plowing into a crowd of people in cowboys stadium. sempl people were injured and more now from jonathan bets.
4:57 pm
>> high school teen was celebrating the first championship. the coach in the middle of interviews at cowboys stadium. when suddenly a tackle no one here expected. >> oh, my. >> a runway cart, with no driver slams into a crowd hitting the head football coach. >> there is no driver. >> i couldn't reach pedals. >> scares this out of the way of the guy on the ground. i jumped out. >> apparently a side line marker fell on the gas pedda. you can see a worker jumping off. and there is a cart speeding away. it took only 13 stokdz hit the crowd and a worker goit under control. and ended a run of hits this
4:58 pm
field has never seen. >> that is unbelievable. thanks for joining us at 4:00. the news at 5:00 continue nouz with dan ashley. >> and tonight construction of a bay bridge taking a step forward. there is a look for you at the record-breaking piece of cable lifted into place today. >> a new push to change california's three strikes how. it it could affect prisoner autos and a young woman with ground breaking surgery on the spine to walk again returns to thank her san francisco doctors. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and there is an important step tonight in the construction of the new bay bridge. >> it's a suspension bridge. tonight they've started to install what makes it so. giant cables will hold it up. we're live with story and
4:59 pm
pictures. >> every day on a project especially big one like this, it's important rmt some days are important and some more important. some are symbolic this, one of the days. here is a view of the new bay bridge eastern span. fascinating, it was not the main attraction here today. >> we're standing in lane one for a commute in 20 p. >> with that, welcome to another construction project update hosted by caltrans spokesman. and we needed a signature span. >> today, the pencil lead went n caltrans under direction of brian peterson began threading the cable. >> this is day one of actually putting it on the reel, getting it ready to go. >> not a wire at a time. these c


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