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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  March 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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for the domestic violence incident and said he is getting counseling for his arrogance and anger management issues. lopez's attorney says that she is heart broken. her client, anyway is heart broken to think ross mirkarimi could be forced out of office. we have a chronology of how these events unfolded. back on december 31 you'll recall this incident of domestic violence took place. and lopez went to a neighbor who called police, january 8th, the sheriff sworn into office with this cloud looming over ceremonies, friday, january 13th charges were filed. monday, pleading guilty to one misdemeanor count of false imprisonment can for preep venting his wife from leaving the house, today we're told he's going to resign and the
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mayor is going to try to force him from office, again, drama is being played out now here at city hall and we're told he met with his command staff today. his wife cancelled a news conference. a spokesperson teld tels us he'll come out and speak to the media in about half an hour. >> and we'll have reaction to this from the legal teamworking with sheriff mirkarimi's wife. heather? >> this is a one woman legal team. her attorney says as of noon today, canny was not aware of any 24 hour ultimatum given but that in general she hadn't spoken bit, lopez wants her husband to resign in office and lopez had intended to appear before reporters today
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but cancelled at the last minute. >> ilina lopez's attorney says her client changed her mind this morning. one reason is that an op-ed piece in which ivory madison's husband accuses lopez of illegal conduct. this is the neighbor that videotaped lopez's bruised arm, writing lopez called, pressures me to destroy evidence and lie to the police. and she believed lawyer was a lawyer when confiding in her. >> iliana lopez feel as tacked and used. all she's done with respect to communications with miss madison and mr. murton is attempts to assert they were privileged and confidential, protected under the california
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evidence code. >> and saying lopez wants her husband to keep his job. >> she is not afraid of ross. iliana lopez supports ross. iliana lopez supported modification of the order ross could have visitation with theo. that ross is a good father, that ross is a good man that, ross is a good person. >> the county say suing murton and madison over the op-ed is under consideration. canny represent aid lawyer to represent herself because they asked canny to retract arguments made in court asserting conversations between lopez and madison were prif lenled. follow that? the lawyering up continues. >> heather, thank you very much.
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we're continuing to wait for news conferences to happen we'll interrupt programming when those things do happen. and san ramone police are searching for a run away 6th grader saying he ran way from home between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. last night. she has brown hair and brown eyes and weighs about 80 pounds. police believe she may be somewhere in san ramone doherty valley area. she was wearing a gray sweat shirt and black boots but may have changed sm. clothes were nound a nearby open space, she's considered to be at risk because of her age and ability to make good decisions. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call, right away. >> police in the south bay confirm the father of a missing 15-year-old girl is a registered sex offender but they say sierra lemar's dad is not a suspect in her disappearance. and abc 7 joins us live from
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morgan hill. >> this has been more than 100 hours since anyone has seen her, and the worry and wait are taking a toll. this morning marlene lamar returned to the intersection where her daughter was supposed to catch the bus friday and didn't. >> someone might have seen something and that, you know, they might have seen something out of the ordinary. >> santa clara county sheriff detectives are asking similar questions going door to door and reinterviewing neighbors like iris whi. the 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared with out a trace, there are few clues. her cell phone found in the opposite direction from school. >> i don't see her every day. i didn't notice on friday. i won't pay attention she's not there. >> the case of the twist when her father, steve lemar told abc news he's a registered sex
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offender and says he's innocent of the crime only pleading guilty in 2007 because of bad legal advice. and authorities say he's not a suspect, and family and close friends are frustrated by this distraction. >> he's not a suspect. he loves his daughter and wants her to come home. let's just focus on sierra. you know? and keep our attention where it should be. >> flyers are posted at virtually every business in downtown morgan hill and beyond.ç3 a candle light vigil is more one sign the community is coming together with one hope. and that is her save return. >> it's heart breaking and i hope her family knows we're praying for them. we don't know them ask she wasn't our daughter or sister or friend that you know, she's in our hearts. we just hope there is a positive resolution to this. >> and the vigil being held here at morgan hill
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presbyterian church scheduled to start at 8:00. in morgan hill, abc 7 news. >> and hundreds of homes collapsed in a mechl village hit hard this morning. waits a 7.4 quake centered near acapulco. intense shaking felt in mexico city, and some people felt a little something as far as san diego. and abc 7 has more. >> the reports we have that we're getting is that 500 homes collapsed or suffered major damage in the case. and these two states are next to each other in the south of mexico. people in the capitol, mexico city by the way is 200 miles from the epicenter felt it because mexico city is on this bowl of seismic jello, if you will. people there ran into this street and damaged occurred to the south, buildings suffered
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damage and part of a bridge which collapsed, landing on this truck. that white truck there. tourists and vez residents were affected and many feeling after shocks. for mexico this wasn't a big one, big ones in mexico are really big. but it was a good enough sized earthquake to cause damage if it is in a populated area, it gave people a good shaking down there. at least one news agency is quoting mexican officials saying three people died in the state. and we have not been able to confirm that yet. the epicenter was 12 miles underground. and the president's oldest daughter happened to be there today when it hit. malia obama is on spring break with classmates. white house said she was never in danger.
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>> four people charged in connection with a november occupy cal protest arraigned today at alameda county court and several joined in a civil lawsuit against the university. nick smith is live with the story. nick? >> this order from the judge were clear, stay away. >> this is ridiculous, we're going to fight it. >> eve yet says she's committed to fighting charges gengs her. >> this is a little witch hunt and it's clear by the fact we're being charged. we're standing up for the right to public education. >> she and three others charged in connection to a prot wrest on november 9th. police say that they support every stud yaents right to free speech and this video may look dramatic it doesn't tell the full story. >> i think people don't understand, you know, what police use of force is, what it looks like. it's never pretty.
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and this is not something we want to do. >> uc berkeley administrators sent a letter to the direct attorney to draw attention to a petition that add the criminal charges against protesters are probed. but -- dropped but today they were arraigned on misdemeanor charges. at request of the district attorney's office, the judge issued orders requiring protestors to stay away from all uc property except when going class. >> i believe charges are political. >> berkeley police say they support free speech but stress everyone must play by the rule autos people have right to assemble and when it crosses into disrupting other peoples' rights to pass or violating laws in general that is when it crosses a line into unlawful. >> and uc berkeley chancellor sent a letter to the district
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attorney's ofls highlighting a petition that had been written, signed by administrators and students asking for leniency. and he never took a position and announced he's resigning in december. nick smith abc 7 news nick turks. time for a check of the forecast. >> and there is a look at live doppler hd. there are light showers, we don't expect to arrive until tomorrow night if at all. sheer how things are shaping up this evening. partly cloudy skies. and it's going to be mild. temperatures ranging from low to upper 50s so mild in the evening hours and rather mild overnight. early morning temperatures ranging from upper 40s to low 50 was a mix of sun and clouds. afternoon should be partly cloudy to sunny skies. and there is showers with a question mark, showers may develop late tomorrow
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afternoon or evening or overnight. and close just in case you do encounter a sprinkle we'll say we told you about it. high temperatures upper 60s inland. >> thank you. >> gives us a chance to dry out a bit. >> still ahead a use for something in your medicine cab neat best job for young people who want to earn money while going to college. >> free web access to "new york times" sth -- eastbound enjoy this while it lasts. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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afternoon, police found that runway sixth grader they considered at risk. her name is kim davis, she ran away from home last night between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. but kimmy has been found knox worries there. good news to report. and the alert police had because they believed she might have been under something dangerous happened to her, kim davis is found and has been found. >> nice to have good news. and checking healthy living news, stanford researchers say something probably already in your cabinet can help fight altitude sickness, researchers gave people ibuprofen and took them to 600 feet and and and looking for job that's could be done on a part time basis,
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offering enough flexibility for college age people to continue education. pay isn't too bad, number one on the list is dental assistance followed by medical assistance, physical therapy assistants and teachers of self enrichment courses. the jobs are relatively secure, they cannot be outsourced. we have a link for you under see it on tv. >> and let's take a look at the forecast now with spencer christian. >> sprinkle or not to sprinkle is the question. we might get sprinkles tomorrow night. here is a live view right now from our mount tam camera. what a lovely sky. it's dry now around the bay area, expecting it to remain dry overnight. there is a look at doppler 7 hd. there is moisture expected to work into the bay area and
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bring us some light rain or showers late tomorrow into thursday morning but now looking at dry conditions and mild. 59 degrees in san francisco. and san rafael. 61 across the bay and oakland. 68 degrees in san jose. so nice, mild late afternoon shaping up around the bay area. partly cloudy skies and mild, tomorrow, we'll see showers tomorrow night into thursday morning and then, more rain for the weekend, perhaps, even a thunderstorm over the weekend. satellite radar shows mild air flowing up into the bay area. ahead of an approaching cold front likely to bring moisture closer to the bay area, we'll start tomorrow evening and there may be a front continuing to sweep through into early thursday morning. light showers likely. maybe wet pavement thursday. the front sweeps through mid day and will be left with a dry, mainly sunny afternoon
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and there is rainfall totals probably not be more than about two-tenths of an inch and so again, we're talking about light rain, or showers, lows on the mild side, into low 50s. we may see upper 40s inland and then, tomorrow, once again, chance of showers into the day and evening hours, we can see showers around clover dale. most of the remainder of the bay area will see partly sunny skies. highs into low to mid-60s, mid to upper 60s pushing farther inland. so there is highs into upper 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is light showers, dry thursday afternoon, rain
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developing story continuing into saturday. showers on sunday, dry next monday and a slight chance of rain tuesday. so there is an active pattern in this week of spring. >> thank you. >> turning to business news now. hooup hooup -- hewlett-packard reshuffling it's cards again. >> hay there, larry. major changes coming to hewlett-packard. bloomberg news confirmed restructuring will happen. the company combining personal computer was a division selling printers to cut costs and simplify how this business is run. ceo meg whitman attempting a turn around at the world's largest pc maker which has been struggling from declining sales and profits. amazon is trying to drive traffic to its site. the solution? say hell grow daily deal for
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today only was selling $10 gift cards at $5. it got buyers flocking to this site and pulling big numbers selling more than 900,000 of the cards. revenues from this deal will be over $4.5 million but that means they'll lose and this is available to shoppers checking out amazon the site for local merchants competing with groupon in sales and apparent fully racking up losses. skm some stock losses to tell you about. red arrows and this ended a three-day winning streak. and there are gains of about half a percent. cisco and yahoo helped push index higher, elsewhere "new york times" raising its online
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pay wall higher saying starting next month people who don't pay will only be able to read 10 free stories per month down from 20. and they can restore it after going past the limit. hoping to increase prescriptions. and lastly oprah winfrey's struggling cable network slashed 30 jobs on the heems of canceling rosie o'donnell's talk show, the network struggles to build an audience since its launch. the network is owned by winfrey and discovery. i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. >> thank you. >> and next, on the red carpet wraps up what is being called "cansing -- cansing with the
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stars" best premier ever. >> and new findings on whether the ipad can burn you. >> this just seems morally rep hencible boy have to pay my rapist. >> turning tables on attackers instead of making victims pay for the crime. ♪
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>> i just know you're going to see this movie, cheryl. >> the cast for "american pie" is back for their 10 year reunion. >> and rachel smith has more from on the carpet. >> if the premier is an indication get ready for the hottest season ever of "dancing with the stars". the judge called it best premier in the 14 seasons. and william levy is a close third. this is like noo. when you feel love from the people it's like it gets you going you know? gets you going. >> and melissa gilbert and gavin duvall tied. and the original cast from "american pie" hit the red carpet for "american reunion".
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>> it was 1999 if they said flash forward 13 years you're going to do this again, i would have said oh, my god but this is exciting. >> more red carpet action in beverly hills, stars attending l.a. reception for the tribeca film festival in new york. rerjs is the place to go for entertainment headlines. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> and still ahead in our 4:30 half hour we're live waiting for sheriff ross mirkarimi's announcement on his political future. >> bay area solar companies say a tax decision will be good for business but there could be a down side. we'll have a live report. >> and g.o.p. primary in illinois could come down to two groups of voters. >> looking northward from our oh, east bay camera. looking
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westward, we can see clouds now. and there could be showers tomorrow. i'm spencer christian. the forecast is coming up.
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breaking news in san francisco. sheriff ross mirkarimi talking about the ultimatum from mayor ed lee. >> for any embarrassment clause to city hall and to the department and i explained and shared with mayor lee my thinking that i want to take full responsibility and i am. and that by doing so, i believe that i am still very able to be the sheriff of san francisco. and that at this time doi not plan to resign. being sheriff. i do not believe that the excuse me, i do not believe the conduct that i have taken
4:30 pm
responsibility for constitutes official misconduct within the meaning of the law. and i look forward to making my case to the ethics commission and board supervisors. i will be more than happy to work with a sheriff designee to make sure there is no disruption to leadership or to the operation, day-to-day operation of the department that is so well, i think, represented by the excellent work of the women and men who are part of this department. and i make myself available to him. so, that is it, folks. i'm just telling you as quickly as this is all ununfolding and will try to answer a couple questions. >> did the mayor tell you he's
4:31 pm
going to move forward with misconduct discipline? >> you know, you'll have to ask the mayor that. i'm sure he'll have a statement and his own strategy laid out. >> what was the mayor's reaction? >> i think respectful. >> why are you so confident you'll be back having this job again? >> well, i have been prepare forward the last nine weeks for a very brutal process and a trial the criminal courts for an administrative hearing. i feel that reason, more prepared and have, i think a very stronger, i think ability to present our case. i look forward to that process. if you keep in mind i still haven't told my story. >> you say you take full responsibility for doing what, exactly? >> well, i think for the pain that i have caused to my wife
4:32 pm
and son. and for issues that have come out about my arrogance, for, i think people who have been, i think, feel wronged and who rightfully, i think dislike my temper because i'm a pointed person, determined to get the job done. and insensitive, frankly. i think sometime ago i started to recognize that, which i wanted to address by going to counseling. as i said yesterday in the courts, for my, i think concern about arrogance i wasn't aware of, anger issues i think needed attention. >> did you bruise your wife's arm? >> i'm go going to let my wife speak to that.
4:33 pm
i think the proper process where we do not have an opportunity to share information was in the courts. there is another process, i think ethics board of supervisors. >> and to recap sheriff ross mirkarimi says he has no plans to resign, other shoe to fall will come shortly. that is a news conference by ed lee in which we're expecting he will go forward with a misconduct charge against ross mirkarimi that will remove him from office. >> and he wanted to talk about ethics violations. and we're waiting for the mayor to make his statement. and i think we want to move on while we're waiting for that. >> right. as soon as ed lee comes out to make a statement we'll go live to that whether nits this hour or 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.
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and for now we'll talk about solar panel companies. they're excited about a decision they say is good for business. officials decided that they'll impose a tariff on solar panels imported from china and. >> that is news dominating a major solar trade show that. is where david louie joins us now. david? >> there are lots of smiles today at the solar panel show underway here because of that decision. but there is concern that any sanctions against china would co-trigger a possible trade war. >> one company owns dozens of solar panel manufacturers stuck out it's neck, claiming unfair chinese competition forced to it layoff workers. >> we're put into position where we needed to close our plant that manufactures since
4:35 pm
late 1970s and we'd modernized to the tune of $40 million. >> american subsidiaries will benefit from the tariffs as they build in the u.s.. >> i think this is a good wake up call for both u.s. government as well as chinese government. is it's time to make sure we have markets growing. >> the u.s. will now send teams to china the commerce department is also scheduled to rule in may or june on complaints china is dumping panels in the u.s.. despite concerns it will escalate into a trade war, solar companies are pushing ahead. and there is a new thin, solar panel replacing windows in china. >> that window can be part of the building. yeah. that window. exactly. mentioned that. it could be the part of the roof or something.
4:36 pm
and have protection autos and american capitol energy showing off a new solar system it installed in southern california. and water runnoff creates energy. >> we're taking water out of the pond and putting it through a system. and this is heating water. geo thermal of the location to get the water to 140 degrees. with the system we've designed we're able to get to it 180 degrees. >> and today's decision on chinese solar panels and other possible sanctions down the road are causing a lot of concern, of course, it may take about a year to playout. american solar companies hoping that that will give time to hammer out an agreement to level the playing field. >> david, thank you very much. and polls show republican front runner mitt romney appears to be going to gain more delegates in republican presidential race with today's
4:37 pm
illinois primary. we're live now with a look at the battle in the mid west. karen? >> good afternoon, these republican primary nights starting to feel like deja vu. dynamics won't shift. tonight looks to be mitt romney's night. polls show him leading in ill skpil inside santorum campaign they're bracing for an early night. the balance battle could come down down to suburban voters and women. according to new abc news poll, romney and santorum run about even with republican men but romney beat santorum with women. a series of missteps didn't help efforts to win a big mid western state. he spent two dmaiz puerto rico. and yesterday as attempting to make the point his campaign was focused on a broad range of issues he said this.
4:38 pm
>> i don't care what unemployment rate is going to be. >> romy pounced. >> doi care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. >> romney and his allies crushed santorum, outspent him by a seven to one margin. >> he's never run a business, or a state. >> this santorum supporter said if the candidate spent the money to even the playing field... >> he'd be destroying romney now because he's the better candidate. >> romney still has work to do to win over skeptical conservatives. one republican says he doesn't have the same authenticity of ronald reagan. >> this just doesn't convey the same way. >> and mitt romney has more than double delegates rick santorum does but he st not halfway to the magic number needed to clench the nomination. >> thank you very much.
4:39 pm
and still ahead, israeli lawmaker was a model decision they hope will prevent eating disorder autos and a drunken message. >> i'm spencer chris chichblt this beautiful view shows clouds up north. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. the news
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new law banning under weight models will help end the spread of eating disorders. a doctor compares the fight against eating disorders to battling smoking. >> we're the first in the world that say enough of this. we do hope that the whole western world which is fighting eating disorders will adopt, also this way of thinking. >> and models must show a medical report stating they're not malnourished. and israel's law requires publications to disclose to readers pictures have been altered. >> a bicycle owner in colorado says he hold nose grudges against a person who stole his bike but then returned witness a remorseful note. the thief put this note on the bike. sorry i stole this bike. i rode it home. please give it back. then signed it drunk. before leaving it near the police station. jay got his back bike
4:43 pm
yesterday. he stresses he would never press charges. >> wow, what a story. >> and listen to this. bad fan behavior over what should have been a shining moment for warrior autos boos and jeers for co-workers. we'll get the fans on his side. >> and news at 4:00 continues right after this. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak. ...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, h ho. green giant those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid.
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what a scene last night, warren fans vented at their owner. the warriors retired chris mullen's jersey. former teammates were there for the ceremony, nice and touching. until it went very badly. warriors co-owner took the microphone, fans let him know how they felt about the trade of monty ellis, mullen had to step in to try to calm the crowd thachl didn't help, then, rick barry blasted back at the booer autos when you think of warriors history there is no one... >> as greatest fans in the nba, sometimes change is inevitable. it's going to wourkt just
4:47 pm
fine. >> he's going to change this franchise. this is... crazy. seriously. come on. you're doing yourself a disservice. >> rick barry hit it on the head here. he says he knows fans are unhappy, and his guidance says winning will solve everything. >> i was worried about the little girl there. >> that was chris mullen's daughter who, once joe grabbed a microphone it got ugly. >> he did not suspect that. >> no question. i think 20,000 people are shouting you down it can't be a fun experience. have you to remember walking into the buzz saw he's used to running a venture capitol firm, maybe someone in the board room is going to stand up and disagree but i'm sure he's never been booed like that.
4:48 pm
he says there is a back up plan for everything. there was no way to foresee that. >> he just stood there. and fans are very vocal. >> this reminded a lot of us in 2000 in the all star game and then owner chris cohen, same reaction. and worse. and what was worse in that situation is that cohan son was there. the family member was getting booed and that -- the take away is when we rum chris mullen's ceremony we're not going to remember it for number 17 going into rafters but that is an unfortunate thing. >> right. >> and you know what? someone never going to get booed? >> well, i don't want to go that far. >> and spencer christian. let's see what the forecast is. >> there is some crowd like walking through the newsroom
4:49 pm
after a blown forecast. here is a look at the time lapse view from our south beach camera this after the noon. there is a beautiful, high clouds moving across blue skies over the way. and there is calm, dry here looking at live doppler 7 hd. and there is not any rainfall at the moment. there may be some there tomorrow, here is a look at conditions, sunny skies and mild in the southern half of the state. cloudy and cooler into northern half of the state tomorrow, high temperatures into the south bay, upper 60s so pleasant there. and there is highs into mid to upper 60s. and we'll see low 60s on the coast. north bay, cooler and highs there mainly into low to mid-60s, here east bay highs tomorrow inland east bay will
4:50 pm
see highs into mid to upper 60s and don't forget there is that chance of showers up into north bay tomorrow. late tomorrow into tomorrow night. doesn't look like major rain until the weekend. >> all right. >> and thank you very much. >> respect oofl no boos. >> right. >> thank you. >> still ahead, creative way a berkeley indy film maker is financing a project. >> something that could help you, too. >> have you tried frozen skillett meals? consumer reports found a couple good enough to make to it your table. i'll have that taste test coming up.
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family happy and z.pocketbook full. in too time-starved world it's hard to get home cooked dinners but that doesn't mean you have to go hungry. consumer reports evaluated 19 frozen convenience meals. they could be prepared in under 20 minute on the stove or microwave. and most were complete. chicken, shrimp, vegetables and usually pasta or rice. >> but are these meals you'd enjoy? analysts evaluated them. >> there were many good, healthy choices but it's important to check because some were high in fat and sodium. and consumer reports found
4:55 pm
quick and tasty options. for one, contessa sesame chicken is a best buy around $2.50 a serving. this scored very good for taste, and nutrition with fresh-tasting vegetables and tender chicken. for less another good is bird's eye viola chicken florentine. and costs just $1.28 per serving. either would be a good alternative to takeout. moving out to apple. three million units sold, the new ipad is hot but is it bringing heat in another way, too? some consumers say it runs hot, consumer reports tested it using thermal imaging and found it runs hotter than ipad two. and consumer reports said it does not pose a serious burn
4:56 pm
concern. larry? >> thank you. >> and a berkeley film maker shooting a film now, financing it by looking for backers online. movie set during red scare in late 1940s. and don sanchez takes us onto the set. the director ready to shoot another scene for hoiz film set in 1947 when the house american activities committee was looking for communists. >> he answered questions without answering their questions and he didn't disgrace himself. he didn't owe, and yet, i didn't go to jail like the rest of the 10 did. >> and he says the fear of the 40s parallels today. >> a lot of what we hear in
4:57 pm
this is taken from transcripts. >> and there are microphones and the old cameras but they're shooting with a new red cameras. >> there is mitchell looking to in a unique way. kick >> these are almost imfobl get anyone to finance. so they're usually self financed and kick starter is a way to get projects off the ground. >> going to the web site pick witness 11 making a pledge. this is called crowd funding and it is for anyone interested in making a movie there. is a month to raise money. and hopes to finish this film
4:58 pm
by fall, then screen it in film festivals, then? who knows.u! in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> and that is interesting. joins. news at 5:00 continues right now. >> there is sheriff mirkarimi refuses to resign, we're minutes from a news conference. >> just seems rep hencible i will have to pay my own rapist. >> efforts to turn tables on attackers instead of making victims pay for crimes. >> i'm sandhya patel. spring showers in the forecast. where and when, coming up. >> good evening, within a half hour, sheriff ross mirkarimi came out to say he will not
4:59 pm
resign. >> i am ross mirkarimi. sheriff. i just... uk see by that statement how adammant he is about holding on to his position. and mayor ed lee gave him 24 hours to step down. carolyn? >> well, as you heard ross mirkarimi came out and said i'm ross mirkarimi, sheriff. that is a clear indication that he is not going give up his job without a fight. he described his meeting yesterday with mayor ed lee as respectful. he says he told the mayor he takes full responsibility for actions for which he was sentenced yesterday. and mirkarimi says, quote, i think i'm able to be the sheriff and at this point i do not plan to resign. >> i do not believe conduct that i have taken


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