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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 24, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> folks bun eled up as their get their last-minute shopping >> it's not just the freezing temps we need to worry about. >> jeff martinez has the forecast. >> that's the big weather story for tonight, the freezing temperatures. a freeze warning in effect, temperatures dropping off rapidly. fairfield below freezing. napa at 34, plenty of 30s and only going to belt golder by christmas morning so freeze warning in effect through tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 20s, and in the north you can see there.
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we'll take a closer look and see exactly how cold it's going to be, napa, 26 degrees by tomorrow morning. bundle up. even here in the city, 44 degrees. 32 in san jose, morgan hill, 28. what about christmas day, what kind are weather to expect? i'll have that in a few minutes. >> on this christmas eve, one family is turning their tragedy into the gift of life. >> 23-year-old charles butler jesus was shot and his car set on fire in oakland, his family is trying to keep his spirit alive. here's the details. >> charles butler, jr. was killed two days ago so his family is still hurting. on this christmas eve they're celebrating his young life and finding peace in the knowledge he well by helping people even in his death. >> recently graduating from a merchant marine training program is one of charles butler, jr.'s
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proudest moments. >> his older sister valerie says the pride extended throughout the family, especially for their father, who was a marine. >> you can imagine the joy and the pride may dad had knowing his son was going to follow the footsteps. >> i'm close toast him in age and i feel in general. >> charles' youngest stir ann is the last to see him alive. he was shot yards from the house. she heard the gunshots. >> everybody talking around you and to my surprise, it's actually my brother's car. was the shock of my life. he is coming right down the street. boom, boom, boom. six bullets. they weren't happy witness that. dough by him and put the last bullet in his head. over nothing. he didn't know these guys. >> where do you see yourself in
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three years? >> on a boat, traveling the world, seeing a lot of different people. >> charles had just been issued his merchant marine passport, full of pains that remain unmarked, world travels that will never be. >> he was on his way. supposed to get his stamp. >> a friend of my cousin's informed her that her husband is dying. he needs a liver. on this holiday weekend, the butlers are calling for justice. but they're also celebrating because charles is an organ donor. >> the best christmas gift would have been to have my brother here with me for christmas. but the fact that he gave his organs to someone else is the most wonderful christmas gift ever. my brother was giving life to other people. >> i talked briefly on the phone with the man who will be receiving charles' liver this
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evening. that surgery is scheduled for a little bit later christmas morning. six other recipients also will benefit from the organize ganz, which is a powerful gives gift of life. >> thank you so much. in other news this evening, san francisco explosion fire departments and a local restaurant are making sure fire victims don't go wanting on the holidays. lefty o'doole's donated foodded and gathered toys and clothes for the victim. the fire left 40 people homeless and without gifts until tonight. >> the police department is giving over 2500 toys we gathered, and also shoes as well. for the victims that are displaced. >> the for a started in the bottom of a trash chute. flames burned up detected before firefighters could get there. >> the red crosses helping 15 people find accommodations after a fire in a multiuse building on
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third street at 4:00 p.m. today. took ten minutes to contain the blaze but there was extensive water damage from the sprinkler system as many as ten units are uninhabitable. >> 28 people had their san francisco bay tour interrupted when their boat caught fire. shortly after 4:00 the coast guard received a report of a boat in trouble in the cubby cove. the passengers were taken on to a coast guard cutter while they're boat was toed to the harbor. >> the clock is just about run out for all those christmas shoppers. the best bet now might be an all-night convenience store. a lot of procrastinators took advantage of this final shopping day. we joined the masses. >> shoppers from in daly city to san mateo all had an excuse for the last, minute shopping rush. >> really last minute. i've been superbusy. >> tomorrow i'll do it. i've run out out tomorrows.
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>> prokratz nailers filled parking lots and crowded into stores to buy raft-minute gifts. like a vacuum clean center. >> i needed a couple extra things, and this is a pretty -- this is one thing to really shouldn't get someone for christmas, but, you know -- >> shoppers were lured to many stores by almost unbelievable sales. 50, 60, 70, even 80% off. good news to erica youngblood. >> they are probably trying to get people out shopping more because the economy is still not where it should be. prices are better. >> sewells are luring people into stores. economist says retail predictions and june and july were a 2% increase over last year. >> turns out it's at least 4% more than last year. so that says retail sales are strong and that consumers are feeling better about spending money than they did just five or six months ago.
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>> less she agrees. >> overall spirit of people is they're willing to spend a little bit more than last year. >> means a great december for these stores. >> surprisingly it's been busy. we weren't expecting that much, and so for the month of december our numbers have been high. >> high retail numbers are huge part of a healthier economy. more retail sales, more jobs. >> retailers, people in the retail industries, could also be delivery companies, hire about 500,000 new employees this time of the year. and many of those people will get to keep their jobs into the new year if retail sales are strong. >> what's also good news for retailers is that every shopper we spoke to today said they're willing to spend more money this year than last year, and they're also very optimistic about the economy. in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> shopper track is predicting the day after christmas, called the mighty monday, will see 60%
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more customers in the store compared to last year. many stores with stepped their hours and offer big promotions like black friday. >> there's christmas didisplays and then there are chris displays. >> here's one in the delores heights area that is lights out the best in the bay area. >> it's more than a house. more than a fabulous christmas display. tom taylor and jerry goldstein's house has become a tourist attraction. >> it's great to have people get into a taxi in san francisco and say, show me something never seen before. >> the centerpiece, 54-foot pine tree decorated with beach ball sized ornaments. hard to believe this started as a simple house plan 30 years ago. tommy jerry planted the tree here in the mid-70s and began decorating it later, add tolling the display with each passing year. >> this tree kept growing, and the crowds kept growing, and
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people kept egging me on to keep going. >> going for 22 years now. the two created a feast for the eyes of all. and the imaginations of little ones. what is your favorite part? >> the train. >> merry christmas! >> the kids also sit a spell with santa and grab a candy cane. this display is for everyone of every age. >> what do you like most? >> the fact that the people were kind enough to decorate this tree year in and year out. i think it's wonderful. >> for tom and jerry, the hardest part of the tradition is yet to come. tearing it down. but the dismantling won't take place until january 3rd, leaving plenty of time for people to come and marvel at this incredible sight. >> if you want to check it out, the address is 3650-21 not street. the lights are turn on at
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5:00 and stay on until midnight. >> coming up, celebrating christmas at the vatican and around the world. what other nations are doing tonight. >> plus, caroling trucker style. >> and coming up at 11:30, the hot new movies to ring in the holidays. what 0 to see and what to avoid. >> christmas eve, get ready for a very cold night. a hard freeze in the forecast for tonight through christmas morning. bundle up. talk about your christmas day forecast and maybe some rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. all of that straight ahead.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> millions are celebrating christmas here and arounds the
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world. >> for some zonings it's a bitter sweet christmas eve. >> tears of joy in ft. had, texas, family members got home just in time for christmas. other soldiers weren't so lucky. troops are leaving georgia for a new tour of duty in afghanistan. >> just another people supporter, especially during the holiday season. away from our families. >> they will join tens of thousands of soles fighting in afghanistan. some attended church services in kabul. >> it's sad being away from my family at christmas but nice being here with by brothers and sisters in the armed services. >> president barack obama joined we first lady michelle remembered the troops fighting in america's longest war. >> let's stay a prayer for our troops standing post-around the world, especially our brave men and women in afghanistan. >> at the vatican, pope benedict xvi lit a candle in his studio
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window in a traditional sign of peace. >> a few hours later, the pontiff celebrated the traditional christmas eve mass. ♪ >> and more than 100,000 tourists and pilgrims packed beg he hem to celebrate the mass in the nativity, the birthplace of jesus. >> san francisco's glide memorial church continues its holiday extra kissing -- tradition of sharing. they served 3,000 prime rib chips meals and immediately began preparing for tomorrow's festivities. there will be meals for thousands of homeless and needy people. >> we will feed people a breakfast and lurch. so -- lunch.
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so we're going to be here feeding people, and we will reach about 75,000 people in the last two months, in november and december. >> glide is appealing for donations for the program. you can drop off cash, turkeys, canned goods and todays at the entrance on ellis street. >> the gift of life for a little girl in oakland inspired her family to give back to the community. she and her mother provided food and good cheer today to homeless people in oakland. the mayor jean kwan took part and helped serve food. she received a liver transplant shen she was five months ol'. >> the annual toy drive hit the motherload, 10,000 gifts. this was the scene at san francisco's lucky o'doole's restaurant. they bags were loaded on a trucks and will be thrird to the city's underprivileged neighborhood tomorrow. this is the 12th annual toy
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drive. >> the salvation army got a couple of donations in its kettles. yesterday somebody dropped a $10,000 check in a celt until menlo park. the donor wishes to remain anonymous. on tuesday, donor slipped a $5,000 check into a celt until redwood city. the salvation army says the donation will go a long way to help people in need. >> a 27-year-old tradition continued down south in north hollywood tonight. you're looking at the magic cal christmas caroling truck. an 18 wheeler decked out with elaborate decorations and a big sound system. the performers are from the neighborhood and spend a month rehearsing holiday sangs and the dance routines. kids love it. >> they don't mess around. that's hollywood. >> how are you doing on christmas eve? >> great. >> we're looking at a cold night tonight and not a bad day tomorrow as we look live outside
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emery emeryville cam. temperatures dropping rapidly, and i hope you're having a great christmas eve. merry christmas, everybody, out there. temperatures right now already below freezing in fairfield. 30 degrees. 35 in napa. hello to you. san francisco, 48 degrees. los gatos, 36. the temperatures, some of the coldest areas in the mid-20s. clear and cold again torch. second or third night in a row we have had below-freezing temperatures. mild for christmas. by the afternoon, temperatures warming into the upper 50s and near 60, and finally, chance for some rain by the middle part of next week. more of that in a minute. highs today, not bad at all. 60 around the area. santa cruz, 67 the high today. tomorrow, a few more clouds in the forecast, as this big ridge of high pressure that blocked all the of storms out of here, beginning to break down.
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we'll see a few cloud from oregon and washington. not going to do much to us with the exception of a few clouds. the precipitation will stay north of us for your christmas and right through monday. we have a "spare the air" day in effect for tonight, right through tomorrow, as well. air quality not the greatest with the high pressure ridge and no wind to mix things up. so colder conditions tonight. dropping down in the 20s in most areas. 29 in vallejo for the overnight low. 27 in livermore as the kid wake up bright and early with all the packages under the tree. bum up and stay warm. by the afternoon things are looking pretty good. temperatures like today will bounce back into the 60s in most areas, at least near there san mateo, 58 degrees. pacific car a great day. even along the coast, really has the offshore flow keeping the clouds
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away. 59 downtown tomorrow. 57 in san francisco. we'll see 60s all over the place, from santa rosa through calistoga and even napa, after your cold 25, 60 degrees tomorrow. so you warm back up nicely. how about the oos -- east bay fremont, 62 degrees. looking good out further to the east, with 60 in livermore, and danville, and the warm spot again will be monterrey bay with temperatures in the lower to even mid-60s in gilroy and salinas. the seven-day forecast, again, staying cold in the morning and mild in the afternoon each day. not quite as bad on monday and tuesday. by tuesday night and wednesday, a chance of scattered showers. doesn't look like a big storm system. north bay stands the best chance for a few scattered showers. but we really need the rain. so far this monthly only .13 of an inch. usually see more than three inches in december. this is the rainy season but not
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now. not this month. been very dry. >> thank you, jeff. >> rick is in for a shu. felt like sunday with all the football. >> most nfl teams get christmas off. so we had it today. an ugly win is always better than a pretty loss and that's what oakland got against the chiefs. a whole [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney... ...after christmas sale, unwrap the biggest savings this monday. shop from 6am to 1pm and save big with doorbusters like...
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>> after last week's fourth quarter melt down against detroit it appeared the raiders were headed for another heartbreaking loss, this time in kansas city. a frustrated hue jackson saw his team flagged 15 times. in the second quarter oakland runs a trick play off a field goal. meiers down the field for a touchdown but called back because of a delay of game penalty. so oakland goes for the field goal but janikowski hits the crossbar so no good. 3-3 at the half. carson palmer threw two picks. this time he is on target. moore with the 61-yard score. oakland up by seven late but just like last week, could not hold the lead. the chiefs go 80 yards in five play. orton to bowe. the game is tied. kc with the chance to win on the final play of regulation. the 49-yard attempt is blocked. in o.t., oakland wastes no time.
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the raiders pull it out 16-1. they're now 8-7 and keep their nfc west title hopes alive. >> in buffalo, denver's tim tebow suffered his second straight oh, throwing a career high four interceptions, two brought back for touchdowns. bird does the honors here. the bills win big, 40-15. if denver loses to kansas city next week and the raiders beat san diego, oakland wins the west. >> the chargers were eliminated by detroit in a 38-10 victory. the lions make the playoff for the first time since 1999. >> how the 49ers did today in seattle. the san francisco defense
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>> all the 49ers wanted for christmas was the 12th win of the season but the seahawks were not in the giving spirit. come on, guys, where is your
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holiday cheer. it was 16-10 san francisco in the fourth. andy lee has the punt blocked. seattle gets the ball at the four yardline. on the very next play, lynch becomes the first player this sewn -- season to score a rushing touchdown against the niners. still time for seattle to come back. but jackson is stripped by larry grant and the niners recover. they hold on to win 19-17, and keep their chances alive for a first, round bye. >> we talked about it all week. knew this was going to be a tough game, and very much a playoff game. all week that's what we talk about. and they're playing for their playoff lives and all the stuff coming out of there as far as what they were saying was the same thing. so, in the stadium, this crowd, a loud place, and a lot of
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problems. >> the play of the day was turned in by cincinnati's jerome simpson. check out the big finish. no, he didn't. he sticks the landing, too. shades of mary lou retton. >> the eve of a new nba season. tomorrow the warriors host the l.a. clippers. golden state may not have seth curry available. he is trying to recover from a sprained right ankle. if he can't play point guard, ellis will take over. ellis has his own problem with the sexual harassment lawsuit, but mark jackson does not seem to be worried. >> everybody faces adversity. the committed teams and great teams are the ones with great leadership, responds to it, happens it, and makes the proper adjustment, and we're looking forward to doing that. >> and later in the show we'll have more nfl highlights, including the patriots' big comeback and cam newton's record-setting day.
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that's your toyota sports report. >> look forward it to. >> coming up. the president returns to his childhood home for the holidays. what is ahead for the presidential vacation. >> only minutes left until christmas. we'll see where santa is right now, coming up.
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>> this is abc-7 news at 11:00 extra. >> good evening. >> in tonight's headlines, bubble -- bundle up. forecasters predict another freeze overnight, especially in the east bay and central valleys. >> man who was shot to death in oakland this week and had his car set on fire will give life to another man. charles butler, jr. will have his organs harvested. a family friend will receive his liver. >> people were rescued today after the tour boat caught on fire. the coast guard came and tran ferred the passengers off the boat. >> the malls were packed with last-minute shoppers looking for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer and monday is expected to be the third busy is shopping day of the year. >> because people usually spend more than that the gift card
11:36 pm
amounts or leave a balance, men consumers believe gift card 0 a scam to benefit retaileres. an economist says that's not the case. >> retailers don't count that as a sale until the gift card is redeemed. so they're not looking for people to spend the gift card. they want to get people in the stores spending not only the gift card but then so. so it's not any sort of scam where retailers are hoping people won't spend the money. >> use your gift cards. estimates are that consumers leave up to $5 billion on unused gift cards every year. >> a new survey shows smartphones and tablets are becoming a bigger part of the we we shop for he holidays. here's huh the devices help bargain hunters and hurting retailers. >> along with the hustle and bustle, something else has become part of the holiday landscape, your phone. >> more people are doing mobile shopping online for sure. >> the tech bargains surveyed
11:37 pm
users and found out more than half bought something using their phone, and those with tablets, three-quarters have bought something with those. the bigger screen makes it easier. >> if you're trying to purchase interesting on a regular web site on your mobile phone, it's nearly impossible. >> some people e-mail links to their computer, but they're changing that. >> apps on the iphone make it easier to purchase. >> it isn't just an alternative to the maddening crowds of the stores. a growing number of shoppers are using them inside the store, pat -- she can't counseled the times customers tried on shoes and then walked out phone in hand. >> how do you compete with a smartphone? >> we can't. the customer wants the best price. >> given the economy, consumer psychologist is not surprised. >> people really love to
11:38 pm
comparison shop. they want to be able to know for sure they got the best possible deal, and they're using technology to get that deal. >> we found no shortage of examples. >> you bring your ipad into the store? >> yes. i bring it everywhere. >> actually had one lady ask me to look somebody up for her. >> you can go online and fine something cheaper, they have a match the price. >> it's not like consumers are going to unlearn these new tricks. >> in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> president obama has returned to his childhood home for christmas eve. >> the president and his family are spending the holidays in hawaii again this year. as usual the white house press corps is spending it with them. >> here's a report. >> it's been a while since we have seen the president smile like this. who can blame him. he is in pair do is, 5,000 miles away from wintry washington and a legislative victory over the
11:39 pm
house republicans under his belt. his reward, more than a week of golf, sand, and surf ahead. this morning the obama's woke up in this $8 million, 6,000 square foot luxury vacation rental which boasts five bedrooms and a swimming pool, nestled in a lush tropical garden. >> got the -- hanging out with them, and big pool, big jacuzzi. just lots of space to run around and let loose. >> outside the famed kailua beach. not everyone is here to share the stretch of sand with the obamas. >> they have exits for everything. >> but down the street they have the snow balmy's ready, the president's favorite flavors all over ice. for them, presidential visit means big business. >> come out and just see the
11:40 pm
pictures,, and it's really cool. >> the first lady and the girls have already been there. their orders, all off the record. >> the obamas are expected to return to washington shortly after the new year. >> it's not looking like a merry christmas for newt gingrich. the virginia republican party says gingrich failed to return the 10,000 required signatures to get on the ballot. he lives in virginia and his campaign said it would mount a write-in campaign but that's against virginia state law. only two of the major republican candidate will be on the ballot, mitt romney and ron paul. >> the hollywood blockbuster movie seen is here, coming up. the best and worth of the jeer. >> tracking santa and where he is now when we return. >> santa getting closer and going to have a cold flight tonight. freeze warning in effect. temperatures dropping down in the 20s. i'll show you how cold it's going to get and your christmas forecast coming up next. the droid razr by motorola.
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the droid that wirelessly pulls files, music and movies, all at 4g lte speeds. and introducing the droid xyboard. with an 8 inch hd screen and adaptive surround sound, a home theater for your hands. powered by verizon 4g lte, these droids are too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. buy a droid razr and get $100 off a droid xyboard. >> how do you now the movie you're about to see isn't one for the dumpers. >> we sat down with the san francisco chronicle's top critic and talked about the season's choices. >> if you want to see a good family film there's several flicks out and the one you like is hugo. >> yeah. its depends on your family. i have a six-year-old and a three year. i didn't take them to hugo. but hugo is a great film. i'm going all in on that.
11:44 pm
number two martin score sis -- core sis see doing family film and really sweet. >> what age would be more appropriate? >> i'd say about eight. depends on the kid. there's an orphaned kid, some bleakness in it. an uplifting spirit it to but there's some stuff to deal with. >> okay. the other one and that would be chip -- chipmunks, chip-wrecked. i didn't have to pay for it. and i got to get my revenge on it in print. so i got some satisfaction from it. but you're not going to. i don't know. some people are going to like it. every cliche from gill began's island was in the film. watch gill began's island. >> i have a little one. they liked the other chipmunk
11:45 pm
filmle. i already promised him. >> i have a six-year-old and this like this godfather ii. the film he has been waiting for, an epic. i tried to steer him toward others stuff and eventually he's going to see it, but maybe when you find somebody else to do and you can rent it. >> the other one, tin tin, you said it's a great win. >> i love tin tin. spielberg has two films coming out right now, war horse and tin tin, and i think tin tin is the better one. war horse is getting more attention. 146 minutes long you want to spend time with your family this christmas, not in the teeter. tin tin is shorter and faster. you can bring younger kids to it. >> what if you want to see a movie, let's say, with your significant other? what would you recommend and. >> i really liked the young adults. it's very -- an r-rated film, got some tough issues. >> that's with charlie -- yeah.
11:46 pm
and patent oswald is wonderful in a supporting role. a little bleak for christmas day. i like mission impossible 4, too, the best action film. i'd steer clear of sherlock holmes and go with mi4. >> we're looking at clips right now. >> your producers rock. that was quick. >> another one, defendants. with george clooney. >> i liked it a lot. i would say if you can't get to the feet ters -- theaters there's another film ought now, on netflix or a story, win-win, paul giamatti, a very very simir film. got overlooked. you can get it right now if you can't find defendants. defendants is great, though. >> you can watch 7 live every weak day from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. right here on abc-7. >> even knew bornes are getting into the holiday spirit. tonight, st. joseph hospital and the city of orange wrapped up the babies in little christmas
11:47 pm
stockings. look how cute they are. don't mock me, don. they're the perfect stocking stuffer for moms and dads. come on, it's adorable. >> santa clause is getting closer and closer and you can follow him right now. santa made it past france and the pyramids and just has been sighted over oregon0. volunteers of norad have fielded # 8,000 calls an hour asking about santa claus. the defense command has followed santa since 1995 and so can you. we have a link the accept tracker on click on the "see it on tv". >> the kids should be getting to bed before santa gets there. >> you have to go to bed. >> hear from jeff martinez, in for leigh glaser. >> high there. accept better have the heater cranked up. it's cold. temperatures below freezing in
11:48 pm
fairfield, concord, livermore, 36 degrees. cold temperatures. napa, 5. mid-20s tonight. so another freeze washing in effect across the inland areas. high pressure has been with us now for the past month, really. that's why there's no precipitation. usually have more than three inches of rain this year. only .13 of an inch. very dry conditions. start to break down a little bit the other storm system to the north in oregon and washington. for us, another "spare the air" day. air quality poor out there so "spare the air" for tomorrow. wood-burning not permit for your christmas morning so have to watch it on tv. how about the temperatures tonight, dropping down to 26 in napa. fremont, 32. concord, 28. antioch, 32. so very cold conditions once again, like we had this morning. here's your christmas forecast as your waking up bright and early, opening up the presents. it's going be to cold. 20s in end -- inland.
11:49 pm
temperatures mid-day, 50 degrees. will warm up in the upper 50s to lower 60s most areas, like we had today. it was beautiful out there. got rid of the morning chill. so temperatures in the 50s and 60s tomorrow. just a nice afternoon most areas, and down the south areas, temperatures in the 60s as well. 61 degrees in monterrey. the accuweather seven-day forecast looks pretty good here. we'll see temperatures stay mild through christmas. nice travel day on monday. heading back. and slight chance of showers by wednesday. not a big storm system but at least we have chance for some rain. have a good christmas. >> rick is tack us sports. >> shu wanted the night off to make sure the milk and cookies were ready for santa claus. coming up in sports, the raiders keep they're afc title hopes alive and it was not silent night in seattle as the 49ers and seahawks
11:50 pm
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>> the niners' formula for winning is doing just enough on offense and then leave it to their top-rated defense. that combination worked in seattle. a lot of pushing and shoving. frank gore bulls into the end zone. it was 16-10 san francisco in the fourth but an delee has his puppet blocked. seattle gets the ball on the four. on the very next play, form are
11:53 pm
cal star marchand lynch becomes the first player to score a rushing touchdown against san francisco. the niners regain the lead on akers' fourth field goal of the game. time for seattle bus jackson is stripped of the football and in the niners recover. >> we talked about it all week. knew this would be a tough game, and very much a playoff game. all week that's what we talked about. they're playing for their playoff lives, and all the stuff coming out of there side, what they were saying, was the same thing. so, in this stadium, this cloud, a loud place, and there's a lot of problems. >> one week after losing to detroit by blowing a late fourth-quarter lead, the raiders were the danger of doing in the same thing in kansas city.
11:54 pm
le raiders flagged for penalties 15 times. this touchdown is called back because of a delay of game penalty. oakland goes for the field goal but jap -- janikowski hits the crossbar, no got. carson palmer on target. moore with the score. oakland up by seven late but just like last week, could not hold the lead. the chief 2k3w08z 0 yards in five plays. orton to bowe. the game is tied. kansas city with chance 2009 on -- chance to win on the final play of egg racing. it's blocked. inover sometime, palmer to heyward-bey for 53-yard, settling up this field goal by janikowski. raiders pull it out. they're now 8-7 and keep their afc title opens alive. >> the buffalo, tim tebow suffered the loss. throwing four career interceptions, and bird flies
11:55 pm
into the end zone. the bills win big, 40-14. if denver loses to kansas city next week and the raiders beat san diego, oakland wins the west. >> the chargers were eliminated by detroit, matthew stafford finds calvin johnson in a 38-10 victory. the lions make the playoffs for the first time since 1999. >> the play of the day came in cincinnati. the bengals jerome simpson. check out the big finish. so many are salts into the end zone, landing on both feet. cincinnati keeps it playoff hopes alive with a 23-16 win over arizona. >> carolina quarterback cam newton broke peyton manning's record for passing. the panthers win easily 48-16. >> the patriots rally from a 17-0 halftime deficit to beat miami. tom brady through for more than 300-yard and braid ya also ran for a pair of short scores.
11:56 pm
>> aloha. the hawaii bowl had nevada taking on southern miss. the wolf pack punting from the endown. the kick glocked and the golden eagles rougher for -- recover for the touchdown. southern miss wins 24-17. then a fight breaks out in the end zone. do you know what the call a fight in hawaii at christmas time? a mel -- melee kalimikaa. >> to the nba. seth curry might not be able. if he can't go, ellis is ready to take over at guard. and mark jackson does not seemed to be worried. >> everybody facessed a vertty.
11:57 pm
the commit teams and the great teams and the ones with great leadership respond it to, handles it, and makes the proper adjustment, and we're looking forward to doing that. >> the nba season tips off on abc-7 with a rematch of the national finals, dallas and miami at 11:30. then the lakers and kobe bryant hosts the bulls and that's your it toyota sports report. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a good night and merry no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just 25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get $10 off with... exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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