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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 24, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PST

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lizzi's feet. >> and the slippers and blanket combo and cookies and hot chocolate and mug. and i like lizzie, some thought was put into it and his favorite vienna sausages added the little touch! now for the winners. >> you won. >> in second place he was muriel she had the hot chocolate and kor loss with the vogue and brian and then jennifer came in fifth. sorry. >> can't win them all. we welcome voices of eve and angels and they are going to do a little caroling.
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check them out in the up eisiason town theater in the napa. take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> that was wonderful! check them out. lizzie and i will see you next
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wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww more than just a chill is in the air tonight. temperatures are already below freedz -- freezing in some spots. carolyn johnson has the night off. a freeze warning has just gone into affect. let's begin with sandhya patel with the specifics.
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>> yes, the freeze warning went into affect and it is in affect until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it will cover the east bay valley, santa clara valley and salinas valley. there is a hard freeze warning for the delta. we are looking at twenties in the wind sheltered valleys, freeze damage to sensitive plants and certainly that is possible. we are expecting temperatures in some areas for the upper 20s for more than two hours. 1k3* that is what the criteria is for the freeze warning. i want to show you some of the freeze warnings. it is getting cold. napa a temperature of 31 degrees. the dew point of 22. it is calm outside. fairfield at this hour, 29°. with the wind running so light, the temperatures are going to plunge. and one last stop right now as we look toward the livermore valley, livermore is right at freezing. very dry air mass and clear skies. the temperatures are going to continue to drop as we head toward sunrise. i'll be back with the specific lows in a few minutes, dan. and a look at your holiday
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forecast coming up. >> thank you, sandhya. we are in the home stretch of the holiday shopping season. if you still have things to buy on your gift list, you are not alone. a staggering 24 million americans will not finish their christmas shopping until tomorrow. it is all great for business, but the stores are also dealing with a huge problem this time of year. that's the five finger discount. john is live at union square. john, shoplifting is really an epidemic. >> it is the high cost of doing business. the crowds have thined out. macy's will be open until 11:30. other stores will be open until midnight. as for catching shoplifters, it is a cat and mouse game. whether it is people making up for a bad economy, it is causing businesses big losses. >> santa isn't the only one coming to town. shoplifters are making it a season to remember. just yesterday stephanie martinez who sells chestnuts outside the macy's got to see a show.
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>> somebody got caught shoplifting, and they were waiting for the person outside. they started running, and they tackled them and they put them in handcuffs. >> the stores have hired extra security to keep an eye on the crowds. it is a subject that the shop managers don't like to talk about, although some clerks say they can spot trouble a mile away. >> you can tell. there is a look on them. they are looking around and seeing who is watching as opposed to looking at product usually. >> according to the national estimates, shoplifters made off with $1.8 billion in just the month leading up to this christmas. that's an increase over the $1.7 billion over the same period last year. >> unfortunately there are those that don't get it. they do things they ought not to do. but we put the officers where we want them. the community supports each other by looking out for one another. >> police watched over the crowds near union square. it is a big time for
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shoplifters taking advantage of the clerks. the targets are high end liquor and designer clothes and perfume. at bloomingdales they saw security guards watching shoppers like a hawk. >> in one small area, three security guards, that was a little over the top. usually i never saw anybody. >> one estimate says one in 11 americans whip shoplift. -- will shoplift. there is a debate whether the economy makes people more desperate to steel or if it is the thrill, the rush that shoplifters get that makes them want to do this this time of the year. abc7 news. >> john, thanks very much. retail sales are expected to jump 4% this year. shopper track is predicting that the day after christmas called mighty monday will see 60% more customers in the stores compared to last year. many like target and best buy will extend their hours and offer big promotions like we saw on black friday, the day
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after thanksgiving. one item in particular brought shoppers out in droves. and in many places it ended in chaos and violence. here it is, a pair of sneakers. the new air jordans caused shoving matches, fights and in one bay area location a gunshot. uh ma dates is in -- ama dates has the story. >> michael jordan hasn't played in the nba since 2003, but you wouldn't know it by the size of the crowds that turned out to buy the newest air jordans. when you have thousands of people trying to get their hands on a limited number of shoes, you have a situation that can easily get out of hand. gunfire this morning at hilltop mall in richmond when a 24-year-old man in line for the newly released air john dan 11's fired his -- jordan 11's fired his weapon. >> it is in the infancy stages, but it appears it may have been a negligent discharge, accidental. >> the man was arrested and in this case no one was hurt. at this westfield mall in fairfield, two people were arrested, one for assaulting a police officer and this after
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more than a thousand shoppers showed up and pushed a door off its hinges. >> the crowd was pushing up against the door and pushed it off its tracks. >> people pushed and shoved for a chance to get the $180 shoes. california wasn't the only state with the rowdy shoppers. at a mall in indianapolis, several people were trampled. >> there were two people on the ground. i jumped over them and kept running. >> it is michael jordan. this is what he do. >>11 concourse exclusives. >> but would you leave your kids alone in the car just to get a new care of kicks? well that's exactly what witnesses say this woman did in georgia. police had to break the car window to get to the two and five-year-old. the kids were eventually picked up by their grandmother. mom was hauled off to jail. in austin, texas there was nearly a riot. security at this mall called for back up when the crowd swelled to more than a thousand people. armed with pepper spray and with a hoper overhead,
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police -- helicopter overhead, police tried to keep control, but in the end an officer was trampled as he tried to get his way into foot lawker. -- foot looker. my -- nike made a statement and is concerned about the crowd. they suggest anyone who wants to purchase their product do so in a safe manor. a lot of people aren't even keeping the shoes. they are turn around and selling them for much more than they paid. >> i saw them on e ba for $510. a fire badly damaged three apartment buildings started at the bottom of a trash chute. how it started is under investigation. the fast-moving wind-driven fire was the first five alarm blaze in six years. construction workers called in the first report just before noon, and they probably saved at least one life. >> you know, we heard people that were still inside.
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fortunately we did get in the room. a guy working night shift was asleep. >> damage estimates are in the $8 million range. >> i'm on the first floor and i thought it would just be water damage. but it was everything. everything was trashed. it is still there, but it is no good. >> firefighters and neighbors meantime are trying to gather supplies for the displaced residents and christmas gifts for their children. tonight a man posing as a physician had no license and no business performing surgery. but they say that's exactly what carlos guzman was doing. he is accused of operating on unsuspecting patients at a clinic in the mission district. he got his patients by of onering cut rate deals on things like liposuction and botox treatment. a daily city woman was horrified with her results. >> he smoked a cigar during
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the procedure. as the district attorney said there was an incident where some of her fat fell on the floor and he bent over and picked it up. >> the woman developed a serious infection and eventually had to have reconstructive surgery with a real doctor, of course. guzman is now being held in jail until next tuesday when he will be formally charged with four counts of practicing medicine without a license as well as grand theft and felony assault. a couple of good samaritans gave a disabled santa clara woman a new lease on life after her wheelchair was stolen. as we reported to you, 60-year-old kathy joe swift was feeling pretty low after somebody took her $4,000 motorized wheelchair last saturday. when they heard of her plight, they drove to her house last night to drop off a wheelchair they had stored in their garage. but you can see jim suffered a stroke and he had a spare wheelchair to give away because he just got a new one. so they really saved the day.
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>> coming up next, back from afghanistan. it is this soldier's first trip home for the holidays, and we are there for an emotional homecoming. and just hours before this man was supposed to be removed from life support, something unexpecting happened. and lost and now found. how a priceless violin found its way back to the student who barrowed it. all of that is coming up and then on "nightline." >> coming up next na holiday interview, barbara walters asks president obama questions sent to him by the youngest americans. and we show you new takes on the nutcracker from weirdest to wildest. that's on
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breaking news is happening in the east bay. two eastbound lanes of the dunbar ton bridge are shut down because of a major accident. the highway patrol says as many as three cars are involved. if you look at this live picture, one person was injured as a result. well, home for the holidays has never had more meaning for a family. a staff sergeant arrived home tonight.
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and thomas roman reports, for his family it has been a longtime coming. you. >> an excited and nervous smith came to sfo with her mother, twin brothers and step-father. he has been serving for the past nine months. >> it has been tough, but we have been through it once or twice before. we learn to deal with it and take it day by day. >> she is used to waiting. she waited through jonathon's previous tours where he was wounded. and now nine long months into this tour. >> you become a stronger person. your relationship becomes stronger. you just support each other. >> the mother, juanita, has provided emotional support through three tours. she says her daughter shows remarkable character. >> i love my daughter very much. she has been going through a lot. she knows if she has faith and
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trust he will come back to her. >> after a three and a half hour flight delay, staff sergeant jonathon smith comes through the doors. >> the two have known each other since they were 9. they were married at 18, eight years ago. after a lonith told hug, smith d us what else he has longed for. >> first order of business is inn out burger. >> s come from ireland and dallas to reach home. it is a daunting 18-hour transition from the battlefield to home. th is his first christmas back in three years. >> we just have to grasp. right now you are numb to the situation. slowly as the more civilian u.s. see and the more restaurants and i guess the nicer people are to you, the more you start to -- reality hits you that you are here. >> the couple plan a private stay in napa. as happy as he is, smith says part of him is still back with his squad in afghanistan.
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>> i feel like i need to be there to have their back. >> as sfo, thomas roman, abc news. >> we are glad to have them home at least for awhile. another heartwarming story, hours before he was scheduled to be taken off life support, an arizona state student in a deep coma did the last thing his family was expecting. he woke up. doctors are dumbfounded. the chances of are the 21-year-old surviving were very slim. a five-car pile up in mid-october left sam in a coma. a last-minute m ry scan showed he was not brain dead. well, here he is today. sam says he is feeling pretty good, actually. he is scheduled to leave the hospital on christmas morning. what a relief. well, let's turn back to the forecast as we mentioned. it is awfully cold out there of the meteorologist sandhya patel is here with more. >> yes, dan, you felt the chill this morning, especially if you are in the valleys. we saw low to mid20s this morning. fairfield, the official low temperature is 23°. one of our viewers actually
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sent us this photo. a cold morning in fairfield. it was submitted by joanne. she submitted to you report. and she said oh boy it was cold. you can pretty much see that the temperature was hovering near the 20s and the 30s this morning. very cold morning. from our high definition east bay hills camera, the sun was setting and there were a few high, thin whisky clouds. -- whispy clouds. as i show you the current readings i will show you what i am talking about. 29 degrees in fairfield. 32 in napa. also in livermore. 41 currently in san jose. here are the highlights clear and cold. a freeze warning for the inland vowels -- through the inland valleys. santa should not have any trouble getting the gifts. 24 by the morning in fairfield. 27 in livermore. concord and morgan hill is
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down to 28. you will bottom out to 26 in napa and 28 in santa rosa. it explains why we have a hard freeze warning. you want to make sure you bring your plants inside, especially if you are prone to frost. conditions like this when you get a couple of hours of 28° or lower, you will likely see some -- you will likely see freeze damage done to your plants. a spare the air begins at midnight tonight. you will see poor air quality as we head into your saturday for most of the bay area. moderate air quality around the coast and the central bay. we want to remind you do not burn wood. i know we are heading into christmas eve. a dry pattern will continue through christmas as this ridge of high pressure dominates our weather pattern. but there are a couple of systems that are lining up in the pacific. now it appears as though tuesday night into wednesday we may be seeing some wet weather in the bay area. not tomorrow though.
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just chilly in the morning and widespread frost in the valleys and temperatures will rebound. you will see 56 degrees in antioch and 60 in san jose and half moon bay. 62 in palo alto and 58 oakland, richmond, 61 in santa rosa and ukiah. it will be a bright day around the monterey bay. 63 in san thank you cruz and 61 inland and here is a look at your seven-day forecast. spare the air tomorrow after the morning chilly are christmas day dry and keeping it dry on monday. there is a chance of rain and tuesday night into wednesday. and there could be slight chances of showers if the breaks happen and the storms knockdown the ridge of high pressure. happy holidays. >> thank you very much. as we continue here tonight, getting up close with
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gorillas, and in this encounter, the gorillas seem to want to get close to th
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a young musician who fiddled around with fate had her prayers answered. she left a rare violin on the bus she took on tuesday from boston where she studies to philadelphia where she lives. it was made in italy in 1835, and it is worth $172,000. the bus was searched without any luck until today when the violin turned up at a bus wash.
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>> i got a phone call and it was like:00 at night. >> she says she will never travel again without keeping her precious violin off her lap. a tourist touring uganda got what he paid for big time. >> he was be heinz you and there are three babies scorched between him and you. >> wouldn't that make you nervous? the family simply wandered into the preserve. this rarely happens. in fact, one of the babies grooms the man's hair and then seems to kiss him. the man said his heart was racing the whole time, as you can imagine. the gorilla's went back into the mist. the baby is one thing, but if mama gets mad, careful buster.
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>> a playoff atmosphere in the tank with the shark's rivals with the return of their old coach bringing bitter to their face.
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spspspspsp good evening. the sharks welcomed their old coach back to the tank. sutter who took over the l.a. kings this week guided the men in teal from 1997 to 2002 and moved on to calgary. this is sutter's happy face. that's the way he is. great goal tending on both sides. he is stretching out with the edge of the skate to deny brad richards. nicely done. scoreless into the second period and a nice shot and his 15th of the year. the kings tie it on a power play goal right here.
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richards would be controlling the skate and then fires home. it is tied at one and then the shootout and he beats jonathon quick. he needs to make the save right here and he denies richards. the sharks are now 4 and 0 on this six-game home stand with a 2-1 victory. when you go to las vegas a lot of things can happen. usually the house wins. that was the case as the cal bears went bust at unlv. they are facing the rebels ranked 21st. he lead cal with 20 points. they were close early on. he had 11 assists and unlv opened up a 20-point lead at the half. he is showing up and showing up angry. marshall lead it 22 points. he is only 6 foot 3. but he goes strong to the rack. cal gets hammered, 80 tiff-68 as the win streak comes to an end.
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and he is knocking down three's against missouri state. where is wall dough? right there. -- where is waldo? right there. gails get the win 77-61. the nfl schedule shifts to saturday now with the 49ers trying to stop seattle and stay on track to a bye in the first round of the playoffs. the niners have not allowed a rushing touchdown all season, a team record. opponents have 36 carries inside the 20 and averaging just over two yards per rush and 17 of those runs went for one yard or less. can the niners keep lynch from snapping their streak? >> he is running extremely hard. he is running angry. he is running with purpose. he is fighting for every inch that he can get. he has been our biggest test from a running back in awhile.
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>> that's the way we go at it. >> and does it get any better than christmas on the beach this hawaii? the nevada marching band took over we kiki in the hawaii bowl in front of the share raw ton with diamond head in the distance. it is glorious. that's your toyota sports report. merry christmas. >> indeed, and to you. >> looks a lot warmer in hawaii. >> thanks. well, "nightline" is up next. for larry beil and sandhya patel and carolyn johnson, i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. have a terrific weekend. happy holidays. merry christmas.
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i'm getting out of a marriage and its like, okay what do you want to do, live this way. be sitting here on the sofa, so i talked to my doctor because i had seen that there was water therapy for people with bad backs. you've lost how much? 85 pounds. and i've done it slow. i did it in a year. 80 pounds in a year is not slow missy. no? i don't know. no that's not slow. that amazing. what's next, what is it, what do you want to create? i'm very content with where i am. how tall are you? i'm only 5'2" and a half. and how much do you weigh? i'm 200 pounds. 200 at 5'2", isn't that too much. what if we took you to a
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doctor and they said 180 pounds is not okay for 5'2" i would agree. why? because i know that, that i can't get over the fact that i look the way i do but still i know, i know i still have to lose more weight. i'm aware of it. on some level have you thought maybe this is a way you've protected yourself throughout your life. i'm discovering myself. we lose yourself it's sad. you lose yourself. yeah, and you know especially being a mom, i'm not what i was and you see your not so accessible to be eating with everybody. they can eat pizza and stuff themselves you're not part of that anymore. food is not my priority. it's sad for activities. it's sad ts


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