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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  December 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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is a warrant. they didn't show up for court or pay fines. they didn't do something the judge wanted them to do. so there is a warrant issued. >> it's part of a campaign financed by federal grant money. the visible part is the dui check points during holiday season. and this sargeant says arrests are mounting. >> there are over 500 arrests county wide. education is out there. and public awareness is out there. >> they average 800 dui arrests each holiday. and the net today didn't catch a lot of offenders. an arrest warrant had been issued for this man's wife who wasn't home. police say the person sbt isn't home, they do get the message. >> we're going to knock on 20 doors today. we're leaving a message with a family member, leaving a note with the neighbors saying the
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cops were here. >> and police want people to be able to take care of the warrants by friday. if they get arrested they're going to have to spend the holiday weekend in jail. police want to remind everyone as of january 1 a third dui could end up losing your license for you for at least 10 years. >> and if you're planning to pay off traffic tick yirkts you may northbound for a break, half off your tickets applies to certain fines and we are live with the details. >> the state and counties are short on cash and there are a lot of people have been neglecting their debts this, program offers people incentive to come clean. if you have a traffic ticket you haven't paid three years,
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you can get a break, up to half off. the state mandated a one-time program running for six months from january 1, 2012 through june. >> this is a program for real restrictions on it. it's an opportunity to get fines paid. >> it applies to tickets receives before january 1, 2009. and the program covers traffic violations including moving violations, speeding and running through stop signs. the discount will not apply to parking tickets, lex driving or dui. there is a lot of fine print for being able to qualify, such as not owing restitution and not having a misdemeanor or felony warrant. we found mixed reaction from people coming out of court in santa clara. paying full price for their more-recent tickets. >> it's not fair is that they forgot. you know?
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took too long to take care of it. and everyone is going to do that and hope next time that is what they do. >> i don't think it's fair. >> i agree. people don't pay fees before 2009, just give them discount and bring the revenues. it's good for everyone. >> and this does seem to act as a motivator when the state did a deal in 1992, collecting more than $15 million f you're interested in the program and you want to know if your ticket qualifies just go to our web site. and click see it on tv. >> and let's go to oakland now. occupiers are back, setting up tents in a vacant lot. the sight is on west grand avenue and peralta street and more than a dozen tents have been put up this is like a
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peace haven, a haven for people who have nowhere to be. and and if we can survive through the winter, we can take on any season. >> police have been out to the camp agreeing the lot is private property. occupiers say they were unable to find tax assessment records for the land. the camp apparently will stay until the owner asks the lot be cleared. >> the manhunt for a car thief ended with his arrest in oakland. around 11:00 in the morn police say they tried to pull over the driver of a stolen truck. he took off, crashed and ran. the driver surrendered after a police canine caught up with him. the name isn't being released but officers say he's a 40-year-old parole. >> and a san francisco judge rule there'd is evidence to go to trial over a pregnant woman who was crushed to death on a job in a printing company. three years ago the 26-year-old was working in a
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cutting machine that suddenly slammed shut. the woman's upper body was caught in the machine. she was not trained to operate and the machine did not have safety guards. >> we have the live of the safety equipment and also a lack of training which could have avoided some of the problems here. not only for the victim but everybody else in this company. >> the owner and manager of digital pre press will be tried on charges of involuntary manslaughter. >> east bay mud crews are working to repair a main near williams street across from john muir middle school. the break reported at 4:30 this morning and 100 gallons of water per minute spilled two hours before crews could turn it off. the flooding didn't cause property damage. no one lost water service. >> tonight nursing moms are targeting target.
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this is because of a texas mother claims she was bullied by workers for nursing her baby in public. and sue thompson explains what mothers are doing to force a change here. >> many nursing moms are not happy how a mother was treated in a texas target store. today in a bay area moms and babies teamed up to send a message to retail giant, target and anyone who would listen. out side of the main doors moms and babies moved in to nurse. >> i thought i'd come here and support. and you know... show that feeding your baby in public is normal and natural. >> many here are upset at what happened miles away at a houston, texas target. a mom claims store workers harassed her for trying to breast feed her baby. >> i am not going to go nurse in a bathroom. would you want to eat your lunch in a bathroom?
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sitting on a toilet. >> we're unhappy a mom had to go through that anywhere. >> so mothers and babies openly nursed in public to send a message to target corporate head quarter autos we should be able to breast feed in public. there is nothing dirty bit. it's nourishing our children. >> target does have a policy for mom who's need to feed babies and says it works hard to help nursing moms. >> if they were to approach and ask for a private location, we'd give them one. such as a fitting room. >> it is unclear if the offer was made to the houston mother. moms here say this store is accommodating but believes they should be able to nurse anywhere, not just in a private location. shoppers have mixed feelings on that. >> i think that this is something natural. as long as they're covered up i feel they're not bothering
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anyone else. >> these moms hope their presence and message will perhaps change policy at target and elsewhere. >> we want to be for breast feeding and for the right for mothers to be able to nourish their baby autos and target corporate did release a statement saying guest who's choose to breast feed in public areas are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. and they mentioned that it is going to make sure all of the employees understand that policy. >> and did other parts of the country see attention on? >> they d nursing mothers turned out in san jose, staging a nurse in. this was the scene in chicago. a dozen mothers showed up to support that texas mother. and also, try to bring change to target policy on breast feeding then, in wilmington,
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north carolina a store there saw a number of moms out nursing publicly outside it's front doors. back in california the moms say today's nurse in is a one time protest but they're willing to put on a repeat performance if they don't see a change in policy. dan? >> we'll see. sue thompson, thank you. >> and this story sparked a discussion on our facebook page. one says i think it's insane people consider it rude and get offended. it's natural. mike says nursing a baby should be a private thing between a mom and child. cover up in public. i feel they do it just for attention. if you'd like to weigh in go to >> and we'd like to hear from you. >> and let's check in now with the first time this hour with the weather. >> right. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> this is what is going to be happening this evening. you may have noticed clouds increasing this afternoon. the pattern continues overnight. clouds increase it and will be
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mild in the evening hours, temperatures from mid whos to mid-50s and overnight remaining mild and there is cloud cover locking in the radiational cooling. morning lows from about 43 degrees up to 50 then, afternoon we'll see clouds and there is some is highs ranges from 60 to mid 6 0es inland and around the bay. so when is the rain coming up? i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> coming up, how brushing your teeth could help you from developing pneumonia. >> an oops from the "new york times". the e mail that went out to millions that had the paper's phones ringing off the hook. >> michael finney is taking your questions through his facebook and twitter pages and is going to answer them live
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just a little later. >> and time to take a look outside at traffic. taking a look at 80s there, you can see there is back up getting ready to head out will be slow going for you. back in a moment.
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checking healthy living news brushing your teeth could help you from developing pneumonia. and this is based on research that found a link between bacteria in the mouth and respiratory disease. a professor discovered changes occurring in oral bacteria
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before it develops this, is not the first time that they have been linked. >> a simple breath test might provide doctor was a tool for predicting lung cancer quickly. each time we exhale, hungs emit a bio signature that contains a pattern of organic compounds that. pattern can point to both cancerous and noncancerous growth. the tests which proved effective more than 08% of the time is more effective when looking for specific types of cancer. >> a study challenges claims about the popular blood thinner plavix. the warning says the drug might not be effective for patients with a certain gene. the fda required a genetic test for patients taking the drug. a new study suggests the fda may have jumped the gun. >> when looking at 40,000
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patients when you look at things it prevents and had been shown to prevent such as heart attacks and strokes it didn't matter wlu had a lot of the gene orly ale bit, affects seemed to be the same. >> 40 million people take the drug world wide to treat a variety of problem autos nation's new health care overhaul promised free checkups aimed at keeping america healthy but some are finding out prepreventative care isn't so free. department of health and human services offer tips to avoid costs. you can call the 800 number on the back of the card and ask if your plan must comply with affordable health care act fu. see an unexpected charge ask if a bill was submitted as pry vent tiff or a treatment. >> the "new york times" is apologizing after accidentally sending a notice of cancellation to eight million people urging recipients to
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reconsider subscribing to the times at a discounted rate, meant only for 300 people but was sent out to millions who had shared their address was the paper. in a follow thup afternoon the times said this. quote, this e mail was sent in error. we apologize for confusion this may have caused. >> and 2011 has been the year for tech shake ups. counting back to top five of the year, but first, apple's plan to crush competition with patents. let's go tloif bloomberg west with today's after the bell report. hi, john. >> good afternoon. yeah. apple continues to pile up on patents. this week awarded over a dozen new patents, all things considered a small number versus mountain of violence seen over the years. previous patents turned out to be for cool stuff we didn't know at the time.
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and we're checking this out in hopes of getting a sneak peek of what could be coming. among new patents there is a fitness center app and another technology used when you touch your phone. trading seems to be light today. stocks were a source of disappointment ending a five-day rally. it's being blamed on concerns out of europe. your bloomberg index posting losses with shares of cisco dragging down that index. and google's efforts to get into the travel business caught up in turbulence because google began placing its service above the result of industry rivals. competitors say it's abusing power to get ahead in the travel business. and this could be hurting its rivals. web analystics say it's rivals
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depend on google for 10% to 20% of the traffic z taking a look at the year in full this, year's shake up. nick thompson helps with us lists. net flix had a disastrous year, apple at number two. base fais wtd loss of steve jobs. and taking a top spot is yahoo. obviously lots of questions for this company. carol barts, former ceo was fired. was it the right move? and is the brand going to be able to bounce back? there you have it. it's been quite a year in silicon valley. and dan, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> and time now for a check on weather. any chance of rain?
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>> and there is a slight chance of rain overnight into friday morning into the north bay. won't be enough to make a dent in the rainfall but we welcome rain we can get at this point. there is a live view now from our east bay hills camera. and there is a gorgeous presunset skri sky. just beautiful. and there is some moisture off shore in the clouds not hitting the ground this is no rain hitting the ground yet. we do expect light rain. now under dry conditions there are increasing clouds, temperatures into low 60s in spots. pretty mild and 65 in livermore. and then we have upper 50s around the bay in oakland and san francisco this, has been a mild day. clouds continuing to increase overnight. chance of showers in the north bay friday morning.
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and light rain is what we expect tlchl a dry, mild new year's weekend coming our way. satellite composite image she's high pressure still the dominant feature now and there is a cold front producing rain in western washington state and oregon near seattle and portland and points farther east. and we're not getting anything out of this yet. we expect a chance of rain here friday, but mainly north bay starting at 7:00 this evening, balmy condition was rain staying to our north. by, oh, midnight, thursday night into friday morning we'll see drizzle developing along the central part of the viewing area and coastline, then, later friday morning about 9:00 we'll see rain arriving in the northern most part of the viewing area mainly northern half of sonoma county and that is about as far as we expect it to go.
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low temperatures won't go very far south. cloud cover into mid to upper 40s to 50s here in san francisco. tomorrow's high will be mild once again with cloud looking for highs low to mid-60s around the bay and inland. 64 in san jose. 64 palo alto. mild near monterey bay. there is 66 in hollister. sheert accu-weather forecast. there is a chance of rain and take a look at the gorgeous new year's eve and new year's weekend. sunny skies both days and high temperatures into mid-60s with a great start to 2012. there is a dry start and we don't see signs of significant rain developing yet. >> thank you. >> and we have more news today regarding possible reconciliation between maria shriver and arnold schwartzeneggar. waits reported shriver was
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having second thoughts for divorcing schwartzeneggar. the primary reason was her religious beliefs. tmz is reporting the couple spent christmas together. maria moved out after schwartzeneggar revealed he fathered a child with their housekeeper. she filed for divorce in july. >> few politicians top the most-admired man and woman list saying secretary of state hillary clinton topped the list of most-admired women for 16th time. rounding out top five, oprah, michelle obama, sara palin and condoleezza rice. president obama won for the fourth year, he was followed by former president george w. bush and bill clinton and warren buffet rounded out top five a lot more still to come here, when you're a crocodile and you're hungry, even a lawn mower looks tasty. >> and later at 4:30 where a
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one winning ticket was sold last night in the megamillions jackpot. >> and a 5-year-old went to town racking up a huge iphone tab. find out what happened. >> we're taking a look outside there at the 101 you're moving right along there. 80 is a slow go. with my friends, we'll do almost anything.
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an australian zoo keeper might think twhis he tries to mow the lawn in one critter's home. take a look. can you let go? >> really. >> elvis the crocodile attacked and dragged it into the pond. elvis weighs more than 1100 pounds, zoo keepers used food to lure him away so he can pull it out of the water. elvis lost two teeths when he bit into the mower. >> a video of a christmas day prank has fon viral and shows how loyal baseball fans are to their teams in chicago. some love the cubs and others love white sox. >> what is it? are you crying tears of happiness? >> no. >> let's see what it is. this is a pillow pet. isn't that what you wanted?. >> no. she wanted white sox. >> here, baby.
4:27 pm
>> no. i'm just kidding this is for you, baby. that is your pillow pet. >> wow. her mom played a joke swapping with that of her twin brother who loves the cubs. she smiled eventually. >> let's try again. go ahead, open it. >> yeah! >> she got her white sox pillow pet. >> white sox fan. what are you going to do? >> absolute lie too scared for two days of passengers flying out of sacramento what. caused a latest problem. >> a step forward for a controversial ballot initiative that could bring an immigration crack down to california. >> and in emeryville we can see low clouds cat the oft. i'll have the forecast coming up.
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a scare for passengers on a flight out of sacramento today. a southwest air heinz flight had to turn around after hitting a bird. it's the second incident involving a southwest air lines flight. >> for 25 passengers on flight 1166 ended up getting rebooked on other flights today this,
4:31 pm
plane behind me is not the one involved in the incident but it's similar to it. this is video of the plane landing after night 1166 had to make a landing. the air draft boeing 737 took off from here at 6:15 this morning and when about 10 minutes from the airport it struck either one bird or a flock, and nobody was injured but fr precautions, 1166 was forced to turn around, land and be inspected for damage. and this flight was cancelled. sacramento sees a lot of plane versus bird collisions. one passenger spent 30 years inspecting and testing jet engines. >> this is designed so another engine gets power to take it
4:32 pm
off fully loaded. and where we got into trouble is in la guardia. he got a strike on both engines and 12 hours prior to 1166 passenger, southwest had another one here that is when another 737 had to abort take off. there was no fire and nobody was injured. workers are asession damage to that 737 hit by a flock of birds and investigators are looking over the 737 trying to figure out what caused those tires to blow out. reporting at sacramento international airport abc 7 news. >> a new immigration crack down is closer to the ballot in california.
4:33 pm
the secretary of state now approved the nir tich requiring state and local law enforcement to comply, including turning immigrants over to federal authorities. the law would deny drivers licenses and identification cards town documented immigrants. the authors say would it help combat growing international gang criminal activity. 500,000 signatures are needed to get it on the november ballot in california. >> and experts say there are lessons to learn from a heart breaking christmas day fire that killed a family in connecticut saying it's a reminder that this is the peak season for house fires. >> officials now know those three young girls and their grandmother who died in a horrific christmas day fire in connecticut succumbed to smoke inhalation. their grandfather by head and neck traum yachl the house was
4:34 pm
being renovated on most of the second floor. the family was not supposed to be staying there yet. there were no hard-wired smoke alarms. >> that is the sound. be familiar so he noi noe what to do. >> a friend of the ad executive who owned the home had put ashes from the fireplace in a bag and into a trash attached to the rear of the house. fire deaths are slightly down over the past five years deaths from accidental causes are up 18% this, last week of december homes are three times more likely to catch fire due to candle-ignited fires. and this lab constructed a modern living room for abc news and most contents from blankets to toys are made from petroleum based products that can burn up to six times faster saying occupants should
4:35 pm
call for anything not able to be put out with a glass of water and it can be avoided at all costs. >> and california officials say pesticide use in the state on the rise. department of regulation says that it found 10% increase in the amount of pesticide used from 2009 to 2010. more than 173 million pounds were applied state wide. department says that wet weather led to more use. >> well, millions of americans plunk down cash in the hope of winning megamillions and so far, the $208 million winner has not come forward, however we know someone bought knit a supermarket on long island in new york. the store employee says co-workers are just buzzing and hoping the winner comes forward soon. the supermarket workers pooled their money to buy tickets but all they won was 7s oodz oh! >> and the race among g.o.p. presidential candidates could come down to a photo finish.
4:36 pm
the fierce campaign going on with just days to go. >> michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here live. you can contact michael on finney abc 7. >> taking a look at roadways today. you're looking at 80, those of you heading on the bridge and lefthand side, people heading out of san francisco. so a little bit of a slow down there. >> and there is a take a look at traffic weather. and every major airport location except in new york area there is strong gusty winds expeer yenszing management issues delays up to an hour and 20 minutes here z i'll tell when you to expect
4:37 pm
it and how much in just a moment.
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the republican presidential race is turning into a fight w less than a week until iowa votes there is a upset in the making. and latest on this rollercoaster race coming down to the fire. it's a new ball game in iowa. the new poll has mitt romney
4:40 pm
at the top of the field there, followed by ron paul, rick santorum in third place. >> maybe 15% of the money. >> newt gingrich plummeted. just three weeks ago he had a commanding lead but then, the television onslaught. >> newt has a ton of baggage. >> well financed romney supporters blanketed iowa air waves with negative ads. spending almost twice the amount of romney campaign spent. gingrich tried a different strategy. >> the only person helped but negative ads is barack obama. >> the negative ad clearly have done damage to his poll numbers and they're getting under his skin. >> that statement is that if you want to run a negative campaign and attack people be man enough to own it ron paul is not surprised.
4:41 pm
his surge has been brewing there for week autos something has to change. something will change. >> just how big is the ron paul threat in iowa? pretty significant based on attention he's getting from opponents. >> ron paul would be dangerous as president of the united states. >> newt gingrich's loss could be rick santorum's gain. conservatives now can rally around him as the best alternative. >> and economy is likely to be a major issue in november. mitt romney is at the top in a new survey. half of the 36 surveyed believe romney would do the best job. the rest didn't pick anyone but gave the president 50% of the economists rated his policies as fair and 36% called them poor. 14% gave him good marks, none rated him excellent. >> and more still to come for you here at 4:00 just ahead a
4:42 pm
funeral for kim jong-il but are these tears real? you'll hear from one expert has to say. >> a drop in ticket sales at movie theaters that has hollywood worried.
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is world is getting a rare glimpse inside north korea. the nation is in the middle of a two-day funeral for kim jong-il. some of the striking scenes include a parade of 1950s cars and tears by citizen that's some suspect were staged. abc joe ease cho watched from seoul. >> as north korea military elite fill into the plaza, the body of kim jong-il made a grand entrance, escorted by his son and heir, right behind the new leader the man reportedly in control of power behind the scenes. the hearst drove around places he used to reside and work. citizens on television displayed emotions. and are these genuine? >> i can't imagine anyone having genuine sorrow for this
4:46 pm
leader but they're scared. these are all staged. >> look closer. crying is pro portion nal in the camera, analysts say. big question is will this young to-something leader of the 1.2 million strong army be able to carry on his father's iron grip? >> and in south korea, antinorth korea activists say the long time leader massacred his family, made thousands starve to death and killed south koreans in recent attacks in a south korean island. >> the u.s. naif ease fifth fleet is warning iran not to close the port saying disruption to traffic may not be tolerated. this is two days after the
4:47 pm
navy held war games. the area is at the mouth of the persian gulf b a third of the world's oil tanker traffic passes through. >> it turns out smart phones were a popular gift. we're going to show you numbers throughout the day. >> plus, the classic films getting a big honor from the library of congress. >> and i'll answer your consumer questions from facebook and twitter, next. >> and at 5:00 founder of a bay area city and high tech firm join forces to get homeless families into homes.
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forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to hear of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future
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but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa. live take a look at traffic.
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sticky on sky way. we get a break and traffic slow in both directions tonight. on to consumer news s there anything you can do if the neighborhood bar plays music too loud? >> what do you do about that? >> and that is the first question we're going to take now this, is from ray k. i live in san frachbl what can i do if the bar plays loud music after 10:00 p.m. you can bust the guys that you don't do it the way you probably think you do. the police department doesn't have much to do with this issue unless it's an immediate problem and out of hachbltd it's taking care of by the health department in the city and county of san frachblt what you do is that you call and they'll send someone to check the sound see if it's above the limit f it's after 10:00 they'll be told to knock it off unless and here is the one little part could mess you up, if there is a variance bars and restaurants can
4:52 pm
sometimes given a variance if that happened it's going to be tough to fight but they still can only be so loud. second question comes from dan y. how do i track down a mutual fund opened by my parents 20 years ago which we lost track of but to avoid using a lawyer? california controller has an unclaimed property division. i've shown you the web site. we've looked up people and returned thousands of dollars and you can do the same thing. you don't need an attorney. i've got a link to it. and if this money is missing that is where it should be. carol asked can you still do a homestead on your home with equity in california? home equity is what this is
4:53 pm
about here in the state. it's not like old days thinking about free land from the government. what it does is protect your equity at least part of your equity here in california depending on who you are, how old are you and whether you're married or not. between $75,000 and 175,000s frdz bankruptcies and judgments if you're sued and lose. okay. now, the interesting part is that you don't have to do anything. you have the exemption if you live on property you own, how far, there are some additional advantages if you file a declaration. that means you know your home is going to be in problem people goring to come after wealth then you'll file. if you're going to do that it's best to get an attorney. the rest of us, we're protected. >> thank you michael. >> sure. >> and we're desperate for rain and enjoying nice weather.
4:54 pm
>> yes. we are. >> and we've had some beautiful days. this is the picture of sun rise this morning. take a look at the sky. it's awesome. and the clouds and lots of texture to the picture, tomorrow from top to bottom we're going to have a mild day. there will be wet weather in eureka. that is a wet spot. rest of the state will be dry and mild. looking for highs at 53 in yosemite. really mild down south. and there is los angeles, 756789 will be another mild day here tomorrow. we do expect clouds toin crease overnight. and we'll have at least partly cloudy skies tomorrow but still mild in the south bay. highs into mid-60s uch to 64 degrees in san jose. and santa clara. and on the pin anyone slarks we'll see low to mid-60s. up to 64 in palo alto. 65 in mountain view.
4:55 pm
mild on the coast. pacifica a high of 57 tomorrow. and 60 half moon bay. and there is south san francisco, north bay, mild as well. mainly low 60s. up to 63 in santa rosa and there is low 60s in oakland from that point south we'll see temperatures climbing up to 62. inland east bay, mid-60s. and 63 danville and near monterey bay, highs into low to mid-60s near the bay. and watsonville, and milder inland, 65 in gilroy. 66 in hollister, going to be a lovely day. i'll have the forecast coming up at 5:00. >> thank you. >> and shoppers purchased billions of gifts online but some of the biggest names performed poorly.
4:56 pm came in last. and rating of 72 out of 100. and there is a score of 73 and topped the poll for the 14th time. research group conducts the poll every six month autos and many folks received new cell phones as a gift z new phone activation shattered old record because of the gifts. mobile research group flurry estimates 6.8 million androids and iphones were activated on christmas day. google placed 3.7 million phones were activated on december 24th and 25th. and apple expects to have one billion app down loads. many executives might say wait until next year after ticket sales plunged to lowest level
4:57 pm
in 16 years. 2011 including many flops like "the girl with the dragon tattoo". and analysts blame several factors, economy, rising prices and a backlash against remakes appearing on the big screen. hollywood faces increasing competition from all sorts of portable and at home gadgets which occupy leash you're time. >> and we know that one. many movie fans remember tom hanks playing the character in "forest gump" among 25 films just selected to be preserved in the largest archive of film, tv and audio recordings. other films included "bambi", "silence of the lambs" and "stand and deliver".
4:58 pm
the library of congress will face negatives and prints into the massive vault. and thank you for joining us at abc 7 news at 4:00. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and you can talk about it on slash abc 7 news. news at 5:00 continues now with dan ashley and cheryl jenning autos founder of a local company pitches in in a big way to put a roof over heads of bay area homeless families. >> and there is a local theater group forced to move. >> and a mother learns about the damage done when you give a 5-year-old your iphone pass word. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. a call to help homeless families this season. >> more families are homeless than before but one couple and companies have stepped up to help. >> david louie is live with
4:59 pm
the story for us tonight. 50 juan, renee and their 5-year-old daughter called this room home for now. it's inside of a shelter operated by hamilton family centers. unemployment continues to force families out of homes san francisco is finding homeless families are a growing challenge. >> there is demand increased to a point where we're able to meet need so get someone into a shelter bed tonight but long term sustainable type help for folks takes longer. >> big impact is on the weather. >> kids who do not have stability in their lives, this is hard to focus and hard for them to just get up and get to school sometimes. and it, you know, there is a large impact on children. >> 60 home heless families will be getting rent subsidies of $800 a month to f


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