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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco, two women are fighting for their lives after a brutal attack overnight. one of the women apparently the intended victim, the other one in definitely the wrong place at the wrong time. i'll explain in a live report. bizarre bite attack at a peninsula bookstore injuries two children and sends a woman to jail. decade long cyber attack that may have stolen financial information from tens of thousands of bay area college
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students and teachers. good morning. good news, not a spare the air day. they recommend you do not burn. record high temperatures that could fall today and tomorrow before colder weather is on the way for the back half of the weekend update on the rain. good morning. earlier problems have cleared looking good oakland maze heading towards the bay bridge toll. i will show you new ways to commute to work. 6:01 on this friday, thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. tens of thousands of students who attended san francisco city college may have had their personal information stolen. college officials have detected computer viruses transmitting data overseas. amy hollyfield is live at city college. what is stun something how long this has been going on. >> reporter: -- >> reporter: about 10 years. it appears the students' banking information has been stolen but their medical records are safe according to
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the san francisco chronicle which break the story in today's morning edition. it is a big story it could have a huge impact. city college has an infestation of computer viruses that have been invading the college's system more than 10 years. meaning tens of thousands of students and faculty may have had personal information stolen. the viruses are still in there they haven't involve -- solve ofed this probe . the viruses have origins in russia, china, the -- viruses trance missing -- trance mitting to half a dozen other countries they haven't linked identity theft to the viruses but the investigation is just getting started they may have to bring in the fbi. data expert is quoted in the paper as saying criminals see college students as i deal victims. they have good, clean records and goo earning potential, so their i don't -- good earning potential so their identity is
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worth stealing according to this expert. officials are just uncovering what a mess they have. trying to figure out how to contact all of the students this is just getting started. it is a story worth paying attention to. it is going to be developing for sometime. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san francisco police are looking for the people behind a horrifying attack on elderly woman at her home in the sunset district. a second woman there delivering food also brutally attacked. terry mcsweeney is live in the 1700 block of 20th avenue with the latest on the victims. >> reporter: 20th and noriega. the latest we have on the victims is they are both dealing with life-threatening injuries after a brutal attack. someone or more than one person using some kind of a hammer-like device to attack these women. first what happened in the house across the street from me about 9:20 last night, take
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a look at some pictures of what it was like out here when police came out to check out the scene. they found a woman about 70 years of age inside this house, beaten unconscious. the way the police found out about this is that a way who had come to deliver food from a restaurant just right around the corner, had to be turned -- had returned to the restaurant bleeding profusely, she too had been attacked. police are having trouble with -- obviously they can't get information from the unconscious woman, the other woman they have problems with her too. >> one is a language barrier trying to find out the information from the victim. to my understanding, one of the victim is still unconscious. >> that's the elderly woman? >> that's correct. >> reporter: police no longer on the scene and they haven't returned calls. so i cannot say they haven't made progress since they were talking to us late last night.
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they no idea who the suspect or suspects were, didn't have a gender, race, height anything on that. they don't even know what kind of a weapon was used, hammer, wrench, pipe, a lot of information still to come from sfpd as the morning goes on. san mateo, abc7 news. -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. a woman suspected of biting the faces of two young children is charged with felony child abuse. authorities say 46-year-old polly beltramo of palo alto was arrested after being caught near the bookstore at a starbucks. a mother called the police yesterday afternoon after she said a woman bit the cheeks of her toddler and her infant son. they were in the children's section of bookbuyers on castro street. >> the girl started running to her mother saying that lady bit me. she a big welt or something on her cheek, red. suddenly the little boy just a
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couple months old, started screaming. they went to him and his cheek was bleeding. >> investigators say beltramo ran out of store but they were able to track her down. the mother positively identified the suspect. the two young children were treated at the bookstore. 6:06. a livermore teacher is expected to be arraigned today on a couple dozen counts of sexual assault. 40-year-old marie johnson is accused of having sex with a four -- 14-year-old student at granada over six months. the her relationship with the boy began with text messages, facebook and instant messaging. the district is reexamining its policy on social media contacts between teachers and students. pg&e will spend hours trying to figure out with what lead to a transformer explosion and brushfire in mountain view before 9:30 when a powerline fell behind microsoft's campus. the flames were put out by
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firefighters before they could reach the structure. no injuries reported. pg&e says at one point more than 37 occurs were without power. crews will spend much of today repairing the lines and investigating what led to the outage. football weekend, friday the 13th, we also have weather involved. >> weather a big factor in the game, right? it is going to be very warm maybe sun for the afternoon game. >> if you you are going to be -- tailgating could you still get sun burn even though we are in the early to middle parts of january. good morning we have a clear sky now no haze, no fog to worry about. it is not a spare the air day. let's talk about what is going on temperature-wise, 28 in santa rosa for the cool spot frost forming around novato getting close around concord and livermore 33 fairfield frost at 30 mid 30s down the peninsula upper 30s in the south bay low 40s along the
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east bay shore upper 40s around half moon bay and san francisco. high pressure dominating our weather once again you can see the flow starting to turn offshore land breeze brings us the drier weather and the warm weather, near some record highs today, warmest weather oakland 71, livermore 70, everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. another day with above average temperatures tomorrow, a few more clouds in the sky and then you can see clouds and cooler weather and breezy sunday, mid to upper 50s those temperatures hang around through tuesday first chances of rain wednesday and thursday. good morning. looking pretty good on the roads. usually slow spots westbound 4 antioch, westbound 580 altamont pass. still no trouble at the bay bridge toll. north bay 101 san rafael, northbound traffic really light now heading past the marin civic center i want to show you another live shot 101 in san jose headlights moving
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northbound 880 across your screen this was a big problem yesterday but right now it is looking great. waze maps what you will notice more drivers on the roads you can see them by those little bubbles, a lot of them have joined the traffic spotter group. we are starting to see slowing on city streets. deb just joined six days ago she of the traffic spotter group as well. -- she is part of the traffic spotter group as well. you can learn more about the application and download it to your smartphone. 6:09. cut by -- [ unintelligible ] the loss of a patent will cost thousands their jobs and why in may be the tip of the iceberg. plus, find out how forgetful flyers are helping to fund airport security screeners a penny at a time. saved by a social network. how california is banking on
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this morning several parts of sunnyvale are darker than they should be since november 1st, thieves have stole more than 16,000 feet of copper wire from light poles across the city. the theft has left parts of persian drive, morris avenue
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and the lakewood village area in the dark. the thieves ma be -- maybe dressed as city workers or driving what appear to be city vehicles. anyone who spots suspicious activity near light poles asked to call police. novartis is ed to cut 2,000 jobs when a patent on its top selling drug medicine die van expires it is the led -- die 0 van expires. -- the swiss drugmaker's news comes weeks after another company was slashing near a quarter of its u.s. sales force. drugmakers cutting jobs it appears home improvement stores are adding them. home -- home depot plans to add thousands of workers. it will start the hiring process in february, a month
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earlier than last year. home depot's biggest competitor lowe's will higher more than 30,000 nationally. state officials counting on facebook to offset the state's budget woes. facebook will announce plans to stake its stock public this year if that happens the capital gains tax paid on a deal would do wonders for the state's nine billion dollar budget deficient. >> it is something we've tried to take into account already building in some of that likely greater than average ipo-related revenue. we are going to be looking that the when we come out in february we'll speak more to it. >> a facebook ipo is predicted to be the largest initial public offering of any internet company on record the company is expected to reach a billion users sometime this spring. wow, 1/6 of the world's population, facebook with >> a lot of people. >> let chess -- let's check in
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with mike. >> reach out and touch someone, better ways. >> electronically. >> i'm trying to segue into my -- [ unintelligible ] >> reach out and touch that sunshine and warmth later today. >> thanks for saving me. >> five bucks. >> posting stuff on twitter and on facebook and talking about the events that are going on this weekend probably the biggest that a lot of people are talking is the football game i'll have that forecast no need to worry about the weather other than getting a sun burn. beautiful picture from vollmer peak looking at emeryville, bay bridge to san francisco frances working on her latest waze, seeing waves of traffic. coldest right now 29 fairfield, santa rosa 28 right now in novato, 36 in napa, not bad there, freezing concord 32 mid
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to upper 30s livermore most of the bay shore south bay los gatos low to mid 40s antioch, oakland upper 40s along the coast into san francisco variation in temperature monterey 50 low to mid 40s santa rosa, watsonville, salinas. near record warmth today and tomorrow we'll all jump into the 60s may see 70s this afternoon. more clouds, much cooler, breezy starting sunday that will open the door to the pattern change that will bring the chance of rain this time next week. today 67 in redwood city, 69 in santa rosa, one degree warmer in oakland 63 two degrees warmer in concord, san francisco and san jose, concord 68, san francisco and san jose 67, extra minute and 14 seconds of sunshine today near 70 oakland livermore
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everybody else in the mid to upper 60s more 70s around the monterey bay inland the only exception morgan hill 68°. tonight low to mid 40s richmond oakland san mateo upper 40s along the coast into san francisco everybody else mid to upper 30s except santa rosa 29 napa 32. here's the game time forecast near 60 saturday at 1:30 if you are out there early we'll start off in the mid 40s end up in the low 50s. still warm even though it is going to be cooler tomorrow much cooler you can see wednesday -- excuse me sunday to tuesday then chance of rain wednesday and thursday. new crash in san jose north 101, 680 already off to the shoulder. i'm going to check the waze maps in just a minute. right now westbound 80 still looking good through berkeley just a little more crowded no slowing on that east shore freeway. san mateo bridge also looking
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great westbound on the right out of hayward into foster city. here's a shot in san jose northbound 101 fine now underneath 880. but, let me go to the waze maps to see if there is slowing approaching that new crash just reported. all the bubbles are drivers on the roads right now. all you need to do is turn on the waze app when you are driving and it tracks your speeds and shares that information with other drivers. they are on 101, someone is moving over 40 miles an hour. that crash not causing much damage further northbound 101 commute. there's an abc7 traffic spotter who joined a month ago they are getting ready to start their commute. you can learn more, go to and be part of our traffic spotter community. 6:19. >> the government says passengers left nearly $400,000 in pennies, nickels,
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dimes and quarters at airports last year. travelers either forgot or chose not to repocket change at the security check points. jfk collected the most in coins, almost $47,000. sfo, l.a.x. and atlanta were close behind. the unclaimed money goes back to the transportation security administration. coming up, the mob scene that put iphone sales on hold for an entire country. and left one apple store covered in eggs. ♪
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video rental giant red pwobgt is facing a lawsuit from a -- redbox is facing a lawsuit from a group of people with disables.?%f two say the company's kiosks are almost impossible for the visually impaired to use. >> they have neither tactile buttons nor any other screen reader that would an lou blind people to navigate through the -- kiosk. >> it is so important for the technology, a/k/a redbox and their touch screen technology be accessible to everyone. >> martinez points to bart's kiosks as an example of a system using more intuitive technology. red bach has not responded to our calls -- >> this morning iphone 4s sales on hold across china
6:25 am
after a mob scene and concerns about scalpers. angry crowd shouted and threw eggs at the apple store today when it didn't open for the first day the iphone was supposed to go on sale. [ unintelligible ] the saints will come marching in. will they march out winners or losers? what the 49ers are saying about final preparations for tomorrow's big game. >> putting on the pressure the group calling for san francisco's new sheriff to resign immediately over domestic violence accusations and the unlikely person spotted at the city hall press conference. >> the east bay say this is about to warn 1500 workers they could soon be out of a . why city leaders say it may not be as bad as it sounds. -- >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco,
6:26 am
police this morning are looking for the person or persons who committed brutal attacks against two women overnight who are now fighting for their lives. the story coming up in a little bit. flight arrival delays into laguardia and phoenix. else on time. flight tracker when you
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the opening bell is going to ring on eric's command to start the trading day. [ inaudible ] we'll go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. 6:30 right now. in san francisco a hunt is underway for the person or persons who attacked two women at a sunset district home sending bottle to the hospital with life-threatening -- sending both to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. this is scary stuff. >> reporter: it really is. police don't have a lot of answers to very important questions. they don't have an idea as to motive. last time we heard they didn't have description of a suspect. the first attack happened in
6:31 am
this house 1700 block at 20th avenue and noriega. take a look at the pictures from last night when police came out and found a woman somewhere around 70 years of age, beaten, knocked unconscious, inside that house. after that attack, a woman from just around the corner came to this address to deliver some food. when she did, she too was attacked. she ran back to the restaurant and reported it. walked that that restaurant bleeding profusely. it must have been a frightening scene. police done have a lot of information to tell us. -- police don't have a lot of information to tell us. just one suspect? >> we don't know it is one, two, three we don't know. >> reporter: part of the problem the early part of the investigation at least is that one victim was unconscious and the other one was -- had a language barrier with the initial responders to the crime. right now police looking for
6:32 am
someone or more than one person who attacked these people with an item similar to a hammer possibly not a hammer but something along those lines. both victims fighting for their lives this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:32. police are asking for the public's help identifying two suspects who they believe shot and killed a 39-year-old man in front of his son in east oakland. the department released these sketches of the suspects. gunman described as 17 to 20-year-old black man 5'10, dark complexion and dreadlocks. his accomplice on the right, 17 to 20-year-old black man, 5'10, with short hair. the man was killed in front of a market on august 28th, in what police believe began as a robbery attempt. crimestoppers and police are offering a $15,000 reward. a san jose elementary schoolteacher arrested on
6:33 am
child molestation charges is set for court today. craig chandler was taken into custody tuesday night. he thought second and third grades at whaley elementary for nine years. he's accused of sexually assaulting a student on campus. police are not revealing the child's age. they are trying to determine if there were more victims. neighbors say chandler is a family man with two children and his wife is pregnant with their third child. san francisco's new sheriff ross mirkarimi could be charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge as soon as this morning after an inch didn't involving his wife. -- incident involving his wife. pressure mounting for mirkarimi to leave his new post. a coalition of anti-domestic violence leaders gathered at city hall to call for his resignation. they urged the mayor to examine ways to remove him from office if he refuses to resign. according to court documents mirkarimi's wife suffered a
6:34 am
bruised arm when he grabbed her on new year's eve. investigators say they are examining video taken by a neighbor as well as text messages. during yesterday's news conference, his wife was seen in the background, listening. mirkarimi's says she was on her way to visit her husband at city hall. 1500 oakland city workers will get lay-off notices next week. oakland budgeted nearly 27 million dollars in redevelopment funds to pay 159 fulltime salaries. a state supreme court ruling killed the california's redevelopment program. city officials say only 200 people will actually lose their jobs. the 1500 notices are intended to give the city flexibility in deciding who goes by february 1st, with when the money runs out. >> we have a workforce that will be reduced in a short period of time without the normal engage process that the city has put in place in the past.
6:35 am
>> this is premature? yes. i think it is a lack of information. i think it is a lack of planning. i think we can go about this better without upsetting your entire workforce. >> police and firefighters are exempt from the lay-offs. new indications major league baseball is close to decide the oakland a's will be allowed to move to san jose. the mercury news reports baseball commissioner selig says the decision on the a's future is on the front burner. selig and owners are holding their winter meetings in arizona. officials -- [ unintelligible ] san francisco mayor lee says 49er fans can rest assure the lights will stay on at candlestick park for this weekend's game. 49ers and saints face off tomorrow in the first game to be played at the park since the two embarrassing blackouts last month. city crews will be at the
6:36 am
game. pg&e workers have also replaced more than 8,000 feet of electrical cable. cell phone towers which were overloaded during the blackout making it nearly impossible to get a wireless signal, have been fixed by at&t. and the company promises to increase cell phone coverage for tomorrow's game. >> hopefully, the only lights out this time around will be on the saints, right? >> yes, they have a little speed on their side, but we have a great defense on ours. >> yeah. couldn't ask for nicer weather if you like it warm and sunny to watch the game, right mike? >> whose got it better than us? >> nobody. >> i thought it was rhetorical. either that or i was sleep. it was rhetorical. five mile per hour a wind in napa, three miles around fairfield and half moon bay everybody else calm. the good news, not much
6:37 am
collusion and not much moisture, to -- much pollution, and not much moisture, still asking you not to burn. upper 20s around santa rosa with 30s in most of our inland valleys palo alto everybody else low to mid 40s 8:00 by noon mid 50s to even mid 60s around san jose and morgan hill by 4:00, total sunshine everybody in the mid to upper 60s. a few of us may see 70 today, today will be the warmest day tomorrow still well above average temperatures in the low to mid 60s, a few more high clouds look at clouds and winds of change sunday, 50s through tuesday and then a chance of rain wednesday and thursday. frances has a couple of accidents.
6:38 am
two injury crashes. one is on highway 12, jamison canyon road. i want to show you where and show you the information that we can now get with the waze traffic map. 16 miles per hour on jamison canyon road this motorcycle crash near red top near i-80 on the shoulder but causing enough folks to slow down. those bubbles are drivers on the roads now. just improved to 20 miles per hour. these are real-time speeds. speeds that other drivers are experiencing on the roads. that what you can share with the -- that's what you can share with the other drivers. i'll tell you more in a minute because it does give you traffic information to the street level. the other injury crash in oakland. 98th avenue car hit a pedestrian part of the intersection could be blocked 880 on the freeway still looking good no delays at the about toll.
6:39 am
101 in san jose northbound looks fine under 880. there's a crash at 680 on the shoulder. to find more about that waze traffic app, go to, download the free application and join our traffic spotter community. 6:39. where did the money go? were they misleading rate payers? new accusation leading to new questions about safety for pg&e. we go live to the new york stock exchange for the latest on early trading. let's give you a live look at the big board now. dow down 90 points. why cal train riders who pay in cash could be paying more. the mildly radioactive tissue holders that are being ordered offshore shells. -- off store shelves. >> reporter: criminals have their sights on san francisco's city college stealing information for 10
6:40 am
years. i'm amy hollyfield, that story coming up.
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welcome back. california forever cast. let's start along the coast big sur 72, central valley mid 60s up to the sierra it is dry
6:44 am
with temperatures in the 50s to start the weekend as we head through the holiday weekend they drop to 47, sunday, 31 monday making snow maybe during the daylight hours down to southern california no snow temperatures run in the mid 60s for most of the holiday weekend in los angeles and san diego could be wet sunday in both areas. 6:44. four republican presidential candidates are together suing the state of virginia to try to get on the ballot in a critical primary. the only two of the main candidates that got on the ballot are mitt romney and ron paul. the rest did not meet the requirements. santorum failed to get on the ballot in the district of crumbia. huntsman left off -- arizona and illinois, go in missouri and virginia. all of this good news for romney the current front-runner bad news for those looking for an all turn imagine paying for utility
6:45 am
safety upgrades and finding out the improvements were never made that's what a new state report is saying about pg&e in the wake of an investigation prompted by the 2010 san bruno explosion. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission has found that pg&e has been basically ripping off taxpayers, charging customers almost half a billion dollars for system improvements that were never made. the puc report shows pg&e was authorized to spend 134 million dollars since 1997 on gasline improvements. not only was the work not done since 1999. the company collected 430 million above what was authorized and spent the surplus on second -- executives and stockholders. assemblywoman calls it unconscionable and says the money should be returned as a credit toward the 2.2 billion dollar pipeline upgrade that pg&e has proposed since the
6:46 am
2010 san bruno explosion. a proposal that asks customers to cover 90% of the cost. the puc has found that pg&e was come ly responsible for the explosion and it has -- launch add investigation to determine if pg&e broke laws in the process, -- if so the company faces hundreds of millions in fines. pg&e's president says the company is taking the findings of the report very seriously and will cooperate fully with the investigation. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:46. business news. phone fever reaching a boiling point in china. there was a mad scramble for apple's latest phone. >> deborah is live at new york stock exchange with that and local san francisco candy store that may be feeling like it just won the lottery. >> reporter: good morning. what people are really wanting the new iphone 4s, can you
6:47 am
blame them? it debuted overnight in china. when one of the stores in beijing did not open on time, some of the people who waited overnight in the freezing cold, started throwing eggs at the apple store. in response, apple has temporarily stopped selling any. phones at its outlets in china but says it will still sell them online. apple shares trading sharply lower with the stock market in general. what is dragging down stocks in the early trading part of the day is new talks that several euro region countries may be about to be slapped with credit downgrades. you know what that did to this country. hurting stocks jpmorgan chase reporting a quarterly profit slump. dow off almost 100 points. s&p and nasdaq also feeling the pain. bloomberg silicon valley index also down almost five . -- target known for ties with
6:48 am
big named designers starting in may the retailer will sell products made from five small businesses including the san francisco-based gourmet company candy store of target is trying to help american entrepreneurs and to promote small businesses. analysts say it is an attempt to attract consumers looking for products that are a little off the beaten path. candy store has four employees, says the whole thing is just surreal, i can just imagine that is business news. live at the , bloomberg news. -- federal regulators say metal tissue holders found in the bay area are contaminated with low levels of radioactive material. they may have been distributed to bed, bath and beyond stores in more than 20 states. it was first discovered in san jose when two packages triggered radiation alarms at truck scales. the government says it is no
6:49 am
threat to human health but better to avoid exposure. authorities say the tissue holders contain main made cobalt 60 radioactive material. >> probably not part of your sign plan, you may want to skip that. how about the weather? >> weather is looking nice, a lot of sunshine heading out this morning the air quality is much better than the last couple of mornings if you are going for a jog or walking dog, no need to worry about it, clear as we look down from mount tamalpais this morning, a little breeze up there the rest of us have a three to five mile per hour wind if any. check out temperatures we are in the 20s right now, fairfield, novato, santa rosa, freezing in concord 32 everybody else in the mid to upper 30s until you get to antioch and oakland low to mid 40s. upper 40s coast and san francisco, 50 monterey, low to mid 40s, santa cruz, watsonville, salinas, 27 gilroy. today near record warmth and possibly tomorrow more clouds,
6:50 am
cooler wind shift, breezy sunday and a chance of rain late next week. we start to see that pattern change a little towards the back half of this holiday weekend. san jose eight degrees warmer than average today, fremont, napa, san francisco when you hit 67, 10 degrees warmer than average. should be 70 livermore. sunrise 7:25 will set 5:12. oakland 71, livermore 70 everybody else in the mid to upper 60s with light winds 5 to 10 miles per hour low to mid 70s most of the monterey bay inland morgan hill a little bit short 68°. low to mid 40s tonight, richmond, land san mateo upper 40s along the coast into san francisco of us under a clear, calm, quiet sky 29 santa rosa the cool spot most of us in the mid to upper 30s. tomorrow starting out in the morning an tailgating all wait
6:51 am
mid 40s to about the low 60s -- middle -- by the middle of the game. let's take a look at what is happening. areas of high pressure start to shift farther south going to open us up for cooler weather still dry through the weekend farther south those highs get the more likely we are to see rain that is going to happen wednesday and thursday. something beautiful out on the ocean looking back towards the golden gate bridge that's the sunrise, salmon fishers head out to get us fresh food for the weekend with. beautiful picture that's -- what we want to see more of that if you have some upload them or e-mail them. here's frances. i never thought a picture of a sunrise would make me hungry. metering lights are on, not much of a delay now.
6:52 am
san jose slowing northbound 101 approaching 680, there's an injury crash on the shoulder. you are slightly under the speed limit. with once you get past 880 nab traffic looking good. injury crash in oakland on 98th avenue at eve avenue a car hit a pedestrian look out for that if you are heading towards 880. 880 itself is fine. i want to take you to the waze traffic maps. this cool traffic app will show you where slow even on surface streets. jamison canyon road westbound 12, motorcycle crash reported on the shoulder, several cars stopped to help and the bubbles are drivers on the roads right now that is telling us some drivers went through the area and traffic was moving at nine mile as -- nine miles an hour slow now because of that motorcycle crash. you can be part of this community just go to
6:53 am cal train is considering raising fares on riders who pay cash. the train system is trying to push riders towards using the universal transit payment card, the clipper card cal train proposing one-way fares 25 cents for each zone traveling six zones from san jose to san francisco will cost $1.50 more. public meetings january 24th in san francisco and february 2nd, in san carlos where the board may vote on it. re -- recapping our top stories: san francisco police looking for the person who attacked two women at a sunset district home, both fighting for their lives this morning. >> terry mcsweeney is live in front of the home where this attacked happen. >> reporter: both attacks happened here. the first woman attacked apparently lives here. she approximately 70 years of
6:54 am
age, knocked unconscious, bleeding. a second woman attacked was just trying to deliver food to this address. pictures from outside this house last night, 9:15 or so police received a call there had been an assault. that call came not from the person in the house, she was knocked unconscious. but from a person who had come here to deliver food. she was also apparently just caught up in this attack. she went back to the restaurant, just around the corner here at 20th avenue and noriega to report the attack. she walked in bleeding. in was blood on the floor of that restaurant. police responded. the woman inside the house is unconscious. the woman in the -- who returned the -- returned to the restaurant to report the attack in very bad shape. police don't have much to go on now. they don't have an idea of the attacker or motive right now. the other top story comes from amy hollyfield also in san francisco this morning.
6:55 am
good morning amy. >> reporter: pretty close to you, good morning terry. we are in the sunset decision trick at city college. the college has a huge problem. according to an article in the san francisco chronicle this morning the college has an infestation of computer viruses. it appears criminals have been stealing students' personal information for about 10 years. the chronicle reports that students' banking information has been stolen. it looks like their medical information is safe. the viruses have been taking information to criminals in russia, iran and half a dozen other countries. no identity thefts have been linked to the breach. investigations to are just getting started looking into this. they may have have to call in the fbi for help. a computer expert tells the chronicle that criminals are drawn to college students. they want to steal their identities because they usually have clean records and good earning potential. the college hasn't figured out now eradicateed problem or how to get in touch with all the
6:56 am
potential victims. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. here's how you should dress when you step out, 20s in fairfield, novato and santa rosa. everybody else in the mid to upper 30s even 40s around oakland, antioch, san francisco and half moon bay going to be one of those days transition temperatures could jump 20 to 30° into the mid to upper 60s too even 70 around oakland, livermore and santa cruz. back to the 20s and 30s tonight 40s around the same spot, oakland, san francisco, half moon bay cooler tomorrow, much cooler starting sunday. new crash just reported to the chp, it is southbound 101 in the north bay near lucas valley roadblocking one of the lanes. chp en route. bay bridge toll a nice friday light commute not much of a delay metering lights are on. slow spot waze traffic maps
6:57 am
jamison canyon road, four miles per hour, those bubbles are drivers on the roads now with with you they are heading through the area you can be -- be part of this and get this application downloaded for free by going to our website the more folks we have, the more accurate the information we already have 1,000 members. >> number 23 here. that's it for this editionim6o f the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with an update at 7:24.
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