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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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compared to yesterday looking good. thursday 6:01 thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. right now demonstrators at uc santa cruz are trying to shutdown the campus. organizers are upset about increasing fees and declining state spending on higher education. amy hollyfield is live at uc santa cruz with more. >> reporter: here's the scene, students have blocked an intersection here on campus. they say they will allow emergency vehicles in but that's it. they are hoping to shutdown the campus today. they are protesting tuition
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increases and the high pay that administrators receive. they -- their protest is an act of defiance. administrators say she supported an kiss but not a protest that keeps students -- advocacy, but not a protest that keeps students from getting to class. >> this is freedom of speech that's the only way the regent is going to hear us. it is our education we are not going to let them take our education. >> reporter: check out this huge banana slug they created. it is a festive, peaceful mood out here. they even have a deejay to keep the tunes coming. protester calling for a peaceful, safe day. so far police are taking a hands-off approach. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. redwood city teacher charged with abusing young special education students has
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her first court appearance today. the school district is now punishing half a dozen other employees. terry mcsweeney is live at roosevelt elementary. why? >> reporter: they knew about the abuse and they didn't do anything about it. the abuse of two special needs children. as a result they will be disciplined but not having charges pressed against them. within person says that is not the way the sis -- one person says that is not the way the system should work this is a 5-year-old autistic child, also a four-year-old child enrolled in a class at -- class at roosevelt elementary. teacher alexis bogdisis is accused of abusing both boys, kicking and slapping within in january and december. the attorney for -- one in january and december. the attorney for the 5-year-old still can't believe it. >> how could this be allowed to happen? why did six people stand
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idlely by while a child was being accused? >> reporter: this is what is being posted by the district on their website by the superintendent. six employees knew of possible abuse and did not meet their legal obligation to report it. she talking their legal obligation. because apparently the d.a.'s office says it is not likely that they are going to be facing criminal charges because they eventually did step forward. also, their testimony may be valuable in the trial of alexis bogdisis. the district is not saying whether they are going to fire these employees or what the discipline is going to be. miss bogdisis is expected in superior court at 9:00 this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:04. jury selection is underway in the domestic abuse trial of san francisco's new sheriff. there's one special member of
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the jury pool that is causing controversy. we are getting a look at questions jurors are being asked. kauz joins us with more. how does social met work, work in? >> reporter: first things first, publicity is going to be a problem. also, since the defendant sheriff ross mirkarimi is an elected public official a lot of people know him or have worked with him. example, city supervisor is in the jury pool he serve add side mirkarimi on the board before mirkarimi became sheriff. there are 196 jurors in the pool they all received a nine page questionaire with questions like have you blogged or written a comment about in case or persons related to the case. also, have you or someone you know ever had an argument in front of a child that you regretted -- there's a question about how often you use facebook. yesterday the judge decided the video that mirkarimi's wife lopez made with her
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neighbor allegedly showing a bruise caused by mirkarimi will be allowed as he have. lopez did not want that to -- as evidence. lopez did not want that to happen. she thought her encounter with the neighbor was private. >> attorneys have a duty if they believe information given indicates somebody might suffer serious physical harm or death then the privilege does not apply >> i'm here to assert my client's privilege, her right as a client to restrain who she believed to be her attorney from disclosing things. >> reporter: sheriff mirkarimi is charged with domestic violence, battery and child endangerment. prosecutors claim the couple's son witnessed the new year's eve argument during which the sheriff is accused of grabbing and bruising his wife's arm. she is no longer willing to cooperate. the judge will hold a private meeting with an ex-girlfriend
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of mirkarimi tomorrow. she also claims to have been abused. the judge has to decide if she will be allowed as witness for the prosecution. attorneys begin questioning jurors monday livermore middle school will open as usual this morning after a frightening lockdown yesterday sparked by a police search for a gunman. 16 students and a dozen teach ordered to shelter in place from 4:30 to -- 7:00 last night. a mother thought she spotted a male on campus with a rifle. police combed the school and neighborhood but couldn't find anyone. the incident comes days after a fatal school shooting in ohio. in antioch district officials have approved a plan to send out potential lay-off notices to 20 school employees and trim the budget bay more than a million dollars. the vote comes as the district is seeing declining enroll . state law requires employees to be notified of possible
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lay-offs by march 15th. pink slips are sent to all high schools and middle schools in the district. 6:08. i sent my can is to school yesterday with raincoats -- i sent my kids to school yesterday with raincoats which they probably won't need today. starting to spread to the heart of the bay when you get blue super light rain almost the lowest threshold that's just about where the rain does begin that would be like san mateo bridge, fremont, san ramon possibly danville, alamo that white is mount diablo, 32° up there, anything fall something frozen. you can see in the north bay, kind -- consistent area of light rain this morning all sliding southeast 20, 25 miles per hour i think it going to hit the east bay more than anywhere else.
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storm system coming down weaker than yesterday through the heart of the bay area scattered showers today and temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s best chance of scattered showers through mid afternoon. once that passes look at all the sun and warm weather this weekend and breezy and mile monday tuesday and wednesday of next week. two accidents out there, nothing like yesterday i think we had two dozen at this time. no hot spots yet in san francisco north 101 at caesar chavez injury crash in the right lane slowing at the scene not bad north 101 as you head out of the candlestick area. napa area northbound 221 there's a car crash took the traffic lights out you need to treat that as a four-way stop. still good on bridges, including the golden gate bridge just ahead, perturbed over privacy.
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new google policy taking effect today that has some users worried about their information and what is being done with it. what you can do to protect yours. our own legal analyst ready to make his debut don sanchez has the details, coming up inúúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúc
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. bank of america customers could seen be facing new checking account fees.
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the pwaf is experimenting with fees in -- the bofa is experimenting with the fees monthly to 9 for basic checking more elaborate accounts would be charged between 12 and 25 dollars a month customers could avoid those fees by keeping a minimum balance using bank of america's credit card or getting a mortgage from the bank. bofa had to drop plans for a $5 debit card last fall after a customer revolt. google's new privacy policy takes effect today. it means the company will be able to more easily collect user information across all services and websites, including info on who you talk to, what you watch and buy. experts say if you are concerned don't log on to gmail or google plus. use another search engine and turn off the setting that allows google to record your such history. european union officials warn google's new policy violates european law.
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:14 now. what are the chances we will see anything we can call rain across the bay area? pretty good. just not going to be a lot. not going to be a repeat of yesterday hardly falling now. good morning. your morning commute going to be easy but if you are heading to the sierra, this is the way it looks at gold run this morning, snow still coming down, frances says chains still required they probably will be through maybe even friday evening to saturday morning. we can get several feet of snow up there will refreeze at night so check ahead beautiful look that's like gold this year think about it that is just like gold in year since we've had so little. dry embarcadero contrast from 24 hours ago. you can see radar returns starting to develop, sprinkles across the san pablo bay through marin county towards san francisco and oakland and
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in the east bay valleys up 80 towards sacramento. we have a few surprises and sprinkles out there. -- spritzes and sprinkles out there. 40 san jose, 41 redwood city everybody else in the mid to upper 40s monterey bay, near four continue land to salinas, we've dropped to -- 40 inland to salinas. showers breezy today, clearing, calm, colder frost possible north bay valleys even fog tomorrow morning. warm sunshine spring back this weekend. high surf, biggest waves now around monterey bay 15 we could have swells averaging 14 to 18 through 9:00 this morning. breakers up to 20 even strong rip currents. afternoon hours more sunshine than yesterday mid to upper 50s with the best chance of scattered showers from now
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until mid-afternoon you will have them until early evening around the monterey bay and inland mid 50s. tonight, the bay and the coast mainly low to mid 40s everybody else in the 30s and freezing around santa rosa, napa and cloverdale. one system moved through yesterday in the morning of form of a cold front the next is a trough of low pressure still a focal point for the lifting of the air not as strong as cold front not as sharp that's why our showers will be not as widespread as they yesterday and not have as much moisture in them. you can starting to fill in towards 7:00 through noon and then as we head into the afternoon notice how it is almost over for the evening commute. overnight we clear out there's when the cooler temperatures come in we rebound quickly tomorrow temperatures four to eight degrees warmer near 70 from the coast saturday and sunday low 60s at the coast slightly cooler close to average just breezy monday, tuesday and wednesday. have a great day.
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here's frances. good morning. northbound 101 san francisco caesar chavez crash hasn't been causing much of a delay. delays now bay bridge toll metering lights on. back-up is quickly growing past the end of the parking lot. on 680 walnut creek good ride southbound heading towards highway 24 down through the san ramon valley and sunol grade no major problems now. if you encounter sprinkles today don't forget your headlights. headlights san jose northbound 280 commuters highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. just so much better this morning. nothing like yesterday. you will find heavy traffic you can see it in antioch, westbound 4 with the waze traffic app. 22 miles an hour, getting those speeds by commuters who
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have turned it on. we have another one there. you can be part of this community by going to download the free app and share some of your speeds with us. our time is 6:19. from cirque de soleil to the staged debut of our legal analyst dean johnson. >> a lot going on the first weekend of march. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: cirque de soleil returns with breathtaking acrobatics under the big top at the bridge in san jose. latin roxanne tan that bring his band to -- latin rock santana brings his ban to the bay area. snow case of films -- star-studded event in san jose. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> reporter: jazz legend tonight at the bankhead theater in livermore. >> this envelope is not for you. >> reporter: scorched new drama about twins in a struggle and search for their father. journey of russian music from the red army chorus and dance ensemble friday in the marin center. ♪ >> reporter: stage debut of our legal analyst dean johnson. [ inaudible ] hugo stun ago academy an
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-- the royal shopping trip that brought one of london's most prestigious stores to a ñ/ñ/&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñffttñ!ñ!ñ!ñ!ñx
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a girl's shopping out something not unusual unless they are the leading ladies of the british royal family this morning queen elizabeth, kate the duchess of cambridge and camilla, the duchess of cornwall visited one of london's most luxurious
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department stores known for delicacies they met with store and military personnel involved in sending care packages to british troops in afghanistan. the queen, the only one donning a hat, also unveiled a plaque celebrating the regeneration of that famous piccadilly area with where that store is located. lin-sanity continues to grow. jeremy lin and the knicks took to the court for their first game since the all-star break last night jeremy had 19 points, 13 assists on only one turnover against the cavaliers. he's also seeing the downside a little rough foul gave him a bloody nose. the knicks won 120-103. he's going to see more of that when you make a name for yourself -- >> they come after you. has making a maim for himself with president obama he has -- a name for himself with
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president obama he has been on the bandwagon for years now. >> won't be any hard foul there is. winter arrives in the high sierra bringing tons of fresh snow. the challenge skiers could face getting to the slopes. and once there what they will fast. >> the cost of catching a ride. the that could make the caltrain mute more expensive in the near future.
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goodf news for investors new unemployment report shows the number of people seeking -- [ inaudible ] the bell having rung starping the trade -- right now it is 6:30 our top story is a look at chardon, ohio where you remember earlier this week a student went on campus and fired shots and allegedly killed a few people, three have died. right now parents and students have returned to chardon square outside the school in a symbolic gesture of solidarity and unity, coming together despite their grief right now as they wonder how this could have happened that allegedly a student turned the gun on his friends and fellow students at chardon school in ohio right now that teenager has already
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been charged and you're looking at a live picture as chardon tries to pick up the pieces. here in the bay area students are out at uc santa cruz they want everyone to skip class as par of a huge protest up and down the state in both the uc and csu systems. amy hollyfield is live at us santa cruz. >> reporter: here's the crowd at within key intersection on campus. -- at one key intersection on campus. students say they will allow emergency vehicles to come through otherwise they want the campus shutdown. they hope to make a statement against tuition increases. administrators say they supported an kiss but wish the activists would find -- advocacy, but wish the advocates would find another way to express themselves. >> we don't think it is appropriate to impact other students and perhaps deprive them of the ability to get to
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class when they are already paying more for the classes. >> for the greater impact, we need a full campus shutdown that's what people wanted. that's what we need to live up to. anyone partially supporting that needs to fully support that, because it is what is happening. >> reporter: take a look at this huge banana slug created. they are keeping the atmosphere fun and relaxed they are not being confrontational. they are calling for a safe and respectful protest. as far as classes go, a spokesman tells me he doesn't know if any of them have been cancelled. they believe some may be moved off site they don't know, they are encouraging students to check in with their protestors to find out if they are going to have classes. you can bike or walk on to the campus and some students live on campus. it is just no cars are going to be getting through.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is just about 6:33. selecting a jury to hear the domestic violence trial against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is already proving difficult. the jury pool is big for a misdemeanor case nearly 200 people picked for the pool. they've been given a 9-page questionaire it includes questions like how many hours a week do you spend on social media? have you ever had an argument in front of a child you have regretted? one juror is city supervisor who worked with mirkarimi when mirkarimi was a have adviser. the sheriff is charged with domestic violence, child endangerment, his wife is not cooperating with the prosecution. this morning we are learning six redwood city elementary school employees will be disciplined for failing to report possible child abuse bay a teacher. the case involves this
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5-year-old autistic boy and a 4-year-old boy both special ed students at roosevelt element . their teacher is accused of hitting and kicking them. she will be arraigned today. the district will discipline six other employees who knew of possible abuse and didn't meet their legal obligation to report it. livermore middle school will open as usual this morning after a frightening lockdown yesterday sparked by a police search for a gunman. 16 students in an afterschool program with a $teachers were ordered to shelter in place from 4:30 in the afternoon to 7:00 last night -- the search began after a mother thought she saw a man walking on campus with a gun. she says he was wearing jeans, hoodie and black beanie. >> i don't know much about weapons i could say it was long like a rifle. i don't know what kind of weapon it was, but i saw it. >> it was scary. a lot of pressure.
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and -- >> she is having a hard time right now. >> our main concern was on campus we were able to clear that. officers haven't found anybody meetinging that description. >> incident days after -- after a fatal school shooting in ohio that police say had no impact on their response. board that governs caltrain is set to vote on fare increases officials scaled back on hikes announced earlier this year. new proposal includes 25 cent increase for a one-way ticket. and 50 cent increase for one-day pass. fares could go up again next year if more don't switch from cash to clipper cards, caltrain is expected to keep the 15% discount pass for clipper riders but they above to ride eight times in thirty days. you could see spritzes today but it won't be anything like it was yesterday morning. another weaker system moving in now. you can see no yellows,
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oranges, barely blue and a few greens in the north bay where the better chance of light rain is now light rain even down to drizzle falling across the bay area that's going to make a little bit of moisture for the morning commute over the last three hours moving from northwest to southeast i think it will pick up a little in intensity as we head from the 7:00 to maybe noon hour that's when we -- temperatures now in the 40s where they will stay through 8:00. noon upper 40s to near 50° mostly cloudy conditions and then mostly at 4:00 with the event winding down as it slides to the south away from us. the commute may be completely dry maybe one or two stray showers i'll say that just to cover everything, looks dry here low to mid 50s. after cooler conditions tonight we have sunny and warmer conference tomorrow through sunday and pretty
6:37 am
close to average next week, just breezy with a few more clouds. frances you have an update. better news now in san francisco, just got off the phone with chp sergeant he said everything has been cleared north 101 caesar chavez. in the napa area, accident took down some of the lights northbound 221 is blocked in the northbound direction if you encounter that streetlight you will need to treat it as a four-way. bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backed up past the 880 overcrossing. san mateo bridge more crowded westbound now, earlier probld];s reported near the toll plaza that's off to the shoulder. it has been so much easier this morning. we are hearing about a couple problems on westbound 580 through the altamont pass this is the waze traffic app. you can see it is moving at 36
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miles an hour as you make your way out of tracy even show traffic on basco road if you want to stay on top of the accidents and slow downs on westbound 580 you can do so at your convenience. go to to download this free traffic app you can put it on your smartphone or iphone and have this information handy while commuting. 6:38. >> trading underway. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. straight ahead, live look at the big board dow up 57 points still over the 13,000 mark. also, a crime that almost defies explanation. why police say hundreds of graves have been desecrated. tornadoes ravage states meteorologists say the worst may be yet to come. úúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúúú
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welcome back. california forecast, active weather northern part of our state from 80 north valley rain mountain snow mid to upper 50s through the central valley big sur near 60 sunshine l.a. san diego warm spot palm springs 71°.
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sierra slopes have a winter storm warning until 4:00 for tahoe until noon either way still more feet of snow couple more feet of snow above 5500 feet be careful heading up that way. 6:43. we've heard dozens of stories of metal thieves targeting underground pg&e volts and streetlights. someone has taken bronze flower holders from more than 500 graves. police say thefts this month from cypress lawn memorial park are estimated to have netted the thieves about $4500 from recyclers. it will take $87,000 to replace. thefts have left families devastated. >> i was really hurt. it made me cry for a long time. >> a lot of people don't have respect for the living. you wouldn't think they would dis the dead.
6:44 am
>> police say they are -- staking out local cemeteries. san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to announce a big boost to the city's economy this morning. according to the san francisco business times, macy' has leased a quarter -- 250,000 square feet of office space sit of market the internet arm of the store is growing and expects to add 225 new positions by year's end. mayor lee says the city has seen a million square feet of office space leased to tech firms over the past two months. apple still getting all the attention in the big apple this morning. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on that and a look at early trading and a half billion dollar worth isn't bad. >> no it isn't. it is rare, 500 billion apple shares are higher this morning,
6:45 am
just barely. they just turned a slight negative while i was talking they are around unchanged. up more than 33% this year. that does it make it more val -- valuable than the gdp of entire countries it has potential to hit $1,000 a share according to steve wozniak because of the retail stores, itunes, iphones, ipad and computer-making divisions are different companies rolled into one. they have the potential for more growth he says. wozniak says apple tv is an example of how -- the markets are positive today do you up 50 points or so. jobless claims at a four year low. bloomberg index trading up 2/10
6:46 am
of a experience. car of the future coming sooner than you think. massachusetts-based company is set to debut a new flying car at the new york international auto show next month. it is call the transition it has wings that unfold and allow it to takeoff if the road into the air. it doesn't have cup holders. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. more news right now. storms in the midwest and south have killed at least 12 in three states. >> 16 confirmed tornadoes touched down yesterday including one with winds up to 170 miles per hour. there are warnings there could be more today. >> tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: this morning, towns across the midwest are picking up after 16 tornadoes left a terrible path of destruction. survivors state twisters struck in an instant. among the places hardest hit, harrisburg, illinois, 175 mile
6:47 am
an hour winds, two football fields wide left six dead, homes shredded, strip mall ened -- flattened entire buildings knocked off foundations. in harveyville, kansas half the homes destroyed storms moved from nebraska, across kansas and missouri into illinois and kentucky. tornadoes touched down in the country music mecca of branson, missouri destroying this hotel and theater. the destruction is enormous, but the worst may be yet to come. meteorologists predict another strong system could hit friday with the midwest and south in the bull's-eye. tahman bradley, abc7 news. "good morning america's" sam champion is in harrisburg, illinois he has the latest updates on gma and that is coming up in 13 minutes, right after our newscast. near tornado alley, not classic tornado alley that we know but close enough i guess.
6:48 am
>> this time of the year tends to be more to the south, upper midwest heart of the -- pretty unusual. as far as being prepared here light rain, drizzle falling for the morning commute not as heavy as it was yesterday so far by what frances tells me the lack of accidents people are driving better or the roads aren't as slick as they were yesterday. you can see the greenes across all of our neighborhoods even snow on mount diablo about to move into mount hamilton as leading edge of this drizzle/ light rain is moving into the south bay now. temperatures running in the 40s everywhere except for mountain view and los gatos upper 30s. also in the mid 30s around gilroy monterey bay and salinas around 40°. showers, breezy, clearing, calmer, cooler tonight and warming trend for the weekend.
6:49 am
the coast high surf around 14 to 18 foot waves through 9:00 this morning. if you are heading to the coast much safer after that 9:00 hour. as that calms our weather will continue to be active through the early afternoon hours mostly cloudy, scattered showers below average mid to upper 50s showers in the monterey bay area also inland through probably the latter parts of the afternoon temperatures in the mid 50s for you too with the clear, calm conditions tonight look at how cool, low to mid 40s bay shore to the coast everybody else in the 30s until you get to antioch 42 mid up to 30s east bay valleys to frost in the north bay valleys, small area of low pressure to our north, weaker lifting mechanism than the cold front that's why we are seeing drizzle to possibly light rain tomorrow even a few scattered showers into the early parts of the afternoon.
6:50 am
7:00 you can see models have a good handle on the drizzle and light rain, through the noon hour slides south, renegade showers possible early afternoon by the trip home things are quiet overnight we clear frost and fog inland sunshine and a lot warmer weather towards tomorrow afternoon especially this weekend 60s return tomorrow everywhere except for the coast they return to the coast this weekend, while 70s return to most of our neighborhoods sunday, breezy, dry, a few more clouds slightly cooler monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. be careful this morning the that might be why we are getting a more accidents, a new just reported in hayward southbound 80 approaching 92, four to five cars involved. we'll probably see slowing. across the san mateo bridge pretty good, earlier accident near the toll plaza at the
6:51 am
san mateo bridge but it is on the shoulder. bay bridge toll backed up to the 880 overcrossing not horrible across the span. ace number 1 south bay running 20 minutes late at one point, ace 3 10 minutes late if you are heading to the altamont pass, westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680, 22 minutes there's an accident on the shoulder. also, up to the tahoe area you will need chains here's a live shot of highway 267 look at all that snow, going to be great in weekend! you will need chains now on i-80 and highway 50. also, go to the waze traffic app there's slowing because of a crash northbound 221 you can get details, 13 miles an hour near the accident northbound traffic lights out, you need to treat some intersections as a four-way. you can have this information available when you need it, go
6:52 am
to it is now 6:52. we have breaking news. we are just learning that conservative media publisher and activist andrew breitbart as died at the age of 43 he died of natural causes in los angeles early this morning. breitbart was an outspoken critic of the mainstream media and key sporter of the controversial investigations that led to the resignations of anthony weiner and shirley sherrod. more details on our website today the senate is expected to vote on rolling back president obama's birth control coverage policy. missouri republicans bill would allow ensurers and employers to opt-out funding contraceptive coverage if they object on moral or religious reasons. democrats call this language hidden in a transportation bill an attempt to reduce
6:53 am
women's access to health care. the votes have not been assured. some republicans in this election year say it goes too far. 6:53. recapping: redwood city elementary school employee is about to go to court on charges of abusing two students. six of her co-workers will be disciplined for what they did not do. >> terry mcsweeney is live at roosevelt elementary to explain. >> reporter: what they didn't do was report the abuse that according to the district they knew about and didn't do anything. apparently they are not going be facing any legal charges. take a look at one of the children this is a 5-year-old autistic child he and a 4-year-old were enveloped in a program at roosevelt elementary and this is where teacher alexis bogdisis allegedly slapped and kicked one in december and january and abused the other. the 5-year-old has reportedly changed his behavior as a result. the school district says in
6:54 am
its website it going to proceed with appropriate disciplinary action for employees, district attorney's office quoted as saying they do not expect to file any criminal charges against these six people although the district attorney could and that could mean a jail sentence and fine but they are not going to do that because eventually they did get around to reporting abuse. also, they may become crucial witnesses at the trial of alexis bogdisis. she will be in superior court for her first appearance at 9:00 this morning. another top story of the morning comes to us from amy hollyfield in santa cruz. >> reporter: good morning. we are at uc santa cruz students are protesting cuts to higher education their goal is to shutdown campus today. check out the intersection behind me they have the numbers to do it. this intersection is blocked. we've been told it looks this way at another entrance point here. no cars are going through, that's the plan.
6:55 am
they said they will allow emergency vehicles through. in the last few minutes we saw a couple of cars getting through. they tell me those were employees for student health services and student housing. the goal is to keep campus shutdown for classes to not be able to happen today. administrators have said while they supported an kiss , we wish students would -- advocacy, they wish stew conditions -- students would do it another wait. [ inaudible ] they plan to be out here throughout the day they don't want people getting to class. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> 6:55. one other top story. jury selection underway in the domestic violence trial against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi.
6:56 am
supervisor is actually in the pool of 196 people given a nine-page questionaire. several questions ask about jurors' experience with domestic violence. mirkarimi is accused of bruising his wife's arm during an argument on new year's eve. little drizzle even light rain barely enough to be measureable, some areas enough to make the ground wet, it is breaking out now in the heart of the morning rush causing flight arrival delays of 70 minutes at sfo. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy, stray showers, mid to upper 50s, tonight it is all over the pattern changes, storm track moves north it will be cooler tonight with frost in the north bay valleys even patchy fog, look at the sunshine and the warm temperatures this weekend. near 70 away from the coast. bay bridge toll not horrible this morning backed up towards the 880 overcrossing. developing hot spot hayward southbound 880 near 92, it was
6:57 am
reported 11 minutes ago there's a traffic spotter now moving at less than 10 miles an hour approaching the scene that's -- we have chp just arrived that is going to be slow this morning. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest breaking news including the death of andrew breitbart on twitter and talk about it at
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