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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 25, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> alan: good evening. the mystery continues tonight in the murders of five people discovered in a san francisco home. to tomas roman is live with the latest. >> reporter: there are still many more questions than answer recording -- regarding the five deaths. police sources say one of the victims inside the house is a former chinatown gang member. >> yellow crime scene tape surrounds the housey the killing took place. investigators were forced to come back today due to the scope of the murder scene and the number of victims. >> when you have five victims inside a's, we -- a residence, we don't know what does and
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doesn't belong there. the invese home looking for clues. the woman who discovered the scene said four of the people were family and the fifth was a friend. police save the escape inside was so gruesome the cause of death was not apparent. >> we have to work with the medical examiner's office and rely on them for the cause of death before we can be absolutely sure what occurred wd this residence. >> todd is a coworker and freappedz of the home owner. he left these flours flowers ant believe she is a victim. >> a real sweet person. one of the nicest people you would want to meet. >> police say vincent has -- had been a gang member. the people in the home were specifically targeted. the reason is still unknown. >> there is not a murder on the loose we have concern for the public safety of the residents. >> reporter: a neighbor says residents deserve answers and
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peace of mind. >> we want closure. we don't want this to linger and never know what happened as an outcome. >> reporter: police aren't revealing what the cause office death were, whether or not they found a weapon and whether or not they're still searching kil. we hope to have those answer soon. >> alan: it's been aing soggy with day with plenty of weather-related incidents. john hallston has been gathering video and is live tonight in san pablo. >> reporter: this is a possible fatal dui related wreck on the corner of san pablo avenue and terra hills road. a repair crew showed up. the lights have been out here all evening since the crash. some drivers are treating it as a four-way stop. other drivers are barreling through the intersection.
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the. >> it happened in an instant before 7:00 p.m. the suv crashed directly into a pole on san pablo avenue holding up the streetlight. a woman the passenger seat was killed. the chp says she did have on her seatbelt. the man who was driving was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a chp sergeant at the scene says the crash is being investigated as a possible dui. the chp says speed and the rainy weather appear to be factors the crash on highway 101 north. the driver says she was rear-ended by a red pickup truck near the exit. the truck hit the center divider. the driver running across the rains of traffic to the shoulder. he had a minor head injury. water was pooling in the usual places near sir francis drake boulevard, creating tricky driving conditions. in hillsberg, few trees lanked on utility lines.
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not far from where a tree landed on a home.two weeks ago. this time the transformer sparked but there was no serious damage. >> we're back here live at the scene of the fatal crash. the chp isesses and interviewig witnesses and also say a second vehicle may have somehow been associated with this crash tonight. live in san pablo, abc 'news. >> alan: and people heading to cirque du soleil, d excuse me. rain and alcohol may have contributed to this accident in pleasant hill. a female driver was traveling on contra costa boulevard, veered off the road and landed on top of 0 fire hydrant. >> people heading to cirque du soleil in the south bray had to break out their umbrella las before the show. thesome of thel in the santa cruz mountains.
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leigh, what's head over us? >> leigh: more rain overnight, and the roadways, we haven't had a lot of heavy rain but it has been raining for the last 24 hours, and you can see on live doppler 7hd this moisture is just feeding from south to north, and it's what we call just training. this frontal system is moving so slowly, these individual cells are moving very slowly so once it rains, in your area, once one of these cells gets over your neighbor, it's going to set sit there for some time. we're picking up light and moderate rain, down 101, north. southbound and northbound, novato, san anselmo. napa, picking up moderate rain down towards american canyon. you can see near dublin, moderate rain. livermore valley area, sweeping live, and also some of the heaviest cells heading into towards the campbell area.
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moving north to sunnyvale and san jose. much longer for the wet weather? we'll look at the forecast coming up. >> alan: well, in sacramento, the search has begun foronth-olo 22-month-old baby who has been missing for 11 months. this stalling stalling help hasn't been seen since last april. family members began asking about him after his mother was arrested on a probation violation a few days ago. her mom says her daughter had visited several times but without dwight. >> yes. but i don't know. i just want dwight, wherever he is, if someone has him, just to turn him in bring him home. >> alan: county officials say they onal checks on edwardss and her son prior to laos april but they couldn't finewards has a edwards has a long history with drugs and is being held without bail because of the severity of this case. a search continues today in
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santa clara county for missing teenager sierra lamar. more than 90 people, including the fbi, scoured a 12-mile area near her home. she went missing a week ago friday. investigators found her cell phone and her purse with some clothes inside last week. but they're still no sign of the missing 15-year-old girl. >> you're looking at some cases simply to see if things are different, if things changed recently, and they become indicators to do a further expression see what's there. >> alan: investigators fear the rain could wash away valuable clues that might help them find sierra. a vigil will be held for sierra tonight night at the crossroads chin center in morgan hill. >> still to trace of a missing marine in pacifica despite the besterts of his friends. joseph mchenry has been missing since march 5th. he told friend his was going
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rock climbing and camping overnight at morrie point. one marine said it's part of the military code of never leaving a brother in arm behind. >> we can't accept him being just missing. maybe we're foolish. very likely we are. we have to find something. we can't do nothing. >> alan: the backpack was found at a secluded beach shortly after he went missing and he car was found at a nearby golf course. "occupy" protesters rallied in front of wells fargo. they challenged her attempt to file for bankruptcy and then foreclosed on her home. she says she found an investor who was willing to allow her to continue living there but claims wells fargo refuses to negotiate. >> normally if someone says, hey, you have property for sale, i want to buy it, and they said,
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well, i'll see about giving your offer to the bank. never happened. >> the protesters plan to be at her home on wednesday when she is sed tiewld be evicted. in a statement wells fargo says we're now focusing on our efforts on providing her financial relocation assistance to help ease the transstoition a new residence. >> coming up, shocking new details in the afghanistan massacre. why some believe the army sergeant may have taken a break in the of his deadly rampage. >> thousands line the streets of mexico to benedict see pope ben. >> a whole litter of kittons
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>> alan: american officials investigating the killing of 17 afghan civilians by a u.s. army staff sergeant believe the attack was split into two episodes, officials believe he returned to the base after the first attack and slipped away afterwards to kill more afghany villagers. the scenario supports the u.s.' claim that the attack was committed by one person. bale is being held in kansas. tens of thousands are camping out tonight ahead of tomorrow's mass xvi'sring pope benedict xvi's three-day trip to mexico. they packed the streets, ball -- bill can -- balconies and
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rooftops to wave as he passed >> reporter: you'd think these teens were chanting for a pop star but it's the 84-year-old pontiff they're careering -- cheering roar. they happen to see pope benedict xvi, the man they sayer is the leader and role model. >> i'm very excited. >> reporter: they're month the hundreds of thousands who desendded on this small town, hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope as he arrived for a meet meeting with president calderon, and in the miivedz odd of -- mit of the excitement, best friends on a fuller's trip to see the pontiff. >> it's incredible to know we can travel so close, because it's relatively close to the ute and be here amongst people of great faith. >> i want to see him meet with the children. that's exciting. a message of encouragement for
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the children. >> not far away, people began arriving in the early morning, prepared to spend the night in anticipation of sunday mass with the pope and getting in hasn't been easy. national security surrounds the park and their dozens of vehicle checkpoints and armed patrols stand guard in the hills above. >> security is so tight the police are checking all of the bags people are bringing in to buy sin -- bisin -- bicentennial park. >> what did you bring? >> a cover and myself and that's it. and a about of weert. >> no food? >> no food. see what happens. >> people don't seem to be bother at all about the prospect of spending the night outtoors, and while it's still warm now, temperatures are expected to drop into the 50s, but even from this chickpoint outside the park i can hear the cheering and chanting from inside. abc-7 news.
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>> alan: president obama is in south korea and made his first stop after landing the me demill tarrized zone. he used binoculars to look into north korea, knowing there's people looking back at him. the president wants north korea to know he means business about keeping nuclear materials safe. in louisiana, thehandedrs handed rick santorum a sound victory tonight. he won big backed by the state's conservatives and blue collar voters, ease live beating mitt romney and gingrich. with over half the presinks reporting, santorum has 49% of the vote to romney's 25%. santorum says he is still in the race and still fighting. >> the people in louisiana sent a loud and clear message. this race is long and far from over and the people of
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wisconsin, i say to you, on wisconsin, let's get it done. thank you. >> alan: but santorum still needs to overcome romney's sizable lead to clinch the presidential nomination. next primaries are in maryland, wisconsin, and washington, dc. >> no lucky player hit the $290 million jackpot. but someone won a sizable chunk of cass in the bay area. the mountain view liquor store sold a tick worth nearly $260,000. no word on who that winner is. and because no one matched all six numbers on friday, the mega millions jackpot increases to $356 million for tuesday's draw. >> do you have your ticket? >> leigh: not yet, but trust me. or maybe two, or maybe ten.
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>> alan: still pretty messy. >> leigh: here's a live look from the golden gate bridge cam. you can see puddles on the side. this swath of moisture just continuing to feed over the bay area. keeping us wet all day long, and we're going to see the same thing through the most part. off and on, i guess shy say, throughout the course of your sunday. chilly temperatures already for you, 45 san francisco, san jose, moderate rain, 45 degrees. we'll continue with periods of rain overnight. the rain will turn to scatters showers by late in the day on sunday. we get a little bit of a break right now on monday, and then another wet active weather period will start up again as we head into tuesday and wednesday. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. once again, and clearly you can see the moisture is feeding from south to north. this is the actual frontal system, but not moving very fast
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as all. so we have to get through all of this and also this needs to kick on towards the east before we start to see some drying, and that will happen by tomorrow evening. heyward -- hayward, rain, moderate rain, los gatos, campbell. san jose, ventures up towards sunny vail and milpitas in the next 15-20 minutes. morgan hill, gilroy, picking up moderate rain with the orange and also the light yellow. here's the actual satellite radar composite. you get a sense -- this where is the low is. this is going head into southern california. they will be wet tomorrow. but you can see the frontal band right here. the tail end of it. and this is just slowly pushing towards the east, and as it does, it draws up the moisture, so we need something to kick it
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on out of here, and looks like in the next i'd say, 10 hours or so, the low as it tracks to at the south of us into southern california, will be the kicker that will move this out. overnight tonight, folks, if you see the forecast animation here, we'll look for the rain to continue to funnel from south to north across the bay area. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. maybe a little bit of a break. check this out. this is 8:00. most of the rain north of the golden gate bridge by 10, and some of the wrap-around moisture will feed back in tomorrow afternoon. so a little sunshine throughout the course hover the day tomorrow. as the showers ease up.40s 40s tonight. snow levels down to 3,000 feet. highs tomorrow, mid-up to 50ers. a little sun break action and then scatter showers, and as ily day. get ready for rain, could be heavy at times tuesday and wednesday, and thursday and friday, the chance of more
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showers. >> alan: all right. thank you very much, leigh. shu is here. two of his teams still in the hunt for a national championship. >> mike: my home town louisville and kentucky. two men teams god the -- got the nod, and stanford women led by the ogwumike hey, your high speed internet here, at home... ...and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g -- big. high speed internet from at&t at home... ...includes wi-fi access on the go. woo-hoo! [ together ] it's an unbelievable deal.
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>> mike: well, the stanford women are looking to get to their fifth straight final four with south carolina in their way. he nneka ogwumike dominating. 20 for her in the fir half. jocelyn, the prayer. answer. stanford by six the half. south carolina creeps closer in the second. grant from downtown, gamecocks win three but the ogwumikes rise to the occasion.
2:25 am
nneka stole the show. 39 points and ten boards. stanford wins 76-60. next up duke on monday for a trip to the final four. >> got a little stagnant on defense but we did a really good job of maintaining our composure. that's what our number one strength is, keeping composed in tight situations. >> mike: the rick pitino coached billy donovan and today they faced off in the elite eight. the student had his teacher on the ropes early. boynton from downtown, florida up eight at the half. ga half. gators on the run. walker to young. gators up eight with 12:00 left. the cardinals finish with a 23-8 run. the game tied at 66. a minute raft. bohan unanimous for the lead. got it. 17 for shaifnlt pitino and the cardinals going back to the final four as louisville knocks off florida, 7 2-68.
2:26 am
>> jim boeheim had his hands full. after foul trouble early, sullinger off the gramps ohio states final four bound after a 77-70 upset victory. >> the warriors are going with a youth movement and it pace off against the kings. how about this fan from halfcourt, oh, my. wins 10 grand. clay thompson on fire early. up 11 atiors up 11 at the break. demarcus cousins. 28 points, 18 boards, warriors counter with lee. 22 points, 14 board. warriors win 111-108. >> a atmosphere at atmosphere ae tank, a hu-win for san jose, trying for the eighth and final
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>> mike: she sharks tonight tonight a must-win. first period, thornton for the steal and feed to marlowe. 28th goal of the year, game tied at 1. up 2-1. then rifles rifles it past antineimi. then the shootout. buries it. sharks win now. in the three-way tie for the eight final playoff spot in the west. >> earthquakes and toronto. the header, scored twice today and celebrates with the discount double check plus. earthquakes and canada. 3-0 the final. >> the last time tiger woods had a lead in a golf tournament going into the weekend, 30 months ago. he is atop the leaderboard in
2:31 am
arnie's event. tiger can not get the putt fall but birdies. gets the lead. the drive with the three-wood goes left. out-of-bounds, tiger double bogeys the hole. shoots a 71. opens the door for graham mcdowell, share of the lead on 18. he shoots a 71. trails tiger by one stroke. entering sunday. >> the cal member win their second straight ncaa swimming title. saber cats over utah. coming up later, high school hoops and the a's are in '. >> alan: coming up. >> drive and save money on gas at the same time. find out how later on "7 on your side". >> alan: a puppy, smaller than a cookism the amazing tale of survival when we return.
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>> alan: good evening. i'm alan wang. in tonight's headlines, police in san francisco are still investigating the brutal murders of five people. police say the violence was not a random act and one person or more were targeted. the escape was so gruesome the medical examiner is still trying to determine the cause of death. in morgan hill a teenager has now been missing for more than eight days. friends and family searched the fields near the home of the 15-year-old who was last seen earlay monday morning. around will fall in the bay area through tomorrow night. slick roads have caused accidents and falling trees have crews working overtime to clear
2:36 am
debris. there's growing outrage of the death of florida teenager, trayvon martin. people rallied across the nation calling for the arrest of george zimmerman, who shot the unarmed teen. >> reporter: exclusive new details about george zimmerman, the man who shot trayvon martin and unleashed protests across at the criminal tri. his local advicer saying he knows simmerman's whereabouts. >> he has received numerous phone calls threatenle him. >> but he remains in deep hiding, stalked with death threats. >> i think he he is scared for s life, and rightfully so. >> the black pan -- panthers put up a without you for this capture. >> the facts will come out and we'll be able to show that mr. zimmerman was acting in self
2:37 am
defense. >> a black friend of the family who spoke to zimmerman said these -- >> maybe both of them, there's someone screaming outside. >> which nationnized the nation came from zimmerman, not martin. an eye witness who saw it unfold said that martin was on of zimmerman who was screaming for help. to tonight, zimmerman's vest, a message left on voice mail. >> i appreciate it and truly setting an example for me for the future of how to to be when it's tough, and i appreciate it. talk to you soon. >> tonight his legal adviser said zimmerman may invoke the controversial stand your ground law, which offers tremendous leeway to use deadly force for anybody who feels threatened. >> alan: there is no sign the rising cost of gas will level
2:38 am
off. oil futurers rose 1.4 % on friday following a report that iran reduced its ol' exports. it's creating concerns about a possible disruption in the worldwide oil supply. nationally the average cost of a gallon is 3.89. it's 4.33 in california, and in the bay area, the average price for a gallon is 4.40. gas prices are at record levels for this tomorrow of year so saving a little money at the pump is especially nice. 7 on your size's michael tipey has a look at one way to cut the gasoline prices. >> joe hasn't given up driving but has found a smart way to go. >> we're off. >> joe is a member of get-around, peer-to-peer car sharing service where you can represent a car or rent your car 0 to one else. each owner sets the price. today he is leaving a prius in the garage and driving a rented electric is in son leaf.
2:39 am
>> one of the thing i love is the able for me to rein an electric vehicle because the hybrid i'm still putting gas into. i'd like to get to the point of no gas at all. >> other cars joe rented includes the tesla. a recent study from the uc berkeley transportation sustainability research center found most car share users rent cars that get 10 miles per gallon more than their previous vehicles. some even take it one step further. >> we found that about 25% of the sample -- without a vehicle and another percentage avoided the purchase as a result of car sharing. >> that's what he did the years ago. >> looking for parking, getting expensive parking tickets, always searching for change to put in the parking meters. high cost of gas and high cost of maintenance of cars.
2:40 am
just proves to be too much of a hassle. >> she estimates she saves $300 a month on gas and car maintenance by using zip car. zip car users don't directly pay for gas. >> i gave up my car once i realized that there were alternatives to having and opening a car here in san francisco. >> about 600,000 people in the united states have joined car-sharing programs and that number is expected to grow. >> car-sharing is welsh established and is not going anywhere. >> we're saving gas and having a thrilling time driving our car and it doesn't get much better >> r >> researchers point out the average car-share user saves between 150 and $450 a month. i'm michael finney, seven on your -- "7 on your side". >> alan: an historic
2:41 am
investigation of a -- james cameron launched the deep sea submarine down the mariana trench. he team is being guided by one of only two humans to explore the trench in 1960. >> making tv more social, the new app that changes your typical primetime television viewing experienceishing an amazing puppy, so small she fit into a teaspoon when she was born. tonight, her miraculous recovery. >> leigh: a little ang expel -- angel there. i'm leigh glaser. live doppler 7hd showing wave after wave of moisture across the bay area. this could translate to snow in the high country. we'll look at the sierra forecast, and if your travel tomorrow takes you to southern california, get ready for the @@@@h$ ú
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>> alan: social tv is the latest fad in the tech world but a lot of us don't understand the trend. here's how to navigate the world of social television. >> the idea of social tv has been around form sort of think of it like a water pool of conversation but you can do it real-time you have you're laptop or iphone or ipad and there's a growing number of apps that allow you to check in and
2:45 am
have experiences and interact with other people that like the same shows you do, or you can take polls, get additional multimedia information about what's going on the screen. so it's a whole new experience. >> what are the best social tv apps out there right now? >> there's a whole bunch of them. >> instant now is an app that actually allows you to check into shows and so it with sort of an audio response. so you don't even have to look for the show or search for it. you can recognize just listening to the audio, whatever you're listening to, and it will just key it up. and so that's one of them. there's get-glue, which basically allows you to also check in, but sort of gives you rewards. there's a game aspect of it. so you get little stickers for each show, or you can sort of level up as time goes on. >> that one has a four-square
2:46 am
elementment if you're reading something, go somewhere. >> it's not just tv. one of the most pop pop -- popular partses social. >> miso is trying to go beyond the checkin aspect and make more of an interactive experience. you check in and you can get more details about the show as it's going on. you know. cast members, what they're doing. little live popups. >> almost like the popup video. >> but it's on your phone instead of the tv screen. >> out of all of these, i'm liking viggle because there's agent more motivation to participate. >> the interesting thing about viggle it gives you real-world rewards, so you get points for each checkin or everything you do to interact with the show and then you can sort of take those points and actually translate them into real world goods.
2:47 am
>> and buy things. >> right. on,h your checkin should. >> my husband laughs at me because a lot of times i'm watching a big tv event, i have the ipad and my laptop and my phone and multitasks and being very social via twitter. is there a downside to this? do you see a downside? >> i don't see a downside. it's basically just doing the same thing that you would have done at work. the water cooler, did you sew that last night you'ring too it real-time and being part of the experience with everyone else in the world. >> alan: you can watch 7 live every weekday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. right here on abc-7 news. >> time now to look at the cutest thing on six toesful that's right. meet hugs and kisses, two cats born in new mexico and everything about them is normal until you get to their feet. instead of the normal five, these kittens have six toes. the whole litter has six toes.
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sometimes called hemingway cuts of hemingway who had a cat with six toes. and not in six-to-but are in ounce. that's how much this tiny pup weighed when she was born, small enough to fit into a coffee cup and still not as big as an iphone. her name is beyoncé, just like the pop star. she will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. let's go on to leigh glaser, who has a look at our weather tomorrow. leigh? >> leigh: we republic wrap things up. tonight, look at live doppler 7hd. this is a very slow-moving cold front, all of this is moving towards the east. look for a little partial clearing by tomorrow afternoon. we'll see some sun breaks through the day on sunday. so improving weather for us tomorrow. the winter weather advisory at 5 arm tomorrow morning, the high
2:49 am
country, chain requirements tonight, but they could be put back into place by tomorrow, so keep that in mind. and speaking of heading and traveling, los angeles tomorrow, the rain we're getting now, they're going to get that tomorrow so definitely you know that's going to mean some flight delays heading into southern california. los angeles, 61. 62, san diego, and sacramento, 58 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, rain turning to showers ons. a break on monday. get ready for more heavy rain tuesday, and wednesday, and bring in wind, too. the ground is sat ratted so -- saturated so we should see trees down. >> alan: the a's are overseas. >> mike: in japan facing the mariners. they will have a few extended cactus team games against two different wcwc
2:50 am
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2:52 am
>> mike: well, the cactus league winding down this, giants committed to emanuel burress as mike pant know and terrio have been told they're on the trade can block. first inning, buster crushes it. fourth, giants playing long ball. hector sanchez, see ya. 2-4 and the rockies get the win. >> the a's are in tokyo where they play two exhibition games against local teams and then face the merriers for regular season games. most brought their families along.
2:53 am
here's billy bean. >> if would be great to see more and more of these games. is it a little inconvenience? it's different but i don't think it's certainly one that would ever put news a position where we -- put us in a position where we want want could come back again and again. >> mike: the warriors going to with a youth movement and it paid off. how about this from pan from half port. money. wins ten grand. thompson on fire. 7 10rb from the field. 21 of his career high at the half. kings up one but the warriors counter with david lee. david, 22 points, 14 reeks, nine assists. the warriors win 11-108. >> college hoops, rick pitino coached billy donovan as player at providence, and then they coached together at kentucky and today they faced off at the elit
2:54 am
eight. student had his teacher on the ropes early. second half. gators on the run. walker to young. gators up eight but the cardinals. fresh. and finish. with the 23-8 run. shane bohan unanimous gets it to fall. 17 for shane. rick pitino and louisville >> jim off >> jim boeheim and syracuse have their hands fulfill with ohio state. game tied at 29 at the half. after foul trouble early, derek sullen jerk 19 -- sullinger. 19 points, ohio state is final four bound. >> the stanford woman are looking to get to their fifth straight final four with south carolina in their way. nneka ogwumike dominating.
2:55 am
20 in the first half. then the prayer and the answer at the buzzer. stanford by six. carolina creeps closer in the second. from from downtown, game tied. but chiney ogwumike. she had 11 points, 11 boards but her sister nneka stole the show. 39 points, 10 rebounds. >> high school state finals, st. josephing village facing vie christian. st. joe looking to repeat as state champs. 1-14, clovessed the game lace in the third. dyer with the hook. he had 15, pilots down two. the village christian albert takes over. game-high 1. village christian dethrones st. joe, 5 2-61. >> san francisco res sacred
2:56 am
heart facing allameny. has a couple of chances inside but cannot convert and allameny wins it. >> laguna hills and odette for the division iii title. odette cruises 62-24. the first state basketball title for the lady dragons. >> sharks two points behind phoenix for the final playoff in the west. tonight's game a must-thornton l thornton the steal and feet. marlowe ties the game. they go up 2-1, and morris rifles it past antineimi. 2-2. we fast forward to a shootout. bears now in a three-way tie for eighth and final playoff spot.
2:57 am
that was your toyota sports report. >> alan: that concludes another broadcast of abc-7 news. thanks for watching. captioned by closed captioning services inc. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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