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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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america this wednesday closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc what is the state of the union? according to the president it is unfair. highlights if from last night's speech focused on a message of economic inequality. live look downtown san francisco cloudy this morning as we expected. temperatures mild. wait until you see afternoon temperatures. could be near record highs. sue hall following your wednesday morning commute, live look at the golden gate bridge earlier roadwork picked up the. serious accident that we will update you on with good wednesday morning thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze the breaking news from somalia.
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u.s. navy seals have completed a rescue mission. the nighttime raid targeted the camp in mogadishu. seals rescued two aide workers held hostage since last october. the pair identified as jessica buchanan from virginia and a denmark native both are said to be doing well. the seals killed at least nine pirates. white house officials say the president personally called buchanan's family after the state of the union to tell them that their daughter was safe. >> president obama today begins a three-day tour to sell his economic policy which dominated his state of the union last night. he emphasized help for the middle class and fire taxes for the rich. republicans seized upon that and call him a divider. >> reporter: no rest for the
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president in a campaign year with the state of the union address behind him, he's already on the road with five battleground states on his agenda. he will hit iowa and arizona today. as for last night's speech which some say appeared to be a preview his campaign message, the president tried to appeal to the middle class. >> the president: we cannot settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well while a growing number of americans barely get by. we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot. >> reporter: some specifics, president obama said anyone making a million dollars or more should pay at least a 30% tax rate. he proposed a program in which homeowners with privately held mortgages could refinance atler rates and urged congress to bring back the dream act. president obama calls it fairness, opponents say it is class warfare. >> contrary to the president's
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constant disparagement of people in business it is one of the noblest of human pursuits. the late steve jobs, what a fitting name he had, creating more of them than all of those stimulus dollars the president borrowed and blew. >> reporter: he says the economy is on its way back in the last 22 months businesses created three million jobs. you can watch the president's speech in its entirety as well as the republican response on our website, abc7 we would like to hear your comments post your thoughts there. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the santa clara city council has rejected a proposed ballot initiative to block the building of a new stadium for the 49ers. opponents collected enough signatures to qualify for a public referendum. the city attorney recommended the council reject those
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signatures calling the issues not -- the matter will go to court. the city estimates it wilt cost two to three million dollars to print and carry out a special election. opponents say it is worth it. >> it is cheaper than 850 million dollars worth of debt. and they can rescind it, it is their choice. it is going to cost lots of money to take it to court >> mayor says all legal issues will not delay construction plans. the first shovels will start going into the ground monday the proposal to lay-off the equivalent of 105 fulltime employees goes before the oakland city council today as it begins to examine a new budget for the city. the budget includes drastic cuts to make up for the loss of 28 million dollars in redevelopment agency funds, state funds. lay-offs are 50 fewer than projected. mayor quan says officials managed to trim the number by
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reorganizing and consolidating several departments. a final decision on the budget and lay-offs are due next week. a federal judge has cancelled a hearing tomorrow to review the oakland police department's progress on reforms. the judge says the department has not come through on reforms that were part of a negotiated settlement stemming from the case a decade ago. they've been ordered to consult with an independent monitor. the judge says he would appoint a federal receiver to oversee the department if it does not comply soon. richmond asking for the public's help in finding the man who shot and killed a college student. investigators say it appears 22-year-old edwin martinez was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. police say he was randomly gunned down monday night by a man who had been shooting at another car.
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the contra costa student was studying to become an auto mechanic. police say they have few leads. the pleasanton school district has approved a plan to use drug sniffing dogs to patrol high school campuses. a search and seizure policy before using dogs. they will conduct random searches in the parking lots and lockers. the move comes after a large increase in the number of on campus drug cases >> 4:36. i was looking to the stars this morning and only saw clouds. the storm track has shifted a couple hundred miles north you can see rain and mountain snow. because it is so close that's why we've had the cloud cover during the overnight hours. because of that, we don't have much fog. check out visibilities, nearly unlimited until you get to sfo
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at eight and half moon bay at five that shouldn't cause many problems hopefully we don't get any flight arrival delays into sfo. three degrees cooler in napa, six hayward, five san jose and los gatos, three to four -- that puts us in the 40s in most neighborhoods, 50 oakland, 51 san francisco. pretty much where we still stay at 8:00 we may dip down to 39 fairfield most of us in the 40s with a mostly cloudy sky. noon we'll see clouds break. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s along the coast, san francisco, san rafael, concord, everybody else in the low to mid 60s. by 4:00, high clouds and sunshine, i don't think the clouds will be as thick as yesterday. 4:00 temperatures upper 50s around half moon bay and san francisco.
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the rest of us in the low to mid 60s. let's check out your seven day forecast. you can see morning clouds again tomorrow, afternoon sun, temperatures the same as today. more sunshine and temperatures remain steady through friday. over the weekend we could see temperatures soar up to near 70° if a few areas before a cooling trend monday and tuesday. already busyk.í, a problem south san francisco headed towards san bruno, 280 southbound serious accident blocking two right lanes at westboro injuries involved crews on the scene. not a real significant amount of slowing. if this doesn't get cleaned out that could be a problem later this morning. eastbound 580 past canal boulevard big rig lost its trailer in the median. you can see slow traffic past the scene. toll plaza bay bridge no
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problems. metering lights remain off. slow traffic a little through the tunnel because of construction that will be picked up. no other problems getting into san francisco. our free waze app, no waze app, i was going to show you the accident in south san francisco 280, no significant slowing we will follow that as the commute rolls on. >> there's always a waze app, sue. thank you. we'll keep a close eye on that 280 situation in san bruno. next, warning being given to homeowners living next to a crumbling hillside in san francisco. future of the high speed rail project gets more uncertain two announcements welcomed by opponents. l(l(l(q q q q r!r!çaçaçq
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over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over 50 germs on surfaces. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day. good morning. take a look at the clouds
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san francisco, the embarcadero area that will tell you the story for this morning. on our way to nice highs. we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco in a few minutes. evacuated residents of a san francisco apartment building are being allowed back home. the city is advising them against sleeping there. engineers say the hillside on lombard and montgomery is unstable after a rock slide monday. public works is working on a plan to permanently secure the hillside. crews will begin removing smaller rocks boulders will remain because they are helping to protect the building. opponents of the high speed rail plan have been cleared to begin collecting signatures for a ballot measure that could kill the project. they say it is too expensive. the state auditor has released a report calling the 100 billion dollar project increasingly risky.
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she says construction relies on washington paying for 80%, only 13 billion dollars with the rest to be determined by federal priorities. revenue projections rely on what she says may be overly optimistic ridership projections. of supervisors certified -- environmentalists cited concerns about pollution and other aspects of contruction projects. the board says race organizers have respond to the issues preliminary races set for this summer main event next year. city officials estimate the vent will generate 8,000 jobs and -- the event will generate 8,000 jobs and two billion dollars in the local economy. life and death situation caught on video many the moment three east bay firefighters became heroes. >> the population shift that is introducing lunar new year to more parts of the bay area and changing the way we think about thattown.
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highs across the country getting warmer 46 seattle, portland 50 mid to upper 40s new york and d.c. mid 30s fargo, minneapolis, chicago. gulf coast warmest 75 new orleans, 80 miami. flight arrival delays into houston otherwise all major airports and regional airports here in california on time. any time you travel use that flight tracker at at the bottom. 4:46 now. the last of the finalists for the intel science talent search was announced this morning. three of the 40 chosen as finalist are from bay area
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high schools. they will get an all expenses paid trip to washington, d.c. to compete for awards worth more than a million dollars. the raiders have a new head coach, a name that nobody expected a few weeks ago. sources say denver broncos' defensive coordinator dennis allen will take over he spent one year with the broncos he had his second interview yesterday. the raiders have yet to confirm his hiring. contract details still have to be worked out. to baseball the giants have avoided going to arbitration with tim lincecum, agreeing on a new two year deal worth over 40 million dollars. 40.5. lincecum will make 18 million this season, 22 million the next year.
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it has been reported he turned down a five year 100 million dollar offer. he will be a free agent when this deal expires. it is the year of the dragon. luge new year celebrations are no longer limited to a few cities. population shift is now bringing the festivities to suburbs that used to lackl turl offerings. -- lack cull tufrl offerings. this chinese language preschool is in millbrae once predominantly white superb where the population is now half asian. downtown banners celebrate the lunar knew year including this shop. the store's manager moved his family here from san francisco six years ago for the same reasons many leave the city. >> it is safe and very convenient and also very quiet. most of the people live here
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is middle class. we find everything very good here. >> new data shows 62% of asian americans now live in the suburbs up from 54%20 years ago. the fastest growing racial group in the u.s. more likely than any other minority group to live in the suburbs. that means a decline in traditional urban neighborhoods like chinatown. david lee grew up in chinatown but moved to the richmond dischick a so-called satellite chinatown. >> the -- the chinese community is heavily senior and elderly this is a dramatic change from the china town that i grew up in which was largely families. >> san francisco's china town has become a tourist attraction with some housing left for seniors and new immigrants. the population shift means more areas of the country are celebrating the year of the
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dragon than ever before. those changes are happening across the country. new york's china town no longer home to the city's largest chinese population. officials there say it remains an important cultural center. modern planes land in all sorts of adverse conditions. wind may be the biggest challenge for pilots. take a look at this youtube video that makes that point clear. several large jets landing in cross winds at germany's airport. the tilt ago will yous the planes to compensate for the powerful winds. pilots are trained to handle cross winds like this. >> term for it is crabbing. they crab into the wind and then when they get to the runway when they flare for the landing the nose points straight down to the runway. >> i knew i would learn
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something about that, thank you. the clouds are out there not as low as they were yesterday. good morning everybody 4:50, almost 4:51 emeryville across the bay bridge to downtown san francisco you can see the includes mid and uper level clouds low clouds cause the delay. we'll keep an eye on it. about an hour from now is when they let us know they are going to have flight arrival delays. let's talk about our temperatures dress for 50 around oakland and 51 in san francisco, everybody else in the 40s with upper 40s around santa rosa, novato, everybody else in the low to mid 40s inland. mid 40s around the bay shore out to the coast. upper 40s in half moon bay. mid to upper 40s around the monterey bay inland to salinas, cool spot not cool this morning gilroy 41°. i think we'll see more
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sunshine and warmer conditions today mostly cloudy tonight hike this morning because of the cloud cover there -- like this morning because of the cloud cover there won't be as much fog. compared to yesterday, everybody getting warmer san francisco, 61, concord, oakland, san jose 65. redwood city five, santa rosa seven degrees. another minute and 43 seconds of sunshine today, 10 hours and five minutes and 52 seconds total. 60 half moon bay, 61 san francisco, 62 san mateo and richmond everybody else in the mid 60s this afternoon. more sun, warmer weather around the monterey bay and inland mid to upper 60s. around the state storm tracks north eureka gets rain, chico probably misses out on it.
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dry along the sierra from tahoe to yosemite mid 50s. l.a. and palm springs 80, san diego 75°. tonight cloud cover once again. if we see 30s they will be in clear lake, cloverdale and santa rosa the rest of our inland valleys low to mid 40s. here is the set-up for the next 48 to 72 hours, couple of areas of high pressure dominating storm track to the north along the or again border close enough it will push -- the oregon border close enough it will push clouds in our neighborhoods from time to time. farther north system fall apart more sun and warmer weather as we head into the weekend. today low to mid 60s. tomorrow and friday upper 50s along the coast mid 60s for the rest of us. low to mid 60s for the bay -- for the coast and inland saturday where we will make a
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run at near 70 around the bay temperatures drop back with more cloud cover monday and tuesday. right now looks like all seven days will be dry. good morning. better news if you are heading from the daly city south san francisco to san bruno 280 southbound earlier accident blocking two right lanes cleared out to the shoulder that should be no problem as the commute gets underway this morning. back to eastbound 580 the richmond area big rig that has lost its trailer. fortunately in the median past canal boulevard no problems here. san bruno bridge looking good headed eastbound taillights -- pardon me westbound towards foster city headlights headed towards hayward smooth sailing up and over the highrise to the flat section. let's look at our free waze app.
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big rig incident in the richmond area that is out of lanes, but it is being reported by our drivers. if you would like to join this community-based fellow driver application it is free you can be a traffic spotter. go to the itunes store or android store it is free, join your abc7 traffic spotters, fellow drivers and let us know what is happening. for more info, waze. 4:55. legend deer military unit from world war ii was honored -- in san francisco, the city issued a proclamation naming it tuskegee airmen day. several of the airmen were recognized for being national heroes and racial pioneers. they served as the first african-american military aviators in the u.s. armed forces during a time when the military was racially
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segregated. >> main thing is that they demonstrated how racial discrimination and segregation was against blacks who had to fight forthright to fight for their country. >> window of opportunity to honor them is -- [ inaudible ] >> the surviving tuskegee airmen are now pushing 90 and even 100-years-old. they earned the nickname red tails because they decorated the tails of their fighters with red paint. three contra costa county firefighters are officially heroes having been honored for saving the lives of two women. you can see in this video the danger they faced when they recouped the women in october. >> right here. come with me -- --
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the firefighters rushed both women out of their smokey home the firemen were saluted for their actions by the board of supervisors yesterday. bystanders tried to save the women, but couldn't. lucky those three were there and did their job. >> well done. too big to fail or a big failure waiting to happen? the new call by economists and consumer advocates to break up one of america's biggest banks. >> reporter: breaking news, navy seals have rescued two hostages from somali by -- pirates. details on the deadly mission authorized by president obama q san francisco's embattled sheriff. we catch up with him after his private meeting with the mayor. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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