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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 26, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PST

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occupy demonstrators eyeing the airport as a target and then an emotional day in a san francisco courtroom. victim chases down an accused killer and mom literally rushed out of the courtroom. join us and much more coming up. >> brian: here are some the deals we found today. enjoy a live jazz show yoshi's at 70% off. tickets are normally over $20 you pay just five to ten dollars now this is limited quantity deal so go to gold also 50% off an italian dinner at soella's. it's highly rated. andpay $20 af food and drinks. this is limited quantity deal.
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>> we are prepared to take it anyway the council decided. >> chanting protesters disrupt a special budget meeting tonight in oakland. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. their interruption was brief, and the focus quickly returned to millions of dollars cities across the state will lose in redevelopment funds by the end of the month. in oakland, the hit is particularly hard. $28 million. tonight city leaders are scrambling for ways to fill the budget gap. alan wang is at city hall where those layoffs are looming. >> carolyn, the meeting just finished up within the hour. and they decided to delay this
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very crucial vote. and that's because dissolving aedevelopment redevelopment front is a very complicated process, and they don't want anyone to lose their jobs if they can prevent it. despite interruptions by occupy protesters, the city council pressed on. time is running out. >> we have never done anything this big, this fast. >> the council is under pressure is slash possibly 105 jobs that includes 20 city administrator positions by the end of the month. the loss of $28 million in redevelopment funds has the mayor proposing huge cuts in slashing the budgets of the oaknd la zoo and children's ferrynd la by 40%. >> this process has made a mockery of the layoff provisions of our contract by providing insufficient notice. >> at tonight's meeting, union reps complained of the short notice and
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accused the city council of procedures. rep remind reminded the city of the mission statement that employees are treated with fairness, dig that you tee and respect. -- dignity and -- >> we are seeing none of that today. and tonight those words are not worth the paper they are written on. >> one of the reasons why it is going down so poorly is because we have all been in denial that this was going to in fact happen. >> the council is trying to save by by consolidating departments and merging services. but the unions asked them to egic and more strategic and cautioned the council not to undergo a wholesale layoff where they may not be able to hire the employees back under the rules of the redevelopment fund. >> it is going to take months to figure out what your other obligations are under redevelopment. laying off employees now leaves you nobody to deal with the remaining obligations. it is too soon. take your time. >> and tonight the city took
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that advice. again, the council delayed their decision to eliminate jobs tonight. instead they hillary huddle and come back -- they will rehuddle and come back with a plan to save what jobs they can before they have to vote on this on tuesday. reporting live from oakland city hall, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. occupy oakland protesteplant po. occupy leaders announced a march this saturday from city hall to an abandoned building. they plan on taking over the vie can't building -- vacant building and making it their new home, their base of operations. if they ar evicted they may have a shut down of the port airport.d airport. >> a third woman has come forward to accuse new san francisco sheriff of abuse. >> also today, the sheriff hired a new attorney. leslie brinkley is here with the latest on this case. leslie? >> reporter: he ar in san appear in san francisco superior court at 2:30 tomorrow. it is to try and get a
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restraining order lifted so he can see his wife and his two-year-old son again. but there are new developments for the sheriff. when he walks into court, this man will not be by his side. attorney robert wagner told us he is no longer on the case. instead, high-profile high-pr ay lidia stiglich will represent the sheriff. in a written statement, she says "we are confident that the sheriff will be ab of solved of all charges once the facts of the case are separated from rumor, innuendo and regrettably attention seekers" it is another twist in the accusation that the mayor's worries are fast becoming a distraction. he met on tuesday. >> these are again serious allegations and some additional reports have surfaced and it causes more time to be had on this. i know he is back in court on several occasions. >>
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>> and another bombshell, a reliable source tells abc7 that a third accuser has su has is willing to testify against the new sheriff. the top of a newly released list of witnesses is his wife. according to the court documents, she told a neighbor that she bruised her arm on new year's eve. this past weekend kristina florez, one of the ex-girlfriends filed a police report claiming the then supervisor pinned her against a wall when they were dating in 2007. >> the addition of florez to the witness list is a big addition for the prosecution and a pretty good sized problem for the defense. >> he is denying the charges and told us he will not take a leave of absence. >> we will see, but no. i think it is important that i stick to the duties that i have been to to do and continue to do that.
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>> mecrorini who has been a local gun control advocate was forced to surrender three handguns he owns according to court documents. if convicted domestic violence battery, the sheriff would not be able to carry a gun at all. >> and supporters will gather outside the federal building at 1:00 tomorrow. his wife has promised to publicly stand behind him, and the frenzy is continuing to escalate. >> it certainly seems to be. leslie brinkley reporting for us. thank you, leslie. a smoky fire damaged a berkeley restaurant. the fire broke out before 9:30. it forced a precautionary a evacuation of a nearby residential hotel as well. no injuries are reported, and the investigation into the cause of the fire is just beginning of the. the brother of a homeless man shot by bart police is filing a wrongful death suit against the system. killed julyt
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civic center station. officials say hill was shot after he threw a knife at police. it is in the blue circle on your screen right there. the suit claims the officers were not properly trained and fired even though their lives were not in danger. a deadly confrontation on an east bay freeway this morning is being blamed on road rage. 63-year-old zaranga was killed when the mini-van rolled several times near carlson boulevard on interstate 80 in richmond. the chp says he hit the side of a pick up truck while trying to pass it. he lost control and then ran into the center divider. witnesses say it appeared he was angry at the other driver and was trying to pull in rred. of him when the crash san francisco's entertainment commission ruled that jack in the box in the richmond district can stay open between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. it has been open around the clock for several years, but lacked the proper permits. an incident in the earlyprompte
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morning prompted them to close:. that's when a dispute in the jack in the box lead to attempted murder charges after police say one man ran down another after leaving the restaurant. an advisory committee is recommending that santa clara change the way it elects the city con si. the current system in which candidates run for specific seats is unfair to minorities. it wants to switch to at large voting where the top vote geters are elected. the bay area lawyer's committee says it will sue the city on behalf of the minorities. according to the 2010 census, santa clara is 37% asian and 36% white and 19% latino. latinosans and latinos have run for city council in the last 10 years, but the seven-member panel is still all white. two relief workers including an american woman will head home following a rescue by navy seals. pirates have been holding the two hostage since october. members of seal team 6 parachuted from a plane where
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jessica buchanan and a danish aide worker were being held. the american forces then exchanged gunfire with the kidnappers. nine kidnappers died. >> tears of joy coming and excite -- excitement and giddiness that jess is free. >> they worked to remove land mines in somalia. seal team six also carried out the raid that killed osama bin laden last may. a lot more to get to tonight. californians take a stand against the proposed settlement with five large lenders in the country. why they say it is not enough. >> and change coming to the east bay as the county bans plastic bags. >> and big news for apple. just as mac world rolls into town. all that and then lat "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" all of the latest on the mission of seal team 6 to take out a den full of pirates and save an american
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woman. and a pastry chef whose job was killing him.
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homeowners in the south bay who need help with their troubled mortgages got some tonight.
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>> they navigated through you a tangle of programs. here is sergio quintana. >> she is on disability and her husband just got laid off so she is looking for options to shrink her mortgage payment. >> we are financially okay and we have money in the bank and we make our payments. i want to take advantage of the interest rates that are lower. >> he is nervously watching as the value has sunk. >> it is probably a market value right now of about 150,000. >> according to santa clara county records, there are more than 200 notices of default filed each week. compare that to just under 300 a week during the worst part of the mortgage meltdown three years ago, and it is clear that things are getting better, but there are still a lot of people going into default. are at thisy are at this event to find options that will keep them from becoming part of the default
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statistics. >> there are unfortunately all kinds of reasons why more than two dozen homeowners have come here seeking troubled mortgages. there is a lot of information and that's one of the reasons why organizers have put together the seminar to link them with information that can help them hang on to their homes. >> now you are getting people who have given up and it just can't happen to me. there is nothing that can be done. there are all off youprograms at get people to realize that there is hope. >> kathy is one of the organizers of the seem seminar. there are lots of programs to help the homeowners and even some owners who have already gone into default. in santa clara, abc news. >> for a list of the programs go to our website, and click on see it on tv.fornia officials meantime say they will not sign a settlement between u.s. states and the nation's five biggest mortgage lenders. the settlement is over de september tiff foreclosure practices and state officials
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say the deal is inadequate. the deal would help roughly one million homeowners reduce their mortgage by an average of $20,000. so what is the problem? well, the attorney general says it would limit her ability to bring charges against lenders that wrongfully foreclosed on homeowners. concerns about foster care, unemployment and education were among the issues that came up at tonight's abc7 listens meeting. about 40 people attended the town hall-style meeting at the east oakland youth development center. it is dedicated to developing children into self-supporting and aware citizens. the discussion moderated by abc7's ama dates focused on the positive programs in east oakland to help young people and their families. 7 listens is a chance foro viewers to talk directly with us about what is on their minds. if you would like to learn more about what abc7 is doing in the community, go to >> we are always happy to hear from you. shoppers will have to shell out 10 cents or bring
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their own bags starting next ja and if by july they will have to put their paper and bottles and sorted into the recycling bins. the board voted on the measures today. sit down and takeout restaurants, clothing retailers and other nonfood related stores are exempt from this plan however. >> let's get a check on our forecast now. >> sandhya patel is here with a spring-like forecast. >> it is hard to believe it is january. redwood city is 67. same thing for santa rosa. it was in the mid60s, san jose, morgan hill, half moon bay approaching 70° this afternoon. really unseasonably mild. a good 5 to 10° warmer than where you should be for this time of year. and people are talking about it of the gorgeous day in the city by the bay sent by michael m to my facebook. indeed it was. san francisco high today 62. clear lake meanwhile. as we fast-forward there was some clouds up to the north, but that made for a lovely
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picture there posted by diana b to my facebook. clear lake had a high of 57 degrees. tonight, high definition sutro camera fo that the fog is back and creating poor visibility as we look toward market street. visibility is dropping across parts of the bay area. it is down to half a mile at this point in santa rosa. three quarters of a mile in half moon bay. novato, livermore, seven miles at this point. so keep this in mind as you head out the door. temperatures right now in the 50s except fairfield and livermore in the upper 40s. areas of fog and low clouds tonight. clouds will linger in the north bay and along the coast tomorrow, and mild afternoons will return as we head into the weekend for your friday and your saturday. there is a long stretch of moisture out there, but it is not coming here immediately. as you will notice, the jet trat stream is tracking the moisture into the pacific northwest. the higher pressure is blocking storms from getting here. the next system will spill over into our area in the form
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of clouds. overnight tonight do look for the cloud cover. there could be a few sprinkles around ukiah. ukiah right now is reporting fog and a couple sprinkles. they could still see some as we head into tomorrow morning. the clouds will partways, but not everywhere. the north bay will be cooler. tomorrow afternoon the clouds will hang on, and even parts of the coastline. so the temperatures will be lower in the afternoon in those locations. speaking of lowering tonight, the numbers will be in the 40s. san francisco is 50 degrees and areas of fog for the you wil really want to give yourself a little more time to get to work or take the kids to school tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy in the east bay and the south bay where the temperatures will be in the mid60s. but we are looking at mostly cloudy skies for the north bay. we may see a few sprinkles around clear lake, ukiah and around the coastline clouds and half moon bay down to 59 degrees. for monterey bay, low 60s in monterey and upper 60stoward
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gilroy and hollister. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast, cooler at the coast and north bay tomorrow. we are looking at milder conditions with near 70-degree reading. again, around the bay friday and saturday it is spring-like. we will cool it off as we head to the tail end of the weekend, and by the middle of next week, carolyn and dan, one computer model wants to bring in rain and the other says, not going to happen. >> we will put in a slight chance. >> we just have to wait and see. >> coming up, mac world rolls into town even as apple becomes the most available company in the united states. >> and you can get in on all ofion with oscar action with our new oscar app. lwatch exclusiveo from the red carpet and go back stage during the show. we have a link for you at you will find it under see it
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apple is once again the most available company in america. after reporting huge ipad and iphone sales yesterday apple stock rose by nearly 6% putting its value at $415 $415 billion. exxon stands at $414 billion. microsoft is now a disconstant third at $247 billion. mac world kicks off this week in san francisco.
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more than 20,000 apple fans are expected to gather at the annual world expo. mac world runs tomorrow through saturday. unemploy unemployment dipped a bit last month in california, but hundreds showed up for an engineers only job fare. 70 companies were on campus recruiting people from every engineering major under the sun. and there was enough work in those fields to go around. >> i ran out of resume paper, so that's a good sign. >> unemployment fell to 11.1% last month in california. that's down from 11.3% in november. but it is still the second worst in the nation behind nevada at 12.6%. it is time now for sports. >> warriors are in actiond after >> yes, and after the meltdown they had a couple nights ago the warriors needed a win this evening. i mean, needed to really neededn this game. have no fear,
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good evening, everybody. whation?ave a must win that's whation? felt like.
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this evening hosting portland. ellis held only four points in this game. they were down 10 earlier. and jeremy tyler getting some run. thompson for the gem. the blazers playing their third straight night. an allstar and held to 18. the jumpers put portland up 50 flea-46. curry on fire. ties it at 65. the warriors end the quarter on a 19-8 run look at the pass to dorel wright. 79-73 warriors. a huge night for curry who finishes with 32. the warriors get the win they needed. battle of l.a. at staples and kobe and the lakers facing the clippers. they are practicing for the dunk contest. and look out below! why are
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you laughing? this is a ledee ledee script tiff thing -- a highly descriptive thing i am doing. kobe for 3 and the loose ball baseline and ends up in the hands of andrew bynum. this is serious business. lakers win it 96-91. who has the best team in the pack 12 this season? hard to tell. cal is hoping to show it is them and they host stanford this sunday. cal is tied for first place in the conference and tied with oregon at 6 and 2. stanford is behind them. montgomery coached both sides of the rivalry. he kind of talked down the magnitude of the game. >> this is not football. it doesn't have the same attention. it doesn't have the same significance. it is not the big game. it is two games and we are both at the top. >> motorcycle is excited abouta. at some point they will release si and black puffs
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of smoke and they will know the hiring of alan is official. you get one report of the handshake deal and details being finalized. according to the bronco players he has big credentials. they were praised for bringing intensity and discipline to the defense and it was a matter of time before alan became a head coach somewhere. women semifinals and the aussie open is defending the kim cliesers and rallies against the third seed. it gets broken three times by the 22-year-old. it was 6-3 and the third. the second semifinal is currently in progress. this is match point and marie at the top of your screen and she is going to win this thing. that ball was out 6-4 in the decisive third set. sharapova moves on to the
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lady's final. that is your toyota sports report. for those that want to stay up late night and watch tennis, gnaw darr federer at 12:30 our time on espn. so we can stay up until 4:00 a.m. to watch that. o see curry with noreat one. ankle injury. >> yes, it is great to talk highlights. >> and so far so good. >> let's be relieved. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. you can keep track of the laters breaking news on twitter. >> and check out larry beil and sandhya patel and all the rest. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. >> good night, ev ededososososose
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death penalty debate in this country. i just feel bad for that family to have that person just kind of brag about his life in public -- >> he says "i'm a gentleman of leisure watching color tv and the ac, reading, taking naps at will, eating three well-balanced hot meals a day. i'm housed in a building that connects to the new $55 million hospital with round-the-clock free medical care 24/7." >> and the newspaper editor, it's interesting too, said unlike a lot of what the newspaper probably receives, he said this letter was legible, it was clearly written, and made a major point and clearly has stirred a lot of debate as well. just heart out to that family to hear all that. >> kind of disturbing. >> yeah. well, a body found in
2:37 am
georgia this week has been identified as an atlanta woman who vanished the day after christmas. police say stacey english's body was under a fallen tree about a mile from the parking lot where her car was abandoned with the engine running. friends of the 36-year-old say she was acting out of character before she disappeared. it could take several weeks to determine how she died. >> and one quick note i want to add to this story as well. according to a letter from the friends of this woman, they say they're really goinke a push now to get authorities and us in e a re on missing minorities in this country, particly more than 60,000 of them around the countr lar unreported by national so they're trying to make missing -- missing .- but a far lep what gets covered. hopefully that call gets some action done. shifting gears now, gabby giffords is nlonglama from thstatzna. she did turn in resignation ju
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>> and as you can imagin it was an extraordinarily emotional scene on capitol hill, and it was an emotional story diana alvear to cocf >> reporter: rob and paula, good i'll admit, i cried watching gabby giffords and her and it really goes to show that she may be resiggfro congress but sn something so much bigge it was a packed house, one in which congresswoman gabrielle giffords could barely make her way to her seat, stopping again and again for hugs. she was there to resign, but not before a bipartisan salute from her colleagues. >> her strength and her downright fortitude are an inspiration to all of us and all americans. >> gabby, we love you. we have missed you. >> reporter: giffords then made her way to the floor. with her family and husband looking on. her close friend, representative debbie wasserman schultz, spoke on her behalf, at times overcome. >> i am so proud of my friend. and it will also be one of the
2:39 am
great treasures of my life to have met gabby giffords and to have served with her. and the most important thing to remember, that no matter what we argue about here on this floor or in this country, there is nothing more important than family and friendship. >> reporter: wasserman schultz then read giffords' letter of resignation. >> i have more work to do on my recovery before i can again serve in elected office. >> reporter: finally, giffords slowly made her way to speaker john boehner to personally hand him her letter of resignation. and moments after she resigned the house took up her final piece of legislation, a bill proposing tougher penalties on cross-border drug smugglers. and it passed unanimously. rob, paula? >> a fitting tribute. here's a look now at your weather. stormy with hail and tornadoes from jackson, mississippi to montgomery, macon, and tallahassee. rain from d.c. to boston. also an icy mix from indianapolis t


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