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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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and this morning, winter whiteout. a deadly blizzard unleashes snow and high winds across four states. roads turn to ice. up to 20 inches of snow piling up. will your holiday travel plans get blown away? sam is tracking the latest from the storm zone. blackout. the moment a transformer exploded, plunging 70,000 people into darkness at candlestick park, just as they were cheering on one of the year's biggest nfl matchups. the surprising twist, after they got the lights back on at the stick. pulled from the flames. the heart-stopping rescue as a firefighter becomes engulfed in a townhouse inferno. and his hero colleague rushes up to save his life. it's all captured on camera. kate's first christmas. of a dazzling walk on the red carpet with william and harry, kate is counting town to a packed holiday. brand new details on why this
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may be the craziest christmas ever for the royals. so kate's clutch is still there. >> you're watching for the baby bump like that? >> she looked great. >> no, not at all. good morning, everyone. a lot going on this morning. another big shakeup in the race for the white house. our new abc news poll shows newt gingrich is in a nosedive. president obama is inching up. i've never seen so many twists before the first vote. anything can happen in iowa. the vote's just two weeks away. >> just two weeks out. we're going to get to that. but let's get right to the deadly winter storm, being blamed for at least six deaths right now. parts of the west hit by a snow already, now a nor'easter may threaten the east, too, just in time for the holidays. sam is here tracking all the latest, coast to coast. hey, sam. >> hey, robin. we're a couple of days from winter. it's unbelievable how powerful this storm is. the blizzard warnings have been
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dropped for two or three states. you're kind of looking at that area. we just lost new mexico within the last ten minutes on the warnings. that system has moved through that area. but take a look at the history and the power of this storm. california, we got this thing cranking on sunday, with very strong coastal winds. even that mountain snow was powerful enough to kick 20 inches of snow at mt. laguna. then into new mexico last night. las vegas, new mexico, 24 inches of snow. 70-mile-per-hour. there were 100 car rescues from the panhandle of texas, all the way through new mexico. and then the storm got really cranking in colorado through kansas. i-70 is closed. ginger zee is right in the middle of it. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: sam, parts of southwest kansas got up to a foot of snow. that's more than half of their annual snowfall. it's huge for them. that doesn't happen often, and it doesn't happen like this. we had the wind with the snow.
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you get drifts of 1 to 3 feet. that combo proved to be deadly. from kansas, to colorado, to new mexico. a cold, winter blast has pummeled the great plains, just days before a busy holiday weekend. the storm turned deadly in new mexico, where four people died on the highway. over 100 stranded motorists in texas called 911, pleading to be rescued, as snow ripped through the region. in colorado, snow plus strong winds whipped through lincoln county, causing big rigs to slide off the road, closing highways. >> go real, real slow. they can't hurry. and with the visibility like it is, find some place to get to shelter is the best thing. stay off the roads. >> reporter: here in dodge city, kansas, pretty much everybody has gotten out of dodge. strong winds gusting over 40 miles per hour have left piles of snow in some places 2 feet tall. making travel on the roads very dangerous. roads are still shut down here around southwest kansas.
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and they will be because all day, temperatures will stay in the tos. wind chills in the single digits. very uncomfortable for the folks trying to dig out. hopefully, it will be not as dangerous. sam? there is good news on this system as we watch where it goes next. we see the low power out and move its way into the plains into the northeast. it is moving in those directions. but it has nothing but warm air. so, all of this will become rain at this point. this storm, not a concern for anyone. there is, however, one storm that the models are picking up that could be a concern. and that is this. this is a powerful impulse of low pressure the models think may be a christmas eve storm. if it is one area of low pressure, it will be more of a problem, kind of mixing in snow and rain. right now, we see two. that means coastal rain and inland snow, saturday into sunday. we have to watch this thing and time it out very carefully. robin? george? >> maybe a tiny hit of snow up here in time for christmas. we're going to turn to the
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fallout of the sudden death of north korean dictator, kim jong-il. the fact it took u.s. and south korean intelligence more than two days to learn he had died shows how little we know about the mysterious and dangerous nuclear power. and now that his young son may be controlling the nuclear weapons has experts even more worried. david wright is in seoul, south korea, where forces are on high alert. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's been an unsettling 24 hours here. bringing news, not just of the dear leader's death. but also confirmation of a north korean missile test. north and south korea are still technically in a state of war. and that has people on both sides of that heavily fortified border wondering, what's next? from the north, new images of a nation in mourning. today, the state tv announcer struggled to keep her composure. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: over pictures of kim jong-il's body lying in state.
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his son, now hailed as the respectful leader, was among the first to pay his respects. thousands of others lined up single-file, in the bitter cold. patiently waiting their turn. ♪ all day long, state tv broadcast patriotic music and tearful testimonials, keening for kim jong-il. [ speaking foreign language ] how could you leave us like this, he wails. my general, oh, my general, she cries. and so on. north korea mourned just as melodramatically when kim jong-il took over from his father. >> the risks on the korean peninsula has not changed. what has changed is the theater. the drama of north korea is now going from act two to act three. >> reporter: here in south korea, the government offered condolences to the north korean people.
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and as a gesture of goodwill, announced they will not be lighting the christmas trees in the dmz as they planned. in the past, north korea considered the christmas trees a provocation. and no one wants to inflame things right now. as strange as it may -- those christmas trees put there by south korean christian groups have actually been interpreted as a form of psychological warfare. these days, folks on this side of the border don't want to give the hot-heads up north any excuses. george? >> boy, the first time i have ever heard of christmas trees as a form of warfare. thanks, david wright. now, josh is here with the rest of the top news. >> good morning all of you. we're going to begin with the blackout during "monday night football" last night. the lights going out not once, but twice. as 70,000 people sat in the dark together, watched or really not seen, by an audience of millions. >> oh, the power has gone out. >> reporter: candlestick park in
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san francisco's bay area, home to the 49ers, has long suffered the quirks of its particular geography. from swirling winds off the bay, to the earthquake that interrupted the 1989 world series. >> i'll tell you what, we're having an earthquake. >> reporter: sports teams never know what to expect. and it was no different for this monday night game against the pittsburgh steelers. >> at 5:19, pacific time, 11 minutes before we're supposed to come on the air and get started, we had a transformer blow. >> reporter: not only did the lights go out once at the stick, but twice, after transformers blew at the stadium. pg & e officials said that as of late monday night, the cause of the outage was unknown. fans took pictures in the dark, as the teams waited patiently on the field. pittsburgh steeler, james harrison, serving a one-game suspension, joked in a tweet, if i can't play, then can't nobody play. lights out. the san francisco police reported just before kickoff, they received a phone threat of a possible bomb on site. officers searched the stadium and eventually determined there was no threat.1'k
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at least until the lights went out for a second time, during the second quarter. >> reporter: despite two delays totalling more than 35 minutes, the 49ers came out on top. >> everybody just kind of rolled with it. >> reporter: announcing their presence with authority, even when no one could really see. candlestick park opened in 1960. and a new stadium is set to open in 2015. now, we're just getting video in from a plane crash in southeast texas. five members of one family were killed when the pilot flew into bad weather. they were headed to waco from atlanta. and that payroll tax cut that would save americans an average of $1,000 next year is once again in jeopardy this morning. house republicans are rejecting a senate plan to extend it for two months. instead, they want to extend it for a year. they're now demanding new
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negotiations. but democrats are refusing. and that clock continues to tick. the tax cut expires december 31st. and just days after american combat troops left iraq, the country is embroiled in political crisis. the shiite-dominated government, has issued an arrest warrant for iraq's sunni vice president, accusing him of running a death squad that targeted government officials. he denies it. a legal victory for apple. a government trade commission has ruled that htc smartphones using google's android software, copied a feature of apple's touch-screen software. but htc was cleared of other alleged patent violations. and at&t is hanging up on t-mobile, of sorts. ending its $39 billion bid for the company because of strong government opposition. and finally, what's on your holiday wish list? how about an $88 million penthouse apartment in new york city? it's the most expensive one ever listed. ten rooms, just four bedrooms. $22 million of bedroom. overlooking central park. the chairman of citigroup used
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to live here. who bought it? a 22-year-old, daughter of a russian billionaire. that's real christmas gift when you consider, guys, that she's not going to live there full time. >> robin was going to get it for me. but -- >> i did. so close. so close. i mean, you are the best mannered but -- keep dreaming, george. keep hope alive. thank you, josh. >> you bet. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. a new abc news/"washington post" poll, has newt gingrich in a dead heat with mitt romney at 30% each. the pack even more bunched up in iowa. and with exactly two weeks to go before the first vote, the race, you know, is wide open right now. let's bring in the speedy john berman. one moment, josh is there. the other moment -- boom. >> i swoop in with big news this morning. >> all right. >> reporter: it was last week that newt gingrich had a double-digit lead in some national polls. but our poll shows this dead heat with mitt romney. meanwhile, there are signs that voters are looking for a new crush. remember when newt gingrich was
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on top of the world? >> it's very hard not to look at the recent polls and think, that the odds are very high i'm going to be the nominee. >> reporter: that was just three weeks ago. now, our new abc news/"washington post" poll shows his lead has disappeared. is there an explanation for the newt nosedive? gingrich blamed the onslaught of negative ads. and even made a plea to voters. >> next time you see one of the candidates is running a negative ad, ask him to take it off the air. >> reporter: he's being outspent 40-1. and beat up on the stump nonstop by his opponents. mitt romney even just took a swipe on "david letterman." >> number two -- >> newt gingrich? really? >> reporter: some criticism seems to be sticking. take concerns over his work at mortgage giant, freddie mac. in our poll, republicans by an 11-point margin, had an unfavorable view of his work as a consultant. compare that to mitt romney. by a 34-point margin, voters have a favorable view of his
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work buying and restructuring companies. but bigger picture. newt finds himself the latest jilted lover in the nonstop game of republican speed dating. since last year, mike huckabee, sarah palin, rick perry, herman cain, rick perry, donald trump, newt gingrich have been on top of the field, to not to run, or drop out, or deflate. >> oops. >> reporter: many republicans don't seem smitten. only 59% say they're satisfied with the current candidates. maybe that explains sarah palin's most recent flirtation overnight. >> it's not too late for folks to jump in. i don't know -- who knows what will happen in the future? >> reporter: newt gingrich will launch a bus tour of iowa. he's picked up the endorsement of former congressman j.c. watts. but to show you his troubles, he has to travel back to virginia this week because he doesn't
7:14 am
have enough signatures yet to get on the ballot there. >> wow. he needs a much bigger organization. let's bring in matthew dowd to get more on this. voters looking for a new crutch in the primaries and caucuses. but was sarah palin right when she says it's not too late for someone else to get in? >> if it becomes a broker convention, she's right. if nobody sews this thing up in so many months -- different wins in iowa, south carolina, a person could -- a player could come in late and be a major force at the convention. >> could not get on the ballot. it would have to be a late call. >> you can have favor sons or daughters in a brokered convention as they determine who the nominee is. >> you look beneath the numbers. and it seems that romney has opened up a big lead on newt over who is more electable. who is more able to beat president obama. as we get closer to iowa, are the voters getting more practical? that's what they're more concerned with? >> yeah. this reminds me of the kids at christmas. they walk down and see a red wagon. and they're like, well, that's boring. i'm going to open up the fancy
7:15 am
gift over there. they open up another one and it breaks. something with a lot of bows on it. and they keep looking at the red wagon. mitt romney's like the red wagon that they know is reliable. but they don't feel happy about it. in the end, they have to make that choice. and that choice is coming up. in less than two weeks. >> but if they think he can win, more likely to go for him in the end. >> because they would just as soon dislike obama more than they like their nominee. >> it came up early. i want to show the poll numbers for president obama right there. he's now up to 49% approval. that's up seven points since october. the highest since the spring. what's that about? >> i think he has a great difference going on between him and the republicans in congress, who, as you know, are absolutely despised right now. when he brings the differences to light and goes to the country and fights for the middle-class against the washington republicans, he benefits. but he's getting a lift by people seeing their own financial situation improved. slightly, though improved. he's getting a little lift at that. but he's also benefiting from the fact that the republican nomination process looks like a circus right now. and he gets a benefit.
7:16 am
is that who we're going to have to pick from? i think once a republican nominee is in place, this race will be very competitive. >> that's why the white house wants this fight to go on for a long time. >> they want it to go past april and into the convention, if they could. >> thanks, matthew. >> great to be here. let's get more weather from sam. >> hey, robin, matthew, george, good morning, everybody. we've been watching that blizzard kind of step out of kansas. as it does, it runs right into warm air and becomes a rainmaker for the rest of the country. that it travels. but here's the real warm air that sets that up. look at dallas at 57. notice this mild pattern in jackson. at about 73. atlanta, you should be 52 or 53 degrees normally. you're 60 degrees today. this is how mild the air is up and down the shoreline. it will hold for a little while, at least until the weekend. we see some mixing will get in where temperatures start to drop a bit. there goes that blizzard into light snow, for the most part. and a big, wet, rainmaker over a good part of the eastern seaboard for the next couple days. le
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7:18 am
>> nice and mild and just about normal at 66 in l.a. robin? >> sam, thank you. now, to the terrifying inferno right here in new york, that took 100 firefighters to get under control. one of the firemen was trapped in the blaze, found himself with no way out until a jaw-dropping moment that was all caught on tape. thankfully, he's okay. and dan harris is here with his story. >> that video is incredible. >> it is. >> reporter: we all know intuitively that firefighting is dangerous. but the rescue that place out on this videotape hammers that home in a truly visceral way. as the orange blossom of flames bursts out of the top floor of this brooklyn brownstone, you see a truly split-second moment of heroism. inside, caught in the massive inferno, his head and back now aflame, is firefighter robert wiedemann. now fully ablaze and with
7:19 am
nowhere to go, he waves frantically and starts to throw himself from the window, when immediately, almost instinctively, another firefighter races up the ladder to save him. moments later, wiedemann collapses on to the ladder. flames eating through his protective gear as he's patted down by his rescuer. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: both men then move slowly down the ladder, as another firefighter on the ground showers them with water. wiedemann pauses, letting the steam rise from his body. then, almost miraculously, moves himself towards safety. fire officials say the harrowing events began as a somewhat routine house call. but got worse when firefighters couldn't get water to the house fast enough. >> if staffing had not been cut, they would've gotten water on this fire at least a minute sooner. this fire would have been knocked down. there would be no injuries. there would not be to firefighters in the burn center today. >> reporter: and the fire that
7:20 am
had been contained to the back bedroom, erupted, creating a massive fireball. as wiedemann pushed himself out through the window, a second firefighter fled down a dangerous stairwell towards safety. >> they are just the greatest new york has. and they did their job. and my hat's off to them. >> reporter: and this morning, that second firefighter, he's in critical condition. as for robert wiedmann, that's the man we saw climb out the window, he's in serious but stable condition with burns over nearly half of his body. and the firefighter credited with climbing up that ladder and saving his life, he's choosing to remain anonymous. >> so humble. we pray for a full recovery for both of them. all right, dan, thank you. coming up, the frantic search for a missing college student. she vanished just moments after being harassed by a stranger. could her last, desperate phone call hold the key? also, we have new details on lauren scruggs. her amazing recovery from that shocking propeller accident. she is making more progress every day. and the royals get ready for the holidays. who is in? who is out? and the big christmas weekend.
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pg&e still trying to determine the cause of two power outages at candlestick park. it looks like a transformer explosion last night the first outage delayed the start of the game by 20 minutes the
7:25 am
second happened 12 minutes left before halftime. some fans decided to leave. the game was nationally televised. the good thing the 9ers beat the steelers 20-3. check in with frances for a look at your morning commute. we are hearing about big delays on ace train 5, 35 minutes -- 35 minute delays now. on freeways better no delays almost none for the bay bridge toll just a minor wait. westbound 80 recovering from an earlier crash in berkeley drive time from the carquinez bridge is 30 minutes. we'll update you on the morning forecast, a chilly one,
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beautiful sunrise from mount tamalpais this morning. cold inland valleys, 20s and 30s there. temperatures above average if the upper 60s along the coast upper 50s to the mid
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oh, my gosh. he was so scary. my heart is like pounding. i never got this scared in my life. >> my goodness. that's the final, chilling phone message from a missing college student in kansas city. 19-year-old aisha khan was calling her sister to say she was harassed by a stranger. >> such a mystery. we have new details on lauren scruggs. what a recovery she is making. remember lauren walked into that plane propeller. horrific accident. but she is making great strides right now. we'll hear what her parents say is exactly what they wanted for christmas. and new details on will and kate's first christmas as newlyweds. after a dazzling night out, the
7:31 am
couple is headed to the biggest royal family christmas in decades. >> not enough room in the tent. >> a lot of newbies. we begin with the latest on the search for the missing college student. the phone call you just heart was the last everyone heard from aisha khan. andrea canning is here with the story. >> reporter: this is a mystery. because police have so few clues what really happened to aisha khan, they're officially calling this a missing person's case. but they're acting on the assumption she was abducted. 60 law enforcement officers are searching for khan, including the fbi. they're the chilling last words from college student, aisha khan. >> oh, my gosh, it was scary. my heart is pounding. i never got this scared in my life. >> reporter: the 19-year-old devout muslim left this message for her sister, after what's being described as a terrifying encounter. >> pick up your phone. >> reporter: khan says she was
7:32 am
assaulted by an intoxicated man on a picnic bench at the university of kansas. >> he may have tried to kiss her or something like this. and she hit him. and he ran away. >> reporter: when khan didn't answer her phone, her family began looking for her. >> we went straight to the school. i knew where she studies all the time. that's the first place i went. >> reporter: khan's cousin found her books and cell phone on the picnic table. >> she doesn't do anything without her phone. her leaving her stuff out there is not her. >> reporter: khan's family has been searching, along with the police, and is now offering a $10,000 reward. >> help her come home safe. that's all we hope for. >> reporter: there has been an outpouring of support in the muslim community. khan was married in july. her husband spoke for the first time at a police press conference monday afternoon. >> i'm thankful to everyone
7:33 am
helping us. the community, everyone. i need my wife back. >> my heart is like pounding. i never got this scared in my life. >> reporter: police say at this time they have no reason to consider khan's husband a suspect or person of interest. they admit they have no leads right now. construction workers and a professor saw a woman believed to be khan walking on campus. that's the last time anyone saw her. >> as you said, all the words in that phone call sound like she is terrified. but her tone is pretty flat. pretty calm. >> her tone is calm. there's been a lot of theories floating around. >> thank you very much. >> thinking of that family. and thinking of this one, as well. there's more good news for lauren scruggs. as you know, we have been following her recovery from that horrific accident involving a propeller. earlier this month, in a happened. and she's moved from intensive care to rehab, making all kinds of progress. and josh is back with details here. >> it's remarkable progress, robin, to be sure. the fashion editor, starting to get back into daily habits.
7:34 am
from exercising, to showering and even choosing her own clothes. >> hi. i'm lauren scruggs. and we're excited to be here today. >> reporter: lauren scruggs isn't just walking her way through rehab. apparently, now, she's biking, too. the 23-year-old model who was badly injured in an accident with a moving airplane propeller 17 days ago, is now riding a stationary bike all by herself. less than a week after doctors successfully removed her left eye, lauren is now getting back into routine. showering and dressing herself. stunning steps forward, providing hope for her family, who told reporters shortly after the accident, they didn't think she'd be alive today. >> we feel blessed in that. and although she has some challenges ahead and we do, too, it's -- we're lucky to have her. >> reporter: scruggs' parents remain optimistic. in a web posting entitled miracle after miracle, her mother writes that she is
7:35 am
responding stunningly. lauren's family says her recovery will be long. the propeller sliced the left side of her face and shoulder and severed her left hand. >> we're here to get the inside scoop on "gossip girl." >> reporter: that hasn't stopped the online fashion editor from picking out outfits to wear in rehab. and to get into the holiday spirit, she brought one of her favorite movies, "the santa clause," to watch at the hospital. and you see that family support being so important here. focusing on the positive. >> they are. and we say it over and over again. their faith is so strong. sustaining them right now, from the very beginning. let's go over to sam. >> good morning, robin, george, josh. we're going to start with pictures out of garden city, kansas. our midwest blizzard is pulling out right now. but at its peak, 70-mile-per-hour winds, you
7:36 am
couldn't see. they were closing roads in kansas. and that blowing snow will continue. you don't have to have the snow falling, as ginger told us at the top of the show, to have a blizzard. it can be snow picked up by the winds. here's the next system. a little less powerful. but denver will get snow in this one. they were left out in the last blizzard. in comes the colder air. watch the temperatures in denver drop to 18 degrees on thursday. salt lake city, by 28 on thursday. also something important to notice about that low down around there. that becomes a system we're watching very carefully on the models for the weekend and the east coast. is it a nor'easter that possibly brings a little hit of snow to some locations in the northeast? saturday night into sunday?
7:37 am
>> and all of that weather was brought to you by capital one. george? >> thank you, sam. now, to the latest on the frantic search for that missing toddler in maine. little ayla reynolds vanished in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures. and police are ramping up their search right now. linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: the hunt for 20-month-old ayla reynolds is intensifying. along with the pleas from her mother, trista reynolds. >> i want answers. i want to know where my daughter is. and who she may be with. just bring her home. >> reporter: for much of the day monday, investigators used airboats to search a nearby stream. while low-flying planes surveyed the immediate area. back at her father's house, where alya was last seen, state police sealed off the property. >> we are approaching this with every possible thought and angle in mind. it is currently a very open
7:38 am
case. >> reporter: at around 8:00 on friday night, justin dipietro, ayla's father, said he put the toddler to bed. when he went to check on her saturday morning, he said she was gone. he has had custody of ayla, since agents placed her in november. ayla's mom became concerned when she saw bruises and confronted him. >> he said, well, her and my niece like to go down on the stairs. it could be from that. and i just -- i didn't believe it. >> reporter: when ayla went missing, she was wearing a soft cast. she had recently broken her arm in a fall. our request to speak to dipietro went unanswered. but police say both sides of the family are cooperating. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, waterville, maine. coming up here, how will kate and all the royals are getting ready for the holidays. there may be too many guests for the big christmas weekend. gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash.
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we're back at 7:42. and all of us hosting, you know, a big family christmas. we struggle with where to put everyone during the holiday celebration. you can relate here. queen elizabeth has the same problem. she has so many family members piling in for the weekend, that she may not have enough beds. what to do? our weekend anchor, bianna golodryga. you have solutions? >> reporter: it's going to be tight for the royals. what are they going to do? in case you lost track, queen elizabeth, has one husband, four
7:43 am
children, eight grandchildren, one niece and nephew, plus their spouses and children. that adds up to 27 family members for christmas. that means the royal chambers are fully booked and then some. all eyes were on kate last night. she stole the show in a stunning black strapless alexander mcqueen dress. hours earlier, the couple attended a traditional lunch at buckingham palace. in keeping with tradition, the royal family will gather at a country estate that sits on 0,000 acres of land in eastern england. the festivities begin with high tea on christmas eve. followed by a formal dinner and the official opening of gifts. >> no gift should be huge or excessively expensive. the queen likes token gifts. they like, especially, handmade gifts. >> reporter: and on the 25th, there will be no lounging in christmas pajamas for kate.
7:44 am
>> i think we'll see a few different outfits for the duchess of cambridge. you think one dress would be enough per day. it's not when spending christmas with the royal family. you dress for breakfast. you dress for lunch. you dress for tea and for dinner. >> reporter: 27 royals are expected for the holiday weekend, the biggest christmas gathering in years, which puts the queen in an awkward situation. where to put them all? a problem many not-so-royal families face over the holidays. so, who could be scrambling for alternate quarters? the queen's grandchildren will be just fine. despite their mother being on the outs, beatrice and eugenie, with the hots of prince andrew's children. and it's reported to be one of the queen's favorite grandchildren. not to mention, very close to william, kate and harry. "the daily mail" reports that the queen's nieces and nephews, the children of her sister, margaret, would be in a less
7:45 am
desirable wing. odds are, kate and will be just fine. on christmas day, the royals will be seen coming from the church, and then on to traditional turkey lunch. we hope with all the fixens. they'll watch the queen's speech and play a few rounds of charades and scrabble. there were reports that kate's sister, pippa, could be joining the royals this weekend. but those reports were dismissed. kate will likely spend time with family after christmas. >> it's going to be tough for her. >> first time away. >> they're very close. >> and five dresses. >> thank you. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and we go inside justin bieber's world. what is it really like to be a superstar? all those screaming fans and his crazy schedule? [ female announcer ] why do your holiday shopping at walgreens? so you don't have to deal with this. [ boy ] she's pushing me! [ mom ] you guys stop it. [ horns honk ] look for spaces. hang on. [ horn honking ] are you sure that's a space? keep walking.
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> actually, it's "plays of the
7:50 am
day." we couldn't agree, which one to go with today. so, we have two. we want you to weigh in. facebook, twitter. we don't know how people in the u.s. first reacted to escalators when they saw them. but this is in uzbekistan. yeah. it's not -- whoa. oh, boy. watch it. these go up. oh, boy. >> that's great. >> again, a mass of technology. and they couldn't figure it out. >> people in uzbekistan, get rid of that. >> the one i fought for, 5-year-old twins, justin and jeremy, getting their particular groove on. it's the black eyed peas, "pump it." they're dancing to the wii. they're 3 years old, i might add. so, then, check it out. give us a little superbass. ♪
7:51 am
and it's a house favorite. ♪ >> there you go. >> bring it down. >> oh, yes. coming up, justin bieber, plastic surgery. healthy gifts for the holidays, brought to you by phillip's son care. holiday eating can lead to holiday weight gain. give the gift of exercise because on average, americans tend to put on how many pounds of holiday weight? go now to on ya hoar for the answer. what was that? save yourself... run... it's the monster. ahh, ah, no ♪
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7:53 am
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7:55 am
little riley here is
7:56 am
excited. coming up on "good morning america," a very bieber christmas. stay tuned. four days of raids by federal immigrations have netted 55 illegal immigrants with criminal records. officials say crimes range from kidnapping, drug dealing child molestation and spousal abuse. 18 convicted of driving under the influence, another eight arrested charged with crimes but not prosecuted. they all face deportation hearings. >> we face a chilly morning. let's get details from mike. still in the 20s and 30s when we look at temperatures this afternoon upper 50s
7:57 am
half moon bay, san francisco, richmond low to mid 60s for the rest of us the forecast is dry all seven days. a car was stuck on the tracks that's why ace 5 is running 38 minutes late delays on the capital corridor leaving the east bay. >> the news continues with "good morning america."úpúpúpúpp
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] aw, blowing kisses to us. it's beautiful. the crowd out here, in the holiday spirit. >> greetings to san diego? >> being in new york for christmas. >> yeah. >> there you go. get on it, george. superstar, justin bieber, is living the dream right now. stop crying, josh. with a new hit christmas record that is out. and you know that big following. huge following he has. now, we take you behind the scenes to see what it's really like to be the biebs. we'll show you that just ahead. >> that's coming up. also, i guess this is a hot
8:01 am
new holiday trend. i'm not sure i get it. plastic surgery as a present. how would that work? honey, here you go. how about an eye lift? >> there's just no way -- >> there's just no way that works. >> ali -- >> you would be dead. >> dead, dead, dead. >> it is a growing trend, shall we say? >> it is. a lot of women doing it. we'll look into that in a little bit. and say this three times fast. our ultimate holliday savings series. ultimate holiday savings series, unlocks the christmas treasures at the megastore. cameron mathison went in the store with a huge list of presents. he came out with presents for everyone. and we'll tell you his trick to saving big-time. really good stuff. >> great stuff. >> and you -- >> i was a little hard on you. >> you were. >> and you were hard on new york. you deserved it. >> merely pointing out that san diego is so love think this time of the year. >> wingman. wingman. >> the bromance is alive and well. i have to begin with the
8:02 am
news now. just for that, i'm going to start with weather, sam. you get back to the big board. >> yes, sir, i'll stand right here. >> the blizzard moving from the east to the heartland, has closed highways in five states and brought holiday travel to a standstill. at least six people have been killed on snowy roads in new mexico and colorado. sam and ginger will have much more in just a moment. meanwhile, a powerful scene from north korea this morning. thousands of mourners are lining up to pay respect to their late dictator, kim jong-il. his body went on view this morning enclosed in a glass coffin in a memorial palace in the capital. his successor, his son, kim jong-un, was the first to visit. meanwhile, the race for the republican presidential nomination is now a dead-heat. an abc news/"washington post" poll has found that newt gingrich lost his front-runner status, and is now tied with mitt romney with some 30% each. gingrich, who vowed to stay positive on the campaign, is blaming his opponent's negative ads for his drop in the polls.
8:03 am
meanwhile, that say poll shows that president obama is tied with mitt romney but he easily beats newt gingrich in the general election. his job approval has inched up to 49%. and a tax cut affecting some 160 million americans is due to expire at year's end. and it's looking more and more like it could happen. house republicans are refusing to go along with a senate plan to extend the payroll tax cut for two months. instead, they would like to extend it for a year. but democrats are refusing to return to negotiations. and power officials in san francisco are blaming a downed power line for a blackout during the "monday night football" game at candlestick park last night between the 49ers and the steelers. and it delayed kickoff for some 20 minutes. and then, in the second quarter, the lights went out again, delaying the game another 16 minutes. people reported seeing a transformer blow. at the time, police were investigating a bomb threat, though nothing suspicious was found.
8:04 am
and look at efforts to rescue the crew of that russian fishing boat right there. listing in frigid waters off of antarctica. the new zealand military dropping a water pump from the air. giving the 32-man crew another chance to stabilize their vessel. heavy ice is preventing any ships from getting to the area. an icebreaker is still six days away. finally, during a month where so many of us are mailing gifts to loved ones, this video of a delivery gone very wrong, is going very viral. a man posted some surveillance video of a fedex man delivering his computer monitor. >> oh. no. >> can you roll that back? >> no way. >> oh, yeah. >> what? >> apparently, maybe didn't have time to punch the code in. didn't have time to save the poor, defenseless computer. the owner says the monitor was broken when he opened it. who knows? maybe it was broken before delivery. i don't know.
8:05 am
if he does, he is in for a few more minutes. >> oh. >> not good. not good. >> cameras everywhere. thanks, josh. >> thank you, josh. pop news, lara? >> all right, guys. good morning to you. lady gaga, may be over-the-top on stage. but when it comes to giving gifts, she's incredibly practical. generous, but practical. when her uk driver and his wife were having a baby, she didn't get them an egg-shaped stroller or spandex onesie. she went with diapers. a year's supply at that. she is paying an interior designer, a top one, to have a spare room in their house transformed into a nursery. very nice. merry christmas. >> i like the spandex onesie. kidding. >> i mean -- why do you set me up like that? if i respond, i'm in trouble. >> sam just can't control himself. just move along. >> it's my job to move on. and so, we shall. it's a christmas miracle, people. jon bon jovi is alive and well. yesterday, there were rumors all
8:06 am
over the internet that bon jovi had suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away. but before fans could light candles and hold vigils, jon put the story to rest, tweeting a picture of himself by his christmas tree with a sign that says, heaven looks a lot like new jersey. he's fine, everybody. if you're looking at a stressful day ahead at work or running last-minute holiday errands, we'd like you to take a moment and enjoy this video. it's puppies and presents under a christmas tree. >> aw. >> aw. >> how can you go wrong? the video is trending online in a big way. and anyone who can watch this and not start smiling may have a little scrooge in them. enjoy. that's your moment of zen. finally, life is good for paul mccartney. he's happily married. on february 7th, he'll release his first new album in years. it's an album of standards. by artists like the late fred astaire, and cole porter. plus, new collaborations with stevie wonder and eric clapton. mccartney said he wanted to make
8:07 am
this album for 20 years. and at the age of 69, quote, if i don't do it now, i'll never do it. and you can hear one of his songs, "my valentine" right now on his website. check that out. that's pop news, guys. >> thank you, lara. >> very nice. >> what have you got? we're covering this blizzard. we have double-coverage. ginger is out there in the middle of it. this is easing out today. it becomes a big rainmaker. but it has been a big snowmaker. good 70-mile-an-hour winds. not quite 100-mile-per-hour winds out of that system. at about 24 inches of snow. as we said, our ginger zee is live, right there in dodge city, kansas, to show us how this roads will stay slippery as the snow exits. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: sam, the problems went well beyond snow and wind. see, before all of that came in here, let me show you something. you had the snow on top but it was layers of disaster. first heavy rain. and then inches of sleet on top of pavement.
8:08 am
that's where problems began. then it only got worse. look at the video we took last night around dodge city. we were part of the treacherous commute. we were coming from wichita. it should take just over two hours. we were well over four hours. a lot of folks having trouble on the roadways. we have seen the same thing throughout the morning hours. not just dodge city dealing with this. it stretches up west and northwest toward the colorado state line. sam? >> yeah, ginger. and the good news, if there is good news, as the storm pulls away from where you are, and works through the northern plains, there's only warm air kind of wrapping around this. so, it becomes a rainmaker. that snow leaves us hours from now, completely. it's tapering off now. and the wind and rain will drive east. plenty of warm air to deal with. this is not a snowmaker for any locations. even in northern areas. if you started with snow, you'll go over to rain with this system. here's where all of the mild air holds in about 71 degrees in
8:09 am
some places, all the way through alabama. 60 near atlanta today. and you can see the thunderstorms that will be rolling through there. they're not really severe storms. but they will be fairly strong storms, capable of producing a lot of rain. in the west, nice, mild air. we'll have several days of wet weather. moving in. call it today into tomorrow, into the northeast a >> just a few more hours to call it a blizzard. >> just a few more hours to call
8:10 am
it a blizzard. then, it becomes a big rainmaker in the middle of the country. >> you're trying to make this a big, old storm. >> it is a nasty storm. you mean in the east? >> right. >> it's too early. we know they're putting it on the board as a nor'easter. it's too early to call it. i'm a little concerned because so many people are traveling. we're going to watch it very carefully. if it's a rainmaker, no problem. if it has snow mixed in, it is. >> you feel bad. if you're stationary, you want it to be a white christmas. >> right. >> but if you're traveling, that's the last thing you need. >> exactly. >> we just had a moment here. is anybody watching? are we on? >> to san diego. >> oh, lara? here's a look at what else we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." living the rock star dream. what it's really like being justin bieber. we'll take you inside his life on the road. and all i want for christmas is my two front teeth? forget that. how about an eye job?
8:11 am
what if someone gave you plastic surgery for christmas? why some women are saying that's what they want. and we'll tell you how to get all of the presents on your list in just one stop. cameron mathison, making that dream come true at the megastore. that's coming up on "gma. [ female announcer ] kleenex brand tissues are america's softest... no wonder people want to share them on and on. ♪ send a kleenex brand share package for free today at kleenex. softness worth sharing. with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain.
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[whistle blows] - hey. he went to jared. - he definitely went to jared. that's a peerless diamond.
8:15 am
that's the ideal ideal-cut diamond. what? female announcer: jared has five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores, with thousands of loose diamonds and hundreds of settings to create your own one-of-a-kind ring. - that's an extraordinarily... [sniffs] beautiful moment. - yo, man. you crying? - [sniffs] no. announcer: that's the power of selection. that's jared, the galeria of jewelry. now, to j i'm not gonna do that. now to justin bieber, pulling back the curtain on his
8:16 am
rock star life, giving fans a rare glimpse of what it's really like to be one of the most popular singers in the whole, wide world. abc's chris connelly reports. >> reporter: hark the herald heartthrob sings. just in time for the holidays. ♪ everyone's gathering around the fire ♪ >> reporter: it's a holly jolly justin bieber. after under the mistletoe and on stage in london. serving up performances of the songs on his new christmas cd. bieber, we have heard on high. years back, when usher gave his career an early boost. >> get ready because it's going to be big. isn't that right, justin? >> that's right. ♪ i will never say never >> reporter: now, justin comes a-caroling with his bieber voice. as screaming fans make it anything but a silent night. along with a nine-song set, this special show cases justin the backstage joker, as well. like with these two revved up fans, desperate for tickets.
8:17 am
>> she doesn't know. sorry, wrong room. i just can't do this. oh, don't cry. don't do that. have a good time at the show. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: for the christmas lighting at a mall, british presenter reggie yates teases the overtraveled 17-year-old. >> welcome to stratford. >> we're in stratford? >> yeah. >> you been awake? >> reporter: and tries to get him speaking like the locals. >> the entire time that you've been here, you've been doing your english accent. >> yes. >> and it's not got better. >> i got on the bus and i've got the apples and pears. >> i opened the box and i was going with the apples and pears. i'm bad at that. >> you are.
8:18 am
♪ comb they told me >> reporter: but in the christmas spirit, no one seems to mind. especially when he sings "drummer boy." ♪ or on "baby" starts shaking that -- >> this is justin's band. what's it really like? >> i'm really a troublemaker. >> your accent is terrible. >> you're crazy. ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. and we turn from the biebs to botox. the gift of a little nip-tuck this holiday season. plastic surgery is topping the list for more and more people this christmas. thank you very much. a little alliteration never hurt anybody. abbie boudreau looks at the trend that's becoming so popular this year. >> you go, girl. >> thank you. >> reporter: gina and nicole always know what the other wants for christmas. since they're best friends, and
8:19 am
sisters. what were some of the gifts you remember giving each other growing up? >> i'd say, mostly clothes. accessories. maybe some old pictures of us when we were growing up. i guess this christmas, it's kind of a different level. >> reporter: even santa might be surprised what's on tina franklin's christmas list. i'm hoping to get like maybe a purse for my sister. your sister is like, plastic surgery would be great. thank you. what exactly are you asking for? >> i'm getting botox. the crow's feet around the eyes. that's what i notice the most. >> between the brows. and on the forehead. >> i think she's a little crazy. i don't think she needs it. but i know that she's been wanting it. and it makes her happy. >> reporter: after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, tina, a bridal makeup artist, says she needed a pick-me-up. and botox was the perfect answer. >> that's the best christmas present. >> here, give me a big squint. >> reporter: tina put her face in the hands of dr. kenley
8:20 am
lawton. a newport beach, california, plastic surgeon, who is increasingly busy this time of year, as housewives of orange county get plastic surgery as a christmas gift. >> botox can last about 120 days, but it varies on individuals. >> reporter: but this christmas, women are asking for everything, from breast lifts, to tummy tucks, to full mommy makeovers. what kind of price range are we talking about? >> for a simple injectable, as low as a few hundred dollars. a full mommy makeover, a tummy tuck, breast lift, it would be anywhere between $7,000 and $15,000. >> reporter: nicole spent $650 to treat her older sister with botox injections. >> you do feel it more on the forehead than i did around the other areas. >> reporter: cynthia got a few treatments, too. >> i think i needed a lift. >> reporter: thanks to her boyfriend, gavin. who forked over $850 to make her christmas wish come true. botox and a wrinkle filler.
8:21 am
called juvederm. >> i could have gotten shows or clothes. but i wanted to get some injectable youth. >> i love her for the way she looks. >> reporter: why for christmas? >> because i figured i could get the most at christmas. >> i love it. you're honest. cynthia's crow's feet were injected with botox. >> we lax the muscles. elevate the brow. >> reporter: and her cheeks made plumper. >> it adds volume. >> reporter: at 49, this jewelry designer hopes to turn back time. >> i feel like i'm lifted. and it makes me feel like, how i did, you know, ten years ago. >> reporter: is this how people express true love nowadays? >> i don't know. i think so. >> you have to remember, i didn't bring it up. she brought it up. >> last year, he gave me a bottle of perfume. >> reporter: how do you think this gift compares to the bottle
8:22 am
of perfume? >> 100-times better. >> ready to start off 2012 kind of -- >> fresh. >> fresh, thank you. >> reporter: looking hot. >> yeah. >> reporter: happy holidays, gina. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, newport beach, california. >> lara, i cannot beat biebs to botox. straight to the next story. part of our countdown to christmas. best strategies making that trek to the megastore. the giant stores can be overwhelming. it's not hard to find yourself spending more than you expected. so, we sent cameron mathison down the aisles with an expert to find the best prices and avoid the worst traps. >> reporter: it seems like the ultimate shopper's paradise. that ginormous retailer just around the corner, selling everything under the sun. clothes, groceries, toys, electronics. but a holiday shopping trip to a megastore can easily turn into a budget-breaking spending spree.
8:23 am
justin bieber. she'd love this. oh. and everything seems to be on sale. $4.12. how do you know if it's a great deal? or just a great gimmick? >> you have to strategize when you come here. >> reporter: financial expert, farnoosh torabi took me around and filled me in on the secrets to getting big-time deals at the biggest stores. >> you have to be an undercover detective, when it comes to figuring out, what does target have? what does kmart have? >> reporter: many stores announce the best deals in a weekly flyer and on their facebook fan pages. >> go online. check it out. >> reporter: but not everything
8:24 am
advertised are as great a deal as you think. >> there's so much going around. buy one get one free. deals for 99 cents. psychologically, we get really excited when we see anything that says free. >> reporter: farnoosh says the best days to shop are thursday or friday mornings, especially if you're looking for a hot item. >> why? obviously, the deals have just started out. the inventory is full. >> reporter: i like it. i feel like i know what i'm doing now. we went in with a list and a plan. so, toys for the kids. jewelry for the wife. but distractions were everywhere. food. and so many tvs. i need a tv. our weekly flyer told us target had a great deal on board games. >> this is a steal. $5 games. originally, you know, you're saving at least $7 with each of these games. >> reporter: how do we know it's rally a deal? farnoosh uses a smartphone app to check other prices in the area. >> i want to see what the price is at in other stores nearby.
8:25 am
i love this app. find the bar code. there it is. yep. and it says -- >> reporter: you got it. >> loading. memory games, spongebob, it is more than $13 in other stores. and it's $5 here. >> reporter: next stop, kmart. >> let's walk fast. >> reporter: walking fast. >> powerwalking. >> reporter: but if we walk fast, we can't stop and look at all this great stuff. >> that's okay. you have to focus. on preliminary research, got the circular that tells us we have jewelry on sale here up to 75% off. >> reporter: that's amazing. >> that's a pretty good deal. how good is it? $14.99. originally what? >> the origin gnat price is $139.99. >> reporter: okay. i'll take it. just needed a few more things. lakers basketball. it's a two-pack. "star wars" lego, i need one of these, or two. >> don't be fooled. the buy one get one deals, it's tempting. you spend more than you intend to.
8:26 am
>> reporter: the smartphone scan and seconds later -- >> it's telling us, it's cheaper locally at walmart, for $24.88, versus $29.99, a $5 savings. get back in the car. >> you just saved me $5. don't tell farnoosh. but i couldn't resist. oops. this little treat for myself. right there. who doesn't want that? excuse me. sorry about that. >> full cart from cameron. and sam, you did sum up this whole half hour, biebs, botox and bargains. >> books is the next half hour. >> books is coming up. >> it was your idea. >> sorry, george. i should have been there for you. >> i have baby buggies, coming up, too.
8:27 am
the oakland city council will consider a resolution to give police the green light to use whatever lawful tools they have to prevent future shutdowns at the port. last week 3,000 port workers couldn't get to work they lost between four and eight million dollars. during the protests police were nonconfrontational. getting to work [ unintelligible ] >> unusual, ace train number 5 running 39 minutes late due to an earlier car that was stuck on the track. also, amtrak's capital core tar is about 35 minutes -- corridor is about 35 minutes late train number 52.
8:28 am
you are actually better off driving. almost no wait at the bay bridge toll. >> that is different. lots of sun. we check in with mike and talk about the tem
8:29 am
still in the 20s in santa rosa 29 mid 40s oakland, san francisco. low to mid 60s for the rest of
8:30 am
us seven day for cast is dry all seve ♪ [ cheers and applause ] there's a new front in the mommy wars. parents trying to one-up each other, with the flashiest strollers out there. >> that is a tank. >> oh, my goodness. does spending more money really mean you have bought the best? we're taking them for a ride. >> there were two more in the back there. >> you'll see. all of the great gifts coming up. all of the great coffee table books. we picked some of our favorites. i see one of mine. we can't reveal all of them right now. those are great gifts. just a week to go. let's get it over to lara. >> thanks, robin. now, the new competition heating up the playground over how your child is getting around. forget the mercedes and the bmw. we want to know what kind of
8:31 am
wheels you're using to wheel your baby. juju chang is here with the latest on the stroller wars. this is real? >> it is. there's a fierce competition. a little tongue and cheek. there's wait lists for every model. including the one out this season. there's nothing more than making a fashion-conscious mommy wait for something, telling her, she can't have it. specially-designed wheels. custom fabric. adjustable seating. it's a high-end performance vehicle. the maserati of must-have mommy gadgets. your ads read like a sports car ad. >> yeah. we see ourselves -- it's like the range rover of strollers. the cadillac of strollers. the perfect combination of style and status. >> reporter: she helped launch the bugaboo stroller company, by getting it on "sex and the city."
8:32 am
>> after a long day of court, miranda faced another jury. >> reporter: and hollywood stars feed the bugaboo craze. new mom, rachel zoe, showed me her bugaboo. its a-list clients made for an eye-popping price tag. who are these people buying these strollers? >> well, i think in the economy, there's a -- certainly, in more than ever in this time, do you want to invest in a quality product that has timeless design. >> reporter: but the timeless design can't be all that goes into that price tag. >> just depending on the stroller, the type of rubber, we use. it's not stock rubber we just buy. every component is made and designed for our strollers. it's not like we choose something off the lot. >> reporter: to find out what moms think, we hit the streets
8:33 am
and made our way to a stroller yoga class in the city. the ladies aren't talking about shoes or purses. they're comparing strollers. from the bugaboo donkey, to this one. you have all different strollers, right? what's the word on the streets, ladies, about strollers? >> i think it's all about the upbababy. >> reporter: you do? >> it just maneuvers really easily. >> reporter: and moms say performance is more important than luxury. >> it's much more functional. and i think it folds up really, really well. >> reporter: not all moms are convinced it's worth the big bucks. how much more performance do you think you get out of a $1,600 stroller? >> my feeling is, if it had a gps and it were motorized and i could stand on something and it drives while i'm going, that's worth it. >> reporter: mommy blogger, beth
8:34 am
feldman, thinks this purchase is not all about the baby. >> it's all about mom or dad. it's what they want. and putting it on their child. well, this is the best for my child. it may be. but is it economical? is it worth it? >> reporter: allison owns one and makes no apologies for it. a lot of people are like, oh, my god. why spend so much money on a stroller? >> i think the mom's happy, the baby's happy. >> it is a luxury item. it's more for people who money is less of an issue. and they're looking for something with style because it is sort of a statement piece. >> reporter: a statement piece that will last you more than one season on this catwalk. >> it's not like you would replace the stroller every season or for a certain outfit. this is your machine for the next five years and beyond. >> reporter: before you smirk too much, luxury stroller owners may have the last laugh. if you check out ebay, they hold their value. and is it better to have eight
8:35 am
broken down strollers in your garage? or one that will last and grow with you? i think that's best answered between a girl and her bank account. >> we have the umbrella strollers we all bought in a binch at the airport. that's the question. you tested them out. are they as good as they're made out to be? >> i was skeptical. i put my son in it and rolled it around. and truly, the maneuverability is much easier. it's feather light and really nice. but i couldn't bring myself to pay that. >> that's a lot of money. >> it's a duo. it expands from the newborn. and you can put two kids in there. in theory, it will last for years. >> it becomes a transformer. >> it's a family heirloom. >> exactly. all right. everybody check out juju's report tonight on "nightline." thank you, juju. now, we go to the amazing sam champion, with the weather. >> this is riley. say hi. >> hi. >> you did something very nice for us. you made this sign.
8:36 am
and i love what you did. show us what you intended to do with the sign here when you cut the wreath in the middle. i'll hold that. >> i put my face in here. >> okay. like that. and so, what does the outside of the sign say? >> it says my first trip to new york. >> all right. did you have fun so far? >> yeah. >> what was the best part? >> probably going down and seeing all of the beautiful lights. >> the lights are kind of awesome in new york city. this is time to go home. tomorrow, you're going to make it back to charlotte, right? >> yes. >> north carolina. just in time for santa. let's get to the boards. we'll start with our twitter pictures and facebook. you sent all of the snow pictures in. we're looking for holiday lights. that one kind of counts in white rock. you have to have the lights on. send us big, wild, crazy holiday lights pictures. we'll use them after this week. after this week, we can use snow pictures. looking into the northeast, a couple of rainy days. just in time for riley to get out of town.
8:37 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelry. now, it's back to -- >> lara. >> well done. thank you, guys. coming up, if you think you know which one of us picked the "i love lucy" book as our favorite gifts this holiday season, come back and find out.a
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
there it is. counting down to christmastime, five days left. this is one of our favorite traditions. first, for josh and lara, right? >> very excited. >> the coffee table books. we have great ones this year. look at these on the front table right here. you have iconic entertainers. women entertainers. marilyn monroe, judy garland,
8:41 am
oprah and lady gaga, with huge coffee table books. and a look back at the beatles, paul mccartney, the widow of paul mccartney. and we have our favorites, now. i'm going to start out, for my girls, taylor swift. big taylor swift fans. this is a beautiful book. it's been andrew vaughn. he's based in nashville. he's done lobacks on shania twa and it's filled with photos. this is for ali. "i love lucy," a terrific book looking back from elizabeth edwards. she has done books on the arnaz family -- ali.
8:42 am
>> that was your first birthday you celebrated here. >> i think that was my first week. >> oh, right. exactly. >> december two years ago. that was nice. i hope she enjoys this. >> oh. you're on live camera. >> right now. it could be. those are two good ones. i have musical cues -- clues for mine. this is my first musical clue for the book. ♪ vogue >> "vogue," oh, yes. i thought for sure, you all -- >> what is that? >> look at the book, people. look at the book. this is "vogue" covers over the years. you know it started in 1892? "vogue," this is some of the early covers they had in the 1900s. and then, they started going -- and the first one was like 25 cents. that's twiggy. and all the way up to angelina jolie. beautiful, beautiful pictures. i didn't realize it dated back to 1892. you were so good with the first
8:43 am
musical clue. let me give you another one. ♪ new york >> it's either alicia keys or about new york. >> a book about chicago. >> this is what i have to work with. i am -- you know i'm a proud mississippian. but there's something about when you fly into new york city. and you see that skyline that's absolutely beautiful. and these -- it's just some spectacular, spectacular shots throughout the city. and what i love about new york, too, is as big as it is, you find the little corner spots that are just for you and your little doggy. >> look at that. >> i love it. i love it. it's as big as a coffee book. coffee table. >> i have a big one to start off, as well. they didn't have pictures to snap centuries ago. but it's the history of roam in painting, probably my favorite city. the eternal city. i try to get back as often as i can.
8:44 am
a couple of the paintings. that is a full view of the sistine chapel. that's the fountain, you go to the fountain and you toss the coin so you have to get back. >> a nice re-enactment. >> and i know, lara, you and i were talking about it. for me, eddie vedder was my rock star. he was the legend i wanted to be. this is the retrospective, 20 years of pearl jam. up there with the u2s, not just iconic bands. cameron crow is making a documentary, as well. it's 20 years. they, along with nirvana, saved us from hair metal bands. >> and you, sam? >> i have a fascination with stained glass and hand-blown glass since i can remember as a kid. this guy took an artform and elevated to it to crazy
8:45 am
beautiful. dale chihully, as long as i can remember, seeing the sculptures in glass, is incredible. i will travel the world to see his work. but the botanical garden shows the work he does in nature. a great story on this guy. he lost an eye in a car accident in 1976. he has an eye patch. and had another accident where he injured a shoulder. he has a lot of people help him to create his vision now. >> it didn't stop him. that's the amazing thing. >> incredible work. >> the other one, i merely picked this because this is an awesome book on "violent things that go on on earth." >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. perfect for the kids. but there's a shot in here that's so incredible. it's this burst of magma. wait -- magma. >> magma. >> magma. >> she's not going to do it. >> you cannot make --
8:46 am
>> you can't bring -- >> it's so beautiful. i don't want to take away from it. >> this is an incredible book. it shows hurricanes and disasters and all these things. but some incredible pictures out of it. powerful. >> right. it's a sam field trip. >> bring us home, lara. bring us home. >> i have a life-long passion for antiquing and hunting. and martin lawrence has a book out. i think it's a great gift because it's aspirational and inspirational. we have a picture of my daughter and i flea marketing. that's not it. wait. slow down. the first shot was ozzy osbourne's bedroom. there's me, and kate flea marketing. this is something i really love to do. and this book has terrific ideas. i can show you. it makes you want to nestle up with the violent earth book and a cup of coffee and just curl up by the fire.
8:47 am
but really terrific. it's -- the forward is by sir elton john. and martyn lawrence lbullard, is one of the foremost designers. >> if you don't know where lara, they're out at the thrift markets. >> they make fun of me. but then, they call me when they need a coffee table. speaking of coffee tables, here's a book for it i love. "harper's bazaar," 150 years. sigh c iconic shot of zarya jessica parker. and naomi campbell. the thing that they've tried to do with this book is not make it holier than thou, so to speak. i love this as a gift. and books are a great christmas gift. >> i agree. >> i'm glad to be a part of the segment. >> and violent earth.
8:48 am
>> doesn't quite fit christmas. >> all available on our website? >> yes, right. >> on goo
8:49 am
8:50 am
have to keep it in mind, the first night of hanukkah. and we're excited about this time of year. we have a holiday edition of "your three words" set to the song "tiny christmas tree." take a look. ♪
8:51 am
♪ candlelight and shining through ♪ ♪ i want to play on through making them the perfect ♪ ♪ christmastime grandma, nephews and nieces ♪ ♪ all the while the joy increases ♪ ♪ get behind a perfect christmastime ♪ ♪ a tiny tree christmas hanging all the wishes ♪ ♪ all the things that you really need ♪ ♪ you got your heart there and all the things ♪ ♪ by that tiny tree >> the first one. >> we had our first christmas with our nephew sunday night.
8:52 am
it's so great watching him tear through. >> they really have -- >> with the wrapping, yeah. merry christmas. happy hon kah, kanza, everything. loving this part of the year. be right back. h@
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
all this week, we continue to countdown. big savings, and secrets. last-minute steals and deals. >> i heard there's extra great highlights reels. >> it's been a crazy year. >> and we had two additions this year. >> not just this year. >> have a great day, everybody. a
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pg&e is still trying to determine the cause of two power outages at candlestick part. a tv crew caught what looks like a transformer explosion the first outage delayed the start of the game by 20 minutes. the second happened 12 minutes left before halftime. good thing we won after that. temperatures today upper 50s to low to mid 60s. seven day for cast, dry all seven days with valley frost likely the next couple of mornings. >> ace number 540 minutes behind schedule. also delays on the capital corridor. live shots, everything looking good except for the


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