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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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donation from the sales foundation. as one accomplice told us, through a translator young stephanie has been wondering how long they'll be living if a shelter. >> she has asked her parents when they'll go back to having their own private space. >> their shelter space will be reassigned to another 239 families and this woman is a expectant mother who will get help. >> it has an organized and productive and helpful. and able to get some health care here, too. >> the growth in the number of homeless families isn't just a san francisco problem. advocates in san mateo report there are 149 families in the same situation. >> we should point out the donation came from mark and lynn from sales
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foundation. the programs tell us they expect a number of families will increase right after holidays because those who have moved in with friends or relatives during holidays often find they're no longer welcome. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and. >> sacramento police started moving homeless people from a tent city. up to 100 tents have lined the river. today was a deadline to vok yait the site. residents say they'd rather face being arrested rather herded from place to place. police emphasized it violates a camping ordinance. >> and the occupy oakland movement is making another attempt. an encampment is forming in a different part of the city. and nick, try, try again. right? >> absolutely. the plaza is a meeting place for occupy oakland this evening at 5:00. they're scheduled to talk about not only next steps
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going forward but plans to take over a building in late january. less than two miles from here, protesters have taken over a new piece of land tell meeg if you thought they'd disappeared and gone away, think again. >> we're going to lead by example. >> here we go again. 30 days after being shut down, protestors think their claim on a new parcel of land and have given it a name. >> this is called a sky oncypress triangle. occupiers using new methods to screen everyone who enters and make sure new arrivals meet their criteria. >> no criminal activity no, drugs or alcohol this, is a place with tents. everything is running properly. >> but property owners don't see it the same way. >> we're not thrilled and don't want it to turn into what it turned into a month book they want to get the word
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out to supporters about this new location. possibly raising the number of tents and... raising frustrations of david rubio wro who operates a shop across the street. >> we've tried to get them evicted. nothing the police can do. they came out here, they said our hands are tied. we have to find owners of the place otherwise, they can move here. >> oakland pd tells me because they're on private property, police will not take action unless they want to cite campers whochl ob owns this lot isn't clear, one leader tells me records are inconclusive and there is no visible signage. >> there is a property of the property not listed. that is the area they're staying in. >> officials are using a hands off approach supporting rights to free speech as long as they
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can operate within the boundaries. >> they do not intervene unless private property owners requests the stoi intervene or there is a disruption. >> the lot has no address and learned it was purchased in 2006. >> and abc 7 news went along as officers conducted a massive operation today serving convicting drunk driver was warrants. five people were arrested and hauled off to jail. there are 550 warrants and they're targeting people convicted of duies. who failed to serve their sentence. >> we tell them, turn yourself in. that way, you pick the day, instead of us coming and taking you on christmas or new year's or a friday where you'll have to spend the weekend in jail. >> and this is being paid for
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a great grant. saying. >> and the manhunt for a car thief ended with his arrest in mills college. around 11:00 this morning police say they tried to pull over a driver near college campus. he took off, crashed and ran on foot. the driver surrendered after a police canine unit caught up with him. and officers say he's a 40-year-old parole. >> and california secretary of state has approved a new arizona-style crack down initiative for signature gathering. fit passes it would require state and local law enforcement to complete with federal immigration law, including turning undocumented immigrants over to federal authorities. and would prevent undocumented immigrants from getting id
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cards and driver's licenses. >> and investigators hauled away a small plane damaged in a crash in order to take a look at it. yesterday's crash sent both men on board. they're both okay. the board plans to talk with both men within the next couple days to figure out what happened. >> and the government will pay nearly $18 million to a family who lost four loved ones when a jet crashed into their home. the fighter jet developed engine problems when a pilot was at the helm in december, 2008. a judge ordered the multi million dollar settlement. the military says the pilot overlooked a safe laning in a navy base. 13 members of the marines and navy were displined for the error. >> and a case of a pregnant woman crushed to death by a
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hash nsh san francisco will go ahead to trial. the woman died at digital pre-press international plant. prosecutors allege the woman was preparing a job on a device known as a creasing and cutting machine with no safety guards and the woman wasn't trained to operate it. >> and as she was leaning into the machine, this mobile plattent suddenly activated and closed on her upper body. >> digital pre-press could be fined $1.5 million. the company's owner and press room manager are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. >> and tonight east bay municipality district crews are almost finished repairing a broken water lane. by the time they turned it offer, 100 gallons spilled. it was closed for a short time
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and service for residents were not interrupted because of the break. it's under investigation. >> and business as usual today along a section of downtown walnut creek affected by a water main break yechld saichl-inch valve broke yesterday morning. and that took crews 12 hours to repair the damage. a crate and barrel store suffered water damage. >> coming up, people who have been trying to avoid paying tickets now have a big incentive to pay up and message mothers sent target today, when they staged a nurse in. >> and a 5-year-old racked up huge tabs on what is supposed to be free apps. >> and is it just a tease or going rain here? i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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nursing mothers took part in a nurse in today to protest target after a mother says she was harassed for breast feeding at the store. the nurse in at the target was one of 100 scheduled today at 35 stores organized after a claim of harassment from michelle hickman. she says she was at the women's department nurtsing her baby covered in a blanket. workers asked her to use a fitting room. she refused and claimed employees gave her a tough time. >> and shaking their head no. no. like i'm doing something horrible, feeding baby here, people are showing far more cleavage than i would be showing. >> and a spokesperson says shopper who's choose to breast feed in public areas are welcome to do so. >> if a guest wants to breast feed we're in open arms of doing so. if they were to approach us and ask for a private location we have give
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them one as fating room, make them feel comfortable. >> target says it will inform employees about the policies. >> and there is a third baby sickened with a rare bacterial infection saying the child has recovered this month a 10 day old newborn died from the infection he drank enfa mismt l formula. and in the oklahoma case the child did not use enfamil. officials are waiting for results from testing a powdered formula and water used for preparing it a widely prescribed drug that lost approval for treating breast cancer is apparently no more effective against ovarian cancer. according to studies it did not approve odds and had more sides affects than noted. the fda revoked approval for
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breast cancer for the same reasons. it can be sold for colon, lung and brain cancers and it is made by south san francisco based genen tech and a simple breath test could give doctors a tool to detect lung cancer. doctors detected this at the cleveland clinic. each time we exhale lungs emit a bio signature that contains a pattern or compound skm that can pinpoint cans skprus noncancerous growths in a paish yaents lungs. research mores hope to combine a test to catch the cancer earlier. >> venezuela became the second nation offering to pay for surge troy replace faulty breast implants. they contain industrial grade silicon and prone to
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rupturing. they're made by a now out of business french company. >> the "new york times" issueded an apology after accidentally sending a notice of cancellation to 8.6 million people. and this is meant for only 300 subscribers but was sent out to million who's shared their e mail address was the paper. the e mail urged them to reconsider subscribing to "the times" at a discounted rate. this afternoon the times said this was sent by us in error and we apologize for confusion this may have caused. a spokesperson says no one's information was compromised. >> a county 5-year-old racked up a major bill on his moem mom's iphone. the kid played a game using iphone app. his mom gave permission for a 1.99 purchase, however, he kept racking up bills and it
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ended up costing his mom $500. >> this is when you buy stuff. >> once making an initial purchase where you have to authenticate or approve by entering a pass word from that point on, every time you hit one of the buttons to make a purchase it's effect skbrif authorized. >> and scamry's father explained he's an expert court witness on cyber crime. >> and a vaudville show with dinner is taking down it's tent after new year's eve show and is moving slightly south from pier 29 to embarcadero
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and broadway. and we're live in the parking lot that will be the home. >> this is the place that their landlord has chosen and you can see abc 7 behind it. right there preparing for a lobby they're worthing on the big new year's fin naly. it's steeped in tradition and roots going back to europe. >> this is a throw back to another time. this is a zany part, nonstop. the company only supposed to be here a short time. more than 11 and a half years later it is going strong. the bay area took to the concept. >> it's vaudville with dinner,
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it's a time of years gone by. but it's current in its love for the city.. >> they pull from 250 performers from around the world. christopher grew up in campbell and performed in las vegas. >> i grew up in musical theater. here i get to sing and dance around. and so it's kind of all inclusive, and fun. >> and maddela says this is interactive theater. >> you're part of the show. any time someone can jump up behind you and something happens which makes a jump for us super interesting. >> they will take down a tent after the finalo to make way for the cup. but the tent will be back at their new location sometime for the next holiday season.
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>> and a lot of work has to be done. and they hope to reopen in november, 2012. and yes, with heels she is six 10. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and thank you. >> and i'll bet if we can get rain we can get spencer to do hand stands and cart wheels. >> i do it already. >> and this is destroying myth of natural weather but we're trying. there are beautiful skies from our east bay hills camera. and wow. that is just almost defying description. clouds there to add color. there is another view.
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looking towards the city of san francisco. there is low clouds and high clouds and you can see live doppler 7 picking up moisture in the atmosphere that is not hitting ground yet. and this is dry conditions and mild. 62 degrees now in redwood city. 60 up in santa rosa. mainly upper 50s in other locations around the bay area. clouds continuing to increase overnight z there is a chance of showers friday morning. and we'll have a dry, mild new year's weekend and there is approaching frontal system directing moisture into pacific northwest. so there is not much of it reaching down into our area. and there is an active storm track. a lot of it is heading into our direction.
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there is a chance of rain on friday and maybe overnight tomorrow night. starting at 7:00 watch the progress in the system. and very early friday morning there is a bit of maybe northern napa counties but that is about as far as we expect the rainfall to go. so most of the remainder of the bay area will be dry friday. low temperatures tonight under cloudy skies will not drop very low. will be mild to about 50 here in san francisco. tomorrow's highs will be high again like today. highs into low to mid 6 ows. and san mateo, 59 here and just a little bit to the south. and there is watsonville, 65
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in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is light rainfall, sunny and mild weekend beginning new year on a mild note. take a look at highs next week. 64, 66 degrees around the bay and inland. monday through wednesday. and i won't be surprise fd highs approaching 70 degree mark. it's going to be pleasant. >> and there is active pattern out there. >> this is stormy weather headed into washington state and oregon. and if there is a dip in the jet stream we may get wet weather. >> still ahead if you got a ticket in the bay area tis the season to get a half off amnesty deal. >> and at 6:00, the birds.
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a site thousands of birds find a place to rest heading south for the winter. we'll be right back.
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california has a half off amnesty problem for certain tickets. the state mandated this program running for six months from january 1, 2012 to, june. they could get half off if you meet certain requirements. the program does not apply to parking tickets or drunk driving. >> that is not fair, they took too long. >> p people don't pay, just give them discounts and bring in revenues. it's good for everyone. >> and there you go. if you want to know if your
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ticket qualify goes to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> and talking tickets, patrol is about to begin a crack down on driver who's continue to use hand held cell phones on the road. for 24 hours starting friday night. officers billwill stop as many violators as possible and chp wants to know why many drivers continue to text and talk on hand held devices though it's against the law. data collected will be use forward a study on distracted driving and by the way, carries a $166 fine. >> and the guy walking and talking. doing shopping. >> it's not oprah or another celebrity. >> no. coming up next, the man and woman topping this year's most-admired list. 8t8t8t8taúxtxp
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coming up at 6:00 you're
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going hear from a backer of a petition drive to bring a crack down on illegal immigration to california. >> a neighborhood record store wristing a new chapter tonight after surviving 10 years in the age of the ipod autos its coming up at 6:00. and there are two politicians topping most-admired men and women list. >> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton topped the list for a 16th time. >> rounding out top five, oprah, first lady michelle obama and former secretary of state condoleezza rice. >> president obama won for the fourth year. >> and followed by george w. bush and bill clinton. >> and rif rend billy gram and warren buffet rounded out top five. >> world news is next. i'm cheryl jen


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