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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: navy seals rescued an american woman and danish man captured by pirates in october. i'm katie marzullo in the newsroom with how it happen. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco, bank of america has been called too big to fail. some consumer advocates think it is going to fail because it is too big. they are going to ask the federal government to try and prevent that. good morning. off to a cloudy start around the bay area good news fog
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minimal because of it, soaring temperatures in your forecast. good morning i'm sue hall following your wednesday morning commute, live shot of 80 through berkeley into macarthur maze moving well no problems. rest of -- [ inaudible ] 5 a.m. on this wednesday morning, thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze many developing news overseas. u.s. navy seals have freed two hostages, including an american at a somali pirate came in a daring nighttime rescue mission. katie marzullo has all the developments live. >> reporter: 32-year-old american aid worker jessica buchanan and her danish counterpart were kidnapped in october. why now? vice president biden told nbc this morning that the u.s. learned buchanan's health was starting to decline. here's the timeline. president obama approved the mission on monday. he was updated on the mission
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throughout tuesday and then about two hours before the state of the union address the president's counter-terrorism adviser told him the hostages were safely in u.s. hands. they were not hurt. no navy seals were injured. but the seals reportedly killed nine pirates. obama congratulated defense secretary panetta before his state of the union address which had many wondering what that was about, now we know. the president called buchanan's parents right after the address this is the photo you are seeing that the white house released, to tell her parents personally she was okay. we know this morning that both hostages are now on their way to being reunited with their families. a lot of details still to be worked out we are keeping an eye on it i'll update you throughout the show this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. next up, apparently a courtroom for santa clara and
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opponents of a new stadium. last night the council reject add attempt to put the 850 million dollar stadium proposal to a second terry mcsweeney is live at 9er headquarters. this looks like it is out of the hands of voters into the hands of the lawyers. >> reporter: yeah. you played football, you know how important it is for someone to sustain miss block on the field. santa clara city council last night block add effort to put the issue front of voters again. -- robbie going to end up in court. -- probably going to end up in court. the vote was 5-2 to reject an initiative to put the matter on the june ballot everyone the group says when voters approved the stayed number they had no idea the city would be on the hook for 850 million dollars to build it. the city says full speed head, this has been voted on. the plan cannot be dealt with
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via referendum. therefore, it is not referenable. >> it built this excitement in and around it. people realize this is a super bowl bound team. >> reporter: that red line is where site preparation will begin monday. the debate over whether this issue is heading to court. a vote will cost three to four million dollars. supporters say cheaper than the 850 million dollars the city may end up paying. . a coalition is taking
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action saying bank of america must be carved up into safer pieces to protect our nation's economic stability. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. >> reporter: you see branches of bank of america like this one on chestnut street all over the place. consumer advocates are concerned that is the problem. they say the bank is too big, too complex they think it needs to be broken apart. it is led by a group public citizen joined by two dozen professors and other groups. they will file a petition and asks that bank of america be broken into smaller pieces. they believe bank of america still isn't stable and worries if the bank fails would it cause a devastating financial crisis. >> they need to get ahead of this problem. they need to engineer a soft landing for a firm like bank of america by taking proactive
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action to reform the institution and make it more stable and sound. >> reporter: federal regulators have the power to force a large bank to split into smaller companies. it is unclear if this petition will motivate regulators to look at the issue. the group is making a statement with its petition, calling bank of america a ticking time bomb and believes regulators aren't doing enough. bank of america did not have a comment. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new poll shows governor brown's tax initiative getting support. survey shows 68% now support the 's plan to raise the state -- the governor's plan to raise the state's sales tax. support for the overall plan has increased by eight points in past six weeks.
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if the issues were separated, 64% oppose the part calling for a hike in the state sales tax. a teenaged girl recovering after she was sexually assaulted near fisherman's wharf. police caught her attacker early yesterday the girl is a foreign tourist, visiting san francisco with a group. officers began searching for her after her travel companions reported her missing. it appears she had gone off on her own. the suspect is described as 18-year-old. sheriff ross mirkarimi tells the mayor he will not step aside while fighting charges that's salted his wife. mirkarimi goes on trial -- charges that he assaulted his wife. mayor lee questions mirkarimi's ability to serve as sheriff until his criminal case is resolved. the two met face-to-face yesterday. >> i think that he needs to make his own decision on
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whether he would consider his own leave of absence. that allows him to be in kind of control, if you will, of his situation. >> i think it is very important that i stick to the duties that i've been ascribed to do. >> mirkarimi promises he won't take pay during the time he's in court, specifically during his trial coming up. 5:08. time for a look the weather forecast. meteorologist mike sneak co-checking the radar and stuff. >> you need to show -- high temperatures for your folks in the midwest. >> they get mad at me when i do that. >> 39 in st. louis which is was the high, we'll be 25° warmer. >> you get the same treatment when you call? >> i stopped. they stopped sending me cards
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and gives so i stopped doing it. no, i still do it. let's look and see what is going on. storm track has moved north, not very far. look at the pounding rain and high elevation snow in the extreme morning part of our state around ft. bragg, crescent city, eureka, chico, shasta getting snow. because it is so close we'll still have a lot of cloud cover this morning. it will decrease a little during the afternoon high clouds and sunshine. there you go low to mid 60s today, not bad. accuweather seven day forecast, temperatures remain above average all seven days all seven days will be dry warmest still looks like saturday and sunday. good morning. live shot of san rafael headed southbound 101 past the civic center moving well, no problems, as you need central san rafael. farther south golden gate
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bridge moving at the limit bridge folks picked up the lane closure all lanes configure ford your morning commute, all moving at the limit. -- public transit, coming up on 10 minutes past 5:00, bart, muni, ace, cal train, everybody on time. earlier accident good news southbound 280 before westboro in the san bruno area out of lanes off to the shoulder should not be a problem. richmond eastbound 580 past canal boulevard, big rig lost its trailer. it is in the median. if you are traveling once again highway 1 closed due to a rockslide. both directions closed until further notice. 5:10. new rules in the air. the new rights you now even have before you get on a plane.
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america loves an apple. staggering number showing one bay area tech giant is booming, even after losing its leader. ♪
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. president obama taking his toughest stance on wall street yet. he call the for the creation of a special financial crimes you night hold wall street accountable. ceo of general motors will testify today before a house subcommittee about battery
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fires in the chevy volt electric cars. why regulators waited five months before telling the public about a volt battery that caught fire. american workers beware, the average employee spends more than $1,000 a year on coffee and $2,000 a year on lunches. younger workers and men are more likely to indulge. giselle bundchen has been the top earning model for seven years straight, earning 45 million in each of the past two years. she is well on her way to becoming the first billionaire supermodel that's america's money. now 5:14. children who live near two industrial factories will be tested to find out if they have been affected by lead and heavy metals in the air. a pilot study will test 35 children who live within a mile of custom alloy scrap metal sales in west oakland. 35 children who live on second
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street in west berkeley will also be tested. researchers will compare exposure levels with children who had normal levels of exposure from other studies. appear tell continues to get the job done -- apple continues to get the job done, even without steve jobs, up 73% from a year ago. the cupertino-based company made 13 billion dollars in profits. apple stock closed yesterday at over $420 a share and soared to $451 in after hours trading. apple sold 37 million. phones during the last three months of 2011, 15 1/2 million ipads and mac computer sales jumped 26%. google changing privacy policy. starting march 1st, it will combine all information it has on its user if he time searching the web for skate
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wheres the next time you log--- log into you -- [ unintelligible ] google says it is doing it to simplify its privacy policy. critics say the company is reaching too deep into the personal lives of users. airline passengers will have several new rights when ing a ticket. passengers can hold a reservation without making a payment and cancel a reservation and get a fill refund within 24 hours of booking a flight if it is made more than a week before departure date. tomorrow airlines will be required to include taxes and all fees in the advertised price of a ticket. expect to see a strangely decorated san francisco cable caricom super bowl sunday. this month mayor lee and new york mayor bloomberg placed a friendly wager over
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the nfc championship gauge. because the 49ers lost sunday, -- lee will have to make good on his promise to outfit a cable car in blue and red flags in honor of the giants. i didn't want to read that story. >> mayor stick to dungeness, a lot less observeable. >> who is driving the cable car? >> meteorologist mike nicco talking about our weather. a couple of weeks before we get significant rain like we just had. good morning. a little moisture in the air. you can see the haze as we are looking not too far from our studios here ferry building, pier 5 to the bay bridge doesn't look like high-definition fog minimal, all the streets are dry, hopefully weather will have minimal impacts.
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51 oakland, san francisco, we have upperkl 40s as you travel from santa rosa, novato down 101 through san francisco into redwood city mid 40s bay shore and east bay valleys low to mid 40s monterey bay mid 40s inland to gilroy and salinas. more sunshine, warmer temperatures today, mostly cloudy and minimal fog tonight near record highs this weekend. i don't think we'll get there but gives you an idea how much warmer we'll get today three to seven degrees warmer than yesterday. three in san francisco, 61, concord, oakland, san jose 65, four degrees warmer than yesterday. redwood city 64, santa rosa 66 one of the biggest jumps, seven degrees. everybody pretty much in the mid 60s. save richmond, san francisco, san mateo and hay low 60s. high clouds -- and
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half moon bay low 60s. ly high clouds not as thick as % pupeer 60s as you head -- head inland. rain up to the north that's how close the storm track is couple hunt miles away. just close enough -- couple hundred miles away. not close enough to bring beneficial rains or sierra snow. san francisco 48 tomorrow morning. two areas of high pressure, almost the same track we had most of december and earlier this month, a couple hundred miles to the south jet stream pun ing into oregon and the tail end of the -- storms making it into california. radar returns will dance across northern california the next 24 to 48 hours and just miss us. pretty warm system still have
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high elevation snow in the cascades that's pretty much where going to stay. if you want to go skiing plenty of snow in the sierra. a lot of sunshine warmest weather still friday to sunday before tapering temperatures monday and tuesday. good morning. great start, live look at walnut creek southbound 680 past north main northbound headed towards pleasant hill. everything moving at the limit. roadwork 680 between that should be picked up. 280 san jose very light, headlights lower portion of your screen at 17 junction out of the santa cruz mountains, no problems. 80 knew berkeley east shore freeway crowded -- as you head s the macarthur maze
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metering lights off at the toll, traffic flowing well over the bay bridge. if you are headed out right now there's your 80 drive from the carquinez bridge into the maze less than 20 minutes highway 4 moving well, antioch pittsburg, drive up and over the altamont pass not bad towards the dublin interchange, un15 minutes. -- under 15 minutes. down time for demi. the cryptic explanation for the star's trip to the hospital. big makeover school lunches are about to get. . that's "america's money." i'm paula faris. [ woman ] before allegra, i was constantly fighting indoor allergies.
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[ woman ] after allegra, i have iall. bay bridge toll so far, so good clouds out there, nothing to slow us down on the way to warm temperatures all this week we'll talk to meteorologist mike nicco coming up. actress demi moore is being treated for exhaustion this morning. a spokeswoman says she decided to seek professional help and was rushed to the hospital because of the stresses in her life. no further details being released on her condition. as you know, the last few months have been tough for moore. in november she announced her marriage had come to answer. first lady obama will introduce a makeover of school lunches not an extreme one. she will unveil the first overall of school meals in 15 years. the rules require less sodium,
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more whole grains and more fruits and vegetables on the side. pizzas will still be allowed with healthier ingredients. the changes don't go as far as the administration wanted due to conflicts with congress. mrs. obama will introduce them at a virginia school today with celebrity chef rachel ray. do you like black tea? a study found the people who drink three cups of black tea a day lowered blood pressure lefts by to three points. that may not sound like much researchers say even a small reduction can have a major impact on the prevalence of high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. u.s. navy seals raid a pirate camp under the cover of darkness. we are live with the overnight rescue that freed two international aid workers one american held in somalia. workers pushing for a do over of the 49er stadium deal
5:26 am
the city council has other plans. >> reporter: president obama takes his 2012 agenda on the road. i'm tahman bradley with the highlights, coming up. a look at high temperatures across the country they are mild. 30s hanging around the great lakes towards boston, 46 seattle, 50 portland, 70 phoenix, 58 dallas. thunderstorms rattling through missouri, arkansas and texas, should be delays around houston and dallas later today. any time you travel or check those delays specifically go to our flight tracker. ♪
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>> reporter: the future of a new 49er stadium down here may depend on whether the issue is referendable. when you hear that word you know lawyers are involved and it is probably headed to court. the story coming up. more about the mission that lead to the rescue of an american woman and danish man held hostage by somali pirates since october. the high profile seal team that carried out the operation. good morning, looking live at the ferry building and the bay bridge cloud cover good news not as much fog this morning. we still have warmer weather on the way. good morning i'm sue hall following -- [ inaudible ] good important. 5:29. thanks for being here i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze.
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this morning opponents of the 49er stadium in santa clara are suffering from a crushing block from the city council. last night the council voted to reject one group's effort to take back their approval of the stadium. terry mcsweeney is in santa clara with the details. >> reporter: stadium opont s are hoping to shed that -- opponents are hoping to shed that -- take a look at santa clara city council voting last night. the final vote was 5-2. they rejected an initiative from the santa clara plays fair to put the matter on the june ballot. the group says when voters approved the stadium, and they did, but they had no idea the city would be on the hook for 850 million dollars to build it. the city says full speed ahead. the plan, -- it going to cost
5:31 am
three to four million dollars to put it on the ballot. opponents say this is not a problem. >> it is cheaper than 850 million dollars worth of debt. i don't think is going to exceed the debt. they can rescind it. it is their choice what they decide. it is going to cost lots of money to take it to court too. >> reporter: see that red line in the dirt. not a line in the sand, it is where site preparation begins monday for the new stadium. get ready to start putting shovels in the ground. debate over whether this issue is reverand able is heading to court. a vote will -- referendable is heading to court. a vote will cost santa clara, three to four million dollars, it is a bait and switch according to santa clara plays fair. again, -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. more on our developing news. president obama was putting the finishing touches on his state of the union address,
5:32 am
navy commandoes halfway around the world on another dangerous rescue mission. two aid workers, one american were being held hostage in snowia. katie marzullo is live in the news -- in somalia, katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: we are just learning the seals who carried out the rescue were members of seal team 6. sound familiar? the same group that killed osama bin laden. there's a lot of information coming in. all of this unfolded last night. people paying attention were tipped off at the state of the union address when president obama an -- approached defense secretary leon panetta. >> the president: good job tonight. >> reporter: backing up here's the timeline: president obama approved the mission monday his top counter terrorism adviser updated him throughout the day tuesday. then about two hours before the state of the union address, the president was told the hostages were safely in u.s.
5:33 am
hands. they were not hurt. no navy seals were hurt. the seals reportedly killed nine pirates and they've captured three. the white house released this photo of the president calling buchanan, the american, jessica buchanan who was rescued, caller parents right after the address, to tell them personally she was okay. both hostages on their way to being reunited with their families. vice president biden told nbc the u.s. learned buchanan's health was starting to decline, which is why they moved in when they did. katie marzullo, abc7 news. president obama hits the road today visiting the first of five battleground states. he will expand on the message he delivered last night in the state of the union address. tahman bradley reports. >> reporter: fresh off his state of the union, president obama takes his agenda on the road today with stops in battleground states iowa and arizona. last night, mr. obama delivered a speech that
5:34 am
appeared to be a preview of his 2012 campaign message. >> the president: we cannot settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well while a growing number of americans barely get by. where we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot. >> reporter: the president warned economic disparities threaten the middle class. he proposed that millionaires pay a tax rate of at least 30%. >> the president: you can call this class warfare all you want. asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes, most americans would call that common sense. >> reporter: republicans called mr. obama's idea trickle down government and say he's out of touch. >> he thinks america is on the right track and things are going well. >> the only way out of the dead end of debt is a private economy that begins to grow and create real jobs. >> reporter: tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> you can watch the
5:35 am
president's speech in its entirety as well as the republican response on northbound we would like to hear your comments on 5:34. the proposal to lay-off the equivalent of 105 fulltime employees goes before the oakland city council today as it begins to closely examine a proposed new budget. the budget includes drastic cuts to make up for the loss of 28 million dollars. lay-offs are 50 fewer than projected. mayor quan says officials managed to trim the number by reorganizing and consolidating several departments. a final decision on the budget and lay-offs are due next week. federal judge has cancelled a hearing tomorrow to review the oakland police department's progress on reforms. the judge says the department still has not come through on reforms that were part of the negotiated settlement stem the riders police misconduct case a decade ago. chief jordan has been ordered
5:36 am
to con consult with an independent monitor -- before carrying out any changes in the department. the judge says he would appoint a federal receiver to oversee the department if it does not comply soon. pleasanton school district has approved a plan to use drug sniffing dogs to patrol high school campuses. police will begin conducting ran dumb -- random searches the move after a large increase in a number of on campus drug cases. time for a look the weather. what do you see? >> i see a lot. because of better visibility, right meteorologist mike nicco? absolutely, so far running okay at sfo visibility fairly unlimited that's what the 10 means. a little cloud cover around half moon bay at six hopefully
5:37 am
will keep that going. we don't have much of a wind chill so the temperature you see what it feels like outside. temperatures all over the map because of the cloud cover. we'll be mainly in the 40s through the 8:00 hour. temperatures -- with cloud cover on the heavier side as we head towards noon a break in that cloud cover, mid to upper 50s along the coast, san francisco and san rafael, concord and antioch everybody else in the low 60s, low to mid 60s by 4:00 with high clouds and sun not as much cloud cover as yesterday. temperatures warmest over the weekend dry all seven days of
5:38 am
your forecast. live look at macarthur maze from 880, 580 or 80 westbound, you can see a little bunching heading into the toll plaza area. no problems once you reach the bay bridge. san mateo bridge traffic flowing smoothly from hayward to foster city, taillights in the westbound direction, headlights towards hayward. if you are headed towards foster city, no problems up and over the highrise. south bay northbound 85 before 101, accident caused by debris in lanes that is still there. i wanted to show you what this looks like on the waze app, you can join our traffic spotters. here's a look at the incident, 85 exit to 85 north in san jose that lane closed due to the accident and . if you would like to join our traffic spotters you can download the waze app from eye tunes or the android store it
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is free. -- from itunes or the android store, it is free. 5:38 next, warning being given to homeowners living next to a crumbling hillside in san francisco. the future of california's proposed high speed rail project gets more uncertain. two announcements being welcomed by opponents. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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welcome back. evacuated residents of a san francisco apartment building are being allowed back home. the city is advising them against sleeping there. engineers say the hillside on lombard and montgomery is unstable after a rockslide monday. public works is working on a plan to secure that hillside. crews will begin moving smaller rocks but will leave the boulders in place because they are helping to protect the billing. opponents of high speed rail has been cleared to begin collecting silts for a ballot measure that could kill the project. they say it -- they say it is too expensive. the stayed auditor agrees. she has released a report calling the 100 billion dollar project increasingly risky. she says construction relies
5:43 am
on washington paying for 80% of the cost only guaranteeing 13 billion dollars with the rest to be determined by federal priorities. she says revenue projections rely on what she says may be overly optimistic ridership projections. environmentalists cited concerns about pollution and other aspects of construction projects related to the yacht race. the board says race organizers have responded to the issues preliminary races set for this summer main event next year. city officials estimate the event will generate 8,000 jobs and inject nearly two billion dollars into the bay air economy. i think a lot of people -- -- it was a life and death situation caught on video the moment three east bay firefighters became heroes. the population changes
5:44 am
that are introducing lunar new year to more parts of the bay area and changing the way we think about chinatown. get in on all the oscar action with our oscar app. predict the winner, watch livid from the red carpet and go backstage during the show. we have a link at under see it on tv. ititititititt hey guys, breakfast!
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welcome back. check out live doppler and all the rain and some of the higher elevation snow a couple hundred miles to our north where going to stay. if you are traveling around the state today, no need to worry about anything adverse unless you are near eureka, chico mostly cloudy but dry 62. mid 50s tahoe and yosemite. check out southern california, 75 in san diego, 80 palm springs and l.a.. it is 5:47. raiders have a new head coach and it is a name that nobody expected. sources say broncos defensive coordinator dennis allen will take over. he spent one year with the broncos but improved their defense dramatically. he had his second interview with the new gm mckenzie yesterday. raiders have yet to con firm his hiring and contract
5:48 am
details are still -- are still to be worked out. list of scientists for the intel talent search was announced this morning. three are from bay area high schools. they will get an all expense paid trip to washington, d.c. to compete for awards worth more than one million dollars. good luck. it is now the year of the dragon lunar new year celebrations no longer limited to a few major u.s. cities. a population shift is bringing the festivities to suburbs that used to lackl turl offerings. -- to lack cultural offerings. this chinese language preschool in millbrae the once predominantly white suburb where the population is now half asian. downtown banners celebrate the
5:49 am
lunar new year with chinese-owned businesses including this shop selling rice cakes and red gift envelopes. the manager moved here from san francisco six years ago for the same reasons many leave the city. >> it is safe and very convenient and also very quiet. most of the people live here is middle class and we find everything very good here. >> new data shows 62% of asian-americans now live in the suburbs, up from 54%, 20 years ago. the fastest growing racial group in the u.s. more likely than any other minority group to live in the suburbs. that means a decline in urban neighborhoods like chinatown. political science instructor david lee grew up in chinatown but later moved to the city's richmond district, a so-called satellite chinatown. >> the chinese community in chinatown now is heavily
5:50 am
senior and elderly and this is a dramatic change from the chinatown that i grew up in which was largely families. >> san francisco's chinatown has become a tourist attraction. with some housing left for seniors and new immigrants. the population shift means more areas of the country are celebrating the year of the dragon than ever before. >> those changes are happening across the country. in new york chinatown is no longer home to the city's largest chinese population. officials there say it remains an important cultural center. >> big influx of immigrants settling in the suburbs all over the bay area, good schools, education a big factor for immigrants of all communities. >> cheaper than living downtown, sure. no rain in sight, right? >> not really. another week and another seven
5:51 am
days without rain. we could use a break after the rain but we are going to need more and more sierra snow. right now the models go out to 16 days have a few blips for next week but outside of the seven day cycle. good morning. coming up on 5:51. you saw the clouds, they are mid and upper level, not as many low clouds as we had yesterday. they are doing the same thing, keeping temperatures mile, 51 san francisco and oakland, cool spot, 41 napa, everybody else mid to upper 40s monterey bay and inland low to mid 40s. i think we'll see more sunshine and warmer temperatures today we'll still have high clouds won't be as thick as they were yesterday. we don't have to get rid of those low clouds so the sun -- mostly cloudy tonight, just like this morning when the cloud cover comes over it retards the growth of the fog so it will be minimal in
5:52 am
tomorrow's forecast. near record highs possible this weekend, give you an idea how warm we'll be we won't get to them, if we get to 70, sill impressive for this time of the year. everybody warmer, san francisco two degrees warmer than average. san jose, napa, oakland, five to six degrees warmer than average. livermore the biggest jump 10° warmer than average, 66. sunrise 7:19 will set at 5:25. highs for today, low to mid 60s in just about all neighborhoods with those high clouds hanging around during the afternoon. more sun as you head farther south and away that storm track temperatures er in the monterey bay and inland warmer with mid to upper 60s. -- cloud cover comes back tonight radar to our north that storm track within a couple hundred miles close enough to give us clouds no precipitation upper 30s,
5:53 am
clover detail, clear lake, santa clara low to mid 40s until you get to san francisco at 48. two areas of high pressure farther south than they were earlier this month that's why the storm track is punching through oregon now and not as much through washington and why many so of those radar returns are leaking south of the border into the northern parts of our state not close enough for us. increase in sunshine and temperatures for friday, saturday and sunday, i still think there's the warmest days. more cloud cover, slightly cooler monday and tuesday have a great day. good morning many back to san jose, debris in lanes 85 northbound before 101 apparently that has caused at least one accident. the accident is out of lanes now. that debris still remains. they are trying to get that cleaned up. you might find delays in the area. slow traffic remains continues i should say out of antioch typically slow highway 4
5:54 am
westbound hillcrest to leverage 580 from the central valley 205 through tracey up towards the altamont pass slow traffic headed into the dublin interchange. speeds picking up once you get past livermore into pleasanton. live look, 80 berkeley, getting a little crowded still no problems as you head into the macarthur maze and feed into the bay bridge toll here's what you will find there, traffic light, metering lights off, slowing on the incline towards treasure island no major problems getting into san francisco on the bay bridge at this hour. 5:54. bank of america's harshest critics say it is too big and needs to be divided up to survive. bank officials continue to expand the company, getting into the online discount business. >> here's jane king with this morning's bloomberg business report. it might be easier to refinance your mortgage. president obama last night proposing expanding a plan that would help more
5:55 am
underwater homeowners refinance at rock bottom interest rates. the president wants large financial institutions to pay a fee to cover the cost. obama creating a crisis unit to investigate what he calls law breaking in the mortgage industry. >> bank of america considering offering online credit and debit customers discounts at their favorite stores. right now bofa is testing the program on employ -- employees. different mood apple announcing 37 million iphones sold last quarter and surging ipad sales helping profits for the period more than double. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:55. a legendary military unit from world war ii is being honored in san francisco the city issued a yesterday naming it tuskegee airmen day.
5:56 am
several of the airmen were recognized by supervisor cohen for being national heroes and racial pioneers they served as the first african-american military aviators in the u.s. armed forces during a time when the military was racially segregated. >> the main thing they demonstrated how racial discrimination and segregation was against blacks who had to fight forthright to fight for their country. >> window of opportunity to honor them -- >> the surviving airmen are pushing 90, even 100-years-old. they earned the nickname red tails because they decorated the tails of their planes with red paint. three firefighters are officially heroes this morning, having been honored for saving the lives of two women. >> you can see in this helmet
5:57 am
camera video the danger they faced. >> come with me, let's go. >> the firefighters rushed both women out of their smokey home. the firemen were saluted for their action by the board of supervisors yesterday. one of the women was bedridden so her rescue was really difficult. lucky they were , there and did their job successfully. >> yes they did, congratulations. -- the south bay city where it is about to get harder for smokers to light up. the pizza stays but the ingredients are changing. the big difference coming to school lunches. >> reporter: the plans for a new 49er stadium down here avoided one tackle last night but may be brought down if opponents get their way. i'll explain in a live report. çk
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